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The Two-Year Mega Mystic membership is brilliant value* and it means you enjoy all the benefits of membership without having to wonder if you’re about to ‘run out’ or not.

You’ll get immediate access to every member feature – from the premium Astrology posts and Mystic’s unique Horoscopes to the Daily Mystic updates, Tarot, Oracle, Moon Calendar and more.

Established in 1999, Mystic Medusa Astrology is still here and continually evolving. Leverage Mystic’s depth of experience and surreal yet pertinent insights to help you stay aloft and on course through turbulent times.

*The Two Year MM membership works out to $2 AUD or $1.35 USD a week – although exchange rates may fluctuate, of course.

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16 reviews for Two Years Mega Mystic Access

  1. ***RLP***

    Have been a mystic subscriber for 22 years – there’s no better way to start the day than armed w the Astro forecast xox

  2. cynthia

    I am finally cleaning out my collection of astrologers and ditching them all for 2 years subscription to Mystic Medusa. She is so much another level and in a league of her own. Sometimes it is difficult for me to keep up (cos I am of the old guard) but I appreciate and value her light speed and fluidity that in these hugely evolutionary times. 😊🌺❤️

  3. Dizla

    Top top value for an unbelievably insightful diverse and clever astrology vault of knowledge facts and quirky takes on the state of play

  4. Pam Roberts

    After buying the Saturday paper for decades to read nothing in it but Mystic and use the rest for firestarters, I have finally subscribed and the sense of entitlement that I can access the site for encouragement, enlightenment or entertainment at any time is a true blessing. Happyscorp.

  5. SoVeryGemini

    Mystic’s take on the astro weather helps me plan my time with intention, foresight and aplomb. This is a must-have.

  6. SweetDreams

    Whats to be said about a membership with Mystic? is that it’s priceless. Everything offered is timeless and a fun lil playground for the astro-psyche mapper!!
    how do you even find those random planets so relevant to the current astrolology?
    I don’t know, but I really appreciate the amazing insight and unique execution of the guidance that connects years of cosmic flow into the present; true soul growth. And all in a modern techno telepathic communication device, we get our lovely Star friend Mystic in our pocket!♡☆


  7. revstacy

    I’ve subscribed to Mystic Medusa for years! Such a wealth of information, inspiration and encouragement, delivered with humor and kindness. Love, love, love me some Mystic Medusa! xx

  8. brigid

    I’ve long been a fan of Mystic Medusa. Her insightful, from the hip writing, was honey to bees at our covens cafe gatherings. We’d hover over the Weekenders glossy mag in the Australian. Long blacks and flat whites in hand (no frothy milk…ugh) to read aloud the pronouncement of weekly energies that we’d be facing head on…our usual preference.
    Since then I’ve been a member of this site, leaning into the recommendations, testing them, loving their colour on my experience of the day and appreciating the candid humour in regards to the human condition.
    Mystic has supported my environmental work, my soul, and my sense of,’haha not funny’, in the timeliest of moments.
    A distant friend in this life called love

  9. kriblack

    This membership transformed my life. It gave me hope in hard times and, even better, a way to recognize what those hard times were all about and what I could learn from them. Astrology changed my worldview and Mystic is my main teacher, along with various other people of multiple disciplines she mentions and recommends over the years. Mystic Members are a wonderful community of wit and wisdom I’m lucky to learn from as well. I’ve even picked up her catch phrases and lingo over the years. I think in Mysticisms! Finally, shout-out to Vanadium Lightyear for the life-goals inspo!

  10. Bouncer

    Great Writing meets semi Shamanic Insight and Observation. Kiwi Protestant Sobriety, Fair enough . Thanks

  11. Dizla

    This is such top value you can access an absolute wealth of knowledge on astrology tarot and so much more. I have learnt heaps and the reports and downloads are amazing value as well. Mystic is mega multiskilled, magical and magnanimous. She is very skilled and generous not to mention brilliant. Give it a crack!

  12. Suzanneblenner

    This is a daily must for me before I get out of bed. Best guidance for the day ahead. Love your work Mystic! xx

  13. AxlTaure

    Scarily accurate, brilliantly written, original and witty – I start my day with Mystic: it’s the best heads up you’ll ever get, and the only one you need.

  14. Hel

    Mystic is my favourite astrologer. I love how she seems to tap into the different archetypes while she writes so the voice of the Libra horoscope is distinctly different from the Saggitarian or anyother sign. And she taps into the strengths of every sign and transit so that we have ideas on how to use any current shiz in a good way. She knows about all sorts of fabolous esoteric stuff, and estetic stuff, and mythological mysteries, and manages to allways surprise me and make me laugh.

  15. Shiralee Cooper

    I am a long term subscriber of Mystic’s words of wisdom. Life can be chaotic and perplexing but I’ve found her advice to be a trusted friend. I am reminded that challenges have benefits to be appreciated.
    Often I find Mystic’s words add another level of understanding and open my eyes to new perspectives. And then there are the images/photos that she conjures. Many resonate strongly as I feel a part of my consciousness absorbs the messages.
    Much kudos must also go to Mystic for constantly keeping ahead of the curve with innovative offerings. The benefits I have absorbed over the years from her sage words are priceless!

  16. shazzzstarrr

    Mystic Medusa’s words have been resonating with me since the early 1990s when I would rush down to the local newsagency on a Saturday morning and joyously read her pearls of wisdom and wit for the week ahead! Over the ensuing years, she’s been the most generous, fabulous and fun astrologer to follow and engage with — both in person and online. But more than that, she’s helped to nurture and create an amazing and safe blog space for like-minded souls to dip and dive into. I’m super happy to be a Two Year Mega Mystic subscriber as I receive so much in return! There’s no where quite like it anywhere else in the world! Thank God I picked up that copy of The Australian all those years ago! Lucky me!!

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