You Can’t Fake This…

Some say that social media accentuated fakery in society – the ‘together on Instagram‘ romances, faux beautiful life backdrops, filters and associated fuqery.

But a certain element of being able to ‘fake it’ has always been a prerequisite to society – social media just industrialized it.

So assuming that as the case, it may be helpful to know your Sun Sign’s deficits in this regard.

Aries can’t fake patience – adrenal thrum is their mellow. If the BPM drops below 140 they’re off the dance floor, perhaps even back home. To the Ramzilla mindset, acceleration can solve a myriad of ills.

Taureans cannot conceal their dismay at what they deem to be poor design or culinary choices. Therefore they can’t fake satisfaction nor approval and end up with an unfair reputation for being ‘difficult.’

Unless they’re well-schooled professional actors, Geminis can’t fake interest. If something descends into dullness, their face bleakly drops as if in empathy and all animation flees.

Cancerians can’t fake forgiveness. If a personal grudge has not yet been wiped off their ledger, the ‘debtor’ will know all about it. The good thing about this trait is that when they do forgive someone, you know it’s sincere.

Leos cannot fake nonchalance. When they’re invested in something or someone, it’s an epic production and the Leo will be ultra-present. They’d rather be not there at all than there and yet muted or subtle.

Virgos are fantastic at faking things – it’s a by-product of their usually excellent manners and extreme dislike of causing offence. But they cannot and will not feign obliviousness to mispronunciations or factually incorrect data.

Long-time fans of diplomacy and timely euphemisms, Librans can fake whatever is required in the moment. But they can’t fake equilibrium and it’s not good for them to try. If something is out of balance, they’re restless until it’s calibrated.

Scorpio people can’t fake pleasure – anything from an orgasm to having ‘a good time’ at an event or delight in a gift. It’s the bane of many a love affair but also admirably authentic.

Sagittarius are unable to conceal restlessness but if an escape hatch opens, they’ll turn on elite-level ‘Actor’s Studio’ style performances to be on that plane, catch the wave or evac the stuffy room.

Capricorn people can’t fake work or ‘look busy’ when they’re not. It’s an affront to everything they are, an insult to the goddess Industria or Saturn in his guise as kindly harvest deity.

Aquarians hate artifice and are generally dreadful at faking things but if someone seems to know more about an emerging trend than they do, they’re quite good at bluffing until they can scry more info from the aether or internet.

Pisceans can fake anything but only for a few hours, if that. They spin up a simulacrum that suits the scenaro but can’t sustain it because they get bored or distracted.


Image: Ron Galella

19 thoughts on “You Can’t Fake This…”

  1. Absolutely spot on. Thinking about my current clients through yet another very useful astrological lens! 😏

  2. Pisces CAN’T fake anything because as soon as they do it becomes one of their many realities… but only for few hours so, YES Mystic you got it x

  3. Rings so true for my Aries boss of many years. Working with him is like being the pit crew to an F1 racer.

    And you’re absolutely spot on about Taurus (as someone with Taurus ascendant and moon).

  4. O/t but mystic I just love your turns of phrase in the scopes (all of them). It feels like I’ve been handed a scrying crystal with hand-cut facets offering a view to the astro scape with what feels like shaman-in-the-streets level of accessibility. And an always kind, constructive and motivational (and sometimes wry) tone for us readers whether momentarily weary, or glowing with energy.

    Yes I’m a bit wordy but compelled to comment so

  5. Unicorn Sparkles

    Aquarius. Day one of a sales training seminar many years ago.
    Guy running things, “ this is all about bullshit. You have to lie to fly.”
    Me, “ and I’m out…”

  6. This is all very funny and rings true. Sagittarius here, but with a Moon in Taurus. The latter is like an XL anchor which will keep me moored (sometimes for decades) in spite of my need to escape. Though I will find ways to channel my restlessness. At an Easter lunch with my family this past weekend I managed to escape twice for walks in the park, headspace and oxygen. In the past I have often taken on the role of waitress at dinners with friends, in order not to be stuck at the table and to be able to keep moving. 🐎

  7. Uh-oh! Someone recently called this Virgo out for being a stickler for the small details and ruining fun story-telling.

  8. Easter Sunday dinner a la maison de Virgo with an Aries & Pisces. I had to leave after 2 hours. Aries talked away my energy. Realised the combined age was 300 years…of life experiences, knowledge and creativity and was in awe over what we achieved since 1988 when we met and joined forces for projects.
    Convinced them (when i could get a few words in) to restart ‘Word Sound Power’ again. To look forward not back as elders often do. Could be a fine Resurrection :-).
    Yes could see the boredom seeping into the Pisces.
    The Virgo played Taylor Swift…her version of not causing offence? It started the conversation of ‘why is she such a phenomenon’?

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