Venus Squares To The Outer Planets

When you’re born with Venus in a square alignment to one of the Outer Planets, you have a unique romantic sensibility. Your relationship ideals and passions tap into something beyond the conventional love paradigm. You can see these Venusian personae in art and literature – here, for example are three novelists whose Venus-Outer Planet squares are SO on show.

Venus Square Neptune

The Portuguese call it Saudade: a longing for something so indefinite as to be indefinable. Love affairs, miseries of life, the way things were, people already dead, those who left and the ocean that tossed them on the shores of a different land — all things born of the soul that can only be felt.”

– Anthony De Sa –  Barnacle Love

Venus Square Pluto

“Some of us love badly. Sometimes the love is the type of love that implodes. Folds in on itself. Eats its insides. Turns wine to poison. Behaves poorly in restaurants. Drinks. Kisses other people. Comes back to your bed at four a.m. smelling like everything outside. Asks about your ex. Is jealous of your ex. Thinks everyone a rival. Some of us love others badly, love ourselves worse.”

Yrsa Daley-Ward  – When It Is But It Ain’t

Venus Square Uranus

“I’ve never been in love. I’ve dreamt of it day and night, but my heart is like a fine piano no one can play because the key is lost…

“My holy of holies is the human body, health, intelligence, talent, inspiration, love, and absolute freedom–freedom from violence and falsehood, no matter how the last two manifest themselves.”

Anton Chekov – The Three Sisters

Image: Karel Thole

38 thoughts on “Venus Squares To The Outer Planets”

  1. Hahahahaha. That’s nothing. Ive got Venus in gemini 3rdbut close to IC Squaring Pluto Uranus Conjunction DC and Saturn Chiron Conjunction.ASC I am literally up in gynae stirrups !

  2. My Aries mother was obsessed with the film Much Ado About Nothing with *redhead* Kenneth Branagh. Tuscan vibes, white and loose fitting dresses, tanned, free spirited busty women, hot men in leather/uniform. The whole Benedict Beatrice folly is basically – and in hindsight holy shit – my marriage proforma. And first of many heteronormative instructions / acceptable literature…

    My Aries ‘my way or the highway’ mother and Cancer ‘indulge wife for peace sake’ father, not ideal farmative influences…

    In Much Ado, Benedict contradicts for sport, Beatrice is stubborn AF. Cool.

    I had a crush on John Brooke in Little Women, because I deemed myself “very Meg March” in sensibilities after my first read when I was nine. So, Who doesn’t love a man who travels far to tend to your sick father as a ‘love move’? I vomit now.
    Then when i was old enough/the 90s movie version came out: John was played by a redhead.

    My first Birds and Bees book was an ULTRA Neptunian watercolour experience. Omg and so dated in the ‘we only have intercourse for baby making’ / ‘love making is the only mentionable’ message. The main ‘protagonists’ featured a redheaded man all nurturing and calm…

    Did my Aries mum and her preferences influence my redheaded karmic crushes?
    First kiss: my redhead *cough* best friend.

    I married a redhead. Is actually quite John Brooke: poor tutor, family man. Very Benedict in his Aqua Asc Virgo Sun wit and intellect. And a Cancer moon, loving, tender ‘male’ in this arrangement of marriage.

    *face palms hard*

    1. I love that film. Much ado. It’s really very much like me and the Aqua. Sort of. When ever we are out everyone hears our interactions and winces then laughs and then always without fail asks. “Are you two always like this”. We both stop look at them say YES and carry on. Our interaction is vocal, challenging and honest. It’s a relationship of individuals. And it works.

      1. Bravo! Sound fun and fitting!
        I don’t know any different either.
        I couldn’t be with someone who didn’t have a good brain and didn’t challenge me…
        I love Much Ado also. The whole Italian country side, celebration lusciousness. So merry and jolly, minus Hero’s woes of course.
        Don John, the ‘bastard’.

  3. I’m 8th House Venus in Leo. Venus sq Saturn. I struggle. Mainly with myself, lol. So many love lessons, all the time, ffs.

    I have Venus trine Neptune. I have been known to fall in love with anyone who decides to hone in/attach self to me (low vibe love zombie moi or is it the narcissists I attract and their romantic projections come to ME to DIE ?? Help.).

    I perform Love with muse-esque theatrical/ dramatic prowess and get OMFG creatively high, but enmeshed with DICKHEADS. All the time.

    I think what works is giving this Venus Leo 8th a place (my shed is my happy place/studio, so I can get some ‘vulgar’ *tuts Virgo sun* muse delusions on) and channel V tribe Neptune to perform and deliver some actual fucking productivity.

    My Cap Asc is a bitch.

  4. The Venus sq Pluto quote is NOT about love. Anyone who thinks that’s love needs to take a hermetic break from romance until they learn better.

      1. Oh yeah, Mystic, not calling you out, rather the quoted as she calls it ‘love’ throughout. Just had to put a PSA out because that’s like confusing smoke for fire.

  5. I read that the square is by Sign and by aspect. So I have Venus in Kataka 1* and Pluto i Virgo at 29°. Can it be considered an actual square?
    Anyway, I am going to purchase “bone” on Amazon: I hadn’t heard of Yrsa Daley-Word prior to this post and I sense I am going to like her.

  6. Something has been seeded the past week. My ruler the sun square Neptune, Mars trine Neptune and now this. Holy fuq. I don’t want to jinx it (or maybe I do?). Is he married. Is he a grifter. Is he a liar. Thank goodness I have a Cap moon because this time around I know what to look for and my boundaries are cast iron.

    1. This is interesting! I wonder if you’ve had Venus transit your moon as well, as I did last week? Lots going on for me too. 😊 I checked my love warp reading from Mystic and had a aha moment! Wishing you the best of luck with whatever’s seeded. Could be just the qi boost you need! xo

      1. Yes I have had that! I didn’t even realise that was happening. I have a huge stellium just there in Cap – my moon-Lilith is exact conj at 15 and then there is Eros-Juno at 23 and Vertex at 25. So Venus has been making her way across that little line-up! I also had the full moon this week exact on my NN. Good omens I hope! xx

    2. I forgot to add that I have Venus square Neptune natally and the quote above describes me perfectly.
      This guy is a Toro but he must be either Pisces or Gem rising / other strong influence. I’m guessing Pisces because we are communicating in film synopses. It’s exhilarating and a dose of Neptunian inspo that has reminded me how much this multi-Piscean needs that influence. There are one or two red flags but how great that I am wise to them and for now in these early days I’m just going to enjoy the creativity and high voltage chemistry without getting too invested.

      1. Chrysalis, so happy to read this! It sounds awesome. Neptunian inspo and affirmation for your own fishy waters sounds like just what you need after all the merde this year. Enjoy it! Venus transiting my Cap moon resulted in me reigniting a spark with a Cap sun man from two years ago.. Two years ago we were both freshly separated from long term partners and ultra fragile. Really interesting to meet up again and see how we’ve both evolved. Insane physical chemistry between us still (mars pluto aspect) but right now I’m not so sure what I want to do with this. Btw, my moon is 15 degrees Cap too! I think I’ve got Ceres and Vesta in there too, and maybe Pallas? Best of luck with your Toro. x

        1. Oh that is so interesting, given what the Cap suns have been through the past few years…. perhaps divine timing when you are now both distanced from your past situations?? Keep us posted xxx

          1. Thanks, Chrysalis xo Keep me posted with the Neptunian Toro.
            It does seem like much better timing, meeting up this time around. I’ve been wondering if I’m LZing but I think I’m going in with a realistic and grounded mindset this time. Both of us. We’ve both made it clear that we don’t want a live-in relationship and probably never will and that we don’t want to be like a parent to each other’s kids, and that we won’t even be able to meet too often. Lol – sound romantic? No delusions this time, no expectations. Aah let’s see – early days yet!

            1. Don’t know if you’ll still be checking in here, but – he disappeared! Just disappeared. We had one epic date then plans for a second, but he bailed, and disappeared into the ether. So he obviously met someone who suited him better. Neptune strikes again… Whatever. Yes, disappointed, but my main take-away from it is how much I need masses of creativity in my life. I mean, I always knew it but this is really the time. 5th house Cap moon stellium, Leo rising and past Chiron return…. I better get a move on, right?! xx

              1. Hi Chrysalis, I’m here! Bushfire smoke managing to get in the house despite every window and door being closed is giving me insomnia. This website helps somehow. Ooooh, what, he disappeared?!? Aargh, so Neptunian and so disappointing.🙁 I’m sad for you. But yes, I agree – plunging yourself into creativity definitely looks like the answer. And your astro is certainly supporting it beautifully! I’ve been pleasantly surprised recently to discover how many creative types have Cap moon placements – Gene Kelly and Maurice White from Earth, Wind and Fire who Mystic wrote about recently being a couple of examples. I’m also wanting to bring more creativity into my life. Never too late!!

  7. Venus & Pluto together are trine my natal Pluto, with the Sun squaring natal Pluto, and Saturn in trine to my midheaven. Plus I’m having the distinct honor of Chiron heading back over over my natal Chiron for the THIRD time–yay for retrogrades. There are rebirths and phoenix events and anti-fragile aspects. And, you know, having Pluto on your midheaven is a fabulous experience in humility.

    Right now, love life is juicy. Not at all something I expected to encounter again.

    Also, I never stop considering formative influences. My ghosts walk with me everywhere.

  8. Is this natal or by transit? I thought I was unpacking my Venus sq Saturn karma on this full moon, as Saturn conj Venus completed the 4th leg of a natal cardinal t-sq fr hell (chiron in aries, Saturn in kataka, mars sun + Venus).

    It really felt great (24 hours ago!). Idk if it’s natural re-contraction or, as I suspect, Venus now getting the Pluto squeeze, but it’s just gone downhill again and I feel dejected.

    So much for casting off shackles that enclose my heart and prevent me from from being seen and love. Maybe I’m being dramatic. Maybe it’ll feel better in 24 hrs again.

    Also the UK GE does not help..

    1. V sq Saturn here. That full moon was a doozy for me, but walked out feeling like I’d unpacked a shit tonne. Head high. But wow, exhausted.

      Not being dramatic.
      Pluto is weirding me.

      1. Thank you VP! I do feel better today but only after disconnecting a bit and letting that Venus-Pluto and remnants of the full moon flow through. Felt like such a sudden and weird comedown from the post-Venus-Saturn / full moon high of realisations and releases.

        C’est la vie, and yes exhausted is a word for it!!

  9. Venus square Pluto. Tick. Some of us love badly. Tick.
    Venus square Uranus. Tick. Need for absolute freedom. Tick.
    You’ve nailed it again Mystic!

  10. i have this natally…is there a resonance when it happens ‘globally’?
    have this in libra in my 6th hse
    but badically, what Lexie said
    no more time wasters/pain thankyou

  11. Venus square Neptune. Formative romantic influences are books set in past times (Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, Harlequin romances about Scottish men in kilts kidnaping and subsequently falling in love with highborn English ladies LOL!) or future times (sci-fi novels, Star Wars, Star Trek). To this day barely watch or read anything set in present day unless there is a supernatural element.

    Fashion/aesthetic heavily 80’s influenced but swings dramatically between Star Wars influenced 80s futurism and Laura Ashley Victorian revival. Dream outfit is the lavender/silver space sweatsuit and headband worn by the little girl Cindel in the Ewok movie. HA!

  12. Fuq it, I don’t want anything to do with it. I’ve been through enough of a shitstorm with Merc through Scorp. This one can stay in its frikkin box.

  13. A definitive yes to numero 2….my preferred choice.
    Though, I can totally relate to numbers 1 and 3…..xx
    Mystic, your translations of all surpasses all linguistics. ♥️

  14. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    ohh I’m feeling this. I’ve learned to tune into my 8th house Libra cusp and do lightness and beauty (in an obsessive Plutonic way)…which is working. Currently obsessing over HAIR.

  15. faithfrancesmoonbear

    Venus being sandwiched by both Pluto and Saturn is too intense for me. I’m not enjoying it at all :/

    Suffering from love zombie addictions I’m trying really hard to shake off. Help!

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