Daily Mystic For Tuesday 26 April

Welcome to a particularly trippy Piscean Moonwane – Pisces Moons always have the potential to glide into alternative realms or radically off-track but during the Dark Moon before an Eclipse? They’re transcendental and/or just super-vague. You know when it is influencing you because you feel as if you could conjure galaxies, write lyrics or shamanically journey more easily than you could balance your books or think in a linear fashion.

The Moon will cross Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces – amplifying the strange, beautiful weirdness and raising the creative-romantic magic potential. It probably won’t seem as if you are accomplishing much in the mundane world but align with this astro-phenom for a magnificent breakthrough by the end of this week.

If you’re feeling beseiged by worldly scenarios or dealing with complex people, the Moon can feel scarily nebulous, like you’re losing your grip. If that is the case, try to set aside even a small increment of time – 20 mins, for example – to contemplate/meditate/walk without purpose. It will actually sharpen your focus because you’re creating space for the Piscean reverie.

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Luv me a Pisces moon, with my chart placements. And just had my Mars/MC return a week or so ago, feels like coming home. Have a great week, everyone.. x

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