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The Stars Speaking In Silence


Mark Helprin, who wrote Winter’s Tale, has Neptune in the 12th House square his Cancerian Sun. When you’ve got Neptune in this House, you’re channeling something other-worldly, whether you want to be or not. You’re a Neptunian and, if you [ Read more…]

Fired For Being A Virgo

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Dear Mystic, I was fired for being a Virgo. My boss and HR pulled me into the office after the one and (to my knowledge) only time a client (who phoned in from a funeral) requested I be removed from [ Read more…]

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Neptune In Pisces Is Like A Drug


Neptune in Pisces is like a drug. It accentuates all things Pisces, Neptunian and 12th house. It means heightened psychic powers and a stronger addictive undertow. Pisceans, Pisces Rising, Moon in Pisces and strong 12th House types are already mood-swinging [ Read more…]

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12th House Re-Set


Shinji Ohmaki I prefer writing to reading (mercury in aries = know-it-all, we learn by osmosis) but when ever i DO happen upon a description of the 12th House, it’s usually really annoying. It’s often described as the “house of [ Read more…]