Psychic Connections With Ancestors

The Uranus In Taurus Regrounding Mp3 is not supposed to be a meditation to connect with ancestors but it apparently works as one!

Hi Mystic,
I downloaded the Uranus in Taurus meditation this morning and just sat down during my lunch hour (I work from home) to do it. I wanted to tell you about my experience of meeting my ancestor.
At one part in the meditation, I found myself in what was essentially the cozy but rustic main room/kitchen in a dark cottage with a low roof. There were a fireplace and a large table, all very rustic, lots of plants and herbs. I knew almost immediately that my ancestor was a ‘witch’.
She was standing at the table working, with the fireplace behind her. Although she was a little startled to see me, we had a great conversation. She asked me what year I had come from, I told her and she was pretty amazed.
I asked what her surname was, and mentally leafed through my family surnames and found that my grandmother’s maiden name stuck. My ancestor told me her name was Anne Gluyas, that it was 1672 and she was in Cornwall. She gave me a sprig of lavender but then thought better of it and gave me a small bunch.
After the mediation, I thought I’d see what I could scare up on Google. Lo and behold, in an online parish register I found a marriage, in 1663, of Ann (no ‘e’) Gluyas in Cornwall.  Wow, just wow! What an amazing experience.
Thank you Mystic!!

I love stories like these. It’s funny how the apparently “sensible” reaction is Sneer and Smear. “That’s not possible, but whatever floats your boat” blah blah blah.

Meanwhile, their mob gets on with trying to destroy the planet and scientists doggedly trek along the path of magicians. Time is not linear. There are more than four elements. I can be waiting for ravens and reorganizing my receipts.

Remember that one of the themes of Saturn-Pluto is ancestral memories and fate-lines. And Uranus in Taurus makes many people more aware of land spirits and elemental energy.

Refuse to be weird-shamed or belittled for your magical beliefs or second sight, whatever. Whatever you want to call that consciousness, there has never been a better time to access it.

Image: Amy Casey

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  1. So wonderful to read!
    I too connect with an ancestor, also a witch!
    First time I connected with her she had startling black hair tied up unto a bun with wisps of hair framing her oval face.
    Her skin an olive brown and she wore a starched white blouse tucked into a long brown skirt.
    She gave me a small tree before parting.

    I have yet to ask my mother who she is. We come from a line of witches and black magic (unfortunately) still plays a part in my family in the Philippines to this very day.

  2. Wonderful ancestor connection, we are connected across time by our DNA
    I recently researched my matrilineal line and have a line of 8 mothers going back to Gloucestershire in 1746…
    Felt a wonderful connection with them all and now have a line of Mothers to call upon for support.
    My great grandmother had 13 children ( married at 18 to a man 45) and lived to 72.
    Absolutely amazing she survived all the births, and the children…

  3. I love this – thank you for sharing what you saw and honoring her by “checking up” on her in her real life. I would continue to work with her by visiting her in meditation – and since she gave you lavender, use that as a real world link between the two of you. xoxoJess

  4. I visited England In July. Although I don’t have English ancestry and none of my astrological lines run through there, I always felt a strong draw to the place. During my visit, I did a lot of hiking in the countryside (it was very beautiful indeed) and purchased a ring from a thrift store.

    During a recent meditation (and back home in the States), I found myself standing in what was a military hospital near the town where I bought the ring. I also got some vivid images of what went on in the region during that time. When I was finished with the meditation, I noticed I was wearing the ring. I later looked up information about that hospital; it was a place where soldiers were sent to recover during both world wars.

  5. “The Uranus in Taurus Regrounding mp3 is not supposed to be a meditation to connect with ancestors but it apparently works as one”

    But isn’t there is a bit about ancestors in it or am I getting it confused? I also had a connection come up to an ancestor who I have a similar lineage with. I remember feeling so joyful to see her it brought me to tears. I’ve only done it twice as it was quite emotional.

    1. That was my experience, too. There’s a point where you connect with an ancestor … I think it’s phrased as you bring a “zephyr from the future” and it’s pretty profound. I didn’t get actual words, names or a conversation, but definitely exchanged energy and strength with an ancestor during the meditation.

  6. That’s an amazing meditation journey.

    Random but I’ve just discovered the music of Gordon Lightfoot (certain strands of folk music are like catnip to me, mostly North American 60s). One of his songs popped up via the YouTube algorithm. It is about a ship called the Edmund Fitzgerald that was sadly wrecked in a freak November storm on the US great lakes. The song is beautifully produced and written, but whether it’s because it is so evocative or the story itself connects with me somehow, I’ve decided to learn it on my guitar as a way to find my voice again. Anyway I guess that’s not much to do with meditation, but maybe I have a songwriting performing ancestor somewhere .. maybe it’s just me out there, anyway a witchy Cornwall multi-great aunty/grandmother is a great inspiration, and I have just realised that both of my Uranian parents have moon in Taurus so maybe I should try it.

      1. Thank you Stella Polaris! I made a point of listening to this before going on to wander through many of his songs. My mother was visiting and she recognised his music, too, nice surprise!

    1. all this pinged me..Taurus mum was a Taurus musician and as a child I was bathed in 60s American folk music- Gordan L., Joan B, Bob D, Joni M., Pete S, Cat S ,Judy C.and so on..

      1. how lovely Pearl, a mother and a musician to boot, bathing you in music <3
        I recognise most of those names, but can you tell me who is Pete S and Judy C? I would love to look them up. xx thank you

    2. P, I live in surrounded by the Great Lakes and have friends who were longshoremen. I used to work near the church-

      That song still haunts me and I never take journeys for granted- even the short ones. You might also want to check out Stan Rogers- another Canadian who chronicles the sea and its travelers.

      In this fall weather I am singing Planxty songs- I love that you are giving voice to your muse.

      1. Thank you Lili. and it must be such an incredible area to live in.

        I caught the line about the church.. is that the one you mean? that’s quite special..

        Lakes are a really different concept for me, as a coast dweller. I find them quite fascinating
        Maybe all this appeals to my 9th house fish-ness.
        Plantxy are insane .. unless the songs i listened to are particularly high energy? hehe x

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