Neptune in Sagittarius

Astrology and The Black Supermodels – Part 2

After the ultra-Neptunian Donyale Luna (Astrology and The Black Supermodels Part 1) broke the barrier, Naomi Sims hurtled straight after her and into the American public eye. She was born in the post-World War 1 baby boom, an Aries with Mars, Saturn + Pluto conjunct in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius. A trio of linked Fire sign features like this is called a Grand Fire Trine. People who are born …

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Astrology And The Black Supermodels – Part 1

Astrology and black supermodels may seem like a trite topic, given what’s going on in the world, but no.  The supermodels on the cover of magazines and repping mega-brands – are at the intersection of art and commerce. They embody our aspirations or what big business wants us to aspire to. They’re selling but they’re also channeling. In the early 20th Century, most models were society women, presented as having …

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Grace Jones in the Seventies

The Seventies WAS Neptune in Sagittarius

People, the Seventies WAS Neptune in Sagittarius.  One of the most massive surges of Sagittarius style ever.   Neptune sets the cultural scene and Neptune in Sagittarius from November 1970 until 1984 gave us SO many Saggo style memes. The glitter – you may think that is Leo but glitter is SAGG – you know how they love a costume party. Disco & clubbing… Mass market pulp self-help books that everyone …

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Sia Is Uranian

This dialogue between Kristen Wiig and singer-songwriter Sia Furler makes me think that Sia is – sure – a Sagittarius (Sun plus Neptune) with Moon in Gemini but that she’s probably got her Venus Uranus in Scorpio Rising. And that the whole anonymity/sobriety thing coincided with Saturn over these points from late 2012.  She also has Saturn in Leo, which shines through here.   SIA: I’m 39, and I would …

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Lou reed drinking smoking

Lou Reed Was Archetypal Mercury In Aquarius

Lou Reed was Mercury in Aquarius. It was conjunct Venus and trine Jupiter in eloquent Gemini. A Jupiter trine amplifies everything. He was a genius muso, artist and unabashed party animal. But he was problematic in his personal life and hell to interview. You can see how such a strong and self-directed Mercury would balk at the artificial deep but-not-really circus of a press interview. Or the demands of publicity …

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Michael Fassbender in racing car

Modelling The Triple Aries Dream

Triple Aries and projecting that Neptune Rising in Sagittarius alchemical charisma Dark Matter. Neptune conjunct Ascendant people voodoo the camera. Okay so the laugh looks a little forced but this G.Q. pic totally GROKS Michael Fassbender’s Triple Ariesness (Sun, Venus, Mercury). He has the same Neptunian nonsense going on as Jude Law f.y.i. That look of tricky goo-goo alchemy that works brilliantly with the camera and for their fan base …

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