The Trillion Dollar Taurus

Sam Altman, the Taurean tech-bro who created Chat GPT, is trying to raise seven trillion dollars for his latest venture. That’s ‘trillion’ literally – as in a thousand billions or a million millions. It’s nuts even by tech-industry standards but his astro this year is wild.

And of course, this announcement came with Mars conjunct Pluto newly back in Aquarius. The opening stanza of the new era saw a flurry of Artificial Intel announcements but this is jumping the shark. So what does the inventor want the money for? It’s to “reshape the global semi-conductor industry.”

Reactions have ranged from variations on ‘he’s out of his mind, is the first trillion for his dealer?’ to ‘yes, visionary but seven what?‘ Is this peak tech hubris, an absurd post-script to the Pluto in Capricorn era and its ultra-easy money – or at least, debt? Or is it the future?

You know I err on the side of nature and that nobody needs a quantum computer in their back pocket. And who couldn’t think of some better ways to put a seven trillion dollar slush-fund to work?

But Altman has the most extraordinary astro coming right up: He’s massively Taurean – think builder – with the Sun, Moon, Mars, Lilith, North Node and Ascendant in Taurus.

He has the classic Taurus Rising googoo cow eyes and penchant for soft textural clothing. Yes sweats and hoodies are the business aesthetic in much of tech but he goes beyond in his quest for comfort.

Recently refused entry to the Ritz in London because he was in sneakers, Altman nonchalantly took the meeting in a nearby cafe. Yes, it’s the nonchalance of extreme money but notice that he wasn’t going to put on ‘normal’ shoes.

This much Taurus can turn tyrannical, however. He first came to most people’s attention when he was fired from Open A.I. for still murky reasons but which seem to have included a variety of control-drama stunts.

They had to re-hire him four days later, after Altman staged a series of surreal, brilliant machinations. Nobody should ever try to outgame a multiple conjunct Taurus.

It’s admirable that he’s been working since the age of eight, the age at which he started coding and became a vegetarian. I still don’t want him putting A.I into everything but guess what? His astro says he could pull it off.

Picture this: his Moon, Mars and North Node are at the same degree as the upcoming, ultra-innovative Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, the first in that sign since 1941.*

To put it another way, Altman is about to turn 39 with Jupiter + Uranus conjunct his Moon-Node and then they’ll cross over his Mars.

At the same time, Pluto in his 10th House – the Vocational sector – is squaring his Taurus Sun, Ascendant and Lilith: think massive personal evolution via something unprecedented in career or commerce. Pluto is also en-route to his natal Jupiter in Aquarius AKA the most potent, prosperous and empowering astro-passage.

It’s not exact for a while but this guy was born with Pluto in opposition to his Sun, Lilith and Ascendant. He’s probably only comfortable with high-stakes and ventures that reshape something or rather gargantuan. And Pluto in Capricorn has been augmenting every one of his Taurean points since 2008.

So even though I’d prefer him to simmer down and channel his Chat GPT genius more into bee-keeping or an artisan woad-dyed indigo velour trackpants business, he’s astrologically equipped to pull this off. If so, it will be within months and he could become one of the most influential people in the world, ever.


*Incredibly, the world’s first programmable computer – the Z3 – became operational in May 1941, during the last Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. There are also a tonne of similarities between the astro of the Z3 inventor Konrad Zuse and Sam Altman.

44 thoughts on “The Trillion Dollar Taurus”

    1. Can Elon M put him in a rocket & send him off planet, he could make an interesting spiral in space.
      He’s up to no good.

  1. It’s inevitable, sign me up Sam! I’ll have to check the similarities in our charts cause I have Node Sun Mercury Mars Ceres Juno Sappho and more. Were is ol’ Algol? Where will he loose a head or two? bet its not under his N node & Sun like mine. Anyway Sam or should I say Mr Altman (Alt+Man no bigger symbolism required) if you need someone to test spending power I’m your cowgirl. Mystic where do you get this stuff from? You are brilliant!!!

      1. Dear god, so it is – and so is his Mars by just over 1°. The ancients would have disposed of him at birth. But then they also said Lilith was vicious & malevolent – and i have her conjunct Algol exact. No wonder he fascinates & repels me in equal measure.

  2. My old bff of 30 yrs has a near identical chart to his except she has Leo rising and moon in Leo in the first. “Tyrant” is the most accurate word to describe her.

  3. I crave home cooking, using ingredients from my garden and training courier pigeons for comms. Have had so many internet and phone issues these past two years, I’m thinking a Bakelite phone or what we once called a land line.
    I have multiple Taurus factors including Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, but I am a Gemini sun, Pisces moon, Aquarius rising of the Pluto Uranus conjunct in Virgo era.
    Are we going to lose all creativity? All the beautiful words? To arrive at AI bland? What about divergent voices?

  4. So now, from Open AI we have their yet-to-be-released Sora model – able to create high definition video from text & descriptive prompts.
    Looks very realistic – but how will we discern fake from real?
    OAI say that Sora is named after a Japanese word for sky meaning “limitless creative potential”.
    Here we have a glimpse of the future right in front of us, and it’s hurtling way ahead.

  5. Mystic, you are so good with the tech trends. Altman is an accelerationist, yes? Now I’m thinking about all that bull power charging ahead with the accelerated vision, with 7 trillion behind it. Awesome to behold but big yikes. It’s so interesting to consider the (Venusian) values in play, in his case massively influenced by that Jupiter in Aquarius. And it still comes down to domination of resources, mineral and animal, no matter whatever useful tech product comes of it.

    1. Yes! Venusian values? Well, he does present in stealth luxury with gorgeous natural fibres, lol. Accelerationist, no doubt – it’s all about technological progress at all costs. The astro is amazing & so apt – it’s the full Bull. Thing is, i’ve met enough young guns of this ilk to realise that when they talk of doing things for the “good of humanity”, they really mean for the top 1% -10% – the Alphas – at the expense of the rest. Also, i can’t help shake off the proverb, when i listen to all of these bros: The road to hell is paved with good intentions …. Though i wonder if they even care.

  6. Seems like you gotta watch these vegetarian Taurean megalomaniacs. Remember Hitler & his deputy fuhrer, Rudolf Hess – both lovely veggo Tuareans as well, and their eugenic experiments?… OK, so about 10 yrs ago Altman became interested in so-called “young blood” research. These were studies in which scientists digitized mouse colonies, adding cameras and AI to monitor experiments in which they sewed young and old mice together so that they shared one blood system. The result was the old mice seemed to be partly rejuvenated. Altman then bankrolled a company to the tune of 180 million dollars called Retro Biosciences. This was kept hush-hush until 2022, because his name was not known in the biology field & “if Altman’s backing was known, Retro could be pigeonholed as a billionaire’s misguided vanity project.” The company’s aim is to prolong human lifespan by at least 10 yrs. How many mice, primates or humans are going to be experimented & die so that a few asshole billionaires can have a few more years of fuqing up the planet even more? Such madness & hypocrisy. Why not invest this money into, oh i dunno, clean water for instance, which would benefit fuqloads more people & increase billions of people’s lifespans around the planet, not just billionaires?

    1. Excuse a Capricorn who has been given a potent gin and tonic by a Cancerian Londoner but how the heck do you know all this stuff !!!!! Much love by the way.v

      1. LOL, hope you’re feeling OK this morning. G&T is the only drink that gives me a hang over … And careful of them London Crabs – futile trying to keep up. X

    2. I think people like him are in too deep. We’ve all seen the examples where Chat GPT says humans are a cancer upon the planet, too emotional and the universe would be better off without us. I don’t doubt that Sam Altman thinks the same way.

      Regarding the trillions, with the rate of inflation here in the USA…that’s chump change!

      1. Mmmm there is an episode on Black Mirror Netflix that is particulurly scary. I can’t remember the name but it stars the actress from The Inspector Lynley Mysteries who I like.

    3. Interesting, it’s hard to find much on Altman, no doubt his info is heavily scrubbed. This is typical Illuminati research, I bet he has the usual associations & like Libraquarian suggests is in the depop/transhumanism group. The more you read the more you get the impression it’s not about money, not about depop only, it’s about destabilising our souls to the point something else can enter or a dark religion. Because I can’t fathom it otherwise.

    4. Phew, it’s taken two mornings to get over it and I am on tea and dry toast. My London friend just did hair of the dog and had a fry up of bacon and eggs the next morning. Right as rain. Heaven help me. The next time I go out with the Brits, I am on mineral water or orange juice. And if the Irish join, I am going into hiding.🤕

  7. The more I think about this the more bone-chilling it is. Not only to think about how power hungry one person would have to be to do this, but also thinking about the endgame. He must want to centralize whatever it is AI will be able to create? Like as in build with microchips? I know theres some sort of microchip shortage to do with China / US relations, but this seems like a more vast futurescape type planning.

    I read some profile about him that said he is a laid back, charming person, but is also incredibly manipulative and tells you what you want to hear. I don’t like it.

    Bottom line I dont think that AI is creative – it’s the opposite of creative. Seeing new solutions to unsolvable problems? Yes. Extracting data? Yes and also scary. Creating new works of fiction and media? Absolutely not. Even looking at AI generated imagery now fills me with blank dread.

    1. I agree. I am a researcher in the creative arts and, despite well meaning colleagues prompting me to do otherwise, I have no interest in “collaborating” with AI in my writing, thinking or research because it removes the meaning from such things. Music, art, mathematics!, are human pursuits; and that is where their meaning lies, in the sometimes imperfect expression of our unique place in the universe. I am as uninterested in AI versions of these as I would be in an AI bird song.

  8. The upcoming Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is going to be in my 3rd house – cool for me because I’m a coder – and opposing my Mars-Uranus-MC – also cool because I’m looking for a new job. (It’s also making my Uranus opposition batty since it’s happening across my IC/MC axis but what can I do.) I really want Altman to get the more unpleasant manif of all these intense transits but I think too many people stand to make too much money if he does even a fraction of his grandiose plan. I get big Sam Bankman-Fried vibes off Altman though, so maybe he’ll have some wild crisis that clips his wings? How unsurprising that it is a mega-Taurus casually demanding 7 TRILLION for his mega plan though, lol! Sure man let’s go raise more cash than the market cap of Microsoft, Apple and Nvidia combined. Did you hear that he was also going around speechifying a couple months ago that new energy breakthroughs (fusion I think) are required? Sure man, right after breakfast! Let me get right on that!

    1. I read a thing just today about a satellite that was able to beam a huge amount of solar energy to earth . Not the one in the news the other week (or was it?).
      Maybe a manufacturing hub operating in orbit, now that would get around a few earthly concerns. Certainly safe from the usual security concerns!

  9. Omg im Taurus moon/rising and this post had such fantastic intel for me to chew on for how to go about my next phase of life…

    I had a scary Taurus software engineer dad and with that Astro I would never cross this dude 😂 Like you said, you won’t win lolol. Also he’s probably got that generational Astro in the 8th house like me, Uranus and Neptune in the 8th. Intense and visionary.

  10. So many ethical and security concerns, so little time to consider them! Yes, below those flower-wreathed, Ferdinand-the-Bull horns, are some of the most successful tyrants of all time, Cromwell to Pol Pot. There is plenty of money for these projects from the shadow gov that deals in drugs & war, actually I am confused why this is a public concern.

    1. My thoughts exactly sphinx. Of course he’ll get the money. Conditional on specific returns or seats at the table for the investors also. I’m betting on the ones who would benefit from maintaining power in the long game – national governments, religions, royal families, finance vestiges of colonial superpowers. I wonder how agnostic his outputs will be. This feels like a foundation stone for a totally new power structure that’s only going to become apparent in another 80 years or more. Maybe when Pluto goes into early Taurus (square its current position).

      1. Exactly! This feels like the introduction of the long game, they are just getting our ‘consent’ by allowing us in on their mechanations. In terms of what the shadow government have at their fingertips, we are living in stone age. It’s laughable. Eg. The medical industry have the ability to genetically test people for individualised medical treatment (they know only 25% of people respond to a given drug) but pharma makes soo much money from people trying out drugs, getting sicker from drugs, then finding a new drug that doesn’t impact them as badly etc. as Goldman Sachs pointed out, actually healing people isn’t a financially optimal strategy. So here we are, sickly serfs they can fleece for cash crops. The one world government looms! How agnostic can he be? Does he really have a choice?

      2. Fwiw.. From the little I know of world politics, I don’t think it’s ever going to be possible (or desirable even for current world powers) to form a coherent single global government. There are always converging interests – defence, offence, how to get more money, how to get more power/ influence. And diverging – how to use power, who should or shouldn’t have it. for a concentration of power in a single organisation I think there will always be opposition, competition, etc. There’s too much to lose for the individual groups. Space authority is a whole new thing too, and that’s another rabbit hole, ha.
        Maybe the push pull between finance ( finance) and governance will evolve too, somehow .

      3. Thought experiment: what would stop him getting the money? Or what could change the course of the project? A scorpio-heavy gen z or maybe even a sun-uranus Aries type. Or a mutable with ADHD and a good network.? Or all three.?

  11. Sigh. I am also hoping that this is a left over from Pluto in Capricorn. Such beautiful sweet eyes. How could one say no. I hope they do.

    1. My sense is that the big bottleneck with the expansion of ai is with hardware, like semicoductors and the electricity and other infrastructure, as much as anything.

  12. As a Taurus rising, I have to agree I’d love to see the “bee-keeping or an artisan woad-dyed indigo velour trackpants business.” Something tactile and beautiful seems so much more Taurean than faux-human ChatGPT. It’s almost like he hasn’t quite figured out who he is; he’s got the money part of Taurus without the beauty and the Earth spirits.

  13. Fascinating. Though agreed, for both nature and the future of human culture, refreezing the antartic ice sheet would be the better use of those trillons–or choose your favorite bold climate remediation project. And thanks as always for the brilliant zeitgiest sounding.

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