Upstaging For Leisure

I’m thinking about upstaging and how it’s the Fire signs who do it best.

You know, Mars is in Leo and I did in fact just hear of a woman who stepped in front of someone at a party, wearing a “pink spandex thing” and then proceeded to actually sing some light opera she’d picked up on her trip to namedrop destination to meet with namedrop and namedrop, her friends.

What can you say?” she concluded. “I’m a Leo.”

But Performance Leo charisma aside, I contend that Leo is not the most solid  upstager of the Zodiac. I think it’s Aries.

Leo upstages like it is some sort of a biological urge, like a moth seeking the light, only the Leo would say “butterfly.” It’s their theatrical instinct: every stage needs a star, a lead actor, does it not?

And if it is only the Leo who can enunciate their vowels correctly/accessorise/flick their hair so that golden fairy dust flies around the room, than Leo ups the stage, yes?

Sagittarians upstage in an excess of enthusiasm: “hey guys I’m HERE, it’s ME and i’m abseiling through the skylight in my pyjamas because it’s THAT kind of a party, right, RIGHT?”

Well, it is now. The ability to laugh the loudest, react with incipient hysteria to even quite mild jokes and regale crowds with hideously inappropriate anecdotes can inadvertently upstage anyone. Sagittarians are often quite flexible and athletic so attention-drawing stunts like doing the splits, impromtu limbo contests and spontaneous nude swimming races also up the ante.

But it’s only our Aries who treats upstaging like some sort of a combat mission, that they will complete and with maximum impact. Have you ever gotten into the ‘kill zone’ of an Aries trying to impress someone?

You’re on their team (gushing adoringly in wide-eyed, rapt admiration), you’re competition or you’re stone-cold irrelevant but you could be blocking their light/freedom of passage. When Aries decide they want to reign over a scene or power up into drawing all eyes, they do it.


Image: Gary GershoffDiana Ross – Aries Sun + Mercury – Central Park performance 1983

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  1. Ariean women are my fave. Not all women can get away with wearing red. Aries becomes Her. They are all so damned fearless and driven and honestly the ones I’ve known don’t try to dominate situations forcefully – they are so self aware their mere presence is enough for people to notice them. The Queen of Wands in the tarot reminds me of an Aries woman. Bold, brave, brawny and brilliant.

  2. If i have aries sun and leo moon – what does that make me? some kind of queen of the upstage? Though I guess it is tempered somewhat by my earthy taurean ascendant…..though that does bring with it a good dose of stubborn will – which only adds to my alluring battle armour. LOL

  3. WOAH…. there is a lot there I relate to and need to read over again to really get….

    Thank you so much for sharing…. Im so grateful…. I feel really overwhelmed with the love and support here right now….

    Its so wonderful to be reminded not to be scared or to be tough, but to be true to myself, and Im so so grateful….. thank you all so much….

  4. Yeh wow…. sorry its been so long since Ive been back on here today… I spent the day in full recovery mode and self care and only got back on here tonight…. that’s really interesting stuff….

    my natal merc is in gemini in the 8th house, so I imagine some of that stuff is really relevant to me natally as well as the merc in scorp current transit….

    Interesting the suspect malice of intent where there is none… I have been prone to this and maybe still am, I thought it was a self esteem issue, but sometimes its because of my x-ray eyes, and seeing energys and what is going on behind the scenes that people arent even conscious they are doing yet!

  5. lmao

    Oh yes, I definitely do this. I’ve got a Leo moon and Aries rising…. I am all about upstaging those I don’t think deserve it. Or those who think they’re better than me. Or Leos. (no offense leos! some of ya rub me wrong is all) The list sort of runs on.

    It’s only that my Cancer sun runs interference much of the time, so I rarely thrust my fabulousness in the face of others. 😉

  6. What a great (epic) post to read this morning everyone!

    Laughing yes.. as I look around to see if I can swing off the deck in my slinky leopard pj’s (still feeling the rock chic vibe after a gig last nite lol) but there wouldn’t be any attention to be had and I did do enough of that last nite!

    Don’t know too many Aries women but I did have a neighbour (or was that a jail sentence ~ or karmic balancing) next door to me for 5 or so years and she and I got along reasonably but she was competitive with her sister (Aqua and the looker of the two) about men and not so much with me but always regaling me with stories of conquests or opportunities she decided were not worth pursuing.

    My only assumption was that her upstaging was more calculated than my random Saggi ‘seize a good opportunity when it floats by’ … not sit and watch and wait and pounce stuff.

    Have a few Leo’s I know and we don’t really compete for attention.. my No.1 guitarist is Leo. He’s shy off stage but unleashes onstage and is mesmirising to watch. People say they don’t know who to look at, him or I. We don’t compete.. we work it with eachother and join forces so to speak. In fact I like that the attention fluctuates between us as I get to drop the meter a little here and there if necessary.

    Both he and I aren’t the kind of characters that get off stage and then either entice or seek out others to pry us with more words of adoration and attention.

    Still, I know another Leo muso and he talks alot about himself. I think he’s a little oblivious to it all actually but even if the conversation is moved he weaves himself back in… I guess there’s a skill in that =)

    Confessional time ~ I will do that occassionally in 1/1 convo’s but have a pretty good awareness of that and pull back or move focus. I also think sometimes I’m not the best conversationalist socially.. so (lazy perhaps, or getting myself out of a social mire) sometimes it’s easier to talk about where I’m at and look for queues at what is getting interest or internal eye rolls!


  7. Aries moon, leo ascendant/mars, saggi venus/neptune, libra sun – now it’s a case of saturn stealing the ship from my Captain Wildchild. First a disaster of a birthday on full moon opposite saturn. Then a birthday dinner on the night of saturn-sun conjuction ( I still cant believe I have chosen THAT day!! Have I not learnt anything?? ), it went ok, despite some friends cancelling at the last minute due to unexpected problems. It had a nice but sensible quiet vibe.
    All that firey diva energy is really throwing my inner balance sometimes. I enjoy the feeling of ‘aliveness’ but.. Before I know it, I am talking about myself again, it gets a bit tiring and annoying even for me, but I honestly cant help it!..

  8. The Virgo librarian

    Also describes Pluto – detective, researcher, depth of analysis is a good vehicle rather than pure destructiveness of (lower?) Pluto.

    Mercury, arguably, is the most important planet if thought rules /creates your world.

    On that note, I’m off to engage venus since the sun and moon are both venus ruled today, and so am I.


      1. Gorgeous Sunday to you PG 🙂

        The peeps here are truly lovely and sounds like v.v. successful & wise peeps., I’m blown away too, brilliant ideas and vibes here, and it’s so affirming and restoring for my soul too, i feel so appreciative for this site and the people who share here, I personally feel this site is so valuable…yes, feelings of tears and gratitude too.
        I hope you’re feeling good inside yourself PG with your recovery, felt a bit blah Sat 12th, this morning, but much better after looking here ha ha 🙂
        Humane behaviour, attitudes, even with the most diff peeps – is the only way out of impossible situs in my honest belief and exp. Most battles aren’t worth fighting too.

        People just want to be loved ultimately & they either fear and doubt or hope & trust. Simplify when it gets too hard from a place of love & trust & intelligence. We all can be scary and compete in a non-harmful way.

        We all have to survive before luxuries, so ‘truth’ there, don’t have to lash out though, unless fighting over real base survival needs like in cave days.
        With work, esp. if you work in an organisation, your long term career is v. impt, you might have to work with those peeps in another 5 or 10 years, rels must have a haute history in those situs, Fallen points out.
        Tell gossips nothing impt, when i say ‘statehood yourself’ i mean boundaries, evaluate peeps with your x-rays secretly but flexibly, get to know, listen etc, be the actress you have to be with some, always be your real self inside with best intentions ultimately.
        Maybe simplify/minimalist all the info in your own head after deep thinking?
        i’ve lived what i’m talking about too…
        re moi exp: i worked for around 12 years in an mgmt/hr type role with a v. large group, the work was Saturn 12th …Haute rels important as was highly pressured, ‘all’ comms & all interactions had to be strict haute, internally for hr efficiency/loyalty & externally in many other ways.
        Saturn12th occupationally is never a game, some super stars will never will be known, prasied or recognised except within, the upside is the privileged education, salt of earth brill peeps and life exp you are lucky enough to have that few ever… u gno 🙂
        Working with so many peeps as a manager meant i had to do the hard baskets, bastards, a-holes, freaks, suck up and diff work…Being in charge in my opinion means willingly doing and helping more than your underlings and co-operating, mentoring etc. all tirelessly with a calm/kind smile.
        The higher you go the more you have to give and the more humane and humble you have to be is my positive exp. Consistent haute reputation at work is v. important like Fallen Angel says too. You’ll succeed PG, you’re way to smart not to, seriously !xxxx

        Anyways nuff of ‘her’ where’s the brill fun now? 🙂

  9. When I was first courted by my ex who had a Scorpio Sun + Sag Stellium, it was totally like that. Though I never minded Sag stellium’s version, because it was more goofy and oddball than vain (see: Leo). Then again, Im pretty much a mutual magnet for the offbeat so thats just me.

    I have an Aries Mars myself so I’ve recognize that I’ve done this in games or competitions in childhood (I played soccer for many years). Its in the 3rd house so I still loooove accomplishing some sort of “mental” feat these days, but I’m not so much into upstaging friends/allies (frenemies are a different story). I think my watery Sun and Merc keep it in check.

      1. Yes, one of the more interesting and frustrating mixes I’ve ever come across. Gotta admit there was rarely a boring moment, but in the end I so over his schizoid ways.

          1. oh….when men are in my dreams, it’s like we have psychically connected. I don’t always want that with them…lol.
            Mine popped up in real life a few weeks ago, but then vanished again. I couldn’t believe the way he would act sometimes, but his strong sag could be amazing too. He had lived overseas most of his adult life in 2 different countries and spoke another language fluently.

            1. I’m hoping mine doesn’t pop up in RL again, as I’m not that interested in running into him. I think the combo of Scorpio/Sag made him a bit hypocritical in the area of loyalty/flaking out. He wasn’t a bad person, but he can’t expect forgiveness if he wasn’t good at it himself. Of course one could hope that 7 years is enough time to change and evolve but tbh, I’m just very apathetic to the idea of working out anything with him again.

              I think he’s shown up about twice in my dreams since the last time I saw him (4 years ago, and the prior one was very intense…and not in a good way. Meh, I’m 600+ miles away from him now so I shouldn’t worry.

  10. I had a very close darling Aries sun and Capicorn moon friend in my early 20s, we even traveled long distances together. Never can I imagine her upstaging anyone. She was such a mellow lovely lady.

  11. I have a Cancer Sun friend who has Aries Moon + Rising. Very talented and beautiful but wastes so much time doing crap like trying to make the mostest Steampunk outfits for balls and parties. I remember for a huge gala once, she started working on the costume like 2 months before the event. They look great but she gets so mad when someone just cobbles something together and they get judged as having a better costume.

  12. My Saggo stellium ex would drop conversation bombs that made my jaw drop. Funny though ! I’d be rich if I had a dollar for everytime I said “I can’t believe you just said that!” Love Saggos X

        1. Can we go together? One can abseil from skylight, another crash heroically through a window, another burst up from a giant cake. Must be provocatively/elegantly dressed.

          Then off to a bar…watch the jaws drop at our responses to cheesy pick up lines. Let’s slay ’em and laugh to betsy!

          1. haha would love it, come round and get me at the corner of no + where I’m game ! ready to blow this cornfield !

  13. pink ninjas?? But I was off duty with this eye thingo! Oh, wrong, I’m a red one..d dratted eye drops..

    Perhaps a sword fight with more uhm.. interesting swords. Clearly being lasered myself has not affected my dirty fine mind, her her..

  14. Couldn’t agree with the Saggo comment more. A friend of mine is Sag and I wasn’t sure exactly how she fit in the sign except that she has dark features and long legs. But this is so her! We all love her but she is in constant need of attention, and is definitely one to laugh the loudest to get noticed. Also loves to make jokes although she is terribly un-funny.

    I have been dubbed “mean M” (my name) because I usually can’t be bothered to please her by laughing. Virgos just want to sit back and only really get excited when talking about something at least mildly intellectual and/or practical. My mercury is in the first house though so I can be very gabby, but it takes the right mood and the right place. We seriously don’t try to be party poopers, but how interesting is screaming one’s head off? Personally I’ve always been drawn to loners tucked in at the corner of the room.

    1. Piscean Closed For Renovation

      but is she in constant need of attention? or just outgoing and chatty and wants to engage with people and share the love? there’s a massive difference.
      saggies laugh loud even if they’re in the middle of a forest with only the birds for company.
      life-people-fun-joy versus neediness-validation-insecurity.
      take care.

  15. hugs, sweets. Sorry is a rough patch, had a big emo cry a couple of days ago too. As Oprah calls the Ugly Cry. Gotta get it out somehow, hope you feel better soon xo sauna sounds great btw (toxins, begone) take good care

    1. sigh. to call or not to call…?
      Is it a sign of strength to hold back or fess up..?
      (shrug) I called.
      So much like the line in Singles ‘if I were playing games I would have waited a week to call’. sheesh

      1. ps. Pluto in 1st square Saturn, 7th is getting workout- not for sissies – even us cap folk have limits
        I think I’m gonna have to watch that movie again.
        Bridget Fonda is adorable “if I make a basket I call him.”
        (misses) ‘okay- two outta three’ 🙂 hugs

  16. Both my parents are Rams, so, YES. Absolutely. My favorite is when they try to upstage each other when they’re in Martyr Mode. And by “my favorite,” I mean “please kill me now.” At least they stopped trying that crap on me when I was still a kid. I maintain that they had a Scorpio child due to karma. You can’t out-stubborn a fixed sign!

    That Saggo description is spot-on, too. My oldest brother is a Sagg, and as overbearing as he can get, it’s hard to get annoyed with him because he’s always so upbeat.

    1. Oh, and my best friend is a Leo, and THAT description fits her perfectly too–she does constantly talk about herself, but it doesn’t come off as arrogant, it’s just what she does. And she’s just as interested in what’s going on with other people.

  17. Something you’ll forget/won’t want to do is write these incidents down while you are in an emotional swirl, but make notes with dates.

    Regardless of what you do with these notes later, even if it is simply to work with a counsellor, these will help. I say ‘simply’ but that is not to underestimate the power and value of this work, nor the immense effort it takes.

    Love and power xxx

      1. Pegs honey, just keep on documenting stuff while you’re there. It’s your best bet whilst they attempt to poke & prod you into a reaction. Since you’re not moving yet, you’ll need to do that to protect yourself anyway.

        While I loathe the stress this puts you under, maybe the move is delayed because it would just be too easy for them to not have to answer for their actions. Sometimes things flip so unexpectedly.. case in point, the Knox case and even the West Memphis 3. NOT that you’re in any way remotely on the same scale..but both those cases were over turned due to holes in the investigation and trials when everyone thought it was done and dusted.

        Pluto in Cap much?

        1. Thanx my darling friends, the warehouse has hookers & drug
          dealers hanging about outside the building (CBD).
          Other rents are TRIPLE what i pay now as i have been looking.
          Yesterday i called over the dividing fence ‘we need to talk’.
          He replied ‘don’t threaten me’……huh & double huh.
          They are both actually scared of ME. I have been picking up
          their fear, so all of a sudden there is a reversal of power.
          It’s always about power, who has it & who doesn’t.
          I have the greatest case to evict him and because of that i’m asking
          for a talk before i place the paperwork at tribunal. One last chance to
          behave & allow me to return to work in peace.

          All the above info certainly comes just at the right time.
          Whatta a crew you all are.

          1. Pegs darkling…forgive me but if he’s willfully misinterpreting your request to discuss as a threat when in fact it was a mere question, then I can’t see how this will work. My concern of course is that any further contact will just be additional opportunity for him to accuse you of something not even remotely in occurrence – do you really want to chance that?

            Wot about you? Wot about the chances you deserve to have a peaceful and productive home life??

            My intuition is beyond bells and into fire alarms on this one hun.. just saying. I think you need to do the tribunal and let the cards fall where they may. There’s been enough time for the DVN to bury the garden spade so to speak…and he won’t.

            Besides, he may be drug addled. Please don’t risk your well being and your health by sacrificing your own chances in an effort to be fair to someone who’s intent on wasting it. xxx

      2. Lady Pegasus, i thought you were moving house? The thought of continual bombardment from these harpie energies is not pretty. Not kind. Not deserved.

      3. The Virgo librarian

        Pegasus, that situ sounds rotten to the core. I remember you had that horrible t-square pluto-mars-uranus encounter with the demented and toothless. v.l

        Ps. i’m sorry, no good with pep talks today, is there someone with a good aries?

        The torro moon conjunct my natal moon today is too strong …

      4. Hate to say it, but sometimes the whole solution in this sort of situation is for you to get out. We had a truly horrible neighbour when we lived in Victoria, he used to start his music at 8pm and carry on until 8am, quite random nights, we’d call the police, he’d turn it down, then turn it up again as soon as they left. The aggro was horrible and in the end we decided it was best to quit in our own health and mental interests. Must have been the right decision because we sold our home close to asking price within 3 days of putting it up for sale. I’m a Libran and I REALLY wanted justice in that situation but in the end decided my mental health was more important than trying to make peace with a complete moron and dickhead. I know we think when we’re in the right that the other person should shove off, but sometimes you need to consider a tactical retreat to emerge somewhere else, cleansing off the dirt, shaking out your tender wings and emerging as a light butterfly in a positive environment.

    1. Thanks ml…. another friend was talking to me about this writing this stuff down… and i agree its hard to do it at the time, and even after, as i just want it to go away…. but it is a very smart thing to do, and even necessary in high risk work!

  18. quick! help with mercury in scorpio! well we’ve got all weekend actually to strategise a plan. thats me and all you guys, I need your help. Im first house scorpio and while Im a plutonic gem, im also very mercurial… so its very HARD for me not to talk sometimes, and then others I retreat into the depths of not talking about what needs to be talked about…

    So TWICE today I felt I talked out of turn (only just), DID not handle communication very professionally albeit in the midst of other unprofessional communication… mind you thats been happening since last week. Im razzled and flabbergasted and find myself losing my reserve.

    Im hoping that a weekend of self care fixes it up.

    Am I bound to be completely transparent with mercury in scorp 1st house???? will i not be able to hide my detest, dislike, and resistance? I want the empowerment to say what I think with the outcome of positive benefits for all involved. I have to qualify and say Im dealing with someone who I do not think reflects on their communication style and in fact is a bit of bully….

    How do we work with and successfully/harmoniously work with bullies? Particularly the ones that hide most of the time as fun, likeable, storytellers. When people start getting personal at work, I do get thrown, and forget to respond professionaly because theyve changed the ball game to personal… then i get defensive and passionate!!! prob good in some way, but then freak and guilt myself about not being what I expect of them…. jeezus …. yes high risk stress job dosnt help either!

    Thicker skin? meditative and centred? Teflon let it slide? strategic and timed bombs? light and superficial blah blah? what do i do???????

    1. Piscean Closed For Renovation

      ok, so to summarise, that sounds like you are concerned you may have run your mouth off at someone at work, who can be rude and make personal remarks or jibes to you? why are they doing this – frankly this is very immature.

      If i’ve got that right, there;s some advice that works for me (some more info below)- BE THE BETTER PERSON.

      Their rudeness and crappy nature will eventually be their own undoing. You may or may not be around to see it, but it’ll happen.

      If this person is your boss or someone who has influence, or you need them on side, then STILL be the better person.

      To me, doing this means exactly what you said – thicker skin, meditative and centred. Also, some deep breathing when you feel the stress levels rising fast!
      _However_, it *does not* mean putting up with someone’s crap. Remember, if someone’s giving you a hard time, first check in with yourself whether you really do need to lift your game (i.e, maybe this person has a point but is terrible at delivery). Ponder that in your own time. THEN call them on their behaviour. if it’s your boss / influential person, arrange a meeting with them and take a big deep breath, talk to someone before hand about how to confront. if it’s a coworker, also in a private meeting or with a manager there if that’s the scenario, rather than disturbing everyone else you work with.

      I could be blowing this out of proportion so use your own judgement eh 😉

      Also hit google and your local library about handling difficult people in the workplace, dealing with bullies, etc. No matter how minor the scenario, you will def learn something. I have seriously (fairly successfully) workshopped so many issues and questions that way. read, read, read. ALSO talk to someone whom you can trust who can offer you support and advice, doesn’t have to be at work, just a clued-in person.

      Here’s some other phrases:
      Rise Above
      Don’t let the turkeys get you down
      Never argue with an idiot, they will only take you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

      I use these when I catch myself starting to feel frazzled about difficult people.

      anyway, good luck. you’re not destined to be a blabber mouth, i don’t think any merc/scorp person is. i think just learn some techniques to help you navigate these things. self care good. xx

      1. PG, I had a similar situation, and the advice my friend gave me was- politely decline to discuss anything personal. Do it enough, and they will get the message. Good luck

        1. yep… dont worry this person dosnt listen, they just talk, they dont ask questions they just talk, in a very authoritarian way…. and in saying that they also are really cool in so many ways…. so sometimes I want to listen, then i just have to switch off… so yes… i dont get to share too much anyway

      2. Piscean Closed For Renovation

        it also helps to pity the person who is behaving like a dick. 😉 good for putting some distance between their words / actions and your response.

        1. and I really do feel sorry for this person that thats the way they have learnt to communicate… because it must be painful!

      3. thank you so much pcfr…. I eally appreciate your advice, and you have reminded me re: non-violent communication and I will also do some more research….

        No its not my boss/ thank fuq/ but thats another story, that is being managed ok at this stage…

        But to qualify, the weird thing is I like this person in some ways, but their communication style is very bullying, and at time narcissistic. This person has an absolutist way of speaking at times, which automatically means they appear powerful and in control. Then statements made about me, frame me, when really all it is is their perspective. I responded, possibly defensively, they said not to take the bait as if it was a joke, but they do NOT realise that the way they communicate carries so much power.

        ANYWay…. Im glad you agree on the thicker skin, meditative strategy, and I can say that my strategy is to find my equilibrium, and mindfulness. To feel in control of my own reactions and communication. To act from my values and intentions and to model the type of communication that I find constructive, inclusive and with respect. My wobble was that I felt i deviated from this… and to be honest I sent some scorpio evil eyes as well, which is so unprofessional and useless, except to make obvious that I am pissed off.

        I also agree with you that if I needed to I would want to talk about it on a professional level… I need to be able to handle these conflicts… Im recently back in full time work, so Im relearning how to handle these day to day dynamics…

    2. The Virgo librarian

      I don’t think my comment went through .. bad internet connection so here’s a brief

      Pgem, i empathise, it’s frustrating and stressful working with peeps who move the goal posts continuously. I don’t think it is possible to harmoniously work with bullies.

      I suggest pivot away, protect yourself, cut contact, don’t stoop to conquer a worm, put your energy into good things and the people who respect/value and support you.

      Zen it all the way (stay cool and calm). Decide on boundaries that feel good for you and stick to them and run it through your head. Stay away from the personal dialogue (that goes for questions they may ask you).

      You also need someone to talk to if it gets to bullying – workplace counsellors/confidential program. But DON’T gossip about them or bad mouth them.

      Another thing, you can get creative for yourself. I recently changed my perspective (had enough) and decided to explore my virgo side more by creating what I dubb the virgo librarian persona for work – to prevent inappropriate come-ons after a colleague had a big crack at me a couple of months ago .. and it’s working, I feel better. Andromeda also posted about how to protect my aura – she knows her stuff!

      hope this helps

      xxxxx V.L

      1. “Zen it all the way”…. yes thank you v.l. I reckon thats the best thing to do… which is kinda like teflon, things dont stick, its just phenonmena arising…

        I think I got to the end of my tether this week, after being sick and working late nights to catch up on paperwork (we all did), i wasnt being one of those wankers that do overtime just to look good…

        I had lost my zen… back in the swimming pool today to find the water zen… Im so relieved to find you my fellow bloggers pointing me in this direction of strategy, because I thought thats what i needed to do, but scared I had to be smarter and tougher, which i just dont know if i can do! zen it is!

    3. The Virgo librarian

      love the teflon idea .. but a no to strategy or light and superficial- just do saturn (sensible) (Oh and I have leo in 1st so i love creating personas and exploring character, and i have venus in 1st which is probably why i had the inappropraite colleague in july/aug — so may not be fun/suitable for merc in 1st???).

      and and do dave grohl – keep playing (keep moving on). if it was nothing then let it alone, don’t push or people will push back at you.


      1. dave grohl? understand keep playing and moving….

        I was concerned about mercury transiting scorpio at the mo… mystic said something about being careful about letting out secrets, and speaking about taboos and death and sex and other peoples money probs… you know prob all that inappropriate stuff, that I manage not to talk about in mainstream arenas unless appropriate, that I am scared that with Scorpio 1st house, I wont be able to help myself with merc transiting….. as 1st house is like how i show myself to the world… and usually, obviously, I can hide it pretty well, but with merc there at the mo, maybe i will be a big mouth and say the wrong thing, show my deviance of anti-establishment, or intolerance, while working in the establishment…. oh geez… not gonna let myself be scared, will be smart and mindful and prepared!

    4. Oh, I’m SO going to have put in my quarter cent for this one. No, make that a flipping dollar, Pgem.

      First of all, STOP with the self-guilting that you talked out of turn, weren’t as “professional” or “cool” as you’d like to have been. I once had a Toro female boss whom while charming I’d later have to qualify as insane, and she loved to say, Business is business, Personal is personal. It became her mantra to draw the lines, EXCEPT in the end it’s a lot like Wall Street saying the Recession is Business, it’s NOT personal when people are jobless, sans health care and in poverty.


      There IS business decorum, but at the end of the day, our jobs, our work, is just one part of who we are, it’s a component to the larger umbrella we call life and identity. So I’ve given her mantra a well-manicured poppy colored finger and called it a day.

      If someone’s going to play the “charming a-hole” then people are going to get provoked. So don’t berate yourself for feeling the way you do, or retrace what you cannot change.

      Second, Bullying is Micro-Terrorism. And there is no negotiating with a terrorist, soz if that’s a bit Bush era but it’s true. Sometimes bullying is just someone going through some insecurities, a LOT of times it’s a psychopathic way of life.

      WHY are YOU stepping on to the Bully’s conversation template? It’s like you’ve been dropped into a light cycle match a la tron and you’re now just trying to figure out the weapons you’ve been given to win the game. Remember, that’s THEIR game, not yours.

      Think of them as mentally ill beyond help, would you expect to have a reasonable conversation with someone who’s too far gone?

      Third, so I’d like to remind you to Claim your Equal Power. I’m not saying you’ll be able to demolish the Evil that is, but you want to win the war, not the battle. In the big picture, what essentially are you there to accomplish For You and how can you contain this person’s effect on you, in practical terms i.e. contact, projects, etc.?

      Claiming your piece of the real world means you bring back the devastating poison this person is releasing into your work environment. I’d allude to Narnia on this one, by saying that sometimes claiming it doesn’t quite appear that away. In fact, it may even look like giving up. It isn’t.

      As long as you know the score and the truth, you will move your light inch by inch to destroy that darkness. Because guess what? I’m sure you’re not the only person this bully is pissing off. And let’s remember, Pluto in Cap ain’t no great tolerator of shite like this. There’s bound to be a rebellion.

      Fourth, but even if there is, it’s not always your responsibility to start it. Situations like this require time and patience, not just to quell the madness, but for you to have a reasonable life while you’re working there. Being Plutonic, I’d say you called the behavior earlier than anyone else did and naturally feel the need to right it.

      That’s not a bad thing, that’s just a good human impulse for fairness. But it also happens to be the same thing that can leave you stuck as the sacrificial lamb while the Joker over there messes with your head. What I’m saying is you need time to let it sink in with other people, how truly a-holic this bully is.

      Unless you’re a company of pulseless doormats, I’m sure you will have at least a few cohorts who get what the bully is doing.

      Fifth, but even if you do have peeps onside, you need to remain above board so your professional reputation can be filled with reviews attributed solely to your work, rather than as a reflection of how “reactionary” you may appear.

      Sixth, and this is how you do that. You will draw upon your Pluto Powers and perform mental surgery on the bully, removing as much emotional input, feed and reaction as possible from any and all interactions with them. The Virgo Librarian has her VL work persona, but you can create a response customized to interactions with the psycho.

      Which is by channeling your Inner Android. Keep things all about work. Aim for monosyllabic, simple answers when possible. Do most things by email. Don’t socialize with them. And never, ever let them into your head, it’s what the bully wants – it’s attention, it’s power, it’s your energy they’re sucking on.

      Seven, at every moment you will keep the Long View. Think where am I planning to be in x amount of time, and will this person still be there? How do they really factor in on my ambitions? Unless they’re your boss, which it doesn’t sound like it, you’ll find that chances are, if you’re committed to what you’re doing, you will continue to do it well even if you have to do it wherever – as potentially your focus will bring you farther.

      The bully is there to confuse you from your path. Thank them for strengthening your mind, because if you weren’t sure about kicking ass in your job then, you sure as hell are now.

      Eight, you will then amplify your efforts to better relationships with the Good People available to you. This will remind you of the positives in your work, strengthen your potential allies and yes, it’s really PR. Think of yourself as Plutonic Gem INC. You don’t want to be felled by one insane person, you’ve too much else to offer the world so for the good of mankind, you shall transcend.

      Nine, Will you be able to hide your contempt & resistance? Yes. Because you’re too busy white lighting yourself and visioneering your success where you will no longer have to deal so closely with bullies. Plus let’s face it, there’s always some kind of designated terrorist in a scenario, this is like Yoga of the Mind with Psychopath Proofing.

      One day, when you’re so crazy amazing prominent, you’ll smile when you remember how this particular bully was naught but a speck of cosmic dust in a long line of obstacles you’ve since vanquished. Remember that. You may even think of them with fondness, everyone has a Starter A-Hole they had to deal with.

      You’re not weak, you’re passionate. That’s why you reacted. Now you’ll turn all that lava in and power into keeping on and winning that war.

      Ten, but what if they gain Power? Well, then you’ll cross that bridge when you get there, but you’d have consolidated yourself, conserved your resources and strengthened yourself enough to fly off that work planet into a better one. You won’t want to be there anyway if it came to that, which it likely won’t.

      And last, be proud of yourself for thinking about this and having the honesty and introspection to aim for your highest goal, which is to be a Good Person. Now, you’re going to meditate by surrounding yourself in a Pink Bubble light where things are happy, glowing and growing, and you’ll envision this other person contained in a square white cell of light – you know the same one the villains got trapped in Superman 2. They got compact disced remember? 🙂

      I hope this bolsters you up. I have to deal with it myself and the talk ups I give myself.. whew. So hang in there, stop the self-blame and make them a NON-ISSUE as much as you can. You Always Have Bigger, Better Fish to Fry!

      1. Why fanks lovely peeps. It’s just SO TRUE!!!

        You come into work excited to Get Things Done, next thing you know you’ve spent the last hour seething over the Office Gaddafi and their latest ploys. It’s even worse when they masquerade as supposed Good Guys.

        For instance, any time I hear a work peep I suspect is one finally say something like, “Oh, I really believe in being inclusive and getting everyone involved, not being Ex-clusive”, trust me – unless they already have behavior that supports that, the fact that they had to name it means it’s Just Advertising. Yes, false ones at that.

        This is the Solid Truth on such characters: Don’t give them hate, give them Professional Courtesy but Personal Indifference.

        And when you see their grimy little tentacles creeping out, don’t get pulled down, stay above it – not for any other holy reason than clearly, on the evolutionary front, they’re lower on the food chain. It’s not worth the investment to over obsess on (a certain amount is expected but we all need limits).

        aurora, I also agree that there’s a point where you have to bite the bullet, and there’s definitely a way to do it where you can dismantle the behavior without devastating the person. After all even if they’re acting a bit inhuman, you can grant them the gift of reminding them they’re still one. May work, may not, but you keep your aura nice and bright.

        Suggested reading to all: The No Asshole Rule. Seriously, this book exists. It’s from the Harvard Press!

        1. Absolutely Fallen Angel, & thanks for the book title hee hee 🙂

          I can tell, you so very know, and have lived your words too, a wise one !!! 🙂

      2. Piscean Closed For Renovation

        Fallen Angel, you are Fuqing Awesome. That is sound advice for ANYONE. Full of great ideas and funny stuff (starter A-hole, gawd so true).

        also even *more* insight into a frenemy now somewhere on the periphery of my life. Dealing with her I now have a mental electronic laser Qi sensor that sets off alarms whenever I start to notice her little tentacles of insecurity creeping around.

          1. Came back to say, and i actually had to do it myself, to stick up for two others being bullied at work: Sometimes you just gotta be brave and say what you need to say calmly, up-front, with good intentions and stand your ground, being prepared all the while for the shite by having seriously thought about your personal interests/strategy first.

            You never have to ‘lose it’ –

            even if others around you do, if you know deep down you are doing the right thing by your own values for the right reasons. Everyone loves a hero/winner but sometimes being a warrior is painful and requires real guts…Motives are everything, we all have an ego and personal point of view, as we all must, sometimes it hurts to fight for what’s right, in my situ, i had nothing to lose and two sweet women who i helped because i could. I certainly didn’t feel grandiose afterward but i knew i did the right thing & was later thanked.

      3. OH FA… Id pay that….. more like a full session… so much amazing advice…

        I LOVE THIS

        Seven, at every moment you will keep the Long View. Think where am I planning to be in x amount of time, and will this person still be there? How do they really factor in on my ambitions? Unless they’re your boss, which it doesn’t sound like it, you’ll find that chances are, if you’re committed to what you’re doing, you will continue to do it well even if you have to do it wherever – as potentially your focus will bring you farther.

        The bully is there to confuse you from your path. Thank them for strengthening your mind, because if you weren’t sure about kicking ass in your job then, you sure as hell are now.”

        I realised this today…. This is happening to make me stronger!!!! to stand up and face these challenges and yes one day I will look back and it will be cosmic dust… but for now, the beauty of the situation is to remain focused on myself and where Im going….

        Mate YOU are GOLD!!!! there is so much in this, Im gonna keep reading over it… I really appreciate the energy you put into this advice and I can assure you I will be using your wise contribution to my strategy!!!!

        *jaw dropped, and feeling fuzzy all over*

        1. High Five PGem! And no worries. I had to post because hello, I’ve suffered through all sorts.

          It’s Down with the Bullying as far as I’m concerned, it’s not about being Oppositional, it’s about Evolution. I try to remind myself that the strongest energy in any situation is the person with the most clarity.

          So the only thing I can control is that. I’m so pleased you feel good about my rather lengthy post, but you just keep at it, and shine.

    5. Wow, if they’re making you feel guilty for standing up to their BS, I’d give a guess that they’re a bit manipulative too. I’m pretty strong in mercury and pluto too, have an emotional sun opposite a cold ASC, and I even have a mercurial moon sitting in the 8th, so I feel for you. You want to stay neutral/objective/whatever but then some people want to push your emotional buttons. I learned not to pay any mind to those people anymore, because that’s the only thing they want (a reaction). No reasoning with them.

      Workplace bullies are frustrating, but 9/10 the reason they infect the place with their negativity is because they are unhappy with gaping hole in their own life. It sounds cliche, but that’s what I’ve observed working in an office, a restaurant, and currently a hospital. That being said, that’s not your fault or your problem and its good you called them out on their BS.

      1. hey sp…. yes all my gemini is in the 8th house too, so i have to watch I dont talk about taboo subjects in the wrong places, can be exciting conversation for some, but can expose my radical views very easily if talking about this stuff….

        Unfortunately a very small workplace, very small team, in fact my team is just me and the said person. Have to reason with them to some degree, have to communicate with them, have to learn from them as Im the newby. They are bullying in their communication style and demanding their own needs above others… I just wonder if this is normal in the world of work, if it is so competitive and I just need to buck up and get with it! some workplaces def are… but im in welfare and I reckon we gotta work in alignment with our values… but it dosnt suprise me there are bullies in welfare really, Im aware of it, but it still catches me off guard…

        1. Yeah, it doesn’t seem to matter *where* you work anymore, there always seems to be a septic ego in the bunch. I used to work in a newborn nursery on nightshift and it was all catty behavior and little concern for the actual patients. I remember this Leo nurse who made herself Queen B and bitched and complained about everything, including shiite she brought on her own damn self. Someone tipped me off that she wanted to write me up for a minor offense (which I take full responsibility for) I committed, and I hightailed it out of there. My motto then and now is if I cant beat them, I find a new crowd. Of course I’m not advising you to move departments, but there really is no point in playing there game.

    6. hi pg,

      i was actually thinking about you, ie. ‘plutonic gem’ the other day…Rather i was thinking about what it must be like to be a plutonic gem, as i was feeling rather down/embarrassed/saturn 12th critical of my own textual gem gabba-ness complexes…which never worried me b4, till i came here and could practice being all my-selves-at-once kinda thing

      Anyways i thought yes, ‘pg is always so haute, maybe i can learn something from pg, if pg successfully combines gemini with plutonic power i was thinking…Of course i realise too, that you are so much more, astro and human wise, but i was admiring your pg-ness that i’ve seen here 🙂

      Sally Field Sybil/multiple selves in Gem is what scares me somewhat about own gem…only comes across in casual online text too i’ve begun to see, yet i’ve done complicated technical writing for a living too when work focus on- so def. can be many facets of gem…Do you have some experience similar, sounds like you do above?

      I reckon PCFR help & ideas is the goods for sure- as it covers the whole gamut, best wishes for work situ, you have x-ray eyes and find the truth with merc in scorp i’ve read, so u can sort this for sure, be your own country and sovereign state at work i reckon, civilised and diplomatic and schemey as hell, but v. nice & cool & kind are good 4 the soul i learnt & developed range of haute switcheroo modes coz i’ve dealt with v.v.dff peeps at work for many years, to sum up being haute good & humane & listening most important skills i dev’d in work persona, rewards were soulful from doing so 🙂 (in my line of work, there was no poss. of ever getting away with non-haute words or neg. bod lingo too-had to be v.careful with conflict res)

      i would emphasise boundaries, don’t let the bastards get ya down is my fave saying too.

      For you i’ve dug this up (will post soon) & i hope it helps you to be Angelina Jolie at work or something positively invincible and scary in a good way/ultimate self confidence at work, i’ve got a handgun tucked into my lacey suspenders kinda thing, but if you’re nice to me i won’t shoot you 🙂 will post next…so as not to bang on too much in one go. x.

      1. “be your own country and sovereign state at work i reckon, civilised and diplomatic and schemey as hell, but v. nice & cool & kind are good 4 the soul i learnt & developed range of haute switcheroo modes coz i’ve dealt with v.v.dff peeps at work for many years, to sum up being haute good & humane & listening most important skills i dev’d in work persona, rewards were soulful from doing so”

        Hi a.l…. I love this.. and it is empowering to read your words, and think of myself in this way…. while I like the idea of true democracy, I dont see it working, so will be my own benevolent dictator, and not take orders or rules from any other state unto its self… I will, yes act benevolently.

        “i hope it helps you to be Angelina Jolie at work or something positively invincible and scary in a good way/ultimate self confidence at work, i’ve got a handgun tucked into my lacey suspenders kinda thing, but if you’re nice to me i won’t shoot you will post next…so as not to bang on too much in one go. x.” – I love this, I love angelina, and in real life Im named after one of the characters from the 1960s Avengers, one of the assassins… and with a scorp rising its hard not to behave like an assassin at times….

        But how do I do plutonic – gem, im still learning obviously, but in the last decade I would say pluto has made me be accountable for all my gem behaviour, and pay for it if im out of line (saturn helped)… sometimes i dont know my gem self anymore, except by my sunny at times disposition and love of communication technology, love of picking up the phone and talking on it, love of networking and finding out whats going on… I guess thats it! but i cant stand the flakey, pointless flirty gossipy stuff – i got done for that big time. I think the beautiful thing about scorp first house/rising and 8th house gem stuff, is my intrigue and fascination with inquiry, with discovering why and how, which is why I ask here, how can I work with this situation, and I listen and I analyse and test and experiment slowly and cautiously and see what works. ; )

  19. Hmm! My charming Aries friend is blunt as an axe when she really wants attention. I can see that in other Aries.

    HOWEVER, woe betide the person who stands between attention and my Leo Rising/Leo Moon sister…
    But she has Mercury conjunct Lilith and a tongue that drips acid.

  20. The Virgo librarian

    I am not sure where is appropriate to post this, my comment is in regard to the Ghandi tweet.

    ‘First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.’ ( Gandhi)

    Mystic, I love the Ghandi quote on your twitter but it is sad, no? The sentiment is, IMO, about reaction to truth and fear – people dislike you because you/your words/actions/changes you need to make/fairness you want to restore/whateva scare them or is confronting for them because it requires questioning of deep values and how they think /expect things/people should be. It takes time to process and when they do, it feels too late, there’s already been sourness, upset, disappointment, they’ve bitched/moaned/criticised you behind your back (in the least). That’s the price to pay for upstaging and it’s isolating.

    It speaks to me because I can think of this happening a lot.

    Some other times I feel as though I’ve been too enthusiastic but also too cool otherwise.

    That’s the down-side to unintentional upstaging, I guess.

    Ghandi was an upstager.

    Maybe it was in the method of the delivery too – being a Libra; maybe his message would have been better coming from a Scorpio or Pisces or Gemini or Aqua Ghandi???


  21. Leos hands down! Have had several full blown Leos in my life and gawd are they fun. Pick a Leo anytime you want fun or adventure. They can get you in anywhere in matter of seconds, know the most interesting people and most interesting places and events to do. One of my Leo friends even got me into a secret public bar in NYC that people who had lived there all their lives did not know about. Tell her any city and in minutes I will get a list of the coolest places to go there and how to get in. Same Leo friend got me into a small (200 people) private concert with Elton John one time. I’m telling you pick a Leo for fun and adventure.

  22. Im a triple aries, sun, moon, merc, but the attention description doesnt fit me, im still as shy as a lamb at times, cant remember when i last did a diva act.

  23. For years I felt like a “bad” Leo because I hated being made the center of attention. To this day I feel strangely victimized when there’s a group of eyes on me. It must have everything to do with my Scorpio ascendant because I feel as if they’re violating my privacy. I will volunteer my thoughts when I feel like it, not when you demand it. I swear, the professors that like to force group work and then walk around and ask “Has everyone here talked?” whilst looking pointedly at you… I consider it an invasion.

    I’m a listener, not a talker. I already know what I’m thinking because it goes on every second of the day, so I don’t get off on voicing my opinions for everyone to hear. Honestly, being forced to give away my thoughts is an extremely stressful situation. I’m far more interested in hearing everyone else’s thoughts. Talking is distracting. If I stay quiet I’m able to observe everyone else’s behavior – their body language, their tone, their facial expressions, everything.

    Now, I’ll happily divulge info when I’m one-on-one and have had time to feel them out. And once I’m comfortable with someone I actually have a habit of saying TOO much. I’m honest to a fault and will tell them anything and everything. I’m also not afraid of saying exactly what’s on my mind, which more often than not gets me surprised looks. Sometimes I do it on purpose because a person’s reactions can say a lot more than their mouths ever will.

    My Saturn sextile Asc = definite preference for one-on-one interactions with people. The less there are, the better.

      1. I used to be disappointed with it. For years I wanted to be the bubbly type, but I finally realized it just wasn’t me so I came to terms with it. Now I think it’s a good way to be! You’re a Cancer right? Do you have anything in Scorpio/the 8th/12th? And I don’t think upstaging is for Watery folk?

        1. yes, sun and saturn conjunction in cancer…..Nothing like saturn to damper the personality…lol. I have moon and venus in 12th house, scorpio north node and IC, jupiter in 8th, and neptune in the 4th. Watery indeed.
          I agree, upstaging just isn’t our thing.

  24. Saggo here and if I *don’t* upstage like that now (and I’m pretty sure I do…) I’m going to start as of now because it sounds fun! 😀

    It makes me sad that I’m offending the Virgos, though. I’ve had a few crushes on guys with Virgo Venuses – doomed to sink them with my joyous abseiling and bawdy humour??

    1. Piscean Closed For Renovation

      I”m with you, panda girl. If some guy / girl can’t handle the extreme Fun and awesomeness of leaping from second storey windows and abseiling AT A PARTY (like duh where else can are you supposed to abseil in the city!!), piss them right off. Not worth the worry…throw them to the librans / cancerians / other virgos (nothing wrong with those signs btw but they are better at sitting around being manicured and polite and sober (or at least, convincingly acting sober.))

    2. Have fun Panda girl! Don’t worry about us strong virgo types, we have been known to get our panties in a wad to easily. There are so many strong saggy types who will adore it!

      1. Thanks guys! I’m now going to start hunting for an appropriate party building to try out this abseiling idea 🙂

        @Fuschiafairy – surely Virgos would have thought ahead and invested in non-bunchable panties?

  25. you have saggitarians totally nailed, mystic. and i agree with all the others too but i get a bit freaky around extreme stage competition so I kind of float away and just me lovely me somewhere else. BUT..YES to the saggies. It kind of is something I would do (abseil through the skylight) so I.m not very piscean when it comes down to it!

  26. New fave tune by Phantogram:

    “All you know how to
    Do is shake, shake
    Keep your body still
    Keep your body still
    All you do is
    Shake shake shake
    Keep your body still”


  27. oh yeah i agree with that M.M.
    I was at the markets a few months ago.
    An aries woman approached me, who looked a bit masculine.
    I told her i had put on weight and that i had not met any
    nice men.
    “No wonder,” She hissed,”Guy’s don’t like fat chicks.
    They want somebody light, who is almost not even there”
    and on she raved.
    I must admit for a while, cause of her, i gave up chocolate and started to lose weight. Then a few weeks later she happened to be at a wedding i was at, with my down dating guy.
    When i told him i thought she may be a transvestite he stopped flirting with her. Only for her to call him a midget!
    So here we are me a bit overweight with my midget down dating guy.
    She started dancing all around the room like a deranged monster.
    When i walked out of the room she slammed the door so hard it nearly broke of the hinge.

    1. oh god…. what a nightmare of a woman! Its not actually true… men do love women with something to hold onto… men – the many and varied that they are also, love all sorts of shapes and sizes of women… there may be a popularity with deathly thin, but popularity is not the only reality

      I also had a ‘good’ friend say this to me once, and at the time it really broke me… Ive also had men say other men would be intimidated by me because Im so strong…

      Truth for me is so many things, but I have not yet met the heart mind and body that fits with me, that I like…

  28. *stops preening feathers for a moment*

    Mars in Leo here. Worn an impossibly fine wasted 50’s frock to a baby shower. Received a surprise package of quality vintage gloves from on of the older ladies, because “I seem to like that sort of thing” (which has mildly miffed the Cancerian Preggers mama… as the lady in question is her husband’s aunt.)
    sometimes it’s nice to have a goal. I like having brilliant people around me… it makes me try harder;)

      1. I remainder sober through out. My dress, however, was shitfaced and stole a car, along with someone elses boyfriend;)
        (none of this happened. I just ate cake in tiny amounts)

  29. Upstaging has to be TIMED or it’s not effective and just makes you a target. You’ll be on the radar more than is beneficial, which means that 1) when you DO need to upstage, it will barely be registered because you do it all the time, and 2) people will watch you more carefully, picking up on the times when you’re a slackass.

    Effin’ STOP exercising! Breaks are good for the metabolism, anyway!

    1. wow….I really need to edit better, but my brain has been mush due to my illness. I have seen errors in almost everything I write.
      I meant to say…..Spot on….what a dyslexic moment.

  30. True. With Sun, asc, mercury, mars and venus in aries (moon in virgo) I cant help myself… but I know I’m terrible attention hog so do my best to spread myself around, so friends dont get too sick of it! And I hang out with fire signs, when I can.
    Talking about combat/competition, I have some aries friends who have got together this last month and turned getting laid into a competition… Points for this, that, where it occurs etc. How aries is that? I was crying with laughter hearing the results…

  31. O yes, THANX for the laugh out loud whilst alone, making my face
    become even MORE crinkled 🙂

    Agree with the Aries over Leo as have a dear friend Leo Queen with
    an real Actor Aries daughter. Bossiness on bossiness is a delight to
    behold. The daughter of course getting her own back from the ‘go to bed
    NOW’ from the Mother. The 3 of us together, the Cardinal-Fixed-Mutable,
    the Mute always give in, how not?
    Signed ME.

    1. My sister, major sag, if we are both at a dinner or something I have to be sooo careful…she knows all my secrets and will not be paid off.

  32. Just before I left I was in the path of a multiple Aries (sun/venus/merc) (and OMG pluto rising) path of attention and it was quite a show. I never seem to attract Aries men (perhaps a lack of damsel?) despite my heavy hitting fire on the femme planets. He also has the most kitsch’ed up ironic style ever, Print on print -red goes faster- loud loud loud baby. Brilliantly magnetic.

    I cracked up at your description MM, my saggo is so like that. Infact I lived in a warehouse once with a giant swing and we used to have windows in the roof we jumped through at parties. That and all the 5th house, just kickbolt into mode and roar, hard. But as mentioned above thank god for self check virgo and cool detached gemini cause some kind of inner monitor is necessary yes?

    1. The Saggo’s can laugh at themselves, glad to say MS. x
      Not so much the Leo’s tho’ methinks from experience and
      Aries when grumpy? Hide!

      1. Totally, ability to laugh at self (and everyone else) awesome. Aries don’t scare me, I grew up in an all female Scorpio house. Religiously date Leo planet peeps

  33. My mom’s an Aries. Your description is soo accurate. She’s 70 now; still does it though. There´s no mistake who is considered the boss in our family:-)

  34. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)


    My ex is an Aries and I know many; your description is dead-on.
    I love the rams (my Mars is there and I’m a total astro-cliche) but when they do this it just smacks of delusionality.

  35. Oh…..isn’t everything in life a combat mission?

    I don’t think I upstage my betters. The brightest light should get to shine. The Saggo description made me laugh. I snickered at your stitches story too. Ouch! Um, yes, make MSM into a sort of paste and put it on the stitches area to hopefully prevent scarring from yanking on the stitches too much.

  36. My own mars-pluto-uranus in Virgo won’t allow this Aries to upstage, as much as my Leo asc wants to own it. I’m with Fusiafairy: the Virgo in me just will not allow me to make a tit of myself.

    1. lol….Love it. I have jupiter in Aries in the 8th and it squares my saturn who just puts a halt on it. That jupiter comes out to play in secret.

  37. Yes, yes, and yes. I’ve just realized I have more experiences with the firey types more than any other signs. their attention-demand is exhausting.

    I have an Aries friend, Sun through Venus in Aries, who constantly turns the conversations to herself. Anytime she says something in public, she has to make a huge statement. Mars? Gemini.

    1. And instead of listening to what other people are saying, does she just wait for them to take a breath so she can barge in? My Aries mother (whom I love very much, but she also drives me nuts, of course) is like that. She constantly interrupts and can be so rude to people without realizing what she’s doing or how she’s making them feel.

    2. weird…I just don’t have any close aries friends. I haven’t since I was a whole lot younger, but they were the more quieter ones with cancer moons and such. It is fun to read about Aries on here, maybe I should find a few to hang out with. My jupiter is in aries, but it squares all my cancer stuff.

  38. dont get in the way of an aries woman trying to upstage when it comes to impressing/seeking attention of males …

  39. Thanks for the good laugh before bedtime….
    Your description of Saggy upstaging is so spot on. While reading it I realized that when they are in that mode, I don’t care for it when it is my attention they are seeking. My virgoness cringes….

    1. Same here, only I’m toro. A Leo guy is currently heavily but subtly (a bunch of Virgo in his chart) trying to get my attention, if that makes any sense. I’ve recognized this as his way of flirting. Kind of annoying, even if it’s not over the top. It’s that me-me-me! aspect that turns me off.

  40. The Final Clue. I haz it!

    March 18th, 1965. (or 19th) I didn’t think it was going to be 14th March, 1952 the birthday of a friend of mine who has Aqua rising and yes, Mercury in Aries. The worst offence you can commit in his book is to be ‘not very interesting’. He is an artist/hermit/anarchist.

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