Michael Fassbender in racing car

Modelling The Triple Aries Dream

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Triple Aries and projecting that Neptune Rising in Sagittarius alchemical charisma Dark Matter. Neptune conjunct Ascendant people voodoo the camera. Okay so the laugh looks a little forced but this G.Q. pic totally GROKS Michael Fassbender’s Triple Ariesness (Sun, Venus, [ Read more…]

Your Own Personal Daemon

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With Mercury Retro-bats in Pisces, it is, of course, a brilliant time to do a bit of retrospective analysis recycles in our lives and what better influence to look at than Neptune?  The ruler of Pisces is newly in Pisces [ Read more…]

Ada Lovelace Had Mercury Conjunct Uranus


Ada Lovelace was a prototypal computer programmer, mathematician, and inventor. She was also a multiple conjunct Sagittarius with Mercury Uranus conjunct. She was called the Enchantress of Numbers. A prototypical computer programmer, she foresaw artificial intelligence and a myriad of other [ Read more…]