Neptune in Aries Chic

Neptune in Pisces since 2011 was stacked with Pisceans covertly morphing into full-time supernaturalists so how will Neptune in Aries affect Arieans?

We already know Neptune is nebulous – yes, paranormal, glamorous and potentially perilous but essentially cryptic. 

So when was the last time you encountered an enigmatic Aries? Or, if you’re an Aries reading this, hello: do you or do you not think that inscrutability is a pose to conceal lack of vim? I rest my case.

Prediction: more or less the millisecond Neptune arrives in Aries,* Aries people will stage a dazzling reveal of whatever wizardly tendencies they may have, openly aspire to a more potent relationship with/mastery of metaphysical forces and start sporting some epic occult bling.

If you’re sceptical, just ask an Aries if they’ve become intrigued by something “unusual” of late.

Alternatively, maybe you are an Aries/Aries Rising: have you been thinking it would be cool to have clothes that don’t so much signal status or brand-alignment as emblazon your magic against the world at large? A talisman here, a sigil on the skirt fabric there and Friday night** reclaimed as the ritual-esque, strength-builder it was a thousand years ago.

*Neptune is in Aries from March 30 2025 until October 22 2025 and then from January 26 2026 until March 24 2039.

**In old lore, Venus rules Friday  – as in the daylight  – and Mars, the Aries ruler, after dark.

17 thoughts on “Neptune in Aries Chic”

  1. I have an Aries moon and I’m looking forward to Aries fashion trends! Adventure chic, fun, flirty — yet practical—high fashion activewear, etc.

  2. I am an Aries but with a Pisces Moon, Gemini Ascendant and I would love to do a course to train being a psychic/ healer. I must admit I can totally relate to the painting and found do many synchronicities in it and around. I have been into these areas for a long time but things have accelerated a lot this year. so maybe the Neptune in Aries vibe is hitting …

  3. “have you been thinking it would be cool to have clothes that don’t so much signal status or brand-alignment as emblazon your magic against the world at large? A talisman here, a sigil on the skirt fabric there”

    Yes, yes and yes!! Been quietly doing that with personal jewellery, self-embroidered jackets and a beautiful hamsa hand wind- chime is going onto the studio door afternoon this afternoon actually. You are so onto it as usual Mystic 🙂

    My Aries is sun, Venus and mercury, but Mars Uranus Pluto all in the 12th, opposite Saturn in pisces. I am preparing to launch Neptunian type products next year. Have been working toward this for a long while now, and sensing the wind is behind me

  4. The Lion & The Centaur

    My sister & her bf are both Aries and commercial pilots. They’re so un-Neptunian that I hope it won’t be the bad kind of Neptune: confusion, exhaustion, anxiety, demoralization, substances, smoke screens or obsessions. I’m a Neptune-1st-houser and my hardest transits were when Neptune transited the escape point of my Ascendant-Mars-Venus T-square. I lost money, direction and health. Now Saturn is transitioning that same point and whipping everything into shape lol.

  5. loosely related but I see Aries types as one of the signs least likely to have an anonymous alt social media account that would (in other hands) be used for lurking and research purposes e.g. e-stalk love interests, hate-follow rivals, secret-shame-follow more shallow or off-brand subjects, and generally subscribe to accounts that more fearless souls less concerned with image maintenance would just connect with on their main. this is basically a convoluted way to agree with my interpretation of mystic’s take of Aries native position of “front up or f off”
    also hmm Neptune and Aries. need to ponder.

  6. So is this the reason the Ramzilla personified has re-entered my life after 7 months estrangement, after throwing me off a cliff without a parachute after returning home from hospital in November. Is forgiveness divine as is writ…..or time wounds all heals?
    Guess she really is the closest person to a daughter due to her mother banning her from the family home aged15 without even a pillow & it was me freshly back from paradise that she adopted…..o poor me. Her resilience is incredible as she smokes drinks and drugs to excess (more is not less in her world) and still looks quite beautiful at 50. Aries magic power?
    She sent me a pix of a pink feather lamp….her ‘magic against a world at large’.
    Looks like she’s coming for a stay over which usually means me sitting in the massage chair for most of the time as a buffer from the contact speediness!

  7. I’m thinking of the Harry Houdini types – he was an Aries Sun/Neptune conjunct Mars – talk about escapism & the ultimate illusionist. But with quantum AI round the corner, i can’t even imagine where it will lead the modern intrepid Aries explorers.

    (talking of Aries, i miss Davidl – i reckon he’d be in his element with Neptune in Aries)

    1. David was a stalwart who’s wisdom is missed. Alas too many ‘newbies’ didn’t appreciate his maleness as feminine as it was.
      Trust all well in your world Skarab.x

      1. shoot, didn’t know that davidl had shoved off due to being hated on…always. enjoyed. his perspective. smh as. to why so many are apparently deathly. allergic to any diverging perspectives? idk how else learning. is accomplished…😞

  8. I don’t think we are going to really see the full Neptunian effect in Aries until it finishes its coprescence with Saturn.

  9. Neptune hasn’t finished wiping it’s hands all over my 2nd house Scorpio placement yet. But I can easily visualise one of my work wives getting a new magik symbol tattooed on a power point. Both my husband and son have Aries rising so I’m anticipating a coming out of their “occult bling”

    1. You know what I love? When Mystic mentions a pivotal event/date and you search your transit chart and see a potent line up pinging across EVERYTHING. Pluto on Circe, Circe on IC, Chiron on Moon, Venus and N Node on Saturn, Uranus on Sun….. potent with potential

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