Uranus In Taurus For Taurus People

Yes, it’s here. The greener pasture. The radical reset forces of the Future God as your core influencer. Uranus in Taurus from 2018 until 2025 is a trip of transcendental awareness and drastic morphs around money & ecology, Taurus being the sign of money, Wall St and all.

Values you’ve had to go underground with for years are about to become the IT attitudes of society. Cool-Signalling is done. Rabid consumerism to signal status or bulk up security is over. Buying well-made s**t that lasts for ages is in. Old style financial practices are back and you with them.

Decent engineering and design are in. Thinking long-term is the new in-the-moment. Mindful frugality. Growing your herbs, greens, and beans. The pure (free!) zen of chilling on the couch or of an orgasm. Being able to cook for yourself. Life hacks replaced by genius gut instincts.

That you’re more readily able to access because you’re not having your Qi scattered by troublesome, blow-hard Muggle vibe. Baseline sensual and grounded.

A sustainable planet ethos that begins with your sustainable psyche – The Tao of Taurus is to conserve energy, not blow it on zombie crushes, fruitless longing, and poisonous products.

However, you may feel more like an Aquarius. The sudden, sharp, bracing joy of snap-freeze detachment. Laser-vision with which to see through the hardened layers of convention, common-sense reforms petrified and turned toxic. What will Uranus in Taurus mean for Taurus? A protected secret garden or inner sanctum, both literally and on the etheric level.

Taurus People, share here – how are you?

48 thoughts on “Uranus In Taurus For Taurus People”

  1. Does the sudden discovery of a brain tumor that’s been there for at least 3 years fit with this? I’m not wildly well-versed, but intuitively it seems to make sense.
    Taurus Sun, Pisces Moon, Leo rising

    1. Thank you for that acknowledgement. I thought it was all too much and have been working on my thinking and attempting to undo perceived overwhelm…with your helpful guidance, of course!

  2. Sun in the 2nd native, so though no Taurean planets, the above sounds so relevant to us all.

    The veggie patch with wending brick path is a celebration of quiet independence from everyone, from gov.au to supermarket. Not the martial nature of prepping for the apocalypse, so much as a romantic love of endless glass jars of conserves in a pantry?

    The fashion is for simplicity or “conservation of energy” to the max. Rejuvenating old houses with a lick of paint and using recycled everything, rusty tin roofs aren’t replaced but hipster derelict cool, patina, patina, patina! And arbours and pergolas covered in vines. Concrete, terrazzo and terracotta revival.

    Even that 50’s barbed wire fence in a paddock of
    pale grass is so on trend! Homesteads with lavender growing round the verandah and old comfy couches to sit on while you sound your barbaric yawp on a banjo.
    I think I am literally growing little cow horns writing this.

  3. As a Cancerian, Gemini rising, with not a scrap of Taurus…what will Uranus in Taurus mean for me? *say something good;)

    1. Is Taurus your 12th house? I’m no expert but perhaps Uranus will awaken some hidden aspect of your psyche or interest in a new seemingly different-for-you spiritual practice.

  4. Have a weird question – How do we assign houses in a chart? Some astrologers look at Sun Sign as 1st House, and some look Rising as 1st house. Some do the houses based on exact rising .. so may not even cover a full sign (Mystic does it this way). Which one if the most appropriate one?

    My Rising is at 25 Taurus (Aries Sun). Looking back, it was not so much individuation and identity that was transformed for me, but my connection and access to the spirit realm. So, which Uranus transition would effect me more? The one finishing up in Aries or the Taurus one? It’s all so confusing. 😀

    1. I have noticed the biggest changes with transits to my personal house cusps, not the sign change itself, although that can sometimes bring an energy shift.

  5. Triple Taurus with moon activation right now. This week has been majorly poignant emotionally with so many quick registers…but reminded that composure and a physical check in as well as body conscious adjustments before responding hasn’t led me too far astray. Definitely feel awoken

  6. OMG “life hacks” is SO Uranus in Aries, I can’t even stand it. Thank Goddess we’re moving out of it.

  7. I am Taurus Moon and Taurus Rising, (but sun in Pisces, so also dealing with the Chiron move out!). The universe has had me move house, pack up a business and start a new job all in the same week or so … its going to be good but right now? I don’t think I even know my own name! 🙂

  8. I have known Toro moon sagicap husbo for over a decade and he shocked the socks off me by spontaneously pulling a mental health day! The guy who goes in with pneumonia suddenly decides to do something for himself – I was so pleased! I’m toro rising and on a health bender slash task slaying mission to do the things that are undone. Am curious as to how Uranus plays out here.

  9. leotaurusscorp

    taurus rising here – feeling amazing, frankly. in fact, i am building a secret meditation garden right now, surrounded by all the herbs i work with….eerily accurate, mm. (not surprised, of course, lol).

    i make my own clothes, dislike shopping as a hobby (years of working in retail knocked the *joy* of acquiring stuff outta me) and have always loved staying in rather than going out. at last i won’t feel like a creature in the wrong time. looking forward to an earth-gaia conscious time!

  10. Taurus sun, Jupiter, Venus , 2nd house. Unexpected New job, big leap in responsibility, big money, every day I do things I don’t know how to do, talk to people I’ve never met before, but from the comfort of an office close to home, with…a couch Aries partner newly out of work, so role switching – he’s at home cooking, cleaning and kids. Not sure how long that will last for – not much applause forvdonestic duties lol

  11. Is too much earth a possibility? I have major placements in all the earth signs. I don’t want to feel stuck.

  12. Taurus moon here married to a Taurus Sun. We’re both excited. I’m especially excited because my uber Earthy chart will have some trines going on.

  13. Horned Serpent

    Sun in Taurus, Taurus rising, Mercury in Taurus and Moon in Cancer so I am really feeling this.
    Oh and I turn 65 tomorrow ( 17th ) so I suppose I had better keep my hat on.

  14. Taurus Moon and Rising here. It feels like early days yet, and Uranus will be working its magic for most of the time in my 12th house, so I’m not sure how this placement will manifest, ie, will it be all internal?

    I’ve found myself opening up more to others (all of them women, now that I think about it) and revealing parts of myself that I usually keep very much under wraps. And my dreams have been quite specific and message-delivering in their content.

  15. I feel calm considering I have a Taurus stellium-Sun (obs) mars mercury juno ceres north node with wait for it Aquarius rising and Jupiter on my Neptune 10th H, Neptune on my pars fortune, Uranus and Pluto conjunct natally. And south node just croßed my AC line. B day 17th. Fair bit of activity I am waiting expectantly.

    1. Saturn and chiron in 2nd House, the day it went retro my wallet was stolen-a professional pickpocket group…in the Marseilles Catherdral doorway – the buggers

      1. You must be just a tiny bit older than me. I’m only north node in Taurus but it’s my 2nd house so all things financial and career shifts here

  16. I have recently blown up my life as I knew it. I am both sun & rising taurus. My bday is May 15. In the past few months I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years and shockingly (to me most of all) realized that it‘s time to move back home to California from Switzerland after 20 years. I am in the middle of growing up a new business and want to see it through regardless of where I live. Trying to stay present has been exhausting. I am looking forward to some solid plans to grip onto and ride into the sunset!

  17. I am looking forward to making some solid sense out of all of the upheavel lately. I am both sun & rising taurus. My bday is May 15. In the past few months I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years and shockingly (to me most of all) realized that it‘s time to move back home to California from Switzerland after 20 years. I am in the middle of growing up a new business and want to see it through regardless of where I live. Trying to stay present has been exhausting. I am looking forward to some solid plans to grip onto and ride into the sunset!

    1. You sound so happy and energised! Despite all this upheaval. Taurus likes a good plan I imagine. Happy birthday and many happy ‘returns’. 😉

  18. Oh and Moon in Taurus here, so I guess, being a woman and having read that Moon is kinda as important as the Sun for a woman, that I’ll feel this transit very much. The Moon is at 19° Taurus so won’t feel the conj effect for a long time, but I think the general shift will affect not only Sun in Taurus peeps, but also Moon ones. Right?

    1. I read this man/sun woman/moon difference somewhere a while ago.
      I guess it was some “Old time astrology” hence biased with sexism, as in “man are rational” “woman are emotional” kinda crap.
      I feel very earthly (Virgo Rising too) and I am (look at my pic!) very taurean in my face features, I believe. I truly hope to start gettin’ multidimentional doors suddenly opening to get the chance to change everything, A-la Philip K Dick, who was (no surprise) an Uranian.

  19. Can’t we do a bit about “Uranus in Taurus” in all 12 houses? I know it’s a bit too astroschool-y but it would be so interesting to get it with that “Mystic” touch and turns everything into self growth tips!

      1. LOL: you are Virgo Stellium, the other comment is from Virgo Sun and I am a Virgo Rising (with Pluto in the first house) and we all asked to “learn more about it” ’cause we want to be prepared 😉
        So funny

  20. Lol I’m guess I’m interested in this as Taurus is my relationship zone and it’s what I continually pull. I do like the sound of this era though, couches and orgasms and speedy breezy answers

  21. I keep thinking of Ferdinand the bull, not merely sniffing the flowers but getting totally fuquing bullish with anyone with the temerity to tread on one. Greenman forest guardian with a lightning bolt and not afraid to use it. Must be all of the herblore taurean posts here of late!

    Also the bull of the ancients *cough* seeding the fields. Happy Uranian times bull people!

  22. Over the last few days things have suddenly become easier, like the fog is lifting. I feel more like myself. Although as well as being Taurus I have moon in Aquarius trine Uranus, so maybe that’s why I have a feeling of coming home. I think I’m gonna like this transit!

  23. saturnplutoflux

    Feeling the Aquarius vibe already! Yesterday morning I succumbed to my (grown up) daughter’s well honed manipulation tactics and fell into the usual vortex of disarray and despair , then suddenly late last night – poof! I snapped out of it. The mental clarity around what was and was not my remit as far as her life goes these days was (is) crystal clear – it’s literally not my problem, and not my responsibility to keep cleaning up her messes…and instead of feeling guilty and as though I’m abandoning her, Im certain that just refusing to plug into her victim vibe will help her move beyond it. Wow – bring on the new era I say!

    1. Hoorah for you. I’ve a feeling for a long time us ‘parents” have been made to feel it’s our responsibility to do everything for our off spring but the light is switching on and we are now recognising it’s good for neither of us, child or parent and that responsibility for oneself is the new reset.

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