Pisces People Are Becoming More Piscean

Neptune In Pisces for Pisces

Pisces Qi is getting stronger. It began quietly at the end of 2017, probably with the first pulse of that Jupiter-Neptune trine. Or, some say, around the time of the Emotional Support Peacock.  Could the drunk alleged time traveler have somehow been a factor? Anyway, whatever is doing it, Pisces People Are Becoming More Piscean.

The key indicator? They’re no longer even pretending to take advice or input from “normal” sources. Unless it is legit, compulsory professional advice re law or wealth, they’re all about the paranormality.  They’re tapping Source Vibe for inspiration. They are flat-out refusing to go anywhere they don’t want to go.

The Pisces sense of humor has turned deep-Neptune. That is, surreal and absurd, cryptic to most people. It is as if something has changed their consciousness to kaleidoscopic. Pisces people are probably having secret meetings at concealed ancient springs on top of geomantic power points.

What IS doing this? Water sprites? Activation of a spooky crystal labyrinth in a parallel dimension where Pisces has a spare bedroom?

In all seriousness, Neptune is the core influence here. It is the Pisces patron planet. If I ran the galaxy, i would have Neptune somehow reclassified as a cosmic narcotic. It means that it is becoming more potent. And thus Pisces people are becoming more Piscean.

Pisces? Friends Of Pisces? What do you think? And, Neptune stays here, in its home constellation, until 2027. And in 2022, it will be magnified by lucky Jupiter, the co-ruler of the sign, also in Pisces. It’s the first Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces since the 19th Century!

Image: Kohei Kyomori 

128 thoughts on “Pisces People Are Becoming More Piscean”

  1. “Yup, sounds a lot like me”. *strokes her emotional support longhaired siamese and dissociates in the middle of the conversation*

  2. I think I accidentally venus-in-aries’ed a sensitive (younger and married) Scorpio man – My settings were on ‘rambunctious’ and he’s the version of scorp that is more yin than yang I think. He picks up on (and carefully retreats from in tiny ways) my hardass fire vibes rather than the pisces, sigh / gawd. sorry, Scorp Jr.
    just had to write this somewhere.

    1. Pi, i did same. Overestimated the understanding; underestimated other person’s circs and sensitivities.

      Hurts like hell and is triggering self-esteem/fq up imposter/old guilt programming feels. Trying hard to see it’s best i know now, instead of trying to bonsai myself later.

      Just have to let that feeling take root in the deep subconscious. Feelings not as quick as the mind.

      1. Yes it was a bit like that! maybe a bit less hurty than your experience though. Ouch 🙁
        Just applying a bit of self forgiveness and letting the Oops feelings just exist, and recalibrating a bit..

  3. Hmmm, since late 2017 all I have done is either extreme low Neptunian or haughty as can be Neptunian in nature. Almost in equal measure. Everything in between just seems to boring or pointless.

    1. Ha, I just read the blog post about the emotional support peacock. Hilarious.:). For the record I would like an emotional support komodo dragon.

  4. Neptunian/Piscean things: Ghosts showing up more. Laughing in corners of my house. Snapping above my head and across the room.

    Can’t think of something by force, then I ask “What is that word or where is that thing?”, let the thought go and about 30 seconds to a minute later it comes to me.

    Communication with ancestors/descendants–gratitude from the future for the work I’m doing now to heal this lineage.

    Harder things: Logical thought patterns don’t float in these waters. I am spacey and disconnected and need a lot of naps. A LOT.

    My ruling planet, Jupiter, is in my Scorpio 12th house where natal Neptune lives and this has been lonely, isolating, and I’ve not been healthy. Forced seclusion. Doing the work I need to here. Looking forward to late 2018 when Jupiter crosses into my first house.

    1. Ooh, I have Jupiter return now as well, but it’s lingering in my 11th house along with my Venus. Do you have Venus in Scorp as well? Also I’ve learned that Jupiter in the 12th is actually a Guardian Angel. You are protected more than you know. Maybe there’s a purge going on (hence the isolation and health issues) that is for your higher good?

      1. Oops, I wasn’t very clear about the Jupiter thing–not having a Jupiter return, it’s transiting through my 12th house. I do honor the Guardian Angel aspect, for the current transit and how it has shown up in my life over and over. My natal Jupiter is 9th house Virgo, right between Mercury & Venus.

  5. Oh yes! Home feels much closer. As in everywhere. Home is everywhere! Xxx from a mad raving Pisces. Xx

  6. My best friend with his sun in Scorpio and moon in Pisces is becoming more Pisces and less Scorp every day, it seems. I thought it was just one of them moods but maybe this was astrological.

    1. By “more pisces” I also mean “reclusive”… even “depressed”. Is there any piscean way to help?

      1. Not by being subtle and trying to be helpful.

        But by being gentle, saying what you see and bringing him to practical support he can access on his own and when he will.

        Then you can be as helpful and subtle as you think fit xx

      2. Also be strong yourself and know your boundaries. You do not want to unwittingly feed a need…yours or his. You want the strength to carry you upright and know where your energies are going, while giving an understanding few can give. You may not even have all that. You need to know that part very clearly.

        When you’re alone, watch where your mind goes. Just observe.

  7. Gah. I knew it was neptune. Pisces sun, scorpio rising, and I spent the solstice in a clearing in the forest near an old well by a wild river communing with the tree spirits and downloading the new earth code, I kid you not. I want to be in the water, becoming a plant, asleep, drunk, or reading a book. I don’t want to communicate with you or even read your anti-piscean blah blah… When are you going to evolve? That’s what I want to know. It’s pretty unbearable this week, maybe I need to hang out with more fish.

    1. Besides that I do have a wonderful new ptofessional mentor who is in my esoteric zone and I am feeling all buzzing and creative when I’m not annoyed with muggles or crying into my scarf.

  8. seawitchmermaid

    Late degree Pisces here, just got done with Chiron on my sun/Mercury and now Neptune had just begun getting in orb of my sun. Neptune on my 5th h. Pisces Jupiter a few years back was WILD. Spiritually off the wall, many crazy (sober) experiences lol. And some lower love stuff as well.

    I feel the layers of different experiences in time building on each other. It’s a wild ride. I have a sixth house sun/Merc so the Chiron bit was coming even more to terms with mental health stuff, and so many messages about it from inward and outward sources. From that I feel like I’m in the process to feeling more free, my mindset feels better but I’m not 100% there, some old past neural pathways still get the better of me sometimes, esp socially, and it’s annoying but I’m just trying to keep going and get there. I recently became certified as a yoga teacher and this sounds silly but it feels like it gives me more license to be “myself.”

    1. It doesn’t sound silly at all, it sounds spot on.. congrats on your certification – yoga will ground you for the wild ride of Neptune on your sun!

  9. With Neptune only just conjunct my Sun and still years of it crossing my Mercury and Venus to come, what I’ve been dealing with is flare-ups of low-Neptunian tendencies – Love Zombie issues while it was conjunct my Pisces Moon, self-soothing with junk food, zoning out in front of Netflix for months on end while my life stagnates in miserable ruts.

    I’m always using magical thinking and connection to Source Vibe to find solutions, my brain is wired no other way but I’ve had to turn heavily to my more practical Virgo Rising as well as actively practicing Saturnian ways in favour of the Shamanic Glam I’d prefer to be perfecting in order to start rescuing myself from drowning.

    If anything, i feel much less Piscean these days although I’m assuming freeing myself from low-Neptune will allow more Haute Pisces Vibe to return.

    1. I have just finished a major trip of Neptune over my Venus, Dsc and then 7th house sun-Saturn-Merc over about seven years and I can relate to everything you are saying here. I channelled the long Saturn transit through my huge 4th house during that time and it really saved me. There was a fair amount of lo-Neptune as well but I kept going with the bodywork and debt reduction and it really helped.

      1. Yes, it’s more like the low-Neptune is coming up as old demons needing to be dealt with once and for all. The old habits rearing their ugly heads and refusing to die quietly. And life is demanding me to call on all all the practical, material and Earth elements of my chart that I’ve never related to in the past.

        I feel like my watery, witchy, Neptunian side is like a gorgeous floaty dress that I love and feel most authentic in but it just doesn’t fit my lifestyle right now and so it must be put away in storage in favour of some clean-lined, wrinkle-free minimalist outfit and some practical walking shoes.

  10. Neptune is conjunct my Jupiter in Pisces right now. *Awe*
    Top ‘o’ my H20 Trine to Mercury & Moon.
    To be honest I am feeling like two fish:
    *The wild, blessed chaos of “august, ox-eyed Amphitrite”, in touch with all the abundant fishies she nurtures in the deep.
    *but also The image of the one dimensional Ophelia:
    “When down her weedy trophies and herself
    Fell in the weeping brook. Her clothes spread wide;
    And, mermaid-like, awhile they bore her up:
    Which time she chanted snatches of old tunes;
    As one incapable of her own distress,
    Or like a creature native and indued
    Unto that element…”. More floating and waiting in the bathtub of life than a literal death, between worlds.

    Well, quite dreamy anyway.

  11. puff puff pass ~ Keep Neptune Free!

    Dude where’s my snorkel? Oh found it, hanging on my ascendant right where I left it.

  12. Totally! Pisces rising, Venus and Jupiter in Pisces. Am writing from a top an auspicious energy leyline in search of hidden sacred wells and proof of ancient legends channeling past life visions as a way to gain strength for a conference I’m presenting at on holistic health. The kaleidoscope point is perfect. Thought I might’ve been off with the fairies but good to read I’m on track… hehe.

  13. Pisces stellium Neptune all over it. I’m falling apart on a structural level. Shoulder then neck now impingement syndrome. Holding eons of stuckness? Don’t feel fluid at all. Any advice welcome. But one thing is for sure – I don’t follow my head anymore. It’s all primordial gut swamp mojo driving the show now

    1. Gut Swamp Mojo EXCELLENT.

      I am writing a series of poems about how Ghost Keith Moon keeps popping in and out of my life, giving advice, causing trouble…I’d like to call one “Ghost Keith Moon Has Gut Swamp Mojo”

      do I have your permission to use?

      1. Yes please do – would love to read it. Maybe publish it here sometime? Keith Moon might help thrash my shoulder.

    2. Oh, I’ve just remembered that Neptune has just stationed and is going retrograde.
      I wonder if the best way to handle Neptune transits, if you can’t drop out completely for the duration, is to spend time on a spiritual practice of some sort, and just basically stay afloat using very small strokes. Like using your fins differently if you’re cave diving so you don’t stir up sediment. Swimming sideways out of a rip. Taking down the sails and letting the storm blow over. Gently, small steps, with an eye on the Way (Tao), figut subtly, if only for your own centredness.

      1. Thanks for this. I hear you – so does my body. If only I could walk away from my startup! Definitely can do something about using my fins differently tho

      2. I love this Pi! I’ve been having major Neptune transits and trying to go to work at the same time is like uuuuggggh, but each Thursday night as I begin my long weekend, I imagine myself floating out to sea in my little boat, letting all the worldly shiz fall away, telling myself I don’t have to pick any of it back up until Monday. It really helps.

    3. You should try out getting The Bowen Technique done on you – incredible results – gets to the root cause of body/physical stuckness. It’s gentle and powerful – 3 sessions to see major improvements. Good luck.

  14. I’m pisces sun and have been caring a whole lot less about not fitting in recently. I’ve become a little more assertive with my boundaries and called out BS… But was thanked for it instead of ostracized! I’ve been on a self development journey for a while, is the current astrology helping me towards completion?

  15. Pisces Sun and Venus – but Aqua rising and Aqua stellium in first house overrides it all, I think. Feel more alien than ever. Am over Drama types totally…. swims away…

  16. I have the SN in Pisces, and have lately been finding myself in the company of some high frequency ones. Normally I avoid them like hell (Virgo Stellium including NN).

    Never underestimate the power of Water. I got into a terrible, stupid argument with one of my Fishy friends the other day. Our synastry overlay has their 4 Pisces planets and my 4 Virgo planets in our respective 4H.

    We were both literally sick to our stomachs (gut) from being so negative with eachother (I’d rather eat glass than be like you, well I feel the same, we’re opposites, we’ll never see eye to eye, etc. etc. etc.).

    We admitted our stupidity and apologized to eachother.

    Mars Rx in Aqua is NOT. PLAYING.

  17. i am having a Neptune affair. It’s ALL of the Neptune things, except actual drugs (there has even been talk of gambling at the dog races). I have Venus in Neptune and it’s my only water. I’m trying hard to keep it haute. But MAN is it narcotic.

      1. Same thing, lol. I’m having a Neptunian affair as well, been going on for a couple of years now and exists 95% on the ethereal plane. It’s love, but true physicality has only been able to be permitted for two days out of a lifetime, and there’s no end in sight. It’s got a neverending story feel to it and just won’t go away. Not holding my breath, not waiting around for him, keeping all my options open. But the siren call of Neptune keeps me near the docks, so to speak. I refuse to call this a LZ situation though, lol, though I do realize it totally is and I just don’t care.

        1. LMAO, totally hear ya, L.

          Same same–no expectations, not even considering not going to another province for more studies, no waiting around. Still dating other people. It started out flirty, then moved to platonic, then BAM, consummation. Since then, I’ve done tarot readings everyday–almost every single one of them pulls a King or Knight of Cups in 5th, 7th, or 8th (he’s Scorp).

          Quoth Mick Jagger: Crayyyy-zayyyy.

          I had to pull the plug on the kissing. It was too much. When *I*’ am the disciplinarian in the situation, you know it’s freaking Neptunian.

  18. Agree.

    Openly call on out to my higher self for guidance. My essential oils has increased to two shelves and crystals are no a part of my daily practice. I have angels cards but have recently developed a keen interest in numerology. I listen now more than I speak, however my old soul (crone) takes no nonsence. Music and dance are my teachers. I no longer explain, I just am.

  19. Pisces stellium here : this is vaguely alarming but I intend on embracing it and making some surreal art / life decisions! Thanks mystic for your amazing perspective re:piscesppl bc I can’t take the typical “drunk emo helplessly wafting around mess” bs. Although it may be a Machiavellian strategy for us to confound muggles while we pull off magic and art stunts

  20. Totally feeling this. I’m being more open about my more esoteric interests and not apologizing for them, and I’m plotting how to spend most of the summer in/on water. Dream journaling and whatever else feels right.

  21. AquaNavelMarine

    I’m a Pisces Sun with Cancer Rising…With Aquarius scattered everywhere else….

    As of recently, I’ve learned to have an orgasm through breathing oxygen straight to my brain (3rd eye area) which wasn’t my initial intention. Am just trying to get a hold on my depression through allowing myself to breathe naturally and let go ! I’ve noticed how tense I am especially with an almost 3 year old around. So, I’ll say to myself, 1…2…3 boom let go ! And it’s like getting a dose of some amazing drug that makes you feel weightless but really it’s just oxygen…so, lately I’m just into feeling like I’m on drugs without actually doing them….I’ve began doing bodywork called ‘Rolf-ing’ which can be described as structural integration. Mostly having to do with posture and it is helping me to release lots of emotions and memories that have been passed on through generations….my body has changed tremendously as a result and I’ve never felt more sad yet happy at the same time. Glory comes with the price of pain ? I’m also terribly lonely because I feel like an alien compared to most of the people around me…

    1. AquaNavelMarine

      Rolfing works by manipulating the muscle fascia to allow the bones to be in their ‘right’ position

  22. Neptune is now one degree away from my Mars in Pisces and a bit past my Pisces Moon. I just feel like I’m in my own world…
    I’ve got new Neptunian bf, but somehow transiting Saturn and the rest of our charts are keeping us going off the deep end of low-Nep.
    I’d like to try a bit of psychedelic substances again to help with my stress and depression. I need a breakthrough…. even micro-dosing might help.
    Anyway, I’m just glad that at this point in my life I’ve got a handle on lower-Nep urges and my real pull is back to yoga, to have that type of communion and reunion with myself and the universe. I started doing yoga when I was 19 and now I’m 50 and I always return to it. Feels so right to me as well as being a haute Nep pursuit…

    1. Yes to all this! I was depressed for a couple of months and finally decided to go on a low dose anti-depressant (haven’t used them for a couple of decades) because nothing else was working. Now much more positive and motivated. When your mood lifts just a bit you can start doing things you know will help… like exercising and seeing friends. Hugs to you

  23. My Mum, (Pisces sun and moon, Leo rising) did an about face and sold their dream home that my folks built to be their forever home. Now they are moving across country to be even further away and changing climates entirely (northern woods to desert). Wow.

  24. One of the best forms of practice in not taking things personally: when you think a Pisces has ghosted you. In actual fact they may very well have switched channels to Ghost Mode, but it has NOTHING to do with you. (like most things)

    Imagine them as nebulous children who need to go to their private playground, where any and all action and conversation would be far beyond any comprehension, but look outstandingly outlandish and possibly adorable. (if you’re able to not take it personally.)

    But one thing is for sure….with some Pisces…it’s the feels around them I’m not too comfortable with. With more potency, some of them seem to be like ‘let me in unto you’ and their eyes go a bit rounder, a bit wetter. Increased potency of boundlessness….check yo’self – you’re flowing up against a pillar of Capricorn whose blunt humour will match your absurdist humour.
    (because i’m feeling mortally disturbed by ‘nothingness’ oozing out of a body.)

  25. I can say for sure that my dreams are more intense and wild than ever before. Wake up exhausted from them most days!

    Pisces moon in 12th sq Neptune

  26. Pisces moon conjunct Neptune until 2020

    I can see between the veils, talk to my guides openly and get their messages easily – not to mention I’m getting massive creative inspiration through music, so far so good. Just have to stay away from substances as they mute all these qualities in me.

  27. Oh oh god yes. I’m pisces rising and big Neptune person. I am so this right now. Utterly tapping into the universal neutrino ocean ! Swim.
    Finding it so easy to simply lift things out of the ocean. I think of someone they call. I consider something it happens. Or I feel it’s presence and it’s there. And I no longer question it. It’s wonderful.

  28. My son is Pisces sun and moon – I love him fiercely but he’s an utter mystery to me
    He’s on another planet at the moment and driving us all bonkers

  29. This image by Kittelsen, water Spirit ( or Nøkken as he is called in Norway) is painted where we have our family summer cabin in the South of Norway. Funny. I like how this very forresty fresh water spirit is actually in a tiny lake on a tiny ravine island, about a 100 meters from the ocean.

  30. I don’t know about Pisces, (Neptune Rising, NN in 12th count?) but ever since Jupiter has been trine Neptune & forming a grand water trine with my Sun (Houses 1,5,9) life feels divine… Narcotic-like is right. Throw in Uranus square natal Moon and it’s Psychedelic Cosmic Central. Wish I could bottle this.

    That 2nd paragraph describes to a “T” my favourite human, who happens to be my 87 yr old Pisces aunt. I phoned her last night and she had just been picking mountain herbs and collecting water from 7 springs for the Solstice/Midsummer’s night ritual … She’s like the archetypical good witch in fairytales – a 5ft bundle of love and fun with the right smattering of deviousness.

    1. Same , skarab. I think my fins are entangled in some kind of ghost net though. Not sure how to shake that. If the solution is earthly and practical (exercise, nutrition, see therapist) or woo woo (burn black candles, meditate my way into a better headspace, scream therapy (whatever that is but it probably feels good) or just loose (sleep with heaps of men and get back into my body hahah)

    2. How adorable! That’s a precious energy that your Aunt carries, it’s so nice to even read of her.

      I have a Pisces aunt too, but she is the type who secretly baptises her grandchildren and gets psychics to work on them against the parent’s express wishes.

      You are blessed in your aunt, I have aunt envy.

  31. I think it’s only fitting that as we all enter the Age of Aquarius, Pisceans get to ascend to their own new level of reality (or surreality).

  32. I have Neptune conjunct Sun in Scorpio. Currently trying to detox from alcohol, which I, for better or worse associate with this conjunction. Am trying to tap into a high Neptunian vibe. Would appreciate any book recommendations about this please

    1. High Neptunian vibe = Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. 🙂 Also Be Here Now by Ram Dass. Also try guided meditations by either Ram Dass or by Jessica Snow. Good luck with your detox. I quit alcohol somewhat organically after going through the divorce from hell. No regrets, feel tons clearer and lighter. You do tend to lose friends, though, as alcohol seems to be the social lubricant of choice and if you abstain, people think you’re a downer. Sigh, oh well. I have much better things to do now than to poison myself on a regular basis. I also have Neptune in Scorpio, in my 12th house, though I am a Sun Libra conjunct Pluto in late Virgo and they are sextile the Neptune so I definitely get where you are coming from. <3

    2. Art! Or any way you can creatively express yourself.
      Be careful with too much yoga or meditation as it can be another addiction or too much for a neptune/scorp type.
      I am scorp sun, and pisces moon in 12th sq neptune. Art has been my solace, i’m a painter but even if not look to the high Neptune/Pisces themes of poetry, art, spoken word, dancing, etc xo PLUS the Uranus in Taurus stuff like gardening will be super helpful right now I bet xx

      1. Yes, art! I am a painter too, and a musician and a writer. Gardening is a favorite too. Gotta keep the source vibes flowing.

    3. Well done on ditching the booze. LW is right, you will prob lose friends and that’s the hard part. I just ended a relationship with a Mars sq Neptune type because Blue Devil was the only glue holding us together. Since I gave it up, the relationship went south.
      I can recommend the website Hip Sobriety – fantastic and modern resource. xx

    4. Chiming in: YES to ART, yoga, ecstatic dance, massages, smoothies, sunshine, finding a passion you want to devote your energies to. I quit 8 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. The transition time was difficult, but I have returned myself to myself in the process, and that is worth everything.

      (I have Neptune in opposition to my sun and moon, I assume that’s where my addictive tendencies come from.)

  33. If there is one sign I have simply never understood, it is Pisces. Not judging Pisceans, I simply don’t get them. The few I know are perfectly nice people if a little… off.

    My husband’s cousin is a Pisces and she’s nice and all but jeez that unfocused, almost glazed look in her eyes is bizarre. Then there’s my Virgo mother with her 3 personal planets in the 12th house… We love each other fiercely but we will always be strangers 🙁

    Neither my Cap sun nor my Virgo stellium understand the Fish sign. Maybe it’s also the fact that I have Pisces in my South Node. Someday I will meet a Pisces whom I can actually have a conversation with but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    1. Interesting. Like you, I have Pisces South Node and loads of Virgo – 6/12 Axis. I have been surrounded by Pisces all my life. I agree there is a quality of unknowableness about them. For me it helps to remember their fishiness, that for all their sensitivity they will slip away into the deep at any point. And that I should not take that personally. The ones in my life do follow the beat of a very different drum.

      1. I see. My inability to understand my mother makes life very hard though. I try so hard but fail. My aunt OTOH is my astro twin. She’s Cap sun like me and has a Virgo moon. We completely understand each other. And our relationship is so easy!

    2. “That unfocused, almost glazed look in her eyes” is there as she’s probably bored to death having to contend with one-dimensional everydayness in her dealings with a rigid world and its Muggles. …Not that judgmental Virgos should take that personally, of course 🙂

      She’s probably diving deep internally and it’s not her fault if her efforts at outward display of politeness are read as bizarre.

      Pisces is generally shy. At first, at least. They’ll often tune out if they don’t like someone, using vagueness as a way to protect themselves, and repel ugliness/unworthiness.

      Give Pisces HEAPS of space (literal and metaphorical), keep a very open mind about literally everything, give lots of encouragement, don’t be a pretentious braggar/wanker/generic douche, show genuine compassion/enthusiasm for causes/animals/books/interests/ideas they hold dear, and the Fish may just show you their glittering scales.

      Fail to do that, and the FO vibe from Pisces will be strong yet subtle — as in: Evasion as Permanent Art Installation.

      If you are lucky to be trusted / deemed worthy (and worth it) by Pisces, they will be one of the most loyal friends anyone could hope to ever have.

      1. LOL I love that you’re assuming stuff despite knowing neither her nor me.

        I find it incredibly rude when someone invites themselves over for a weekend stay, and then spends the whole time either zoning out or with their iPod latched on..Like, why did you fly all the way across the country then?

        As for love of animals, I have 2 cats and a dog and she was scared of all of them, esp the cats who were elderly. Which I found strange. Again, you know we have pets. If you’re nervous around animals, don’t visit.

        She’s actually the one who makes efforts to meet us. I find this puzzling because we clearly have nothing in common and we don’t enjoy each other’s company. She recently sent us an evite for her housewarming party – we would have to hop on a 3 hr flight – I declined.

        At least I don’t send out mixed messages. And I’m not a rude houseguest. But I suppose good manners are boringly Virgo. And she’s just being a special Pisces butterfly.

        1. I can sympathise with many of the aspects you mentioned, e.g. someone inviting themselves over would be a big fat no to me.

          I find it strange that you have this intense criticism of Pisces on a post mostly celebrating Pisces gifts. Axe to grind, it seems. Mommy issues.

          I have Virgo rising and have picked up that ‘good manners’ is quite a flexible phrase even to Virgo. You have to realise that some traits are attributable to personality / unique to a specific individual rather than characteristic of an entire Sun sign.

          Ever thought that she invited you back to be polite, secretly hoping you would not show up?

    3. We walk on the ocean floor, best not to try and understand us. Pisces is an exercise in relinquishing the known. X

  34. Im a pisces moon and I definitely feel my soul sinking deeper into watery depths. My aries sun and scorp rising are doing their best to keep me in reality but its very easy for me to get lost in day dreams or sci fi tv shows! also jup in scorp and chiron in aries are all VERY intense and kind of confusing.

    Definitely feeling neptune and hopefully that mystical energy will help get me where im trying to go!

  35. Once again, I am more in tune that I could have known. My Pisces moon has been going full on head first astrology/oracle cards/living in my personal occult unicorn disneyland.

    And speaking of “they are flat-out refusing to go anywhere they don’t want to go,” a while back, I bought a ticket to see a favorite band in a big city an hour and a half away. Normally, the trip is no big deal, and man, doesn’t spending a summer evening in lawn seating listening to Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers sound great?

    But heading down during rush hour adds another hour and a half to the trip, and driving back all that way alone … this shouldn’t be a big deal, but I’ve had a bad feeling since I bought the ticket. I’ve tried selling it, giving it away, no one wants it .. it’s a waste of money but I’M NOT GOING.

    1. If that’s what your gut/intuition is telling you, stick with it, and don’t let anyone try to change your mind. Neptune intuition is a GIFT. xx

  36. MORE Pisces, huh? My writing has definitely become more inspired lately, and I’m a Pisces North Node in the 3rd house, square Neptune in late Scorpio in the 12th. Guess I’d better dive in and enjoy the ethereal strangeness… 🙂

  37. Aqua-cap-Gemini

    As a native Venus in Pisces – I totally agree. “Messages in the Graffiti” – that’s where it’s at.

  38. I’m a Scorpio. I have a Pisces ex-boyfriend (split last year) and a Pisces best friend. End of last year and the beginning of this year I have had problems with both of them that I didn’t see coming. I’m not really enjoying the changes.

  39. Crystallised future

    OMG! I’m a quadruple Pisces person and I’ve changed so much since December I don’t even recognise myself, but by god I’m happy with the direction I’m heading! Re ignoring all ‘normal’ sources of advice, I am actually seeking professional advice on many scales toward a project I am starting up and previously I wouldn’t have considered my ideas to have enough validity to spend money on. It’s like my mojo has come back after a 15 year vacation and is revving up madly after being in hibernation for so long. I also have triple planets in Virgo and mars located there in my 2nd house might be keeping my mind on track here, Pluto next to Mars seems to have me not even caring who I offend just don’t get in my way and Uranus has me making decisions I didn’t foresee making!! I’m like, “who are you?” at my reflection lately

  40. Hooray for this. You know, I thought I was becoming more Saturnine but I think it really has been about honing my essential core Piscean-ness. I just do not care about anything that isn’t 100 per cent authentic for my life. Also finding I am super sensitive to any kind of cruelty or powerplays, even more so than usual.

  41. neptune is currently opposing my four planets in virgo, and I’m strangely comfortable with my reality of doing sweet FA = of not working enough, and I’m a lot less restless. I’m really worried about the money, but I’m not exactly desperate to add yet another job to the list of potboilers. I’ve got jupiter in cancer in the 12th, and there have always been tons of pisceans
    & assorted neptunians in my life, but this is really surprising. was I a workaholic? not really, I guess I identified my value too much to the production of something. anything. we’ll see, maybe it’s a phase. from MM’s original point of view, I expect wonders over the next couple of years when neptune trines my own neptune.

    1. Guess your 2nd house of worth and making money is Virgo. Needs rest to cure mercurial restlessness taken to nervous extremes..?

      1. sort of, yeah. it’s half in leo and half in virgo, but the stellium in virgo being opposed is in the 3rd, hence the restlessness (I guess). anyway it makes a lot of sense, milleunanotte, because it does feel relaxing and regenerating, just like floating on water <3, so thank you for suggesting this. regardless of neptune's exact position, it might as well be working that way too.

  42. I am celebrating my neptunian self. The ‘ no advice from anone’ applies. As does the everything has a paranormal or magical aspect. Loving this.

  43. Agreed. Even I am becoming more Pisces, and I have not an ounce in my chart (okay, Moon in my 12th, but still). Def affecting all the Pisces I know, as well.

    I like it.

        1. I hear ya. I am an 8th house Cancer moon, trine a 12th house Scorpio Neptune, and moon is also in an exact sextile (to the minute) with Pluto, which is also conjunct my Sun. I. Feel. Everything. 😐

        2. Just waving a fellow empath Hello!!

          8th house Cancer Moon, sq NN, semi-sextile Mars in Leo, sextile Mercury in Virgo. Then there’s the 12th house Neptune in Scorpio making aspects to Pluto, Uranus and Sun.

          I feel like it might have been best to send me to the mountaintop when I was 5 to train with sweet Piscean grannies how to commune with all life, rather than be limited to muggle mouths. They always look angry and confused when I talk.

          1. Hiii! Yes, this is a strange place to be and I often am walking around going WTF am I doing here?? lol – sigh. So, are you 1970-born then? I also have Mercury in Virgo, conj Mars. Sounds like you are also a Sagg rising? We’re practically astro twins! Although I do have NN in Pisces, so I have the Pisces thing down, and it is square my 12th house Neptune in Scorpio so I’m in deep, lol. 😀

            1. I’m from 1968. 🙂 Sagg rising, yep. How do you feel about that chart ruler mucking about in the 12th house? That is unless Jupiter is transiting your 11th and hasn’t made it to the 12th yet.

              1. I have natal Jupiter in Virgo in the 9th. Transiting Jupiter is in my 12th house right now, giving me all kinds of interesting weirdness.

        1. I used to date a guy who had Venus and Chiron in Aries in the 12th, and my assessment of him was that he was a tiger in a glass cage at the bottom of the ocean. To me, that is the sum of Aries inner planets in the 12th. He also happened to be a Pisces sun and Mercury so that exaggerated his tendencies perhaps.

  44. I spent my entire childhood wishing I was a mermaid (sharks not an option unless friendly). Neptune is conjunct my pars fortune and nearly Chiron and Saturn in my second house ( auto correct nearly made this sexing house). Pisces is definitely being purposeful vague and loving it.

  45. Also more baths. Even sometimes before work and i start early. Not an indulgence as much as a core regenerator

    1. YES. I plan to renovate my bathroom for this reason. It doesn’t have a bath and it’s the only thing about my place that doesn’t work. I actually need to be in water

      1. Had my first spa this morning in my new bathroom!! I’ve been waiting so long for this. Been living in my nice apartment for 10 years with only a shower…. Bliss!

        IMO a very good investment, Chrysalis

        1. Oh that’s fab!! I remember you saying you were getting a reno done. Congrats on your new watery sanctuary xx

    2. Yes to the baths!! A cellular need. Took a bath in the middle of the day on Sunday. Making new rituals, dammit. It was wonderful.

  46. It’s weird. And weird is my new normal.

    I’m tapped into the visible (to me) matrices of underlying thoughts, emotions and motivations in all the crazy-normal of the many many people in my daily. A couple of weeks ago i tried turning it off so i could be more me, unencumbered. And also non reactive to it all, as i know people respond from those primal energies and it was getting a bit much being the emo bullseye.

    Now i simply could not give a shit. You’re right: it’s legit compulsory sources, and paranormal only i’m gonna ride waves of.

    People are smiling, even stroking my cheek or touching me at work – hello! Mars armoured prickly Moi!

    Better support creepin in and less pass agg, less superficial advice. Week of bullshit ended with great resolutions and high energy input from others to my tired self. OK 🙂 !

    5th house Piscean Sun trine Neptune Jupiter Moon 12th.

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