Philip K Dick – Super Sagg

Philip K Dick was a multiple Sagittarius with Uranus Rising. He wrote Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep (aka the original Blade Runner) and The Minority Report.Β  Being insanely ahead of your time is super-Uranian. He was also Moon in Aquarius, adding to his Uranian credentials and one of the coolest, weirdest people ever.

“I have a secret love of chaos. There should be more of it. Do not believe–and I am dead serious when I say this– do not assume that order and stability are always good, in a society or in a universe. The old, the ossified, must always give way to new life and the birth of new things.”

He had the Sun, Mercury, Lilith, and Saturn in Sagittarius – that’s a lot of questing energy. And it was all in the 9th House, the realm of visionaries and thought leaders. But his Uranus Rising (in Aries!) squared his Midheaven. With five wives and several children to support, he had a fridge full of amphetamines and turned out two books a year. He was challenged to translate the spooked-out dystopias of his imagination into revenue. He died just as Blade Runner became a cult movie.

Many of his author peers were snarky about him – whether because they disapproved of his copious drug use, were envious of his cult-like fan base or because he said things like “I am one of the elect, one of the few in the know, in the gnosis.”

Yet Ursula Le Guin, the multiple-Libran science fantasy author, was admiring and gracious about him: “The comfort that I find the day of his death is that it took time to write a work as wise and courageous. He knew where he was going and I think he left as a man who smiles you over his shoulder while going away.

He was a Space Dust Shaman, Cat Man, and channeler of Quintessence. All of his books were prophetic to a certain extent but his lesser-known ones, like Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said feel like he could have written them now. It is about Jason Taverner, a genetically enhanced reality television host who is the most famous man in the world until a corporation steals his identity.

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  1. He managed to write amazing sci-fi when it was just considered pulp-trash. He took a butt-load of drugs, but managed to break through his addiction and live and write (even better stuff) in recovery. He was inspi-frakkin-rational. Love that he has the same expression as the kitty in the picture.

  2. I noticed the zap zone creeping in this monday really, more sirens
    More tired neighbors, more people chanting louder, i am not a slave
    I am not a slave, damn tinfiolers. A derogatory term for usually reserved for uranians being first to find out. Im mean its the planet of freedom obviously uranians will be able to find out first if hes really free, if his bothers are really free, and he get hated for it by

    Aries because he wasnt first
    Virgo because they love to just work period
    Saggitarians because there busy at the beach
    Libras because threre drinking
    Geminis because there moraless pawns
    Leos well leos dont hate there to self involved
    Capricons thats self explanitory
    Cancer because platos cave is the past vs future
    Tauras because they love slaves/slaving
    Scorpio because they will have to change there goals
    Pisces because there at the movies

  3. My very Uranian husband loves Philip K. Dick.

    On another note, the astro air kind of hit me when I woke this morning and I feel like someone close to me has died (no one will answer their phones so I can verify).

  4. Blade Runner is a masterpiece! Top favorite film of all time.
    All great writers are mad, of course! They’d be boring otherwise.

  5. P.K. Dick reminds me of a dear friend who always urged me to read him. He is Moon/Sun Aqua with a dense Stellium of nearly everything in Pisces in the 12th.
    Opposed by Pluto conj Uranus (1deg) in Virgo.

    Brilliant guy, schizophrenic episodes notwithstanding. I really miss him.
    His father died & left him a house which he doesn’t leave. The walls are papered with Aluminium.

    Actually I love when PKD’s books get made into movies, I don’t much like his writing as much as his concepts. Minority Report & of course Blade Runner are great.

  6. I perceive ‘chaos’ allegorically: Like moving around via lilypads, not a canoe or bridge. Bridge relies on foundations, and it starts and finishes somewhere. it’s been built by someone. Canoe, too much equipment. Lilypads, unstable, can’t stay on one forever, its up to you to hop around and figure out the pond,etc.

  7. As a fellow Sun-Lilith-Merc in Saggo and Aqua Moon, I have to admit that this gave me a joyful grin and resonant memory of when I used to talk about the importance of having Chaos over for tea and sausages every once in a while…keeping up relations, catching up on news, remembering to make little offerings, and such.

    1. HipparaEcmerci

      Fellow Sun-Merc-Lilith-Uranus Sag with Aqua Moon 8th(which is also my chart ruler) plus Aries MC opp Saturn-Pluto πŸ™‚

      I’ve had to learn what it is to be comfy and self-nurturing(cancer NN/cap SN).

      No wonder I’ve always been obsessed with Bladerunner.

      1. Same. One look at his face and I was ‘guh’. Powerfully attractive – would do him absolutely immediately.

  8. I recognize that cover of The Man in the High Castle, someone gave me that paperback edition, it was the first PKD book I ever read. That was about 3 months before he died. Now I think I’ve read almost everything he ever published, except the piles of new biographical material which is just too much to deal with. I even have a few rare Ace first editions, cheap pulp paperbacks that would crumble if I ever tried to read them.

    One of the basic concepts PKD uses in several novels is what if there really is an omnipotent god, but he just forgot he was omnipotent? What if he lost his power because he forgot to use it? What if we all lost our magical powers because we just somehow forgot we had the powers? PKD talks about “anamnesis,” of recovering from amnesia, of waking up and recovering our memory of our lost selves. It’s a powerful metaphor.

    1. On that remembering theme, I just finished Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Diary’ last night. one of the lines that really got me was ” what they don’t teach you …is how your whole life is about discovering who you already were”.

  9. I just saw a very zap zone appropriate flick, called Upstream Color via some semi-legit internet stream. The shooting and visuals were dream mode stunning with a great story. Great piece of sci-fi/drama/mind fuqer and I haven’t been able to get it unstuck from my mind. Felt every bit of it, and thought what a great pre-req for this uranus pluto.

    1. That’s funny, it’s the last film I’ve downloaded and have been waiting for the apropos time to watch. Gonna use your comment as a GO. πŸ˜‰

    2. OHMYGOD I just saw half of it yesterday with my friends, I tried to make a thing of it and we all got high and I brought muffins, but one of my friends had to leave early and it was too good to just not make a thing of it some other time, its like our movies and stuff havent been this sci-fi thoughtful since twilight zone, like, twilight zone was this skit version of something that could be taken even further, or something like that, I really want to see it though

  10. over rated? ahh well like i said in the daily mystic email this morning, the last ten days of may will be a good one to watch for geopolitical trend indicators. to me it feels like something is about to break, we can’t just keep creating $ out of thin air, giving it to the banks and slugging the tax payers. uranus sq pluto in capricorn is a bad time to be in a bubble.

    1. 😯

      Absolutely! I was reading an article to today about austerity and the economist’s are like ‘yeah, look the answer to all of this is just give the money to the banks’.

      Um, they do know about Laiki Bank and Libor right?

      1. apparently the big ecnomic paper and study austerity was founded on just was recently debunked and it turns out they were fudging the numbers, I don’t think austerity works, but the real problem is definitely all these shady financial systems, there are unregulated global committees controlling the prices on things, just literally making up money for themselves by abusing their made up authority, apparently they don’t have to show their number right away and in real time like wall street, so insiders can know what is going to happen ahead of time(with stuff even bigger then wall street) and can just cheat the entire world system and governments are just to scared to prosecute or look into it just because these people could literally destroy the economic world just off a hissy fit, not even super villains are this bad, or its like if super villains were real, and won

        1. like, these guys make wall street look like decent people, and all wall street does is just ascribe arbitrary value to things they buy and screw normal people over as a middle man to buying and selling random stocks and what not, they literally have no way of juggling all the numbers and literally ascribe random value, wall street scumbags who everyone hate, those guys are morally upstanding compared to what is really going with these other financial markets, sorry to get all preachy or ranty or whatever

      2. For anyone who is interested in why the fuq all this is happening, read Hyman Minsky (The Financial Instablity Hypothesis) and Michal Kalecki (Political Aspects of Full Employment).

        Taken together, the two of them offer a fuqin’ spot on diagnosis. Kalecki (who was a contemporary of Keynes, but like Marx, felt that capitalist governments were too invested in things as they are to admit to reality) explains totally why no one in power will ever want to admit that Minsky was right, even though he wrote decades before Minsky.

        Did anyone see the doco on the media/media ownership in the US on SBS the other night? Extraordinary concentration of financial power and power over information. In spite of the fact that so many ordinary Americans are aware of this and registered their protest during a recent Inquiry into Media Ownership, nothing was done. It was all just a process designed to let the masses have their rant, then ignore them and continue with business as usual.

        We the peeps without the bucks or control of the mainstream media so have to get active. Hard when personal survival during the Zap Zone is tough enough of itself.

        But so love that you are part of the push to that end, Mystic x.

        1. of course nothing was done! why would a vastly powerful business owner elect to relinquish his position? we don’t vote business owners into power. they only speak one language. yes i sound cynical, it’s because in these circumstances i am. reality spectacles on tight. Not saying we can do nothing, but i am saying we need to strike at the weak points of such structures.

          the other thing is, what emerges if the big one topples. Is it a case of better the devil you know? again yes anything has to be better than murdoch press, that pedlar of hatred, prejudice and bile.

            1. point was this was inquiry into cross-media ownership instigated by the FCC – the regulator. So it’s nothing to do with voluntary handing back of power on part of Murdoch et al: its about the laws which have been progressively weakened in recent decades, and which Murdoch et al would like to see weakened even further. Obama is trying to get a new chief more in favour of competition and no relaxation of cross ownership laws appointed as new FCC chairman, but he has to get that nomination through the Senate. Probably got Buckleys of that….

    2. Giant cracks in the european/uk soil here. Huge.

      personally too, as this zap is now exact my MC I’m completely part of the process.

      1. freedom ala air

        Austerity for the masses and greed for the 1%…

        Fuq it… Its all so fuQed

        bees, Monsanto, palm oil, oragutans, gold west Papua people, banglladeshi clothes slaves, child labour, sex slavery, uranium mining in sacred sites, reactors built on fault lines (idiots), increasing medicalisation. Of behavior in children, extinction rate of species increasing,…. Effed…. How ever not effed!

          1. 12th house virgo

            Sounds to me like they are busy toppling themselves. Like Jesus said “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s…”

          2. They all have names & addresses…
            There has to be a (generation of) Scorpio types with time (jobless) to find this stuff out! πŸ™‚

            1. Im teaching one now,
              Hes 20 a libra with a virgo asc and a pisces moon, he has a very cool has a uranus neptune conjunction in capricorn, what amazing tech savy conspiracy minded individuals these people are.

              Zap Zone is aptly put.. Astrology is so fuking significant, poetry in motion.

  11. Philip K was also a notorious LZ. I love this quote that I have read about him – Dick lashed himself to women like a drowning man to a rock in a storm. Very evocative, been there.

  12. 😯

    I think this really resonates with me. I had a lot of chaos early in my life after losing my parents when I was a child and I think because of that I have always sensed chaos in some ways ever since. I don’t think it is a bad thing nor should it necessarily be linked to something negative because what I have experienced and noticed about chaos is that something often good comes of it. Just think of social movements and how uprising and the struggle to be heard is necessary because stability, in those cases, meant silence and meant human right abuses. The Euro crisis is another great example of how creating a sense of stability lead to people losing their life saving and more. Stability is fine but there will always be people wanting to challenge the status quo because the world is not equal and people are still oppressed. Stability doesn’t always equate to fairness.

  13. 12th house virgo

    I’m starting to think this Zap Zone thing is over rated. I mean, what are we trying to predict here? Change? The world is always changing.

    I saw two white tailed deer this morning. They crept into the neighborhood which caused my little black dog and big black cat to stop their morning walk and sit on the sidewalk in awe. Then, walking over the bridge on the way to catch a train, two mallards, both with green heads, swan under me. Omens, pairs. What great love could be waiting for me that isn’t already here now? Venus square Neptune are always the times when I sober up. Not in an existential way either. No tug about it.

    The only story I’ve ever felt truly compelled to write was about the times when people valued their senses over their thoughts. When people actually resisted writing. Written words are viruses. They require a host. And then I sit silent and the story is written.

    Just rambling cause I like the people I’ve met here. xoxo

    1. Aqua-cap-Gemini

      What a beautiful morning. Something is definitely in your world, or coming to your world. Perhaps it is just an awakening of something? Gorgeous.
      Love your bit there about words are viruses, and sitting silently tells the story. And the value of senses over thoughts.
      That’s a great opening to a story that you never intended to tell. One that just falls out of you.

      1. 12th house virgo

        Thanks, I do hope I can some day write it down but it seems a paradox and I want to stay true to the facts. When words and numbers were first invented they were the same things. The act of recording thoughts didn’t split the two into math and literature. Political savvy did that. Both are methods of accounting. In that way, debt is a thought process. Which is very philosophical, only it isn’t. Its true history.

        There were people, artisan sailors who didn’t bother to name themselves or their nation, who actively resisted written language because it disrupted fair trade. I suppose the Bible called them Phoenicians. No person should be denied the ability to put food in their mouth on a technicality.

        Our world would be chaos without writing. A perfectly living/dying thing.

        1. 12th house virgo

          Oh, they also refused to trade with currency, which is really just a bit of writing/math. Currency exists to tax people. There’s no need for it other than to build inequality.

          1. Aqua-cap-Gemini

            When I was 16, I started to make daily notes on how I could ‘kill’ money.
            I’m working on it. πŸ˜‰

    2. Hey I get this. This is your Pluto square mercury, yes? Neptune is squaring mine and last night I took a Myers-Briggs and found I’ve gone from an INTP to an INFP. Strange world of being, not analyzing. Feels real and not disconnected on some fundamental level. Also a helluva lot harder than being a mercury-ruled sociopath. Everything is personal. Synchronicities everywhere. Bizarre yet so right…

      1. 12th house virgo

        Yup, the Zap Zone is happening right on my Mercury, 11 Libra being squared by Pluto, opposed by Uranus. Also, I have a Neptune square Venus in my natal chart, so when that transit happens things feel more clear to me.

        I just don’t feel like I need anything right now. Not the money or the guy or anything. I just want to enjoy my daughter. Tonight, she sucked on her big toe, used her little toes to pick her nose while humming an ode she had been singing about her fink (fantastic stink). She’s such an Aries. Its silly, but its one of those nights when I think “This is my life. What the hell else is it supposed to be?” lol

        Glad to hear about you dating, btw. You are totally worth being pursued by a worthy – and real- mate. πŸ™‚

        1. Ha, thanks. It’s all still in the realm of fantasy, which is definitely by choice. No physical contact yet- Saturn returns to Venus oppo very soon. But this whole being in the moment thing, appreciating the nose-picking (talent!), is so lovely. I don’t know where I’m going and I don’t care. Little ones growing up fast and really, all else is filler. What else is it supposed to be, seriously?! A life multitudes dream about. Gratitude.

          BUT. I will have sex soon! Within a month if I can get myself to stop being a hermit for a bit. Break the seal for all of us!!! Xoxox

      2. weird, i’ve been getting way into myers briggs again lately! and confirmed that i am much more infj than infp. yay. there are some brilliant videos on youtube explaining more, having different types interview each other, they’re great. davesuperpowers and pneumoceptor are my current favourites xo

        1. You just thing the zap zone is over rated because it doesnt involve mercury. πŸ™‚

          Its very significant, damn virgos can analyze the magic out of anything.

  14. Aqua-cap-Gemini

    Was reading about Orwell last night (ipad for mummys day).. he was a fan of Jack London. Jack London wrote (many many books) a book called ‘The Road’, which in reading it’s summary kinda reminded me of Jack Kerouacs On The Road.
    Got woken up at an ungodly hour by a sick child. Haven’t really slept since. As I type, sick child is crying inconsolably – tired and sick. Have vaporiser going, classical playing and remedies up the Kazoo.
    I wish he’d dream of android sheep.
    On the bright side – a dystopian epiphany yesterday. A self realisation about the tome I’m giving life to. It was a great moment in the history of stalking readers comments on Amazon.
    I’m starting to think that all ‘great’ writers are mad.
    Considering, a fellow uni person on the uni discussion board made some quip to me – something about my ‘spiraling descent into madness’ I hope this means I too can be a great writer.
    This person (a crotchety old man) is disappointed with me because I don’t agree with him, and therefore – I’m clearly mad!
    Awesome! πŸ˜€

    1. Aqua-cap-Gemini

      Oh – and two cats here, the eldest will be ten in June. Brings such a massive smile to my dial to hear little man calling out to the eldest cat “Hi Shanti Hi! Ohhh Shanti!’ and waving to her.
      Something about when your past meets your future and you find yourself very aware in the present.. one of those moments.

    2. i love “Past, meet Future” moments…

      also LOL re stalking readers comments on Amazon… some are so pathetically inane (“Luvd it!!” *…groan*) but in general yes πŸ˜€

      1. Aqua-cap-Gemini

        Thanks Pi
        It’s like dΓ©jΓ  vu happening without having already happened! If that even makes sense.
        I agree some of the comments are lacking in depth, A great epiphany, reinforced how I feel about my book, whether anyone else will remains to be seen.
        Did you or Saturnalien ask me about the course I was doing? I can’t remember which post it was on to reply (my world is an endless stream of foggy moments either its day or night). I was doing COM14 at Griffith Uni via Open Uni. I was so pumped in the beginning, but now I’m just glad I got everything done weeks early.

  15. Geo-political morphing? The desire to travel is intense yet the spontineity is lacking due to deep root growing. The old what you fear comes at you i.e.:
    The Dhaka disaster for example. Visited there twice and had very moving
    (perhaps that is not the most appropriate word) experiences, most memorable of many places that perhaps innoculated me due to the bugs ‘n bacteria in the food, giving me a caste iron stomach.
    A peoples so exploited by foreign nationals.
    Off track..AGAIN πŸ™‚

  16. Twas also rumoured he was actually off his rocker, the type that is due to severe chemical imbalances, but hey, love his bizarre novels, where WAS he, out of his fascinating mind methinks, like most genii.
    Is that the result of an abundance of Jupiterian rays.
    Am also a 3 planet Sagg…oops.

    1. Apparently he lost a twin sister soon after birth: could have had a big impact, as might a Uranian ascendant.
      Then again, there’s Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Lilith, Psyche, all conjunct in Sagg (5 degree orb) and lying between the Great Attractor (huge tractor beam)and the Galatic Centre. Not to mention Mars, Neptune, Pluto opp Cap MC, Jupiter, Circe and Chiron retrograde. Now, all that has to be cosmically heavy, no? (He was born just before the great stock market crash that led to the Depression, after all).

      He said of Heinlein: “he knows I’m a flipped-out freak and still he helped me and my wife when we were in trouble. That is the best in humanity, there; that is who and what I love.” So crazy? Not so much: heart in right place.

      His second wife observed after his death that β€œHe gave a lot. Maybe too much. He tied himself in knots, and then exploded, like a balloon.”

      With his view that there was no objective reality, and that humans often lacked soul or humanity, no doubt he couldn’t wait to be tractor beamed into and beyond the Great Attractor, towards which both the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy are being magnetically drawn at apparently break-neck speed, to universes beyond.

      (Being born with Sun in Sagg BANG ON on the Great Attractor, square stationary Uranus on MC opp Jup Chiron in Pisces, and Neptune on Asc, I’m with HIM! Mum remembers me saying, at age 8, that I felt this longing to go home. Given that I was safe in bed in the family home, at the time, she was understandably a little perplexed by that…)

      1. that must have been strange for your mum to hear!

        I read somewhere that stationary planets in one’s chart are a Big Deal. ie major influence (let alone that it’s on the most public angle in your chart)

        1. …and dead-still Uranus conjunct (wide orb) Pluto. Yes, has felt like a big deal for most of my life, particularly given the Tsquare with IC and 1st house Sun it is part of.
          ….and yes, poor Mum. (I think she put it down to the meds back then: I had been very ill with asthma/bronchitis).

  17. Order is Virgo, and to a lesser degree, Capricorn. Nothing about his chart says order, but rather energy, inspiration, travel, and innovation.

    He and his cat look like they were separated at birth.

            1. I AM was kind of a “placeholder” ( a tip of the hat to my Aries Rising), until something better came along. And stuck.

              TY xx

    1. 12th house virgo

      I’m a Virgo and an anarchist. The world could do with a bit – maybe a lot – more destruction to put things in proper order around here. The difference between creation and destruction is just a word game anyway.

      1. when a Virgo sees that the system is rotten / not functioning as well as Virgo knows it could, they become agents of disruption and destruction until it’s working the RIGHT way. it seems to me. that, or they fester anxiously and lose sleep because they are unable to change it, and it chafes on an existential level. x

        1. Virgos hates corruption, like order but not corruption. Chaos and anarchy is good for disrupting corrupt status quo.

          1. Yes i be using my aqua sun
            And mars jupiter and saturn in virgo to
            Fuck some shit up..

            Im like no no and hell no 2 life lived as some corporate porno.

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