Astro-Decor Is Here!

Astro-Decor is here! It’s an upbeat, inspirational report that details your home personality and 4th house influences.

It currently has an unanticipated glitch which was not picked up in testing – apologies. Essentially, if you input your name as two syllables – eg: first and last name – the system can’t parse it. But it works for first names. So “Lucretia Borgia” produces a few lines of stupid code while “Lucretia” produces the report.

It will be fixed very soon and you will be able to regenerate the report correctly – apologies.

There is a lesson here, I spent from dawn on trying to decipher what was causing this, assuming all kinds of complexity but only at dusk did I think that it might be something so basic!

Also, this is minor by comparison, but if you have zero – zilch- planets etc in the 4th it should still show something. That will also be fixed when the first-name-basis-only glitch is solved and I will email to let you know when. I am anticipating within 24 hours at the outside.

I hope you are all well and managing to outweird the weirding!

Image: Lenny Kravitz’s Parisian townhouse

32 thoughts on “Astro-Decor Is Here!”

  1. 4th House Virgo here, I liked the Astro Decor reading, it made perfect sense. I mean I even had the duck egg blue/green requisite colour scheme on my top floor and the sub tone of Libra is recognised in colours too. That seems amazing! Plus no end of crystals and stones in every room. We moved in around Christmas to a house that has been altered so it has lots of little rooms like a ‘rabbit warren’ as the lady that chose the colours noted (disparagingly?). Practical and pleasant. It’s not overly large, but there seem to be at least 3 extra rooms no one expects, due to the garage extension. My dream home is something like the Royal Alcazar and an Egyptian Temple! My 2nd House Sun would like it made of golden coloured, impossibly huge stone blocks.

  2. It’s interesting that I’ve never messed up an order on this website before and I’ve been a subscriber since 2012.
    Its weird to me that “home” is where I have issues and I can’t even input the correct details which I’ve done a million times for different types of astrological reports.
    As if it’s a blind spot and even though part of me wants to look at this, clearly another part of me is super resistant.

    1. I forgot my birthtime when I input the data too. I have Pluto and Uranus in the 4th. I hate to feel stuck or like I am identified by my things. Or even my body/race etc. Am a soul trespassing here dammit.

  3. I’m watching this show right now on tv called Hoarders and I’m convinced it’s a symptom of narcissism. A way of dominating the space and invalidating the other human beings and their feelings.

    The people who stay in relationship with the hoarder seem codependent to me. I don’t know much about it but I’m currently living with a hoarder- she’s not as bad as the people in this series but she probably will become worse with time.
    I want to learn as much as possible about this dynamic and how I have invested in it, what my part is before I leave this place.

    My dad has major hoarding/ organisational issues/ npd/ substance abuse/ sex addiction issues that no one in the family can talk about without “being disloyal “ or something. It’s super weird but I know there’s stuff I can learn from here.

    Like this issue of never having a home in my dreams. Always being in a hotel in my dreams. Never feeling at home anywhere irl and now having made the decision to move in as a lodger with a legitimate hoarder. It’s a lot but I want to know more. What’s the deal with hoarding?
    is there an astrological indicator for addictive tendencies and the person either goes high or low with it?

    1. I didn’t realise that keeping rotting food everywhere was a hoarder thing. My landlady does that and it freaks me out.
      i thought I was overreacting (because I’m told that I am) it totally bugs me and I can’t eat breakfast while I’m looking at actual rotting vegetables for example. I have to get out of the room. It’s like staring death in the face – it’s horrifying.

      I saw that some people on this show do that too – keep hazardous waste and refuse to throw away food that’s literally decomposing. This hoarder on the show was using the exact same phrases my landlady uses to justify her behaviour. I’m not judging here. I’m genuinely curious.

    2. Corduroy jeans

      I haven’t read much about it, but it seems soo complex to me..!!💗 I know somebody very close who has it, and my personal observations wld concur with the clinical I’ve read (hoarding doesn’t occur in isolation; usually occurs with obsessive-compulsive disorder, addiction or other brain-chemistry issues), and usually (but not always) unresolved trauma is also there..? Our gen is so trauma-literate (not by choice, and painfully so!!) that it seems improbable that just one generation ago (our parent’s) the tools weren’t as accessible/discovered, to discuss & try and resolve. It is very sad, and frustrating too – if i try to understand hoarding from a “painter’s” perspective (what image/message are they creating,/sending?), it seems like they are trying to stop the passage of time, so they can ‘unfreeze’ or resolve a painful moment/life phase. So an unconscious still-life builds, grotesque at times, to prevent further loss.. I dunno, but I can relate to the feeling of wanting to “hold on” to good times/mementos, even if i can find the strength to let go (usually). A delicate, complex process – and I think you are just the mind/person to decipher it dear Invicta ..!! (When you are fully recovered, of course!!🤗💗💖) (and keeping yourself safe from exhaustion, too!!) Xx

      1. Yeah yeah yeah. Exactly. Trying to freeze moments in time. I’m with you on this. And it’s also a refusal to process stuff. Clutter is unmade decisions is what I head someone on YouTube saying during this ted talk. I think it’s a symptom of a variety of different things. I mean there’s the compulsive shopping aspect which I can definitely relate to. This numbing of pain or self soothing behaviour and a desire to accumulate stuff to fill the void and an issue with letting go of what has served its purpose. There’s so many reasons people don’t take proper care of their spaces and bodies and reasons we find ourselves tolerating behaviour we ourselves don’t exhibit. I had to stop watching the show. Too upsetting frankly. I desperately want my own sanctuary and need to create it.

      2. I’m curious if you’ve read anything by Tian Dayton Earthy?
        I have a feeling you’d find a lot in her work.

    3. I think depression and narcissism can be pretty close neighbours at times. So different but manifesting similarly. Sorry to hear your living situation isn’t reflecting the contentment you desire at all!

  4. Calcifer, if you are here. Read about your neighbour nastiness as i was in recovery from mine dishing it out at me. He is a manipulative bore that tries to steal my joy because i have some.
    Episodes happen about every 2 months, his cry for attention. We are under same roof divided into 2 apartments, a wall dividing us with his hall and passage way surrounding my studio.
    A cry for attention. A sad lonely man that has a choice of how they want to be in the world and if they feel they don’t have that choice, the library is full of self help books. Problem is they don’t think they need it as they are right about everything, so blinded by themselves and their tunnel vision.
    Soo you have an ally here who knows exactly how they can knock you off balance (their aim) so out lesson is how to keep grounded, protect ourselves thro’ positive self talk and also feel compassion for them for being such dickheads. Viciousness is not our language, think how sad their lives are to elicit that behaviour.
    Draw the sword or light the lamp but know when to do which one.

    1. Corduroy jeans

      “Draw the sword or light the lamp but know when to do which one.” Pegs you always speak to my very soul, I tells ya. Luv earthstar xxxxoo
      (Calcifer am also writing back to you on the other page!! hang on over there!!) Xoo

  5. My 4th house is Aries? But i cannot handle red anywhere except on lips.
    Naturally there are items i treasure from faraway places and as a minimalist only a few with great meaning.
    Actual furniture is tortoiseshell bamboo and antique (not copies) Indonesian, and wicker-woven as light to move except for the Indo heavy pieces.
    Only ever collected rugs and lamps as a renter as an easy moveable feast.
    House is organised everything in it’s place to save that waste of energy search of ‘where did i put that’.
    As house is over 100 years old it did have electrickery probs until a deep renovational fix
    Love the photo of blossom & bricks.
    My happiness is outside under sky so the crown of my head doesn’t feel limited or flattened. A true tee pee kinda tent or best of all an Airstream!
    Keeping a Sagg in a house for decades is torture.
    Never bought a house as it made no sense as it was only encompassed the earth a small way underground and sky above ie: not really yours and it never really belonged to you anyway.

    1. Your last line completely summed up my own thoughts on home ownership, which seems like a construct that never suited my transient lifestyle lol. I stay tethered to the ground in other ways 🌱
      on a daily me life update lol, the house I’m in currently is having some kind of unholy pipe purge and a smell that I was the only person to detect for years (Venus in Virgo could work at border security in airports lol) has turned to out to be well,….😆😩😳
      Can you believe that toilets have a diagnosis that includes inserting a camera into the pipes like surgery, to discover where the leakage is?? I just can’t 😂😂

    2. I also have Aries in the 4th house and thought exactly the same about the red! Don’t like or have large amounts of it anywhere. And also I LOVE frou frou things everywhere without purpose (well, in fact I actually love beauty around me and so see beautiful “trinkets” and memories as having the purpose of making me smile. I see meaning everywhere). Made me wonder if I am out of sync with my 4th house

      1. My Aries goddaughter is described perfectly in the 4th house House decor.
        She loves little things, little creatures, fairies in her 40’s, and yes the trinkets, the memories solidified in bits ‘n pieces.
        It overwhelms the ‘less is more me’…lol but gotta love her for it 🙂
        My 4th house is empty of planets so it’s the aura of the 4th Aries.
        Speedy efficient cleaning 🙂 or is that my Virgoan Mars.

        Ceres is there in 4th. Learning to bake is on my do before i die list altho’ attention is paid to nourishment, not by the book but by pleasure and ease. Ready in 20 mins or forget it besides oven is electric, that damn electrickery again.
        Baking by fire is the way innit. The hearth fire of Leo & Ceres.
        Decor for me is all about lighting, never overhead lights ever but 4 or 5 lamps to a room to create stories around them.
        A designer once said to put things in groups of 3 to create a scene.
        Sometimes a change of cushion covers is all thats needed to lift a tired view.
        And the lighting of course.

    3. Corduroy jeans

      Love this too. And being ready to ‘action-stations’ and move at the drop of a hat (airy, fleet-of-foot) is also very Aries (from this Sun Aries). I wonder if 4th house references childhood undertones, while our living area also references our 1st/Sun house in an extension-of-personality kinda way?? (Am getting Astro-decor report today!! been. so. busy…)
      Interestingly Pegs I have Neptune in 8th house Sagittarius and I could never stomach the idea of atheism, simply because the idea that humans were the ‘ceiling’ of intellectual and spiritual intelligence (i.e. that there wasn’t anything ‘higher’) always felt coffin-like to me?? Anyway. I understand is what I’m saying.. xx

      1. Corduroy jeans

        In property law Pegs, we have the doctrine of ‘ad coelum’ – meaning that property owners also own a portion of the air above the land, and the subterranean to a certain depth (only. And Crown keeps mineral/metallurgical rights – typically). The old common law dictated ownership all the way to ‘heaven above the land and below to hell’, but the same common law abbreviated those ownership rights to just a few square metres above and below the soil square metre-age in past few centuries – so your instinct is correct as per usual..!
        The Latin (if you like that kinda thing) is: Cuius est solum, eius est usque ad coelum et ad inferos.

        1. Earthy you’re a property lawyer!! That’s fantastic.
          I have a great friend here who is a property lawyer – It’s such an intriguing and relevant aspect of the law to me.

  6. Wish Upon a Star

    So ideally I have always wanted to live in two places. Queensland in the winter and down south in the summer. This was confirmed by Astro Decor. You see I have my Gemini Sun in the 4th house.

    And I have always been in awe of the medicinal serpent entwined staff symbol. Well I found out I have Rasalhague in the 4th house. And this is one of its symbols. I have always wanted to buy a goblet to drink out of. Also another symbol.

    I will slowly add the other main suggestions. And coming into summer I will change my colour scheme.

    Thanks Mystic. The last new moon was in my 4th house and the focus lately has been on home. So Good timing!

    1. Star Light you know the Cadeus is symbolic of Kundalini the serpent power that winds up & down the spine (the staff)?
      I wish medics were in awe of the Cadeus as we are!
      Many seem to have forgotten.

  7. I am so excited about this. I’m going to have to wait until next month anyway which is good discipline for me. But oh yeah. This one. These reports are phenomenal.

    1. Gaaaah!
      I went ahead and bought one in the end but in my covid haze didn’t see the date was incorrect. It was in my cart for two days and I was trying to remember if there was a coupon code I needed to apply to get the mega mystic discount. My brain just isn’t functioning yet. I’m sure support for the site will get back to me during the week.

  8. Ugh, how frustrating for you, Mystic! (and for peeps trying to download it.) I swear this Merc Retro shadow has a real zing to it.

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