Mercury Is In Retrograde But…

Mercury is in Retrograde but you’re not. In fact, we may need a new term for this condition as “retrograde” has connotations of retrogression and backwardness. But as you may know, it’s a celestial construct.

Mercury is only going backward from our geocentric point of view. If you were to observe from the Sun or even the Moon, the optical effect would not occur.

Maybe the real oomph of Mercury Retrograde phases are that it can be easier to discern earth or geocentric thinking from something and more cosmic?

In Capricorn, this retrograde phase (until Jan 18/19) is distinctly druidic: while the potential for password amnesia and turgid thought processing is still present, this Mercury in Capricorn is mostly magical.

Maybe it’s because the gods messenger spends most of this retro aligned with the Moon’s Nodes? Or perhaps Capricorn is extra-rich with old magic at the moment? But chances are that no matter how vexed you are with mundane matters, you’re also tuning into some ancient-feeling metaphysical wisdom.

It makes for a weird sense of timelessness, even if you’re clocking a deadline or trawling through your timelines for perspective. Nature seems particularly striking and ethereal.

Perhaps Mercury, approaching a conjunction with the Sun this weekend,* is bringing out the wilder Capricorn style? Not only is this sign really a Sea-Goat, rather than a Mountain-Goat, it’s a Chimera if you go back far enough.

Could this be a chance to beam some high-end ancient sacred monster magic and deep earthly instincts at worldly woes? Well, yes.

But with this astro gaining potency, I’m not sure the reverse will work. Trying to tut-tut away supernaturalist phenoms and thought flow or attiring yourself in drab, anti-magic robes in order to get laid/paid is practically impossible.

This Capricornian Mercury trip also augments a stately style of self-reliance, powered the sort of pragmatism that feels like it’s been honed over lifetimes.

So while you may experience the standard Merc Retro fuqery with keys and mixed messaging, there is SO much more going on with this.


*Yes, Mercury Retrograde is part of Friday/Saturday’s Full Moon configuration – anticipate peak reveals and realizations.

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  1. Wish Upon a Star

    I had a realisation today when I discovered Capricorn is in my 11 th house.

    I just need a few close, true friends that give me space to be real and can rely on myself to get where I want to in life.

    Like a weight lifted off my shoulders.

  2. Rereading Celestine prophecies under a lightning filled sky hiding the moon. No, and I mean no reception, so this is the first www hit for me after a few days at Nowendoc- bliss

  3. Dear Mercury Rx gets the blame for so much. Muggles go: it’s Mercury retrograde for choosing the wrong cereal for breakfast.

    1. So true. I look forward to Mercury Rx as it’s a time to catch up on all the things that whizz by in the foreshadow period, when Mercury was just speeding by too quickly. This time it was was also Out of Bounds for much of that – not to mention the Xmas chaos where it’s near impossible to focus on your own stuff with all the noise, chaos, obligations & expectations, and timetable disruptions (much of which i manage to avoid, but it is still palpable). Merc Rx is a relief, a time to exhale, and go back over what you didn’t get done, or do well… It’s a second chance – a second chance of three even… Here’s to Mercury Retrograde! 🎊✨

  4. I love this place, Mystic! I faced the threat of tears in my eyes (not yet spilled over), as I typed this. This place is my sanctuary, my hideout for when I feel my magic is too much for the mundane world.
    I have taken to walking around my neighbourhood lake around midnight, being chased by the moon and sharp pin pricks of stars on clear nights. Last night, Luna was SO near Mars, it felt pervy! Like looking through someone’s bedroom… I laughed out loud. And it seemed that Orion was holding them both in his palm like an offering, or an icecream. 😀

    I am writing again, can you believe it! I live alone, talk to no one in real life, but digital communication has picked up. Long, long emails to people I have never met. Sombre, still, sincere Twitter exchanges (who woulda thunk!). Discovering music that gives me goosebumps – both new and old tunes. My sleep cycle out of whack, but I feel in tune with everything, animate and inanimate. Anyone who says Mercury Retrograde should pass quickly, has not been in touch with the deep spout of magic within them. Maybe I am more Capricornish than most people (you would NOT believe), in addition to an out of bounds moon, but I feel positively lunatic, in the best sense of the word. 🙂

    1. congrats on writing again, what you wrote above was beautiful, in particular about the Moon, Mars, and Orion.

       “Orion was holding them both in his palm like an offering…”

  5. Ah yes, your words and insights are a salve to my nervous system Mystic! Grappling with the mundane matters and deadlines, but I’d rather be looking and focussed “over there”. An aura cleansing dip in the ocean this weekend is now on the cards.

  6. The Lion & The Centaur

    This is magic. Or then it’s just the last of 3 hits of Saturn square Pluto transit.
    – The lock screen image in my phone is Salem the cat saying “Wake up woman, you’re not a princess, you’re a dragon!”
    – I had a major breakthrough in psychotherapy on Monday which seems to be solving my nightmares, chronic anger and clenched alta major muscles.
    – Last Friday I impulsively quit my job & the Qi Vamp colleague who came with it
    – I deep cleaned & reorganised my apartment this week

  7. I’ve always perceived the Capricorn powers as more of the magical sea goat, when they are tapped into those frequencies of course and not just stubborn as an……you know what it is lol.
    This post resonates with me on a deeper level, since November 22’ I have been leaning more towards developing a relationship to asteroid focused learnings with just last night I discovered I have Circe in my 1st house, next to Pluto & Saturn which actually completely explains how my presence is so confronting even before ‘hello’..
    My curiosity into the plant world is deepening too, which I have been drawn to Cypress (which was used by Circe!!) and working on having the benefit of diffusing Mercurial essential oils during this period and understanding how Saturnine plants could assist with setting boundaries that protect my energy, well being and quality of life.
    Supernatural is the new norm ✨

    1. Love this! What are some saturnian plants?
      Also where do you find such plant-astro info?

      I have a first house Circe too, conjunct Neptune lololo

      1. and oh myyyy lol, you must fall into magic without even trying! 🪄
        Tbh…. the journey started with this article below about a week ago, which led me to Harold Roth’s own site Alchemy Works (you can find the link to the site in the article) which is a great resource for plant info grouped by planetary influence and element! It’s almost too good, you know when you go on those internet deep dives where you actually forget the whole purpose to begin with? The tab has been open for days lol 😵‍💫😵‍💫

          1. Very interesting Wish & happy Gregorian NYE!! In my mind I have very obvious Saturnian issues, is it because my Saturn is in Libra and I’m too passive with setting healthy boundaries? Probably. I have very little earth in my chart (which keeps me barely tethered 🎈), so I want to introduce more of that to keep me focused and setting intentions that benefit my greatest good!

          1. It really is! And I’m always happy to hear anyone adding to their magical resources.. I loved your description of Circe in the 3rd, I completely understand your experience, as I have Neptune in the 3rd right next to my South Node, and I’ve always perceived many different languages both words and light. Circe is going to open magical abilities to whatever she touches especially when conj. You must have have had some incredibly deep experiences!! I’m still exploring my connections with Circe to my Sun and North Node. Astrology really is an underrated, continually surprising soul journey 🔑

            1. Thanks Cece. Astrology has enhanced every experience I have ever had. It really is astonishing how it proves itself over and over again. I shouldn’t be surprised by now but I always am. It never ceases to amaze and of course makes you wonder what the depths of our reality really are. Deep and meaningful, accurate and helpful, astonishing and wonderful. I will study it until the day I die (and beyond probably).

              1. YES! You put it perfectly, and it’s comforting to know at every turn there are intricacies & influences to the very fabric of our life waiting to be discovered.
                And yes, if we have such a deep fascination in this life, it definitely isn’t our first time utilizing this toolkit lol

        1. Coooool, what a website!
          Haha, ‘falling into magic all the time’s – yes. However, often not understanding that that is what is happening or being unaware/unsure what to do when it happens.
          There’s also getting comfortable with the notion that it’s ME who’s the magic. Kinda like people falling into me in my presence. If that could be a scene it’s like folks fall through a portal and arrive to my island..that I’m not always aware of.

          1. Oooo your life is about to get so good lol. Being aware and understanding that you’re opening up to a tremendous amount of dormant power is the first step. You sound like you’ve got a lot of magnetism too, people feel drawn to you in ways that can’t be explained but they arrive into your orbit in inexplicable ways. 
            Organically your attention and focus probably leans more towards where your natural interests/abilities are….be it herbals, elementals, astrology but it sounds like you’re only scratching the surface on learning about yourself. 
            You probably also have powerful guides waiting for you to ask for assistance. The universe is always there to come thru with the assist lol, we just need to ask, be patient, observe ourselves & the patterns forming and wait till the messages/insights are ready to be received ✨

            1. ༎ຶ⁠‿⁠༎ຶoh my Circe, thank you for these reflective words!
              I am noting these down to take along with me and I can refer back to them✨

          2. *reads the weekend daily mystic blurb about Magdalena and potential associated christian/relgious themes (they’ve been my modis operendi since Christmas. God is WITH ME, whoa.)
            I get curious ‘wonder where Magdalena is in my chart..’ oh high (i typed hi twice and it stayed high twice..its staying) Magdalena conjunct the same degree as my neptune and circe in my first house, loosely conjunct my ASC.

            …I have been having daily conversations with Jesus, he sits with me on the subway. A daydream also, unambiguously, let me know I need to become acquainted with St. Teresa of Avila.


      2. And oh myyyy lol, you must fall into magic naturally!
        Tbh – it started with this article ‘Saturnian Plants: Defining Boundaries’ on the blog Patheos (just cut & paste that title into google). It must be against the site rules to post links (so sorry Mystic 🌹)
        This article has a link to Alchemy Works by Harold Roth which has plant info grouped by planetary influence & element! I’ve had the tab open for days and caught myself in so many deep dives where I would continually forget my purpose lol. 😵‍💫😵‍💫

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        Culpeppers Complete Herbal. An oldy but a goodie. It spoke to me anyhow.

        But hey with 1st house Circe conjunct Neptune why don’t you just consult yourself?

        My little chamomile flowers are speaking to me at the moment.
        🌼🌼🌼Be gentle.

        1. ‘Circe, heal thyself ‘ (to paraphrase a certain JC as quoted in an old book subject to various rewrites and revisions)

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            Did Jesus really say that? I am not being sarcastic?

            If so it fills me joy and is like the last puzzle piece to a jig saw.

            So I discovered “heal thyself” on my own. And the hard way, which is usually the way for me.

            Jesus is special for me. And finding this out now is also special.

            Bless your cotton socks Sam.


            1. Apparently the word he used was physician, I’m not sure if the then-Bethlehem-ians were across what the Greeks had been up to (but then again?) but its cool to think about:) circe sounds much better though.

      4. Circe conj Neptune – wow. You must see magic everywhere. I am only just discovering Circe as I have it conjunct Mercury and Venus in Cancer in my packed 3rd. I love words, see pictures in words and words in pictures. I have a unique voice and have been called a diplomat. I absolutely feel (live and breathe) Circe’s magic through Merc and Venus. Can’t imagine how amazing it would be to have it in the 1st conj Neptune.

    2. As a Circe Conj my 5th House Cap moon to the degree haver – I wish I could have everyone on this thread over at my home for a filling, soul-warming vegetarian meal that I would make with freshly ground spices and herbs.

      1. YES!!! ahhh that just gave me goosebumps which we all know is the soul talking through our body. Could you imagine the stories and experiences we all have shared?
        And sharing a meal and being around like minded souls is nourishment on all levels! Plus let’s not skip over the obvious, sitting around such divine feminine power is creator energy ✨

        1. Oh my goddess, yes! I derive so much joy out of feeding loving home-cooked meals to those I love. And I am very particular about ingredients. Not above buying them in wholesale, and curating/processing them in batches later. It is an incredible feminine power to feed people – irrespective of genders. And to do this for those with whom I feel soul-affinity for, like this magic circle that Mystic has created for us? Heaven!
          If any of you find yourself in or around Nordics some time, I would LOVE to have you home. 💗💗💗

          1. I love cooking too! There is something sacred about it. Oh yes of course not gender specific, because we definitely need the balance of both! And oh my gosh are you near the Northern lights?? Wow wow. I do love Europe, when I’m back in that gorgeous part of the world, I would love to take you up on that offer 💓

            1. I am and have never seen them. 😭 Its usually very cloudy where I am, not to mention the light pollution. Hoping to steal away a weekend up in the hills some time in the Spring this year and witness them, if they would show themselves to me.

              Welcome home! I don’t know if Mystic allows exchange of contact details on the site, but we’d find a way. 😄

              1. I totally understand that tho! I’m near Niagara Falls and Hudson Valley in NY and only been to both once… 🙃
                It definitely sounds like you’ll make the time when it’s right for you. You know I have this gorgeous pic as my wallpaper from last years lights, all pink and magical!
                And re: contact – There is always a way… always finds a way ☺️☺️

  8. Dreams are weirder than usual but also more linear, and I think it’s the Mercury & Mars retrogrades. Wildly specific versions of people’s shadow selves and lots of outdoorsy imagery, which gives me mega Gaia-withdrawal when waking up. I always have to go earthing a bit even if it’s cold to reconnect.

    1. Dreams, yes. Lately I’ve had to sort out what happened yesterday from what I dreamed two days ago.

      Aside from that, usual shizz. Computer driver kaput, phone doesn’t want to charge, blah, blah.

  9. In at least the half a decade I’ve been listening to you, I’ve been able to key into my magic and make decisions that keep the magic manifesting! I’ve been understanding the deeper values of mercury retros for a while so I certainly don’t fear these periods anymore.
    I think so often when we assume something will be tough, we’re looking for signs of how tough it really is.
    As a Sag sun with Aries rising and Gemini moon, it is my Saturn on the midheaven I’ve been told is my saving grace.
    I’m not totally comfortable with Capricorn because of my high school boyfriend, but that’s not relevant. In that youth, I was very type A and capable of setting a goal and succeeding.
    I’ve surrendered to my deeper needs and truer expressions, and that added comfort allows me to be who I really am, and not just constantly push to succeed because that is all that matters. It isn’t all that matters. Expression of the truth, of the self, of my truest rhythms, matters more than external success.
    If external success comes, fine. But I’ve really given up that need for tons of external approval and received applause from nature and my deepest instincts being accurate day by day.
    Thank you for what you do, as always. At first, I was upset knowing I’d have to wait till February 1st to have the daily, but I’ve decided to take this time to not push as hard and allow other things to evolve and erupt during this time. Your resting inspired me to rest.
    Very glorious!

    1. Oh couldn’t agree more, Lisa – Aries Sun, taurus rising & Gem Moon reporting for duty!!💫😉
      Completely relate to all your stories – the Cappie highschool boyfriend (first ever in my case, so heartbreak was ridick!!); a (so-called by the ancients) “malefic” on the Midheaven (Mars); and an abounding (almost reflexive) renouncing of all external “indicators” or signs of “success” (or whatever trope drilled into us in school), and thus (I imagine) the need for approval over past five yrs- although my ego is pretty sneaky freaky..😑
      Loving the increased reliance on inner heart as opposed rational mind, which surely must be the higher purpose of Merc rx illusion?? (Help us blend the two better for decision-making in non-rx times?? Who knows but I Respect the Rx, just in case… 😂)
      I too miss the DM’s, but am SO happy that:
      a. MM is getting a very long overdue break, and
      b. This gives me an opp to fine-tune my own astro-scholarship – how cool is Venus sextile Jupiter right now??😃 and
      c. That MM finally has an astro-colleague to grow this treasure of a website with – g’day from Oz, Clarissa! 😄

      Your fellow recovering Type A. Xxxx

      1. There must be something stronger in my chai this morning because I read each comment and want to go on a hugging spree. Yes to letting go of external manifestations of success. Yes to tuning into magic and spinning in circles of glee like a mad dervish.
        I recently had a reading from the BEST, the VERY BEST evolutionary astrologer in the world – a gift from the Universe really, for I had no business being this lucky. But, their main message is that your birth chart is your lesson plan for this lifetime. Its your highest potential and also summary of the biggest lessons to be learnt. We are all WIP and need to treat our pupil souls with so much love. So, much love to you both!

        1. Hi 5th Casa Cap, so so good to hear you so happy – infused with light, even?? And am very glad also to hear you obtaining the right kind of guidance, at the right time – when the student is ready, etc..💖
          Happy new gregorian year! And keep a look out for all your best wishes// highest energy rituals around the Aqua new moon on 21/22 January – the sacred lunar new year (also Chinese year of the rabbit?)
          (I just did a heap of letting go this Kataka full moon, and exhausted doesn’t even cover it. On par with the Taurus/Scorp lunar eclipse recently – which I think was at that 16 degree point too? Like this morning in Cancer/Cap.) Blessings and hugs right back to you… XOO

          1. HI EARTHSTAR! How did you know I was drunk on light? 😄 I live in the Nordics and we barely have had any sun for weeks, besides my Merc Retro body clock making me wake up past noon. But I feel heady, in love with love and floating on all that is good in the world. No, I don’t consume any substances, besides my tepid tea with a sugar substitute and .5% milk. 😅 I have been chasing the possibility of hearing from this teacher for over 3 years, so you are so right. Its the right time. 🙂

            Thank you so much for Aqua New Moon headsup! The Taurus/Scorp eclipse suddenly brought down the tower of a promising relationship with a long lost partner of many lifetimes (I started calling them Twin, out of nowhere, in completely different context, like 5 mins after texting them the first time 😄). I can smell the prospect of them realigning their presence in my life. And while it seems very delusional love advice column energy, I think being with my many-lifetime-soul-twin in a conventional pair-bonding FINALLY, will push me further along my life purpose – my North Node. The Aqua Moon is the perfect occasion for manifesting it – composite chart magic. So, I am very grateful for your kind words and that I randomly came back to this page to read them.

            Happy Happy Happy New Year! 🤗🤗🤗

    2. I too have some issues with Capricorn energy, a recent musician I worked with was Type A and hypercritical. To the point, it was difficult to be around him. He had very Saturn energy but nothing playful like a goat though. Stern, never smiled, hypercritical, nothing was good enough for him, he was perfect everyone else was “crazy”, and “ugly, unfashionable, and fat.” He liked men but disliked women constantly berating their looks, and weight.
      However, was NOT hypercritical with other men except one who went off to become famous and he was bitter and angry about it.
      I think I may have hijacked your thread…Back to your comment about the Cap bf.
      Is male Capricorn’s energy always this stern, and judgemental? No sense of humor? Bitter, spiteful? Or did I run into an unbalanced one?
      I dated a Capricorn in college who was fun, silly, and playful nothing at all like this older producer who said smiling is for idiots, and humor for morons. But had severe addiction issues which made him unbearable to be around when under the influence.

      1. “smiling is for idiots, and humor for morons”. so f*cking hilarious!! he must be a delight to be with.

        that is going on a t-shirt. i can wear it while i drink my coffee from a mug that someone gave me which says ~ I Hate Everyone. Stupid C*nts ~
        so perfect for this time of year.

        Mystic Medusa did say to “lean into the cynicism” in the last post – so i am – and while i’m at it, my wish for this year is that everybody gets exactly what they deserve. 😃


      2. I had one Cap bf, a long time ago… He was sweet. Probably not your typical guy as he has an extra bit of gene, which made him somewhere between masculine & feminine (not as uncommon as you might think).

        My two younger sisters and a number of female friends are Capricorns and my main sense about them is their practicality, their ability to DO things in the material world, and to HAVE things. All of them are good with money, pretty good with business, and their career paths – or at least getting what they want. The downside, as a Libran, is that they don’t seem to have a lot of understanding or empathy to people who can’t just GSD in TRW as well as they can…. There’s a bit of superiority and judgement and lack of ability to understand that other people live in other realms…. That it isn’t all just about what is here and now.

        Most of the time they manage to keep their thoughts unverbalised (unlike your musician), but you can sense the disdain on their faces and in their subsequent actions & attitudes toward you… They also don’t get why i haven’t capitalised on any of my talents (admittedly i struggle to understand that too), because for them it is very simple – one foot after the other kind of methodological simplicity. Sigh… I’m a 12th house Libran Sun conj Uranus in Scorpio – i can barely keep one foot on the ground at a time let alone one then the other..!!

        Helps to vent actually. I know they don’t intend to, but their vibe can be pretty exclusionary and shamey… I have no planets in Cap, but Saturn in Leo conj MC, at the apex of a T-sq, and only two planets (Moon & Venus) in earth. I admire Caps, and there are things i can learn from them – but i cannot ever be one of them.

        1. I love you! I am as Cap as they come…with some extra time god Aqua energy thrown in and I love you. Sorry for all the judgemental energy you faced from my clan. Take it from this judgemental bitch. Behind every cappy smug-y or disdainful face is a heart softer than the butter left out on the counter overnight. Just tell them what you told us here. Do it. Tell them your feelings, your struggles and watch them shed tears with you, offer you practical help tailormade for you, act as your alarm or reminders before important milestones, interviews and flights. They will take it all on yiur behalf, because they all love you too. Huge hugs. Rant any time. We are here to listen.

          1. Thank you!
            I do have Capricorn friends who aren’t as stern and uptight as that one producer, He’s a buzzkill/joy kill and thankfully not a representative of all Caps!

  10. Clarissa Dolphin

    EPIC and spot-on as usual, Mystic. If I’m honest, this Mercury Rx has only ENHANCED my quality of life in my ability to produce and get sh*t done. For example, an old vintage dinette set which has been taking up space in my office for six months post storage unit clean-up is now GONE and I’m progressively marking off tasks on my to-do list that have been gestating in relative stagnation for months.

    I think you’re bang on with the Lunar Nodes’ influence on the Mercury, because they’re such powerful manifestation points, they blast through any retrograde oriented inertia, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to cull Nodal impact. I’m feeling the f**king productivity magic over here and am grateful. Very much WORKING WITH the retrogrades, I agree, I’m so sick of scrawling Astro-Twitter seeing dumb posts like “can we murder Mercury Rx?!” as if it’s evil. It’s like, can we chill? Can we look at something from a different perspective? The HORROR of a retrograde is not a general thing.

    1. 100% agree. As i mentioned in a comment above, i look forward to Mercury Rx as ‘extra time’ to get things done that weren’t able to be to be done in the foreshadow phase and Xmas rush… 😊

    2. 1000% agree. my theme is quite mercurial, so in the beginning I used to be scared of mercury retrogrades, but on one occasion a technical snafu at work led to me having to do a complete (and surprisingly very quick) rethink of the entire procedure (which consists of tons of data and is entirely tech-dependent) that made it all much quicker and simpler for all the parties involved, especially ME! this experience blew my mind and since then I’m not scared any more, even when the retrogrades’ degrees form potentially nasty aspects with my chart.

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