Aquarius & Meta-Complexity – The Extended Mixes

Yes, it’s the Sun in Aquarius! And the rest of it – Mercury, Hekate, Jupiter, and Saturn. I’d say ‘happy Aquarius season’ but it’s more like a galaxy. Straight after Saturn scoots out of Aquarius, in 2023, Pluto arrives in Aquarius for a 21 year hang out. To be clear, we will have just 16 non-Aquarius-influenced days in April 2023. I’m delighted – the Earth sign emphasis was too much and, at the moment even the ultra-Earth energy of Taurus is zapped up by Uranus.

Air signs, Taureans, Uranians, and anyone who responds to this particular frequency are already tapping into the info-flow, scarcely able to believe how swiftly they’ve altered their socio-cultural reference points. If you’re struggling with finding or recognizing a big path or direction, forget about it. Glide toward the new music or living style you’re suddenly drawn to – that’s the portal. Birds don’t fly by a map in their mind, they feel the winds and magnetism in their being.

And, speaking of galaxies, astrophysicists just discovered two gigantic new ones – previously hidden but here they are:

“We found these giant radio galaxies in a region of the sky which is only about four times the area of the full Moon,” said Dr. Jacinta Delhaize, a Research Fellow at the University of Cape Town and lead author of the work.

That’s about 1º. The probability of finding two giant radio galaxies (GRGs) in such a small area is rated at less than 0.0003 percent. “This means that giant radio galaxies are probably far more common than we thought,” said Delhaize. 

Radio galaxies are a known phenom – they’re huge, hundreds of thousands of years old, and apparently able to reincarnate. They also beam out super-charged plasma rays with no apparent source of energy and may or may not be linked to the chronological law-breaking Time Crystals. But until this new discovery, nobody thought they could be ‘pocket-sized’ lol. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re proven to be everywhere. 

Fittingly, as we zoom into Aquarius, the sign most associated with invention and science, and so forth, we’re on the verge of mind-bending astrophysical discoveries. Magic and metaphysical marvels ‘proven’ by 330 million telescopes. There has never been a more exciting time in space exploration and, while airplane flights are vastly diminished, the skies are stunning for stargazing. Or rather, they were: if you’ve been puzzled by night sky objects lately, satellites are now cheap (by one-percenter standards) and super-unregulated.

The term “Orwellian” was bandied about a bit in 2020, vis a vis lock-downs and the prospect of compulsory medication but I think the new Aquarius era is going be more Dickian – as in Philip K Dick (the “K” stands for Kindred, btw), the author of Blade Runner and a host of other books. It’s not just his surreal, genius plotlines or the absurdity of his on-the-make characters hustling through garish, crazed cities that are always teetering on the brink of something crazy but nobody is allowed to talk about it. Or they’re allowed to mention the genetically engineered television stars, alien transmissions, or advertising across the face of the Moon but they’re on a deadline.

Consciousness-raising trips and supernatural shamanic experiences occur on gritty streets where, in your peripheral vision, the neon signs flicker into Sanskrit symbols. Okay fine, I added the last bit on but neon gas IS plasma, the same substance those super-gigantic but weirdly small galaxies are transmitting.

Anyway, Philip K Dick IS this astrology: He’s was a Sagittarius with Uranus Rising and the Moon/Venus in Aquarius square Jupiter in Taurus.  The Mars-Uranus conjunction and square to the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn are at the same degrees.

How to tell if you’re on this wavelength already? Well, you would have spent the months leading up to around about now in a state of barely controlled existential crisis, complete with physical manifestations of a metaphysical malaise. The cause? Out-dated everything – from cyber-security to public health policies to environment and god, name your toxin – as well as extreme ennui with normality-orbiting friends or family.

The new rhythm feels selfish at first because, if you’re tuned into it, you’re no longer feeling obliged to ‘convert’ people or act ‘normal.’ You’d be devising a fresh formula for everything, one that would immunize you from the contagion of creeping conformity.

So, thoughts? And Aquarians, how are you?

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  1. Wow as usual you’re SO on point. Im an Aquarius, Taurus rising. This metaphysical malaise you speak of? Found out I have severe metal poisoning (public health, environment!) Now Im going through the super rough chelation process & yeah almost feels a new me will emerge once all the toxins are gone… would love anyones take on this bizarre timing for my situation. Literally started treatment on the great conjuction.

  2. Read some Dick and am reading a very similar writer Murakami rn whose magical detective unconscious tripping novels I devour.

    Love this new vibe for sure. Got my experimental electronic playlist cued up, keeping faithful dream accounts since 2015, had the worst 2020, but am feeling the relief/ the winds of change brightening up the scene and have started writing a fanfic involving a neon lit tunnel, a futuristic cyber sleeping beauty so I’m there and this is nice astro weather!!!

    (Aquarius rising/Sagittarius Sun).

  3. What are the new logos? How do you know when a new post is up, seems to miss so many. Once there was an email or it was mentioned in daily Mystic. Will try logging in then out to see if i get the new avatar 🙂

  4. ‘Outdated’ that’s the major word i’m feeling that EVERYTHING is. Time feels speeded up like it’s Monday again faster than quick.
    Why do we even HAVE an Australia Day if it causes so much grief & controversy.

    1. It has taken me until now to figure out what all those super fast scrolling numbers were. ‘Through the Wormhole’ explained it, also showed just how possible it was that we are in a simulation by how the brain works.
      IS ANYTHING REAL? And what is ‘real’ even mean?

      1. It’s so good to ask the important questions again and then reevaluate your assumptions periodically. I find myself getting interested in things I had zero interest in when first exposed to them. The matrix for instance. It’s silly, a film whatever but I just hand waved it away when it came out. I so enjoyed it this time and I’m sure I will watch it again. What even is real?
        Depends what you mean by real.
        It’ feels more relevant than ever now. And I enjoyed the silly pvc outfits and brick phones with aerial they would whip out as if it was the cutting edge of cool. The desktop computers are HILARIOUS in the film too. Like the square whiskey tumblers in Bladerunner. Bladerunner got so much more right, stylistically than other films set in the future. It’s funny how we’re in “the future” now watching movies made about this time.

  5. So this gnostic philosopher called Victor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez claimed that the Age of Aquarius began on February 4, 1962 coz of the crazy planetary line up in Aquarius.This is v much a point of contention among astrologers whose opinions on this vary greatly. Anyway, i ran with it because it’s so close to our time, and worked out that if you were born on that date between the hours of 7.03 & 8.11 a.m.(GMT) you would have Sun, Moon, Asc, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, & SN/NN* in Aquarius. Fuq me that’s nuts.

    Plus if born at 8.11 am, Uranus (chart ruler) would be opposite ON the DC in Leo (in mutual reception) conjunct exact Regulus for extra dramatic oomph. 

    And that’s what i call a Uraniac. 

    *(depending what hemisphere you were born in)

    1. WOW! It’s a trip to contemplate that someone, somewhere actually has that natal chart! Would be interesting to know what their life has been like… I have Aqua Sun and Mercury and feel mildly Uranian, and feel honored to carry some of the Aqua energy into the Age of Aquarius. I was even born the year the song of the same name was written/recorded – 1968. But…I can’t even imagine having that stellium!

    2. Wish Upon a Star

      My estranged older brother was born 12 Feb 62.

      He has sun, Merc, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and north node in Aquarius.

      His natal chart looks amazing.

      I don’t know his rising sign.

      When he once commented that he doesn’t care much for people, he made me angry. Now I understand him a bit more.

      He used to go on about astro traveling and didn’t like sleeping with mirrors in the room. And he was always into a new way of eating.

      After experiencing Saturn and Pluto in 11th house I have sympathy for him now. Sometimes his dress sense was eccentric and individual. I feel that this side of him was suppressed. We lived in Melbourne for God’s sake. Poor bro.

      We both have a Taurus Moon. I think this kept him somehow anchored ?

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        There are alot of red lines on that chart with a nice little blue trine.

        So my brother was a very fixed person. A bit trying for me as I am mutable.

        But we did get on like two old souls.
        His Aquarius and my Pisces had a outer planet connection.

        Talking about him makes me sad as it was trauma that tore our family apart.

        But it was nice to connect with the good times. Thanks for reminding me Skarab. It warmed my heart.

        1. xx.That is quite the stellium your brother has! And i get how trying their fixedness can be. I have 2 very close multi Aqua people in my life & they are both exceptional beings. When i’m with them it’s like being in a different frequency – their minds are amazing, & their fixedness of purpose to achieve their goals is beyond. But the only thing that i never understood & tears me apart to watch is this stubbornness – i mean to the point of self harm. Will. not. take. advice. to save themselves. Literally. It’s their way or the highway. Even if it means ruination. It actually took astrology to make me realise that that is the way they are wired & to not take it personally, though it’s still hard.

          1. Mum the Aquarian sun said we were all very different and individual in our own way.

            Individual eccentricity was encouraged. Secretly mum was training us to be non conformist. An Aquarian to the core.

            This may have suited me and my brother. But I do wonder how my Virgo brother and sister (twins) saw it. I think they just ignored it.

            But yes my Aquarian brother was very dogmatic. We had bad fights.

      2. “He doesn’t care much for people.” You know this is the bit that concerns me regarding all the Aquarian times a coming. Aqua man has a very open regard for humans as a whole but is not that concerned about them. I’m wondering about the loss of the individual, the rise of the robot. That dystopian movie with everyone in uniform and fed the same and plugged into their work station and monitored. Uuurrgghh shivers.

        1. I think it had more to do with the trauma he suffered.

          He did care greatly for individuals.

          I think every trauma survivor goes thru that stage. I am going through it now. And strangely I have made friends with my neighbours. My heart is opening again. The suspicion is disappearing and the compassion is returning.

          It does make life simpler and easier.
          Otherwise it’s a heavy, grumpy load.

        2. Well let’s just hope the fabled haute Aqua humanitarian vibe kicks in to help us put the brakes on the electronic monster we’re so hellbent on feeding – pronto! The Aquas i know are like your Aqua as far as human regard goes. But seem to think that it’ll be alright in the end & that good shall prevail over evil …. Pollyanna all the way… infuriating, lol.

        3. I’m so with you on this, emg. what scares me the most is the potential loss/decline of physical contact. aquarius doesn’t really need a body, it’s more of a consequence 😀 or a price to pay for hosting a mind. often aquas don’t derive pleasure from food, or tend to back up their diet using a concept, be it veganism or just losing weight. I know quite a few anorexic women and men with strong aqua values. ideally they would live on spirulin, astronaut food or just candy/desserts (I found many are partial to sugar = big rush to the head, easy to digest, so they don’t feel drowsy, mainly feeds the mind, which they’re keen on). they don’t care much for touching or embracing either. so my take is that at least until jupiter is in aqua this year we will have to go for that and need to keep apart from each other. hopefully when jupiter enters pisces and aspects uranus in taurus we will be allowed to get closer to each other. the robot/virtual reality scenario to me is more likely to happen when pluto arrives into aquarius and uranus enters gemini = all air. sorry for the book 😀

          1. Oh no, write away. You are speaking my truth there. My aqua lives on carbs. Never gains weight. Yes thoughts and concepts thoughts and concepts.

            1. yes, either they never put on weight or are soft & round and just don’t give a flying fuq :D. thank you emg. my best, lifelong friends are all aquarians, so even they’re sooooo different from me I understand how their minds operate.

          2. Isa, you just summed up everything about my physical self that I couldn’t figure out but now I get it! I have Aqua on my 6th house. Bloody nuisance having a body. I derive zero pleasure from anything but sugar, making eating healthy a dreary chore. Exercise takes valuable time I could be doing mental things. And I am extremely uncomfortable with physical touching except in my innermost circle and even then don’t even hug family and friends much. I never understood this as I have a stellium in my Pisces 7th house. But I suffocate in romantic relationships. Happy to fantasize endlessly about romance but rarely find the intimate aspect of actual relationships lives up to the hype. Aqua 6th house finally demystified! Thank you! This will help immensely with my health goals this year. And affirms my intentional spinsterhood unless/until I meet a compatible Leo or Capricorn, the only signs that have been worth my attention thus far. 😄

            1. you’re welcome kriblack, so happy it helped you 🙂 ! me, I don’t understand my 10th and 11th at all 😀 ! as for the body as a nuisance, when I had both uranus and neptune in aquarius trine my sun (libra) I got this sort of aquarization and went through this “why do I have to spend valueable time sleeping, eating, washing myself?” phase. and that made me understand better my aqua friends. my 7th is in aqua and the 8th is in aqua + pisces, so yes, the fantasy is always gonna be more satisfying than reality (and always available). at least I’m aware of it 😀 . my astrology teacher warned me about a 7th in aquarius potentially bringing in not many relationships, and I’ve come to accept it, even if my 5th in scorpio hates it because it loves the thrill of being in love and lusting for someone and my hormones hated it (I wanted to have children with a steady partner). in bjork’s words, now I really am “Isobel, married to myself”. when the song came out I thought it was a bit too extreme as a concept, but not anymore. with hindsight this state of affairs allowed me so much freedom. hope you enjoy it too, and I wish you can find your soul mate <3 as soon as possible. me, I’ve lost hope for now, especially with the corona shitfest going on :((((. ps: a 7th in pisces needs a lot of space to roam about <3

    3. Cool. Doesn’t Astrodienst have a little “birthdays today” table on their home page..? Am going to scoot on over on February 04 to see if there is anybody on there turning 59 this year! Also going to YouTube the song “Age of Aquarius//Let the Sunshine in” – makes me cry happy tears, lol.

  6. Wish Upon a Star

    Is loving short hair an Aquarius thing.

    After chemotherapy my hair is growing back.

    My hair used to be shoulder length and curly. I live in a hot, humid climate and had a hot head.

    I love the freedom of short hair. My Pisces Rising loves water flowing on my crown every day.

    It is so low maintenance. It feels good. I hate hair on my face.

    It was cathartic to lose all those Saturn in Capricorn vibes held in my old hair.

      1. I know hey!

        It’s funny. I have always kept my finger and toenails short. It feels uncomfortable otherwise.

        And when I lost my hair I didn’t care because after all hair is just dead cells right? Right now I don’t like the idea of dead hair hanging lankly.

        It feels old and not fresh. Is this Aquarian wackiness?

        I spotted a happy toddler in a cafe the other day. We had the same haircut. She a relative new born and me born again. LOL. 🐣

        EMG I cannot imagine you hiding from anything.


        1. Oh it took me a long while to watch and learn enough to finally yell woah hold up guys ! And time to know myself and yell hey hang on girl this is you stop trying to be what you’re definitely not. So having had a saturn return, faced an utter abyss and come out of it alright, I now reckon I’m not hiding again.

  7. Heya!!☺ Loving all these Air Bender comments . . And really feel for those still feeling Pluto in Cappie, too – he is still churning up last degrees of my natal 8th!!
    Have found myself focusing on chi/qi of self and house, more by accident than anything. (I guess air is a type of Qi, isn’t it??) Re-focusing on natal mountain 8 and water 8 stars in home has been really something (still a work in progress, but really promising); and releasing stuck qi (literally from the Earth era travails) via acupressure on body points where I have received much acupuncture over the years has been… miraculous (while searching for a good local acupuncturist/healer.) I love Mystic’s comment about not searching for a life direction, but just listening for the music/feeling the rhythm. Super relevant for me, going to keep looking at the qi, maybe even study herbalism. Thanks for the community everyone .🌞

  8. Oooh well with Sun, Mercury & Venus in Aquarius and moon in Taurus you’d reckon I’d be charging- but everything is (for me at least) totally ‘up in the air!’ My job is disappearing as new recruits take hold, our rental is about to be knocked down and am single! Oddly- I feel great! Ha- new normal- adversity w a smile?

  9. To a TEE. Many have long not “gotten” me. I especially appreciate this call:”The new rhythm feels selfish at first because, if you’re tuned into it, you’re no longer feeling obliged to ‘convert’ people or act ‘normal.’ You’d be devising a fresh formula for everything, one that would immunize you from the contagion of creeping conformity.”

    Interesting term, CONTAGION as evidence mounts that those living close to the Earth in loving community rarely get COVID.

    1. That’s so interesting and makes perfect sense that people living close with the Earth and in real, loving community rarely get covid. Alignment with Nature! Thank you for sharing this! I’ve recently moved and am now in close relationship with Nature, both the sea and the forest, as well as I volunteer at a community farm and it has been really soothing during this time. The world of humans has gone a little crazy right now so it’s nice to commune with Nature, which has remained more ‘normal’. A reminder we are Earth beings, too. Very grounding and re-orienting. I am grateful for my luck in being able to live somewhere where there is more Nature and less people right now.

  10. Mercury 0 degrees Aqua, Chiron 0 Aries, sun21 Aqua and Virgo rising. I am exhausted as every appliance electrical thing I have owned has blown this last year. I have spent the last year living without and planning how to integrate all the new appropriate appliances into kitchens, bathrooms workspaces that are appropriate for people with physical barriers. Combining architecture and Occupational Therapy principles into everything. Figured that need to make my home not only environmentally sound, slave labor free, but also inclusive on all levels. It is coming together and feels profoundly right the future is for all

  11. Wish Upon a Star

    I can feel my Gemini Sun breeze drifting in. I am only 14% air. So it is very welcome.

    The main thing I am feeling though is big healing and lightning insights. Amid all the past heaviness it is heaven.

    I am grateful.


    1. The Aquarius Sun is passing Saturn – it’s agitating AND melancholy…I’m Aquarius Rising and not loving it either – 13 more hours to go…Keep any practical insights but don’t get stuck!

      1. So I’m a bit late to the discussion but I’m an Aqua rising & Aqua Mars and I was Not ok back in late Jan either!! Jan 24 I came down with a ear infection… I haven’t had one fo them for over 20 years!! And I was super stressed about a new business venture with negotiations, things not quite as they seemed and the ongoing pressure to conform to the new workplace. But the ear infection broke all the proverbial chatter going on in my head – it was soooo nice! For a week I literally was so sick I had no thoughts, no one else’s intruding upon my own!! And I came out of it with clarity about what was important to reach my goal, and a cooler head to express it calmly. It was a crazy ride and still is almost 5 months later 😂

  12. I have MC, Mars & North Node in Aquarius – straddling the 9th and 10th house. I checked out my transit chart on Astro and it looked like a platoon of planets heading straight into the Aquarian part of my chart. And Uranus is in my 12th house. I pretty much have zero interest in socialising unless for a specific purpose. I’ve started studying a postgraduate course. I’ve never been “normal” (whatever the friggin hell that is). I’ve always had my own thoughts and ideas. I’m allergic to following the crowd. I think in the next 5 years I’ll come into my own. I’ve never quite known who I am or what my purpose is. I think this will be revealed. I’m in a secure position which suits my cancer sun and venus. Now it’s my time to self actualise.

  13. As per Flowerchild below, I guess I’ve done this before…have to astrodienst exactly when was the last time…I too am scared about the Pluto transit and like Unicorn Sparkles I’ve checked out; everything is stale, etc. Trying to motivate myself is really hard. Before the New Moon, it seemed definitely like I’d been in hibernation probably since Oct.?, Since the New Moon, I feel like I crawl out from under the water once a week now to EXHALE a bunch of energy towards goals….it’s not forced per se, but it’s not an enthusiastic gush either…like, there’s nothing MARS about it…all this aqua is going down in my 5th house and will be trining some stuff in my 1H…maybe that will feel like a salve after the tour through Cap squared everything? Saturn’s trined my Pluto Rising and Asc. I can’t say that I’ve noticed. What was supposed to happen anyways? How would you know if your first house is being loved up by Saturn? I love how I had to take all the shit that went with Saturn squaring my first house, but now that I might get some freaking GOOD vibes, there’s no way I’d ever freaking know about them. Fabulous. Pfft.

    1. Wow. The last time Saturn crossed my sun was the summer that my parents disintegrated into a dramalama and our family home was almost foreclosed on and my mom tried to kill herself. So this should be fun. <eyeroll>

      1. can confirm. just had saturn AND jupiter trine my sun and I’ve been plunged into miserableness with no logical reason at all. all the rest of the sky is in my favour, so doh :(.

  14. maelys de Rudder

    I am excited and on the starting block…Uranus conjunct midheaven, sextile rising. Rising sag. Jupiter in 1 in aquarius…Thanks for this! x

  15. Hi! Hope you’ve all been well! Aqua Sun, here, at 11 degrees. My birthday is in 10 days! I haven’t posted in a long time because I’ve been resting and adjusting to my new life in my new town. It has been great so far! Lots more Nature and way less people, just what I needed! I’m a little concerned about the Saturn transit Sun coming up for me, but I guess I’ve done this before, when I was 23…it was a rough Spring that year, graduating uni and was on a 3 month backpacking in the Sierra, classes taught in the field. I was physically overwhelmed by it, but got through it and it was an amazing experience. What I’m even more concerned about is Pluto transiting Sun coming up in 2023, as you say. I’ll be 55 that year and although my health is great now, who knows… Also, my Sun is in the 8th house, so it will be Pluto transit natal Sun in the 8th… Any advance advice..? Anyone who’s already experienced Pluto transiting their Sun? Any Capricorns want to weigh in on this? Thanks…I’m feeling legitimately fearful, full honesty!

    1. Hi flowerchild, I can understand your apprehension about Pluto transiting your Sun. I went through it in the years 2002, 2003, 2004. I went through a real metamorphosis in those years. There were some losses involved, and I won’t deny that a lot of tears, fears and also some darker feelings like resentment came up.They brought me in touch with earlier losses which I had experienced as a child, and which I had not properly worked through. Looking back upon it, it was just a very intense time, in a deep way.
      All through those years I was lucky enough to be a part of a support group, which was an enormous help. Also, two astrologers helped me have faith in the process. One said to me that Plutonic transits are usually slow processes, not as sudden and disruptive as Uranian transits. The other one was the famous astrologer Liz Green who said in one of her books that she ‘has great faith in Sun-Pluto transits and that one has the possibility to come out of them as a real individual’.

      1. I feel I have to add that I have Sun square Pluto (and Uranus) natally. So maybe the transit of Pluto conjunct my Sun was extra intense for me as it triggered those natal squares.And possibly a Pluto transit could be less intense for others. Anyway, I would be really interested in hearing about others’ experience with transits of Pluto over their Suns

      2. Thank you so much for your insights, Calcifer! Really appreciate it. I hope when the time comes I can find some support, too, a group, an astrologer, a therapist. I’m a very solitary person already, usually verging on isolation (even before covid), but I do long for community, too. I have Pluto transiting my 7th house right now and experienced a lot of loss in the past couple years, but my life has transformed into something completely different during this time, too, and for the better. I remember that Pluto and the 8th house (where my Sun is) is about transformation, and regeneration, death and rebirth. Pluto transiting the 8th will be a double whammy! Inside myself I guess I’m like a child who fears the death part and looks forward to the rebirth. I want to transform the fear. Fear of change, I suppose. I think most people have some level of fear of change.

        1. Hey flower child! Glad to hear your latest move is suiting you! Do I remember correctly that you have Pluto Rising also? I seem to remember our astro being eerily similar..

          1. Hi SheRat, hope you’ve been well! I don’t have Pluto rising natally, I have it in the 4th house in Virgo, angular, just a few degrees inside my IC. It’s also opposed Mars in Pisces, exact conjunct my Midheaven, so it’s pretty active, I suppose. It’s not really in aspect to my Sun, though. Oddly, it’s also ‘quintile’ to my Crab ascendant.

            1. Oh well, my memory is schizz these days and not in a good way. It’s cold and boring and it sucks being in a glamorous place / not-my-native-country and unable to really enjoy it. But I have a wonderful kitten (he’s a cat now, really) to keep me company. Thinking about buying a wet suit and doing the backstroke down the River Clyde. LOL.

              1. Oh, that’s awesome you have a kitty! I love cats and want to get one soon! I noticed in the ephemeris that Ubasti is in Aquarius right now! Cat companionship is awesome. I still miss my cat so much from years ago.. Funny, I have been taking dips in the ocean here and may get a wetsuit too, because the water is very cold, about 50F in the winter, which is very cold for water. It’s certainly invigorating, though! I recommend the cold water therapy if you can do it! Maybe try it there..?

        2. Hi again flowerchild, yes it is good to be part of a community especially when there are weekly meetings which you can count on. I think there are many online support groups these days, they may be worth a try – though I personally have no experience with the online variety. Something else. You wrote that you have the Sun in the 8th and Pluto angular at the IC natally, so I it could be that you are well equipped to deal with a Sun-Pluto transit as Pluto and the Plutonian are no strangers to you. For me this was true during my Pluto transit. The experiences were intense but at the same time familiar, probably because I have a Sun-Pluto square natally. You also wrote that you tend to lead a solitary life. Astrologer Donna Cunningham wrote in her book ‘Pluto Problems’ that some Plutonian persons who normally prefer solitude, will actually become more gregarious during an important Pluto transit. So that is also possible 🙂
          Take care for now and trust that you can never lose what truly belongs to you, flowerchild

          1. Thank you so much, Calcifer! Your words are very reassuring to me. I hadn’t thought of that, that Plutonian energy is already familiar to me and a part of my life experience due to my natal placements. Like, I’ve already ‘practiced’ it, even though I was unaware. I’ve always had a hard time expressing my personal power — I have low confidence — so maybe I’ll finally come into that with the upcoming transit. I’m not so introverted, naturally. I’d say I’m the exact definition of ambivert, 50/50 introvert and extrovert.
            Interesting, because I just moved to a town where one of my close old friends lives. I realize she is quite Plutonian, with her natal Sun conjunct Pluto in Libra, and with Moon, Venus, Uranus and NN in Scorpio! She is very introverted, but has a lot of personal power, though I don’t know that she is that aware of it either, as her confidence level isn’t that high. It’s evident in the work she does, though and in all the artistic things she creates. Maybe I can learn a lot from her while we’re living close by again!

  16. It’s all going on in my sixth house, which tbh I’ve never taken much notice of or understood properly. Better change that, ha!
    Also, nodal return happening now. So it feels like a big moment, if only I knew what to do with it.

  17. I’m not on the wavelength. Or maybe I am but I am resisting it, as the nodes are currently opposite my natal north node in Sag.

    The past two weeks have felt like a slump and I am super Plutonian. Lots of internet stalking and fighting the impulse to contact my toxic ex’s newest “mark” to tell her how often he was lying to her. Also lots of unrest with my current career choice – a position I accepted because I felt stuck after 6 months of unemployment and wanted to return to the city my ex lived in. Now that romantic situation is fully over and I want to move on. Do more. Move around, do a little dance. Be free.

    Maybe I am feeling it…

  18. This might be why i feel so much lighter of body & spirit than since i care to remember. Yet the uncertainty of the future re home and work is still there (this astro show is going down on my Aqua IC). Recently, such a profound jolt of realisation hit me about the limitations and restrictions i have placed on myself that I literally felt a very heavy load lift – WHOOSH – just like that. It was visceral. 
    As an aside, and in the spirit of this new Air era, our new street address is Spanish for Zephyr …. i’m picking up good vibrations for my airy Libra Asc/NN, and it’s giving me excitations….

    1. Oooh, yes! I had a similar realization about self imposed restrictions. Totally get it. Let’s continue to check in with our fourth house insights 😉

      1. Deal! Right now doing Saturn opp natal Moon, too. It’s everything you’d expect. Emo yoyo-ing & facing birth family issues big time. But this time around, after years at the Pluto & Saturn Academy (both been opp my Sun for freaking yrs), instead of doing the Crab Side Scuttle, and the Libra (Asc) Lightfoot, i’m doing the Vader March. It’s working. Plus it’s the only move my ultra plutonic father acknowledges. Hope all’s well with you, Electro xx

        1. 😀 love the way you put it, skarab! libra sun, cancer rising here => a pro at the crab side scuttle, much less in libra lightfoot (moon conjunct pluto helps in getting yourself together eventually and facing the fear/fight after said crab side scuttle). best wishes x

  19. All this is super fascinating, hearing all the Aqua news. Aqua sun, asc, Mercury and Mars and I can report that I feel the least self conscious I’ve ever felt in my 41 years. I like how I look, how I talk, how I dress, how I react (finally) and how I think. It’s not more confident as such, just more comfortable and self acceptance. It’s a very nice feeling. I feel less
    like taking other peoples’ behaviour personally and instead just actually eliminating them from my psyche if they don’t do the right thing, when I would normally assume I’d acted bizarrely. I’m waiting for the rest of the downloads to hit, it has been pleasant and not frantic at all. 10/10 would recommend

  20. I’m this very watery creature with air being my most rare element. I’m not sleeping, I’m not resting, I’m in this existential crisis, feeling selfish and not giving a sh** all at once. I was putting it down to early onset dementia but now you’ve just listed the symptoms it’s the new Air eon !
    Aqua man is his laid back self. He never gives a sh** anyhow.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Me too for the 11th house.

        I have no idea what it means for the 12th house.

        Should I find a mountain and a meditation stool ? 🙃

        1. It’s a hold space deal with the 12th house. A bit of a crunch time. I wait to see. I just have a feeling 21 is not going to be any better than 20 but saying that 20 for me was very healing indeed. So maybe twelfth house will make me stop and alter things finally to suit me. So I await . I do hope your 11th house party was fun and 12 brings results.

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            I thought you were being sarcastic about the 11th house. It was no party. Once I moved from abusive neighbour I went into hermit mode.

            I’ve always been a fish out of water in Qld Australia. And regional Qld doesn’t suit me.

            Anyway hermit mode helped me find my inner strength again and brought alot of healing.

            Interesting what you say about 12th house altering things to suit you.
            In fact it is a key turning moment for me.

            And isn’t that serendipitous.

            Last night I dreamt that I lost my key to my school locker. But I wasn’t that worried because I had a feeling I would find it. And it seems I have.

            Cheers to us finally altering thi g’s to suit us. See you in the 12th house.


    1. Wish Upon a Star

      I’m glad you are feeling selfish.

      I wasn’t sleeping so I had a massage and realised that my body was holding shock from a bad fall I had when I tripped over wrapping paper and landed on my knee. Xmas Eve.

      It was actually a warning and wakeup call.

      How can you treat or nurture yourself to help you sleep.

      1. Was it a super large box of wrapping paper from Amazon in a huge box? Or was it wafer thin but you are ultra sensitive to surface deviations ?

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          The latter.

          My toenail was a bit long and it caught a small roll of wrapping.

          The thud was enormous though.

  21. I think Birds don’t fly by a map in their mind, they feel the winds and magnetism in their being is the new way of living I am being drawn to, less planning, mapping and leaning forward and more inner guidance.

    1. No sorry, although Den Haas has very Aquarian music imo. The ‘extended’ refers more to the looonnnnng Aquarius set! That’s the beat you can hear starting up now!

  22. All that Aquarian purple on the ladies at the inauguration in the states today. Not sure if the trend forecasters called it before today but it’s a vibe now for sure.

    1. Love this observation! And it’s been such a long time since purple was in the spotlights, I do think it is really significant

    2. Yes it was everywhere. It was purple with a purpose, symbolising the unity of the country:
      red (Democrats) + blue (Republicans) = purple

        1. Aaaargh! yes of course, sorry. i always get confused with the U.S. coz in most countries the left is red & the right/conservative parties are blue.

    3. Also read that it was a nod towards the empowerment of black U.S. women too, as purple is a colour of significance in the black community, plus suffragettes used to often wear it.
      So it seems that it had quite a loaded meaning, esp to Kamala Harris.

  23. This 5 x Aquarian? Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn in Aquarius, is a bit numb. Just going with the flow, but with some big plans and dreams quietly under the wing!

  24. I’m a sun, Mars Aquarian. I mean, things are always kinda weird for us, but we’ve deeply entered the weird lately, just saying’. Weird is the new normal. I passed a sign that I thought said “tachyon accounting” the other day (it actually said taxation) but it made so much sense at the time, I was like *shrugs*.

  25. Gliding gracefully towards the new music and living style 🙂
    Subtle changes with the Covid quietening, I can hear and feel the bird population around my space. It’s magical. Slow start to the year re my creative work but trusting new directions will be revealed.

  26. for about 8 months i haven’t felt like advancing in my “prestigious” career path, the company politics are too machiavellian for me to be interesting any longer – they are so predictable at this point that it’s a yawn fest. for 5+ years i’ve been working with eyes set on the highest rung, but now… zero desire for it any more. mind you, i have no idea where to focus my usually stubborn energy on instead. lockdown after lockdown does not bother me at all, it’s like someone has muted all the noise and all i can hear is silence, in the best way possible. i feel like i “should” be more upset over the loss of what was my compass (career advancement) but oddly, it just feels like like taking a hot long bath: relaxing, rejuvenating. i am not bothered by not knowing what’s next. i am aware that any situation that comes up will be handled fine by me.
    anyone else in this weird languid limbo???

    1. Is the area still of interest, but just not where you are now? Or have you lost interest in the area altogether and want a pivot, if not something completely different?

      1. it’s kind of a holding pattern i am in right now – i think a pivot is in order, but truthfully, i don’t know where to…

  27. Thank you for another wonderful post Mystic. There does seem to be a very different energy in the air now that the planets are entering Aquarius one by one. Am not an Aqua myself but do have Mars in Aquarius, and Sun square Uranus, so there is Uranian affinity. I have loved Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner ever since I first saw it as a young teenager (Scott has Mars in Aqua square Uranus in Taurus by the way). Strangely enough I have been really drawn to listening to ABBA for the past few days, which I haven’t done since I was a child. Not very avant-garde or hip. Maybe it is the airy quality of their vibe (all of the 4 members had a strong Libra influence in their charts) which resonates well with the new Air Era 🌈🪐🌟

    1. Was just thinking that director Ridley Scott’s Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus made him perfect for making a film about Philip K. Dick’s human replicants…

  28. Busy being poised to be gracious about people I’m ousting, these days..and yes, there’s a complete lack of need to convert them in any way, as I glide onwards & away. Any fog, is still lifting. New paradigm emerging, and just giving zero fuqs about much else other than what is essential to my well-being & future…
    Viva Aquarius vibes…X

    1. Aqua Sun/Taurus Rising…and it really IS like a *clean slate* reality atm. Loving it. With everyone I’ve ever known in my life it’s a bit like “have we met before?”…maybe it’s best we start again?

  29. Came up with a business idea featuring AI, discussed it with two friends (11th house, which is Aquarius ruled IS, afterall, the house of friends) at work. My Aqua sun seems to be in alignment.

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