What Is A Quincunx?

What do Quincunxes mean in astrology? They sound strange – like a hipster cactus or Scrabble ploy – and they are! But they’re also your secret key to self-composure, to unlocking secret assets within. It would help if you decrypted them before you can figure out how they run.

Firstly, a Quincunx is an aspect between the Sun, Moon, planets, or other points in your birth chart. Aspects are angles, and while the two points or planets in alignment remain the same, each aspect has a slightly different timbre.  Trines are the “easy” ones – 120 degrees. Squares (90 degrees) and Oppositions are traditionally edgier.

The Astrological Quincunx Needs Decoding

And a quincunx is 150 degrees, between the take-anywhere, perma-popular trine, and the polarizing 180 degrees opposition. The signs in a quincunx are not just a different element but a different modality. Here is where the fun begins: Your astro-points in Quincunx can hide from one another. Not deliberately, of course. They’re like two people who keep missing one another, but each knows ‘of’ the other person.

The Trine and Opposition aspects that flank the Quincunx are ultra-obvious. Trines are your Flow, your innate ‘go-to’ – a gift. They’re where you’re like a teenage model being asked their beauty tips: “Say, whaaat? Well, I um, you know, wake up in the morning…I like opalescent crystal eye glitter…” Trine Vibe is so innate that it can be genuinely difficult to imagine someone struggling with the themes of your Trine.

The Quincunx Is Quintessence – 5th Element

Example: Neptune Trines – inspiration is a form of breathing, and you secretly prefer phantom love affairs. You slide into liminal space without much effort, and all your best intel is channeled. You are Art. But people think you’re drugs and use you like an upper or a hallucinogenic.

And your Squares are your little bedevilments – the “issues” that you know you’re working on. If you’re not alert, the things associated with your closest square angled astro-points are potential kryptonite. You can buff them up into a talent or survival that you value all the more for having lived the unfinished version.

But if the times are screwy enough or the perfect provocation strolls in the door, giving you side-eye, you and your Square are like the Rapid Response Squad.

The Quincunx doesn’t operate like either of these two. You can’t take it for granted because you don’t usually know it and nor do your friends/family. Unlike the Square aspect, it doesn’t create tension until you engage with it.

A Quincunx is like a secret spell, hidden in front of you. The word means Five Twelfths, as in the 150-degree angle and, as you will see below, it conceals a variety of puzzles.

He Invented A Spirit Telephone

But in Alchemy, the Quincunx symbolizes Quintessence, the 5th Element, and its emblem resembles the Five of the classic dice. The ‘dot in the diamond’ has been around for centuries – go here for a profound anthropological take.

Thomas Edison, the inventor of electricity, revered it so much he had the Quincunx symbol tattooed on his forearm. Interestingly, his Uranus in Aries was exact Quincunx his Midheaven. Before you dismiss this as a coincidence and think maybe the guy just liked dots, remember this: He attended school for all of a few months and pulled himself up through sheer genius.

A Triple Aquarius and a lifelong vegetarian, he patented over 1000 inventions, including a Spirit Telephone. He made a working prototype, and it is in somebody’s possession, but nobody knows who. He hated A.C. Electricity because he thought the voltage was dangerous and that the government would then try to control electricity/the people. Don’t tell me he’s not ultra-Uranian and into Astrology. Clearly, he knew about his magical Uranus-Midheaven Quincunx and activated it early.

Quincunxes Almost Guarantee Individuation

Aside from patenting something every two weeks and having a quintessential hypersigil tattoo, how?  It’s tricky. I omitted the Quincunx in Astral DNA as these aspects have no classic expression. They are almost a guarantee of individuation – you live on a tangent.

The more you jive with the astral energy involved in a Quincunx, the more amazing the connection to Quintessence and concepts you can snatch out of the aether. But they’re not madly grounding. You’re never quite in your body or feeling like you belong to a ‘scene’ or a place.

The peculiar style of consciousness that games your quincunxed planets/Sun/Moon into working together naturally inspires invention and intricacy. Robert Smith, the lead singer of the Cure and ur-Goth of the Eighties, has a heap of Quincunxes. So do Trent Reznor and Megan Thee Stallion. In fact, she has three: Moon-Uranus, Mars-Neptune, and Jupiter-Ascendant.  George R.R. Martin (the Game of Thrones creator and author) is Sun in Virgo quincunx Moon in Aries – great writing combo!

Megan Thee Stallion Has Three Major Quincunxes

Dolly Parton has Sun-Moon and Mercury in Capricorn quincunx her Gemini Uranus/Midheaven. Barry Humphries – Dame Edna Everage – is Venus in Aquarius Quincunx Neptune in Virgo. You can’t express this angle in any other way but originally. There is no natural path for the aspect – or relationship if your synastry features a few of these – so you either elude one another or spiral up a new way of being.

Find out what yours are – you’re looking for a tight orb conjunction between two planets, the Sun/Moon or Node, Midheaven, Ascendant, that falls short of an Opposition.  It will be Aries-Virgo, Aries-Scorpio, Taurus-Libra, Taurus-Sagittarius, Gemini-Scorpio, Gemini-Capricorn, Cancer-Aquarius, Leo-Pisces, and you get the idea.

Think about the astral energies involved – Sun in Libra quincunx Moon in Pisces – the Kardashian Quincunx – and visualize them as elements of a cool particle physics experiment. You can’t blend them alchemy-style without a unique style of living or creating  – something else has to be the catalyst or the mercurial spark. Quincunxes are fusion. People with one significant quincunx or several are genius at juxtapositions that nobody else would do.

And they never think there is anything at all ‘weird’ about it. I’m not even sure you can get Quincunxian by thinking. It may be more effective to sleep with one of these dice beneath your pillow or to stop berating yourself for contradictions. Thoughts?

Images: Philippe Morillon
The Quincunx Symbol 
Thomas Edison with this Spirit Telephone. 

96 thoughts on “What Is A Quincunx?”

  1. I have 3, Leo Pluto – Cap Chiron Asc, Leo Sun – Cap NN, and Sag Mars – Kat Uranus Desc Mercury
    Quintessence, much to ponder here

  2. this is such an interesting description of quins…say, do you cover Quincunxes in your Astro chart report? I have Virgo Sun 29 Quincunx Moon Pisces 0 – would love to crack that nut

  3. I have twelve of these buggers, and I’ve simply come to accept that I don’t make any damn sense…haha.

    1. Sorry – they’re really tricky! You kind of grow into them but interp wise, I think they’re intense but people are often unaware of them.

  4. I have 8 quincunx Aspects, as well?! Jupiter, Neptune, & Pluto quincunx Chiron. Uranus & Mars quincunx Midheaven. Venus quincunx Saturn, Mercury quincunx Jupiter, and Moon quincunx Mars. No idea what it all means, but I am hoping to figure them all all, especially in relation to my yods.

  5. Hmmm, Pluto in Libra quincunx Moon in Pisces. These are my favorite kinds of posts but now I’m going to have to spend a week trying to identify how I express this aspect.

  6. I have Venus in Cancer (0 degrees, 1st house) Quincunx Neptune in Sagg (0 degrees, 6th house). The Quincunx itself as tight – 0 degrees.

    Basically it plays out as tussle between me and what I WANT and empathy for others who need help. The amount of people I have helped just via random occurrences is bizarre. Part of it is because I have no fear of people in the street who are losing it. I dunno … somehow I feel protected … kinda like that bomb guy in zero dark twenty.

    Example: I was driving home from the supermarket, was a bit late like 7ish because I’d had a big day. I drove out of the carpark and across the road is a bank with a stretch of grass. On it was a guy rolling around with a dog sort of dancing around him – obviously stressed.

    Part of me said “just go home. This is none of your business”. But I couldn’t. I had to stop and see if this guy was ok. We spoke for awhile. I calmed down his dog. I calmed him down. He’d taken an overdose of heroin and so literally was struggling to stand up. I called the ambulance. Waited 2 hours until they arrived. Made sure they made arrangements for the dog and obviously explained the situation.

    I’m not virtue signalling – I really wanted to NOT be doing that. But a part of me would have been furious at myself for being so damn heartless.

    That’s how it plays out for me. I just can’t ignore the suffering of others, whether it be human or animal.

    I’ve told people about similar incidents and they’ve been like YOU CRAZY GIRL. I’D BE TERRIFIED. But I’m not. Why? Quincunx Cancer Venus and Sagg Neptune be like … chill, practical, savvy and organised.

    1. You saved a life.

      You said it : part of you would have been furious for being so heartless.

      Don’t beat yourself up.

      Lots of different people make up this world.

      I’m a Venus in Cancer too. Today I was having realisations about how people have taken advantage of my good nature. And I was developing the gumption to strengthen my boundaries.

      Then I read your story. This man wasn’t taking advantage. He was a lost soul.

      Thanks for helping him.

  7. I have two…Pluto in Virgo in the 12th and Mercury in Aries in the 7th, and Neptune in Sag in the 2nd to my sun in Taurus in the 2nd. They cross right at the shift from Aries to Taurus in my 7th House. Seems like that should mean something fun…not sure what to make of that?

  8. Funny you should mention this because I have a yod in my chart, with the apex being my Saturn/Uranus conjunction in Sag/12th house. I hate it here 😑😑😑

  9. HELP me please?

    I have moon in Taurus quincunx Mars in Libra. One degree. What does this mean?

    I also have a yod in relation to my midheaven. All 0 degree.🧐 Involving my North Node.

    But since Mystics article on flipping the chart for the southern hemisphere I have oscillated between giving up on astrology and believing the new way.

    So I can’t disclose this Yod because I don’t know how to interpret it.

    The new way means I have Pluto and Uranus conjunct within 3 degrees in my first house: makes alot of sense.

    I really appreciate your help.

    1. The yod is a quincunx.

      Northern Hemisphere astrology says my Midheaven in Sagittarius Q exact my Mercury in Cancer and North Node in Taurus.

    2. Wish, i think you’ve a bad case of knotty knickers, as have a few others i think. You don’t flip anything over in the chart other than your Nodes, i.e., the NN becomes the SN & vice versa. So if you had Taurus NN and Scorpio SN, it now becomes Taurus SN and Scorpio NN and everything else stays the same. xx

      1. In the Southern hemisphere article if you go to the paragraph that has the refer to this chart for aquarius rising as an example.

        I did and I came to this conclusion. Did I misread or misundestand this?

        Help Mystic?

        1. If you look closely at that chart, Aqua Asc still reads as Aqua Asc even though it’s on the right hand side of the chart. That chart is to show how it (& the sky) would look from a true southern hemisphere perspective. If you go to the comments in that same post & scroll to a convo that Lady Pluto and Mariposa have, you might get a better idea.

          1. Thanks Skarab.

            I read those comments previously and reread them now.

            Through my Gemini brain I got a flash of what I did.

            But Mystic can you please confirm this. Please be patient with me: I have chemo brain.

            Still confused about the bit where you say Southern hemisphere should read houses anticlockwise. Doesn’t northern hemisphere do that?

            And is there still a case for astrology to be read the way I interpreted it?

            1. And I vaguely remember reading comments about the ascendant also being flipped. I went from a Pisces Rising to a Virgo rising. I laughed at first because I am a messy person.

              But when I read that Virgo Rising have broad shoulders (I do), well I was off and running.

    3. So the yod is my midheaven in Sagittarius quincunx south node in Taurus (3rd house) and Mercury in Cancer (4th house). All 0 degrees.

  10. I have never been able to understand Saturn Q Venus and Mercury in Leo
    do think Mercury was a late learner but Venus escapes me…

  11. 8 Quincunx – Chiron/Jupiter (pisces) Quincunx MC (libra) – North Node (leo) Quincunx Chiron/Jupiter (pisces) – Saturn (Aquarius) Quincunx Pluto (Virgo) – Uranus/Mercury (leo) Quincunx Ascendant (cap) – Sun (leo) Quincunx Jupiter/Chiron (pisces) – I have for so long wondered about these and yes dreaming is a better way than thinking. (mind you Neptune/Moon in Scorpio Trines Jupiter& Chiron in Pisces) floating, drowning, submerging, sliding between the cracks into a place that is not/ but is an amalgam. like a sphinx – impossible/possible. – “A symbol associated with the dot-in-square symbol was the dot-in-diamond symbol that referred to the underworld journey of the Serpent and a blood-water exchange that occurred in the meeting of the Serpent and Jaguar in the archetypal Mountain/cave,” of course that is perfectly what it is.

  12. Exact quincunx between Sun at 10 Aqua and Ascendant at 10 Cancer. No idea how to describe this but I know I’ve lived it. I feel a lot of contradictions in my life. I also have Jupiter/Virgo and Saturn/Aries quincunx, Mercury/Aqua and Uranus/Virgo quincunx, Neptune/Scorp and NN/Aries quincunx. Individuation – yes. I’ve also always felt like a weirdo that doesn’t belong or fit in anywhere, so there’s that. I spend more and more and more time alone and now live alone, too. At least I’m surrounded by Nature now and the ocean…

    1. Well that sounds peaceful & ideal to me Flowerchild, which in these times seems to me is huge. You can always build from that base if you want when the time is right. Nice to hear from you. <3 from one weirdo to another.

      1. Thanks, Skarab! It is very peaceful here, I almost can’t believe it after the last many years of hell and feeling unsafe every day for so long. It is a respite from these global heavy times as well. Wishing you well, too! Weirdos unite! Haha! 🙂

    2. Those Others just don’t get you. Don’t waste energy over it.

      The sooner you can let that go and relax in yourself with that beautiful Nature and ocean the stronger you will become within yourself.

      Who knows what the future will bring?

  13. Gemini sun, moon, mercury

    I’ve just found I have a quincunx of mars in virgo and uranus in aqua. For example, I studied anthropology and sociology because from my childhood I live of the dream that I will devise a way how to start a cultural revolution in this damn society and I will unleash revolutionary inferno. In what way is that quincux supposed to be mysterious, I think I am not getting that part

    1. It sounds like you have supportive aspects from other planets in play. I also have a Mars (8H Gemini) and Uranus (1H Scorpio) quincunx. I think the shared Scorpio element of Mars and the 8th house connection gives it a different vibe than completely mysterious.

  14. My tightest quincunx is between my toro Mercury and neptune in saggo. Mercury also being chart ruler, ( and trine Virgo AC) It explains a lot. My mind is a mystery to me. I have problems recognizing all that comes to me. If i stress i can become confused, and my mind finds nothing, and holds nothing. When i am clear i remember everything and i can pull things completely effortlessly out of the hat. Ideas/ creativity is limitless. Meditation..natural doorway.

  15. My tightest quincunx is between Saturn (Cap) & Moon-MC (Leo)… bleurgh … how to buzzkill on your mojo?

    And also, Lilith (8th H) quincunx Libra Asc. I get that one. In certain circumstances it behoves to outwardly vibe the biatch within.

      1. My Gazza is out of control (I broke two state laws yesterday, maybe 3); He’s been lead on by Mars for ages & been giving Saturn the finger any opportunity, as they natally square in the chart.
        AND trans Gary is ON my Nodal Axis & squaring Saturn too. Authority figures just give him the shits continually & i can barely control him ….. god save me.

      2. I just checked my transits and hold my beer – Merc is ON my Gary! This retro must have gone back and forth over him like a Victor lawnmower on an unkempt council verge.

  16. Hmmm. So my moon seems to be quincunx to my sun, and Saturn is quincunx to my stellium in Virgo (Jupiter, Venus, Pluto, and Uranus). I am not entirely sure what this means, but it’s definitely a thing in my chart.

  17. Wow, I didn’t realize this until this post but I have had a lot of quincunx action over the last couple of years…my AC ruler Venus (natally retro in Scorpio) is quincunx both my north node in Aries and my Chiron in Gemini. My solar ruler Pluto sextiled my Venus, squared my North Node/quincunxed my Chiron; then repeat with Saturn in Capricorn; then repeat with Jupiter in Capricorn with my Chiron activated by the transit North Node. Neptunium legal services have advised me not to talk about it on social media so I won’t give details about how this all manifested but as far as moving forward there’s a lot to think about here. Don’t worry tho my Saturn in Sag says its for the best.

  18. A Quincunx is a) a rare small frog that lives in suspended animation under peyote cactus blossoms in the northern Mexico region, it survives purely on peyote seeds and a small amount of fluid extracted from the cactus branches.
    b) a commodity trading instrument used by futures traders to multiply there trade spread. In horse racing they have quinellas, doubles and quadrellas, in futures trading they have quincunxes.
    c) An astrological degree that refers to the distance and influence between 2 astral entities. Eg great quincunx you’ve got there Mary 👌🏽 … sorry ? Oh ? No no … I said quincunx Mary .. I would never say that ? Quincunx, yes that’s right. Look it up, really, yeah it really is a thing 😟

  19. Ooh fun! I will look more closely later but for now – Neptune in Scorp and Jupe in Taurus quincunx the nodes. Also, Eros-Venus. Boom-chick-a-wow-wow.

    1. Woof!! Well you better be wearing your best washed denim and big hair, doll, coz trans Uranus Taurus & Gary Libra are in quincunx ce soir for a bit of Venusian frisson…grrr.

      1. A quincunx with Gary ? Sounds like a new porn genre. If we’ll filtered it could provide a variety of scenarios that could be used to turn one off, a sleeping aid. … Scene 1 Gary stands in his underwear ironing his slacks before a night out with 4 mates who have been allowed out for a night by their wives. Scene 2 Meeting at the Cosy bar, attached to the local Surf Club Hotel, Gary’s mind wanders as his mates get into a heated conversation about mobile phone plans for their teens .. should he invite that lass he met at the gym last week to come and have a few drinks with him and his mates ? … scene 3 Sharon turns up in her trackies and Gary’s friend Troy quickly buys her a bourbon and coke … what’s up with Troy thinks Gary ? … Gary hails the barman and orders a double, the night is young, still plenty of time to get home and have a good nights sleep… Troy though has other plans and Sharon just may be up for it ..

  20. what is the glyph for Quincunx? I have just decided that all my life I have been drawing the chaos one… Arrows and arrowheads or central dot and petals radiating, same thing really. But arrows have always been my doodle.

  21. Crystallised future

    Well I don’t know if I’ll ever get to ‘find my path to who I should be” with my north node in Gemini 11th house quin Neptune in 4th house Scorpio. With my north node square so many damned planets in my 2nd and 8th house there seems to be push/pull all the time, along with my Neptune as part of a double grand trine/kite pattern……

    But! I have discovered this afternoon I have the classic ‘mystic rectangle’ in my chart and there’s not much info about it out there! Mystic, can you do a post about kites and t-squares and mystic rectangles?

    I’ve scheduled a big ‘coming out’ event for the upcoming eclipse that is smack bang on my south node and completes a whole cross in my chart. Hoping the astrological leap of faith date works for me kicking off a business idea that was tossed aside in 2018 due to a cancer diagnosis…..might as well force the change rather than sit back and wait for it right?

  22. Psyche/Jupiter to Circe. Uranus, Pluto, Isis and Pandora Virgo to Persephone in Aqua and in Aries Venus (a yod! thank you for that clue LittleLunaLuxe). Neptune to Moon, this one sounds interesting. Herkate to Vesta. This sounds like a perfect concept to research instead of writing reports (or maybe the light at the end of the tunnel). I feel I have been cheering people up in this lifetime, cause I feel their hollowness and fill it with humour and love and light, or try to.

  23. I have a Lilith yod – she is in Gemini, and quincuxes to Pluto (Scorpio) and Uranus (Capricorn), who are tightly Sextile each other. I’ve been doing Lilith all my life! Discovering my yod was a major “aha” moment for me. I have Lilith square Venus which is … tense 😬
    Another revelation from this post is that my Ascendant & Venus conj. Chiron trine Neptune = people using me like drugs… very much so 😑 time for better boundaries. The stars have decreed it.

  24. I have a 20 degree natal Gem Sun exactly quincunx Scorp Neptune. It’s having a precise transit today as the Sun is currently conjunct my Neptune and the North Node is conjunct my Sun. Don’t really know what it means – although I do think I was meant to find this out today✨

  25. The Jupiter pluto conjunction is quincunx my Saturn midheaven party atm. Bq moon. That means something.

    I’m at that point on my learning curve, “that means something” laughing

  26. I would love to know how the quicunx manifests and operates with transits. At the moment Pluto and Jupiter conjunct in Capricorn are transiting my Mars conjunct Jupiter in Leo forming perfect quicunx.

    1. Quincunx is the same thing as inconjunct if you’re looking at a generated chart- sometimes the terminology is different. It’s just the aspects of 150deg. I used the Time Passages app (doing your own chart is free) 🙂

  27. I have 8H Gemini Mars quincunx Scorpio Uranus (tight) and my ascendant (.3 degrees, can I call that exact?) I am thinking this is accentuated in erratic times such as these when I can ride a crazy change wave.

    I also have Chiron in Taurus on my descendant quincunx Leo Saturn in the 10th. Just when I thought my t-square couldn’t get more interesting… yeah now that I’m looking at it my t-square is super activated right now so my quincunxes are lit up as well. It’s one hell of a mid-life shakeup, that’s for sure.

  28. I feel like an old astro site, was it wizzards or something had such great quincunx info. The read they had on my mercury Uranus quincunx might be what bails me out of my mercury Saturn bummer square every time.

    Not he kind of site that was like 1998 aol graphics, kind of purple and maybe comic sans fonts, but the same era “i will end up on reddit” kind

  29. I’ve got an exact quincunx between my Virgo Asc and Aries Chiron in the 7th. It feels like it’s important, particularly since I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to get a handle on Chiron as my Chiron return is imminent (loved your post on this btw Mystic!). Something to do with healing? Relationships? Healing relationships? That all sounds boring. How about wielding chaos magic with expert dexterity…?

      1. LOL! Reminds me of that saying – ‘Nothing is deeper than love. Except my squat. My squat is deeper than any human emotion.’

        1. Its really primal. That 8th house aries sex drive is a real thing. An inexplicable weird thing, but a thing. The rise of the ass-positive songs and videos have been somehow bringing back to the best of the root chakra. Bam, dat ass. Thats spiritually freeing. Its back to teen years for a second, until I hear my knees do that crackling thing, but. Lol. Drop it like its, well, gotta get picked up before it leaves a stain.

          1. Super vibing with y’all on this.
            1st hs Scorpio Mars & 6th hs Aries Saturn. Also Scorp rising and my N node/Chiron Aries conjunction.
            Mars transit in Aries back & forth over my Saturn- started doing alot of squats because it’s said you can balance out your hormones by working your gluts.
            Recently had my chiron return and still working through what it means….

  30. I have a quincunx from my Mars in Capricorn (which trines my Virgo moon) and my Gemini sun (which squares my Virgo moon… and my Pisces Jupiter… and opposes my Sag Uranus to form a mutable grand cross). I think Mars exalted in Capricorn quincunx a Gemini sun is traditional ambition realized through good old fashion Cap hard work undertaken with the childlike joy and curiosity of Gemini. Virgo moon keeps things on the rails and does the paperwork. I’m a Scorpio rising so people know not to fuq with me when I’m busy achieving things.

    Thank you for a great article Mystic!

    Sometime I just feel like I have so. much. ENERGY in my chart (Pisces Jupiter in the 4th just squaring/opposing/trining *everything* in my chart) that I can’t even think about the subtler aspects like the quincunx. I have a grand mutable cross and a grand water trine both rooted in my Jupiter in Pisces – a good energy to have onside, but still, it’s a lot!

    1. I also have Gemini Sun and the Saturn in Capricorn. I want to say the same thing about combing curiosity and hard work. Maybe the seriousness of being unserious? Some Capricorns I know can let their hair down after hard work. Almost childlike after working so hard for so long. A command of comedy!

      1. I also have Saturn in Sag in the first house so I feel like I definitely combine curiosity and hard work into the acquisition of knowledge. I feel like for you having Saturn in Cap quincunx a Gemini sun would make you able to turn your knowledge into real, tangible, worldly benefit. The Gemini intellect is ephemeral but the gains of Saturn are very real, so I think they make odd but productive partners.

  31. I have a few. Moon and Jupiter for example. I was told to balance them out with the midpoint. So 24 Taurus (Jupiter) and 24 Sag (moon) midpoint is Virgo. I look to Virgo (self discipline, nutrition and health, cleaning!) when Jupiter and Moon are confounding issues 😛 Also Pisces (the midpoint is Saturn exact, so just more work). This helps me. I didn’t notice my Mercury/Neptune one (how apt!) so Aries/Scorpio puts the midpoint on my midheaven/Nadir in Aquarius. I’ll have to research that some more!

  32. Oh fun, Quincunxes! I have only one, between my Leo Mc and pisces 4th h sun. It does feel like a contradiction of sorts

  33. Merc and Venus in the 11th quincunx Chiron in the 4th – not quite sure how to ‘do’ those. A few between the outer planets too. Neptune and Pluto both quincunx Saturn. Hmmm.

  34. Oh damn I need to read up on quincunxes/inconjuncts! I have 7 using a tight orb and the traditional planets (venus/saturn, venus/Pluto, venus/Neptune, moon/jupiter, moon/uranus, mars/uranus, Mercury/jupiter) and if I expand out to 4 degrees and/or add Chiron or my ascendant into the mix I have 12. 🥴 I’m starting to understand why I’m such a late bloomer. Lots of contradictions/seemingly incompatible energies in need of balancing. 😅

    1. I have Saturn Q Mercury and didn’t develop the latter until later in life when transit of Pluto blew me away changing my life and thinking. Awful but amazing.

  35. Thanks again Mystic for another amazing post. I have only one Qx between Moon (1°Virgo) and North Node (3°Aquarius). I hope the next Aquarius conjunctions will help me figuring out what that Qx means. But my spider sense really like your “secret spell, hidden in front of you”. Especially my H12 Moon (also trine to Neptune) ✨🌠

  36. Um, I *think* I have at least 4 – ♈Sun/♍Moon, ♓Mars/♌Saturn, ♈Sun/♏Uranus & ♈Mars/♎Pluto – under a big old Grand Fire Trine, I dunno – it sort of looks like the tactician/strategist under all the surface level creativity/wise-cracking but also the fearless compassion. Playing random/abstract as a defence mechanism seems quite Quincuxian.

    Yeah no idea.

      1. Its Pisces – oops put Aries symbol second time by accident. I’ve read so many interpretations of Saturn in Leo that have never felt like they fitted – who knows, maybe the Mars in Pisces will finally decode it a little…

  37. I’ve got an exact quincunx between Neptune (13 of Cap) and Jupiter (13 of Leo), and this probably has a LOT to do with my near-instantaneous code switching between Family-Safe Conservative Camouflage and Full Blown Diva Vamp, depending on who I’m with. It tends to bewilder my friends, when they see me around my family/coworkers for the first time.

    It’s to the point that my family and my friends know me by two completely different names – not that I try to hide one life from the other, but more that the Jupiter-In-Leo Diva Vamp feels more “me”. I am a Sagittarius, after all. XD

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