When All The Elements Are Accentuated

Just as people generally become more supernatural with age, they resort to their baseline elemental personae during times of transition A.K.A. 2020. Being bothered enough to try and embody or honor all the elements is a luxury. I have a theory that the sector of the house (North, East, West, South) where you tend to leave things for later corresponds to the element (Fire, Air, Earth, Water) that you are least comfortable in. But that is for another time.

Meanwhile, I don’t know exactly why people are resetting to their core element personality at the moment. Is it stress cortisol making them tired, wired, and unable to manifest anything other than their strongest temperament? Cosmobiological and they’re tuning into an etheric ur-element? Vibe fuqery from corn chips and plague-snacking?

At first, the Fire signs waved all this away, secretly furious that their latest plan was at risk of being derailed. Then they swiftly morphed into take-charge thrivalist experts. They’re hot, loud and bombastic, in the room or just booming instructions down the phone at you. But most of the time, they’re too busy to talk; writing The Pandemic Chronicles or turning every standing wall into a vertical garden. Whether they’re frontline workers or defying beach bans, they’re active. At it’s most simple, Fire sees everything as fuel, oxygen, or obstacle.

The Earth Signs seem placid. That’s ‘still’ as in pantherine, not as in relaxed and looking inward. Secret neural alarms alert them to the importance of staying physically stable and financially fluid. They don’t want their freshly sharpened focus blunted by contextless news or gossip streams. They’d rather look to the classics or cake baking for inspiration. Besides, work is their most reliable anti-wig-out weapon. With or without an official gig/business, Earth element people are powering up to approach previously unachieved organizational results and project high-level serenity. If one routine falters, they substitute it with another.

Air signs know everything; flipping between “is this a holographic construct generated by the Large Hadron Collider?” and geeking out on microbiology. They’re spooked but exhilarated. Changing all your settings ahead of any dystopian surveillance scenario and then starting work on your new economy manifesto/plan is very Air.  Being distracted from that to download the first chapter of ten books while s**t-posting about modern monetary theory is also ultra Air. Ask them about conspiracy theories and they’ll flip you a medical paper more like conspiracy working hypothesis. Detachment helps them keep a cognitive high but it’s like unicycling and juggling at the same time.

Water signs are quietly furious. Fed-up with normality for the 50-millionth fuqing time, this time they’re turning fully metaphysical. They’re rediscovering their early-influencing esoteric books, looking up ex-lovers online only for cord-cutting rituals and devising new spells & shamanic trips. You may think they’re gazing into space or at an indigo nylon table cloth but they’re contemplating constellations, pre-Confucian sages, and old magic. It’s not escapist. They’re drawing down on the heightened atmospheric energy for extreme-velocity spiritual growth and being in Kairos – not Chronos– time – helps to minimize unpleasant emotions.


Debbie Harry – Chris Stein – The Guardian
Edith Head – If you know the photographer, please email.
Vincent Price – Bert Stern
Elizabeth Taylor- Passion Perfume Launch

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      1. Ha, yes good point, it is like that. I’m dying to see the rest, and after having had one day to think about it, it’s pretty amazing. Wrote you a long ream of my thoughts until my head almost exploded. But one of the thoughts i’ve had is that it’s an allegory of our minds. The challenge we find in trying to get to our centre/Source through all the superfluous noise and sensory overload we’ve created in this very material existence and constant craving amidst the mess and carnage that this causes both internally and externally perpetuating itself … Kali Yuga comes to mind too…. I’ve no idea how any of this reads btw… but i have to stop.

        1. “Life on earth is tough. Of that there is no doubt, but esoteric tradition says, that under these harsh conditions of maximum physical constraint, many things can be quickly acquired, that are not possible in the upper worlds. The pleasure and pain of the body are the vital teaching situation of the psyche. Illness, love, even war, may be important demonstrations to the non- sensual psyche, of laws it has to respect, both below and above. 
Z.B.S. Halevi — Adam and the Kabbalistic Tree

  1. Reading the new post, looking at TV screen, doing my cheese & olive ritual (something about potassium on olives & probiotics in the cheese, writing in the fuschia fake suede covered journal and Into 50ml of the 75ml of vin blanc (partnered for the cheese) and the word OPOPONAX comes to mind whilst wondering when i had my first orgasm whilst also doing ‘nostalgia’..Found some in a London market in ’80 and was overjoyed as heard it was used a the base of YSL Opium. Yes very 80’s. As still wondering if i had ever had an orgasm and perhaps only nature and narcotic like substances produce them and not humans because maybe it’s true, my Aqua father was a spaceman.
    Is this Fire Sagg doing multi-tasking?.
    As i pay $5 a month of my senior allowance to Wikipedia because they asked repeatedly, looked opoponax up., it up, the magical first then the spiritual.
    Sweet Myrrh, cousin of. to protect you from psychic vamps and negative energy.
    Have had a 64 yo male Libran constantly texting me as he can’t see his mother in the nursing home. Fifteen texts to ask about what smart phone he should buy to start learning about the www and emails.Texts about and the government is at fault for everything including his unpaid electricity bill and everything else awry in his life. B O R I N G. .Where’s the flaming saucepan? You know those people where everything is done ‘to’ them, nothing is their fault.
    To balance communications…….
    A Capricorn woman friend has re-entered my life after a 15 year absence and is the person i would have liked her to become. Thank you Saturn, the LIbrary and Dior. She is now a feminist.
    Can’t work due to the close physicality of it so is walking 8 kms a day, and when her little white poodle gets too tired goes into her mesh back pack. She is one of the ‘Runs with the Poodles’. Must buy her that book….lol.
    My Pisces friend who could be god incarnate just remains silent, not a word.Better check that he hasn’t been sucked into his studio sound technical equipment, whilst sampling and looping B Grade 60’s sci-fi movie lines, like ‘to the heavens and the rest be damned’.
    That covers what the fire air earth & water signs around me are doing. Pretty much like what Mystic wrote…:-)
    (Cannot edit this, don’t dare reread or i’ll delete.)
    Herbs & Happiness to y’all.

    1. Wonderful
      I like your Capricorn friend and the Pisces
      Tell the Pisces to send you a clip of something theyre working on because your ears need something to wake them up from Iso land

  2. Gemini suns / moons , what are your feelings about GIFs lately? Still yes? (Soz O/t mercury is aspecting all my things atm)

    1. I’m loving Google Motion Stills and the new ‘make a gif’ shortcut on iPhones. With motion stills you can export ‘Live’ photos as a video or GIF. It’s fun making you’re own. And again the ability to add a quick gif from a library on iPhone is a great addition. The winner though are short Snapchat’s 😘

  3. I’m fire all the way, just finished reading Circe so now I think I’m a witch goddess too. That book was amazing, her internal fire was fierce. Trying not to channel her too hard, I’ll probably burn stuff.

    1. Ooooh thank you for this! Just ordered it – though i really don’t need any more encouragement to fan my Fire, lemme tell ya.

        1. Just finished reading it! Holy moly! So Grrrreat & sooo inspiring….& I wanna go live on Aiaia. Failing that, my plan for the rest of the yr is to escape to my shack the minute this lockdown is over, start gathering herbs & make potions like mad … try befriend some wolves & turn b*stards into swine.

  4. Re: the photos…I love them. Can relate to them. I know who those people are. They resonate because they are part of my lived collective. Someday there will be different representatives of the collective in the pictures. So goes the time. That pic of Vincent Price is stunning. I love him. Little goth me (like I was watching horror movies late on weekend nights starting at age 4) was a connoisseur of Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, & Vincent Price movies by the time I was 10.

    Heavy on the Virgo vibe: totally relate to substituting yet another routine with the previous failed one. Might have too many (hoped-for) routines…my Mercury is right next to Jupiter (in the 9th) and Jupiter is always suggesting MORE. My brain is a constant influx of hyper vigilance and better ideas. I can’t write enough to keep up with what I think might be the next best process to unfold.

    Moon in Cancer (in the 8th) & Neptune in Scorpio (in the 12th) are almost always quietly furious and nose-deep into the esoterica. Now there’s even more time for it.

    So I’m out of work, making chick pea flour biscuits, launching a new site/business, and speed reading the 10 classic astrology books I downloaded 4 years ago, while signing up for deep energy dive webinars and free astrology and somatic summits and unemployment.

  5. Honestly I feel a bit of all of them. Probably could do with some more earth though , except in the work – not placid – realm. I’m reverting to Core Pi because a lot of lint and silt has built up with the last few years of shtstorms and .. absence. So, it’s more like a process of uurrghhhhh Faaarrrk THIS and throwing off the weight of everything else and everyone else’s expectations – or at least, my idea of them.

    Personally & in terms of deep-identity transits, I’m also in the middle of a double Saturn moon transit (natal moon Saturn, and progressed moon Saturn lolll) and have crossed the threshold of a Pluto square Venus/nodes transit that will then segue into Pluto over my moon, so I’m just going to go ahead and schedule 5 years of psychotherapy appointments in advance K thanks v much

    Plague snacking is quite the beast, I’ve been using a food tracking app and realising how utterly fuqed my eating (and living) habits have become so that’s been revealing. Mystic, in an earlier post you commented about Sadge in the 6th and Jupiter in the 11th which is my placement (omg thank You) and it describes exactly what I need. Like, I felt alive just thinking about it. Then, a lovely Taurus Buddhist gf posted about needing an ocean swim buddy. so we’re planning this. The universe can deliver instantly if we keep our eyes and hearts open!

    I don’t like iso. By that I mean I fuqing hate iso. It makes me feel sick to see my favourite coffee and eating places with chairs stacked up and stupid covid signs everywhere. I can’t see my friends, I can’t leave my fuqing city WT actual F, zero human contact, I can’t go and get hurricane drunk to try and forget about Him because truly fuq trying to Yin out about that, I need erasure not closure <\3 .

    Anyway, I'm also finally starting to give serious thought to a couple of tattoos. Ohhh! Maybe when Venus in Gemini goes direct over my ASC 🙂 and after she stops squaring my sun:) and before she squares my MC and venus? Lol. Wait. Edit. how about Venus conjunct Saturn in 2h Leo and square (zing!) 5th house Uranus in scorp. Trine my MC and Sadge Neptune. Yeah!! Where was that post about this…

    1. I don’t like iso either (unless i choose it & it’s somewhere up a mountain or island) for the exact same reasons you give in 4th para. In this city cafes & eating places are my social lifeblood. And i love to walk. I used to walk at least 2-3 hrs every day, round the city, to the beach, just around. That’s how i think and relax. And we’ve got a brutal quarantine here. Total home confinement, ie, no outdoor walks nor exercise – this, btw, is coinciding with trans Saturn on my IC – talk about literal astro, ffs – it’s also opposing my Moon so double fuq.
      So sorry to hear about it not working out with Him, Pi :/. And also major bummer about unable to get hurricane drunk. I love that term btw, in fact i would absolutely love to just go get hurricane drunk and dance like a crazy mofo when this is over. Haven’t done that in years. I’m supposed to get hot & sweaty with Mars in 6th H for health maintenance & i think that activity would surely qualify.
      Re tattoos: overthinking the astro killed it for me, so i remain an ink virgin – though i’ve thought about it so much that it feels like i’ve got them tattooed on my ethereal shoulders. …anyways….
      @sleep depravity central c/o Uranus sq natal Uranus-Merc.
      (that was meant to read “deprivation”, lolz…. electronic intervention can be perversely apt)

        1. Aaaah, thanks. Just listened, great song. I do like her but i’m not very familiar with her oeuvre…. on the list now.
          I think i fall for terms which have wind references. Like, er, “Hurricane” by Bob Dylan, haha.

      1. Sleep depravity yes. I was listening to a thing recently (two things actually). The way that iso especially as full on as yours diminishes our ability to live a healthy routine and our body clocks go way out of whack. That’s obvious though hey, but there was more to it
        The other thing was about the impact of a routine on anxiety and decision making capacity which was actually huge for me (airy fish, not the most clear cut at the best of times)

        It seems like the him and I are still talking .. gawd soz definitely appreciated the comment though
        Have strong suspicion I’m working (in my own time) through a l o t bof plutonic and south node Chiron abandonment /other issues c/o this guy. It’s kinda fascinating, when I don’t also want to die from it lol but yeah

        I like the idea of ethereal tatts.

        1. Yes, i get the routine theory; and we actually do have one going, since partner is having to work on line now with different time zones. But after the first 3 weeks it’s the actual routine which has become the killer. And simply not being able to go out, and seeing something different, not just the same buildings and sky scape day after day after day in total urban artificiality, bombarded by emfs from every angle. It’s fairly hardcore and nothing like suburbia where almost everybody has a garden & trees and can walk around on the earth when they feel like it. There was one day where i was seriously worried about our mental health because we were having such bad memory lapses, and feeling so strangely vague, then i overheard neighbours discussing the same thing which calmed me down a bit. But then made me wonder how come we all felt like this at the same time? Was it a change in atmospheric pressure? Or was it something artificially induced? My mind is beginning to stray into unpleasant pastures.

  6. 12th House Virgo

    I love quarantining! It’s ideal. I’m home with the pets and the kid and the plants and scented candles. I pull up bamboo sprouts for breaks in the garden. Prioritize work. Aim for clarity. Get it done. Detach from results. Changed teams and have low to no office drama and own my part of what drama there is. No one can see my eye rolls. Just get it done. I have debt. But also money in the bank. Clean. Take long walks with the dog. Got a proper ergonomic office space set up. I don’t want to go back or see any reason or know what back is to anymore. Neptune opposing my sun transit now. I want to exist present in my life and virtual in all others. Lol. Is that earthy? It’s def 12th house.

  7. SO TRUE. Earth husband is in workaholic mode in between clearing all the physical junk he’s accumulated and obsessively adding to the home gym. Watery me is indeed hoping to emerge from quarantine-cocoon with a fresh spiritual take. I’m finally getting through “Women who run with wolves” which I’ve had for years without ever getting passed the first myth.

  8. I love learning new stuff from the blog… never had a word for the other aspect of time before, kairos is my new favourite… and yes, I’m watery

  9. HA! So fed up with normality for the 50 million time and clearing my activity log on all platforms ahead of dystopian survelliance scenario.

  10. Moving towards zero is the easiest way to find balance for me. Eliminate eliminate eliminate. Zero is the point of greatest potential, perfect balance. Peace is there x

    1. Hang on. I thought you had some cancer crab in you some where? Accumulate accumulate. Isn’t it a damsel fly lava that accumulates bits of gravel to create a protective shell. I am definitely in the accumulate protective shell brigade. It’s been so tough to be here without my furniture and clothes and sheets even cutlery. But if that ethereal photo is you… looking good.

      1. Yeah it’s me, reflecting. I do have that cancer trait but not accumulating as such. I tend to always keep little stashes of things, a little cash, a bit of hash, a pack of candies, a stick of incense, a spare pair of sunnies, a pack of coffee… It all fits in one draw.
        One bag and I’m packed.

        1. Oh dear. I’m more in need of an 18m lorry ! This period has taught me a lot though. I need perfume, fine cotton sheets, fabulous pillows (that’s an absolute). A place to bath or shower. Coffee. A desk. But oddly I can’t tell you how much more relaxed I am now I’ve got a washing machine ! Ok ok. I have to admit I’m not a minimalist. At all.

        2. Yes. Cancerian vibe is always prepared but not necessarily a clutterbug (not suggesting EMG is a clutterbug btw) . I say this knowing a cancer sun Sadge rising (Toro or gem moon) who whenever she travels packs Literally Everything but is very swift and organised. Carrying your home on your back / in your bag, also a cancerian thing? If there’s enough fire or air

          1. Yes, i (crab) loath clutter & am always prepared. I have a stash bag on the go that carries exactly what dl mentions (it’s uncanny), plus a head torch & tiny stove top expresso maker. I can pack A Lot in one bag in a jiffy for a trip. (9th H Sun/Moon).

            1. Something to drink, something to smoke, something that smells good, something to share, something to trade, a white shirt. The sunnies must be quality. They are the difference between looking like a grungy rock star and a sad bag person. Slipping unnoticed into a 5 star breakfast buffet is impossible without them 😎

              1. YES, the sunnies – and the attitude – like you OWN the joint.
                I’ve even been asked for an autograph at the Peninsula in Manila on way to buffet 😛

              2. O god, thanks for the chuckle. I’m worried dementia is setting in. I just read that the reason there’s so much mental illness in the Japanese Royal family is because they’re cloistered in their palace for most of their lives. Imagine us peasants in downtown inner city having being locked away for months now.

              3. And sitting alone at the cocktail bar in Shangrila at 6pm reading Time magazine..
                At 7pm sharing an a la carte meal. At7am an international ticket to Elsewhere,

        3. OOOo that’s how i used to be , ok x 20. Am overwhelmed by ‘stuff’. Keep culling and still more.
          Books out on street saying ‘take me’. Clothes to salvos and still waaay too much.
          Most of my life was in 2 suitcases and couple of carpet bags. There were porters in those days and plenty of ‘hired help’ around.
          Mobility is Nobility.

        1. 12th House Virgo

          Ah ha! We are both Mars-in-the-first-house people 🙂 it’s a tough job, but someone has to kick up the shit sometimes.

    2. Can you do that on the IPhone XR David? Saw the ‘create your own gif but it was catoonage, like hair colour eyebrows etc ect.

  11. I love this! I’m deep in watery magic school. It’s keeping me upright and afloat in these turbulent times 💓


    I totally did a computer privacy makeover last week!! I have been obsessively following the virus since January and treat it like a research project. A lot of my friends who work in biotech were on top of it early on and I trusted their judgement and got involved.

    I am more on the science than conspiracy theory side of it all (like yeah I worry about EMFs and health but these 5G caused the virus people are ridic imo) but in researching it I have fallen into some information that sounds a little conspiracy and seems right gotta admit (obviously it leaked from the lab which also is seen as conspiracy! lol).

    I was really into theories of money around 2010-2013 and getting back into it now as I think about how we are going to build the future.

    1. If you think of conspiracy theorists as just those who don’t trust all they are fed and who question it may feel a little easier. Don’t let your mind be controlled but allow your own research to lead you. You’ll end up with a hunch or gut feeling then follow it. Every amazing revelation started this way. And there is not that much distance between genius and freak ! Also remember that so many brilliant minds were literally burned at the stake, heretics and insane because they questioned authority of the day. Question away I say.

      1. Watched a brilliant film last night. Concussion. Will Smith so it’s easy on the eye too. It speaks of the sheer levels large corporation will go in order to save themselves. When in their hearts they recognise what’s been said or shown. This is so common place but we need now to end the practice. This is a film? Where is the main stream news about it ?

        1. I just finished The Radium Girls about women who used to paint watch faces using radium paint (so it would glow in the dark) … This willful ignorance and then refusal to take responsibility for when jobs sicken their employees seems to be inherent in companies from the onset of the industrial revolution!

          1. Yes! Example: the asbestos in Johnson and Johnson baby powder scenario. I was warned off this by a midwife ages ago. But it was a ‘groundless conspiracy theory’ – recently it was like okay, fine, baby powder has asbestos. I was reading an article about fridges recently which said isobutane could make your fridge explode but that they (the writer and presumably the publisher) were “pretty sure that big companies would have safety measures.” Early in 2019, I learned via my Fitbit that products do not legally have to be harmless – they’re only obliged to refund your money. Note: Fridges imploding would be VERY Uranus in Taurus.

            1. This actually happened to a neighbour about 13 yrs ago. And it was a big explosion coz it caused a dent on the kitchen ceiling! When the firemen showed up they told him that it happens occasionally?! WTF!

              But more horrible is that the Grenfell Towers fire in London in 2017, which caused nearly 80 deaths (maybe more coz i don’t think they’ve yet released the official number) was actually caused by an exploding fridge freezer. The official line is that there was faulty wiring involved with it – covering up the fact that it was a freezer with dangerous flammable components & saving the hide of whatever corporation manufactured it. I stopped following the case.

    2. Oh that reminds me . MMT is fascinating. Like along with Time, money doesn’t actually exist. It doesn’t. We invented it, it’s a belief system, it only is worth anything / can only sustain itself if we name it and believe in it
      My Virgo scholar friend has some excellent discussions on this (as economic theory not Astro). It reminded me of the Uranian and Plutonic Virgo’s comment many yrs ago here that money, as finance, is Neptunian not Venusian or whatever. It totally fits.

    1. The owner of that kitchen could be of Quentin Crisp’s school of thought:

      “There is no need to do any housework at all. After the first 4 yrs the dirt doesn’t get any worse at all.”

      1. You know though. I realised if I ever shack up with someone, they need to be a Floor Person. I can do all the other surfaces. Happy to. But I just never get to the floor. As in vacuum, sweep, mop. This, I think, would create a harmony so complete that all the universe’s matter and antimatter would conjoin and all known existence would zero itself out instantly

        Like isn’t this what the Tao calls for? Heaven and Earth

        I mean I do have Pluto on my Libra IC

        On second thoughts maybe I don’t need a floor person O.o

        1. Really? Of all the house work, floor cleaning shits me the least. I just pump up the music & go for it…. Cardio housework-out …. could be my Aries 6th H thing.
          Bathrooms though …. ugh.

          1. Wierdly enough I am ok with bathrooms. Everything can be splashed on and gets washed down the drain/ sink. And I love the permission (?) To use proper chemicals like ammonia, bleach, abrasive paste, hardcore scrubbing brushes.
            Not that I’d want my bathroom to get to needs ‘hardcore scrubbing brush’ status.
            If it was more than just me using the bathroom it might be a different story though

  13. Saturn in Pisces

    Uranus on my Taurus Sun, solar return 3 days from now and Uranus at a 0’06 orb. “Pantherine” is a goal but this morning I was instead engaged in a sudden relapse of severe mental illness with threats of violence against myself. The intensity of this transit (which is also impacting my South Node in the same degree lol) is a serious challenge, especially in these global conditions, and my heart goes out to anyone else with a birthday in the next few days who is also getting zapped. (Plus the whole world…) I propose we start a support thread – tell me how you’re doing and happy birthday!

    I just realized the Moon is currently right on my Sun/SN and Uranus fiasco so at least I have some additional Astro-explanation for my episode…

    1. Well i hope that you feel much better real soon & have a fab solar return, SiT. That is quite a cluster of intense astro! Also, wouldn’t you have Saturn (i had written Satan) squaring this cluster & infusing it with its usual joie de vivre & sparkle?.. (acid-dripping tone)

      1. Saturn in Pisces

        Thank you so much skarab, I appreciate it! I really do feel better now – as much as I’m determined to keep making “physical plane” changes to help my mental health, it’s clearly related to Uranus 0’02 from my Sun (it’s even closer than I thought, picking up the ephemeris again…). Having had a shitload of outerplanetary transits to the key points of my chart over the past few years (and being aware of astrology, as I was not when Uranus hit my early Aries Moon/Venus and it was a mental health disaster) I’ve noticed the “exact” hits can become expressed in sudden relapses of mental health problems that I *thought* I had conquered. But these transits pass, and awareness is the key to choosing to constructively direct the intense energy!

        Oh yes, I had not even thought about the Saturn square, having just gotten Saturn solidly off my Ascendant… And Pluto is also still within range of my ascendant and Jupiter is doing that thing where the “first pass” of the transit is not exactly “benefic”!

        I’ll try to pour the Uranian energy into trying to think of fun social distancing ways to celebrate my solar return…

        1. Hi sip. I’m a natal Saturn on my asc conjunct Chiron for good measure. I can only speak from my experience but in about five years I get my second Saturn return. Since my first I’ve learned how to really not give a shit about ‘SHOULDS’. And I have learned to fully embrace who I really am. And I love me. Deeply. Including all those bits that many would try to should me about. My wish for you is that now you begin your own love story and give up the shoulds for good. Now blow out the candles.

          1. Saturn in Pisces

            Hi emg, what a beautiful note and thank you so much! That’s quite a heavy conjunction on your ascendant – I so appreciate your kindness and I love the phrase “begin your own love story.” I have been caught up in such serious self-hatred and I suppose I have to embrace that idea that “clearly hating yourself hasn’t worked so far, why don’t you try the opposite?”

    2. I ALWAYS have a freak-out just before my birthday even if I’m not expecting it or consciously having an existential crisis about age or status. Don’t beat yourself up more for it. I hope that it passes and you get to enjoy your birthday itself!

      1. Saturn in Pisces

        Thank you R, this is an excellent point! A great deal of my crisis was 100% about my age and status (Capricorn Rising…) and, you know, whether or not the work I have done or will do even applies to this new world we are entering? (And why I’m not investing my savings into a medical mask empire etc. etc.) If I make any goal this year (and there’s a long list, but again, I don’t even know if they apply anymore), it’s to stop beating myself up, which I do all the time.

  14. A quote from (Air-Water) Pedro Almodovar’s diary on his lockdown experience: “Today I feel like the house absorbs all of my energy. It sucks me dry like a vampire, and leaves me too exhausted to face up to day and night.” ….. god yes. I think that my Water, Fire & Air have all fused into a purple mist now.
    Reaching my limits. it’s been 6 weeks of a really tight lockdown here. It’s now feeling very unhealthy actually.
    I sooo get Liz in that foto.

  15. Taurean here, and i do feel mostly esrth now. I am quite content, and i do work from home. Still i am glad that the general astro is becoming less earthy.

    1. Oh yah as a water sign i looked for ‘my’ element image. Taylor looks SO louche! Tired, baggy eyed, over tanned, overdone make-up on a skin not ready to take any more on. But a nice sparkle to the stocking edge 😂 Even the Duke of Earth has a bottle, and he at least had the presence of mind to be PAINTED.

  16. Hah!! LOLing so hard at this! My Sag sun is breaking the beach ban weekly (and of course seeking out very isolated ones), my Grand Air Trine has literally flicked the medical papers in response to those not doing the full research online several times, and is keeping a sharp eye on everything popping up online, and my Scorpio stellium is watching two hour lectures on Ancient Egyptian Hermetic sound science and studying the tarot. I love this!! Thank you 🙏🏼

  17. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Earth sign here–it’s weirdly true! I’m loving routine, routine, routine. Fitness has never been better and it is weirdly easy to eat healthily now!

  18. My Earth is definitely dominating – exercise! wholesome meals! herbal tonics! routines for workdays, bookended with intensive moisturizing & sleep hygiene regimes! Definitely doing my ♉️ things.

  19. Talking about elemental magic. Madagascar’s president is advocating a tonic of artemisia to cure Covid. Covid-Organics. A long established Chinese herbal remedy for malaria and inflammation. WHO are obviously stating how terribly dangerous it is but I’ve just bought myself some artemsia tea !

    1. Yes! i saw that. And the Indian government health ministry has recommended the homeopathic remedy Arsenicum Album 30C as a prophylactic for Covid.

    2. I have wormwood tea and a smudge stick. Also, I don’t like the automatic condemnation of an indigenous, ancient herb -why not do some tests with a standardized amount? If the answer is no because it cannot be patented so, therefore there is not any big pharma interest than whose side is WHO on?

      1. It’s odd because the woman who found the ‘medical’ compound in artemisia was given a Nobel prize for her work if wiki is to be believed. It’s anti inflammatory and is widely used in certain malarial medicines. I also loathe this dismissive behaviour by the so called scientists. Surely this is time to get utterly revved up and say exciting. Let’s go look further.

      2. WHO has been manipulated and bought off by big pharma for a while. There was an investigation by a body called PACE* in the way that it handled the Swine flu epidemic (2009), and it was very damning about “the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on decisions taken” …. basically they “influenced” WHO into calling it a pandemic though the death rate was 0.02 and panicked governments bought and stockpiled what turned out to be absolutely useless vaccines. Big pharma made a fortune. (I’ve posted a link to that report on the coronavirus blog a few weeks ago)

        *(PACE: Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, a 47-nation international organization which investigates human rights, and upholding of laws & democracy)

        1. Got to admit I’m not in WHO’s corner at all. And hopefully there will be really close and very open scrutiny of all the data globally. Vietnam have hardly suffered, French are looking in to nicotine and benefits the swedes did not lock down so we wait. Oh and today I hear it is more cardiac inflammatory response than pulmonary. Granted when I think I had it it was my heart that felt the brunt. A month later once I got back to exercise, previously running on the hill I asked my other half to drop me at the top of our steep drive as I still could not manage a walk up the incline. Not lung capacity but heart. So I can vouch there. Also California state they had a death feb 6th. It’s been about for a while.

          1. This is why i’m banging on about activating the Heart Chakra – it entails the thymus gland (immune system) as well as heart and lungs.
            It’s all extremely confusing – and so MUCH information flying about.

            I’ve just been on a who’s funding WHO bender (keeping well away from conspiracy theory sites) & it is extremely depressing – even UN advisory agencies condemn the way WHO is being funded and manipulated by the pharmaceuticals. (I’ve posted a link above, but it takes ages to clear).

            The root of the problem seems to be that about 15 years ago WHO changed its financial policy & allowed private money into its system, instead of only funding from its member states. So since then it has been extremely successful in raising funds and now receives more than half its funds from private sources i.e, pharmaceuticals. And at the same time it has cut funding to preventative medicine in developing countries & increased the use of dangerous anti-depressant drugs & ineffective but dangerous vaccination campaigns to name just a couple.

        1. Saturn in Pisces

          Thank you so much for sharing these links skarab – it’s such a blessing to come here and encounter alternative perspectives that lack the conspiracy theory bent that most critique of Big Pharma is plagued by.

          1. Oh the information is out there if you’re willing to dig deep enough in the right places. I just wonder what happened to journalists ?!?!?

            1. It’s not so much a lack of good journalists, it’s more that main-stream media have close links to the banking & pharma industries. It’s depressing when you look into who’s on the board of directors for most of the mainstream papers.

              1. Exactly. It’s terrifying. Good investigative journalists simply do not exist any more. They tend to get disappeared.

  20. You never, ever disappoint. Thanks. As a double scorpio, cap moon – was starting to feel as if I was going slightly mad 🙂

  21. I love this term “plague snacking”! Incites deep levels of disgust that I require to stop .. plague snacking.
    Yah, you got me as Fire Sun planning a garden. I haven’t done it properly before. No doubt this potager garden or jardin de cure layout I am designing till 2am will require more hours than I will manage, but fuckit y’know?! I love climbers and creepers, delphiniums and poppies, honeysuckle and pumpkins, frothy green herbs and trees heavy laden with yellow citrus orbs. Cannot stand all the grunt work though, but I will try it on for size. As I get older I am less interested in people, & my kids are less interested in me, so nurturing nature seems a satisfying alternate expression of my need to invest in others as a closet Cancerian ( Merc/ Ven/ Sat).

    1. Your visionary garden sounds tremendously yummy! Would love to have a cup of artemisia tea while sitting and breathing it all in! Um…yeah also doing some plant work, and it is both a lovely calming thing, and a bit more heft than shows after.

  22. Nailed ultra air. Need to work on my water dominance but my sun moon and rising all air. Totally reworking new economy and swat analysis. But also vibing with my ancestors who knew how to cultivate a garden sew anything and work food magic during lean times…got my daughter Virgo a sewing machine and I am scheduling time off work to clear out old stuff. All this energy is squaring my Libra 22 degree sun. I am caring for my husband who has ALS now so already been quarantined due to that. All that time of Uranus opposite Uranus Saturn in Libra and Neptune on my Saturn taught me resilience patience faith and gratitude. I thought I went through hell before? No. This new Hell is a piece of cake thanks to all the skills I learned the last few years. July eclipse will be on my husband’s ascendant. I take each day as a gift opportunity or luxury.

  23. This is funny. I’m doing both fire in a big way and water. Add a touch of air and that is me nailed. I was literally furious at the start, then totally shaken for two minutes then the moon mars energy kicked in and I have become outspoken and super efficient and getting fitter and and and. All the things I could have been doing I now have the oomph for. My previous personal trainer always said I trained best when I was angry!

  24. I thank my Saggo Sun for turning this sh*t until fuel. I’m in arguably the best shape of my life right now from the combination of online yoga, app-based strength training and (illegal) treks into the wilds (complete with face mask, yes).

    Scorp rising is full witch mode though … Sageing the house. Creating rituals. Lighting candles, incense and communing with the ancestors. (That said, the struggle to not astrally travel *every* day with dream weed or wine is REAL!!!) Some days, the call of Neptune is too strong. Lol.

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          EMG just to be clear saging is best for the home not the body. Palo Santo is better for the body, much lighter. But everybody is different, don’t beat yourself up about it.

          If saging the house gives you nightmares why not try a local Italian herb, when in Rome …….., I can see the dried herb in my mind’s eye but cannot name it. Ask the locals, you might find them growing on your property. Or good old lavender will give you sweet dreams.

          Find what works for you.

        2. Even without smoke alarms in my place I wouldn’t burn sage or Palo Santo. I just don’t vibe it. Incense yes, cleaning yes, essential oils for vibes and aroma yes. Frankincense, if I really needed to deep clean all 12 dimensions. But those two herbs are not connected to me and my energy at all. It would feel like lip service, tokenism, asking a question in a language I don’t understand. So, I get it. Maybe it’s just not for you ?
          P.s. what wish said!

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            I agree totally Pi. I like how you say asking a question in a language you don’t understand.

            If you use these products because of tokenism you are just smoke signalling(pun: haha) : LOOK AT ME.

            I love both these herbs. Palo Santo is very comforting.

              1. Wish Upon a Star

                Tell me how you go with frankincense EMG. It sounds subtle and omnipresent. Gentle but powerful. I haven’t tried it yet but these are the messages I get.

          2. Brilliant advise the pair of you. I never use sage on me it’s way too potent for me. This was just smudging around the house and breathing in the smoke. I’ve never smoked anything in my life because one whiff of weed or what ever and I’ll be off the planet. I’m such a sensitive sausage !

  25. Bang on Mystic!! Being a Fire-dominant Air sign, these have been my two approaches. I think earth & water dominant folks have the rougher deal, although of course we are all cycling through phases of difficulty & ease. I’m also thinking those with strong Fixed energy are finding it tricky right now, whereas the Mutables are more comfortable with the constant flux.

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