Is Symmetry A True Libran Trait?

Symmetry is a Libra trait, along with diplomacy, managerial acumen, and the mastery of euphemism. Asymmetry disturbs their psyche.

Would the obvious outcome for Librans be a need to have everything so symmetrical that it is like a mirror image scenario?

I once watched a Libra Rising spend half an hour with a hand mirror trying to ascertain if her eyebrows sat at the same height. She was not a cosmetic surgeon, and nor did her income rely on brow symmetry. She was not even especially vain. The perceived lack of brow balance was disturbing her sense of self.

And I have seen Libra people deploy precision focus as they move things a millimeter to the left or right to achieve the desired effect.

Don’t mention Virgo – their M.O. is to sweep the entire shelf clean and then start again. “From scratch” is a very Virgo concept.

But abject minimalism is not normally a Libra trait; they desire only balance, beauty, and truth. Their admiration of outer symmetry reflects their inner poise. Or the equilibrium that they are striving for. It also gives Librans an unerring sense of when things are wrong – they sense changes of rhythm or frequency without even realizing it.

It’s not fussy or somehow artificial to want things ‘just so’ – nature itself operates on exact rhythms, from the ciliary beat or the Kreb cycle within our bodies to the subtle attunements of birds. The Libra yen for equilibrium is far more profound than it seems on the surface.

Image: Yoshida Hodaka

60 thoughts on “Is Symmetry A True Libran Trait?”

  1. Libra sun/moon, Virgo asc

    Have to say I hate symmetry with a passion. Drives me insane. I have my own way of arranging things but do admit to needing to move objects into perfect position and keep pictures straight. I remember Linda Goodman writing that Librans can get a headache from poorly matched colours, though, and I can totally related to that.
    As for Libran sluttery, I haven’t seen it. Have lots of Librans in my life and none are into bed-hopping. As for love, I like to fall in love all the time – with characters in books, films, musicians, a cute guy who smiled at me on the train, a stranger in a dream… I have my own little fantasy world that I slip into while doing the chores like straightening all those pictures LOL

  2. Don’t care for symmetry, in fact I loathe symmetry. Balance, people. Balance.

    Agree about the sheets. Sheets should be thick, crisp cotton.

  3. uh-huh. i have Libra Asc too, but i love balance more than symmetry. In fact I think I prefer asymmetry, but only as long as things look balanced.
    Love the pic, but could not sleep on those silky sheets. ew.

  4. Lib asc here and I gotta say (combined with my gem sun) why not date two people at the same time? I mean other than it totally hurting them if they think they are in a comminted relatonship. I do agree with some other folks who have posted that Libras are looking for one person inparticular to spend there days with and be comminted to. But I’m young, and a gemini so commitment is not really in my vocabulary.
    So free love is the perfect type of relationship for me (for now).
    Prolly will come back and bite me in the arse one day.
    And yes to symmetry!

  5. Yesssssss, I’m a Scorpio but I have a mega stellium of Libra/7thH, lack of symmetry makes me feel physically unwell. The lack of symmetry on my own body/face has been known to drive me to some very dark places of stressss.

  6. It was just the perfect amount BlueLib, thank you.
    Clarity is an absolute blessing!

    I am going away – this weekend to a cool little folk festival in the mountains – and no, he doesnt have a key. So it will just be absence and most importantly, Clearing of the Head.

    And then back to do the Saturn thing right; due diligence in pulling my fabulous life back together, flow, calm. A little inner peace will go a long way.

    And I must remember above ALL else: Do Not Respond to those cheeky little SMS. Oh for the days when I didn’t thrill at the ding of a friggin message…

  7. My last (latest?) flash crush was/is a Libran. The most charming, beguiling, shameless man-whore that ever there was. Is *sigh*. He does not lie, is unfailingly honest (to the point of utterly tactless) and his seductive wiles are, well, brutal.
    He is great for my loins but a disaster for my head/heart. It has taken a small personal revolution (and the near passing of Neptune from the land of moi) to Just Say No. Pulled it off (I know, leave it alone) three times and flailed, nay, utterly capitulated once.
    His man-sluttery knows no bounds, the challenge is king which is why the final straw for me was the “lesbian” school-friend-of-his-baby-sister’s. Who still kicks around the tiny town we live in on flying visits, bra-less and calling all men c*nts once she’s got a coupla whiskeys under the belt of her Ksubi jeans.
    Libranova maintains that he is unerringly monogamous once in love and settled but will only snuggle and spend time (his two markers of commitment) once he gets there. Until then ladies, the floor is his.
    And Goddesses help you if you think the uber-romance routine is him falling… worked out the hard way that the longer it takes him to get you horizontal, the greater the stops he pulls out. The picnic in the paddock by a fire with homecooked deliciousness (yup, a chef) got me. Bugger him.

  8. I’d also like to meet my soul mate. Despite being rather critical of the whole “soul mate” idea lately, but still I remain optimistic that there should be one…somewhere. People (my Scorpio sister and my Scorpio mother) tell me the same thing about having to get out there and put some effort into trying to find my soul mate. Effort? *whines* But soul mates are supposed to miraculously appear, all serendipitous-like, fate and destiny and all that. Aren’t they? I already know what I don’t want, why date a string of people I feel less than 100% about just to reinforce those beliefs? *sulks*

    1. Lauren, I just have a gut feeling you will meet a soulmate someday. I guess there’s no rushing these things, huh? Just keep being your great self.

    1. ARE those sheets pink or is it some ghastly color masquerading as pink??!!!

      but you’re right, they look good with her legs (only because everything probably looks good with her legs *now wishing Cap moon gave me the famous Cap legs, sigh*)

      1. salmon – that old-school canned salmon is what it makes me think of. The room reminds me of a funeral parlour – the two chairs on either side and the arched shelf thing.

  9. Libran Sun, Libran Ascendant – never cheated on my husband, hate the idea. Bad karma and all that. I despite infidelity. And yes, I do like to have things in balance in our home, decor has to be just right. But the inner slattern is alive and well – I loathe housework, so our home is clean but not airbrushed, so to speak. My husband does are more housework than I do, and it’s a standing joke that I have no idea where the on/off switch is for the broom and vacuum cleaner. He once explained to me how to work the vacuum cleaner and the different kinds of thingies which hold up curtains and then sighed and said: “How many blokes have to explain to their partners how a bloody vacuum works”? However, I have tamed the outer slattern who used to be fiendishly untidy. I think it’s Saturn in Libra, I feel the need to be tidy which is truly weird. It’s unnerved my husband because I’m tidying up things and he can’t find them. Hah! be careful what you ask for, you might get it, I tell Mr Super-Tidy.

    1. He’s a Leo, army kid, served in the British army, brainwashed into ueber-tidiness as far as I’m concerned but he does more than his fair share of chores so I’m not complaining. Mind you, with Aries rising and Aries moon, he’s just hyper-active and has to be on the move anyway. That’s my excuse for supervising the housework πŸ˜€

  10. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

    more drawn to eclecticism & odd numbers than symmetry – Taurus moon perhaps responsible for shifting things that essential bit this way or that lol

    know exactly re the Virgo clean sweep. Virgo ex-mega model ditches every time at significant life points. quits modelling, ditches all pictures, folio, comp cards, magazines, everything associated & rebirths in business. moves house – same thing. not attached, except to husband :)…..

    free love paradigm’s fine if your single, but not when attached!

    1. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

      hang on – have OCD when it comes to bathroom towel alignment, & yes habitually straighten pictures, & inside of kitchen cupboards are ordered with precision ….. but not the rest of the place or office ….

  11. Hmm. To my knowledge, the Libra women I know are true blue and wouldn’t cheat for the world—once committed. One of these women is my mother and I know she loves the fact that she dated multiple men at once before getting married to my father. She loves symmetry too. Drives me nuts with it, but I am one of those pple who needs to have all pictures on wall exactly squared off and will micro adjust until they look straight. My mom and I both do that. My Libra friends I still talk to are wonderful and true blue. Big time flirts, though.

  12. My ex (Taurean/Sun, Libran/Asc) had sex with someone else during our relationship.

    When I asked if she wanted “both of us” she was very taken with the idea….like I’d stuck gold….that I finally understood her.

    Anyway I then ended it very abruptly.

    Pisces Sun/Asc

  13. My IC is in libra with pluto 4th house and I get very very pissy when things are out of wack. I am the exact kind of person that has to go and re arrange things if the lines are all out and the colours are bad. Actually makes me cross.

    1. hehehe you would SO hate my house – i mean I even hate my house – but i suspect you would be convinced you’d entered a parallel universe. Do you run your finger over things for dust and check people’s cupboards? :mrgreen:

      1. lol noo nothing to do with dust its clutter and arrangement and colours. Dude I live with 3 boys who do not give a shit I am constantly fixing things. its endless, it’s more about my house than anyone else’s anyway, that’s their deal (ic an all) x

    1. I wish I knew more Libran men so I could test out this “man-slut” theory. πŸ˜‰ The two that I know are both good platonic friends of mine and happily married, but huge flirts and teases. Not in a creepy way, but in a charming and class clown kind of way. The only difficulty sometimes is trying to tell when they’re joking and when they’re being serious, as everything is said with that winsome Libra smile.

      1. Yes, they are ultra-charming in a way that gets me every time. Winsome is the perfect word – they’re so bloody charming that most of the time I didn’t realise they had charmed me into doing what they wanted (well, I’m thinking of one in particular). One of my closest friends is also Libran (female) and she is also SO charming and such a natural flirt. I suspect that most of the time they’re not even aware they’re doing it, they just naturally love to beguile. You should come to Melbourne – I seem to have a knack for making friends with charming male Librans. *shakes head*

        1. I’d love to go back to Melbourne! :mrgreen: Only got to spend a week there while I was doing a semester abroad to finish up school last year, lol. Back in the states now though, so it’ll probably be awhile until I can get back there. And likewise, should you want to attract any intensely alluring yet brain confounding Scorpios, then follow me! I’m not sure I’d fall for the Libra charm. I’d always be smirking and wondering if it was shallow flattery or genuine appreciation.

          1. That’s the thing about down under – being so far away! Which part of the US are you in? I’ve never been but I have a cousin in North Carolina (I think, or he’s back in California) … and I have a strong love of William Faulkner, so I’d love to visit one day. Like many students, $$ always gets in the way of extravagant travel plans!

            Hahaha, you’re on re: Scorpios! I don’t mind a bit of brain confounding-ness … I imagine that our Spider-orchid man would be resolutely confounding. You’re wise not to fall for the Libran charm – very wise!

            1. I’m in New Jersey, so that’s an 18 hour plane ride away. I don’t mind the distance so much, it’s just the expense of the plane ticket that hurts. I was living in Newtown, studying at the University of Sydney so only got to visit Melbourne on Easter break. My Aries friend and I had a wonderful time there though, as well as a harrowing bike adventure on Phillips Island, lol. Rode out to see the penguins, got caught in a rainstorm and ended up riding back in the pitch dark of night, freezing cold, soaked and starving. Aries are good peeps to take along on adventures like that though. πŸ˜‰

              1. Haha, sounds like you got to experience the glory that is Melbourne weather (four seasons in one day)! I don’t think I’ve ever been on a trip with an Aries and actually, come to think of it, don’t know that many. I’ve never done the bike ride to see the penguins – you didn’t ride all the way from the city to the Island did you?! That would be INTENSE.

              2. No no! We took the train to the coast, then a ferry to the island, but still our hostel was a good three hour ride from where the penguins are. Had there been a bus that went there we probably would have taken that, but the guy at our hostel said that people biked out there all the time and folks twice our age have no trouble at all! I guess those older folks must have been in terrific shape then because we were cramped and sore and had to walk about half of the way. I will say though that on the way back in the almost pitch dark of night, no cars on the roads (they aren’t allowed as a protection to the wildlife), no lights, no sound except cattle mooing in the far away…that it was quite a serene and spiritual experience. There were deer and wallabies and geese all around us, that we knew were there (you could sense eyes peering at you from the bush), yet we couldn’t see. Even the cows in the fields looked at us as if we didn’t quite belong. Strangers in a strange land. πŸ˜‰

        2. toro in transit

          yes, i’ve got a friend, male, who is winsome and charming, and libran. winsome, what a great description!

  14. The decor in the picture is not to my taste (way too pink … and satiny) but I do love symmetry. My Asc is in Libra, so I guess that’s not a huge surprise. I’m not so much about matching pairs though – what matters more to me is that a room is set up symmetrically, as in having things look balanced (according to some kind of ratio) and/or complementary. I have been known to move things in my room a mm to the left/right as well in order to achieve the right balance. My Scorp and Leo housemates roll their eyes and tell me to get over myself but whatever. I like to think of it as creating the right balance to allow for optimal flow of Qi!

    As for free love … well, I’m not sure. Male Librans are my kryptonite but the two that I was with for a while (separately, not at the same time!) were not really about free love but one was obsessed with the way he (and I) looked. Not so much clothing wise, but proportion wise … face, body. It was a slow burning nightmare.

    Crush du jour is also Libran (I never seem to learn!) and being an industrial designer has a fairly intense lust for symmetry in the fullest sense of the word. Steering clear of this one for a while!

  15. The decor in the picture is not to my taste (way too pink … and satiny) but I do love symmetry. My Asc is in Libra, so I guess that’s not a huge surprise. I’m not so much about matching pairs though – what matters more to me is that a room is set up symmetrically, as in having things look balanced (according to some kind of ratio) and/or complementary. I have been known to move things in my room a mm to the left/right as well in order to achieve the right balance. My Scorp and Leo housemates roll their eyes and tell me to get over myself but whatever. I like to think of it as cretaing the right balance to allow for optimal flow of Qi!

    As for free love … well, I’m not sure. Male Librans are my kryptonite but the two that I was with for a while (separately, not at the same time!) were not really about free love but one was obsessed with the way he (and I) looked. Not so much clothing wise, but proportion wise … face, body. It was a slow burning nightmare.

    Crush du jour is also Libran (I never seem to learn!) and being an industrial designer has a fairly intense lust for symmetry in the fullest sense of the word. Steering clear of this one for a while!

  16. i have been debating whether i’m scorp or libra asc and this convinced me – my entire apartment is balanced like this and it drives ppl crzy! “its ok to have a different rug in each room” – i 100% disagree for the sake of balance!!

  17. I once lived with a Libran who would not allow the TV volume to be on an odd number, unless that number was double-digits (11, 33 etc).

    Oh yeah, and her bedroom traffic was a self-confessed trait of hers. If anything the most brilliant thing I find about Libran sluttery is they own it totally and don’t feel ashamed of it.

  18. no idea what happened to me but i suspect uranus / sun ic has upset the applecart chez mine. My job involves symmetry having it at home wld do my head in – crooked pictures and curtain hems etc i will attend to but thats where it begins & ends. Chaos reigns and if its too bad i’ll just go out. As for duplicitous tendances in love never. I would rather shave my bikini lime with a chainsaw than taint the love i feel for the aqua – it’s the purest thing i’ve ever experienced and prior to him the trick was to seldom commit at all. Have never been a cheater. Not my style – never knowingly slept with anyone who’s attached either – altho it did take me a while to extricate from the one i did find out was cheating due to his relentless ptrsuit of me. It sickened me – the thought of it. Free love’s fine if all parties are consenting but it’s seldom the case.

    1. LOL I was trying to go sans blog due to the madness that is my life right now – I’ve even started planning meals for the week so I don’t lose it due to insane work shenanigans – but the horrible sad things that are happening made it hard to disconnect from other humans so now I’ve adapted to posting on trains in between gigs. Hello lime on the errr wound… pass me some salt and tequila and I won’t feel a thing.
      LOVE that you can use it to be master of your own domain. It’s 5th house and venus right? I had a phase of winning money last year when there was some insane alignment but as soon as it was over it was totally over! I think it would be one of the harder compulsions to control because it isn’t actually hurting your liver or heart or anything – just the pocket if it doesn’t work out. Whatever it takes – good on you for being strong. If it’s luck you’re meant to have it will find you in some other way x

  19. I don’t like the symmetrical bedroom/bookends thing because I have an Aqua moon which makes we want to be “oh so different” from everyone else! The aqua-ness is getting boring.

    I’m not polygamous – am always in search of the one – most Librans are. If they do like having two partners I can only imagine they have Gemini planets. Or that the three people in the relationship remind the Libran of a set of scales. The Libran being in the middle and the other two are the β€œdishes” balancing on either side.

    I once dated two guys – but only because they were both born on Feb 2nd. And they were identical. They were the same person, split in two. That’s how I saw it anyway ?

    1. Oi don’t blame cheating or polygamous on Gems. Am a Gemini
      Never cheated on anyone EVER neither has any of my many Gem friends.
      Nor flirtatious, I have respect for the person any person I am seeing.
      Am a little bit over the Gem bashing. There are good ones you know.
      There is good and bad in every sign. Geez.

  20. Well, I always feel like my Sun in Leo and Libra ascendant are fighting; I’ll have clothes strewn about the floor and my desk all cluttered, but then I might just put all the clothes into piles, and make each side of my desk even with stuff.
    But then my strong Virgo (Mercury + Moon) just kicks in and I take EVERYTHING out of my room and clean every little detail!

  21. I keep hearing about these “Free Love Libras” and slutty Libras and such. I stand around and think “Who are these people?” *shrug* @_@

    1. Whoever and wherever they are, I don’t think I know of any. Most of the Librans I know are very focused on being a “couple” and finding their other half, but it’s always a one-on-one thing, not a one-on-three or three-on-five! I wonder if you surveyed a group of polygamists if you’d find a lot of October birthdays among them. Though the Libra wife of my Scorpio ex has cheated on him twice because she was confused about whether she wanted to be with him. (You’d think being a 5 planet Scorpio that he’d be intolerant of cheating, but he was trying to practice forgiveness. I think he’s only lying to himself. *grumble*) Does that count as “free love”? No offense to the Libran crowd here. Just a bit bitter about that one in particular. Stupid cow. πŸ™„

      1. Wow, five planets in Scorp. My housemate with two planets in Scorp has trouble forgiving even the slightest wrongdoing … working on forgiveness with five is impressive!

        1. The weird thing is that I also have 5 planets in Scorp, which is why there’s this love/hate vibe between us. I would be out the door if it were me. I think he’s in denial cause when I tried to talk to him about it he clammed up, like he was just realizing what it meant to feel cheated on and that YES, it SUCKS! I tell myself that it didn’t effect him because he doesn’t really love her. Maybe I’m right, or maybe I’m in denial as well. I dunno. Scorpios don’t deal well with betrayal, in friendship, business or love. Sadly I now think that I might have been better off not knowing him at all, since I have more questions than answers and I hate being left in the dark.

          1. Phwoar, sounds really complex love. If he’s not out the door, I’m guessing they’re still married? Being cheated on is a horrible experience, particularly the betrayal (as you said) – I’d also be out the door. Even if there is no love between them anymore, the betrayal still stings because I suspect there is a part that still feels love. This happened to me, with the ex Libran – even though it was obviously over and I didn’t love him (per se) anymore, I still felt utterly betrayed and some masochistic part of me wanted to try and work at it again – perhaps to prove to him (and myself) that I was worth more than that (and partly because I felt like I had ‘failed’ at the relationship). Totally fuqed!

            Sounds like he’s probably in a really complex head-space at the moment and is maybe best avoided?! I don’t think you’re in denial – it’s crappy and complex situation to be in and, as you said, only really leaves uncertainty behind, which is seriously frustrating. At the risk of sounding Oprah-esque, have you tried writing him some kind of letter (one that doesn’t hold back!) and then doing something symbolic, like burning or burying it as a way of letting it go? Doesn’t mean you necessarily let him go, just the crapness of the situation. Big hugs!

            1. Thanks Piscesienne! *hugs back*

              Yes, I’m currently avoiding him which is easy because he’s avoiding me as well. He is married still (as far as I know) despite telling me he couldn’t stand it, was miserable, had been severely depressed, was tired of her constant lies and had signed the lease of an apartment that he had already moved out into. I have to admit I’m very curious about what happened with that, since it was a 12 month lease. The other thing is that he has a 3 year old son with her and I believe that’s his only motivation to stay. Last I spoke to him (3 months ago now) he said he was still “torn”, but that she wanted to work things out so for his son’s sake he wanted to give it a try. I told him I couldn’t put up with the back and forth, so as long as he was still married that we couldn’t be friends. Hasn’t been any communication since then. I texted once about getting back some books I had given him to borrow, but no reply. I’ve written hundreds of letters in my head and have given thought to actually emailing him, but I haven’t and I don’t intend to. If anything happens in the future he’ll have to take the initiative and work hard to prove he really wants it. x.x

              1. Hmmm, having a child together makes it even more murky! Sounds like you’re doing the right thing and (forgive the Oprah-ness again) honouring yourself, maintaining healthy boundaries and so on – Old Saturn would be proud! Pity about the books … I have a deep (perhaps unhealthy) attachment to my books, so not getting them back would be frustrating. Stay well – and (as much as this kind of language is a bit cringeworthy) eventually, somehow, the right person will find their way to you. Or so I’ve been told … πŸ˜‰ xx

  22. “Librans also have the reputation for being very urbanely into the Free Love paradigm and i think it’s deserved but maybe that springs from the desire for symmetry. Two lovers being like matching book-ends. Some call it sluttery but in the land of Libra it is but a search for balance? ”

    I was married to a Libran … was being the operative word, he liked his book ends, and well he can have them … I am one as well, with lots a Virgo in my chart, so yep sweepin it clean and balancing it up and arhmmmm working on my own set of book ends, now that I am free to do so … lol
    Thanks for the deeper insight into my life and lovers πŸ™‚

  23. “I have oft seen Taurus (the other sign ruled by Venus) move things a millimeter to the left or right, just to achieve the desired effect.”

    A Taurus? They must have had some good amount of Virgoan influence in their chart. Okay, I’ll admit that I may add just a smidget of light or shadow in editing photos, or change a word or add a comma in creative writings, but I have no Libra or Virgo in me. Quite the opposite, a bunch of Pisces and Arie in Venus in 1st house.

    Soo true about the Virgo thing. This is especially true when they have Moon, Mars, Jupiter & Pluto in Scorpio. The one I know had some of those in his 1st house, and restarted his entire life from scratch.

    As far as Libras go, I have Libran men in my family who think it’s fine for women to get implants or shrink their noses to make themselves “look right.” I think they should get brain surgery to make them “think right.”

  24. I love the Virgo comment, I have a Virgoan friend who has a Techie/Writing Programmes and what not business in the UK, his business name ….”From Scratch” . Will post this to him ! Thanks Mystic !

  25. I have a Libran friend who is obsessed with the symmetry of his face and body, and the balance in bodies/ faces of others… eg. I have nice features but my eyes are too small for my face πŸ˜›

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