Pluto and the Notre Dame Fire

The astrology of the Notre Dame fire is Plutonic and it involves asteroid Magdalene aka Magdalena.

With Pluto on the South Node, occult conspiracy thriller outlines write themselves. Black holes photographed looking like the Eye of Sauron. Iconic churches/mosques on fire in Paris and Jerusalem.

When I first saw this, I thought it was a sequel to The Da Vinci Code. Denounce Dan Brown’s pop-occultism as much as you like, his research into the astrological layout of Washington D.C. was fascinating. And, his depiction of the Statue of Liberty as Ishtar? Genius.

In his book, he hypothesizes that the Notre Dame is built on a major meridian or dragon-line and that the “Holy Grail” is, in fact, the bloodline of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. It’s all hush-hush as the Church, he says, would wipe them out the way they did the Albigensians.

“Rosslyn Chapel’s entrance was more modest than Langdon expected. The small wooden door had two iron hinges and a simple oak sign, Roslin. This ancient spelling, Langdon explained to Sophie, derived from the Rose Line meridian on which the chapel sat; or, as Grail academics preferred to believe, from the ‘Line of the Rose’ — the ancestral lineage of Mary Magdalene…”

Like many, I devoured that book in more or less one marathon sitting. And The Thunder, Perfect Mind – a 3rd Century Gnostic text found buried in a sealed jar in 1945 – still gives me chills to read.

I was sent forth from the power…
For I am the first and the last
I am the honored one and the scorned one.
I am the whore and the holy one. I am the wife and the virgin.

…For I am the first and the last. I am the honored one and the scorned one.
I am the whore and the holy one.I am the wife and the virgin.

It’s too long to get into here but broadly, the Gnostics said that the religion we know of as Christianity was a fork from the original and that the initial version had a Mrs God – Sophia, the Wisdom Goddess. She became – yes – the Holy Ghost.

The union of Jesus with Mary Magdalene, who may or may not have been a sex worker but definitely worshipped the Egyptian Goddess Isis, was not warmly welcomed by the establishment of the day. Dan Brown’s book hypothesizes that he was not crucified but rather escaped with Mary Magdalene and had children – aka the Rose Line.

With all that in mind, the astrology of the Notre Dame fire is interesting. Pluto is on the South Node of the Moon and both are exact trine to asteroid Magdalene.

Pluto is also exact square Eris-Persephone: The Naive Maiden Turned wise, powerful Queen of the Underworld. The Goddess Veiled and literally Ghosted. A priestess of Isis and lover of Christ.

An impending stolen Pagan festival that was once linked with Ishtar of Babylon. Whether this fire was deliberate or a weird accident, this astrological signature is just beginning.

If it were an occult thriller conspiracy, what would be next? I’d hazard something weird being unearthed or revealed within the next 12 weeks. Thoughts?

UPDATE: They may have found the remains of Emanuela Orlandi – she was first mentioned here in another asteroid Magdalena post.

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  1. Thank you Mystic! On point, as always. I have enjoyed the ongoing dialog, as well. These exchanges are invaluable to people like myself, in the early stages of piecing all of this together.
    Thank you all for your insight!!

  2. Definitely feminine energy rebelling against patriarch founded church.
    Cancer the mother transiting north node connection?
    The times they are changing…

  3. Wish Upon a Star

    God I feel like I’m going crazy. This might sound weird but I’ve just been crying about Jesus, finding out that he is to be crucified. Like I’m reliving it. Then I realise the same thing happened last year but I didn’t even want to admit it to myself because its weird.

    But the tiredness and pain in my lower back has gone. So I must have been holding onto it. I know Merc is passing over my Chiron in Pisces 29 deg. I don’t want to get astro technical because it brings me out of my heart.

    This is intense stuff. Don’t judge me please. This is real. And I need to say it.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      So I was guided to the oracle and asked what I should meditate on and it said Pluto. Use it to transform. I will. I just had a healing cry so that’s a start.

      Amazing stuff. Bring the dark into the light.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        I’m OK now if anyone is listening.

        There was a message for. me to just open up to this energy. So I laid on my bed, relaxed, I was scared as I could feel sensation in my palms. The message was don’t be scared. This hsppenrd last year but I stayed in the fear state. It didn’t lift till Easter Sunday.

        My palm chakras were opening so I did healing on myself. All good. Had a shower then went to the local shops.

        I noticed a shift in my out look. Not so heavy.

        Happy Easter Everyone.

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        Syrnx thanks for that. Yes I do feel it, but in this case there is no aversion to it. Immersing myself in the movie would help me. But I get your drift.

        I had a long deep sleep last night and feel much better today, thank you.

  4. La la la la la
    Way too physic paranoid as was during my flash zone 10 years ago sifting through books about the albigenise and scottish monks who saved important texts from Rome.

    Damn it. Guess Blues fest will disrupt it?
    Come on moon in libra, get out of Virgo

  5. Definitely some ‘skeletons’ in that closet. I agree MM – discovery of sort (maybe even grim, or scandalous) en route. I am watching the world news like a movie.

  6. Brillant post Mystic. I was and still am fascinated by Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. I also feel that it is very possible that the holy grail is the bloodline created by Jesus and Mary Magdalene, but I also understood this as being a metaphor for a woman’s body- that a woman’s capacity to bear a child is represented by the ‘chalice’ or ‘vessel’. What a wonderful idea. And more than likely it is both as simple and as mindblowing as that.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      This interp of the Holy Grail feels intuitively right for me. When I first read it I had a big aha opening moment. Very warm and fuzzy feeling.

      And I was brought up Catholic, go figure.

  7. Mary Magdalena worshipped the Egyptian Goddess Isis?
    That is so so inordinately cool.
    I’m shivering all over reading this.
    Oh this website makes me happy.

    1. I have read that during his “human years” (aka: the books my Catholic school was like “yeah, nbd on those years – he was just, like, doing whatever”) Jesus has traveled to Egypt for spiritual study. Who wouldn’t want a travel pal?

      1. I’m so curious as to where you read that. I remember seeing a history channel bit on his life pointing out that in India documentation exists of a spiritual querant from the direction of the Levant and even the name they recorded was very similar, falling within the same dates that match his biblically unaccounted for years. This made a lot of sense given the very anti-materialist bent of much of the new testament. I would really like to look into the case for his having gone to Egypt tho.

  8. I love reading this. Thanks Mystic. I felt it was historical immediately. Definitely something unearthed with the history of Notre Dame.

    Do you have thoughts on Notre Dame being a temple of Jupiter and the Jupiter astrology also play a part here?

  9. Wish Upon a Star

    Thoughts,? Yes I have lots. I wish I understand chart reading better.

    I have always felt deeply emeshed in Christianity (not the organization), very connected with Jesus, Mary etc. But equally enmeshed in paganism. I used to think they were separate entities. But now I know they are also enmeshed.

    I once had a dream.of being a little girl, standing on a hill and weeping, watching Jesus being crucified. It was very real. Red roses are very symbolic to me. And There are other things I can not recall right now.

    Anyway I have Magdalena on my Taurus Moon it trines my Pluto in Virgo in the 7th house and is opp my Neptune in Scorpio in the 9th house. Is this a grand trine? There is an obvious triangle on my chart.

    Does anyone know the significance of this?

    Yesterday was a special day for me, hard to describe. I was in a heightened state.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Its all good. I just watched astro you tube and worked it out.

      I have Magdalena trine Pluto in Virgo and Maggie conj my Taurus Moon.

  10. I have Magdalena trine my 25° Taurus Sun. I’ve been dwelling on the whole Holy Spirit/Divine Feminine/Veiled Goddess thing lately anyway (ha ha, ok, my whole life).

    This whole thing is way too Uranus in Taurus! Beauty, art, craftsmanship, the Mother, tradition, “old reliable” suddenly completely unavailable, a literal demonstration of The Tower card when that spire collapsed. Totally revolutionary.

    Whew… What are we in for next?

    1. Wow. Yes, that’s true! It did look like the Tower card. That didn’t occur to me with this fire but I did think of the tower card when I saw those photographs of lightening striking St.Peter’s in Rome in the hours just after the previous Pope resigned.

  11. Wish Upon a Star

    I saw the Notre Same in her previous glory on TV last night. The stained glass windows were spectacular.

    Reminded me of being a little girl in church and watching the afternoon light shine through the coloured glass. I was always transported.

  12. I wish people would weep about rainfirests/trees as much as man made objects.
    She is angry and this has the feeling of Cali wrapped all over it. HEaven forbid a woman has darkness & power. Well they do.

    *Cue thunder

  13. Asteroid Sedna appears close to the North Node at the moment. Could this mean that, regarding the Notre Dame tragedy, for us to move forward we have to accept that we were betrayed by men? (Of course, I might be confusing this with my personal issues -heh).
    Also, Mystic said something about there being a grand fire tribe on last weekend.

  14. The photo of the inside of the church – with the giant cross amidst the smouldering ruins … and the rose line (Roslin) going from top left, across the cross, to bottom right of photo. She’s talking to us … loved your thoughts, MM.

  15. (Reposting because previously posted comment got garbled, I think)

    Not arson, not terrorism, just an “accident” that began in the attic, a literal forest of dried and ancient wood, just waiting to become a bonfire.
    Divine Spark?
    The church was built for the Mother Mary, not the Magdalene. Is the Magdalena the usurper then? The one reclaiming her divine role in the Passion Play? I feel they (both Marys) one and the same, and also the triple goddess, the maiden/virgin, the mother/whore, the crone/holy ghost. It feels like a rejection of the frame of (patriarchal) worship, breaking of the chains or the structure that binds, no longer will she be reduced and kept, like a relic, in old wood and stone buildings. By the fire the holy ghost/divine feminine is transformed and released into the world. Sad to see the historical structure burn; glad to see her set free at last. The world/earth is (and always should have been) our church now.

  16. Anyone know if there is significance regarding the location of the church of Magdalene relative to the cathedral? My first thought about this fire (not as a seer of any sort) was that now the people will go to Magdalene. For all the astonishing splendor of Notre Dame, I experienced the church of Magdalene as truly pulsing with divinity. The entrance is sort at the middle of a street- the steps seem to feel like wings open. Truly nurturing. It was a long time ago but that is how I remember it. I left a white rose at the feet of st. Terese of the little flowers, promising to return. The gospel of Magdalene is the antidote to the malignant patriocal church- which in part (only in a small part) the scale Notre Dame represents. I think maybe people will turn to the Magdalene and learn of her true gospel. Maybe it takes s fire.

  17. Not arson, not terrorism, just an “accident” that began in the attic, a literal forest of dried and ancient wood, just waiting to become a bonfire.
    Divine Spark?
    The church was built for the Mother Mary, not the Magdalene. Is the Magdalena the usurper then? The one reclaiming her divine role in the Passion Play? I feel they (both Marys) one and the same, and also the triple goddess, the maiden/virgin, the mother/whore, the crone/holy ghost. It feels like a rejection of the frame of (patriarchal) worship, breaking of the chains or the structure that binds, no longer will she be reduced and kept, like a relic, in old wood and stone buildings. By the fire she shall be transformed and released into the world. Sad to see the historical structure burn; glad to see her set free at last.

  18. Very interesting. I’m not a hater, and wish no harm, but I am strangely pleased about this fire. A ‘good riddance’ kinda feeling. Humans being sad about the building’s destruction are sentimental and sweet, but their ‘shock horror!’ is amusing and ultimately tone deaf IMO. Like, we have far far far greater things to worry about. I think this point has been made really well on social media – if only all ‘third world’ ‘non-western’ suffering took place inside the NDC, the ‘world’ would finally pay attention.

    1. it’s not sentimental to suffer and weep and being moved by Beauty being destroyed. it’s actually good and it means we are emotionally healthy.

      1. I am not Catholic nor religious but the Cathedral was built by artists, architectures, and hard laborers, it’s sad to see their work go up in flames. Their legacy stood over 800 years. I’m sad for the loss of art, and beauty.

      2. That’s what I felt along with some deep seated hmmmmmm this is significant. My father was a stone mason and I thought of all the sheer craft of that building. Not to say I wasn’t horrified by the destruction by warring factions in the Middle East of ancient sites which were treasured. Any loss of this kind is always tragic but this some how feels very significant on another level.

    2. What? As a French person of color and an artist living in Paris, seeing the Notre Dame go up in flames was so upsetting.

      I know firsthand how much joy it brought people.
      It ain’t simply about «humans» caring about something as silly as this old-ass building, it’s affecting the people who work there and have been taking care of it for years, the worshippers who found peace there, the artists, who like me, are still inspired by our country’s cathedrals, the tourists who came from all over to enjoy its beauty with us and so many more…

      I’m not asking for people to care but I don’t think it is the time to try and out-woke each other.
      Billionaires and other investors are throwing money at the building, making a show out of it all already, and it’s so sickening and annoying to see.
      But, WE, together, can care about more than one thing at once. Especially when it’s symbols that predate colonialism by hundreds of years.
      Don’t let the world’s suffering harden you.

      1. Yes, there is a LOT more to this than just a building being destroyed – it represents so much more than the religion it was built for.

    3. Have you spent much time in the building? Meridien line, dragon line, I don’t know; I do know that I am not the least bit religious – let alone Catholic (although i do have Magdalena conj Mars 9th house, Isis rising and Sun on Great Attractor!) – but when I spent 10 days in Paris walking where my spirit took me, it took me back to Notre Dame three times to linger, commune, light candles, when there were so many other beautiful places I hadn’t seen. That was long before I ever read much about gnosticism…
      Anyway, fully apart from its beauty, Notre Dame had/has a spiritual gravitas of some kind that I felt quite viscerally/physically, like a gravitational pull, cosmic atomic density, or magnetic intensity completely independent of religion or belief in god, much as I have felt around the pagan special sites of my Celtic ancestors. I suspect that many others whom you accuse of tone deaf sentimentality may have also experienced this. None of that precludes deep feelings about human suffering going on all over the world – far from it.

  19. Snap. Mystic. When I heard of the fire and then the mosque too, I immediately had a picture of Tom Hanks in the Da vinci code. It does feel like it it is a portent of some sort.

    1. In what country wouldn’t they, if the art in question was of historical (not to mention religious+financial) value THAT immense?

  20. When Notre Dame was finally completed, and dedicated to The Blessed Mother- it was decreed that on The Feast of the Assumption a mass would be held every year to honor Mary.

    Raised as an urban American Catholic I had never experienced public adoration of any (Goddess) until I visited Notre Dame one year on August 15- The Feast of the Assumption, when Mary was transported to Heaven much like Elijah.

    It is a holiday. Banks are closed. Thousands walk while reciting The Rosary and venerate Her- carrying placards, and statues. Our Lady of Venice. The Black Madonna, Our Lady of Cracow, Guadalupe.

    Never had I experienced an unvarnished, en masse veneration of Her- and I returned home determined to find Her in my daily life.

    Scads of occult Mason etc. went into its construction. Alchemy, divine ratio etc.

    Perhaps this fire and cleansing will purge the child abusers and their protectors from The Church, and bring a period of reckoning and justice for the victims.

    1. It’s been widely said that many of these temples were built over the sacred sites of deposed spiritual beliefs. The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City is one example; on the site was a temple for Tonantzin, the Aztec earth-mother goddess.

      When I visited Notre Dame in 1998, I was surprised to see it had a simple, yet pleasing chapel for the Virgin of Guadalupe (the replacement for the earlier mentioned goddess). She made the cool, Gothic structure feel warm (but then again, it might had been the Latina in me that felt this).

  21. Woah! Just found a news feed that said the Titanic sank on 15 April and Lincoln was pronounced dead on 15 April – both confirmed on wiki!

  22. In my several Ayahuasca journeys, it’s the Mother, Mary, the goddess who runs the whole shooting match. But Goddess, I feel sad for the destruction of this ancient place. Yes I know that all things must pass and all symbols are imperfect reflections of your ever unfolding glory. Still I feel sadness for this. May your glory unfold and create ever more magnificent reflections.

  23. Amazing post and comments!
    Another datapoint in the ghosting, veiling line: Yaweh’s consort was Asherah, then when Judaism became monotheistic and patriarchal, she became … a grove of trees, like Daphne, they turned her into a tree!

    1. All those Asherah poles in the bible – every time they’d call for their destruction I’d fume.

      Amazing thread Mystic.

  24. Bastet’s daughter

    This is so awesome Mystic! I’ve been pondering this all day and you’ve just articulated everything I am sensing, thank you and thank the stars! On my Insta I posted a clip from Queen Margot- the scene where Isabelle Adjani eye balls the Archbishop and sighs with contempt while being forced to marry in Notre Dame, to secure the power and wealth of the Catholic Church and the French monarchy. I also posted a picture of the statue of Jeanne d’Arch in Notre Dame, as it is the only statue or monument to a woman in the catherdral, a woman who was sent to lead the French Amy by divine guidance, and then burnt at the stake by the church for her trouble. This whole incident smells of a Pluto on the South Node style purge of Catholic misogyny, with the Goddess rising from the ashes of ‘Our Lady of Paris’, and her three rose windows! Amazing about the Magdalene asteroid! ⚡️

    1. I’m seriously hoping that statue is intact, along with the windows. It would be such a great statement from the Omniverse if the one statue of a woman is preserved from destruction.

      1. Bastet’s daughter

        The rose windows are intact! I haven’t been able to find anything about the statue of Jeanne d’Arch yet though.

    2. Forgot to add: you should totally check out where your Magdalene is. It is So relevant. Mine’s conjunct my Mars 🙂

      1. I just checked mine for the first time – it’s conjunct my Neptune, trine my moon, and square my nodes. Wow.

      2. Bastet’s daughter

        Just checked and my Magdalena is conjunct Chiron in Aries on my Midheaven and directly opposite my Pluto in Libra in the 3rd. Wow. I’m pretty blown away by this new revelation, as I am completely intrigued by this whole turn of events. Thanks for the nudge. I’m off to find myself a copy of the Da Vinci Code, as I’ve never read it. Definitely time.

        I also read this morning that Notre Dame was built on the site of a Roman temple for Jupiter, which in turn was built on a sacred Celtic site of the Goddess. Of course. Jupiter in Saggo turns retrograde and bam, the place lights up!

      3. Yeah, that location is super ancient. It’s been the spiritual center of Paris before it was Paris.

  25. Just read something about the rooster spire (a saintly lightning rod) containing three tiny relics—an alleged piece of the Crown of Thorns and some bits of Saint Denis and Saint Genevieve (the city’s patron saints)—were secured inside the metal bird’s body. The idea, the story goes, was to create a sort of spiritual lightning rod to protect the parishioners within.

  26. I find it fascinating that the medieval towers survive, and the spire which fell was added in the 19th century.

    No idea what that’s about astrologically – but my immediate thought was to do with Notre Dame reclaiming her original identity and allowing the “modern” addition to fall away.

    (Also, re Rosslyn Chapel, I wish Dan Brown’s version was true but the name is actually from the Celtic, not from Latin or French, and means “the waterfall over the promontory” – dang it!)

  27. I agree with your prediction of something being unearth. That was the first vision I received. The spirits of unrest seeking justice. This is all linked to the Notre Dame Prophecies by Nostradamus. Some really fucked up shit wants to come to light! It is the year of the dark moon, which I predicted the first of the year in January. A series of famous people’s deaths might be rolling out as well…

    1. It also made me think of Nostradamus and the last pope. Didn’t think this would be happening in my lifetime.

      1. Oooh, do tell! I can google it, I suppose, but I’d love to hear others’ thoughts and interpretations on it.

  28. New things come to pass when the old symbols turn to ash. The church has never been exactly female friendly. Interesting astrological timing. Perhaps the goddess is what rises.

  29. As a history person I was noticing how Napoleon Bonaparte’s natal chart is very similar to the astrology of now. He has Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Virgo (opposite to our current Pisces), and Saturn in Cancer (opposite to our current Capricorn)

  30. Aqua-cap-Gemini

    This was pretty shocking news to wake up to. Not to mention, there’s a tonne of lead up there, currently burning and releasing toxic fumes into the Parisian air. Lead Poisoning. (I wrote realising).
    I was in Paris (the streets smell like Piss) in 2007. Walking around at night with my then German boyfriend, we walked down to Notre Dame. There were fire twirlers and an interesting crowd admiring the building. I took some black and white photographs, with real film.
    The German boyfriend says to me “When they remove those statues, the place will burn down”. Not really understanding what he meant, he goes on – “It’s something the locals all know about. Those Gargoyles protect that building. Once they’re not there anymore, the place will burn. It’s cursed.”

    I’d completely forgotten about that until this morning.
    I saw a post somewhere, about how that building is actually a physical representation of our Chakras and energy points. It apparently hosts some pretty intense ‘occult’ symbolism. Woke shit for Woke peeps.
    I can’t help but wonder if those Gargoyles were infact part of the curse, preventing that wokeness from integrating with the living.

    1. THIS gives me chills. They removed some statues last week. I never heard that about the statues before, but it makes sense. I text my sister that this was karma for how the Catholic Church has abused children without consequence. With everything Mystic wrote about Jesus and Mary, it isn’t irony that this happened around Easter.

      I love a good conspiracy theory. I’m sorry that this historic building was on fire, however, there is clearly something else at play here.

      1. Holy crap – no pun intended – I’d forgotten how close it is to Easter! Great point! Goddess rising!

      2. My first thought last night watching it live was about karma for the Catholic Church. Maybe now we’ll get back to the true meaning of the church. This morning I felt grief for the history but I like the idea of the irrelevant being cleansed away for it’s true purpose to begin.

      3. The Church needs to cleanse its institution of abusers and pedophiles. I hope this issue is highlighted!

    2. Hi, the gargoyles were added in the 1840s, during the Victorian restoration. Victorian Romanticism, thier version of a gothic favored remodel, new look, Disney-fying it for the time.

  31. I was going to write to you and ask you what you thought about it this fire. I had this immediate thought about what the Astro was when nazi Germany occupied Paris being the same as now but suddenly, back then, it was thwarted by a sudden change in the Astro. It was like a delay to something that inevitably meant to happen sometime in history. Back in 1945 it was actually delayed. Until this day. And I think something astounding will be revealed in the clean up. Secrets about to be made public.

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