Plutonic Daze & Neptunian Nights

Wildfires, lockdowns, Operation Pacific Iron, cyber-fuqery – I could go on but you get the point – and Pluto is back. For a demoted demi-planet or whatever the I.A.U. deemed, Pluto sure packs one hell of a pow.

You know a Plutonic emotion because it’s like conducting espionage against yourself. One moment you’re feeling a fairly standard emotion and the next it’s a counter-insurgency complete with data leaks and conflict within.

I’ve been talking about this in the Daily Mystic emails and Horoscopes but this Sun-Pluto opposition actually means that Earth is in unusually close proximity to Pluto. It would be heavy even without the various stress factors.*

Pluto Practices Mood Espionage

But let’s talk about Pluto and, in particular, Sun-Pluto oppositions. Like any Plutonic scene, they’re an antidote to complacency and like astral meth for aspirational power-trippers. But this aspect, in particular, is definitive, marking out the precise territory you will need to hold or conquer.

It could be an internal job, a psychological evolution that – from the outside at least – looks like you’re a volcano turned dormant. Or maybe you’re engaged in a hustle/passion project/relationship challenge with metaphysical benefits. You could be feeling nuts from the craziness: the cognitive dissonance between an accelerated culture and the Covid limitations/media noise is maddening.

At a normal time, when your mind strays down dimly lit Plutonic paths, you can shake it off with a walk, zipping out for a yoga class – remember yoga bolsters that smelled of mustiness and Nag Champa? – seeing people etc.

Susan ‘Plutonic’ Sontag  Was Only Interested In People Who Were Transforming

So yes to all that but recall that Pluto is regenerative and an energizer. Shut down strong emotions at this time and you’ll mute your power and vitality. Ditto if you over-fixate on how others are channeling this Plutonic atmosphere this weekend.

FYI: Marie Curie and Nietzsche – the ‘throw roses into the abyss and say: ‘here is my thanks to the monster who didn’t succeed in swallowing me aliveguy were born with Sun-Pluto oppositions. So was Susan Sontag – with these points at the opposite to their current position: Sun at 22 Capricorn opposite Pluto in Cancer. “The only interesting ideas are heresies,” she wrote in her diary.

She also said she was only ever interested in people engaged in a self-transformation project. If you’re feeling pressured by the Plutonic daze of this weekend, you could draw some inspo from this: there is always something to morph and this chthonic vibe means you’ll commit.

And, Neptune is also prominent this weekend, the indigo disco mist offset to Pluto’s sulfurous clarity. Think vivid dreaming, enhanced psy-awareness, a renewed appreciation for television, and/or bizarre but stimulating affinities.


*Speaking of those, I just re-read the Turbulent Times series – my attempt to deploy astrology and associated phenoms to help us navigate through this era and it stands up! So I will do another add-on to it soon if anyone is interested.

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  1. In the dang middle of Pluto opposing my sun. But honestly, not as awful as having Saturn in opposition!

  2. Everything is Pluto. Pluto just went backwards from my 9th house into my 8th house for its last bought of fuqery. When it went into my 9th house, I had left my job and packed up my house to move interstate with my husband for his new amazing career. We were sorted, it was going to be amazing – I was going to take the year off and he would work. But no. He died suddenly interstate in a horrible accident and was moved and buried to a third state (and cremated in a fourth bizarrely) and my life became a blank slate, my entire future evaporated. Except I hadn’t rented the house out yet, so after I got my shit together (6months of wandering and crying and being the slightly sunnier version of Nomadland), I came back to the house and life I was leaving to finish renovating it and to pick through the wreckage.
    Then I was forced back to the job I never wanted to see again by the bank, who are being horrendous (don’t they know he died????) and my car has been smashed up in a random accident and I am stuck here with problems in almost every aspect of my life. I realised that this is the last blast of Pluto retro in my 8th and there is nothing I can but endure and keep moving. I find beauty in every day I still breathe. I still have hope, because nothing is permanent. Pluto is just giving me a big kick as it rolls me over the line into the next phase. I miss him so fuqing much, but I’m still alive.

    1. Oh my Lord what a nightmare. Oh my jesus effing christos for fuks sake this is a really foking hard time for a person. I am so deeply sorry for you. Fuck.
      I don’t know what I’d do losing my husband and then being forced to face the past like that, unable to be allowed to move on. For fucks sake. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
      There is nothing good in this but my pathetic answer to my life’s traumas boils down to one little ridiculous statement that I just can’t help but day to myself after so much trauma in one’s life. ” Something good will come of this. ”

      I’m still waiting for some of these silver linings to show up. But they will because they do, and if they don’t well they can all just go and get fucked. But they do. The universe is a cunt. But a good cunt if you know what I mean.

      Excuse the language but your story touches me deeply, and I normally am v optimistic but last night was pondering my life and seemed to really see for the first time all the difficult shit that makes me who I am. I’ve just found myself married at 40 after a life of terrible boyfs.
      I have all these beautiful children but they’re all at pretty intense stages of life. 2years old.. doesn’t sleep at all, not even one night ever..not for more than one or two hours.. so I’ve had my brain mashed for two years. My daughter is 14. Nuff said. I have a 6yo step child. He has his own set of rules for himself. Step-kidding is hard.
      My family is a mess, crazy but lovely mother. Brother killed himself and his four year old because he loved her too much and wanted to protect her from this ‘messed up world’. So he’s a murderer. Technically. And really has taken so much from us. Himself, her…my daughter. Our family. Fuck mental illness.
      And this is why I forget it all and focus on the best parts… Bc the worst parts are so hard.

      But the fear of losing my husband now that I’ve finally found him is so real, bc I’ve lost so deeply and profoundly and fucked-up-edly..
      So I can’t imagine how lost you must feel.
      Or I can, at least a bit, and that’s awful and scary and really really sad and hard.

      I’m so so sorry for you loss.

      Lots of love from this perfect stranger.xx

    2. I just wanted to say I am so sorry to hear of all of your losses, Methinky. Yep, that’s definitely Pluto’s calling card, that full wiping of the slate. Not easy at all. Keep seeing the beauty in the everyday. It’s funny how Pluto can almost enhance it. I know astrology and this site were a great comfort to me during a somewhat similar plutonic shift. Take care 🌸

    3. SheriBobbins and Methinky…can’t imagine the depths of your endless grief, the Plutoistic rage. I still love how positive you both are in face of your losses. This is women’s curse and blessing. When men face loss and ridicule and difficulty…they have PTSD, urges to commit mass murder, take revenge. Women still turn away from the destruction to grow their garden elsewhere. Huge hugs….you both are battle hardened warriors.

    4. Omg you have had the shit! I just had it in the 12th, divorce broken foot 2 surgeries seizure due to Wellbutrin resulting in TBI then last year when it hit my ascendant I was in ICU with a blood infection on a vent coded 3 times, home after 2 weeks but then PIC line antibiotics for 6 weeks then oral for 6 more. Pluto does NOT MESS AROUND!But when you get on the other side you have walked thru fire and it’s great to be alive!!?

    5. Wish Upon a Star

      You are still alive and we love you. Yes breathe darling….. You are a courageous soul. You find beauty 🌸 in the everyday because you have beauty inside you.

      p.s I want to kick the bank in the teeth : corporate assholes.

    6. Wow. That is a real call to change things up for you. Blank slate, like you say but take your time to heal a bit first before you start to see the things coming that you want to take into the future. Breath, smile, cry, be grateful, grieve, shout, sing, accept and let go. I am sending you love and light and the highest of vibration. It sounds tough but you can make so much of this. love love love.

    7. Thank you xx Motherfuqing bank approved my finance today so I have one less thing keeping me up at night…. Thank god I had a job I could go to at all when it all turned to shit. Thanks for the love and right back at you, you glorious Fuqing legends xxx

    8. Your strength, dignity and humanity shine through in your words. Please draw strength from this community bearing witness to your experiences. xx

  3. Transiting Pluto is currently making a T-square with my natal Sun / Pluto opposition. My desire to only seek the company of heretics is more overwhelming than usual.

  4. Just discovered William Morris fabric.
    suddenly neutrals don’t appeal.
    voluminous, opulent and maximal does

  5. Just realised I must be approaching Chiron return. I’m turning 49 very soon and feeling rather grown up actually. 😀 also the menopause has been creeping up behind me for three years and of course I was blissfully unaware because I mean, that only happens to other women right? It honestly hadn’t occurred to me that the myriad symptoms could be connected and also happening right on schedule. As if I could find a loophole, come up with a brilliant reason why I should be excused. It’s not like I’m mortal or human or female or anything. 🤦‍♀️ Lolz.

  6. Trigger alert. I have had Pluto opposing my sun for the past two years!!! Has to be said that I fall into the camp of only loving authentic heretics and those who run with… no one. It is all part of a very individual set of DNA, not so much the social DNA or collective DNA but Individual DNA. Never content to adhere to the rules when I have thought in around and about them and decided other wise. Good grief listen to me. Got to say I am finding my self getting more strident by the day. Mostly I don’t say much until absolutely necessary and if you throw me under the bus well good for you but I have to admit I am not recognising the world or rather I am but I am not liking the way it is sliding. I knew Pluto would do it’s thang but I am wondering where this will all end up. Using astrology and design to look into the crystal ball but I can only take so much before I have to put the cover over it. Although I am keeping my own notes enough to write the essay on I told you so down the line, because if I write I am telling you now, I’ll get lynched!

      1. Menopause, gods don’t talk to me about menopause. I’m not the person I used to be. Seriously, I was fit as, could do a thousand things at once and consider the next thousand concurrently. Now I’m lucky if I can make it down the stairs to make a coffee in the morning. Errrrr what was I doing ? Oh sod it now I don’t have the energy.

      2. Yup.
        Turns out, menopause is a thing that happens to all women.
        well the lucky ones who survive long enough.
        yeah. I’m starting to get it.
        have tried reaching out to the NHS for HRT because why soldier on if there’s help available, I wouldn’t if it was another physical issue. Or I wouldn’t be expected to I should say. Crickets from them all week. Looks like I’ll have to get up on my soap box. They’re going to wish they’d just handed over a prescription by the time this virago is done. Hey ho.

      3. Honestly I’m so pissed off that women’s health issues are not talked about and how we’re ignored and expected to quietly disappear or die of shame once we’re officially not going to reproduce. I have no intention of doing either and I’m only just getting started. Medical patriarchy is real and entrenched. I normally don’t agree that life is harder for women and girls because things have improved so much and I feel like boys are so desperately in need of guidance, support and role models in our culture now too. Maybe more so than girls, particularly in the west. But the medical profession is deeply misogynistic and ageist. And it’s going to change.

      4. You know I’ve been medical (fringe) for years and yup so little on menopause. I never knew it could hit this hard and be this debilitating. Turns out for some of us it is. So being proactive it’s now another thing I’m very willing to spill my beans on. If we start bringing it to the fore regardless we may set the trend. I doubt pharma wants to pursue it as there’s not a lot of income left in it but I would love to do the bio identical line of hrt. But just can’t afford it currently.

      5. Same. Looked online and the good drugs – bio identical are so costly.
        Like crazy expensive and I’m usually pretty open minded about free enterprise.
        Yes agree that spilling the beans is important because we’re encouraged not to. Women have shut up and soldiered on forever and the attitude of women around me is very much that “this too will pass” nonsense. Like yeah, maybe but the data are pretty clear at this point. Risks for dementia, Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis go up without hrt. The brain really struggles without the oestrogen and to make testosterone. I just think it’s bollocks we expect each other to be dignified and stoic about what are absolutely debilitating and life shrinking symptoms. I don’t know any men who’d take this stuff lying down. I’m planning on being strident AF and and not shutting up about my menopause. That study about breast cancer risks going up was flawed and yet it influenced so many women. GPs here don’t even have menopause as part of their training. And all women experience it. Can you imagine doctors getting no training in reproductive issues or similar?

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Hi girls. I’m 54. Haven’t had a period for many years now.
      Have a look at how Chinese medicine view menopause. They see it as a way of slowing down and turning in. I like it cause I’m an introvert.
      There is a heart opening at menopause. I don’t think I’m explaining it too well. I think Pegasus might be more eleqount.
      Personally I found perimenopause more difficult then the menopause.
      Different cultures view these stages differently, so it is a matter of a different mindset.
      HRT. Got a bad rap a while ago but apparently it is safer now. I don’t know as I never tried it. I would have gone the acupuncture way but I couldn’t find a good acupuncturist.
      So I just listened to my body and went with it. Letting go of the anxiety and embracing it is half the battle I think.
      But hey it must be different for everyone.

      1. Yeah I hear you but I’m not remotely interested in turning inward Wish. I had to do that as a child to survive. These years are mine and I want them. Oh I’m so brave writing words on the internet. But you know?

      2. lovely wish. You’re very right. It is a time to become different and I have used as much acupuncture as I can get to help knowing how the old and best (non pharma) medicine views it. I know some incredible women who have really benefited from it and you sound like one of them who will revel in it. But and I think I can speak for Invicta too, there are some of us who lived on our oestrogens. Mine defined me and created this rather ridiculously naughty female. I was strong and wildly free, think wild horse type but now I’m literally a broken down old nag that feels like I’ve got nothing. I’m not even good for pasture. I’d love to write my memoirs, some very interesting reading but my ability to think or concentrate is totally gone and these horrid free form anxiety attacks are just debilitating. I have tried hrt but just gained weight, so once I can afford a bio identical consult I’m going to try it. That way I expect to grow old disgracefully and remember it ! I do however love the fact you’re moving into your time with grace and release and an ability to thrive. You go for it.

      3. Hear hear.
        it does sound like wish is making the most of the opportunity for introspection and I’m extremely pro turning inward as a concept. I’ve had to do it to the point of disassociation most of my life and honestly I’m just beginning to own my body and reclaim my life. I also feel passionately that it can’t have been for nothing. I owe it to younger women to speak up. So they don’t get to this point and find it as hard to know what’s going on. Over 60% of menopausal and peri menopausal women in the UK have been prescribed anti depressants before anyone suggested HRT. Including me and they don’t give your brain and body the oestrogen it needs to make testosterone or whatever it is their bodies need. Mostly the antidepressant just masks the symptoms until they are knee deep into a process which should have been addressed a few years before. In that time the body is still doing what it’s doing- right on schedule but it’s exponentially more at risk for lots of terrifying serious illnesses. I’m appalled that doctors aren’t trained better to recognise the signs and go oh, of course it’s menopause. Not. Depression.
        yes the brain fog is the worst emg and the horrid loss of motivation to do absolutely anything at all at precisely the time when we’re just coming into our power. I’m literally just getting started. And so are most menopausal women. It’s an amazing time of huge changes just like getting your first period is. It could be so liberating and so many of us are missing out and being polite or stoic when we could be changing the world.

        ***climbs off soapbox and wanders into the kitchen to get more tea***

      4. I mean viagra is available on prescription now and over the counter.
        viagra. On prescription.
        and yet I don’t know a single woman who gets HRT from their gp
        all the women I know who got HRT had to pay a private menopause specialist (a lot)
        so essentially an aging man without a youthful erection is deemed worthy of medication without charge and the only downside to his problem is – you know, but here’s us women genuinely struggling with actual health concerns being dismissed and of course having to pay through the nose ie being exploited. It’s cray cray.
        things have to change

      5. Hey Wish
        i misunderstood this when I first read it. You make an interesting point about menopause giving us an opportunity to turn inward. I’m also am an introvert and only just realised while doing something else at home that I’d conflated turning inward with disassociation or “rising above “ as in enduring. I’ve avoided turning inwards and am hugely uncomfortable with my own feelings. I assumed I knew what you meant without really thinking about what you were saying. 🤫. Oops.

  7. Pluto is being squared by my sun currently, and i definitely have felt triggered by life, relationships, the past etc… however a new vibe is emerging, where I’m able to disassociate in a healthy way and feel empowered at the same time. A very long time coming..
    Neptunian nights has been heavy this weekend coupled with some throat sickness that has brought along vivid imagery half dream / half awake type thing and flashes of the date ‘October 5th’ in size 100 font in bold caps!
    Oh & that quote by Nietzsche needs to circulate on socials, not hacked up Twitter retweets lol 🙄🙄

  8. Nietzsche blows my mind and the older I get, the more I of his work I can understand and assimilate. He goes down well with a bottle of Jung.

  9. I remember a few years ago NASA releasedpictures of Pluto that make it look as it if is a broken heart – as Scorp rising, Venus in Scorp 12th person, that made total sense to me!

  10. Undergoing IVF while Pluto sits minutes away from my moon. Classic, huh? But wait, Saturn is ON my sun too. Additional responsibilities of being a single mother, anyone? 🙂

    The IVF process has been maddeningly plutonic alright. They could only get ONE egg out. ONE, after I have sunk so much emotional, financial, physical energy into the process. But all it takes is one, so I am staying hopeful. I got Empress, Ace of Pentacles and Four of Wands at different times in Tarot readings. It will be a unique and magical child indeed.

    I will get to know if I have an embryo to transfer on Monday. Please pray that my transformation mission is successful.

    1. Ah, and was so restless yesterday. So, walked to a bookstore in the city I am visiting for my process and browsed their English novels. Guess who bought their last copy Circe by Madeline Miller? 🙂 Circe is natally conjunct my moon, and these days Ceres is trine my moon (and transit Pluto).

      I read an omen here at MM Oracle to look for moon/moon symbols while sitting out on the balcony in blasting sun. I looked up, and there it was, crescent moon barely visible in the brightness…but there. I would have missed it had I gone out with a telescope. 🙂

      I am hoping, hoping, hoping that the breadcrumbs, bird calls, instinctive incessant hum in my ear, my sheer will power (Mars, pluto, Saturn conjunct natally) all add up.

      1. Also, was telling a friend on the phone, I FEEL powerful. It has snuck up on me last couple of years through devastating relationship changes, geographic relocations, pandemic isolation, real estate purchases, transformative spiritual decisions. My friend told me that she and other friends feel powerful just talking about me. 🙂

        This past fortnight, I have been walking around the IVF city like crazy..some days upto 15 kms. I walk the sidewalks and hold my head up…power rushing through my veins. I pay attention to birds, talk to plants and trees, live out an exceedingly rich inner life, while undergoing the toughest mission of my life all alone in a new city.

        This, my friends, is Pluto and frankly, if I don’t turn into a bonafide witch mother by early next year, bringing up my magical daughter, I don’t know what’s the purpose of my existence.

      2. I have 5th house Sun in Leo, plus Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter in the 5th and I was moved by your writing because it described my exact feelings when I was TTC. The waiting and the not knowing is hell. That you’re a 5th house Sun indicates that your life’s purpose has to do with children. My path was marked by loss, but I feel fully my true self since I became a mother to my son. I wish you the very best on your journey to motherhood.

      3. 5th House Venus, Mercury and Moon. But like you said. Life’s purpose. Many thanks for your lovely wishes. Morning cannot come doon enough, so I know…

  11. Reflecting further upon the Sun Pluto opposition of this weekend… It is my mother’s birthday on Sunday. A bit tense about what the coming year will bring for her, with Sun Pluto so prominent. She has been through chemo for breast cancer this past year, and was given the all-clear after that. Just wishing there are no further struggles ahead for her 🌚🌝

  12. Thank you again for the guidance, Mystic! It is appreciated so much. And it resonates, as I am at the doorstep to a new life. I may finally be moving out of the city this coming month, after living there for 30 years. Transformation…
    And yes I would love another installment in the Turbulent Times series!

  13. Wish Upon a Star

    I’m a natal Sun square Pluto. Thank God for this blog. Makes a whole lot of sense.
    The Tower is falling for the people around me. It’s about time. I’m not collateral damage just an observer.
    But really I am being forced to be my authentic self. It is a warning.
    I also have Uranus transitting my natal Taurus moon. Uncomfortable but necessary.
    Also ongoing healing in dreams. Very old grief being released. Thank you Pluto and Neptune.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Yes it is definitely time to be my authentic self. I just went back to my 7 year report. Saturn has just gone back into my 11th house after spending 3 months in the 12th house. And those 3 months were nebulous. Shit show going on around me and I was wondering why I felt drained.
      Now given an opportunity to look back, revise, establish boundaries .
      New Year’s Eve Saturn hits the 12th house for its long stay. It’s something I want to enjoy. It is not to be wasted on dysfunctional muggles.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Actually it’s New Year’s day that Saturn enters the 12th. I did a bit more research and I think I will resume therapy next year. Go on a spiritual retreat for 2 years. Wouldn’t that be lovely? 🌸
        I know it will be hard work but at least I have had a taste of it. And the dissolving of the old self needs a place of protection.
        I’m just thinking out loud. Putting my thoughts into form. We are so lucky to have a medium like this.
        Thanks for listening.💖

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        Mercury has just entered my 5 th house. Venus conjunct Leo in Jupiter hold the lease. The only thing thing that can assuage this is music and lyrics.
        Red Hot chilli peppers holds the right tone. And staccato dancing.

  14. I’ve been thinking for the past week or so, ‘Oh fuq, here we go again, I actually can’t do it’ and now upon reading that Susan Sontag quote have just realised I have this opposition natally, with the sun my chart ruler. So, all good, right?? 😂
    I’ve quit a toxic bullying work situ to boldly go where I’ve never been before. I wind that up next week. Mostly, I need to regroup and rest as I am completely burnt out. But also, am SO restless for complete transformation.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Good on you for making that change.
      One step at a time. Don’t overthink it.
      REST is the vital word here.

      1. Thanks Wish, if you’re still reading this far, I am a little late to respond. I’ve already made about a thousand lists (Mars in Virgo, ha) but I understand rest is the most important thing I need to do. x

    2. It just struck me that your name, ‘Chrysalis’, has associations with transformation… It seems fitting in view of your longing for transformation, Chrysalis 🦋

      1. Thank you, it’s why I chose this name – Mars/Pluto/Uranus in the first and I’ve had more regenerations than Dr Who 🙂 xx

    3. Get the endings bit over with, then you’ll have space to rest and regroup. Remember that leaving this situation is the start of your transformation.

      1. Thanks Stella, this is really good advice. The ending was excruciating and quiet. I felt like a ghost walking out of there. Am shaky but resolute. xx

    4. Hello my long lost Cap moon pal, sorry to hear you’ve been burnt out but that’s great you’ve got your way out of a toxic situ. Things went really off with my multi piscean bf with toxicity continuing 6 weeks post break up. The whole thing feels like a Neptunian illusion now – and Neptune was transiting conj his sun + venus and my south node, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Good luck with your next move and stay well, lovely. xo

      1. Hello lovely – thank you for checking in ❤️I’m sorry to hear about the situ w your bf. That Neptune astro sounds treacherously beautiful. Who could resist it? Your Cap moon will see you through, and make you all the stronger – I’m sure of it. xx

  15. I am swinging wildly between a sense of utter defeat and trusting that I will be fine. I just asked the I Ching – have I done anything right? Answer: 55.4, about meeting the Hidden Lord. Pluto is right on my Midheaven in its two-plus-year traversal, etching the Capricorn stone with an answer I can’t read yet. Marking time: 30 years since my father died, 20 years since a book I wrote was published, a year since my job ended, and this week, fairly sudden news of my rental being sold out from under me in the craziest housing market ever. Whew! Always grateful for Mystic insights and yes to more Turbulent Times!

    1. That’s terrible about your house being sold from under you, VenusRules! This whole craziness with real estate should come to an end. Houses are to live in, not used for speculation. Wishing you the best of luck with finding another place ⭐️

    2. Plutonic chnages suck in the beginning. But I am hopeful that you will fox the housing situation with even more awesome vibe and flair than the current place. Huge hugs. Its upsetting, but maybe the best thing for uiur evolution.

      1. Ugghh typos. But try to fox it indeed. 🙂 Your evolution will thank you for it. Pay attention to dreams. I love Robert A. Johnson’s techniques on dream work in ‘Inner life’. I have the comments section of MM to thank for that book/author recommendation. Hope some of the comments here inspire you as well to fight the good fight.

      2. Thank you for the suggestions. I’ve had a lifetime of Pluto transits, very intense conjunctions of planets and angles, plus Scorpio stellium, so this is not unfamiliar but it is exhausting.

  16. Very interested in an add on. Lockdown number five in Melbourne and between despair at no income again, and a determination to dig deep, I feel rise of the wild feminine within. I have not felt this in a long time. Something is stirring differently this time. Would be interesting to read an astrological turbulent time update.

  17. Awoke at 4:55am this morning to a tacit insight that I have the ability, and always did, (me and everyone…but this is about my moment of grocking) to not only tune out of &/or block dissonant frequencies…but that by heeding my psyonic instincts and actioning them, breaking up with my own pattern of settling for a compromised relationship & how this has always reflected my wound memory attitude of “I will be annihilated if I fully incarnate” just got super easy! Current transit of beloved Pluto conjunct my Pallas Athena opp natal Lilith asteroid conjunct by transiting Sun that & their squares to my 8th house Uranus! Bring it on!!!

    1. The ‘wound memory attitude of “I will be annihilated if I fully incarnate”.
      Thank you for putting this into words, UraniaMuse, this resonates and I will be reflecting upon it this weekend… ⭐️

  18. I’ve been feeling anger at a depth I’ve never felt before…so currently balancing acknowledgement of the feelings and the reasons why, then honing down its sharp edges to somehow derive a productive outcome is my challenge. Meditation and walking are my go-tos at the moment. Yoga at the moment is a bit hit and miss for me.
    Yes please to the add-on to the Turbulent Times series.

    1. I can’t seem to hear chants above a few seconds, which were my go-to earlier. We are being turned away from our comfort blankies.

  19. Pluto neptonic times and my partners bday wkend? I was born 4 this 🙂
    Pro plu nep tip: daily kundalini yoga is everything rn I would be a demon monster without it.

  20. Yes! We’re midway *hopeful thinking!* through the game as of current. Your thoughts kept us above the water to speak in many ways. The entire globe has seen massive changes – grande and personal scale. Powerful..nail biting – awe. Amaz and challenging times we live in

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