When You’re An Aries Sun Libra Moon Person

When you’re an Aries Sun Libra Moon person, it’s always Full Moon. You don’t need that time of the month to illuminate the contradictions within your psyche. You’re not at war with yourself – it’s more like a series of border skirmishes. Or guerilla warfare. How so?

Aries is a person of the arena, skilled at stripping away fluff and nuance to render themselves hyper-relevant. How else to stay in mission mode? They may not be able to stop rogue meteorites by standing in their way or solve complex managerial issues with one sharp worded command/observation, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t theoretically try.

For Aries, nuance-aversion is a survival mechanism. They can pick up on incoming complications the way elephants sense low-frequency shifts that signal an impending quake.

Aries Suns are not inherently against planning or dialogue, but they think of them as being like when a racing car does a pit stop. Several highly skilled mechanics dash in to change types and repair things at Warp Speed.

How fast? A pit stop should last 12 to 16 seconds; about the same length of time that an Aries Sun allocates to nuance assessment or complications. If you’re not an Aries Sun but want to get on with one brilliantly, try visualizing yourself as “pit crew” the next time you’re in a discussion.

But the Libra Moon is hooked on nuance. It helps them retain equilibrium, avoid unnecessary conflict, and navigate complex terrain. And the Moon is your psyche, your comfort zone. If you’re not doing your Moon, you can feel unsettled, like you’ve lost or forgotten something, even when you have not.

Those dreams where you wake up frantically looking for a non-existent ‘lost’ item? They’re a lunar deficit syndrome and a cue to express more of your Moon sign.

But Aries Sun interprets the Libra Moon prompts of ‘what about this?’ as procrastination. It’s as if one of the pit crew suddenly started talking about the font on the side of the racing car. They can try to outsource their Moon, casting a partner or close friend in the role of diplomatic nuance broker.

When you’re Aries Sun Libra Moon, your Moon says objectivity and Aries hears ‘objection.’  Your Moon says ‘tactics’ and your Sun understands it as ‘failure to launch.’ Awareness of this dynamic is half the cure.

But ideally, this Sun and Moon work together, an alloy of audacity and finesse.


Image: Jean-Jacques Bugat – Miss Dior – 1972

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  1. Wow I feel seen. As if having opposite sign for sun and moon aren’t enough, I am also a Pisces Rising. I feel like 3 people most of the time. I am aggressive, too nice, and seemingly approachable when I don’t want to be. Can’t seem to make a decision about anything. At least I know I’m not alone. I love me but it is definitely a task to be fully be myself because I am so multi faceted. People can’t seem to understand that I am nice and mean lol. I’m both, I am okay with my complexities but I’m not quite sure other know how to deal with it.

  2. I’m an Aries moon Libra rising and it’s so hard. Being polite kills me because my heart hates bullsh*t but I physically can’t not be polite. I am full of sh*t sometimes! I just want to scream

  3. I relate to this on so many levels! But I differ in the aspect that I’m not very much connected to my sun sign as I should be. I’m way more in touch with my moon sign to the point of being an introvert at heart Wich is weird for an Aries and it’s hard for me to be the other way around. So when it said that when aries sun peeps aren’t in connection with their moon it feels like they’ve lost something. I felt like that as a kid. But life as a teenager and now a young adult, I felt the other way around. You don’t feel like something’s missing, more like something’s already there, very much there. Existing internally loud and violently pulsing like it were to explode sometime soon, but you can’t yet prove it’s there. Like trying to grab air. I felt and feel broken. Like I’m not fully my true self and I can only show the world parts I don’t want to show and feel that I shouldn’t. But I’m also having existencial crisis, Saturn and Pluto is transiting my 9th house. Also, my MC is there but still don’t know what that means. Oh, and the procrastination part is so true, especially when you’re like me so in touch with your moon libra but not with your sun sign aries: master procrastinator and constantly feeling like shit about it and restless bc inside, your really rushing yourself but you just don’t budge. Yeah, I just want to get over with all this shit but time’s like, passing hella slow, and I’m impatient, I can’t even. Ugh.

  4. Wow – this resonates… But I’m Aries Ascendant / Libra Moon (in direct opposition, both at 12 degrees) – does it correspond? Would it relate but more about inner self and public persona?

    I’ve also got Mars at 9 degrees of Aries and North Node at 14 degrees of Aries – I think that makes my Libra moon the ‘cutting’ planet? Does that give emphasis? I relate much more to that Libra Moon part of myself.

  5. Omg. I’m Aries sun, Libra moon. I’ve never seen this addressed. My BF (Gemini) says I’m a devil and angel at the same time. I’ve only recently tempered myself to try to finesse conflictual situations instead of ramming my head into a wall, or mowing people down, but my instinct is still Aries impatience and ready to fight.

  6. I have Libra Sun, Aries Rising, and Moon at 0 degrees Cancer, fourth house.

    This push-me-pull-you is my default setting.
    A constant desire to be thoroughly independent but … you know … without upsetting anyone!

    It wasn’t till I had my chart read that the angst about it eased.
    Thanks for this note, Mystic.
    It’s been hugely/oddly comforting.

  7. Not a Libra Moon but Aries Sun, Mars, Venus and Merc with Libra Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto. This is me. At its best, the Libra helps to take the edge off the Aries fire and impulsivity but at its worst, Libra is appalled by Ariesness but always AFTER the fact when its all too late.

  8. mydaughter, 4 years old, has this placement and I read on line they are most likely to suffer from severe depresion, Grroan, Ill have to get back to you Mystic, when she is older. x

    1. I think there is a LOT of crap written online and that there is NO placement that would indicate “severe depression.” Honestly, that is such irresponsible and dangerous nonsense. In the olden days, Saturn was connected with melancholy temperaments which I guess you could extrapolate on if you were an irresponsible idiot but no way would the Aries Sun Libra Moon even hint at it. Email me if you need more reassurance and where-ever you read that, I suggest you avoid it.

      1. My best friend and roommate who I have lived with for 13 years in mid – June – is total Libra. Technically he has a Virgo sun. But it’s at 29.59° Virgo. He has no virgo qualities. Because then conjunct that sun, he has his moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in a Libra stellium. All in his 10th house. He has Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Virgo.

        That Saturn is in a perfect square (and the *only* hard angle in his entire chart) to Neptune in Sag. in his 1st house. 2° from his Sag ascendent.

        I had always read that Neptune square Saturn is commonly associated with depression. And he is about as Libra – likeable, kind, handsome, fair and thoughtful as anyone could be. I’ve known him for 25 years – through high school to now and in all that time I have never ever heard a single bad word spoken against him. In a town full of sh*ttalkers. He is truly a good man. Through and through. He is the best friend I’ve ever had and the only person in my entire life who has never let me down. He has been there for me in ways no one ever has. I don’t even consider that I have a family because of how awful they are to me. He is my family.

        But I have stayed living with him all these years because – my issue: I had 3 best friends kill themselves in high school within months of each other, so it’s my own fear that I will leave and something will happen to him – he suffers from severe chronic depression and has had suicides in his family. He’s just one example. But I just couldn’t believe how accurate his chart describes him. Including the Saturn SQ Neptune depression stuff I read. But he’s just one person.

        1. He also has a cancer Mars. But it’s out of square to his Libra stellium — more then 10° off. I’ve suffered depression as well. My chart is pretty messed up. I too have cancer Mars. But I have never read about depression with that aspect. Just laziness and homebody tendencies. (True and true unfortunately :-/ )

    1. That will be covered at some point! It is a series. See the tag at the bottom Sun Moon Combinations – they will all be in there

  9. Btw that new aural adderall recording has the soul of a Aries moon, Virgo mars, libra sun IMO and I’m obsessed

    1. Aural Adderall LOL! But yes, it makes me feel fresh and confident. Also, it’s designed to embody the five elements…And to think it came totally from me fed up with trying to find something non-Enya-ish to zip around the house doing things. it also works in the background for calls when you need to be ON.

    1. Good question and yes, I would say so. This is the Sun Conjunct Moon delineation from the Astral DNA birth report BUT that is with a 5-degree orb – so Sun and Moon 5 or fewer degrees apart.

      “The Sun conjunct Moon person was born on the New Moon! Here we see the brilliant blend of Solar Self-Actualisation Vibe with the Inner Realm of the Psyche. The Sun-Moon person presents as a coherent, together person. There is no conflict between Logos and Pathos. Thoughts and feelings operate smoothly together. Downside: They can be a bit singular, unable to bear ambiguity. The Sun-Moon person is so adept at alchemizing feelings into their identity, that they can make a living or a legacy out of doing this. Examples. Roxane “Bad Feminist” Gay. The timelessly witty French writer (Gigi, The Vagabond) Colette.”

      1. Ah thanks for replying to this! I was born on a balsamic moon, so they’re not conjunct, but it resonates closely enough for that to put it into perspective.

  10. Um, i feel as though i need to permanently attach a link to this article on my email footer and social media profiles because it explains A LOT about me. I have an aries rising/libran moon and i am constantly conducting border skirmishes with myself. As i’ve gotten older, the two work together better, as long as i restrain my urge to leap into anything Xena style – things go a hell of a lot smoother if i pretend to be patient and let things unfold in their own time and own way. I’m a fairly robust type, and my libran moon keeps me civilised, but my aries rising keeps me vital. If you know what i mean

  11. Cardinal Queen

    Has anyone ever seen Big Mouth? I always think Maurice the hormone monster is my Aries Sun, sat on my shoulder, growling lusty thoughts in my ear, urging to fight/fuck/SMASH SOMETHING, My fluffy Libra Moon: no please, don’t make a scene, raising your voice is so crass… It’s pretty rare I ever go the whole hog. (Cap rising helps.)

    I’m the most diplomatic, peaceable, measured person until someone crosses the line by even a fraction of an inch, then I’m on my own one-woman crusade. Everyone looks at me completely baffled- where the hell did that come from?

    It’s a balancing act I’m still trying to master.

    1. Omg so true. I am the most understanding, peaceful person unless someone injects crassness/rudeness/bad manners into a situation, then i’m like an SAS vigilante on a mission to make the world a more civilised place…

  12. Haha- so true! Thanks for this Mystic. It’s hard being so fiery and not caring what people think to OMG- why did I say that- I actually REALLY care what others think! Ongoing border skirmishes indeed…

  13. LOL. Well, I have Libra Moon (conj. Uran, no less, 1H) oppo Aries Mars in 7H. So I’d say this is about freakin’ 130% true.

  14. At least 4 friends + bf Aries moons. Man I do get the about to be eliminated from the pit crew urgency leaving with out you walking fast dragging arm this is happening! Style Decisions! Their fiery impatience is so endearing to my water moon. Just don’t mess with my calibrated flow 😉

    1. Yes! It is good to know when you’re pit crew and when you’re the destination they’re racing to.

  15. my husband is an Aries sun…libra moon. (he races car on weekends, works contracting during week) He is the energizer bunny and when he’s home on weekends like to ask me “whats on your agenda?” He wants things planned (but also usually doesn’t like or want to do the plans)

  16. omg mystic im an aries sun and would love to hear your interpretation of an aries sun pisces moon. i think its similar to this but instead of being oppsite it is just sooo different!

  17. I can relate the words ‘planning and dialogue’ to my current workplace environment, a short term contract at a large University IT dept to analyse, report, and present a plan to remediate a long time problem in their software regime. I have been given 20 days to complete this task. Day 1, I was issued with an amazing suite of collaboration software and hardware. I was asked to complete a series of OHS video tutorials that explained where the bathrooms were. How to exit the building in an emergency and imploring me to report any sign of harassment or bullying apparently I have rights, and they care about me. I then had to create a profile for access to a variety of meeting rooms. All equipped with the latest wide screen audio visual equipment. After the equipment training video my day was done and not one person had spoken to me directly.. Day 2. Pretty much like day 1. I am invisible, a woman spoke to me at the coffee machine but only because I stood right in front of her and asked her a question. day 3 I received my final security clearance and instructions to download an internal mapping app.so I could find the many other places on campus that can be used to meet, have dialogue and make plans with any of the 200 busy people that my project team have identified as information sources for my analysis. This list of people was emailed to me as a spreadsheet. Ahhh I thought, it’s time to collaborate, make plans and have some meaningful dialogue. After I called a few on the list and not one answered, I opened my email to find a whole bunch of emails, from the guy sitting right next to me ? As I opened them, he just continued to type and stare at the screen. I attempted a visual confrontation, turning to face him and speaking directly too him. In that time he had sent me 2 more emails. One saying that we had a meeting in 45 secs down the hall. The fourth day. The 80 people in my open plan office area were all silently sitting at their desks I knew now that this was what they meant by ‘collaborating’ making plans for meetings so there could be dialogue.
    Later that day I solved the 2 year software dilemma, and went to the dept heads office, I scared him a little, just walking up there and standing at the door. He looked up and before he could tell me that he was busy and to make a time next week so we could book a planning session and have fruitful dialogue. I informed him that I’d come up with a solution. I asked him if it was ok with him that instead of reporting on a potential remediation plan that had already been pencilled in as a 6 month process, I could actually remediate the problem by close of business the following day. Remember, they employed me as an expert to solve the problem. They estimated that would be 20 days.
    I was denied that change of plans.
    The old me would have turned around and explained to him that no amount of planning, dialogue, collaboration and listening over the next 14 days would have any chance of changing my view.
    This time I just went back to my space and decided that I would enjoy my next 2 weeks. It’s day 16 and I’m having a ball, The plan hasn’t changed.
    I’ll be tendering for the remediation work. It should take between 2 days and 6 months.

    1. Hahajaja
      I too am a “walk up to someone and make human contact” person
      Wierdly almost traumatisingly unfashionable in the current era? Mystifying … also university bureaucracy. Labyrinthine internal politics is alive and well in academia afaict, happy to be contradicted though

      1. Oh no, I’ve just told you about the frontage. The back story is that I’ve had to live away from hone to meet my time obligations. I found the perfect place to stay. A classic skanky motel in the seedy side of town with an amazing room above a public bar where girls in bikinis are handing out Keno cards on silver trays to guys with beards and baseball caps. I got strange looks when I parked my car in the back lot. A truck is standard attire.
        On campus I have found the secret spots inhabited by other back street people and I’ve been hanging out with a group of tripper philosophy students who always seem to be at the Uni bar discussing their micro dosing regimes and arguing about something deep. Lucky I’m a gem moon gem riser. You can use one face at the front and one at the back x

    2. Sound about right. Now throw in some mean girl politics and that’s pretty much it! If you want to be amused, try asking questions. People may not know the answer–or, indeed, anything about the question–but they’ll spend 15 minutes telling you obvious beginning steps to answer the question, as though you would have not explored those obvious possibilities before asking them. Good times!

      1. I’m learning about the structure of the invisible boundaries. I asked one guy a question and he looked up a contact who may be able to help me. He had never met him, when I looked him up he was sitting about 5 mts away from the first guy ? Like seriously ? You work within 5 meters of someone for years and you haven’t met them ? It’s so weird.

  18. This is hilarious, true & i really get it (NN Libra, SN Aries)
    If it works you get Maya Angelou.
    If it doesn’t you get Jeremy Clarkson.

  19. This is so en pointe for Aries. Yesterday my triple Aries (sun, moon, asc) bf tells me, I don’t think I can see you this weekend as I need to start work on my latest creative project which is due for completion in 6 weeks time.

    Me (a Libra, having learned that its best just to let him get with what he needs to, plus I’m busy with projects myself, plus I’m a Sag rising so I may just up it on an unannounced adventure myself this weekend, for reals): ok.

    Him (raising voice a touch, warming to his theme, is his face flushing a bit pink?): I don’t think you understand how much work I have got on! I’m going to have to work on it this weekend..

    Me: no, I do. It’s okay

    He looks at me funny. Lolll

    I really think it threw him sideways to not have a battle about it!

    1. yeah, I went through similar scenarios with an aries moon on-off boyfriend (capricorn, libra rising). I’m a libra, and me too I guess he was taken aback and expecting/requiring some drama (which I wasn’t interested in at all – don’t have the energy for some gratuitous fights, have enough problems in my life already 😀 ). he also used to provoke me talking about other women he said he fancied, but I’ve got too much scorpio in my chart to fall for that 😉 , so a poker face was de rigueur. I also guess he got bored very easily with my peacefulness so one day he just disappeared for good.

  20. I have an Aries sun and a 7th house moon – my internal debates LITERALLY make me roll my eyes. [My BF asks me why I’m rolling my eyes and I have to explain that I have an argument going on in my head that can’t be won.]

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