Missing The Old-Style Mercury Retrograde

Bring Back Batty Mercury Retrogrades

Not cathartic. Not confronting. Batty. Naturally, with the Saturn-Uranus square grinding on in the background, we can’t even get a fun, fluffy Mercury Retrograde. It’s all supply chain crisis and duelling public health departments or is it?

I like the Demi Lovato lobbying for extra-terrestrial rights and the Viking ship form, I really do. If you’re likewise seeking some anti-snark absurdity, let’s do it. Your opinions on the following, please.

Respect For E.T.s

Finally – something we can all agree on. Is Demi sincere or is this just clever spin for her new tv thing, Unidentified?ย  Both. I’m probably not going to watch this as I’ve experienced three U.F.O. sightings. I assume if they want anything, they’ll contact me direct. In fact, the arrogance of assuming that out of the trillions of other stars, planets, solar systems, nebulae and mysterious phenoms in the multiverse, we would be the only “intelligent life” has always stunned me. I’m down with trans-galactic, extra-terrestial awareness and fully anticipate heightened E.T. activity with Pluto in Aquarius. I don’t like the word “alien” when used to describe people from another country either. It seems so retro.

Elvis Presley Had Antares Rising

Elvis Presley was born with Antares (in Sagittarius) Rising. So were you if you’re Ascendant is near 10 Saggo. It’s good for a particularly snazzy kind of sexual appeal – Sagg bonhomie with a sting. I love this pic because of the side-eye from hubbie on the right there. I don’t, however, believe the Elvis Presley seance people – Elvis was Mercury conjunct Sun opposite Pluto in the 8th. No way he’d just show up on demand because someone whipped out their ouja board. He’d float into recording studios and casting sessions when the Moon was out of bounds.

Winona Ryder’s Saturn Return

This moment – being arrested for shoplifting and the “A-Lister arrested” headlines it spawned – was Winona Ryder’s Saturn Return. In classic Saturn Return style, she later said that the entire episode had been really good for her. If you’re having a s**t Saturn Return, remember this. Winona of today probably would not be this iconic if not for that arrest.

A Neptune-Mercury Transit

Magnificent understatement with “the divorce was not contested” at the end there. This official announcement came a few months after Bette Davis’s Saturn Return in Aries but the transit that was bang-on at the time? Neptune in Virgo opposite her Mercury in Pisces. Her Mercury was trine her Scorpio Ascendant and square Moon/Pluto.

Claudia Schiffer’s Architectual Digest Toilet

Toilet…Lavatory? Bog? Does it still matter? She’s Virgo with a prominent Mars conjunct Midheaven in Leo and Scorpio Rising. I reckon this is the quirky hipster loo for media consumption and there’s another one that features mists-of-atlantis bidets and hyaluronic acid infused bog paper, with a video artist’s remix of her Guess jeans catwalk appearances projected onto the hologrammic mirrors, playing on a loop.

Matthew McConaughey’s Jupiter Moment

Gemini Rising, triple Scorp, Moon in Virgo…That all seems quite cool. So ‘what’s with this wifie needs sleep’ take? He is apparently considering a run for Texas governor, which is actually a good fit for Jupiter crossing his Aquarius Midheaven. It feels big and out-there enough to spark some jovial swagger. And then along comes Saturn in 2o23…(cackles into the catacombs).

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  1. Reagan, Jesse Ventura, Ahnuld and Trump weren’t enough celebrity representation in American politics ๐Ÿ™ƒ? Kid Rock said he was going to run for Senate to unseat an incumbent but balked, claiming it was a publicity stunt. We definitely need regular people to go for office as opposed to millionaires and lawyers! We Yanks have a lack of broader representation in our legislatures.

    As for McConaughey, he will soooooo get the governorship with that Saturn transit (assuming he files the paperwork) and he’ll get a level of responsibility that moviemaking and fatherhood never offered! I’d have to look at Texas’s birth chart (both as a state and republic) for more info and to see how the charts interact with his, but I’m already cackling, too!

    1. Yes – and Kanye?? We have a surfeit of lawyers in politics in Oz too, GH – but on the whole, this tends to train them up for the rigours of what is essentially a law-machine – but yes, no guarantee whatsoever of Ethics… x

      1. Yeah, they become the machines they swore to change!

        I checked the state of Texas’s birth chart at the planets alone… it has a brash Sun in Cap squared a Mars-Uranus conjunction in Aries (very Texan aspect indeed, like a bad cowboy stereotype) and the chart definitely talks to McConaughey. I won’t attempt a prediction but it was kind of fun to take a glance!

  2. โ€œMagnificent understatement with โ€œthe divorce was not contestedโ€ at the end there.โ€

    bette is an iconoclast. Love her.

  3. cackles into the catacombs is slaying me! Yes Matt best of luck with Saturn across that mc honey–I just looked and that’s the same position as my aqua sun. Mystic I very much appreciate the take on Winona’s Saturn return–mine was the making of me as well, no matter how painful. That said, I’m getting ready for Saturn to finish crossing my Venus in January–I feel that I’ve learned enough. I would like to stop Growing. I would like to no longer be forced to Draw on My Inner Strength, and instead, I don’t know, sit in luxurious and calm silence for a few years. Saturn has other ideas!

  4. On reflection I kind of like the word alien as an adjective. To me, we need foreign things. To remind us where we end and something else begins. Sometimes that’s a problem for some beings. I suppose that’s why we have defence systems of all kinds. Hmm.

  5. It is the power supply for me!! Hilarious. I am back in the hornets nest as I kicked it on Monday. Back to bloody lawyers and ridiculous illogical and nonsensical rubbish that simply fries my head and heart to be honest. I have had to scrap plans for the house due to bureaucracy gone mental again. So now after a year it is a very trimmed down version of the original. Please gods can we just get on with it. And now of course there is the allowing my fiancee to live with me issue. Old Italian laws seem to take a precedence over new laws regarding Brexit which is the whole issue we are dealing with, well that and a bunch of covid restrictions thrown in for good measure just to spice the story up. Hence the lawyers! Arrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh

      1. I suspect the old Roman (read Catholic) canon laws, Wish. But yes, combined with Brexit, Covid and property renovations, that sounds like Saturn (old) square Uranus (new) circles, all they way ! Good luck Emg. X

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        Hi ES and emg.

        The Catholic thing did cross my mind but I dismissed it as I didn’t think that in this day and age it would apply. I stand corrected.

        Be careful emg. I don’t want to see you burnt as a witch at this Halloweens bonfire.๐ŸŽƒ

        When I was younger I was told in company that an Italian lady called me a witch in Italian. The vibe was not good but I felt strangely empowered. I did not ask for elaboration as I was soaking up the feeling. And my silence was defiance. Oh the wisdom of youth.

        Here’s to growing young again.๐ŸŒฑ

      3. Keep that golden light around you, Wish. Also just guessing about old Roman laws – sometimes the origins of laws can be even more obscure!๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ’–

      4. Nothing to do with old Roman laws – all to do with Brexit. An Italian would have the same problems if they now chose to live in the UK. Free movement of people no longer applies between UK & Europe. This is what UK people voted for.

  6. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I love the “power supply knocked out by Viking longboat” and who can forget the bird dropping a “bit of baguette” in the Large Hadron Particle Collider

    1. Yes and the guy from the future warning that firing up the machine would create parallel dimensions…hmm

      Also, I was NOT expecting this it fits the Saturn-Uranus narrative, the Counter-Pope.

      1. how would we know if we are not living in one of those parallel dimensions?? this would explain so much of what happened since the last operational run in 2015.

  7. Wish Upon a Star

    I’ve got Antares in my 10th house conjunct my Sag midheaven within 3 degrees. And I want to write. Hmmmmm?

  8. i reckon the guy side-eyeing Elvis is the girl’s brother (they have the same nose) he is gay and using her to get to Elvis, and Elvis knows it.

    1. EP is on so many drugs at this point in his career, a chorus of drag queens could be doing the chachanooga choochoo & it wouldn’t reach through the fug unless someone shouted, “oi swizzle hips?! solo!”

    1. (And thanks for extra super-info on this solar wind spike in the Daily Mystic today, MM! X So, true!! I felt it physically – like have had flare- ups with autoimmune issues badly of late, but Monday (pre-flux) was worst. Then yesterday (after geo-magnetic flux), felt much better, got heaps done – BUT saw crazy driver behaviour// felt jittery, like too much coffee.๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ’ซ) Just wish I could go south for the auroras!โ˜บ

  9. If Camila and Matthew have worked out their different needs for sleep and childrearing, I support them. I’ve always kinda loved their love story.

    Re: Him running for office … As an American, I’d say it’s time for a new crop of leaders – maybe some celebrities, maybe some millennial Moms – anything but the line of stiff, stodgy and unreasonable career politicians that we currently have dominating both sides.

    And fuq yeah Bette Davis! Don’t marry a movie star if you want to be their center of attention, obviously. They are the ones who will always need to be catered to. Wonder who this “poor” neglected husband really was.

    1. Do Not Talk To Me About Career Politicians!!!!!! They are about to make me take an Italian driving test due to the fact that no body in all these years Brexit has taken has thought to scribble on a bit of paper that we can just accept each others driving licence as being ok to drive. WTF !!! So I have just sent a stinging email to both my previous MP and Boris to tell them I will be giving them the 1500. euro bill I will encounter for their blatant mismanagement of the divorce!!!!!!!

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        I hope things pick up for you after Mercury Retrograde. Sounds really frustrating. I hope you get your fishy self to the sea and flick off that angst.

        My Retrograde fuq Up:
        I bought a new mattress which has been sitting on my bedroom floor for over a month now. I ordered a new bed online but it was not delivered but returned? Got refund. So I have just ordered another one through a different supplier. Oh well that’s Mercury Retrograde for you.

        Did anyone else have a stuff up?

      2. Mine has been almost all etheric in nature, apart from health issues. Hence I can’t discuss (my one-year astral report says this is due to Pluto in 8th, which i completely agree with). I think you need to jump up and down on that new mattress, Wish!๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ’—

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        I respect your need for privacy. I have Mercury retrograde in my eight house. And as I awoke the penny finally dropped re: message. And it feels appropriate not to discuss it. Good to hear that my feelings are confirmed. Thanks for sharing that.

        Funny you talk bout jumping up and down. I really need a big trampoline to jump on. Release the energy and joy.


      4. Also Mercury. I know we have moved online a lot necessarily for pandemic, and I also feel v close and ‘bonhomie’ with ppl on this beautiful space on web. But I have realised that you can lose a lot of your essence (or chi) through talking (Mercury). It’s weird – it can both empower you & others in some astro//moon cycles, and deplete you in others. So – silence can be restorative – but also oppressive ?? Sometimes at same time!! Yet another mystery I will carry with me to the grave..๐Ÿ˜‘
        Anyway – Pluto is exact squaring my Libra-Aries degree nodes atm, and I have so been feeling it health and routine-wise (6th house stuff) intensely, even though the degree is in my 5th (Placidus houses). Sun is about to square Pluto (cj my nodes), then Mars, then Merc (later). So yes I can imagine you feeling need to keep communication on down-low with Merc in 8th- esp. as about to square Uncle Pluto again soon. Hope you keeping a diary -love our chats Wish. ES. X

      5. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks for letting me know about the square to Pluto. I have to practice the silence thing.

        As a younger person I was a natural. As I am an introvert. The workforce did me no favours. It’s a talent I have to recultivate with practice. I need to slowdown and feel again. Even if it’s painful.

      6. Wish Upon a Star

        And no social media is not a natural fit for me. But this site has intelligent and thoughtful people.
        Where I live in regional Qld it’s slim pickings.

        It’s good chatting with you.


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