Hathor Was The Original Holy Cow

Uranus in Taurus is as good a time as any to re-align with the Hathor Vibe.  The Ancient Kemetic Cow Goddess is so old she is said to be the precursor of Isis.  She also has links with Lion Goddess Sekhmet and the Cat Goddess Bast or Ubasti.  She is – like Hekate and the Babylonian Ishtar – a kind of Ur Goddess.

Hathor is super-primordial  – her origins are lost in the vortex of time. And, it doesn’t help that the usual suspects destroyed practically all of the ancient literature on feminine divinity and former times.

According to the Ancient History Encyclopaedia, she was a “bad” deity turned benevolent.  This is like a parallel to the Snake Goddess aka Lilith, the first wife of Adam turned demon turned tempter of second wife Eve.

Hathor originated the concept of parthogenesis (being able to conceive children and give birth without having had sex) and resurrection. Being able to pop out children when you want them, with or without sex plus going to hell and and back are part of the standard goddess skillset. FYI very old churches still have statues of the Virgin Mary with the archetypal crescent Moon head-dress of Hathor.

She was the original Holy Cow, the Goddess of Joy, Abundance, Love, Music, Motherhood and a whole host of things. The (only) female Pharoah – Hatshepsut – had her own personal chapel to Hathor and it was said that the river of stars we now call the Milky Way was her realm. There is an asteroid Hathor – 2340 if you want to throw it into your birth chart.

She is also connected to the Pleiades star cluster which some call the Seven Hathors, as well as the planet Venus. Barbara Walker, in the The Women’s Encylopedia of Myths and Secrets blew my mind with his little mention:

Mother Goose originated in ancient Egypt, where she was Mother Hathor, incarnate in the Nile Goose. She laid the Golden Egg of the sun, another way of saying she gave birth to Ra. His solar disc was sometimes called the Goose-egg.Some Egyptian writings called the goose Creatress of the World because she produced the whole
universe in a primordial World Egg.

The fairy tale of Jack who climbed the beanstalk to find the goose that laid the golden egg, dated back to pre-dynastic shamans who climbed the Heavenly Vine, or Ladder of Set, to the celestial realm of the solar deity, invoked in prayers as “the Egg of the Goose appearing from out of the sycamore.”

Like Hathor, Mother Goose was the godmother of all children. In her pictures she always wore the traditional garb of the witch- midwife: black cloak, pointed hat like the Egyptian crown, and magic wand.

Hathor is the original “Holy Cow” and natural Muse-Mentor to Taureans!


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  1. Jordan Toshiro

    If Hathor is Venus..is Isis more Lunar in nature? The Egyptian goddesses are similar to the Hindu concept of Shakti..like they are different manifestations of the same divine feminine energy… Hathor most poignantly embodied the ideal Egyptian notion of femininity…so she has aspects of Moon and Venus….so does Isis..but I was wondering where both respective goddeses would fit if linked with Venus or the Moon as the feminine planets…

    1. Good question! I think it depends on which era it was, to an extent. Also, there are so many ancient goddesses (and gods) of whom bare traces remain – in terms of Egypt, think Wadjet for example, or Sekhmet. The Moon was associated with Thoth in Ancient Egypt/Kemet so the Venus/Moon as ‘feminine’ is relatively recent.

  2. Raymond Nolan Scott

    Hathor actually has two asteroids named after her.
    The other is 161 Athor

    In my Astrological Nativity:

    In Ecliptic Longitude:
    Sun in 5’20 Scorpio
    conjunct Athor 6’16 Scorpio

    In Right Ascension:
    14h12m11s (213°03’)
    conjunct 14h13m00s (213°15′)

  3. So this asteroid is transiting my second house. (Income house) I basically get paid to have kids with out having sex.
    I work in a toddler classroom and they keep putting more toddlers in the room.
    I have Jupiter natally in Cancer. (4 degrees) the classroom I’m in, is an over expansion, which Jupiter is known for. 20 toddlers in a room. Plus I have a niece and nephew now.
    Not sure how fast/slow moving this asteroid is but since it’s moving away from my sign…the school year is almost over. So I’ll have a break. Continue on to my bachelors on having kids with out having sex.

  4. So, thank you for this. Hathor is at 28’ Gemini for me- right on my ascendant. Just found I have Varuna rising as well- what’s up? What does this mean for me?

    1. Found this for anyone interested:

      Hathor in the natal chart is about the birth of ideas, creative expression, invention, nurturing, bringing joy and living in accordance with moral convictions.

      Hathor in aspect to the sun denotes strong character and morals as well as a love of art and creative expression

      Hathor in aspect to moon indicates strong maternal instinct and nurturing nature

      Hathor in aspect to Venus indicates love of music, art , style and flair in clothing and decorating

      Hathor in aspect to Mars indicates a strong protective maternal instinct and a strong drive for fairness and justice for all.

      1. Whoops, this comment hadn’t come up when I commented below. I like the idea that Hathor is about living in accordance with your convictions!

    2. I have it near my asc in Gem too. If you look up Venus on the Ascendant, I think it will provide similar vibes. Sensual or sensitive, warms up the cool Gem, flirtatious and open.

  5. Lovely Hathor, mmm, she is so sensual, creamy milky and earth power joyful. I like that she is close to Isis in vibe – interchangeable here and there, wearing each other’s symbols. There was a small temple of Hathor near Isis’s Temple and vice versa which feels so right. They aren’t counterparts (like Nepthys) more like BFF’s with Isis the sexy librarian wordy one and Hathor more a sultry dame, street smart and poetic maybe?

    Anyway, natal Hathor is in Gemini/1st, trine my Isis/Uranus in Libra. Eccentric, arty, romantic and fun. Hathor has no flaws surely! I have many, but I like the idea of Hathor’s mythic fertile perfection.

    My Venus in Cancer is also in the 1st. There is love of the arts and music, sentimental etc. I love babies, every little child is a divine child to me. Breastfeeding was happily easy for me and I imagine if I adopted a baby I would be able to breastfeed at will, lol.

  6. Ooh Venus + Luna + Hathor in Kataka, yummy!
    V much enjoying all this sensual energy transiting through my Cancer-heavy chart.

  7. Hathor conjunct Crabby moon. Nice. Taurus is divided between my 4th and 5th so that all kind of gels.

    1. Fehu, Freya, Queenie and Mooden…There heaps of details and pics of them on the Whisker Wood Animal Sanctuary Facebook page.

  8. Wow. I have Hathor exactly on the ascendant in Sag, conjunct Venus in the 12th. I’m really vibing with this new era (a new respect for Mother Earth, including a vegan diet, sustainability in materials, eco chic, natural hair). The idea of even eating a cow truly disturbs me. Hmm… I’ll be looking to Hathor for more guidance in these times.

  9. Holy Cow — Hathor is exact conjunct my 29 Cancer. Have no idea what this means. I also have Ceres conjunct my Pluto-Virgo ascendant in my birth chart and thought that was why people always want/expect me to mother them. But maybe it’s the cow thing 😉

  10. Hathor in my chart is in Gemini, 5th house, opposite my Moon-Uranus-Ceres super tight conjunction. Also sextile Mars. Looked up Sekhmet too, and Hathor is squaring that as well.

    Usually I really dislike Taurus energy because I don’t have anything in that sign, but loads of stuff in all of the other fixed signs. However this recent Uranus into Taurus transition has been heaps different, maybe Hathor opposing Uranus is easing it up a bit, making it more harmonious in some way? I have been getting a lot of creative bursts of energy lately.

  11. For me she is just another set of squares this time from my sixth. Venus is all squares from my third. Bleurgh

  12. Hathor is conjunct my Pluto in the Fifth House, trine Mars in the Eighth. Should I be thinking of her as a form of Venus?

  13. This Uber Taurus has Hathor in her first house in the sign of Gemini.

    Two faced? No. Two cows? Well, with 5 placements in Taurus it kinda makes sense I’m a a herd-in-one.

    P.S. Was wondering what postal code that would be. Tamworth? How poetic.

    P.P.S. Happy Birthday to mo(i)o 🙂

  14. Adding Hathor to my star chart has totally altered it. Previously it had mainly had a few lines etc darting across the top of my chart (because of a stelium and a half in Scorpio). However my Hathor sign, also in Scorpio, has a trine with Chiron and other links too.
    My natal Chiron is at 28 Pisces and the extended Chiron at 28 Pisces was trying, to say the least. I welcomed the new Aries in Chiron transit. Have been thrilled to see a bit of my Taurus side emerging recently. Perhaps, in addition to the Taurus in Uranus transit, this is also an outcome of my moving forward / growing with the Chiron pain? Am choosing to think so as I have a dearth of positive Taurean qualities (apart from stubbornness) and want to nurture some of them during the new age of Queens.

  15. Hathor in first house, Taurus. Mooooo

    I like that she’s the into music, dance and welcoming the dead into the afterlife. Like ‘hey guys c’mon in, the party’s just getting started!’

    1. Love this – so many are not even alive on the earth plane so let’s crank up the volume and inspire some joy!

  16. Starting a new comment as seems hard to type a reply
    Mutables don’t need someone to be dressed in raw linen and eating acoustic guitars or whatever as some hallmark of authenticity. I’d argue that mutables don’t care much for authentic as a concept. What appeals to us is flux, variety, range, openness to other things and people and to the unfamiliar, willingness to try new things, change, the contingent, the ephemeral. I propose that Dylan’s (many) talents might lose their appeal for mutables after an album or two, even if the beating heart of his songwriting remains intelligent and engaging, if the general … flow? tends to be in the same river. Time and place, I guess.

    1. He is quite a superficial man. Some of his comments he’s made in recent years especially are far from insightful and enlightened (his comments regarding Croatia / Serbia were insane considering Serbians were the first Judenfree country in Europe AND viciously bombed Bosnia, Croatia etc). Plus he’s a Gemi ni.

      Never liked him – really don’t now.

  17. She appeared to me in a dream a couple of years ago, at a big turning point in my life. I just punched the numbers, she’s at 6°45′ Virgo in the 6th, unaspected, except to conjunct the Vertex. Interesting.

    1. I was at Walcha still have farm at Nowendoc. 25 fat happy contented cows wandering the hills and an ancient goat following them like a maremma dog

    2. Hathor at 28 gemini Jupiter at 2 cancer both in 5th so she has just mosy-on-past. Stellium Taurus so I love a cow, calf, bull, picasso

  18. hathor conjunct neptune in the eighth, woo! sextile pluto.
    quite cow-like…toro asceng, and south node, so venus ruled…starting to wish i was toro…i act like one anyway…sex food shopping…what more is there to life??

  19. Walking back in broad daylight on a typical edge-of-desert sunny autumn day, i looked up beyond the other people glancing at each other, looking down at phones and checking out oncoming me, to see the crescent moon framed by the triangles made by the telegraph wires and natural wood poles, sun-bleached against a lovely blue sky.

    Haha! Just then the kookaburras made a chorus, and some other small birds are doing a quick high patterned shrill (hiding in a jacaranda so not sure which ones, though if they’re not honey-eaters, i’ll eat my hat)

    I’ve never vibed with Hathor, never understood her, i reckon, despite my Taurus 6th House with Saturn trining Pluto Virgo. Guess it’s time to revision the stereotypes that don’t resonate, and get with a New Egyptian Programme. My birthdate apparently is represented by the High Priestess tarot card, so i must admit i always felt the crescent Moon placement seemed visually Hathor, but could never quite get it. Still don’t. Working as we speak, and any PIAB notes helpful if you get through my long as usu post xx

    1. Oh, well i discovered i have one thing in Cancer: Isis.

      Hathor in Pisces 4deg. Hmm, early Pisces. Squares all my 12th Neptune, Jupiter, Moon on the rise in Sag. Trines Mars in Cap 2nd.

      Don’t know what to make of that yet. Again, Pseudo Intellectual AStro Bitch musing always welcome xox

      1. It’s one of the only Dylan’s i’ll listen to for more than a minute. And have listened to obsessively in the past. I should love him for his poetry, and i want to, but he blocks me with his horrible tone and fakey public whine. Libra Pa loves him, but i had to tell Pa one time i just can’t after a song or two. But i listen to Isis, One More Coffee and Man Gave Names SOmetimes Mozambique, and one other i can’t recall.

        Makes my Mars immediately angry for no reason, but only slightly less than the voice of Frank Sinatra. And i had to learn a lot of Frank Sinatra’s songs for gigs. Despite Astrid Gulberto et al’s versions, because Frank’s is what the band played (Latin). I did it for the band but made my feelings known and they just laughed. So did the random drivers who saw me frowning, swearing and singing, most probs, at the time I rehearsed Frank songs in the car because I could not do it in my home.

        Will do a Dylan in the home this eve just to wish you well, tho, PF, and bc i look after my neighbours (all from os) and am usu kinda quiet with the music, i guess they will feel i’m channelling a nice vibe to a mate. So Piscean embarrassment shit but Sag OK, would that do, get through?

        1. Well,PF, one thing that made me ask my lovely Pa, whose Libran pleasure i would always endorse, to change the music (and yes i go with his scratchy am radio every time even tho AquaMa curses it) is the monotonous pitch and tone after even a few Dylan soings i like. Maybe it’s a Mutable thing? In contrast to a Comfortable Fixed or Cardinal thing? Is Cardinal comfortable?

      2. Yes, i even give time to souffles if i’m bored, but i do appreciate Dylan’s vocal inflection and timing, much as many loved Sinatra for same.

        Mutables don’t think “better voices” anyway, even when our tastes immediately judge that way. We’ll listen for nuance of any kind, and find it. Mind, my Taurean music appreciation is in 6th with Saturn so if that isn’t fixed in a way…then again Libran artistic appreciation has Uranus in it. Got a nice vibe-sensitive change-oriented learning-style Mercury Sun and Chiron in the 5th though! Trine the 12th and its astro- jazz, which you know. Dylan’s Isis and some others will always be loved, sung, learned and listened to in this PIAB’s world. And will always read commentary, critiques including your own, with real interest.

      3. Sorry, my nesting on the vertical lines didn’t work as i thought. Reply’s above. Guess we might need a new frame.

      4. Hathor is like Venus a bit I think, Aphrodite quality of Pisces makes for a tender, sweet Hathor. She’s more of the drunken Sekhmet than the raging one. I think Pisces is very creative and particular, while Hathor is more earthy, but together I imagine that she is going to give your sensuality a sensitivity and poetic quality. If she’s a dynamic dancer, it’s more dreamy skywalker daikini?

        1. Great thoughts to ponder xx
          In a swiss birthday book im part of the Dancers and Dreamers decanate of Pisces. Thank you for helping! I know im not a good dance partner but when i have to let go earthly concerns to reconnect to the Divine Earth, i do always DANCE it all, often primally. And i watch dancers, too!

  20. I keep dreaming about Venus -dominant friends, except they’re all but absent in the dream. The triple libra twice now, and the librans Scorpio frenemy of yore (with the same odd vibe which seems wierd as it has been ages)
    Is Uranus and both of the venus ruled signs a thing? Is my subconscious trying to tell me something? Do I need to get a life (don’t answer that one)

    1. Pisces IS going to answer this one. You asked! 😀

      These people you dream of appear to have a life, because they fully accept themselves as they are. Their confidence (or utter rejection of any need to change or be other than that) cautions others to accept them in that state, even while that appearance of stability and calm is convincing and desirable.

      My Venus Aqua, Uranus Libra thinks that people are best individuated when they don’t need validation to keep their locomotive going, but also are not the runaway train that fqs up the whole railway system because they don’t take passengers, stops and other timetables on board, and slow the other now-crowded trains down.

      Everybody thinks they love Thomas the Tank Engine, but the vilified (and body-shamed, for Hathor’s sake!) Fat Controller is necessary.

      Also I don’t have children, so I don’t really know how i know this show, when I have watched it, and why i reference it now. Possibly saw it while high 20 years ago and drew some amazing conclusions ;D

    2. Hmm, thanks for your thoughts mille!
      I think I’ve retreated from Venus themed personas because to me, it’s exactly Venusian assumptions which strikes me as the intrusive train fuqing up the station, like, (oh god not this again pi) someone hitting on you is intrusive and assuming
      .. going to stop here as this is going to be space hogging and negative. Ok. Back later lol

  21. Maybe, with the Venus ruled Toro shakeup, we can wholeheartedly lock in the normalisation of themes, behaviours, bodies and preferences heretofore marginalised or minimised as ‘female’.

    1. Most totally! And ‘not female enough’ were it not for the curves your muscles make!

      All hail the Apple! 😀 This is what happens to it when you’re older, now and again (still changes week to week, or every few days).

      Always loved and been fascinated by the Pear! And the Hourglass/Bardot! Also the Sylph! You’re all beautiful and fascinating to this woman.

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