Saturn and the Pisceans

Everyone wants to know about how Saturn in Pisces is affecting Pisceans…or perhaps a sign opposite (waves to Virgo) but what if it’s the other way around? Maybe we should be asking how Saturn is holding up? Pisceans can subvert anything.

As illustrated above, they’re the zodiac sign that can go from solemn contemplation of their teeth, taxes, mortality, lineage and other weighty Saturn themes to high-end magic, artistic fantasy direction (yes, actually a job description in Pisces-land) and transcendental romance.

Now any of the Mutable signs – Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini – can flip in and out of mundanity mode with relative ease but Pisces does it faster. Not only that, they accomplish their escape artiste stunts via methods that are unknown to many, even the Pisces.

So yes of course Saturn is still exerting it’s heavy metal influence on Twin-Fish folk. They could even be a bit giddy from all the common sense – like a psychic form of ‘the bends’, when divers emerge from the ocean and have problems adjusting to the air pressure.

Even the most mild-seeming Piscean navigates by extremes. For example, they can alternate between their budgeting method being “I stop spending when all my cards are declined” to people who will spreadsheet their expenses down to the bone and vigorously confront large corporations over even a $2 over-charge.

Of course it’s inexplicable and zany-seeming to others. It also means that any poor judgment calls are flamboyant or good gossip fodder for more moderate souls. But the Pisces method can work and nobody – least of all the Pisces – knows precisely how. Even more weirdly, most people don’t want to know how they did/do it.

As a result, Piscean conjurings and bizarre ways of discovering things they need to know have become a trade secret. Faced with the barrage of mundane pressures that Saturn in a sign can present, they were first deflated, then outraged and from around about now…calculating.

As I said in Rogue Pisces, Fish-Folk have an opportunity to gather all of the weirdness and circuitous process since Neptune in Pisces (2011) and manifest it as substantial worldly success.

This is why rather than talking about poor Pisceans with Saturn blighting their every move, perhaps it’s time to check on how Saturn is going. Because right now, tight knees and rage against administrivia aside, Pisceans are deciding that they just might have what it takes to reinvent mundanity.

Saturn may never be the same again.

Image: Glenn Close in Franco Zefferelli’s Hamlet and Sara Montiel in Samba

24 thoughts on “Saturn and the Pisceans”

  1. last time Saturn was here, or at least when the Cosmic Project Controller arrived in my 9th house, was accompanied by the most humungous academic “uplift” (including a relocation!) and intensive formal learning phase. We are on the threshold again. I’m grateful to be able to know to look back on the last circuit and do a kind of SWOT analysis (sorry) for this time around. This fish has very much been in “jellyfish” mode for a long time, (decentralised nervous system, no skeletal structure, limit energy expenditure via outsourcing locomotion to environmental forces, etc). So a Saturn visit sweeping in after a decade under the Neptune high-tide mark is probably going to be a bit of a job but .. yes ok I’d better sharpen my pencil then, and practice some judo-rolls to deflect any head-on Saturn energy. Time to build that underwater aquarium and freshen up the house boat ⛵🚢

  2. Just came here to say Mystic Medusa is genius as ever. Honestly don’t know how I would live without her!!!!!!

  3. This is my saturn square and mars and saturn on my natal pisces mercury and my descendant.

    I can only sat I understand why I hid at 5.

  4. So Mutable It Hurts

    Omg is THAT why things are working out so well??? As a Pisces rising, Gemini sun, Virgo moon, and sag mid heaven (mutable cross?) I feel like I’ve only gotten stronger (physically, mentally, spiritually) and more self assured with this transit.. thanks Saturn?

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Wow Smit. We are the same but different. I have Pisces Rising, Gemini sun, Sag midheaven too. But my moon is in Taurus. I too have improved with Saturn in Pisces. Pluto in Aquarius is like a breath of fresh air.

      1. So Mutable It Hurts

        Hey Wuas, that’s cool! I was like, who’s Smit? haha ☺️

        I feel my backbone growing stronger literally (doing lots of core strength) and figuratively (doing what I believe in not worrying about war other ppl will think)

    2. Wish Upon a Star

      Yeah Smit: it sounds weird doesn’t it?
      I don’t think I will use it again🙂

      Yes I totally get doing what I believe and not worrying what other people think.
      Personally I believe we are ahead of the zeitgeist with this.😊

    1. I thought the same thing! 🤣 Merc retro perhaps?? Although, whatever “Woman gaga” is I think I’d like to have some. Post second Saturn return, I reckon I deserve some kind of gaga, anyway.

  5. Love this take on the Saturn through Pisces transit… Neptune may be the planet that has the most power to actually transform Saturn, an invisible, transcendent, magical opponent…
    Personally I have noticed that Saturn through Pisces asks me to work hard at becoming conscious of deep seated emotions. Emotional honesty also seems important during this transit, a fake facade of cool control just won’t do. Saturn in Pisces will not allow it… 🐠🐠🐠

    1. This morning I was thinking about Saturn and Neptune and wondering if there would be a conjunction while they both are in Pisces. According to google (I read many sources to confirm – but I’m hope y’all will correct me if I relay inaccurate info): “The next Saturn–Neptune conjunction will occur at the 0° Aries point, the first degree of the zodiac, itself marking the birth of a new era. The conjunction will be near exact in July 2025, and will perfect at 0° Aries on February 20, 2026”.

      Perhaps that’s a good thing … ol’ Saturn just might implode/explode if forced to bathe in all that Pisces energy.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Interesting. I am a Pisces Rising with Chiron in Pisces 29 degrees 30 min and I am feeling gentle, soft healing at the moment with the need to keep quiet about it so to contain the healing. Feels like my Taurus Moon doing that. So enough said.
        Thanks for letting me know about Aries 0 degrees date. Feels significant for me.

    2. I so agree with that Calcifer, lots of things have been coming up for me to process where I have covered over, ignored reality, my part in things etc.
      No more, full honesty with myself has been landing, ouch! but I can take it now.
      Ultra clarity re family, friend relationships and I hadn’t thought of that connection,
      Saturn in Pisces of course. It’s my midheaven…

  6. Ha Saturn! My knees of course, why can’t I do my deep squats? Was it …. Nope Saturn. Heading towards my 2nd Saturn return with a retrograde thrown in just like when I was born.

  7. Ha! I’m finally at an age – 2nd Saturn Return with Sun and Mercury in Pisces – where I can apply forensic admin skills to navigate hall of mirrors bureaucracy with Ariadne nous and pure magic (evoked at dawn every morning with Saturnian discipline) to deal with intensely needy family members to get them the care they need. That, plus anti-inflammatory cream for the knees.

  8. Ohhhh Mystic, be still my beating Piscean Asc/Moon.
    My stiff knee and constantly aching feet (yes, I am buying a state of the art foot bath) resonate with this post.
    Thank you for your always knowing magical insight and I’m ready for the next morph.

  9. As a Sagittarian who really discovered astrology whilst slogging through the abject, unrelenting horrors of Pluto in Sagittarius, I took great satisfaction in Pluto’s demotion from its status as a planet! Ha! Take that – that’ll teach you to mess with Sagittarius, Mr. Kuiper Belt Object!

    Saturn had better tread (water) carefully through Pisces…

  10. Me and my son are both Pisces rising, he has a couple other planets there, (with a strong 12th house stellium) and I am a Virgo sun.
    NEVER, has an astrology article been more accurate… I have been over here wondering what the big deal is with Saturn in Pisces, all are welcome, do your thing Saturn!
    Loved the observation! Thank you!!

  11. Moon, MC, Chiron and, yes, Saturn, in Pisces and I’ve got Saturn knee! Feels like everything is a bit of a slog currently so hoping to discover some Piscean highways and byways towards a bit more ease and joy ♓️

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