Rogue Pisces Is Live

Rogue Pisces is live! It’s my highly idiosyncratic* rave/forecast for Pisces in 2024 & 2025. It covers the upsides/downsides of Saturn in Pisces, zooms out to look at the whole Neptune in Pisces era, previews Neptune in Aries and more besides. This is instantly downloadable, comes with a transcript and is just $9 AUD/$5.80 USD for non-members or $4.50 AUD/$2.70 USD for Mega Mystic members.

*But Pisceans will understand. 

5 thoughts on “Rogue Pisces Is Live”

  1. Heartfelt thanks MM — listening now! Pisces Sun and Rising and everything else that’s inexplicable in the universe lol! xo

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