Fired For Being A Virgo

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Dear Mystic, I was fired for being a Virgo. My boss and HR pulled me into the office after the one and (to my knowledge) only time a client (who phoned in from a funeral) requested I be removed from [ Read more…]

Vintage Russian Mermaid Movie

Neptune In Pisces Is Like A Drug


Neptune in Pisces is like a drug. It accentuates all things Pisces, Neptunian and 12th house. It means heightened psychic powers and a stronger addictive undertow. Pisceans, Pisces Rising, Moon in Pisces and strong 12th House types are already mood-swinging [ Read more…]

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12th House Re-Set


Shinji Ohmaki I prefer writing to reading (mercury in aries = know-it-all, we learn by osmosis) but when ever i DO happen upon a description of the 12th House, it’s usually really annoying. It’s often described as the “house of [ Read more…]

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Yick. I was so ignorant of the Roman Polanski thing that i always assumed he’d been tried and acquitted or something.  Anyway, his being bought to justice is interesting astrologically – it coincided with Saturn being exactly on his Venus-Jupiter [ Read more…]