How To Un-Haunt An iPhone?

How To Un-Haunt An iPhone

Dear Mystic,

I love your site, and I’ve got a weird and possible karmic scenario that I hope could be an ‘Ask Mystic’.

Pre-eclipse, an old friend of mine overdosed and passed away whilst holidaying in Cambodia- let’s call him Sag. I’d known him since 1999, we shared science fiction, philosophical debates, drunken red wine fueled sex that we agreed shouldn’t be repeated.  Around 2012 we lived together, he was in a bad place, he had a work accident, got on opioids, overdosed three times, got CPR from me twice and my boyfriend once. I fractured his ribs the first time, I thought I wasn’t strong enough. 

I helped him go through detox once, but he kicked me out for cooking with one of his eggs (yes, after I saved his life, he couldn’t spare an egg). So I left and found a drama free flat and never talked to him again. 

And I don’t feel bad about that.  I didn’t go to his funeral- and I don’t feel bad about that either.  I cannot handle platitudes and cliche’s when a rib I fractured in resuscitation is now ashes. 

And now I am very slightly haunted.  My Sun is in Taurus with Pisces Rising. I’m a massage therapist. I choose calming world music to work to.  Three times last week (at 4.20pm!), my world music changed to Pearl Jam “Devils Bed’!! Seriously wtf.  Also, I don’t have this Pearl Jam album uploaded. And my long term Scorpio lover (who Sag held in distain, perhaps envied) dreamed that he was being chased up a hill by Sag, that he had a cat of nine tails with extendable burrs and was trying to kill him, the weapon was apparently quite vivid. 

So other than smudging sage everywhere, I would love any suggestions for protection, can one protect IPhones from haunting?!

Thanks for the safe space to spill such crazy intense situations! I certainly don’t share them elsewhere!

‘Haunted Bull’

Dear Haunted Bull,

I can practically pick up on these emanations from here.  It’s such a sad tale. Opoids are the devil, seriously. This is in part a Pluto in Capricorn story, of how governments and lawmakers have failed – are failing – their people. It began with Neptune in Capricorn in the Nineties:  the ‘religion’, the delusion of economic rationalism. That everything – even water and shelter – is to be a market. And now Pluto in Capricorn is testing the validity of this ideal.

But back to the haunting. If you think about it, digital is the perfect medium for ghosts. It is pulses of light. Any entity can hitch a ride on one. I believe that we become at-one with the galaxy and starlight between lives, plants too. Who knows how it works exactly?

Maybe we get to soar around as birds for a bit. I think the Ancient Egyptians believed that. But people who pass in such a way, getting out of it and not able to get back ‘in it’, crossing dimensions by mistake, forgetting he had to breathe may of course be more prone to hang around. We call it haunting but he is probably just trying to finish a sentence. Admittedly an angry one.

So my suggestions: restart your iPhone – it works for everything else, seriously. Why not ghosts? Secondly, if you are up for it, you can sit in a circle of (quality) salt this next Dark Moon and connect with him. Acknowledge the good rapport you shared and that you are sorry it did not happen differently for him. But that he needs to go, towards the light, to move on.

Thirdly, if you don’t want to do this, fine – i get it. Dealing with addicted people is painful and enervating. The drugs vamp the Qi of the user and anyone around them. Your compassion may be burned out by now. If that’s the case, make sure you don’t have some object of his still tying you to him. It’s a good time to do a power purge anyway. The Dark Moon before a Solar Eclipse in Leo = super potent. See the Moon Calendar for the times.

If it’s really revving up, get a space-clearer/ghost-buster in – I know a fantastic one and it can be an extremely good investment.  And in the meantime, for circumstances like this (Neptunian), Metal is a better clearer than sage. Tibetan Bells, cymbals or even just bang a saucepan around. It’s the metallic element that counts. Also, I think that the Green Tara mantra or the Shield of Brigid are both enormously protective.

What does everyone else think?

Image Note: This is the inside of a phone, the circuitry board!

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  1. Dear haunted bull – other ppl within a 10? metre can tap into your Bluetooth devices by accident eg speakers. Set a password if you can. I regularly see my neighbours speakers and digital devices when I turn on Bluetooth on my iPhone and Mac. Internet is routinely secured but BT speakers etc can be accessed. Also airdrop on your devices.

    id also physically sage smudge your phone and computer x

  2. I liked the soaring as birds statement. I believe in Hinduism they believe crows are our ancestors, I have been studying up on crows lately due to my saturnine chart because crows are linked with Saturn. This is off topic but made me think, I read that crows are so smart they bring twigs and things and set them beside a crow that has died and is lying on the ground! They KNOW death, aka one of Saturns arenas. They also mate for life and are highly intelligent, one article said as intelligent as chimpanzees and dolphins.

  3. Afterlife digital messages are my favorite messages. Fortunately all the ones I’ve had were positive, from those I loved and desperately wanted to connect with, and I’m so grateful for that. But obviously I can understand how disturbing this must be. Hope your Sag friend moves on and lets you have peace.

    1. I tended to overrely on the Pandoracle for messages and forgot I was getting them from everywhere, but those moments when I ask shuffle play what it thinks, there’s usually someone very kind.

  4. Sunday night I awoke at 2am to my spouse’s phone blaring music in the kitchen. I come downstairs and Pandora is on playing “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode. Ironic, no?

    We had a house clearing this spring (energetic, Akashic, etc) due to the amount of spiritual traffic tromping through the house, and it’s been mostly quiet since then. Spouse thinks the phone was the result of a “drive-by” spirit who wanted attention.

  5. Sage, good quality sage. Smaubge yourself as well as the environment. Also black tourmaline to anchor the circle and yes to lovingly connect and ask him to politely leave. I’m not sure about haunted phones but I do know the planets are opening doors at the moment. One thing that did come up when I read this was the phrase, “do the work”. People are mirrors and this dude is reflecting you as in, as yourself, (your lightest highest good guides) “what do I need to work on, to acknowledge or, release, within myself that no longer serves me? For the greater good” because there is no ‘them, other” it’s simply ‘we, us’ and we all need to purge and work through our darkness to claim light. Love to you xxxx

  6. I would turn off the phone, smudge it with smoke and imagine all the negative connections your phone has attached being snipped away with golden scissors. You may like to to purchase a nice slice of black tourmaline and glue it to the back to deflect any unwanted interference. The crystals need to be cleansed, cleared and then charged with protective energies – as with the phone. You could request energies of kindness, truth, healing, protection and love be invested in your phone for the Highest Good of All etc. Use a bunch of sage or incense, also vodka spray is a good disinfectant particularly with peppermint or lavender oil (though tourmaline prefers smoke) I use on …most everything I touch!

    Essentially ghost busting is the protocol needed here, it’s possible your ex doesn’t know he is passed over and needs a hand going to Light.
    But cleansing your energy field, your BF’s and the house and phone is where to start.

    Set a side a good 1.5 hours for all this.
    Ask Spirit and for your spiritual guides and the ex’s spiritual guides to be present and protect, after you have made yourself respectable (ie cleansed all your crystals, selves, devices).

    Visualise a column of light from Source and explain he is dead, suggest your ex go home to Light. Ask for forgiveness and forgive any past transgressions as you release him to the Light with Love. Tell him Spirit guides will support him in transition, ask him to go in peace with them and he may not return without your conscious permission.

    See the house cloaked in sacred energies and a liquid gold net harden into a ball around your house and all your electronic devices affirming positive energies can come in but negative stay out.

    You don’t need to believe anything but just following the steps should help without needing outside intervention. Good luck!

  7. Hi Mystic,
    Talking about this. I would like to know how to cut votes. A long time ago I was initiated in taoism and I just don’t resonate wih ‘being iniciated’ anymore and I want to be free. Is there something I can do during the dark moon before the eclipse?
    Thank you

    1. Maybe write down your wish to disconnect and burn the paper? Visual cutting a silver or gold string or cord and say I bless and release the connection before burning the written words. That’s what I’d do but obviously it might not be right for you x

  8. Aqua-cap-Gemini

    Something is still inviting the energy in, or you haven’t asked the energy to go (memories perhaps) or that you once slept together means you still have a piece of him inside you, which you haven’t yet let go of, and he could be asking you to release it so he can also move on.

    The cracked rib thing could be energetically stuck in guilt or anger as well.

    In the past, when I’ve had a dead person on my mind I’ll put music on. I have a massive digital library of music that I’ve been curating and building for over 10 years. It’s huge. I put the music on random/shuffle and ‘call’ them, which is intentionally energetically calling this person by name, by image, by memory, anything related to them is part of the call. If I start to feel that energy around, I’ll greet them, exchange some kind of energetic conversation consciously or not and then ask them to ‘play me some music’ and you’d be amazed (well, maybe you wouldn’t but I am) at what songs start spinning up from a catalogue in excess of 200gb of data. It can be a bit awkward at first for them. The songs become so accurate and poignant, communicating things unsaid, or extensions of energetic conversations that you can be privvy to if you listen (clairaudient) to that ‘intelligent space’ and sometimes a message will also come through, via the personally held meaning to the song, or literally via the lyrics. You just have to listen, actively, without expectation.
    Music soothes the savage beast, and if the Pearl Jam song is connected to your friend, then I’d invite him in for one last ‘mix-tape-session’. Sometimes all they need is to say something the only way the can, and I agree completely with Mystic, that digital is an accessible realm for energetic entities. Music is a communicable language, maybe even more so than maths.

    Once the session is over, say goodbye and let it all go, release everything through conscious intention. I also visualise ‘lifting the veil’ like literally lifting some bizarre curtain separating the energetic realm from the ‘spirit realm’. I open a doorway that allows them to passover and return to source. If they’re not ready, they may not cross over at that point, but may return at a later date to get your help to finally leave.

    1. Love this. Found a bunch of mixtapes from my deceased uncle in my parents basement recently. They feel like little postcards or origami boats floated out to sea. he always had great music taste

  9. AriesPiscesLibra

    windchimes maybe?
    I have a haunting(s) too.

    Haunted Bull, I’m creeped out from here. Your man’s dream just made it louder. Ting ting ting in every corner. I’m sorry you’re being called like this.

    I lost a friend of mine to addiction and suicide too. She still haunts me. She died and I found out two weeks later that I was pregnant. I had gone to see her in the ICU pregnant and didn’t even know. I was grieving and started getting hit with waves of morning sickness and it was a bittersweet crazy time. I was driving to see her in the hospital and her brother (also dead, died in a similar fashion as his sister) sat in my front seat on the way. They both came to me the night she died. I held my rosary in terror (and I am not even all that devout, I just had it close to my bed and wanted protection and I tell you what that rosary didn’t do a damn thing in the moment. Many more instances over the years. Even as I write this I feel like I’m being watched and my arms are breaking out in goosebumps and I just might sleep with the lights on tonight.
    I’m going to do some metal tinging upstairs too myself tonight and perhaps not make my insomnia worse by watching my creepy shows.

    I’m burning sandalwood and frankincense/myrrh and decluttering like a motherfucker on a side note. I think I’ll clear my cache after I consult the Oracle.

    1. I lost a friend of mine to addiction and suicide too. He still haunts me it as an inspiration. He was a beautiful post philosopher and artist and also partied very hard. His birthday is coming up and I’m organising a gathering of ppl who loved him at the place we scattered some of his ashes 2 years ago. (A beautiful wild creek hidden in Melbourne’s suburbs). Vale David 🙏💕🥲

      1. Sorry, not suucide I believe it was accidental overdose because he was in good spirits when I spoke to him 2 weeks prior. The autopsy result was ascshiemic heart failure and it was during 2020 lockdowns so I didn’t even know for 2 weeks. He would always encourage and inspire my work 💕🙏

  10. Last month my bf’s sister passed,she had requested two songs at her funeral. Her daughter had deleted her no.from her own phone. As they(family) were singing along to one of the songs around her coffin ,the daughters phone rang. . .fair dinkum it was from the (deleted) Mum’s number. . . Freaky ,yet totally believable. I got all sorts of personal signs from my sister for about a week after she passed recently. . Things to bring me comfort and confirmation. . . She’s moved on now. . I miss her muchly . . .

    1. After my father died, the home phone rang a surprising number of times with ‘no one’ at the other end. More than your average line fault. If I died, I’d try to get through like this too. He’s an aquarius, it figures. I had a lot of conversations with him that felt like genuine exchanges but of course on the mental plane. He died with uncertainty and in a haze of hospital administered opiates, although all of us were there with him. I still have trouble addressing this, but five years of art practice and researching experiences of death, loss and bereavement, and a massive Chiron transit, have helped. “Shatter my heart to make a new room for limitless love”, wrote Rumi. I get it. Sometimes I still text his mobile number and say hi. Messages into the Void.

      Soft hugs for everyone who still unexpectedly feels the sting of loss years later.

      1. The hard facade of the world continues to mystify me in the face of this universal levelling experiencee. In an era when it seems fashionable to ‘cull’ friends as though they’re a pest species or cramping your brand. At the same time we all have limits to our capacity to extend ourselves towards others and this is only tested at the beat and worst times. Either way, it is real. It feels like rejection and for the other it feels like a safe step for well-being, assuming it’s not a status issue. I have been on both sides. Either way I believe that it’s a core Chiron experience.

          1. My Dads keyboard was playing when I came home and I thought oh dads playing and went to look but it stopped. I remembered it couldn’t be him, so I looked for other sources, car outside etc na just him tinkering on his favourite instrument.

      2. <3.
        “Shatter my heart to make a new room for limitless love” so poignant to my situation.

        Ten years after my grandmother (whom i was v close to) died, i had bodywork done to me which triggered & released a deep mourning issue related to her. By the time i got back home from the treatment i was feeling so distraught that i just collapsed on the sofa and howled with sorrow – blubbering out loud for her forgiveness, as i felt awful because we'd had a misunderstanding days before she died without it being resolved … Then through the radio came a soothing familiar voice singing a song which seemed distantly familiar. I felt a warm glow of love spread through my heart, as i realised it was my grandmother singing to me as she used to to put me to sleep when i was a baby. There was a background of white noise to this – as if the radio wasn't really tuned to the station properly. When the song finished, the white noise continued for about a minute & then faded out (I had not touched the radio at all – neither turned it on nor off.) I then slept for 20 hrs straight & when i awoke the following afternoon i felt lighter & wonderful. This incident also set me firmly along the healing path via bodywork.

        1. Skarab, I’ve only just read your comment. It brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful. And also the transformative forgiveness, embraced by your grandmother. You must be an incredible bodyworker, inspired by an experience like this.

  11. Wow. Am a Pisces rising and sun in Taurus also experiencing haunting at this time. veil slippage occurring and regularly reminded to psychically armor up. Considering a homemade talisman to wear and making one for a loved one who is sharing space with a ghost. Transiting Neptune much??
    The call for rose quartz has been strong but so has pyrite or black tourmaline…uranus, Pluto?

  12. I also have a Pisces ascendant, conjunct Jupiter and squaring Neptune on my midheaven. My second husband had addiction problems and took his life in our downstairs guest room. I found him. This was MY dream house that I bought before I even met him and so I wasn’t moving. I had some very unsettling experiences, including vivid dreams of him, but finally got to the point that I stopped being angry with him and truly forgave him. I walked through the house with sage telling him it was okay and I forgive him and asking forgiveness for anything I did wrong. The energy in the house completely changed – I have friends who are empaths/lightworkers who agree. I think he wants you to forgive him. You can say it out loud for him, but you have to mean it. If you need to take some time to sort through feelings, maybe ask him to give you some time to process. I truly believe that souls with unfinished business stick around and can hear you.

  13. I insulted my phone once (was running a bit slow) not thinking much if it, and it, on the spot deleted all my photos–I am serious. I turned it off, apologizing, put it on the altar, got on my knees and spoke to mnemosyne–a name which I consciously had no idea where I picked up. After a half hour or so, not only were my photos restored–mu phone had restored nearly every photo I had taken in the year prior–defying the logic of how much memory space the phon should have even been able to accommodate? Yeah

    Later that night, totally randomly without looking for it, found out I have asteroid mnemosyne conjunct Jupiter

  14. I vote for doing a full moon what do you want to release ritual and bathing the phone in moonlight at the same time. Wish for healing and peace for him, Maybe play a healing mantra? I like this one:
    Having given him CPR so many times and witnessed his suffering so closely must have taken a big toll, I would get yourself a massage and maybe a little break, something nice with your partner. I bet the trauma of that is moreso causing the bad dreams for your partner than a ghost, I would see that as opiods chasing him not the Saggy. It’s interesting that the symbolism coming through is the devil, as the devil is half man half animal like Saggy!

    My Pisces sun, Cancer moon dad (who had a challenging, sometimes very tragic life) passed away in my house two months ago while housesitting for me. He got sick and the hospital missed the chance to fix what was wrong (had a freak accident and went septic). It was really hard for me to be in the place where we found him (and our dog, who was with him, kept going to the spot). My mom’s cousin is an energy healer who can work remotely and she did something for me after I told her how I was struggling. The next morning things felt loads better and the clock on the wall had stopped (I don’t know my dad’s rising sign but he had a strong Uranian bent, he had Mercury in Aqua opposite Pluto so maybe that’s enough?), and our dog stopped sniffing around there. A few times early on when I was crying all the time I’d turn on my car radio to a song where it feels like it’s meant for me, all around the lines of letting go and the future being better, not being sad, affirmations of love. Describing it sounds cheesy but these were beautiful songs I’d never heard before, not pop songs. We also found a dead baby kingfisher on a walk near our house not long after (giving my son something very concrete to mourn as we cremated my dad), and then a bunny built her nest in our yard and we had these adorable bunnies in our yard in the midst of all this sadness. I lost my first meditation teacher this year too and she has been coming through in my dreams. Last night (the two months exact of me coming back to find him), I had a conversation with her about him but he hasn’t come through, I’m hoping he does because dreams are such a huge part of my life, is that selfish? I’ve always been able to channel big emotional stuff while dreaming but I want my dad to be at peace, not hanging around making sure we’re ok.

    1. I dreamt of my dad too but it seemed to come after I felt okay about his sudden passing. He would be sitting at the breakfast table chatting. Then the dreams developed into me thinking I know you’ve passed and you’re visiting me, to eventually him popping in saying “look after your brother”. I still feel his presence 32 years later. I was buying a copy of some family heirloom Chinese fortune telling sticks. Parked the car and rushed to the shop but was stopped in my tracks with a busker playing “his” guitar piece that I grew up with. Tears n goosebumps moment. Blessings to all XxXx

  15. Honestly… I’d also go through the stuff saved on your phone. Get rid of any contacts of text chains still have save/archived from him, and maybe even look through the pictures. But I definitely agree with the reboot!

  16. You handled it all so well, giving support while there was a chance and then cutting off all ties when there was not. Having a friend or family member with addiction is one of the most devastating experiences. Spirits absolutely travel through electronics and cleanse your phone of course, but any method you choose to help move his energy along would be the key to elimination.

  17. saturnplutoflux

    As to exorcising the phone, would sitting it in a big bowl of salt for a couple of days do the trick?

  18. Buckle (Aries Sun; Pisces Asc; Gem Moon.)

    Your Scorpio’s cat-of-nine-tails dream image sounds like a visual pun — that your boyfriend understands that the man who passed away had really used up all his nine lives, especially in light of addiction and resuscitations.

    I would see the dream as an expression of not wanting to get caught up in his stuff again, as even though he is gone, your Scorpio can see that for you, just going to his funeral would bring back a whole world of stuff that you’d rather not get back into.

  19. My bet would be to do a simple feng shui your phone session (like the feng shui your vagina posts) with your phone in a metal bowl on ground in a circle of salt. Burn a mixture of mugwort and sage over the phone and address the sagg firmly and lovingly, that it’s time to go, that his sagg spirit wants freedom and expansiveness. Bells might be a good addition as well.
    I am sorry for all of this! You might have to call in a good shaman.

  20. saturnplutoflux

    I have a similar story about phones acting as independent messengers except involving a living person. A couple of months ago my phone randomly sent out a headline from the days news to all my WhatsApp contacts in the middle of the night. I was asleep and had no idea until I was woken up by a reply from my once-upon-a-time, star-crossed ex who (I thought) I had blocked across all methods of contact. Turned out he is currently (sadly) dealing with a cancer diagnosis and said that he had been missing me badly since beginning chemo but knowing I had cut him off had decided not to bother me. How the message got sent out i don’t know but I’m glad we’re back in contact because one of the fears I always had was that if anything ever happened to him I wouldn’t know because his family wouldnt tell me…

    1. saturnplutoflux

      Weirdly the headline had to do with the Dreamworld operator being told they didn’t need to use the brake..kinda symbolic now I think about it

    2. You just reminded me of the time my phone from my handbag rang my then husband as I was entangled with my then lover ! Like wtf ? Needless to say I got found out and the marriage ended but to this day that still freaks me out. I can’t think I’d hurt the phone’s feelings but it was determined to drop me in it !

      1. omg! Maybe it was your spirit guides/guardians thinking they needed to move the situation along and get you out of a scenario that had had its time 😀

        1. This happened to me. I was using my husbands iPad as mine was kaput. A hotel receipt popped onto the screen revealing his affair. To this day he is certain he did nt know how that happened. To be fair, I had also been unfaithful years earlier and believed he didn’t know. He had his suspicious, thus his affair. Years later and many thousands of dollars on marriage counseling later, we are better than ever. If it hadn’t been for his iPad serving as a messenger from spirit guides/gods/dead ancestors, we would not be where we are now.

          1. I’m sure it was all well intended. It needed to move on and so I am grateful. It did feel like the hand of guides pressing the quick call button !

  21. Dear Hauted Bull,
    I really empathise with your relationship with Sag and what turmoil and qi drain you would have endured for many years. And my deepest condolences to you with his passing.
    Your Neptunian (I’m also Pisces Asc) situation, parallels that of my now passed sister (due to a almost life long horrendous addiction to heroin, essentially, which claimed her life jan 2016 – apart from the grief (that was a constant I tried to protect myself against most of my life) that I was consumed with, I became to realise that she hadn’t moved on. Couldn’t move on.
    It was t my phone as such. But it was certainly apparent in my dreams. Mostly when I was lucid and almost nightly. I became exhausted and even though I thought others would think I was nuts. I knew she definitely was not at peace.
    Simultaneously, my daily life was almost as intense and freaky as my dream time. It was as if we had a poltergeist in the house. My wall clock would fly off the wall. Picture frames would be pushed over, things were moved around. I could feel her everywhere.
    6 months later, I went a tarot reader and I knew that my sister was there. The tarot reader picked up on her pretty quick smart and could deduce without me telling her anything that my sister was a soul in turmoil and that it was me that she wanted in order to help her go toward the peace. I have goose bumps recalling this.
    The tarot reader as Mystic suggested – said to clear out any items that were my sisters and to write her a letter on the dark moon telling her that I forgive her and love her. And to ask for her forgiveness.
    I still ring bells as she suggested.
    It was really powerful. I did. And the next day, the air was different. She had transitioned to a better place and I’m at peace.


    1. You could also go to a pet shop ( the only place I could find one) and buy a stupa and place it outside near a corner of your house as resting house for spirits/energy. Worked for me

  22. So I have a bit of experience in the haunted iphone realm, though i tend to feel that mine is more possessed but maybe it’s all the same? Mine does a thing where when it’s unlocked it will simply open and close all the apps in quick succession and scroll and just generally go bananas without my touching anything. Sometimes a standard restart does the trick sometimes i have to ‘reset network settings’ and that does it. (Reset network settings will not mess anything up or clear any data, i believe it just resets your connection to the network like it sounds but it seems to clear up a lot of weird inexplicable issues.)

    1. also, this reminds me of a client who told me that he was being haunted via instagram by a friend who passed. that he knew of no one having her account info but would see activity from her account every so often, ‘likes’ to his posts, etc.

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