Holiday Decor Tips For Your Sun Sign

No matter how hyper-bizarre a year has been, whenever the festive season rolls in, there is something reassuring about decorative ritual.

Can astrological ornamental elements be curative, lessening the intensity of batsh*t, kinetic holiday fray? Will zodiacal embellishment enhance the pleasure of celebratory moments with kin? Why not?!

Below are some decor tips for your sun sign to elevate the awesomeness of your holiday space.


Decorate however you want during the holiday season! While everyone else is conforming with candy canes and kitschy celebratory fodder, astrologically you’re better off going your own Arien way taste-wise: the most authentic, the better. In keeping with Mars energy, plastering mantles with intense, motivating colors, like bright red or yellow candles, or active adornments with moving pieces, like spinning Christmas tree ornaments or dancing reindeer holograms, will leave you spunky and satisfied.


Don’t skimp out on plants. Gorgeous living organisms just doing their thing, cleaning air, performing photosynthesis and looking pretty, provide balanced groundedness for Taurus amid seasonal excitement and chaos. Feel free to go hard adorning whatever room or area you can possibly think of with herbs, grasses, flowers, bamboo, anything with roots and chlorophyll, but remember to embellish them somehow, with some festive lighting fixtures, or at the least, tie them with a bow!


Have a centerpiece. The most important holiday decor for a Gemini is one that sparks a quality conversation, literal talking pieces! Consider weaving a narrative with multiple aesthetic variables. Interchangeable features that are wide-ranging in mood or theme deeply delights a Twin, so you can honor a cherished memory with photographs one day and then pull out an outlandish modern sculpture of Santa’s boxer shorts the next day, you choose.


Texturize. Keep it real, no Cancer can deny the joy of bundling up in a blanket or soft fabric at any point in time, especially during the holidays. Figure out a way to incorporate swaths of velvet into the scene, hang fabric on the walls, or discover how to make soft quilts sexy so you can literally stop for a moment to rub your fingers on some textiles. Consider dropping hints of creature comforts throughout displays, visual pleasure points soothe, appease, uplift the space and potential emotional melee.


Not every Leo in the world is going to want to steal the stage and get behind a karaoke microphone over the holidays, but whether you’re shy and watching from the sidelines or you’re fully out there blaring like the Sun, having eccentric items around would elevate the mood. Incorporate one-of-a-kind figurines, unique artifacts, handmade objects, portraiture and photographs into the environment. Putting personalities on display adds a quality of aliveness and is analogous to receiving an extended warm hug from all the characters you love the most.


A Virgo loves an intricately made object crafted to perfection, like a sophisticated wreath, but it’s also gotta be hypoallergenic, functional, off the floor and easy to clean. Detailed patterns that dazzle the eye, like houndstooth stockings, or an elegant handwoven basket are not only wonderful aesthetic additions, they also serve a legitimate purpose as stunning storage containers. Gaudily beautiful, mathematically aligned ornamentation motifs double as entertaining Rubik’s Cube-like distractions while calculating how to tidy up.


Seek input, equanimity. Decorating alone kind of sucks for a Libra, as opinions from valued partners in crime help the vision come alive. Balance is also important, work with polarity in the space, like an equal amount of light and dark. Lopsided arrangements, disproportionate add-ons or clunk can stifle the space as an optic background bummer and conversational vibe killer. It’s gotta make sense, bring poise, equilibrium.


Go extreme on the theme. A Scorpionic approach to holiday decor is going full out to the maximum such that the space becomes a total immersion into another dimension. If you like metal, put brasses or golds everywhere, don’t be conservative. Edginess works well too, as in literal, with sharp, pointed corners, up high on the wall, away from unsuspecting victims, and with rich, emotional pieces that strike straight to the heart.


Assuming a Sagittarian is stationary enough to even attempt to decorate, experimenting and trying something new is the best approach to take on the whole process. Tired, trite, pastiche, done over and over again, traditional holiday appearances don’t connect with a Sagittarian’s adventurous core energy. Innovate, find something unexpected or out of the box to go into the space so that it feels like you’ve entered unknown territory.


Capricorn is often accused of somber tendencies because of its acute and pure awareness of surroundings. Beautiful stained woods or solid metals carved with precision into hard angular shapes like triangles and squares appeals; use a lot of frames or framing techniques when you’re decorating. Despite its serious reputation, costumery and role play are some of Capricorn’s most overlooked talents, so dress up as an elf yourself while you decorate or fetch a couch cover that turns your sofa into pumpkin pie for a few weeks.


Bust out the seasonal collections. Astrologically, Aquarius functions more as a collective, it’s sensitive to groupings and how multiple objects work as a whole. For holiday decor, consider an aggregate glamour focus: a group of items made up of the same color or aesthetic function, but with each piece brandishing individual flair. Weave these articles throughout the house, in several rooms, to create a unified theme. Each eccentric piece needs to help the other out: they have to work together.


Fluidity is your friend, Pisces, diversify and don’t stick to categories. Putting disparate things together that don’t seem to fit actually works out well with Piscean energy. Flowing elements, like snowglobes, lava lamps, neon water tanks, fountains, or round transparent objects flow perfectly with the whole ensemble. This goes for themes too, is it the nativity or an extraterrestrial nymph gathering on the moon? Both, of course.

27 thoughts on “Holiday Decor Tips For Your Sun Sign”

  1. Spot on for my quadruple Piscean pad. I would call mine extraterrestrial sugar plum fairy gathering on the moon. A little more pastel, iridescent and glow-y rather than neon but definitely incorporating snowglobes and other round transparent objects and every element is some manner of shiny, sparkly or bedazzled. This is basically my everyday decor though just with a few actual Christmas elements added.

  2. Thanks for the fun post, Clarissa. So lovely to have your voice and vibes on the site <3

    Would say your Aqua decor description is the haute Aqua-option. The lo-Aqua might be some kind of Christmas-in-July contrarianism, no lights, &c OR contemplating doing some subversive like putting up July 4th decorations but then concluding that that’s too jingoistic and that anyway the whole idea of a community holiday everyone celebrates is kind of imperial and that trying to either celebrate or subvert it isn’t a worthy use of Aquarian genius, and SO instead of decorating the apartment putting one’s legs up on the wall in a restorative yoga posture, spending the rest of the evening reading speculative fiction, and later congratulating oneself for replacing a lightbulb that’s been out for months. (Aqua sun-moon-mercury reporting for duty here.) Happy holidays + pre-solstice day, everyone <3 

    1. EVERYTHING about this is amazing. I’ve never been so immersed in Aqua. The contrarian element is real, my Aquarius dog peaces out like a ninja (totally disappears) and does his own thing and my Aqua cousin does this too. Thank you so much for sharing, the kind words, and for spreading the knowledge and vibes. You’re SUPER Aqua!!! 🙌🏽🤟🏽🤩

  3. Taurus and plants? hell yes, but lights? Blow my mind. Got a new desk space at work and after I feng shui-ed it I thought now which plant would suit this space, nothing pointy but not a miniature fiddle leaf fig either. I can’t wait to go to the nursery to look.

    1. OMG if I were at your office I’d be so annoying hovering over your desk picking up on the auric plant emissions, it sounds so beautiful!! I’M excited for the nursery exploration too, the only problem is, which beautiful plant to choose?!?! I’m sure it’s gotta be an energy thing, especially with the feng shui?

  4. I felt warm and fuzzy when I saw that star picture. I have literally the same shaped star 🌟 hanging at the entrance of my bathroom. 😊✨

  5. I feel that the ideal Sagittarius Xmas decorations is a scrawled note on the mantelpiece that says, ” gone to Thailand. See you in Feb!”

    1. Also my workplace pressed us into service to decorate our sector of the office with the supplied decorations. Not caring to comply with the bureaucracy of any particular Aesthetic, I used All The Decorations: Anything that didn’t hang or sit flat was tipped into the office planter boxes (on top of pebbles) as festive temporary mulch. Maximalism as a solution to simplify decision making. One is busy enough.

      1. 🙌🏽👏🏽😆 🎉 I support Xmas mulch and festive mulch in general there goes the Sag taking us to new echelons of decorative expression!!

    1. Sumptuous, I LOVE Velvet! My Virgo Moon’s like no, lint though. I’m sure your set-up is stunning. As a Cancer Sun I basically live in variations of blankets / soft materials, but for decor in general, like you I’m Ascendant-oriented with weird Gemini-leaning type of stuff. Interesting, because the Ascendant as a reflective, mirror type of point, makes sense with decor arrangement… still wrapping my head around this inquiry but thank you for bringing the rising sign emphasis up!

    2. Oh that’s why I love velvet. Merc and Venus in Kataka. Sun in 4 th house.

      I will definitely make a velvet skirt this winter.

    1. Thanks Earthstar, sounds lush! 🤩🌱 I’m like guess my rising sign, I have bedazzled vagina Xmas ornaments.

      1. Scorps for sure?? 😆 Or wait, do not tell me – Libra conjunct Lilith or Plutes?? (Venus ruled but with no qualms about ridiculous taboos around nudity/anatomy..)
        This is strangely prescient for my *ahem * gifting dilemna.
        I have a bunch of soaps I bought from a contemporary gallery/museum in Tasmania (am in Oz). Still gift-wrapped, they are based on casts of womens’ lady-gardens that an artist creates and (name escapes me – sorry – update later!) who then mounted them on big gallery wall. I can’t remember the arty friend we were orig going to gift them to (came in a minature shopping trolley 🤣) but we didn’t catch up so still have them. I considered giving them to my totally amazing and realist pelvic physio, but not sure she mightn’t think I were being disrespectful – when I have utmost respect!!!
        Maybe douse the soaps in (eco) glitter and hang on (native woolly bush) tree?? 😄❤
        **Artist update: it was The Great Wall of Vagina by British artist Jamie McCarthy, at Museum of Old and New Art. Xx

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