Do You Have Uranus In Taurus Style?

The Uranus In Taurus Style Quake

Some people felt the first trembles of Uranus in Taurus when it first moved into Taurus in mid-May 2018, just in time for the Meaghan and Harry Royal wedding. However, the Future-God did not properly establish in Taurus until late 2019, via a hyper boost from Jupiter in Capricorn.

Early adopters have already begun to instinctively rebirth their aesthetic and style philosophy to align with this Zeitgeist. It’s not about slavishly altering your tastes to fit in with planetary movements. Uranus in a new sign shifts society and its values. What we think of as ‘cool’ morphs and often quite quickly. It pays to let yourself evolve with this sort of astral impetus in both your personal and commercial life – not resist it.

Uranus is in Taurus until 2026, so if you haven’t felt your fresh vibe yet, relax. Anything Taurus is an organic process, like growing gerberas or…volcanic rumbling. Which one of these style tips resonates?


Quarantine is an all-purpose excuse for staying in and reading esoteric books, wisdom from substantial people of the deep past; physical books. Papyrus is preferable to anything you have to recharge or which interrupts your reverie with a vulgar notification. Reading the classics is more intellectually fortifying than the 24 hour news cycle. The trend momentum toward Taurus makes attuned people more interested in what/who endures – as opposed to rickety fads.


It’s not clutter. Think more like one gigantic crystal or totem, multiple plants and sensual textural over-load. A huge couch that looks as if you could set out to sea on it but which is more like a velour therapy pod. If you’re going to enter a consumption vector, it’s with intent. Meandering mindlessly through the mall is no more. Complexity clogs your channels. It’s better to have ten of the same time-tested thing than a confusing array . Or to research the optimal item for your purpose and acquire only that.

Comfort Is Status

‘Dress to impress’ was already on its way out. The widespread adaptation of working at home simply accelerated its demise. If you don’t need to convey ‘boss’ via your clothes, you can enjoy functional fashion, with nothing to impinge on your movement or comfort. If this naturally translates into fleece-lined track pants and barefeet or shoes that do not need to be ‘broken in’ before wearing, fabulous. In Taurus-land, if you are comfortable within your skin, you can wear whatever you want.

Earth Affiliated

Working toward food sufficiency is easy if you always eat the same thing: who can’t grow some tomatoes, basil, lemons and potatoes? The early adopters order in their Reishi Spore Oil and Cat’s Claw tinctures, as well as making herbal tea with a few leaves snipped from their home-cherished power-plant. It’s not only plant-medicinal, they like skincare you could drink or eat in a pinch.


Aware that any appliance with ‘smart’ in its name is more spy than clever-clogs, the early adopters of Uranus in Taurus style invest in legit security protocol. Your casualness about passwords is their red flag. Getting your details removed from databases who shouldn’t have them is the new decluttering.


Taurus is the sign of music and Uranus in this sign naturally inspires new sounds and industry reinventinos. And, in an era where Digital Rights Management mean you can never really own most music you purchase, a select few are reconnecting with vinyl. The appeal is not only the quiet satisfaction of a physical collection or being able to finesse the sound quality. It means they’re off-algorithm.

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  1. MutatisMutandis

    Mystic, what would be an auspicious color for a couch? I have Taurus on the IC and a profoundly wonderful couch that has many slipcover options, and I was thinking about changing the current grey to something else. I already have this maximalist decor going on so literally any color can mesh with ease. Maybe auspicious isn’t what I’m looking for, but chill-promoting. Green?

    1. No couches are ever magic enough for me BUT my Uranus in Taurus couch ideal would be emerald green/lapiz blue and in whatever that soft squishy corduroy fabric is. It would have pentacle emblems at each side. Furniture makers, contact me now.

  2. I don’t have a kettle, microwave or a tv.
    Mostly because I’m too lazy to shop for one but I just don’t want any more appliances in my space… or WiFi actually. My phone has enough GBs to tether, and Netflix bingeing is the new Instagram abyss for me and my attention span anyway.. its a drug lol.
    It’s legit time I can spend napping, working on a personal project or reading (a book …made from paper, mostly because my.phpne is not good for me in the amounts in use it).
    This is kind of an attention management thing for me but I get everyone is different.

    1. Yep, you’re right!

      I’ve been ahead of the curve on this but that might be more of a natural inclination given my rising and Pluto tr across my Venus/Moon. Jupiter on approach has a different opinion on that but I am still in camp sacred cow-ch.

      1. With Taurus rising and Scorpio stellium and a fixed square, I love being at home – even when it’s a tiny overcrowded apartment, as it’s been for the last five years. A sweet bungalow of my own is my most potent fantasy.

  3. I think I’ve found my soul pod. Thanks MM and all the posts.
    It’s weird in a good way that I always hit such synchronicities on this magical blog.
    But it’s not only kaftans – it’s also kimonos.

  4. I’ve just started reading Donna Haraway’s ‘Staying with the Trouble’ (paperback) and if that isn’t Uranus in Taurus I don’t know what is. Also invested in some serious cookware.

    Hot tip: make an infusion of pomelo skin (maybe grapefruit would work too) and yarrow. I did this for a hair wash and it smells like lying in the sunshine in your own backyard. I have yarrow growing everywhere and it’s a great herb to have on hand. Plus the flowers come in lots of different colours and it’s a potassium and phosphorous fixer for your mulch.

    Btw, today’s Daily Mystic was exactly what I needed to hear. You are bang on, Mystic!

    1. thank you re the Daily Mystic!

      Also, I have a yarrow plant – are the leaves or just the flowers good for teas?

      And yes it is kind of darkly funny that suddenly people are into gardening, cooking, bunkering and if they’re like me, drinking herbs & smelling of lemongrass or lemon and sage.

      1. I use both the leaves and the flowers. Be careful drinking it though. It’s powerful! I used to stop my period when a contraception I was using made me bleed too much. It worked a treat but drinking too much causes vertigo.

    2. Asteroid Achilles is conjunct the Sun and Mercury right now, so its
      funny you should be talking about Yarrow (Achillea), today – the healing plant which Achilles carried into war on Chiron’s advice (good plant to help heal bloody wounds).

  5. As an outer planet I prefer to look at the societal effects of Uranus. Uranus in Aries saw the rise of Chinas expansionist policy’s. Both brutal and unprecedented in the history of this once isolationist society. The Great Wall says everything about the way China has expressed itself over the millennia. Basically keep out of our business and we will keep out of yours. This unprecedented behavior was not unlike a massive baby that is taking its first steps. Unbalanced, without skill or finesse. A danger to itself and anything it unknowingly trampled on.
    Combine this immaturity with great strength and child life ego and we have a China that no one really understands even themselves.
    As Uranus moves into Taurus we begin to see that expansionist China is on shaky ground. It’s recklessness has forced many other nations to reassess their dependence on Chinese trade and has earned the Chinese a reputation as belligerent and self serving to the detriment of their neighbors.
    The Coronavirus outbreak and the circumstances surrounding it have added to the view that China must attend to its own internal problems . The rest of the world is being forced to assess it’s reliance on China and must begin the process of decoupling their economies and become more self sufficient.
    The greed and laziness of the western world has given China the opportunity to become the powerhouse of the world economy, this has led to a global dependence on a country who has no experience in having this great responsibility and have instead used this dependence to blackmail and bully.
    Hopefully over these next years China will pull its head in and the west will support the development of locally based enterprise. Self sufficiency should be the baseline for all countries.
    This rebalance is being forced on us at this time and it’s a good thing.
    If Uranus in Aries could be characterized as head first unfettered expansion with little consideration of the consequences, then Uranus in Taurus to me could be characterized by the contraction of these same forces leading to a desire for self sufficiency. When you’re comfy on the couch and you’re hungry the last thing you want to have to do is travel to a distant supermarket and buy supplies that have originated on the other side of the world. You desire everything to be close at hand, and easily procured from local suppliers.

    1. I like the way you’ve articulated this D.

      I’ve been saying for sometime now that I think we (the collective world) moved global too rapidly and that a more local focus and the idea of tribes (I’m using that term very loosely) and more local focus will re-emerge. I can’t say that it’s been since Uranus hit Taurus but I suppose it’s intensified since then, as have world events.

      The West has demonstrated greed in outsourcing and stripping industry back locally to save money. China has monetised that and also run their own agenda. I guess it has suited both sides and one premise cannot exist without the other. Beyond that in the sphere of trade I suspect there are bigger hands at stake then just cheap outsourcing of manufacturing.

      For quite some time now there has been an economic and export/import slow down that I am pretty sure the first time I read of this was over 3 years ago. I am not going to go back to find my sources but ridiculously high numbers of ships are sitting idle at docks around the world a lot of the time.. Trade has been on a major slow down albeit rather quietly as central banks keep propping up fiat currency and purporting a healthy economy.

      There are so many companies showing profits because they are buying their own shares back not because they are necessarily viable and economically sound. The levels of debt in each sector are staggering let alone the totals for each country. It’s ridiculous.

      None of this is new news and there’ll be camps that disagree and are living a life indicative of boom mentality and I suppose they think why not because more fiat currency magically appearing and repo debt buy back just keeps happening. It’s become a norm. And it’s keeping this illusion going on well beyond it’s expiree date so people just keep sticking their neck out further oblivious to a possible smack down. Honestly, if a virus that’s existed for a few weeks can cause this much global havoc then there is a complete disconnect with the way everyone thinks things are and the way they really are.

      Hello Pluto in Capricorn.

      Like everything that will stand the test of time or at least endure for the time it is meant to – the foundation must be solid or the cracks will eventually pull the whole damn thing down.

    2. What China has done is embrace & use the well entrenched capitalist/corporatist system that the West has implanted & deployed on the Developing World/Third World countries for 300 yrs or so – but without the use of guns (so not so Aries). If you also trace Uranus in Taurus for these 300 yrs you’l find devastating man induced famines, blights and land calamities as a result of greed. Unbridled capitalism – no matter which country takes its reigns, will it itself – but not before it eats everything up in its path, like land, resources people….

    3. I like this and agree self-sufficiency should be the baseline. I’m just worried that people are going to freak out in the process and close their borders even more to refugees – and we’ll be seeing more of them. Maybe that’s the flipside of this era.

    4. I have Uranus in aries down as the technologisation of the individual. It’s the period where Instagram and FB took off and then we saw selfie culture completely explode, and more. Web 2.0 happened at that time and entrepreneurialism went online. Our lives, identities, personal differences, and * arguments* all went online 😳. Bots creating fake accounts everywhere, so after technologisation comes virtualisation.. Anyway, that’s my take …. 😉

      1. Yes, maybe we all get comfy on the couch, cupboards full, and then realize that this is the perfect time to try one of those new VR headsets. We may never get off the couch again..

    5. Yes self sufficiency.i always thought it was a mistake to stop manufacturing our own consumer goods in Australia. Think global, act local. Reduce, reuse, recycle should be everyone’s mantra until we have the circular sustainable economy that has been greens policy for decades. The back to nature hippies were right all along. Also everyone needs to take responsibility for their own life, their Actions, and clean up their own mess!

  6. Truly inspirational writing Mystic! I have 28 trees just in my back garden. It’s becoming rare in the city. I planted a fig tree that was just a twig four years ago and is now beautiful and full of fruit but its the olive tree that calls me to meditate under it. Thinking of incorporating the sensory aspects of becoming certain trees in meditation practices for some tiny meditation classes I’d like to create (Uranus in Taurus transiting my 11th house) and researching ways to ‘transmute’ (your words) 5G if I can’t stop them upgrading the tower not so far from a pre-school.

  7. this soooo me. all of it. am even growing a patch of ots for oat straw tea…i feel as though this has been my life for, well, most of it but now it’s even MORE.

  8. Thanks for that. Taurus Sun here, Gemini Moon and Pisces asc-I feel so much better now that my hermit introspective psychic witchy lifestyle has been validated. Only today was told that I need a haircut. Look like the offspring of Neil Finn and Einstein hairwise. Channeling my Crone witch. Do I look like I care?On a work free hiatus, minimal interactions with the hoi polloi, I’m planning and intuiting future developments, vibing big time with Spirit or cursing them for their lack of mindfulness and input. Better things to grok and investigate, withdrawing from muggles in existential paroxysmal angst, who cares what I look like? Tuning out the external Big Time, tuning IN much more productive. Nurturing my herbs and plants, reading new and old parchments and eating a la Taurus, but with a naggy Virgo vibe.This foggy Pisces energy is soooo familiar, even the resident felines are acting weird. Too humid here to wear anything much beyond sarongs but done with intrepid style to match the hair.

    1. The cheek of being told you need a haircut. I love the image of the not-giving-a-fuq-wild-crone-witch. Humidity central here too only I’ve been tempted to either shave my head or straighten my wild locks. You’ve inspired me to maybe think twice.

  9. Ooh. Transmuting 5G, wifi, general EMFs etc to a brain & qi enhancing frequency. Bingo! Genius idea. If you can’t beat em, alchemise em.
    Went to listen to Hanna Crichtlow (neuroscientist) talk about her book The Science of Fate last night. Some incredibly fascinating info about both eugenics & epigenetics The eugenics stuff is totally F’d up worse than Orwellian, the epigenetics info amazing and promises some great breakthroughs with inter-generational trauma. It’s not just learned, it’s cellular.

  10. Loved this Post Mystic….mid 2018 heralded my move to rural climes in September that year.
    I am totally in tune with this transit, which is great….. Taurus is my north node, how lucky for me to have this transit in my life right now.

          1. I’m really well and bursting with excitement about flying out next week but as is normal for me there is drama! A world wide panic about a nasty little critter who has decided Italy is the place to be. Can’t blame it !

            1. I know EMG. It was bizarre to see the boot lit up in red on the TV screen last week. My ancestors come from the tiny country of Malta just under Italy.

              After all the sensationalism about the Corona virus it is really just a mild thing if you are a healthy person.

              You will you will love Italy. Italians know how to relax and have a good laugh. And I’m sure they will love you.

              1. Thanks wish. The poor Italians are having to advertise that the country is still open. I’ve looked at the science and it seems it’s behaving like flu and taking those who are suffering with pretty severe health problems. So hopefully my c reactive protein gene will behave ! It’s amazing too that already I have more folks there that I know and are inviting me for coffee etc than I have here where I’ve been for over 15 years ? It’s bizarre.

                1. It’s meant to be then hey?

                  I envy you. You will have the perfect climate not too hot not too cold just right.

  11. Snap – I have always had that library. It’s not static in content and grows/contracts but there are some enduring books that do stand the test of time and truth.

    I don’t think I’ve got my telepathic couch yet. Don’t get me wrong, all couches are telepathic portals for me but the next level couch is somewhere on the event horizon.

  12. The Year of the Phoenix

    So on this style path! I’m a Virgo /Virgo / Scorpio and feel like the universe is supporting my creative endeavours. My side hustle with my twin took a U turn back to my roots and we started making eco friendly made in Australia fashion! All cutting edge technology and ancient fibres. I designed mainly for me, a middle aged ex mod chick turned hippie turned modernist. like a uniform I’ve adopted consisting of simple boat necked swing tops printed with the most eco friendly water based methods onto organic cotton and solids in hemp mixes. I am transformed by the thrill of the next design and excited by the future

  13. I love this post. Regarding the Uranus in Taurus aesthetic: Actress and 1970’s style icon Ali McGraw has a Mars-Uranus conjunction very close to her Uranus in Taurus ascendant. She really expresses this energy in her looks and dressing. I would like to post a picture of her but I don’t know how… She is so extremely stylish!
    Also, I remember walking into a big high-end fashion store last year, shortly after Uranus had arrived in Taurus. I was struck by the sudden colorfulness and the prominent patterning on the women’s fashion. Really a mix of the loveliness of Taurus’ ruler Venus and the iconoclasm of Uranus!

  14. “Working toward food sufficiency is easy if you always eat the same thing”

    … Mystic, how did you know?? (Uranus passing over my Sun… I eat 2-3 meals over and over again… I just had last night’s dinner for lunch and will be having it again for dinner tonight…)

    This also:
    “Quarantine is an all-purpose excuse for staying in and reading esoteric books; physical books. Papyrus is preferable to anything you have to recharge or which interrupts your reverie with a vulgar notification. Personal instincts, tree dyads and ancient wisdom are more informative than 24-7 news cycles.”

    About to go make my own herbal oils for prosperity after a productive day working from home. I am really savoring the zeitgeist matching me. I am going to keep avoiding all news consumption, knowing that I am the spirit of the times.

    –Early Taurus Sun/SN + Mercury, 2nd house stellium

    1. It is, isn’t it! I once read an article in Hello Magazine about Ali and her little house in – I believe – New Mexico. She had relocated there after losing her big house in Hollywood to a fire. When she arrived to her new – small – house, she decided to keep everything very minimalistic and clean. And yet the interior had such character, with lots of lovely local things. I remember finding her taste exquisite…

      1. Sorry, Saturn in Pisces, my reply here above was meant as a comment on Gemyogi’s post on Ali McGraw… I am still new here and trying to get the hang of posting

  15. I AM HERE FOR THIS CONTENT!!! Everything in this post is how I want to be living/am creating. As always, thanks for putting into genius words everything I’m feeling. xoxo

  16. That pic vibes so Taurean. Reminds me of Loulou de la Falaise and Yves Saint Laurent which is fascinating as she was a Taurean and he had Uranus in Taurus natally.

    I’m loving Uranus in Taurus and it will be interesting when it hits my Venus. This all resonates even down to the talismanic library. I have sections of books that serve as almost mini altars to the content. Erotica section…check, astrology…check, classic literature…check and on and on. They all have their little homes and never the twain shall meet.

    And the mere mention of the Soul Pod always has me going down the rabbit hole of the past whether to places I have lived or wanted to visit and people whose work I have always admired. Although there’s also the ones who make me roll my eyes.

  17. I’ve lived here for ten years, but this is the first time I’ve found tufts of coyote fur from shedding season. I gathered a bundle and put it on the shelf, thinking about the den they are building in the preserve not so far away. They are home and so am I.

  18. yes yes yes…seen some khaki slightly baggy trousers i want in m&s….cool but comfy… up for, simplicity, eating the same things…i could start with growing tomatoes…hurry up and get to my ascendant uranu!!!!

  19. *Must* get myself a silk caftan, asap.
    The feeling of the above image reminds me of Diana Vreeland’s red luxurious lounge room.

      1. Hello Gemyogi, the Diana Vreeland image is lovely! Could you maybe tell me how to post a picture? I’m new to posting on this blog and the picture thing does not seem to be explained in the FAQ… I’d be much obliged if you could explain!

        1. Hi Calcifer, when you click on post comment the small window should have a little camera and video icon in the bottom right corner — just click on the camera icon and you can upload a pic. Initially I didn’t have the camera icons, and I had to get help from Mystic’s IT person…

          1. Thank you, Gemyogi! That’s very kind of you. I don’t see the little camera and video icon yet, but I’ll look into it tomorrow – maybe asking Mystic’s IT person for help (insert smiley emoticon here)

  20. And we love to clean, aka house witch, floors vacuumed & cleaned with watered down eucalyptus and lavendar oil, incense in the air, money plant in auspicious corner watered and dusted, sheets washed, crystals loved and then a quick sun bath with a book. All parts nurtured, bliss. XxXx

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