Are We More Like Our Moon Sign As We Get Older?

Hi Mystic,

I remember reading somewhere on your blog that “we spend our childhood acting like our rising sign, later years like our Sun Sign and then the haute version of our…Moon(?) sign”. Anyway, the details escape me, but that “acting like your rising sign in childhood” rang true for me. I’m a Virgo with Pisces rising and I was the most out-of-it, dreamy, forgetful child on the planet, and then mysteriously morphed into a hyper-organised Virgo in my late teens.

Well recently an Aries friend– a staunchly practical, down to earth, completely non-occult person—and I got chatting.

Now this girl works in the medical field, is a dab hand in an emergency situation, is ridiculously wise and clever. Has absolutely no interest in the “arty, mystical side of life” whatsoever. If she reads books, they are on the latest burns treatments. If she goes to a modern art gallery, she scratches her head and says, “Why don’t they just get 2-year-olds to do this kind of thing with paint?”. Doesn’t believe in psychics, etc.

However…she revealed that when she was very young she used to…see people that weren’t there. Spirits. Ghosts. Other beings, whatever you want to call them. For example she saw a man in a doorway at night for about a month until her mother called a new-age type and had the space cleansed. Turned out the house had an negative past. She told me the ability to see these things disappeared spontaneously around age 4. No, she didn’t feel “repressed” by adults/society/school (she had a very nurturing, creative home) but thank-you for asking.

Maybe this could be a rising/sun/moon sign progression. Perhaps she had Aqua or Pisces or (insert mystical sign of choice here) as a rising sign, which then evolved into more grounded Ariean qualities.

I’m no astrologer, so Mystic, what do you think?


Hyper-Organized Virgo

This is one of my fave astro-queries from the archives so I’ve updated it with an answer from Clarissa Dolphin as well as my original reply, below.

Dear Hyper-Organized Virgo,

I don’t think this has a definitive answer.

I am a Virgo Moon and I can’t spot variations on how this planetary energy has emitted across life eras. As a young’un, my room was precision-clean, and I hated other kids coming into it, shaking my Magic 8 Ball and messing it up by getting bubbles in it. I also suffered from a mild case of mysophobia as a small child.

A mini-germaphobe, little me hated receiving kisses from loved ones due to the implantation of saliva slime on my cheeks. The bacteria from slobber sludge festering on my face drove me insane. 

As an adult, I love kisses, but to date, I am still very clean and can’t function in a funky house. My germaphobia has waned, but is that because of my Gemini Rising / Cancer Sun or because I’ve been around enough extremely disgusting environments in cities all my life to no longer be shaken by potential bacterial exposure?

Or other factors, like I’ve now made out a billion times and didn’t die? Could that be my Mars in Scorpio taking over? I’m not sure…I feel like it’s all of it.

Final thought: yes, the Moon is deep emotional, but it is also banal-habitual, meaning, it’s what you do / how you emote on a regular basis. The Moon is the only celestial body that transitions throughout the entire zodiac every four weeks.

It reaches the SAME points in your chart on schedule every single month of flesh-life. Can you ever grow out of it, or into it, or are you ALWAYS it?



Dear Hyper-Organized Virgo,

I don’t remember writing that about morphing from Rising Sign to Sun Sign and then doing Haute Moon but it is an interesting concept. I definitely think we do the Rising Sign a LOT more as children and then as we grow, other aspects are developed. I was way more Aqua Rising as a child then i was anything else.

I love how you describe Aries as “grounded” but i get what you mean.  A lot of Aries, i’ve noticed, repress or deny anything they consider mumbo-jumbo, like it might detract from their more Mars qualities.

Your Aries medico friend could also have been having a powerful Neptune transit – when Neptune was on my Ascendant, i was having visions and lucidly dreamed all that time. It was shamanic.  But sometimes a bit scary.

Do you think Aries Medico willed her 2nd sight to go away?  Her family could have been completely supportive and lovely but childhood friends not so accepting of little Miss “I See Dead People” in their midst? Peer pressure can be crap.

What does everyone else think?



Image: Zheng Zihao

59 thoughts on “Are We More Like Our Moon Sign As We Get Older?”

  1. I want this artwork for a spot in my studio.

    Aries Sun Pisces Rising Virgo Moon
    Wanting to be and to be seen as fearless I stand my ground and do battle when necessary (though with time I’ve refined my definition of “necessary”). However if I feel utterly threatened by someone/thing I either can not comprehend, predict or conquer I will find a way separate myself off from it.

    If the little four year old lamb became freaked by her ability she likely fled from that mountain.

  2. Don’t know if I vibe on a distinct transition from one aspect of your astro sig to another? I always imagine it is a constant juggling act.

    Having said that, I am more comfortable with the Scorpionic Moon of mine as I age. But I was comfortable with it in myself until society told me it was weird.

    Lol @ monte above 🙂

  3. My mum saw ghosts when she was young up until she get her period at 12. Then it stopped until she hit menopause. And since then she has sent ghosts to the other side, cleans out demons, talks to her guides, used the white light to heal and is a super psychic (Now I’m showing off). She is a piscean sun, cappi rising, Aries moon and has aqua venus/mars.

    She read that my sister will one day be a super psychic and healer after she has children. My sister is intuitive and has seen ghosts. She is a gem sun, Scorp rising, cancer moon/venus/mars.

    I however have no sense of intuition at all even though I am open to it. I have to rely on my Libra logic. But I think stress inhibits your ability to trust your inner voice, so when I’m less stressed I hope to work on my intuition. I think the fact I’m all air with a Leo rising means I’m emotionally not as expressive as my family which is tied to intuition.

    I was never my Leo rising, but my upbringing didn’t allow me the room to be creative or brave. Definitely a people pleaser. I am forever trying to become my rising sign and grow some balls. But I’m also unlike my libra sign (never interested in relationships or boys, disregard anything superficial).

    I think there are sign specific triggers. Like when I enter into a relationship my Libra-ness may switch on. And when my cancer-heavy sister has children she will start acting like a cancer. Perhaps phases if your life unlock your sign potential.

    1. Try sidereal / 13 house astrology iam certain you will find your answers. With Ophiuchus as between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

  4. Ok : ) my take. Psychic ability/ awareness is available to everyone. Our birthdate of course defines our awareness / interest / desire to accept and of course to use it.

    I felt many things as a child but unfortunately was taught to shut it off.
    Life experiences demanded multiverse acknowledgement. Yes, working within the health industry certainly helps.
    A curious mind and a passion for truth…opened my eyes. A desire for happiness by letting go solidified my faith. My faith in living by heart : ) increases my psychic awareness. It’s homework but it’s right there just past your imagination.

    : ) I see “dead” people.

  5. Also, I love the Aries art here.. have a ram tattoo in the planning that this picture is going in the file for <3

  6. I’m an Aries Sun, Pisces rising! As a child, I was Aries in the sense that I was spontaneous and loved being first, but I also was a dreamer.. I remember my childhood very vividly and was always a mix of Aries self-aware and Pisces Neptunian nebulously dreaming… I kind of oscillate between the two sides of myself, I use my Aries side to get ahead and experience life and adventure, and my Pisces side to dream, escape, wonder and find inspiration. So I couldn’t say that I was distinctly one or the other during childhood, I see how I was both.

  7. It is so interesting that I read this today; just the other day I had this exact thought….that I seem to be displaying my three astrological personalities at different times in life. I am Pisces with Virgo rising and Scorpio moon. As a child, I was a sweet, soulful, introspective, spiritual thing, whose ass I would kick today. I am very sentimental and compassionate still, have some Piscean issues with attention and daydreaming but no one sees it. I am a Virgo at running my business, details, obsessiveness and Scorpio at everything else (intense love, sex, jealousy, revenge, loyalty-my own brand, of course and sex, did I mention that). I would like more of Mystic’s thoughts on this.

  8. Interesting… Definitely more Aries (Rising) as a child and growing up – to the point where I never really identified with being Cancer Sun – not until my late 20’s, and now I am Cancer through & through, with glimpses of Aries when under pressure… until I buckle under pressure and revert to Cancer type.

    With a separation that’s unfolded in the last 3 months, I feel more Aries for all the practical elements – but still processing all the emotional angst like a Cancer.

    Wonder how Capricorn moon will play out in my later years?

    1. I am Cap moon too, and I am working it majorly at the mo through my own separation/divorce. It is my saviour. Exercise, spreadsheets, magnesium, quality-not-quantity principle applied to absolutely everything. I am 5th house moon so creativity/music/performing is also in the mix.
      Mystic’s luna luxe has fab insights into Cap moon. Sounds to me like you are already channeling your Cap moon along w your Aries?

      1. Kakata/Aries68

        Wow I’m doing the whole exercise, spreadsheets, lists & more lists, supplements, quality not quantity thing too. Relatively new to the chart reading, so I have 9th house moon, so perhaps that explains my “itchy travel feet / want to get away” thing right now.

        Luna Luxe says “10 degrees or less (9 for me) and it’s emotional authenticity or bust” – welcome to the last 9 months of my life!

        Working Cap moon & Aries – people have said they are amazed at how strong I’ve been through all this rubbish – although the little Cancer voice in the back of my head is waiting for me to crumble into a heap (again) at some point. Onward & upward – keeping it all together for my 11 year old son is my motivation during trying times (and he’s Scorp/Sag cusp – will have to do his chart too).

  9. Cap rising. My father said I was always trying to be a grown up. Top of the class in primary school, best swimmer, good athlete despite being second smallest in the class. Teen years came along… By 16 I think I flipped into Cancer sun mode. Drinking, smoking, manipulating.

    Took awhile (until 23) but now I think I’ve hit haute Cancer.

    Kinda wanting to get to Aries moon stage already.

  10. 😯

    I remember you discussing this Mystic, not sure if it was in a post or in comments, it was fascinating nonetheless!

    I remember my Aries aunt describing me as a child and she didn’t my Gemini traits she described a child who was always forgetful, shy, obsessed with the ocean, dreamy, had a special connection with animals, forever exploring and had this constant need to be helping others…

    Pisces Rising

  11. I have NEVER understood my Aries rising, it just doesn’t fit so I ignore the placement to be quite honest. With Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune in Scorpio I have never been anything but a big ol’ Scorpio cliche!

  12. Children are much more open to both imagination and phenomenon. It is part of a child’s natural world.

    Rationality explains and separates the lines between imagination, projection, psychology and the practical world. But fear of the unquantifiable may also explain these things away.

    As a Saturn in Taurus 6th house i am exploring how much i dull my own powerful intuition. As a 12th house Neptune – Jupiter – Moon in Sagittarius, Sag Ascendant trine Piscean 5th house Sun, i also know i cannot shut down this more ‘childlike’ or natural instinctive part of myself, or my energies become repressed and my decision making is not as refined, despite my nice practical Capricorn ruled 2nd and third houses. In addition, i lose real, practical power over my world.

    It is about control. As adults we need to exercise control over our material lives, and we need to do this successfully. We don’t like external events to break us down. We feel that with control comes freedom and purpose. This is true but it’s not the only truth that operates.

  13. In the Luna Luxe section

    ” You can’t help but be your Ascendent and from a very early age; you act it out. It’s like your most natural persona and look. Then, of course, we spend a lifetime trying to become our Sun Sign and do the Haute-Not-the-Low Version of it. But the Moon Sign and Placement is our innermost self. It’s our default setting, who we are when we’re alone, how we de-freak from a difficult day and our subjective reality.”

    1. I have to admit that i found this confusing to try on for size. Partly because my Ascendant and Moon are the same, and conjunct by one degree. In fact, Neptune, Jupiter, Moon and Ascendant are all conjunct.

      Also because my Sun Pisces is the sign governing the 12th house. And her ruler Neptune is in her own 12th house. I could do my fiery Moon to recharge but she is a 12th House/Ascendant Moon.

      To further wrap them together, Sun trines Neptune and Jupiter.

      So my Sagittarian self is very 12th house but also 1st house. While my Piscean self is, like, everywhere!

  14. Gawd, now that just confuses me. I’m a Kataka Sun, Aqua Moon, Virgo Riser. BUT as a child I was frequently having conversations with non-existent people and non-sentient things, and usually this was employed in aid of looking for a misplaced object. My talent at this was so good I was the assigned Recon Artist of the it seems Virgoan, but the fact that I was asking spirits to help and they normally obliged was well, not very I think.

    I was also struck about the whole age of 4 thing, because till that time I regularly dreamed of places and people I’d meet on a two week advanced again the regularity and organization of doing precog could be Virgoan but talking to friendly snakes in dreams or watching the wooden Jesus dismount of his cross from over my bed not so much either. Mind I never once questioned how odd this all was and just took it for granted this was something I had, like the color of my eyes or skin. It wasn’t therefore in my view, anything occult. It was my norm.

    I only understood I wasn’t meant to be discussing that by the reactions my siblings gave off, which I took more as a privacy issue. Oh and probably because I used to blurt out very specific sentences they were thinking and freak them out.

    I DID make a conscious decision to Go Virgo in my teens and uni years though I got slapped in my face so many times for consciously ignoring my more etheric notions. So I still very much vibe that to this day work-wise, but really channel the Kataka Sun-Aqua Moon Intuition-Inspiration Combo when I can. Maybe we really use a lot of what we have all at the same time but only tend to identify with the most obvious?

    I don’t think it was a coincidence at all that Ms. Aries, Pet of the Unliving now works in a medical field, which in my view could be taken as one of the gateways to that. After all she must be dealing with patients who could possibly pass on to the other life. Is it viable to think that she’s just incorporated an earlier childhood ability into something more practical and actionable for her as an Aries? It seems that way to me..

      1. Totally vibe with that pet statement as I’ve worked in nursg and you cannot be afraid of death or dying.

  15. I second that concept from rising to a moon liberation. But is just haute moon or north node couture as well? Now I feel more at ease with Sagg energy, which compliments Aries side quiet well. I find Taurus a bit stuffy and unimaginative, unless it’s with relationships I guess. Unrestrained and individual is how I’m rolling these days. As a youth, more rising/asc sign for sure.

    However, I think the houses had more impact? I have a pretty serious YOD (the witches hat) in my chart. everything points between late degrees of 12 house, early degrees of 1st house. So naturally, it wasn’t ever easy (but who did right – unless you’re gatsby), most of my childhood through mid twenties manifested identity issues, along with being a first gen immigrant yikes, so it made things tougher. Felt always stuck in the mud, very indecisive, shy and sensitive about my appearance (sends my strong venus, mars, Leo NN attributes bonkers), and afraid to speak my mind because it was naturally in the clouds somewhere or deep in a trench exploring. I’ve always gravitatated towards mystery and unknown, so when I finally started delving more into astrology, it provided comfort and an explanation on why I was such a juxtapozed contradicted goof all of the time.

  16. I was SUCH an Aries Rising child, like the epitome of. Direct, prone to tantrums, jolly, outgoing to the point of ridiculousness until school, bullies and life generally ground me down and I got quieter and was very intervened until my Scorpio Sun progressed into Sag. I think it probably rings true to a certain extent but outside influences, family etc and transits, progressions play a part too.

    I’m thinking this friend of your’s is repressing. Perhaps her overly pragmatic way of being is due to fear of what she saw and how she felt as a kid and how people reacted to her. Maybe it scared her and the only way she can deal with it is to rationalise life into the ground. Would love to have the whole chart!

  17. I remember reading that Moon sign comes first – it is the way we connect to mothers, then Rising sign – it is the role we are told to play while growing up and then the Sun sign – as we grow into out characters.

    I was more of my Sun sign as a child – but then for a long, long time I thought my rising sign was Aries (daylight time mishap). I have grown into my Rising sign over time – once I learned it was not Aries..It took a longer time to embrace my Moon sign – Cap Moon is not the easiest one out there.

    1. That’s funny.. I’m most comfortable with my Cap moon
      Although I am working on the incredibly judgmental side of it
      My Aries sun and Pisces rising gets embarrassed at how judgmental a cap moon can be?

  18. HipparaEcmerci

    Oh gee, that explains it. I am Cancer rising, and I was a very very (softshelled) crab, very moody, watery, psychic sponge, insecure, etc growing up. I used to cry when there were too many people in my parents car because I felt the tires were being overworked…. lol.

    I think by the time I entered college I was well into my Sag qualities, it was nice to get away from all that sensitivity. This era was kicked off by my sudden need to go jogging every day… for miles…. and work out like my life depended on it. I needed less baggage and more movement. I lost over 60 pounds of Cancer shell in about 2 years. I still got moody in those areas of my life I was underdeveloped/inexperienced, though.

    I cant wait to get to my Aqua years. Its nice to care about others, but simultaneously not reallly give a crap about what they think at the same time. I just want to do me without any feelings of guilt or what-have-you. Still working on that, as we all know Sag is a mutable sign.

    1. “I used to cry when there were too many people in my parents car because I felt the tires were being overworked…. lol.”

      Lol aww hahah bless you xo

    2. equilibrium girl

      Oh Hippara – I’m a Cancer moon and I relate to your “poor tyres” type empathy-towards-inanimate-objects. That quality in me has always been strong. Still is. I used to project all those emotions onto my toys as well. I found a scruffy dog fluffy toy in a secondhand store at a school fete and I bawled because it looked so unloved. Yeah, that was in high school. Soft-shelled Crab moon is very strong – even stronger when I’ve got PMS – and it totally overrides my Cap Sun, Merc and Venus.

      Did you also love animals to the point of ridiculousness? I can remember refusing to go on holidays when I was 10 because there was no way I was going to leave my pets and my wild bird friends. They were all going to be looked after just fine but i couldn’t bear leaving them in case ‘something happened’ to them while I was away. I’m STILL that paranoid about leaving my animals…

      And I’ve got Cancer in my 10th so I’m just such a sooky, hide-behind-my-computer-at-home career girl who’s afraid of the phone ringing. Mind you, that piercing ring tone could just be upsetting my Libra-rising aural aesthetics…

      Sigh. Maybe I’m just screwed up but I always figured my emotional retardation was due to my Saturn, MC and moon being in Cancer.

      1. Curious, where’s your MC? Mine is in capricorn under the 10th house. True calling? Don’t know, but I’m always, like you, intently behind a computer lcd screen (in ergonomical vogue of course) crunching spreadsheets, writing code, analyzing data. Research in healthcare is my profession.

        haha, um remember don’t press play on the video inside your tv or else, you have 7 days to live. also if you have a rotary phone that rings harsh and shrill, don’t. pick. up.

      2. HipparaEcmerci

        LOL. Aww, I can totally relate to you Equilibrium Girl! I still get moody and sensitive when it gets triggered by certain people or events. I definitely have this attachment and feeling for inanimate objects… not so much as when I was young(because back then, everything had feelings, even the refrigerator door – I used to yell at my mom when they slammed it shut and didnt do it gently. I have tons of these stories, but I will stop here). I mean… Im over 30 and I STILL have some plushies that Im…. friends with 😛

        I spoil my dog like he is my only begotten son. It grosses my friends and family out, but I really dont give a damn. Hes my son and thats that, lol. I love animals… always have, always will. It was an animal that was my first best friend, and the deep, unconditional love she gave me forever changed me and gave me hope to keep going, when I felt I could no longer even trust my family. But thats another story I wont go into here 😉

  19. I agree with that. Good insight. My cap rising was at its peak as I remember — having to clean the house and organize my study area before homework. As I matured in my 20s, it was heavy partying because I’m 4-20, but as I’ve gotten older, the moon in cancer with sun in aries/taurus cusp has even gotten more impatient (don’t waste my time, I use my time was I want to and with who). I’ve been single for so long because I won’t let someone dictate to me. But my haute moon in cancer makes me the best mom in the whole world, and I work with kids. As far as the Aries mentioned in the letter, it does sound like she might have had a pisces rising or even cancer when she was younger and evolved into an aries with probably into a progressed aries or gemini rising (don’t know how old she is). Her sun may have progressed to gemini. What she remembers seeing as a child is always in the back of her mind. She doesn’t question it. She’s observed/experienced it, as a scientist. it happened — whether or not she had an explanation for it. Could’ve scared her. Aries gets spooked! I do. For a long time as a child into my 30s, I prayed trying to sleep so the ghosts would leave me alone. I don’t know any male sun in virgos who believe in the psychic or supernatural realm. I actually don’t know any males who do, except for males in my family who have had experiences with the dead communicating with them. Pisces and Cancer are very psychic and intuitive signs. I feel that Virgo is very intuitive which gives them insight.

  20. well I can attest to the Aries repression factor but it all came undone today as I have been weeping all afternoon (SO MUCH Pisces in my 6th) I have been somewhat ignoring the fact that my period hasn’t stopped since late december (as in took primolut to try stop the flow, try to manage it, but a lot else going on, looking for work in new locale, new mortgage etc ) but went to new lady doctor who blithely extolled the myriad virtues of hysterectomy for women of my age and gynae history…I cut her off very politely and icily, and she was very polite and icy back, I went home and bawled my eyes out …
    Regarding the post, as an Aries I was always very into I ching, astro, metaphysical anything really and still am, but that could be my scorpion moon

    1. Acupuncture! Have you tried it? Seriously, I can’t extol the benefits it had on my entire reproductive system, I suffer with endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain. The two years I was having regular treatments I was pain free and symptom free, no mean feat. Someone good and with a speciality in that area is best but try it if you have not. There are ways!

      1. thankyou Charley!! that was my thought after i eventually calmed down, going to book some acupuncture today….I do appreciate holistic advice from others who have experienced this type of thing as I am kind of freaked out.
        & was astounded at how she doctor couldn’t see why I was reacting negatively to having my uterus removed!

        1. Granted I’m only 25, but I don’t think I could EVER consider a hysterectomy unless it was life threatening!

          Some doctors!! I won’t even start with my stories.

          I think the acupuncture is a good idea.

        2. Goodness me but Doctors can be thick sometimes – is this lady Doctor a specialist or a GP?

          I had exactly the same thing a couple of years back. I had to keep reminding myself that surgeons like to get in there and whip bits out, that’s what they DO.

          There’s lots of other things that can be done – hang in there with the Primolut and get yourself off for some acupuncture ASAP. Oh, and I’d be looking around for a second opinion too.

    2. Min the Merciless

      Hi, I have the same problem. As above with all the other guys’ advice – acupuncture worked a treat, but so did Tienchi Ginseng (I went to chinese herbalist and acupuncturist). Really stops/slows down blood flow. Good luck and keep up your iron x

  21. 12th house virgo

    Evolving from “Rising Sign to Sun Sign and then doing Haute Moon” sounds good to me. I need something besides Virgo to look forward to.

    Second sight is over rated, imho. All it does is give you more beings you have to interact with.

            1. ha yeah. my eyebrow muscles are seriously overworked. Too much time making the “Seriously??” raised eyebrow look.

          1. Leo, yes! I am still staunchly adhering to my ideas of progresed Leo asc, lol. That or something else, but it’s all about the Joy right now, even in spite of / along with / etc everything else.

    1. Yes, i often ask, “Well wtf am i meant do with THAT information?” Especially after dreaming i’m someone in a different country and have insight into the political fuckery of that nation. Like, ok, but am i meant to see this for a reason?

      Also, they never even make you a cup of coffee, or offer to do the ironing.

  22. I don’t think it was here but I do recall reading that we shift between our rising sign and our Sun sign through our lives.

    Of course, I completely forget in which order but rising signs as youths makes sense. I was beyond talkative and inquisitive as a kid (Gemini rising) and I loved being social. Hated staying home always felt as if I was missing out on something. Hated going to sleep at night because I knew it was morning somewhere in the world and that I was missing out.

    Fast forward to 20 odd years and I’m still chatty but only with certain people. I don’t mind going out but I prefer to stay home. Yay, Kataka sun, lol. I feel a lot more… Whole and comfortable with myself and my emotions. Don’t know if that is necessarily astrology or maturity.

    I’m Gem moon, but I can’t really see myself going back to that again in my older age, we’ll see, I guess.

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