Virgo Moon Magic Can Turn

The benefits of Virgo Moon Magic are well documented on this site and in the Horoscopes. Even people with zero Virgo Vibe or Virgo Vision rev up into ultra mode at this time of the month. But aside from the micro-tasking genius and gleaming accomplishments, there is a downside. It is the Moon Of Noticing Everything.

If you were born with this Moon, you alchemize this asset/liability into your identity and learn to relax with it. Hell, it is probably a good living for you. Maybe you’re the cop called in to cast their eye over cold cases or the fashion maven whose assessment of button size is mission-critical to a vast organization.

And, of course Virgo Moon acumen is always desirable in media: Artificial Intelligence, sub-editing algorithms and robo-editors can’t out-think such mercurial genius.

But this weekend’s Moon of noticing everything is hard for two reasons. (1) Non-Virgo types are experiencing it and wondering if it is a sudden-onset personality disorder. (2) All the Fire sign energy is amplifying it. So you don’t just notice when there is an incorrect fact in something you’re reading; you go nuts fact-checking.

And then that sparks a turbo-research bender. You see what sentences or words make your throat constrict ever so slightly and who sets off T.M.J.

A micro-overcharge on a statement captures your attention but would the time spent on hold or in a robotic live chat be worth clawing the money back?

Virgo Moon Magic means you notice who enfeebles or scatters your vibe. And then you start planning their ejection/your trip/anything to avoid having to discuss it directly or over-feel.

It is not necessarily a good Moon for dialogue* because people can spend hours in “and another thing I’ve picked up on lately” dissertations.  So fine, you think: I’ll do some self-care. Virgo nurturing, the Corn Maiden, Earth aspect of this.

It can work, but you could also find yourself glaring at the mirror in the bathroom, wondering if one of your eyebrows has always grown in a slightly different direction, googling “perpendicular eyebrow hair symptom” and looking for a heavier-duty foot scraper. It’s self something but maybe not care.


*But for fact-finding? Epic.

45 thoughts on “Virgo Moon Magic Can Turn”

  1. I just want to say I love and appreciate these posts because I have Virgo moon/rising and a 6th house sun and sometimes I feel like I’m all alone with this energy, that no one understands or can relate to how I think. Maybe I am supposed to be the shining of this energy in my world but it’s lonely sometimes. Nice to see Others.

  2. Kodak Black is a rapper who like me, has a Virgo moon. He is problematic but the point of this post is that he has a song about when you get TMJ called Lockjaw “it be hard to understand me cuz my jaw keep locking”.
    As a Libra sun n the 12th and Virgo moon in the 11th, I notice every social micromovement and intention . I’m capable of being as manipulative as a Manson, but all I want is for harmonious compassion and for everyone to do as they please, so I only use my power on special occasions, like to get a kind person out of trouble, or to shift dominating false narratives .

  3. Wish Upon a Star

    So the penny just dropped. My elder brother and sister were Virgo twins.
    I’m a Pisces Rising and we were like chalk and cheese.

    An image of me dancing around them trying to engage in conversation comes to mind.
    To me only my brother was monosyllabic (little sister syndrome.)
    My sister was like Lucy on Charlie Brown and I was Charlie. She was bossy.

    I think its good for s Virgo to have a twin. They have someone that understands them.

  4. Bahahahaha….well, this explains everything. I LOVE Virgo moons (I’m one of the people with zero Virgo/sixth house), because I’m always wildly productive. I plan my months around it. But this weekend, there was an astro-telesummit that I was looking forward to watching. I had to turn it off. The info and presentation was SO BAD that I couldn’t even make it through a single presentation (I left them all within 15 minutes, bemoaning the time I wouldn’t get back). Guess I neglected the hyper-critical part of Virgo, when I was trying to capture the learning component!

  5. Virgo Sun, Saturn, Jupiter & Mercury here and when a Virgo Moon arrives I seem to lie awake at night analysing everything (even more than I do normally) , going to start tracking this.

  6. I’ve been blessed with a wondrous friend who has her moon in Virgo, her Sun in Sag (I’m a Sag moon with a Virgo Sun) and we’re co pondering the Sag/ Virgo conundrum. Obviously it’s very much an ongoing thing…
    We were friends for years before I glanced at her chart and we got on like the proverbial burning house from first meeting. Deliciously, we just recently figured out that her north node is on my south node and so obviously- yeah I know!

    1. It’s a gift to have someone I can ring up, or even just leave a rambly voice note for who I know will empathize when I bleat on about feeling stifled – nay buried alive by my own future simply because I’m not audaciously conquering distant horizons (the filters aren’t going to change themselves you know) or stymied by the carping voice in my head of those filthy filters while trying to focus on most recent conquest of distant horizon.

  7. Jonathan Lemaire

    Oh lol this is funny stuff, people actually believe in magic still! Zero evidence, yet belief persists..well folks do still believe in talking snakes and magic fruit too… absolute madness! Hopefully logic and reason will replace the ignorance…

    1. Jonathan, are you aware that this is an astrology site? Or did you take a wrong turn and get here by mistake?

    2. I’m so thrilled people come in all sorts of shapes sizes and belief systems. And that square pegs are allowed to peer quizzically at round holes. Enjoy your evidence and logic and reason whilst we continue to enjoy our view of the world and that in which it sits. Which I don’t yet believe anyone has figured out ?!?!

  8. “T.M.J.”?

    Noticing EVERYTHING. Apologising for hyper-sound sensitivity to yard neighbours but telling them to shut doors quietly post apology. Virgo rising has gone bat-shit fucking bonkers; now on a fix, mend or, perma-lend bender. Hair literally on end. Putting the deets to good use and staying away from Muggles.

  9. I have a Virgo moon. I’ve definitely relaxed into it (great way to put it!) as an older adult. But even into my 20s, I remember when I’d clean my house, I would obsess about it becoming dirty again. Micro-managing the placement of knickknacks; bending over to pick up and throw away a lone piece of fuzz on the carpet; getting out the window cleaner and paper towels to wipe away a single spot on the mirror. Whew! I’m glad those days are over! I do like a clean environment, but I can also now LIVE in it too.

  10. Love a Virgo Moon
    Had every rubbish bin in the house full to overflowing this weekend
    Only moved here 5 months ago

    Sorting, culling, donating, moving things, new wheelie shelves for my kitchen.

    So this weekend has been second time around for every drawer, cupboard room

    Even had wonderful fun ( really) depilling a hand knitted throw my recently crossed over mum made.

    Battery operated machine, buzzing over the wool. Makes all the colours bright again…
    Perfect job for a Virgo moon!

  11. Well i guess this is me obsessively cleaning windows and screens and the porch yesterday to the point of heat stroke. I am sure my husband thought I was nuts but boy it sure needed it. Contractors come later this week to trick up the house for medical and mobility equipment for my husband with I had to clear some space and rearrange furniture to handle ramps. I am noticing everything just like one does when one has a toddler on the move…constantly.

  12. Virgo moon in an Aries stellium here. Yesterday I noticed how my Mum scrapes the plate with her cutlery while she’s eating and I wanted to leave my body. It was so loud and grating. To me anyway haha. Thanks for highlighting this astro combo x

    1. My three and I are hyper sensitive to noise- scent, light. With two Virgos, Pisces, Libra- all have an outer planet on Mercury or Moon-Leo spouse blithely scrapes cutlery on china- sending all of us into a new dimension. Twenty six years of asking not to- to no avail.

      I read about small tyrannies years back in The New Yorker. For Virgos and Libras- small inconsiderations are death on affection. It’s not the big stuff it’s the daily erosion on souls.

  13. Wish Upon a Star

    Are you there EMG? In a previous post you mentioned Steven Forrest s Amaze Balls talk on Pluto Saturn in the 11th house which I also have.

    I’ve been searching on you tube but cannot find.

    What’s it called please?

    1. It’s a download of his. About 11th house as I feel there’s so little written in modern Astro on 11th house issues I went direct to his site to find it

  14. I just came to glare at my horoscope thinking WTF is going on…I can hear my husband chewing toast from the other end of the house and it is Driving. Me. Insane. My cat, who is usually the best-natured cat around, started hissing and growling at me, I think because he was getting the heebies from my qi scramble bad mood.

    It feels like the sort of energy where you might file for divorce because you suddenly realize that your partner breathes way too loud/erratically and you can’t tolerate it for the next 50 years. Halp.

  15. Oh Mystic, how do you do it? This brilliant post resonates to this Virgo rising with heaps of fire in natal chart so so so much. It’s my life you are describing. Noticing, overthinking and overanalysing everything. Noticing the subtleties that everyone else misses and refute exist.

    Thank you for your humour and wit, I am constantly amazed by how eloquently you phrase what’s going on.

    My biggest problem is that it is my family who scrambles my energy, a very painful realisation. Can one get a divorce from family? Ha.

    Re: Virgo nitpicking: Exercise helps bring balance, as does clever comedy and healthy escapism such as film, music and literature. Breakfast and reading in bed can help calm nerves. I’ve also recently bought a passive-aggressive colouring book and bought myself all the crayons and colouring pens. Colouring DOES help, and I think non-competitive making art or baking could be another way to manage the Virgo. A former Virgo colleague swore by baking as coping mechanism.

    I am leaving the “turbo-research bender” (spot on!) now and am off to get a massage. xx

    1. Breakfast is definitely a life hack and I swear that having freshly baked / cooked goods in is as good for Virgo moon nerves as cleaning is!

    2. I found the coloring actually stressed me out so I went with a paint-by-sticker type thing. Not as “creative” but probably why I liked it, faced daily with the terror of choices having to decide where goes the purple was too much I suppose. But the stickers I liked. Very Virgo because the teensy pices required a fine-point tweezers. There was a rock-n-roll themed one, strange but there was something soothing about intricately placing Madonna’s mole. I also love paint-by numbers.

  16. My goodness, the synchro of this post! For the past year or so I’ve been noticing that during Virgo moons I am prone to merciless nitpicking self-criticism around all my relationships. Days of cataloguing every defect and apologising to myself for not being better at (insert micro-detail here). It got so bad I started checking the calendar to see what was up and sure enough – Virgo moon. It goes over my Pluto/Uranus 1st and Mars 2nd which all opposed my 7th house sun/Saturn/Merc. Now I am aware (and wary) of it and give my monkey mind something else to focus on.
    I spent most of yesterday dissecting a meeting I had with a potential new love interest with a friend who was at the same event. The dissection must have taken longer than the actual event, lol

  17. Quite a few Pluto Uranus conjunct in Virgo kittens. Me as well, well the kids shower got scrubbed and then I couldn’t stop…loo, floors, towels. Quite productive and house witchy. (No not twitchy …witchy thank you spell check)

  18. My mother has a Virgo Moon, and she is the Queen of Noticing Everything. Wasn’t the most desirable trait when I was a teenager, I can tell you that…

  19. Crystallised future

    Lol!!! Eyebrow noticing! Yep, lol!!! But I’ve just done a whole spreadsheet to doublecheck a house paint quote. Mars in Virgo with Pluto and Uranus. I’m onto it.

  20. no comment really on the current astro (well other than to say a Virgo moon weekend is really suitable for what I’m doing, unpacking my new place) but wanted to say that I once knew a Virgo Sun and Moon man who could never, ever turn off the noticing everything trait, and it quite often turned him into a ranty bore! I am cursed with a Virgo Venus so I get it to a point but your description of how it can go bad really resonates!

  21. That must be related to my dream last night. I had some obsessive overly analytical dream about repacking a suitcase while overseas. Not once did it occur to me to buy another one I just got stuck in this endless loop of repacking, tearing it all out, going through minute details of deciding between small items that really made no difference to the overall fit of everything. And then just when I thought I had achieved it, I realised that I also had my entire bookshelf to transport home somehow. Pisces with Virgo Moon.

    1. This! I had a very long dream that included me waking halfway through and stepping straight back into it once back under. Essentially, one of those dreams where you are late for something or need to contact someone and the roads have downed bridges, cars wont start, the keyboard on your phone is in some alien script so you can’t send your message. A veritable nightmare for a Virgo Moon. I am also Pisces Sun.

      1. Has to mean something, probably for me something along can’t see the forest for the trees 😉 I think decluttering has been on my mind but i get overwhelmed pretty easily. Need to break it down to get rid of one thing a day or focus on one corner at a time

  22. I ask Oracle 2, and the same message appears: “Are you seeking a commitment, or really an arrangement?”

    What could that mean? It has appeared for many months now

    1. Can you please clear your cache and if you still see it, email me? Even if you are really meant to be seeing that message, this does not sound right.

  23. Yesterday at my work, I’ve taken it upon myself to redesign both dry erase boards (I was noticing and very tired of the smudged sharpie titles and the sagging pinstripe tape that had also accumulated months and layers of dry erase cleaner, marker sediment and compromised adhesive). In my fervor I’ve sweated through two cotton shirts already, reminding me I need to find a better anti perspirant, preferably one without aluminum but stronger than oatmeal. I’ve spent the former part of my morning diligently scouring teacher forums, Reddit threads and Pinterest to locate the MOST PERMANENT lettering medium because sharpie rubs off after wiping down the board 3x a day. I’ve decided that individual Vinyl letters (found @ Michaels) serve the highest function and I then had to count how many A’s, B’s, C’s etc that the board requires. This will save our non-profit crisis unit hundreds of dollars that a custom job quoted us at. And of course upper management has left it to the staff to theorize solutions, an opportunity to exercise our creativity – an opportunity for this Virgo Rising to incinerate contempt over bureaucratic budgeting.

    1. This. So this.
      This is maximum Virgo. Plus it involves office supplies.
      P.s. of all the MM avatars, yours is the coolest.

  24. Well I was going to say this post has nothing to do with me but I’m really one for ‘and another thing…’. But these other things are only once I’m utterly utterly fired up and it bursts forth in a stream of detailed psychological dissection and analysis enough to drive the last nail home in the coffin of their behavioural patterns and “shit”. You see my moon is cancer but Virgo contains pluto Uranus conjunction ! Stand well clear. Or be authentic !

    1. Raising my hand to the Moon in Cancer, Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo. I also have a Merc/Jupiter/Venus in Virgo stellium…when I was less conscious of my self I would destroy relationships because of mouth sounds, bad clothing picks, and how the dishes were put away. I have to say though that this Virgo moon I was in some altered state of near bliss and connection with the plant world. Probably that Neptune opposition.

      1. Heavens. You can’t call that a mash up in Virgo more a neatly placed row of planets you have !!

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