Daily Mystic For Monday 28 March

It’s the Moonwane, the so-called Dark Moon before a Mercury-amplified New Moon on Thurs/Fri.

You know the drill: Discard what you no longer need or want. And what if you can’t right now? Don’t let the lunar-low lure you into a guilt binge. Clean out a cluttered drawer or your bookmarks – the process always feels good at this time of the Moon cycle.

There are a million reasons why you may not be able to act as definitively or swiftly as you want right now – you have been and are operating through an extraordinarily turbulent and destabilizing era.

Why not give yourself some kudos for that? Good on you!

Now, as a useful advance note for your schedule/planner: there is a Mercury Retrograde in May – It turns Retrograde at 4° Gemini and Direct at 26° Taurus.

In terms of scheduling, if you’re planning to make binding contracts or significant, structural changes to anything with a tech component (website re-dev, house renovation, etc) consider operating outside of May 10 until June 3.

As always, this zone is not bad – as such – but arrangements or clauses have a habit of evaporating or being misunderstood when Mercury turns Retrograde in one of the signs that it rules.

Mercury will, however, trine Pluto three times in a row, which is good. More on that soon!


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