The Uranian Princess Of Eboli

Born in the 16th Century, Ana De Mendoza was Spanish, Cancerian, an avid reader and a keen sportswoman – she apparently lost her right eye in a swordfight. Still, a woman of her era had no intrinsic value other than beauty, breeding and/or material wealth.

Rich in all three, she was married off to the Prince of Eboli at the age of 13, although the much-older groom gallantly (sarc) decided to not consumate the marriage until de Mendoza was 15, on account of her slight build. She bore ten children to him – six survived babyhood – and became a skilled money manager.

Her core astrological signature was Venus conjunct Uranus in unsubtle, dazzling Leo – an alignment that would have been practically impossible to channel in the rigid, patriarchal hiearchies of Inquisition-era Spain. Still, she was critcized for swearing, being too boisterous and having terrible handwriting.

She also had Mars square her Cancerian Sun and Venus was not only conjunct Uranus, it was trine Neptune in Aries and opposite Pluto in Aquarius. Self-possessed, imaginative and ambitious, she was not a good fit with her era. When her husband died, she fled to a convent that she’d founded but got along so badly with the nuns that they all ran away in the middle of the night.

Thirty-three and with six children to support, De Mendoza was summoned to court, essentially to find another husband whether she wanted one or not. Her unique style and interests (falconry, sword-fighting, writing political pamphlets – think 16th Century activist zines) drew intrigue and snark. She was nicknamed Jezebel, as well as La Canela – literally ‘the cinnamon.’

Jezebel, a priestess of Astarte who married an Israelite King, was a common slur against any woman not in the narrow mold of the time but the ‘cinnamon’ reference was probably racist. While portraits of her show practically alabaster skin, she was Basque – Mendoza is Basque for ‘cold mountain’ – and could easily have had a browner or more golden skin tone than depicted.

Her detractors said she was gay, sleeping with the king and/or profligate with the Eboli money, even though she’d provided most of it. Yet she was also the most educated woman in Spain and had already survived an extremely difficult childhood, the marriage etc. She could have made it through. Unfortunately, she hooked up with Senor Wrong and this is where her story becomes sad.

The chief secretary of state for King Philip II, Antonio Perez was a Capricornian-Gemini hybrid with a vast degree of cunning. Skilled in perfume, poisons, blackmail and triple-crossing or framing people, he was also living way beyond his means.

Perez was as ingenious, witty and charming as he was ruthless. For instance, he acquired or invented a then completely unheard of dental health method. It used tooth powder and, for flossing, feathers. In a realm when most people’s breath stank and a tooth infection could be deadly, his sweet breath regime won many a fan.

Additionally, Perez was armed with interesting morsels of information from his “astrologer in waiting” – whom he later poisoned – and good at sending sucky notes with lavish gifts.  Ana de Mendoza initially found him repugnant but he won her over with the promise of helping her gain more influence and independence. They may or may not have been lovers.

If only she’d listened to her first instinct: In 1579, at the age of 39, she was arrested in relation to the assassination of a key political player who’d actually been killed by Antonio Perez, probably on the orders of the despotic King.

The actual plot is ridiculously complex and layered so I won’t attempt to summarize it here but long story short, Perez escaped – she didn’t. King Philip, with whom she may have had an affair at some point, never charged her with a crime or gave her a trial.

Her popularity and title meant that the princess could not be executed but she lost guardianship of her children and had all her property confiscated. She was imprisoned in a series of castles before being finally locked in one room of her house, now under the management of one of her enemies. She was allowed out on a tiny balcony, see below, for an hour a day.

Her last source of support in this dark time seems to have been her daughter, who stayed with her the entire time. Ana De Mendoza died of an undisclosed illness in February 1592.  It was two years after the King had ordered the windows be shut up so she could not see or go outside.

It was, he said to prevent an escape but references were also made to her ‘disquieting, labyrinthine  womanliness’ and ‘haughty, arbitrary and imperious character.’ She had, according to Gregorio Maranon, the author of Spanish Traitor, a “tendency to engage on tasks involving management, with a keenness and an efficiency more properly masculine.” She was even disparaged because her lack of two eyes did not ‘crush her vanity.’

For years, historians more or less portrayed De Mendoza as a conniving upper class bitch who was jailed for plotting against the king, whatever, but really, you can see that her punishment was more for being ‘uppity’ and with Venus in loud Leo, amped by all three outer planets, it would have been nigh impossible to keep the light down – even for survival.

FYI: the disastrous enmeshment with the assassination, intrigue and vengeful King was all around Saturn in Scorpio: It was square her Venus, Uranus and Pluto. The King had it approaching his Mars at the time. This config, under the circumstances, put her at risk of being ‘boxed in’ and also diminished one of her most potent astral assets.

For the already grim King Philip, Saturn on his Mars made him more rigid and suspicious. Did the astrologically obsessed Perez deduce this and pull her into this complexity at the worst possible time?

While most of her writings were destroyed, they’ve been painstakingly collected by two historians: Helen Reed and Trevor Dadson. They rescued her reputation from the often warped lens of historians and revealed her courage.

She fought the whole way through her imprisonment, writing impassioned letters and statements, lobbying everyone possible to try and get a fair trial – or even a charge – and regain control of her affairs.

As for Antonio Perez, he wound up in England, where Shakespeare apparently based a character in Love’s Labor Lost on him; Don Adriano de Armado, “an affected Spanish braggart.”

Venus-Uranus from my Astral DNA birth chart report:

Venus conjunction Uranus

The natal Venus reveals your love nature, personal aesthetic, and go-to artistry styles. Uranus is an outer planet, a more rarified frequency that most people experience at a distance. It’s revolutionary and a known catalyst: you channel Uranian energy via your romantic life, fashion, and creativity.

You have higher-than-usual personal space needs and you’re not dependent on other people’s approval. Whether or not they’re overtly unconventional, Venus-Uranian people are an exciting presence. Your space-hippy allure draws attention, and you always stand out. The latter is frustrating when you’re trying to fit in for whatever reason.

Some classic Venus Uranus people: Kate McKinnon, Gwendoline Christie, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Linklater, Rose McGowan, Miley Cyrus, and Guillermo Del Toro: “Disobedience is the beginning of responsibility.”

Images: Sofonisba Anguissola – Ana De Mendoza, Ile de Philae Zircon & Diamond ring by Angie Marei

18 thoughts on “The Uranian Princess Of Eboli”

  1. Her nick name La Canela has nothing to do with racism, in fact, quite the opposite. Canela (cinnamon) skin was/is used to describe a beautiful & desirable hue in Spain.

  2. Yeh well Olivia de Havilland could do it for the 50s look and mentality her screen audience was from.

    But those Katakan Girls are CARDINAL, CARDINAL, CARDINAL all the way, babes. And Cardinal Water at that. That’s primal water force.

    No wonder our Scorpio boys get fully hooked on them. And ALL the boys. They got boobalicious va-va-voom, and waist, and hips, all to gloriously motherfqn die for. Even the skinny ones. with that sort of Ascendant, make those snaky body moves topped by Eyes that Melt and Surprise. Then that fine mind, already wrapped you up before u realise u Done, Boy, DONE.

    Mind you, i’m in love with an Aqua at present, so don’t think this is just lz drivel. This is an homage to the Katakan Beauties.

    1. Girls will b boyz will b gurls will b boiyzzzz…

      Always the way with Kataka…

      Double gendered in equal measure: bwooii = Cardinal; pecs; waist o wait that’s …femme:

      Sumbuddy got Jupiter in Kataka. My answer to that is Uranis in Libra, Circe Isis Venus IC NN + bunch other egypto-roman-greek-mesopo-babylonia goddesses 4th house in Aquuuuua. As for Katman, enjoy your beautiful love affair. That’s what they’re there for xx

  3. Oh she is interesting, love these Astro History Crushes! In my studies of Kataka Sun I have found many professional athletes, so her Kataka Sun/Aries Moon combo makes sense for a fierce fencer. In fact Kataka often has an “A” profession: athlete, actor, author, academic. Sounds like Ana did her Neptune on NN in Aries quite well too. It’s fun when you find a famous personage astro twin and get to compare your (somewhat adventurous) life to theirs. I too am Kataka Sun/Aries Moon/Mars-Saturn in Libra. I won’t be running off to a nunnery any time soon but I could understand why she might have, in that time and place.

      1. My kataka son plays AFL as a ruck man. He was 6’3 at 16, very long and slim, long arms, huge feet. But not an agro bone in his body, like a big Labrador pup, a bit clumsy and although never meaning to hurt anyone has floored quite a few of the more agro types with stray elbows and knees. It’s funny watching him stand over some poor soul he’s collected apologizing and trying to help up while the coach is screaming at him to get on with it. He is totally oblivious to the havoc he causes opposing players with those out of control limbs.

  4. What a lot of energy she must have had. I wonder about how she has time to actually parent children in a nunnery. It’s all very well to pop them out..
    My parents have Aries Moons – it’s a spartan emotional style let me tell you.

    My elder boy is Cancerian and Saggitarius Rising. I can’t honestly see the Saggitarian side yet so I read this with interest.

    His Libra Moon is extremely evident however.
    Told me yesterday that I’m too friendly, that it’s weird. Said his friends are all serious people, so I need to act more serious around them and not embarrass him. He just turned 8. 😯

    1. I suspect back in theose days the concept of ‘mothering’ extended to giving birth, as long as you lived through that process. Anything else was farmed out to wet nurses and governess type people. Not the worst idea if you think about it, people got jobs from the scheme, mothers werent chained to tantrum-throwing brats 23 hours a day, therefore would have more time to develop their lives e.g. fencing classes lol, world keeps turning etc #capmoon #hardheartedwoman #thekidsarealright

      1. Cap Moon and Aries Moon would get along!
        We women are biologically at a massive disadvantage being unable to control our body and therefore destiny.

        A relative by marriage was raised like this, the servants used to chew the kids food and then they had to eat it – up until they were 10. If they didn’t eat it they were whipped by the servants! She turned out terrified of having kids and aborted so many she lost count. It’s a miracle she survived those illegal backyard abortions.
        The world certainly keeps on turning but I like to keep my brats mentally stable.

  5. I’ve never heard of this lady but she sounds fun. She honoured her Cancer Sun by banging out 10 kids and then found her Aries life path by gobbing off to nuns. What a mixture!

    Reminds me of my niece a little bit. Cancer rising, Aries moon and Mercury. A smattering of Libra. All those cardinal planets fighting each other. Also very beautiful. But conflicted. She can be the most loving warm person and then something she says will cut you to the core, but funny, oh my god so funny. Once we were on a long drive, sister and her best friend in front, niece and I in the back. My niece was 3 at the time. I’m trying my best to entertain her and we are having a laugh and my sister asks “Everything ok in the back?” and my niece pipes up “I am so bored I am shitting chicken”.
    Shitting chicken! I am simultaneously like “Oh thank you very much you cheeky little bint” and “oh my god where did you get that language from” and “Fair play for keeping it real” and like, trying really hard not to lose it laughing while my sister reprimands the both of us, the both of us! Yeah cos I get the blame for teaching the kid the language, and I swear I did not. All the while the kid is there just smirking, all arrogant, as the telling-off goes right over her head. Just water off a duck’s back. Doesn’t give a crap. She’s awesome that way.

    If there was another movie of this lady I’m nominating my niece for realz. She was the one who told my mother her Christmas dinner was “cold”. And it was a totally half-arsed attempt at a dinner, niece was correct, mother was sulking about having to bother with pesky family members at all, it interferes with her time spent watching made-for-tv movies sitting on her ass ordering people about. My mother is a bitch though, to everyone. I think she was about 6 then. My sisters and I were all silently “Yay”. Given enough time niece could chase mother out of her own house, in the manner of the nuns.

    1. I just thought of another one. My mother has a true phobia of cats, I saw her cornered by one once and she was a mess. I pretended to own one for a while so she would not visit me. Niece has uncanny ability to know others’ Achilles heel, child prodigy. She has been able to stitch up another person from a young age. I wasn’t there this time, but once when she was about 4 she said to my mother “Grandma” and Grandma said “Yes?” and niece pointed to behind my mother and said “Grandma, cat by you” and laughed as my mother practically hit the roof in fear.

      1. So true. I had two kids visit this week, I handed over my tablet as they wanted to go on minecraft, and I asked them if they knew how to use it, and they looked at me like I was on crack. For the first time I felt like my old art teacher who could never work out how to us the VCR, and had to have one of us do it. How we chuckled! How karma comes full circle.

      2. If you think kids are funny u should observe at close range, close enough (and be gullible Piscean with Sagittarian sense of yumour) to get those jokes played on you by a little Cancerian girl 🙂 She’a now nine btw and goin strong. Katakan chicks are the coolest!

        I’m child-free and a very lucky woman… there will be aNOTHER ONE COMING IN to the world within the next few weeks ( sorry bout caps but each time i corrected it re-did itself umm so it stays i guess). I have had six siblings and have two nieces, next bub a nephew, our first boy who will live! Last niece was a little Gemini born during that astro-storm-gem exlipse thingy five years ago. Thank god i was on Mystic then! She’s fuqing pickle!

        Long live the babies! xxxxxxx

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