Jupiter and Neptune are now on such good terms that Saturn has backed right off. Enough with the micro-metrics and staying up late with your insecurities and a rip-off magnifying mirror. You’ll handle everything with Fibonacci number speculative ventures and Earth Acupuncture. What has ‘normality’ done for you lately anyway?

Jupiter and Neptune amplify one another, making the atmosphere more etheric and stimulating those energies within you. Even if you feel the garish side of this kicking in, don’t worry about it – the alignment is in mutable Pisces, so you’re probably not going to want to commit to anything. If anything, you’re cutting loose entanglements that you’re suddenly realizing are so stifling.

As Jupiter and Neptune began to really get it on over April, you’ve probably become ultra-aware of how people’s energy affects you: not their words or whatever the dynamic is officially- etherically. The neo-perception is peaking for the next 48 hours and the best way to access it? Vibe-hopping and big space-cadet headphones if they help you stay in your psychic bubble.

Vibe-Hopping Must-Have: Space Cadet Headphones

But it’s out-there, right? Creatively it’s brilliant and the paranormality is next-level – entoptic phenomena or inter-dimensional phenoms? At the same time if your diet seems to have devolved into scones and ‘health bars,’ it’s because pure-Neptune influence doesn’t really rate the body or physicality as such. Jupiter does but is hardly going to stop an elongated artistic jamming session/epiphanies to suggest something ‘sensible.’

I had this crazy Jupiter-Neptune process today: I was looking for a particular picture and I came across the famous Blue Marble picture, the photo of Earth taken by the Apollo 17 crew in 1972. Realizing the event had an exact accurate time recorded – so rare – I was reading more about it and was surprised to find that the pic – which is one of the most iconic images on record and did wonderful things for NASA – was chromatically adjusted.

Entoptic Phenomena Or Interdimensional Hi-Jinx?

And that was the only picture of Earth from space until 2015 , when there were more pictures but that they’re all done via hyper-spectral imaging – I don’t know what it is and I don’t have time find out but I love how Neptunian it sounds – and various other 21st Century techniques. I don’t think I am super naive but I assumed scientist would provide, you know, just the data. It seems more Pantene ad than space wonk.

My favourite fact-checks on this are below btw. Then I spiralled into a transitional freakout moment: what if the actual pictures are dystopian – Earth orbited by a sea of space junk and spy satellites? But (and this is the advantage of Mutable astrology like this) I pivoted more or less straight to a high concept movie idea – like The Truman Show but it’s the whole planet. And it wouldn’t be a tv show, it would be a lottery. An intergalactic lottery.

Anyway, how are you going with this hyper-Neptunian, jazzed up Jupiter scene? And you know how conspiracy theorists say that “man” never went back to the Moon because Buzz Aldrin said there were aliens there or there is no moon, whatever – could it have been simply because they were waiting for Photoshop to be invented?

Finally, rad aquamarine eyeshadow has been and always will be totemically Neptune. Thoughts?

86 thoughts on “Hyper-Neptunian”

  1. This happened over my 4th-5th house cusp. It was not pleasant. I moved temporarily into a friend’s house that had been unoccupied for some time. Within two weeks it became apparent that the drains were clogged with tree roots – and over the following 6 weeks i had to deal with successive explosions of sewage, a toilet that did not function, and quite a lot of plumbers not returning or returning calls (Mercury also inconveniently went retrograde)… Needless to say i abandoned ship 6 weeks in (not soon enough, in my eternal delusion assuming each blockage would be the last) only returning when it was all resolved, 3 months after moving in “temporarily”.

    I had such high hopes for the Jupiter-Neptune Pisces conjunction – i thought it would be a beautiful and dreamy few months by the beach..! Instead what i got was something more akin to Uranus-Pluto chaos… a whole lot of abject shite.

    Looking back to the last Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius (an extended waltz with both retrograding), across my 3rd-4th house cusp, there was also a lot of upheaval, moving house 3-4 times that year, but finally settling in a good place – Utopian even.

    Making mental notes for self for the next one in Aries – ‘expect more chaos, upheaval, disruption, explosions’… It will also be conjunct my natal Jupiter. Oh lordy! 13 years to prepare.

  2. feeling quite sleepy….the melancholia’s gone, thank godess…its all happening in my 12th….quelle suprise lol

  3. My daughter has this Jup/Nep opposing her Mars. She’s utterly directionless and depressed (which is a worry) and I can’t seem to help. Her Mars and my Moon conjoin so I am having the opposition to Moon. So far the only thing that’s happened is my concern for my daughter. I’m not feeling the spiritual angle yet. I do hope this improves as both she and I have been through so much. Wish me luck please.

    1. Wishing you and your daughter lots of luck, Aqualeo! I can imagine that the opposition of Neptune to Mars is quite difficult for your daughter, hard to incorporate especially at a young age. Have you thought of activities which are Neptunesque in a positive way? Art, music, walking in nature, being close to the sea, watching film… Also does Neptune make any positive aspects to other planets in your respective charts? Maybe look to those for an alternative outlet for the Neptune energy… Take care, the mists will lift eventually 🌈

      1. Thank you Calcifier. She is v Neptunian with Neptune in a grand trine with Mars and Mercury as well as being conjunct Uranus in her first house. My Neptune squares my Sun Uranus. We are planning on an art gallery outing this Easter. Hopefully she will pick up. x

        1. Lovely that you are visiting an art gallery, Aqualeo. Is your daughter of the generation born with Uranus & Neptune in Capricorn? Her Mars and Mercury in a trine with these two planets could point to her being able to channel these energies eventually. But it may take time and maturing, as it often does when personal planets are in close aspect with the outer planets. In the meantime Mars and Mercury in Virgo would benefit from being active in a concrete way, gardening, taking care of animals, writing… Wishing you both the very best, Aqua 🌞

          1. Thank you so much Calcifer. You feel like an angel in disguise bless you. She improves by maturing you are right. There is no way to teach her or point her in the right direction, it requires lived experience for her to get it. Quite hard. BUT she is super creative, loves writing and reading, sewing and sculpture. Has graduated this year and now directionless. And depressed. She loves plants and animals so will be doing a horticulture course starting mid year. Then I know she will feel grounded again. In the meantime I so appreciate your advice and encouragement. Wishing YOU the very best Calcifer ❤️

            1. She seems lovely from how you describe her, Aqualeo. And the horticulture course seems a great idea, too. Take care 💛

  4. This neptune/jupiter is in my first house and trining my sun/venus conjunction in the 9th house. I keep having amazing epiphanies and inspiration and sloughing off some toxic dead weight in the form of habits, lifestyle, and “friends”.

  5. Gaddamnit somehow probably because I am an Aquarius I am still experiencing Saturn through all of this but I do sense the vibe shift.

    If any of you are on the hunt for something to watch, there is a German (dubbed, subtitled) show on Netflix I’m watching every night called “Dark” and the themes are very Jupiter-Neptune! I’ve never watched something where I am completely blind to what will happen next. It’s a time travel show but it’s different than any other. At least I am getting my lil escapism into fantasy world at night… k time to go watch Season 3 Episode 2 I told my partner I’d be there in 10 minutes and it’s probably been 20 by now…

    1. Thanks for the tip, R.! Love to watch German films and series, they have their own very special atmosphere 🌲

  6. I’m having religious awakening type realisations
    thoughts – feelings- understandings – penny dropping insights breakthroughs. I mean it could also be a low key psychotic break but I’m here for it regardless. Feels like I’m metabolising sludge

    1. Breakdown > breakthrough. They are comrades my love. Focus on your realizations and not the events that transpired to get you to this point, which is easy in theory. You use that sludge as fuel ⛽️

        1. Sending whole * suns * of love to shine on that Lotus, beautiful Invicta!! You doing great. The only reason the world seems to have to use the term “psychotic… break..?” is because it has lost the vocab to articulate poignant spiritual crises, in addition to mental illness, which can be similar (imho only, and with full respect to all sufferers, and to psychologists and psychiatry professionals – I just think there’s unexplored overlap; at very least). Also not saying this from sidelines – I too have had ‘religious type awakenings’, in form of divine feminine (mainly in Buddhist form of Tara, but in addition to Mother Mary from upbringing..) Have you read much of Buddhist nun, Ven Robina Courtin?? Her self-description (at robinacourtin dot com forward slash biography) is hilarious – Saggi rising, sun and Mars – Moon in aqua? and ‘shouty’ upbringing – and she has also said that Buddhism treated mental health way before the world cottoned onto the need – and I find that to be so true.
          Anyway, so didn’t mean to proselytise – just my long way of saying “i hear ya” – and – love. XOO

          1. Love your insights and contributions so much. You seem to grasp exactly what I’m trying to say. I frequently don’t completely know either but being associative and mentioning adjacent concepts helps me understand. I’ve always found a thesaurus more helpful than a dictionary 😝

  7. Well, I happen to be on holiday for the first time in almost 3 years and have been going from pool to tropical food, to ocean view – repeat. I almost feel like I’m actually walking on clouds… or water.
    interestingly, my business life has started to unfurl in amazing ways and I’m feeling pretty damn good and the other night I had a pretty amazing OBE. The conjunction is right on my Pisces moon & Asc. 🐬🐬🐬🙏🏼💕

  8. Jupiter / Neptune is smack bang on my Venus and Mr Neptunian emails today after an 8 year hiatis.. you couldn’t make this up! Lol 🤣

  9. Today I had a weird encounter with my future self. I mean, she was in my house. I felt her touch me and I saw her there. I’m at the point of stepping into a big new thing that I’ve been working towards for years that realises a very old childhood dream and I am freaking the fuq out about it. I can’t tell anyone how I am feeling because it makes no sense. I should be happy and am plagued with anxiety attacks. But she showed up and told me it was ok to accept the new self.

    I’ve only had one other experience like it and it was about ten years ago when my teenage self bailed me up on a forest walk and read me the riot act. She said she was the cause of my insomnia and she wouldn’t let me rest until I did something to change my life.

    Conjunction in my 8th, exact opp my 2nd house Mars. I’m mostly doing Saturn tbh, but this was a trip.

    1. Hi Chrysalis – that sounds an incredibly powerful and optimistic event. Holding several feelings at once can be so intense. Go well with the newness!

      1. Hello q, so lovely to hear from you 🙂 It did feel powerful. Hoping she’ll reappear to talk to me a little more. x

    2. Officially envious of your inner life right now. Okay not really because it’s the one area I can’t imagine being more gifted with richness and rewards but sheesh woman, were I so inclined you’d be in big trouble honey!
      anxiety is excitement by another name
      Curious if you’re practicing active imagination ala Carl Jung and Robert Johnson (inner work) or do any IFS (internal family systems) work? Feel free not to answer- it’s none of my business and we’re on the internet. 😝. If you’ve not been doing any of those modalities as a practice you could be endowed with Olympic gold medalist level talent. High in openness to experience and psychological insight much?

      1. ❤️ Thanks, lovely one

        My inner life is off the scale, multi-Pisces w so much Neptune influencing at the moment and has been for a decade or more… I haven’t read any Young or Johnson but thanks for the tip. I might take a look. I do have occasional visitors from the afterlife, just not from my own self, ha. Love your insights as always xx

    3. Your Quantum Jumping is next level! Sounds like you can depend on you alright. Do you call on them or do they just enjoy a good Neptune fuelled ambush? Whatever your project is, I hope it’s successful & Congratulations!

      1. I wish I could control it more, they just appear. I’m going to try tapping in to them a bit more though because both times were such profound experiences. Thank you sphinxy xx

    4. Wish Upon a Star

      I’m happy for you Chrysalis. Can you just try and breath thru the anxiety. It is just overwhelm. I feel you just need to get used to it.

      Can you talk to her and ask her to help you with anxiety?

      I too have had flashes of my future self. It felt like a taster/teaser to propel me further.
      Almost subliminal.

      Best Wishes,


    5. Am just hopping on to say, I hope you send your teenage, future and present self galaxies and galaxies of love, dearest Chrysalis XOO XOO You’re doing everything absolutely right, and you have done nothing wrong – all we can ever do is the best with whatever data, info, and resources we have at any moment. Childhood dreams are always fated and super-high dharma, in my little experience. LOVE.

      1. Mwah. Thank you a thousandfold, wise one from the north 🙂 Hope you’re travelling well. I loved your reply to Invicta above. I always learn something new from you. xxx

    6. Chrysalis I just happened on this post and was wondering how you went with all this. No need to answer just sending a lil boost x

  10. I have recently been muchly drawn to aquamarine stones. Not sure about the eyeshadow but aqua eye-line might work. (Venus in Taurus is my excuse, though a fishy moon and Nep in Scorpio are at work).

  11. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I always knew space images were highly retouched. All those pretty sparkling galaxies? Photoshop. It helps sell books on space.
    Definitely experiencing Neptune/Jupiter food cravings 🙂

  12. Neptune and Jupiter are squaring my Sagittarius Sun at the moment. I definitely feel attuned to the Neptune&Jupiter in Pisces vibe and not necessarily in a very ‘deep’ or spiritual way. Feeling mostly very dreamy and have also been watching the series about fashion designer Halston on Netflix. It features the very Neptunian story of Studio 54, which opened in April 1977 when Neptune was in the Jupiter sign of Sagittarius (roughly square its current position). I looked up the chart for the opening night of Studio 54 and it was VERY Neptunian, with Neptune on the Sagittarius ascendant in a grand trine with Moon & Saturn in Leo and Venus in Aries… The very best episode of series is the 3rd one, which focuses on Halston creating his own perfume (also a very Neptunian subject). I wouldn’t necessarily recommend watching the whole series, but that 3rd episode is as dreamy, glittery and Neptuney as it gets

    1. Thanks, I will watch this episode after your analysis with anticipation. Fire trine in a Snake Year is at once out there and exclusive. Saturn in Leo seems good for longevity of fame too. Netflix needs an astrological guide!

      1. Hi Sphinx! Looking at that Studio 54 opening night chart it seems to me that an astrologer was involved in determining the best time… Also of great interest is Pluto in Libra on the MC for opening night. It seems emblematic of the wild (also destructive) yet romantic sexual atmosphere of the time and the place… If you want to look up the chart, date, time, and place are April 26 1977, 11pm New York City 🌃

    2. I. Loved this series. I felt so inspired to make clothes after watching it. He learned to sew in preparation for the role.

      1. Love that you design and make clothes yourself, Invicta! My mother was an accomplished seamstress and went to fashion school, so it’s something I admire. Have you seen Phantom Thread on Netflix too?

    3. Neptune and Jupiter are both opposite my Virgo Sun currently too. Long ass transits both of them and until they got to where they are now I couldn’t find a way to work with the energy and it felt destabilising as all hell. Neptune felt extra slippery and with the square Saturn and square Mars transits too all making for some it’s as if Neptune has personally been applying grease to my shoes and Jupiter shaking up the floorboards. Found my sea legs now though and it’s quite the relief I can tell ya. How are you finding it?

      1. I find the transit of Neptune square natal Sun quite difficult too… It’s truly the experience of being in a mist, or being alone on an uninhabited island. I suspect that I will only be really able to put the experience into words when Neptune will finally be out of orb, though, and that will take another year. I do have to say that the ultra strong Neptune influence allows me to enjoy nature, art, beauty music and film in a very special, enhanced way, which is precious. And good to hear that you have found your sea legs, Invicta!

        1. Yes yes. Exactly how I experience it too. Foggy weather and lonely too. Definitely. The advantage is that because it’s hyper real with the volume and colour saturation turned way up there’s more urgency to find solutions and the willingness to apply structured behaviour I’d normally scoff at.
          The massive kebab for me (takeaway) is that structure is not necessarily tyrannical or hypocritical and imposed by fiat on the whims of shouty giants. My inner child has always rejected it as such while desperately longing for consistency and dependability. I’m starting to grow the sea legs by implementing daily rituals and gentle measuring/ regulating practices. ❤️

          1. Keeping things clean and haute, very simple and principled mitigates against the dangerous aspects of Neptune. It’s almost like the more open that channel is, the more clearly delineated those Saturn supports have to be.

  13. Multi spectral imaging is created when you take a picture using sensors that pick up wavelengths other than visible light. For example, infra-red and ultraviolet. Because these wavelengths don’t have a colour, you have to add a colour in afterwards. We call them infra red and UV because that’s the ends of the spectrum where they live. There are other options too, like x-rays, radio waves, gamma rays etc. So all those photos of nebulae, galaxies, wierd stars etc are adjusted so that scientists and astronomers can visually communicate what the astro-machinery and equipment (telescopes etc) is picking up. Maybe for an earth that is blue and brown and green, that would be hard to see from 380,000 km away so they made it pretty:)

    I’m wishing the Neptune Jupiter effect is having more of an effect on me. I haven’t given them much of a playground .. At the moment I worry saturn is squashing me. But I’m also hoping that maybe the big beautiful fun planets are working in a more alchemical way. Im letting go of a lot of rigid ideas about myself. Pluto also very much is in play this time around. Last time Jupiter was here (although with Uranus then), many big wonderful things happened.

    1. Great info Sam, thanks ! 🙂 I love how dry, Saturn-esque science (invisible) data (like some wavelengths) need a bit of “chromatic adjustment” (lol Mystic!!) (a.k.a. Neptune) to be seen in the 3D realm. For some great astro-photography that picks up on all you’ve said (apart from Saturn squishing you – owch, hope you are okay?!!) you can’t go past Aussie astronomer Dylan O’Donnell’s instagram page (I think the handle is dylan underscore odonnell underscore)… Hope alchemy revives..

      1. Thank you earth star xx

        Maybe saturn is what gives us the structures (observatories, vehicles) to explore (jupiter) our curiosity (mercury)… asking why and investigating possibilities is how we come to understand the world I think.. and yes of course the 3D world of experience. Data is just the outcome and that can take many forms too.. I’ll look up Dylan O’D 🙂 thank you

  14. am i dropping 12 grand on a six month course in psychedelics? or is this some kind of hazy pisces bs trying to throttle my hold on ‘reality?’ comment and feedback welcome. (it’s an excellent program by the way. a turning point professionally speaking and now written here for eternity on the internet). sigh. whatever…

    1. The psychedelic market is going to explode once general consensus shifts on its use and effectiveness. I signed up to emails from Psilocybin Alpha and the market is expanding exponentially!
      Even if your signing up was fueled by a deeply intuitive Piscean vibe, you’re right to educate yourself in its beginning stages and reap the early rewards!

  15. Is it bad to want to spit at Jo Rogan over there on the other post? Or would it just inflame the sitch? I mean who does he think he is? He’s the narcisist. Grrr…

  16. I’ve got the Neptune-Jupiter conjunction sitting pretty much right on my south node in the 8th house, so I’m almost wondering if I’m suddenly going to just casually wander into a past life dimension…🙃

    Nothing to report so far except I suddenly feel this strange pull towards jazz piano of a cheery, boppy nature and have dusted off the piano for a bit of a play after quite a long time.

    1. That’s hilarious! I’ve been intently working out the chords for Gershwin’s ‘Summertime’ for the last 48 hours. Not sure why such light jazz – maybe need to counter the dark news feeds…

  17. Instead of dreaming i am driving naked and out of control, old bashed up cars I am now in a beautiful old creme Mercedes with red leather upholstery and wood panelling. It’s a mini version and has a soft top. I love it! Something good this way comes I think. Loving Jup Nep. I have also been able to dispose of a long standing angst associated with a past trauma. Completely gone. Poof! Just like magic.

    1. I have been dreaming a lot about driving, and asking if I can control the car. This mornings I was in a dual cab truck which was pushed by a tow truck. I suggested if I could at least steer through the roundabouts bc a light on the dash was flashing, mind you I was in the passenger seat and the drivers seat was empty. Two young larrikins in the back radioed the tow truck and no one understood my concerns. Ditto with the partially clad body or butt naked.

  18. Love this, and in the daily you mentioned how it’s now wyrd not weird? Well I just released my short story collection and the subtitle is, “and other wyrd tales”. 👌

    1. Hi Susan, I just looked you up. What a great website – look forward to reading your book – very Mars conjunct MC in Scorpio, from what I recall?? – once have made a decision about study. Well done !! 😀 XOO

  19. The closer we are getting to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction the more abstract my dreams are becoming…. 

    1. I had extreme magnetism with a man whose face was a mix of different men I’ve had connections with and he came up to me and said “have I known you from before?”.. and I knew that I was reading his spirit rather than receiving him in the physical sense & we’d connected in another time/place/realm before 
    2. I was pregnant and about to go into labor (I’m not pregnant or trying) and I was assigned these two angels/guides to be present during the birth to stand on either side of me. One was the good angel (light energy) who was the nurturer feminine vibe and the other was a very intense masculine warrior (darker energy), who I was told not to engage with or even look at.

    Hyper-Neptunian right here 👋

    1. Oh wow – that’s really intense, Cec! I wonder where it’s transiting in your chart? Have you got much around 23 degrees Pisces?

      1. Super intense! Jupiter & Neptune are in my 6th house (Pieces) and this year I’ve had an extreme shift in clearing out old wounds/attitudes, and detoxing has brought up many different unique challenges too! The conjunction at 23 deg is amplifying my journey with Jupiter expanding my already expansive consciousness, and Neptune sprinkling those alternative dimensions on top lol.
        How has your pre-conjunction been treating you?

  20. I see in the Daily Mystic that the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is at 23° Pisces, and the Sabian Symbol for that degree is
    “On A Small Island Surrounded By The Vast Expanse Of The Sea, People Are Seen Living In Close Interaction”

    In the context of this conversation, I am seeing that this refers to the Earth, a small island in the vast expanse of space, and the realization of how close we all are to each other.

  21. There was a wonderful children’s television show when I was little called The Big Blue Marble – it showed what life was like for children all over the Earth. The opening sequence is still so moving, saying how unified the Earth looks from a distance, and then emphasizing the need to “get closer” – close enough to really see all the different places and people, and also realizing that we must get closer to each other.

  22. Wish Upon a Star

    So a few weeks ago I was thinking about buying headphones in a bright colour as a form of physic protection and music as vibe control against muggles.

    Then I see and read this post.

    I’ll take that as validation for my idea.

    🎵 🎧 🎶

    1. Mine are silver and sit snugly on my ears, immersing me in music that shields me from everything.

      I guess the jup influence is less guilt-trips.

        1. Hi Wish, Tetra & Molly – I have been eye-ing off noise-cancelling headphones for years!! Doesn’t matter the colour (for me), only the silence – lol. Have figured out a lot of ambient noise can really put my nervous system on edge, but I feel like the cost isn’t worth it for the very few times I venture out in public. But they are much more eco-friendly (and clean!!) than disposable ear-plugs, which I can’t stomach. Anyway – happy to hear from some fellow headphone lovers!! 😉 x

  23. Are research benders a thing at the moment? I’m into metaphysics, Egyptian art and Kundalini topics for some reason. I use a sky app so I can see Jupiter and a small smidge of blue Neptune behind it just before sunrise ( I have become nocturnal so this was a rare bonus) I’m loving the JupNep vibe, so nice for the self-recriminations of Saturn to fade away a bit.

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