Hedy Lamarr Was Super-Scorped

Triple Scorpio Hedy Lamarr was a Golden Era Hollywood icon who also invented the protocols that drive Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as several military applications.

It was barely even acknowledged until relatively recently. As Alexandra Dean, the director of Bombshell – a doco about Lamarr’s fascinating life – noted, many great inventors and scientists have been erased from the culture purely because ‘they didn’t seem like an inventor.’

In actual fact, Hedy Lamarr didn’t fit any classification. If good-looking women are generally acknowledged to – even now – have difficulty being taken seriously for their brains and other contributions, how would someone as ludicrously beautiful as Lamarr have presented in the 1930s?

The woman had an electronics laboratory in the corner of her living room, liked nude swimming in lakes, resolutely mixed up her own perfume and – like the Piscean Elizabeth Taylor – was notorious for her swearing aka ‘bad language.’ 

Her acting talents were kindly called ‘static’ and as one cameraman put it 

“She thought she knew it all and was forever telling you what to do. She was beautiful – she had great skin texture – but I don’t recall anybody saying they enjoyed shooting her. She never came alive, except to keep making damned uncouth remarks to the people I had around me.”

But guess what? She was a genius and born with not only the Sun, Mercury (Retrograde) and Mars in Scorpio, but an exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction in her 12th house, close to the Cancerian Ascendant.

People with Pluto Rising generally project a planet-load of charisma yet they’re not really attached to it: they’re given to deep ruminations and gigantic, all-absorbing creative or scientific projects. Saturn and Pluto reinforce one another and the alignment was at the potent Zero degrees of Cancer-Kataka.

Her Moon – the chart ruler – was exact conjunct Neptune in Leo and I imagine most people related to her through the glamors she cast without even trying. She was an electronics and radiofrequency wonk who did not look the way people playing that role are ‘supposed’ to look.

Saturn-Pluto in her 12th, along with the Scorpio Sun, Mercury and Mars bestowed enormous antifragility and resourcefulness. Lamarr was raised in privileged surroundings and well-educated but as the female scion of a wealthy Jewish banking family, just barely escaped Europe in her early 20s.

She wasn’t fleeing the Nazis, as such, but rather the brutal munitions manufacturer she’d married at the age of 18. He was 33, the third richest man in Austria and all his friends were fascists. His first marriage had ended after six weeks and while Hedi lasted longer, she fled in a disguise, taking whatever jewels and money she could hide within her coat seams and so on.

She also, evidently, took some of the documents that later allowed her to develop a radio guidance system for Allied torpedos, the precursor to Bluetooth et al. 

It seems as if she was too wild, weird and beautiful to slot into post-War America or even Europe. She cursed the allure that she said kept drawing her unhappy relationships and marriages, burned through all her money and when asked for her beauty tips by the media said she used the gritty substance that mechanics used on cars.

It could have been true – she had Venus in Sagittarius, the epitome of nonchalance. But sadly, as it began to fade, she savagely mourned the beauty she’d spent decades deriding. Lamarr hid away in her by now much more humble abode, refusing to see anyone she knew from ‘before.’

She was clearly ahead of her time and if she’d been welcomed into the scientific community or more widely acknowledged for attributes unrelated to her looks, who knows? She could have thrived on for longer and developed even more out-there inventions!

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  1. YES Hedy! Need much more written about women like her. Testament to how much omen were & still are treaty. Brains & beauty, I’m shocked 😉

    1. Very much inspiring – went to have my passport photos taken today – my European adventure next year connecting with my heritage

  2. Well of course we scorpios are sexy AND nerdy. Hah. Take that Gwyneth ‘I’m smart enough to win a nobel prize, so I’ll release a pompous wank filled lifestyle magazine.’ Paltry-Paltrow. This is how the REAL genius’ do it.

  3. Mystic,
    thankyou for this post
    What a remarkable person and a clever,clever woman.

    I have a situation at the moment which is tempting me to take the money but my intuition is telling me noooooo, this is not a good opportunity, this is a sleasy political psychic hazard zone. Warning bells are like bashing at my head, but a part of me still considers. i wonder if I could get away with the jewellery on if I excused myself politely?
    I doubt it. i tried stealing a He Man torch, value 88c, from Target once and got hauled over the coals for it, while my friend were stealing microwave ovens from Myer.

    Oh to have the scorpio knack, to take off with the lot
    and never look back.

  4. Ha Sweetie, i have a Leo woman friend who lucky for my
    head lives in another state.
    We talk on telephone a few hours a month. It’s like some peeps
    are just fine in your memory but not on your doorstep.
    She wants to visit me for Xmas & O Lord does she want everything HER
    way, i mean everything.
    We both had glamorous Scorpio Mother’s who suicided & always made us feel
    a little inadequate so adept they were with getting their own way, but stung themselves
    to death.
    We were both preggers at same time, (i miscarried) & am godmother to hers.
    The daughter & I fell in love the minute our eyes met & as her Leo mum was such a party girl
    i got to look after her overnight’s a lot.
    Probably only a Scorp can lord it over a Fire sign, you think?

    1. Goddaughter is Aries, so when all togther there was the
      Fire trio. Never a dull moment. She has amazing energy & diverse

  5. The last I saw of Herby, he had lost his watch during the Mercury retrograde. Will it take another Mercury retrograde to bring him back?

  6. A tiny Scorpio story – did someone say recently, imagine the baby born last weekend? So last Saturday, I looked out my window and there is this young, o so young couple, sort of loitering on the footpath and on closer inspection, I realised she was pregnant and in labour. Anyway, I bounced out to say hi and see if all was OK – it was fine – they were very sweet and we had a little chat and I wished them all the best. Then, quelle coincidence! Last night, in the middle of town, I ran into them again – they were little kids again, doing a midnight dash to the supermarket for supplies, baby home with g’parents. He was born on Sunday night, ALL that Scorpio! And, they named him the male equivalent of my name …. no names had ever been exchanged in our interactions … cool eh?!

      1. Yes, Inchy, most peeps iv’e come in contact with have said
        it was a tough long cold winter. There is now much optimism in the air.
        Myst said after the last Full Moon, all would be easier. It is.
        I’m powering along & loving it.

    1. That’s cute! You were the Witness in the story I think, if it were a dream I wonder how you would interpret that?
      I had a moment in the lift of the hospital when I went to visit my Zap Zone baby Godson recently (his parents are angels btw).

      This sleazy junkie looking dude dressed in all black pushing a toddler in a pram smiled in a glassy way and told me he had just another baby…I nearly cried. The ‘other ‘ zap zone baby I couldn’t help thinking…

        1. Andromeda, doesn’t sound mean at all, sorry but i am biased
          about hardcore addicts having children. Have seen too much of
          the results of these unions, incredibley sad for the kinda.
          We count our blessings & remember ‘there except for the grace
          of God-ess, goes I’.

          Happy Hallowed Eve, a kiss on the forehead to your sproggs
          & the grace THEY receive from you.

      1. o nice point – the Witness of their story – I was searching for that frame for it and you found it for me, Ta Muchly!

        I think I do grok it, but then I also note that wherever he was in his head, he was filled with joy enough to smile and tell a stranger of the new life in his life. The dudes who ain’t smiling in the maternity ward are the ones that freak me out. But then, I am also a libran-moon ; )

        1. You are so right… But I do know a couple with such issues and two kids. Love is a verb and while they may feel love for the kids they don’t always show it in their actions. Wild fights, passing out with strangers in the house and their kids there, D.U.I. Etc so I am a cynic.

          1. no no YOU are so right lol – there’s a pivot point somewhere in between us – and at the end of the day, love is a verb – love that – love the ‘doing words’

    2. Firey B, what about next Friday the 5th.
      Moon in Scorp along with the rest.
      I have meeting with owners of my house that day
      & want the floorboards all re varnished & estapol-ed
      so shall Scorp my way into having it done.

  7. I am so inspired by this! Not sure why, since I’m not designing anti weaponry… But I got that feeling of “inspiration” just reading it. Thanks!

  8. Pisces with sagg rising

    Am not sure if this is related but she was also a amatuer mathematician and helped invent the technology which made mobile phones possible. She made quite an impact.

    Also heard this story that when she was younger she married this rich, much older man who liked to show off her and all the expensive jewellery he bought her. He was also v. possessive and virtually kept her prisoner. So one night, there was a dinner party and she put on all her most expensive jewellery, put in an appearance and then claimed she was unwell and asked her husband if she could be excused. While he was busy with his guests, she escaped, still wearing the jewellery, which she then sold.

    She was a pretty smart lady.

  9. Right now I really don’t give a fuq about anything to do with Pluto or Scorpio … geezus H that energy spells hole in the head. Would be interesting to check out the hospital wards and find out if there was an uncommon influx of suicide attempts.

  10. Jeepers! Those Lamarr-inspired artworks on the IMG MGMT site really pop out atcha.

    LUURVED the one titled ‘Life as a Woman’, 2001, Thread, watercolor, 40 x 30 cm’ it’s absolutely infused with crazy Aquarian zig-zag logic – right down to the initials of it’s creater, Michaela Melián.

  11. LOL….Smoldering Beauty on the outside and wicked-smart on the inside…..Torpedo technology indeed !…..hidden weaponry…..Tres Scorpio

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