How To Tell Someone’s Rising Sign

This is a repost from ages ago because (a) many people have asked about it and (b) it’s timely – we could all do with the lightness, no?!

It’s annoying when people say “what’s my sign?” in super-cocky style, especially when you’ve just met them.

As first meetings are when you’re most likely to clock their rising sign aka the person’s initial projection. The ascendant a.k.a the rising sign is how people transmit. It represents their image and stance towards the world.

So often, if you’re going off the way someone presents, you would pick up on their rising sign, rather than their Sun.

And the ‘betcha can’t guess what sign I am‘ crowd are rarely aware of their ascendant so even if you’re correct, they’ll add your ‘fail’ to some secret scorebook in their hubris laboratory aka brain.

Even so and strictly FYI, here are some quick cheats to deduce people’s rising signs. They may sound trite but they work a treat.

Aries Rising – head pokes forward, naturally pugnacious stance (like a boxer) talks fast and clipped, will issue proactive or unsolicited advice, can’t hide boredom or impatience.

Taurus Rising – juicy looking, like they make more collagen than ordinary people, beautiful ‘cow-eyes’, moves slowly, big-boned, often wear touchable sensual textures and can have an elegant stately gait.

Gemini Rising – vibes svelte at any size, likes jingly things, fidgets or thrums legs when sitting down, mobile eyes that dart around the room, can change topics super-abruptly, first to dance.

Cancer/Kataka Rising – Bony and/or muscular with prominent or sanpaku eyes, distinctive pectorals or boobage, often remains super quiet but when they do speak, it’s a high-quality statement.

Leo Rising – looks and acts just like a cat, may have flat face & big mane, a la an actual Lion. Sleek, feline, fashion or cinema enthusiast, dislikes inadvertent drops of water splashed on them, crazily photogenic.

Virgo Rising – quick, active movements, like a martial artist or dancer, naturally nimble, likes to impart useful info, chic with put-together aura and will be blatantly incredibly observant of the surroundings.

Libra Rising – vibe like Lord of the Rings elves, symmetrical features, layered + thoughtful scent aesthetic, easily spooked by discordant environments and will power-flirt as basic m.o.

Scorpio Rising – could plausibly pass as a Hollywood vampire or descendant of an Anne Rice witch dynasty,  seem as if they may have something over you, high-energy yet super-self-contained.

Sagittarius Rising – high-volume talker and a ready laugh, often has long legs, Bugs Bunny-ish vibe, usually en route someplace, prefers outdoors to indoors and near-zero tact.

Capricorn Rising – mournful countenance in repose but lights up for substantial content, cheekbones, looks younger than chronological age, does not splash money and will seek highest point in any situation.

Aquarius Rising – could easily be cast as an alien intelligence in human form, space hippie eyes, dislikes polo neck tops, tight clothing, fluorescent lighting, body clutter, small talk and most traditions.

Pisces Rising – goo-goo eyes, often remarkably good skin, air of bland innocence or stupidity, zones in and out during conversations, fiercely resents dress codes, highly mobile facial features and comedic delivery.


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  1. The Lion & The Centaur

    I just came back from a 3-day first date with a Sagittarius stellium guy (that part is quaranteed: we were on his sailboat) and I think his rising sign is Taurus. He always looks unbothered, walks leisurely and enjoys food, sex, lounging and massages. I complimented the soft material of his shirt and he answered “yes, I was looking for a linen shirt but found only 50 percent” lol that confirmed it!

    I’m Sag rising and sure laughed out loud at “near-zero tact”!

    1. Taurus Risings also have a lazy drawl. Like their voice catches up to their speech a micro-millisecond later. Is that the case with Mr Sailboat too? 🙂 He could also be Venus Rising, i.e. his Venus is near his Ascendent.

  2. Another tell for ID-ing Taurus rising: their foreheads! They have very open foreheads & fairly flat brow lines. Their faces look like they are not bothered by anything ever…even when they are. No frown lines, no scowl (leave that to the scorps), just wide open like a peaceful meadow of clover…

    Think Brendan Fraser, Kate Moss, MLK, Jeanne Moreau, Rita Hayworth, David Beckham, Paulo Coelho, Robert Pattison, Gigi Hadid… and their eyes are similarly well-spaced – without being ‘spaced out’. It does resemble the flat space between the eyes of a cow – or Picasso’s bicycle seat bull…

  3. Taurus-rising, and yep – have been told all my life about my large eyes, AND good posture/gait. Do comfy, natural fibres (i.e. non-synthetic!!) count as sensual..? Also, am always seen as the “dependable” one – but, somebody’s gotta be the grown-up in the room, and often (in past), this fell to me!! (Prefer to indulge my personal anarchy in private). Anyhoo, thanks for this wonderful list MM – you have the spooky ability to know!! X

    1. I would count natural fibres as sensual, totally! That’s what my Taurus moon (and Virgo Venus) loves… it’s about letting your skin breathe – and about earthly pleasures…

  4. Yes as a Gemini rising I love silver shoes best, so i can take flight quickly, my fidgets are constantly mimicked by loved ones, my Scorpio rising hubby mocks them all the time but he gets the I hate you without knowing you quite constantly and is very psychologically astute, he has resting ‘I bore holes into you’ face.

  5. I can pick Aries rising due to confidence even when paired with Cancer or Pisces sun signs. I have to say, I least like it as a rising and moon sign after the many I have met, especially the males. Incredibly self centred.

    1. Also Aries rising males (I dated 3), very jealous and need to be the head of the fam. I didn’t find them particularly emotionally intelligent.

      1. They definitely need a lot of energy input. They’re like 1yr old pitbull puppies who will throw themselves against you if they have not had enough attention that hour . “To a hammer, everything looks like a nail”

    2. 🤣😄 ooohhhh I genuinely feel for you, School of Fish. (And Sam!!!) Yes to all the above – I mean, I can only say this from the perspective of watching a parent. But wow. Perennial children. Children of all ages love them. Joy like the sun, warmth and shirt-off-their-back generosity to all – but selfish, too. And jealousy – which I attributed to Scorp sun (with my parent).
      I guess I see Aries rising as the Martian energy prism-ed and then – laser-focussed, or at least, very amplified. Not astrologically informed enough myself on the theory ( hence why I listen to MM!!) but, as an aside, I am a solar Aries with huge stellium, and my Dad is WAY and I mean, WAY, more Martian than I. And I have Mars conjunct my MC? (BUT in artistic, mutable Pisces). Anyway, I get it!! Take good care of yourselves – and channel the energy they give – to you.😉🌞 x

  6. “…even if you’re correct, they’ll add your ‘fail’ to some secret scorebook in their hubris laboratory aka brain.” Ha ha!!! Love it!

  7. Studious more than mournful though was once asked ‘why so sad’, replied ‘it’s my eyebrows’. They are straight across not arched.

  8. A vibe like Lord of the Rings elves LOL…. So guilty of all these Libra rising descriptors. Definitely ethereal with a scent that matches my season, outfit, mood. I never believed I power flirted but I am known for ending up in multiple situationships and ppl falling in love in a matter of days with me. Levels of messy.

  9. I confess it’s all true about my Aqua (Up)Rising. As a custom built version of a human “clothes can be tight at times.”

  10. Virgo rising is also always scrupulously polite, and officially Helpful, like even more than any other Virgo placement, even if the rest of their chart has a category in the DSM-5. From what I know, their Pisces dsc can incline them to people who err on the side of ‘a bit psycho’ and or chaotic (or just sweet / fluffy / a bit cosmic)

    1. P.s. can’t not fall in love with Aries Rising. Every time! Their non political red-hot honesty and commando energy is my safe space. Le sigh.

      1. Hi dear Sam – just found out (3 days ago) that my Dad is an Aries rising (Scorp Sun, Virgoan Moon, Saturn, & Venus. Jupiter trines Rising from Sagg, near Mars!💥)
        I never twigged, even with his years in military, lifelong golf obsession, and truly adventurous/pioneering spirit (said with no hint of irony). While he certainly was/is a “player” in many senses of the word, there is nobody else you’d want “in the trenches” with you – whether card game or courts/politics. 💐💖

      2. *Also – hard “yep” to the red-hot honesty and commando roll into everything – he just flew back home yesterday and my head is still reeling from his “go go go!!” attitude, razor-sharp mind (watched literally every legal/technical angle, from every news channel on YouTube, about Trump’s potential impending legal indictment, AND the tragic submersible disaster, all day, every day, last week) and THEN, searingly honest chats about past history..🤯😂

      3. Corduroy jeans

        Ps. Just to be clear – he/we are certainly NOT fans of Trump!! All eyes on Special Counsel Smith…

      4. you can be a fan of whoever you want, CJ, I’m not one to judge! but it would be kinda wierd on this site, I’ll say that hahaha
        aries scorp and 3x virgo does sound like a very military combination! especially with “to boldly go” Jupiter in “just jump already” sadge.

        currently getting over a crush on a triple aries with a virgo moon. not military, but in a similar enough space. he was (is) equally infuriating but also hilarious. children love him. some days I couldn’t work out if I wanted to murder him or .. do other things. I think some Pluto must have been involved.

      1. It’s def a controversial publication that I understand may cause as much harm as good, if not more, in the way it pathologises certain things (and people as a result).
        I have some Pisces but i don’t feel very piscean. My environments don’t really recognise that mode of existing

      2. DSM-5 is my comedic domain at times. Sam do you have a Cap Moon?

        I’ve recently been wondering if our Moon placements fires the attraction or what drives our interest in others. Then again if it’s lesson worthy wounds, it’s going to be all “blame that on some plutonic forces.”

      3. Yes to cap moon. I’m not sure that it drives my interest in others though. Although mystic once wrote that if one liked a cap moon and wanted to pull in a hurry, then wear a nice watch. I didn’t believe it but then quickly realised that I do appreciate a high end timepiece lmaoo

      4. As a fellow Cap Moon person, I found this in your words. A reminder of Pi.

        Does your timepiece run on Saturn or Kronos time? 😉

        I don’t wear a watch. I’m fascinated by time and the human miscalculations. I’ve often thought our calendar is wrong too.

      5. Welcome Aboard Plutonic Forces. Please ensure you have signed all relevant documentation.

        *Pluto paperwork is notorious for Indemnity Clause.

  11. Wish Upon a Star

    Pisces Rising: zones in and out during conversations. Thank you. Someone tried to make me feel like this was a attention deficit disorder. Bland innocence or stupidity: LOL!

    Expressive face: yes. Comedic delivery: is that why people laugh at my jokes?

    1. Zoning in and out during conversations: it’s not your fault that the other person is boring or out of cosmic earshot. 💁💁💁

  12. i’m a gemini sun and a leo rising and for this gemini is accurate for me and leo isn’t cuz i don’t think i look like a cat or i act like a cat

  13. Apparently I’m juicy and making uber collagen. I am calm and relaxed on the outside with loads of hair (on my head) but inside I’m electrified (Uranus cjct Sun, Mars, Jupiter). It’s OK, I’m strange and it’s OK. Better than being normal…

  14. Sag rising but I have moon and Uranus conjunct asc. so tend more toward a blend of cancer/aquarius rising. Most people think I am “cool”, and/or that I smoke a lot of weed lol. Not loud at all. Also been called a free spirit and that I’m unaffected by peer pressure. Sag risings to me feel “free” from trappings or others’ opinions and philosophies. Untainted almost. In an innocently stubborn way. Which can make them seem either pretty chill or annoying.

    My Leo sun bf has cap rising though and I thought he was the saddest most serious person when we first met and still tend to ask him if he’s alright when he’s merely thinking. Getting to know him he’s not like that at all. Just looks it.

    1. This is really interesting – it’s tricky for Capricorn Rising as they have that mournful countenance even when ebullient. On the plus side, they get given responsibility and people assume they’re got authority, even when they haven’t. I think for you though, your Uranus Rising would cancel out the rest. You’re an Outer Planet person! Check that tag for more x

  15. How I love your writing (and reading the older blogs!) Not being all that astrological aware, I have learnt in the past couple of years that I am a Cap (Aqua cusp – that I already knew) with Pisces Rising (new revelation), so it’s interesting to see what is written and having a few ‘A-ha’ moments. Once upon a time I did have good skin – though since reaching my mid 40’s something has turned it on its ear. The air of bland innocence – that explains why I get the drug/bomb swabs at the domestic airports. My Mum had said something similar when I once made a comment about this. I know I do give off the not giving a shit vibe in a few areas not just relationships – or is that the Cap? Life is interesting nevertheless!

  16. Haha – these are basically true, but we still might get it wrong by picking up on other signs in the chart – for example I’m a cancer with gemini moon and I do that flinging talk bombs thing just to change the subject, my friend is a taurus with an aquarius moon and she hate small talk (in fact she gets really angry with me when I do it). I’m virgo rising and I do like to impart useful information, perhaps a little too much, but so do the virgo suns I know. And then there’s the problem of picking up on planets in the first house, especially if it’s a packed 1st house – we see all the signs those planets rule too.

  17. lol Descriptions are funny though like most, I have to disagree. Libra rising here and I look nothing like an elf from LOTR. Most people compare me to a lion or a wolf… Probably because my venus/mars is in leo.

    1. I figure I write a little more since I came on here to look for a pattern and see who wears red a lot. I wear a good amount of red and so does the girl I like though, I don’t think she’s a libra rising – I think she’s an aries since she’s mega bratty (though mega hot).

      Most people would describe me as charming, mischievous, fun, and well dressed. I’m good with small talk and can talk a mile a minute about nothing.

      I don’t think I’d run off with anyone’s girlfriend or wife knowingly – if they lied, that really isn’t my fault. I do have a code of conduct.

  18. I am an Aquarius Rising and I love jewelery, ha! My daughter is named Jewel, even funnier. I’m Scorpio Sun and Virgo Moon, so maybe those signs influence me more. I do HATE small talk though. People always describe me when they first meet me as either cool, detached, hard to read, or very innocent…and I am definitely not innocent.

  19. Scorpio Rising was completely on point…the most accurate of all. I get the “omg you remind me of a *insert creepy / sexy aristocratic factor here* ” thing all the time. Comes with the territory…and I rather like it. 😉

    Scorpio Rising conjunct Pluto in Scorpio

  20. I do act like a cat. (I rub my face like one and sit like one too!) But, I mean, shouldn’t the attention be on me? It seems like a must.

  21. Ain’t that the truth! Of course I love my scorpio risings. Sexy beasts. I’m a cap rising. Yes, under all that seriousness is actually another sexy beast that knows how to crack a whip!

  22. JustAnotherPerson

    “Capricorn Rising – mournful countenance in repose but lights up beautifully, cheekbones, seriously good strategic planner & likes one upmanship.”

    I can see much of this. I often get queries as to the assumed negativity of my emotional state regardless of how I’m feeling. I’m often read as “sad,” or, “stern,” depending both on my state (restful is often read as sad, concentration or thoughtfulness is often read as stern) and the other person’s inclinations. That said, however, I’ve often been told as well that I have a beautiful smile. I’ve often been encouraged to smile more, but I prefer not to smile when it’s not genuine or unless it has some social purpose. Not that smiling is bad, it’s just that I don’t see the purpose in adjusting my expression to suit others. My face is fine as it is.

    Not so much cheekbones as my face is round and plump which I honestly think could be moon in the first, honestly. Strategic planner usually out of necessity as I often find myself in positions (regardless of whether I want to be there or not) where a lack of strategic planning would be problematic and lead to unnecessary chaos which would cause unwanted stress.

    One upping people not so much. I’m sure people might perceive that, but that’s not what it is. I simply strive to excel because I see no reason not to. When others do better than I do, I do strive to improve myself not to one-up them, but because I assume I must be lacking or failing in some area and am therefore on the verge of being an enormous disappointment to others.

    Something to note that has also been a repeated theme which I would think ties in with the concept of Cap (and Saturn and Time) would be the way my face seems to be aging. When I was younger, I was always read as being much older than I was. Now that I’m entering the 30+ stage of life, I’m being read as being much younger than I am. I’ve had many acquaintances comment to me that I really haven’t changed in a decade.

    One other addition/point I would like to make. I’m often read as a “know-it-all.” Again, I see this as a misinterpretation. It’s more simply that I know that I know what I know, and I know quite certainly. So, though I most certainly don’t know everything (much to my dismay, yet as an appreciated homage to the accepted limitations of my humanity) what I DO know, I know very well.

  23. Libra with Cap Rising….You wouldn’t believe how many people ask me what’s wrong on a daily basis and I’m like “nothing! I’m trying to relax, what’s wrong with you!?” so I guess my face is quite “repose” at rest. though I do identify with Libran urge to bolt in abrasive situations….might explain my problems with keeping a job…

    1. Ha! My mom is a Cap Rising, and all her life people have been asking her, “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” And she’s always had to say, “This is just my face!” 🙂 But when she does smile, it’s like light beaming!

      She also has joint issues like WHOA, that’s probably a Cap thing, too..

    2. This explains my Grandmother. Always looks worried even when she’s happy. Very serious countenance, great cheekbones… Always well presented. Aha…


    I’m ramzilla sun, gemini rising, and I cannot conceal boredom, which I resolve by flinging talk bombs.

  25. Aphrodite Rising

    I’m Libra Rising, also Libra Sun and yes, in my younger, wilder days I might well have run off with someone’s husband. Actually, pause for reflection, I DID! My husband was married when I met him but his marriage was in strife and I was the catalyst. I do have a photo of us side by side two years before we got together, neither of us taking any notice of the other because we were then in committed relationships. But 2 years down the track, I was on my own and was making plans to split over a longer-term basis until he met me and moved in the same day. I can also say in all due modesty that, until I met my husband, I did spend most of my ‘twenties horizontal with a fair few lovers but, looking back, more from a Libran sense of need for partnership and not really respecting myself too much. I do not like crude, vulgar behaviour nor bad taste nor ugliness in the sense of putrid stuff. People can be ugly but still amazingly beautiful from the light within. And I LOVE jewellery, the more bling the better. Got a corkboard up on our bedroom filled with jewellery pinned on. Husband is Aries Rising – impatient, intolerant, doesn’t suffer fools gladly, always on the go and running around like a flea in a fit. With Moon in Aquarius, I’m not interested in small talk, parties bore me witless with their inanities, really need my space, don’t fence me in.

  26. Virgo sun/Scorpio rising… I can’t tell you how many times I used to hear this from friends after they got to know me: “when I first met you, I thought you were such a bitch (hated me/ were judging me/ etc.).” They would be apologizing and we would laugh about it (“I don’t even know why I thought that!”) but it made me kind of paranoid for a while (esp. in school). I think it really made me become more self-aware, though… Scorpio rising is amazing “armor” for an introvert 😉 but when you’re not paying attention, you’re still projecting something that other people pick up on… and you should at least know when what you’re projecting is “death rays.” 🙂

    1. Love scorp rising. If I could be another rising sign, apart from Gemini, that would be it.

      One of my serious ex boyfriends was scorp rising, aqua sun. He seemed super detached and other worldly but had the deepest thoughts. Not particularly affectionate or chatty but when he spoke it was worthwhile.

    2. Totally agree MsPink. Scorpio Rising & Libra sun – i have always felt that people judge or misunderstand me – or are suspicious/wary of me, or intimidated, when they first meet me – despite my Libran charms..! A number of people have later said that they were “impressed” by me when they first met me, which is nice to know… but also surprising as i never find myself particularly impressive..! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Also i do terribly in job interviews. Like people seem scared to hire me… i don’t know… Just destined to work for myself i guess..!

  27. PISCES RISING – fluctuates alarmingly between hyper-gush/you-are-my-soulmate and genuinely not giving a shit.

    hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahaha. MM – made my day.

    Why am I like this? It’s true I really do fluctuate between both and I can’t help it.

    It must drive people mad…………


  28. Saggo rising – spot on, Mystic. Known for having a *cough* distinctive bum and long legs attached to it. Always off somewhere adventuring physically or just mentally, back from some hike up a frozen waterfall or off to bellydance class, no actually I’m writing a book of poetry or constructing a memory palace using the Ancient Greek method of loci. My ears always perk up at any mention of camping. Or concert-going or boozing or car-tripping. Long hair always flying everywhere.

    Esp. with Mars on the Ascendant, I can summon superhuman strength when needed, but then leave myself completely, utterly exhausted.

      1. I mean Mars conjunct Ascendant (planets conj. Asc are sometimes referred to as being “on” it) 🙂

  29. puppyloveprincess

    i’m an aries rising and i do tend to talk really fast. i also can’t hide my boredom or impatience even the littlest bit; actually, i have NO poker face whatsoever. whatever i’m feeling is right there on my face. at all times.

    1. OMG that is one of my mother’s ‘qualities’. Anything she thinks is all over her face…and she’s hypercritical – you cant take her anywhere!! I have suspected for a while that she has Aries ascendant and that is just one more tick in favour of that theory.

  30. This makes me sound like a pisces ..I’m not. The only pisces I’ve got in my chart is a North node ..but this description fits to a tee, though I usually fein interest awhile when I’m bored.
    I’m a sag sun sign(and moon) with a scorp rising(thought I’ve always questioned this because of my birth time – 3.44 – which puts me technically two hours before sunrise where I was born – aka a sag rising – do I have this right? but online charts always have me as scorp rising) <<can anyone confirm or correct this??
    ..I like to think of myself as mysterious, a deep dark scorpio ..but I really do just come across as the bold laughing Sag. …with a bit of mournful countenance for good measure.

  31. I’m Scorpio Sun/Moon with a Sagittarius rising. I totally agree with this. I am very easily amused with an obnoxious laugh to go with it.

  32. OMG, the guy I’m fauning over atm is a Libra rising and the joke is that he is an elf because he has the sharp facial structure of them and even has the big pointy ears lol

    1. Elfs are EFFING Hot! They’re on my To-Do List if I ever wander off to Middle Earth.. lucky you.

      The guy I’ve been liking is a Capricorn, he’s got the “mournful countenance” down but the smile makes up for it. However, he also vibes very father-like. In a hot saturnine sort of way haha..

  33. Love this! I am Pisces rising and totally fit the profile, although am beginning to wonder about the Aqua thing…. Leo rising are the easiest to pick I think – they have this “I am your king/queen” thing going down, the last one I met also had the most incredible mane of hair I’ve ever seen. Met a couple of Virgo risings who reminded me of energiser batteries. Sis is Sag rising and never stops talking… or travelling.

  34. OMG! I’ve just got out of a relationship with Pieces rising – clearly! Relationship was on/off/on/off. He loved me hopelessly then he loved me but wasn’t sure he could see us together forever then he loved me & started planning moving in & babies & THEN he decided he didn’t like me but still loved me. No wonder I have a headache….

  35. Once upon a time, in a lifetime long, long ago, I’d no idea wot my Rising Sign was. Myst of course, just KNEW. I found my birth time et voila, Virgo Riser.. all that, describes me to a T. The quick nimble movements i.e. there wasn’t a shelf/tree/out of reach something I wouldn’t climb, and in the office, I’m the next stop if google doesn’t give up the goods.

    Eerily accurate.

  36. oh mystic, even if you were being flip, i can tell you mine works for me

    “cap rising – mournful countenance in repose but lights up beautifully, cheekbones, seriously good strategic planner & likes one upmanship.”

    i’ve got the mournful countenance down, even if i’m just sitting there thinking about lunch, but have also been told my smile lights up the room. i’ve got the cheekbones too.
    my best childhood friend used to call me a know-it-all. i guess that could be my one upmanship showing.
    however i think my mars in scorpio hides my strategic planning from people. on the surface i think i look quite disorganized.

    i think the aries- and pisces- rising work for my 2 younger sisters. i can see it. funny!

    i love when you post things like this! it’s fun to see if it works or not with the people you know

  37. oh mystic, even if you were being flip, i can tell you mine works for me

    “cap rising – mournful countenance in repose but lights up beautifully, cheekbones, seriously good strategic planner & likes one upmanship.”

    i’ve got the mournful countenance down, even if i’m just sitting there thinking about lunch, but have also been told my smile lights up the room. i’ve got the cheekbones too.
    my best childhood friend used to call me a know-it-all. i guess that could be my one upmanship showing.
    however i think my mars in scorpio hides my strategic planning from people. on the surface i think i look quite disorganized.

  38. Cap rising is SPOT ON!!! for me.

    ” mournful countenance in repose” made me crack up. True!!

    Agree with Anonymous above about the “subtle pan-like/elfin facial characteristics”

    I get called “pixie” a lot and that I have an impish grin 🙂

    I find it hard to pick rising signs though. I always pick up on either Moon, Venus or Mars, even Mercury but have never picked the ascendent.

  39. Word to jewellery as body clutter! The libra in me wants to enjoy wearing jewellery, but it just gets in the way or doesn’t go with the outfit or whatever. Only a watch gets past this embargo – maybe that has something to do with Saturn as ancient ruler of Aqua? It is digital though! 😉

    @Mystic: By ‘walk-in’ did you mean ‘bats’?

  40. does the progressed ascendant count? ‘ cause i look a lot more like that than my original asc.
    “Gemini Rising – tends to being thin, the ladies like things that jangle, fidgets, flings random talk bombs into the conversation just to change the subject.” – check, check, check (add also the fact that i talk with my hands) and check
    as for the Taurus Rising… “juicy looking, like they make more collagen than normal people, cow-eyes, moves slowly, big-bonded.” – naaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    i completely agree with libra risings looking like elves

    1. I think so, totally! I am about one degree away from progressing into an Aries ascendant, and I just realised yesterday that I couldn’t hide my boredom and need to move the conversation on.

      I talk very clipped, like the words are snipped off, with short sentences – I grok stuff quickly, and don’t care to hang around while you try to understand it. Can’t bother with people I have no interest in.

      Maybe Saturn in Libra took away all my charm too, but also the doormat qualities that lay therein.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        I was born Pisces Rising 9 degress in 1967. My progressed Ascendant has been in Aries for some time now and I agree with a lot of what you say. Aries and Pisces couldn’t be more different in my opinion.

    2. bluesunderthemoon

      I agree on the Taurus part, I’m a Taurus Rising myself and I’m the opposite to all of those:( Only juicy perhaps on the face lol

      1. I have found that there are two types of Taurus Asc folk – those who are “juicy” & sensual, and those who are taller & more ‘willowy’… The similarity is the connection with the material world – the first type are more in their bodies and senses, the latter seem more connected to the earth through their feet. There’s a sort of downward direction of the energies, like pulled toward the earth’s core, grounded. Unlike those who are upward or outward oriented, like air & fire signs. The thing they probably most have in common is a slowness about them, and unhurried demeanour.

        There’s always more to learn & know about the ascendant as it’s difficult to study something when so few people know or share accurate birth information, more’s the pity!

  41. This is soooo uncanny – I’m a Leo rising and can really so can throw a tantrum – comes on like a flash from nowhere hahahahaha – I will have to ask if I look like a cat – I don’t think I do but that’s only my opinion – have crap hair though and it’s always been like my second job you know endless quest for hair nirvana……….

  42. I think planets on the ascendant can also affect the appearance. I have Virgo ascendant but conjunct Pluto and, yes, I have been told many times that I look like a vampire. And that is effortless!

  43. Not sure if I look like a vampire, but an elf yes. Very young looking for my age.
    Interesting! I do attract vampires there might be something to this.
    I should ask my friends.

      1. thanks! I do have a strong Scorponic/Pluto vibe though esp. in my art. Dark humor.
        Compared to a blonde, Barbie doll type I do have a darker, exotic vibe to me.

        I am currently trying to guess all of my friends acquaintance rising signs. This is quite fun!

      2. FYI: I am not bashing blondes, I am just not a blonde Barbie type. My post sounded a bit rude wanted to clarify, I love my blonde friends.

  44. These are cool thoughts – fyi i was being kind of flip with my observations…these are more like clues to help you guess as opposed to well thought out astro analyses…eg IF there is a vague Vampire look or long legs or whatever, then u look to see what else is there. And yes, planets rising totally mess with this lol

    1. I suppose in those days knowing your time and date of birth plus GPS positioning was uncommon. So maybe physical was all an astrologer had to go by. Hebrews had to have some idea because their initiations were supposed to occur exactly 12 or 13 years from their birth time, but generally I think people probably had little idea of their stats.

    2. thought the planets there mess with it – i have venus in virgo and leo rising but i’ve always wanted to look like a ballerina – refined and graceful.

      1. Haha, cute!…

        “Always wanted to look like…” = Leo

        “… a ballerina. Refined & Graceful” = Venus in Virgo.

      2. Venus in Aries and have always wanted to be a red-head, obsessed with eyebrows and large hats, even though I don’t look particularly good in them. (Cancer rising, Jupiter in Leo in first house)

    3. I have referred to this list quite a few times since it was first posted and there are some good clues in there. Obviously a bit tongue in cheek i would have thought, but nevertheless insightful when you’re just itching to ‘work someone out’… 😊

  45. Astrology was always big with the ancient Hebrew rabbis. They studied and applied it for a couple of thousand years then dumped it. Why i mention this was that in those days being able to discern the sign by physical features, while also being able to predict actual life events based on that information was considered the highest form of the art. The dumping came after a story was circulated that the most respected rabbis in the art were incorrect with a prediction that seemed to be assured. The decision was made to accept that life events could be random and that fate is ruled by a higher force than the spheres.

    1. That’s interesting David. Do you know around when the dumping occurred? As in how it might fit in with the development/destruction of other religions (Christianity and paganism for e.g.)

  46. You got me – classic Aries rising!
    The forward head, fast talker (in fact, fast walker, talker, doer!), and my not-so-subtle ability to hide my boredom and frustration!!
    Love it Mystic 🙂

    1. Hubby is Aries rising/ you can always see the horns! Talks on his feet- for a living- pugnacious- big fuq y’all vibe.

      Son Aqua Rising to a Tee!!! Spacey/ zealous by turn.Other son Fidigity Gem. Daughter Kataka- sensitive Oh Lord- but feisty Venus in Aries redhead! She and middle son are both 29 degrees. He practically leaped off the delivery table- he’s 29 Virgo Sun and 29 Gem rising. No calm waters in this life! LOL!

  47. I think the crab, gem, pisces, scorpio and libra ones are spot-on. I would have said the aries one too, but MM missed the most obvious feature- fabulous eyebrows. I would also add to it that we look good in hats and like wearing fire-engine red.
    As for the others, I don’t really know anyone with cap, virgo or sag rising. My nephew has aqua rising and he’s delightful! But so much nervous energy he can look tormented.

    Actually, I tend to go with the Parkers’ and believe that we now broadcast our sun sign and keep the rising sign for those that know us the best.

    1. I don’t think i’ve read the Parkers’ books on the subject but i have seen it written that we tend more toward our Moon sign in youth, our Sun as we grow up, and then Ascendant later in life (i think that was the order, but may be wrong). It can be very subjective with the ascendant in particular as it’s likely to be more accurate asking other people for their first impressions of us than what we believe about ourselves, which is likely to be closer to the Sun & our ego’s idea of how we show up in the world.

      Through the first book i read on the Ascendant i thought i knew that i had Gemini Ascendant based on what was written. Shortly after i visited an astrologer and had my chart printed out (in the mid 90s – well before easy chart accessibility). Turns out it was Scorpio! Internally i felt like i must be a Gemini Ascendant because i was small, and mercurial, full of nervous energy & chatter, and in my head a lot. But… Mercury in Libra conjunct Pluto in the 11th, and Libra Sun conj Uranus in 12th… a lot of nervous energy, and air, especially socially.

      Learning about Scorpio Ascendant taught me a lot about how i am perceived by others, which explained a great deal… Including why there’s often a disjunction between who i ‘am’ (a Libran) and how i am perceived (like a Scorpio), and why i feel like people misunderstand me or read me wrong until they get to know me (if they’re lucky enough!).

  48. I think the dead give-aways to my Taurus rising are the things I want to spend any surprise money on: Expensive perfumes, sensuous fabrics, fine lingerie, flowers, and music. Not food so much, though.

  49. I met an astrologer in a waiting room one day and she asked if I was a Leo. Later, I realised it’s my rising sign. I think some leo rising like to wear colourful clothes because colour brings warmth. I like to sit in the afternoon sun. I do like the warmth of leo rising because I have quite a reserved chart, otherwise. I have heard leo rising can be very proud of their dogs. I love it when people stop to pat my dog because she is so cute. She is sagittarius rising so we like to go to the beach and people really are drawn to her. My dog has been on a plane a couple of times but I don’t think she liked that- even with sag sun, too. She is like a spirited adventurer and loves to go out. She always makes me laugh.

    I have an aquarian moon and I can’t tolerate much jewellery and haven’t worn a watch in years. I don’t like noisy bangles. Even more so if worn by a gemini rising who gestures a lot. A little bit is fine but if you see them every day, after a while, it’s distracting.

    I know a pisces rising and that sounds about right. You can always tell the watery eyes. You know when you don’t want to stare at someone though it can be tricky to tell if they are moon eyes (cancerian) or watery eyes (pisces). I think I read somewhere that cancer rising can have small hands and feet- or was it one extreme or the other?

    1. Maybe the jewellery thing is just generally Uranian? I cannot stand a watch either and have Venus in very close trine with Uranus.

      1. my aqua granny didn’t wear jewellry and all watches ‘leapt’ when she wore them – apparently typical of aquas

      2. hiddendragonqueen

        my aqua rising mum either. absolutely no adornments. i tried to teach her to apply makeup when i was 11… it did not take. it blows my mind. alien of this earth.

      3. Lol,…my aquarius sun son (he’s 8)…started homeschooling him this year… and now with the quarentine going on…home even more… I can’t even keep a shirt on him…like seriously,…he CAN’T be bothered by, not only jewelry (he’s had watches…kid rings…cool bracelet given to him…netc..), but hasn’t worn a shirt for a few months except for when we go out and I make him 😂 – he has Pisces rising…but has Uranus, exactly on his ascendant cusp (COULD TALK FOREVER if you let him), Chiron, and Uranus…so he’s doubled up on the Aquarius energy!

      1. Yes, that is adorable! I’d sure love to know my dogs chart… he’s gotta have some Taurus… he’s as stubborn as me and I love it (I’m Taurus rising….oh, and by the way, LOL, when I look at my old highschool pictures… I literally have thought that I looked “juicy” 😂)!
        I figure… different breeds have got to have charts for when that breed “started” – my dog is half pyranese and my last one was half bassette hound…both breeds have GOT to have some Taurus, seriously!

  50. Goo-goo eyes, check. Joke I could be Sly Stallone’s (a Crab, natch) daughter. LOVE old stuff, history, puppies/babies, and the like. Just got a new job and am super-quiet, only to open my mouth once in a while for a table-full of odd looks. Am decorating the gray cubicle with ye olde Victorian art, an antique tea cup for paperclips, and tea and novels tucked in the drawer. 🙂

  51. I just asked a woman for her birth date and info. I charted it and it says she’s Pisces, Gemini ascendant. But I don’t think that’s right, it doesn’t fit her at all. I recently heard that many people should rectify their birth time by up to 45 minutes back, because sometimes the nurse is busy and doesn’t get around to recording the birth accurately. Even 10 minutes back and this woman would be a Taurus Ascendant.
    I am rarely interested in looking at other peoples’ charts but this Pisces woman and I seem to be either inseparable, or deliberately ignoring each other, and we both don’t know what is going on. So I check synastry, our Venuses are exactly conjunct in Aries. This would explain why I get the vague feeling we are both straining to not rip each others clothes off.

    1. ram-madam dingdong

      .. Now that’s got me thinking!!!

      Just 15 minutes earlier for my birthtime brings my Chiron at the zero Aries point over to the fourth house .. This makes a lotta sense right now!

      Thanx Charles!

      1. Well chart rectification is a big can of worms you’re opening up there. The article I read was about medieval astrology, it was apparently standard procedure to do rectification of the birthdate on any chart, since back then they didn’t keep birth records like we do today. And this is usually done by checking significant life events against the angles of the chart, and there are a few other tricks. There are some tutorials out there, if you look around the web.
        But in this case, I just asked my friend it she had a copy of her birth certificate, and she said she did so she’s going to double check it. She probably wouldn’t have known her birthdate if she hadn’t seen it on her birth certificate. But she didn’t seem too certain she remembered it correctly.

    2. pisces and Toros are like that. it’s a sextile sun thing, is my theory. we connect over indolence and mutual respect for mindful (or embodied) pursuit of sensual , uhm, goals.

    3. “This would explain why I get the vague feeling we are both straining to not rip each others clothes off.”

      I just checked the venus on this new guy i’m seeing because your statement up there sounded eerily familiar. We met 5 days ago – the craziest 5 days of my life.

      His Pisces Venus conjunct my Pisces venus smack bam on 11 degrees.

      Our Aquarius Mars are 26degrees and 27 degrees
      is that relevant too Charles?

      1. This sounds like a call for Mystic. Maybe you should check out her Luna Luxe (look up in the menu bar under the Oracle).

        Some people say their archetypical mate is the opposite sex in Mars/Venus, so guys are looking for a woman with the same placement of Venus, women are looking for someone with the same placement of Mars as in their chart. So for example, I could be looking for someone who is like my Venus in Aries, a passionate, firery lover. By this guideline, you are the type of woman he’s looking for.

        But some people say look at your opposite sex in Sun/Moon. I have Moon in Taurus, so I’d be looking for a woman with Moon in Taurus, for stability and emotional support.

      2. Shazzam!. I just met a guy 5 days ago also, we are both Toro sun. My moon is Aqua, his is Sagg. I’m gem rising, and pretty sure he is Pisces. His mars is on my Venus in Aries. His Venus is in Gemini, my rising. My mars is in Aqua. Hoping this all bodes well…

        Funnily enough my initials are also AB.

        Hope we both get what we seek! Good luck

      3. I’ve had a few serious relationships like that…where there’s that chemistry and WOWWWWZ- Venus/Mars connections EXACT!

      4. Same Mel, same… Some of my best sex was with Venus in Cancer, Mars in Virgo men. I have Venus in Virgo, Mars in Cancer. And… it was consummated BEFORE checking their charts. Many of my boyfriends/lovers have had these placements. Statistically that is highly highly unlikely to happen, but it’s just a magnetism when you attune to people whose planets align with your own, especially the Venus-Mars.

        The others ‘bests’ have been Venus in Scorpio guys whose Venus was conjunct my Ascendant, and with other planets transiting (Saturn once with a guy who was considerably younger, and under the influence of the Scorpio eclipse – that was a transformational encounter!). I have attracted a number of Mars Taurus men – where their Mars was on my Descendant/south node. Sensual, compelling, and ultimately heart-breaking… so try to i avoid those now (although i suppose i could make an exception for Henry Cavill…).

        This is one of the things that always reaffirms astrology & synastry for me – the fact that despite the odds, you do just magnetise to people who have bang on synastry with you, even when neither of you knows their inner planets.

        I feel like this may all be a bit TMI..! But i’m always happy to contribute. For research purposes… 😏

    4. That’s an interesting anecdote Charles. I imagine the process of recording birth times might be different in different countries and cultures and health care systems, or methods of childbirth – i.e. home births for eg. Some might be very accurate, while others might be out as you say.

      I rectified my Ascendant by a degree! It was only 5mins earlier than the time my mother said, but it just feels more accurate to me, especially as i observe transits over the Ascendant. It doesn’t affect any other placements.

      I will keep this in mind when looking at other charts also – sometimes you do just feel like it’s a bit ‘off’. This could explain it. Thanks 😊

  52. Electric Eel Libran

    Saggo rising: I have long legs relative to the rest of my body, but not long legged compared to the population at large.

    Yes, we are loud at all times. 😀
    We have recognizable and contagious laughter..kinda goes with the territory of being loud.

    Travelling is da best!

    I’d also like to add
    most Saggo risings I know:

    like non-restrictive clothing and shoes. If we wear high heels we clomp.

    we can be clumsy sometimes but graceful in the heat of “battle”…..

    thunder thighs! What is this thigh gap you speak of????

    many of us are polyglots or try hard to be.

    Messy long hair clipped up in a dishevelled way or short hair…. sometimes dreads…i think manh a saggo rising has experimented with this even if it wasn’t a long term thing.

      1. Electric Eel Libran

        You know what else i forgot?

        We probably invented fusion cuisine with all our travels. We’re like …. just cook all this crap together and see what it makes….

    1. “Clomp” :D. That perfectly describes my Saggo rising, Saggo male friend!
      He’s definitely got the thunder thighs – just like the hind legs/arse end of the Centaur 🙂

      … and he clomps.. 😆

    2. I wonder if Joan of Arc was a Saggo Rising? I imagined her when you described yourself. Strong, tough, fun loving, forthright.

      1. Electric Eel Libran

        I love Joan of Arc, but can’t help thinking she had a lot of Cap and Aqua and maybe some Pisces in there….

    3. Im still laughing about the gap between thighs!
      Im sagg rising and thought the leg thing was way off until you said thunder thighs..
      still giggling!

      1. Electric Eel Libran

        yesh! Big strong legs can be horsey too…Depends on whether you are a coldblood or a hotblood “horse breed”. xD

  53. Aquarius rising. CANNOT STAND JEWELLERY. Hate it. And I feel very slighted if people give it to me as gifts, because they obviously haven’t noticed I never wear it. Have let my pierced ears close over and used to get in fights when I worked retail with my manager for not accessorising

    1. ME TOO and I am Cap rising. I ALWAYS receive it as a gift because I think people assume I don’t wear it because I don’t have any or something? Body clutter sums it up perfectly.
      Carine Roitfeld believes jewellery should never be worn by women between the ages of 16 and 65. Right on, Carine.

    2. I am an Aqua rising, and I totally agree. Jewellery just feels annoying on me, I don’t have anything that I wear every day other than a watch. If I’m going out I might put on a big ring.

      People always buy me jewellery as presents, or suggest I wear it. If it wasn’t for people giving it to me, I probably wouldn’t own ANY. (Thanks mum for every birthday and Christmas EVER)

    3. LOL….the only jewelry i like are cuff bracelets and the occasional necklace. Used to wear rings, and also had double-pierced ears when I let close over like 10 years ago. Even so, whatever jewelry I wear I end up fidgeting with …so distracting. 🙂

  54. lol. excellent..

    talk bombs, so true, it really annoys my friends who dirge on and ON about some topic that has nothing to do with anything and especially when you can’t get a word in …because THEY DON’T EVEN SEEM TO STOP FOR BREATH so it’s just this freaking monologue. about something tedious to do with their work or a friend of a friend who was involved in some banal drama that basically illustrates how much of a pain in the ass that friend is, and therefore who even wants to waste time on how much of a pain they are?!?
    Last I heard, a conversation was a dialogue or more. Trialogue? Anyway. Even when I throw in a relevant line of conversation – NOT talk bomb – their eyes glaze over and they just keep talking as though the point was for them to steamroll any contribution to the discussion.

    wow, surprise grizzle there. clearly annoys me lolololol

    other than that, I veer between slim-ish gem rising, travel-light 9th house sun, and emotional eating jupiter in toro? /cap moon? /pisces sun?.

    1. my roommate is like this, it catches me by surprise every time, he just ignores the interesting things I say, it hurts my feelings a bit at first, but then im like, oh I see you didnt really want to talk WITH me you just wanted to steam roll your way to this anecdote or observation that wasnt even that great or clever, ill just nod and uhuh till you leave me alone, it kind of even offends me, all leading up to, “and you know, isnt it weird how….” and its never that weird, and the thought is never that novel, I forget more interesting thoughts then this guy will ever force others to hear

      1. All this talk of jangling spurs has me singing the Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra song ‘Summer Wine’…

        I walked in town on silver spurs that jingled to
        A song that I had only sang to just a few
        She saw my silver spurs and said lets pass some time
        And I will give to you summer wine
        Ohh-oh-oh summer wine

        *sigh* such a fab song!! and I wondered if Lee had any Gem in his chart. Wouldn’t ya know it!! Venus conjunct Jupes (5° orb but still…) in Gem. Gee I love astro! 😛

      2. oooh I’d love to do a cowboy! 😀
        Got my photo taken with a genuine cowboy when I went through Sedona on my trip to through the West Coast.. Was so excited!!

        Meh, don’t like that version of Summer Wine. The original is much better. I’m not fan of The Corrs or Bono to be honest!

      3. Would have been so cool to wake up and see the cowboy hat on top of the boots. 🙂 It’s those little things that make an experience memorable

      4. oh I do agree about allowing the talk bomb to segue back to the topic at hand. it’s sort of like a little “refresh” to the conversation or maybe a chance to add something relevant too. unless it really IS a way to change the subject lol

      5. Lalalalalaaaaa I read the Gem rising one and lol’d. Totes you, Pi-tart. You even did it by fb message today. x

  55. Yeah, I’m gem rising and not especially thin, I don’t think. I don’t like things that jangle. Am very noise sensitive, actually.

    Boyfriend is Libra Rising and a little hobbit-esque, I must admit. Handsome and symmetrical as eff. Dislikes arguments/confrontations immensely. Wants “everyone to be nice to each other”. He has a little boy innocence despite being Mars rising to boot.

    1. My autistic boy was fluttering his hands about & a friend said, ‘That’s an autistic feature? I thought he was just copying you!’.
      I have Latin hand speak. 🙂 yeah, Gem Rising.
      Thought the convo bombs were Leo cat-amongst-the-pigeons stuff, but no!

  56. hiddendragonqueen

    ha, my libra rising brother is a dead ringer for an elf, long platinum blonde hair and all. come to think of it, so is my oldest. she even has pointy ears! and ha ha, i jangle. 🙂

    1. How funny!

      My best friend and mum are Libra Rising they look like cutey little elves!! 😀

      Mind you, I’d never say it to their face. Lol

  57. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    Also that Libra one–I know one Libran who really DOES have an LOTR Elf look about her. Very symmetrical features!!

  58. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    The only downside is it’s hard to work out the rising sign coz you need the birth time–hardly practicaly when you’re just getting to know someone…I suppose that’s why we have to guess.

  59. My astro teacher Babula Clement from many moons ago told us a few rising sign hints that resonate…

    Cap rising- subtle pan-like/elfin facial characteristics, even in the older ones
    Aqua rising- Airiness to the walk or posture, chin raised as though head slightly disconnected from body
    Sag rising- Likes to have red hair, natural or otherwise

  60. * Virgo Rising – quick, effective movements, like a martial artist or dancer, nimble, thrums with nervous energy. Likes to impart useful info.

    * Libra Rising – they look like the elves in The Hobbit, symmetrical features, easily disturbed by discordant or coarse environments. They just bolt. Possibly with your partner.

    hmmm.. interesting. I am Libra rising and can maybe agree with the disturbed discordant or coarse environment.. But I am Virgo sun and lived in the martial arts for 10 years. Lived, loved and breathed every minute of it.. and I miss it tremendously. I am very quick and can be a little startling to some because I just appear. I am always on a mission.

  61. He he… I’ve never doubted your gift or knowledge base for second…. But unfortunately all my peeps including myself just don’t fit all. Gemini rising..morbidly obese… Sagitttarian rising never left the country and has been to two states… Me I can’t sit still and generally have the energy level of a four year old… It goes on… And yes with respect it’s just a twelfth of piece of a large pie : )
    Crazy times : )

    1. Ainslie–Three people I’ve met who were just HUGE -two were Geminis and Gemini rising and the other was Aquarious rising do’t remember the sunsign…
      I always thought these people needed the weight to feel grounded…It was always a puzzle to me.

  62. “* Aries Rising – head pokes forward, pugnacious stance (like a boxer) TALKS FAST (yes) and/or clipped, CAN’T HIDE BOREDOM OR IMPATIENCE (and yes).”

    Also look for reddish color or highlights in hair, striking eyebrows (attractive or prominent) and scars on face/hands; also walks with PURPOSE…lol

    1. same here, only I have venus in aries in the 1st house.
      (all of aries is in my 1st house, along with the late degrees of pisces and beginning of taurus…)

    2. I love my Aries Rising!
      Reddish highlights: check.
      Fantastic eyebrows: check.
      Been described as having an “athletic” body even though I rarely hit the gym – comparatively easy for me to lose weight and tone muscle when I want to.
      Split my head and needed eleven stitches when I was 11 y/o, so… check.
      And, Mars in Leo = Hot temper!

      However, I don’t give a great first impression – usually people think I’m too assertive/aggressive/direct/brash when they first meet me. (Until they get to know my multiple-conjunct Libra side!)

  63. hm. will have to disagree with a lot of these, mostly because sometimes a moon/mars/sun in certain house/etc pops out at me. was sure a toro friend of mine was saggo rising. turned out to be virgo rising, and that description is not really fitting. his sun’s in the 9th house tho.

    leo rising peeps will just talk like their word is the gospel. not many kitten-looking ones that I know, unless they’re women. cat-eye makeup is their thing.

    I have pisces rising and have been plagued with bad skin since adolescence. (sun in 2nd house). the fluctuating infatuation/indifference is spot on tho.

    scorp rising is the only one I wholeheartedly agree with. they do that spooky vibe thing without even trying. same thing with 8th house suns.

    1. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

      Yeah, I’m Pisces rising and thought “good skin!?–I wish!”. However the skin does fluctuate (much like the hypergush) so it’s not always bad.

      I have often been told that I do “possum eyes” or “puppy dog eyes” so I guess that’s spot on too.

      I wish I knew more people’s rising sings so I could guess them!

      1. I’m a pisces rising and I am curious too. I feel like we appear like a soft, sensitive and chameleon types. Head is always in the cloud and we see the good in people before the bad. Soft wavy hair like the calm ocean currents. Puppy eyes is spot on, I believe.

    2. Hmmpph Scorp rising with Sun in 8th house… I do tend to freak peeps out sometimes, and I really think it is in the eyes… it’s the eyes, and ok maybe the black leather attire sometimes.

    3. I’m a 17° Scorpio Rising and certainly am anything but scary. If anything i put people at ease. My boyfriend is Gemini rising and that boy loves baubles and bangles! Lol but he’s also very quiet and only says things when necessary or if it will be quality stuff. (Capricorn mercury) I’m the talker! 😉 (Pisces mercury trine AC)

    4. I wish I was symmetrical!!! so unfair 🙁 and im definitely not elf like I wish I was Sag rising… I thought I was for a very long time only to find I had made a mistake and am actually Lib rising I was horrified. My job status can be quite exotic as well as how I live but ive never been out of the country I do however love camping anywhere even if its just down the road at one of our secluded beaches

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