The 12th House In Astrology

How To Understand The Frequently Misunderstood 12th House


The 12th house is incorrectly called the ‘house of self-undoing’ – a hangover from centuries when society punished creativity and spiritual awareness. But it is the Soul Sector, not some shady dive.

It represents your deep esoteric roots, spiritual heritage and subconscious realms. Yes, one of its classic themes is the forboding ‘secret or concealed enemies’ but everything in the twelfth house is hidden. It’s privacy central, a realm of yourself that you not only don’t share with most people but one that you might be barely aware of yourself.

It is as much psychotherapy and skillful dream deciphering as it is the compulsion to slam down a hit of sugar or mindlessly doom-scroll whenever certain subliminal triggers kick in. People who have the Sun, Moon or planets in this sector are naturally psychic and this makes them less able to handle drugs, including alcohol. They are energetically more intricate than others, with finely tuned perceptions that don’t benefit from coarse uppers, downers or hallucinogens.

Twelfth house people are empaths, even if they don’t identify as such. They need quality solitude and a coherent dream diary practice, to develop a relationship with their subconscious mind.

The time of the year when Mercury is moving through this area of your natal chart is great for healing, psychotherapy and developing your spiritual awareness or telepathy talents! The start and end dates for this magical phase are shown in your Personal Daily Horoscopes. You can also discover the influences within your natal 12th house via an Astral DNA birth chart.

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