Lord Byron – Ultra-Aquarius

The man who defined ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’ was, of course, a multiple Aquarius. A supremely talented poet and iconoclast, ‘Lord Byron’ was the official It-boy of his generation, a celebrity before there were celebrities. He was most probably a complete prick if you were actually involved with him but that didn’t diminish his glamor.

ย “There is something pagan in me that I cannot shake off. In short, I deny nothing, but doubt everything.” ย Lord Byron

The world’s best-known poet, he had the Sun, Venus, Lilith, Saturn, Pluto and Midheaven in Aquarius. He became famous for his poems by age 19 and built on that with his eccentricities, sex life and provocative stunts. Byron, the epitome of the romantic poet, fell in love easily and often. His type? It was usually other people’s wives. He wrote one of his most famous poems – She Walks In Beauty – about his cousin’s wife.

Like many Aquarians, he was ahead of the era he lived in: He was blatantly bisexual, an avid exerciser and a vegetarian, for example. He swam the Hellespont strait, near Gallipolli, and made open-air swimming a thing. Women contrived to bed him and fashionable men copied his clothes, hair and cynical sneer – his own doctor based a novel on him: it was the prototypal ‘hot vampire’ book – The Vampyre.

Everyone from Anne Rice’s fictional Lestat to Hugh Grant in the 80s or current Harry Styles (another Aquarian) owes a sartorial debt to George Byron. His daughter, the extraordinary Ada Lovelace, continued his legacy of wild genius and interestingly, they were both Moon-Uranus people with Saturn in Aquarius.

His escapades are far too rich and intricate for a simple blog post but his intense, crazy life was cut short. He’d not only joined the Greek war for independence from the Ottoman Empire, he’d sold everything he owned to help fund it. He died of sepsis from an injury sustained during the battle of Missolonghi. He was just 36 and the mass mourning frenzy was similar to when Princess Diana died in 1997.

“There is pleasure in the pathless woods,
there is rapture in the lonely shore,
there is society where none intrudes,
by the deep sea, and music in its roar;
I love not Man the less, but Nature more.”


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  1. I’m currently recovering from an Aqua/Sag with moon in Cancer… And oh the pain and the lies for a whole year. I will never understand. This post describes him so well. I found out afterwards… he is known as the silent achiever in the office – with the women. God how do I get over this.. Bloody aqua men!!!

  2. Im currently recovering from a Aqua/Sag with moon in cancer… Oh the pain and the lies. I will never understand… Just wanted to say this post describes him. I find afterwards he is known as the silent achiever in the office with women…! How do I walk away from this?

  3. Lord Byron, one of the greatest poet in the world… Nice picture, in this one he look like straight ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. loved the movie Gothic when I was a teenager about Byron and the Shellies….fabulous cult classic.
    Would have loved to be friends with them. Don’t go for Aqua men myself, just as friends. I have sun conjunct saturn in the 11th house, but no Aquarius planets.

  5. Huh. I absolutely would have pegged him as a Scorpio. Dangerously sexual & very independent (with maybe a Gemini and/or Sag. influence because he was highly verbal & moved around a lot).
    This gives me a very different & new idea of Aquarians.

  6. The portrait looks like my former husband. A beautiful man when he was young and in early middle age, batshit crazy at any age. We’re both aqua.

  7. He can still be beautiful and a bit overweight. Bone structure, personality, charisma, talent, and the standard’s of his day would play a part in it.

    1. Worked as weight loss consultant at one point, weight is quite meaningless. I have met fine boned people who were pudgy at the same that a big boned person was emaciated. My hub is technically ‘obese’ and most people think he is barely in a size L.

  8. “Everyone with crushes on him and/or involved with the guy went mad with mourning.”

    – Is it just me, or does the world seem so bland compared to the passion people used to have? Perhaps we’re all just too busy. After my dad died, I was back at work within two weeks and back at university in a month.

    1. When I grow up, I won’t watch the news. I’ll listen to music and raise my babies and grow a garden. I will refuse to watch the news.

      1. That’s two of my Equinox Resolutions ๐Ÿ™‚

        1) See the Divine in everything
        2) Expect happiness
        3) Talk to my angels
        4) Less screen time
        5) No news
        6) No dead animals
        7) More gardening

      2. I didn’t watch the news or television or movies or read newspapers for about 8 years.
        When I occasionally would walk into a house and the television was on it was surreal, it just looked and sounded totally insane.
        I actually don’t think I missed anything ?
        I think its the only time you even have a chance to be truly creative and not derivative of your media intake.
        The other thing I would say is it took quite a bit of maneuvering to get my life in a constitutional position to make the initial escape. Then 2 years of still being unsure I wasn’t missing anything, then bliss..

        1. Oh dear, I am afraid my two are planted in front of the tv watching ‘Cars’ atm. My first day on my new meds for epilepsy, can barely move. Dizzy, prickly hands, thirsty, zoned out whatever vibe.. hmm. On the upside apparently weight loss is normal with this drug!

        2. But yes, I try not to follow too much news, do the garden, play with the babies, I do love movies though as I grew up without tv and spent 8 years on the move with no tv as an adult too. Like your style peeps!

    2. I agree, we don’t seem to leave much space for living.

      Read a quote today “The creative person is the child who survived.” I live in the States and its culturally dead. I do online stuff to connect to creatives wherever I find them. Life is role play. Byron got that, I’m not a fan/familiar with him, but I’m sure he got it from his quote. Oscar Wilde certainly did – his plays are about people playing plays. Today…I just don’t get why we aren’t playing more. Just for sport. And I don’t mean just for kink. For play. I’m not waiting for anyone to do that first. I’m in.

      I have a New Moon Aries/Gemini rising 6 year old girl. I’m going to make sure we make space to play out grand adventures together. Even if all I can afford is our imagination. I can’t fix the rest.

      1. Cool name 12th house Virgo. I also like the sentiment about imagination and playing … m also a fan of Oscar Wilde’s work/views on art and inspiration.
        Your Gem rising 6-yr-old would have BIG imagination!!

        My niece (now 11 yr-old) is Gem Sun; we have become pen pals all this year – me with my Virgo Mercurial planets (Mercury THE strongest scoring planet in my natal chart – in terms of points/the math of astro) and she with her Gem Mercurial-ness. Such fun!

        1. Yeah, my kid is off the charts with go-go-go energy. Her 11th house is packed. Technically, I’m Virgo rising, but most of my first is Libra, stuffed with Pluto, Mercury, and Mars. People love me or hate me on impulse. I’m lucky my fire child is in the first category.

    1. excerpt from my favorite of his:
      ‘In secret we metโ€”
      In silence I grieve,
      That thy heart could forget,
      Thy spirit deceive.
      If I should meet thee
      After long years,
      How should I greet thee?
      With silence and tears.’

      More moving than most poetry of the time, prelude to great songwriters.

  9. I always think it was so sad he got molested by his baby sitter growing up. And he was always so sensitive about his “club foot”.

    Interestingly enough, I just learned Lord Byron’s father, “Mad Jack”, was also an Aquarius as well! A whole family of them!

    1. That Scorpio vibe you get from him would be his Sun and Pluto being together. That probably also is what drove him to write poetry to a woman he had only first met. Plutonic people are intense.

      1. Oh, I missed that part about his astro….that would make sense. I have a plutonic/Lilith Moon myself so I would (tragically) know alot about intense encounters. Not sure I would write poetry to the unwilling subjects though, LOL.

        1. Scorp vibe also comes from all those Aqua planets in the 8th house, if he had Kataka rising in 1st. Love Byron, love his “Byronic hero” archetype he invented – so Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre, Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights, the Phantom of the Opera – all Byronic heroes. LOVE THEM.

          Hubby read “She Walks in Beauty” to me on wedding day. ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Oooo, v.good observation. You’re right about that 8th house. So SourPatch’s Kataka intutive vibes about Byron’s strong Scorpionic shadings are really accurate.

  10. Mystic, if you’re reading this I wish/hope you have some Oscar Wilde post or re-post for the Libra Spring Equinox arrival – he’s my fav of all.

      1. Me too – maybe a post on his birthday October 16th???
        “Keats and Yeats are on your side.
        But you lose
        ‘Cause weird lover Wilde is on mine.”

        (Actually I like Keats and Yeats too……….)

  11. Had a massive necrophiliac crush on Byron in my teens. Still do actually. Damn Aquarians and their charisma even from beyond the grave.

  12. Hmmmm, delicious.
    And then I realise this….
    My son (currently 14 and in the throes of teenager) is an Aquarius (born on the same day as me and with the same Chinese sign) and with Aquarius in Mercury, Venus, Jupiter & Uranus.
    He is a delight!

    1. my son is 13…sun conjunct uranus, mars conjunct jupiter….all in aquarius!
      rebel…….started eating meat young…dad strict vegetarian and I have been on and off forever.

  13. I am an Aqua with a crab north node so I get the cancer ting (orright orready!). Empathy is a bit over-rated. Sometimes it’s right problematic.

    Should we guess his Moon? That might be a clincher in such an odd bod. One hand’s going Virgo, the other Leo.

    1. Yes! to your comment about empathy. It’s lovely but I’d like not shoulder that all the time and feel guilty for wanting to follow my joy not just my service with my empathic nature…hope it makes sense, thanks, just had an aha moment!

  14. Im an aqua with crab rising. I like him already. Ive found the crab rising seems to help project a sense of familiarity to people. It helps ameliorate the fact you are actually off the planet.

      1. I read somewhere you can tell a crab rising by their music collection. Not exactly up to date with the recent hits, but an extensive collection of diverse things they consider “classics”, no matter how uncool their faves may be, currently. Of course, throw the aqua in there, and deep down we are convinced of the secret coolness of say, Neil Diamond, or Ice-T.
        (LOL. I absolutely did not intentionally pick two aquarians. I just picked the first two names that came to mind as examples, remembered that Ice-T is aqua, and thought “wouldnt it be funny if Neil Diamond was, too…..” So looked it up, and, yep., aqua. Y’see. They MUST be cool.)

        1. LOL! re: Neil Diamond. But also just on these two Aqua’s, going back to another post from Mystic about Aqua’s having iconic hair, these two have it. Nothing standout about it but you can ID them from it.

          Once again, spot on: about the music. I’m kinda noted amongst my friends for having a music collection that’s like a “greatest hits of all genre’s from the last 40 years inc. daggy mum music” kind of thing. It’s awesome, I totally blitz music trivia. LOL I think I inherited that from my Cancerian mum who is also musically ecclectic and retro.

  15. He is very shiny and pretty, he makes me feel shy.
    I would be not want to be his close friend or lover,
    but I would love to watch him work his magic!

  16. unpredictable pisces

    Unrelated post – mystic, in the daily scopes you’re talking about Solar action in Cancer’s brill career sector, which given the sun placement wld seem to be Libra. But that’s 4th house, so I’m not sure how 4th house relates to brill career? just asking the question i guess. Maybe other astro-erudites can assist (I read cancer – and leo – cos my house lineups / correlations are a bit messy). xx

    1. the sun is going into a cardinal.
      the angular houses relate to cardinal energy. ie., aries, cancer, libra, cap – likewise 1st (ram/self), 4th (crab/home), 7th (lib, relations/partners), 10th (cap/ brill career).

      that’s all i got at off the top of my head the mo …

    2. i just re-read the Cancer scope for Fri 23rd. Sounds like the Sun going into cardinal libra means it is going into Cancer’s career house (10th), which makes sense given the patterns of cardinal/angular.

      1. unpredictable pisces

        ok, thank you so much for replying ๐Ÿ™‚ Uranus still lurking in last bit of my 9th so might interp that-a-ways xx

  17. Mystic, it spooks me how often we seem to be on the same page! Just the other night whilst watching the BBC’s ‘Romantics’ programme on this gen I realised I didn’t know all their star signs, so decided to look them up. Funnily enough, Shelley has always vibed intensely Aqua to me, but he was a Leo. Yet he too was a vegetarian, and atheist way before it was even socially acceptable, forget fashionable! And he had radical ideas about politics and love, eloping with his second wife Mary, the daughter of feminist and socialist parents. Plus his poetry is visionary & epic. Must have had some Aqua somewhere!
    Yes, Byron was completely bats – I was not surprised to discover he was Aquarian, although the other thing that must be mentioned about him was his extreme ego.
    Keats as a Scorpio I think has always fitted beautifully – the doctor turning his (Plutonic) healing hands to poetry, and practically invented the femme fatale which would haunt the Victorian imagination in La Belle Dame Sans Merci (which to my mind is the Scorpionic ‘type’, a somewhat misogynistic stereotype, though Keats’ own feelings towards women were a lot more nuanced).

  18. Might be a fetish of mine that I like bisexual men, so read that and immediately was intrigued (if the Aqua hadn’t already snagged me). Say no to the pet bear but what was there to do in those days?

    He looks very handsome in that portrait.

  19. Yes, Lord or Lorry-driving gangster, he has the charm to disarm trifecta: Originality, Physicality and Noncommittal in love/lust.

    Do all Aquas have the pure revolutionary streak? Obviously he had it like a rash.

    WARNING SLightly morbid thought: I have wondered how many Aquarian-types were tortured/killed in the Burning times. And wonder how few are in the upper eschalons of religiosity now. In the 90’s I was involved in a “bums of the church” group of disenchanted christians seeking social justice in action with the support of the churches. It was freaking hard work, and I don’t think we changed anything, but it felt very Aquarian, especially for the fact that the lines were blurred between who was madder ; the ring-ins from the local post-psych hostels or the ringleaders of the motley group.

    IMHO Bad boys and bad girls don’t mean to be heartbreakers, they just don’t mean to mean much to the ones they swoon and love and leave. Their imprint is a strange irony.

    1. yes I love it too – the last para – it’s only when the potential brokenhearts aren’t aware it doesn’t mean as much to the heartbreaker as they want it to that the trouble begins and that doesn’t mean the heart breaker isn’t in it 100% at the time, it’s just that for them forever is a very VERY long time ; o)

  20. Pisces with Sagg Rising

    Didn’t know he was an aquarius.

    Even by today’s standards and current scandals around, his behaviour is still pretty out there. Charlie Sheen seems tame in comparison!! He set the celebrity scandal bar pretty high – he allegedly had a child with his half-sister.

    Also interesting to note that his daughter, Ada, wrote the first computer program because she was working with Charles Babbage. She got her maths ability from her mother and creativity from her father.

    What would have the 20th/21st century been like without Lord Byron and Ada.

  21. they look nothing like one another, I think its just that air of “mad, bad and dangerous” – plus I think they also both had holiday houses/lived on the Italian lakes…. not sure about that one….

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