When You’re Born With Venus Square Saturn

When you have natal Venus square Saturn, you learn life’s harsher love and beauty lessons early and then shine, being sophisticated & good at relationships. You master ‘ageless style’ even when young and always know what time it is.

Sure, it can seem like you skip the ingenue stage and go straight to world-weary divorcee. Or as if you’re more calculating than other people. But that’s what Saturn squares do. They’re where you are more aware of the potential for loss or misplaced resources. You don’t feel as if you’ve got some ineffable source of inspiration and tender frivolity for go-nowhere love affairs. You’re not experimental with your looks and nor do you take assets for granted.

Venus square Saturn people are sophisticated beyond their age. They don’t take merging – as in sex or money – lightly, and it’s not good for them to try and ‘lighten up’ in that regard. They’re turned off by incompetence or recklessness. It doesn’t mean they’re a pod person. Sometimes, they had an early life modeling of just how much lives can wonk out when people marry the wrong person or give all their money away to a sexy con-grifter.

Behind every Venus square Saturn person is often an origin story that convinced them of the need for proper boundaries. They’re not necessarily carefree but nor are they careless. If they value you enough to share their secrets or even their heart, they’ll respect your confidences or trust.

They’re also usually kind of chic or suave. Karma Cop Saturn doesn’t let them dive into pretentious or faddy fashion. They perfect the timeless dressing vibe as a defensive mechanism, and it becomes a timeless style.

Fragrance-wise, Venus square Saturn is very Floral-Green chypre – a Cristalle, Diorella or similar scents – where the clean green opening gives way to an oak mossy base. A watch, as in the old-fashioned style of metal watch with a round clockface is talismanic and supportive for people born with this alignment.

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  1. I think venus square saturn is supporting my current feng shui drive. my flat feels so much more functional and spacious – things are easier to find and store away (I’m defo a lapsed virgo on that front lol). sleeping better and working more efficiently. but is it a good day to get different shelves and a filing cabinet?

  2. Born with Venus in Aqua square Saturn in Taurus. Seemed like a challenging aspect until i learned about the rest of my chart…

    A month and a half to close up shop. I thought two weeks ago it was great that i wasn’t going to do anything involving paperwork through the Merc Retro. May i add that Uranus is on MY Merc. So what do you think, i’m in a great astroposition to be selling my worldly goods? 😀 Whatever. Perhaps Mars in Cap can try to drive a good sale beneath a sweet, friendly PisceanSag face. Hopeless at lying so just focusing on presenting cleanly, and knowing exactly what i want, while being flexible without overcompromise.

    Reading about what others are up to, i can say i’m fortunate, and so is some poor man, that i’m not anywhere near LZ territory.

    So really, Saturn is my friend. Pluto is my mentor. Uranus is a wild and crazy buddy.

  3. Don’t hate Venus square Saturn because it’s telling you the truth!
    Just gave the SO a Leo ‘don’t mess with me and take me for granted’ flashpoint/spitball. Been stuck indoors studying for days no work, bills piling up aaagh He copped it but it is the truth .
    Gotta shake it off and get on with plan b.

    1. Just hit up the oracle and it said my astro is to focus on aspects to venus . Oky dokey.
      this post is so cathatic and I see lots of truth seeking missiles/hot one liners pinging everywhere,
      LOVE IT

  4. I have Qi Vampires all around me at uni – supposed “friends” all kept the language student’s dinner a secret until a good friend mentioned it. Was able to attend as it was beign organised by another student – when they found out I was there made me feel awful and I got angry stares from down the table! I’ve been put down – angry stares for turnign upto class – called “jack of all trades, master of none” for knowing multiple languages but not any in depth.

    The best part – I’m changing and evolving and have found a spirit in me that I thought i’d lost – this constant put down by students and sometimes teachers depending on their mood is forcing me to focus on this degree and my future and becoming assertive.

    Is this all because of activity in the 9th/11th house?

    Virgo Sun, Libra rising, Sag moon

  5. I am dating myself today 🙂

    Even though I am in a overall very happy relationship, I understand the value of strengthening myself. Taking the day off to do whatever I please while the lover is working out of town for the day. NO kids today either. Yea.

  6. Recent dating experience showed me with stark clarity that I’m better off single. I have zero tolerance for men’s bullshit, game playing, time wasting, sex obsessed, delusional crap quite frankly.

    And let’s face it, if a guy is over 40 and still single it’s probably because he’s an emotional cripple with more issues lurking than parliamentary question time. *yawns*

    Don’t have time for it. Enjoy my life and my space too much. Unwilling to play handmaiden to some guy’s poxy ego and constantly compromise for the sake of a relationship – which seems to be about the only way one can actually maintain a long-term relationship.

    1. I agree with your assessment on the males who are 40+, still single, with no significant relationship history. My experience with one taught me this breed is self-obsessed, manipulative and power-freak.

      1. It’s interesting watching this zap zone business play out … there are the peeps who are “doing the work” and the rest who’ve got their heads firmly stuck up their bum. The laggers are really starting to feel the pressure of “stay stuck and be fuqed”. The pro-actives just starting to see the benefits of their evolutionary efforts unfolding.

        I only know of one single over 40s guy (sexy Cap) who’s really doing the work. Bloody hell it’s attractive. But he’s currently commited to being single because he reckons he’s still got too many unresolved issues that he doesn’t want to dump onto a relationship. I want to marry him! … in the meantime happy to stay single meself. 😉

        1. I am finding a huge lack of replies to biz emails where the other end can make money, like in advertising and other requests for stock.
          Very slack practises. Just a recognition of contact and an ‘i’ll get back to you’ would do but alas it seems they don’t care.

  7. There is that ray of light! Like in ET. Some hope. So been in negotiating with my old employer of late as they need my help with a project. It’ll be temporary but don’t see myself there permanently. I want to fly the coop and go somewhere new. Well, They caved into my demand for pay and I’m starting to work a temp basis tomorrow. And they know that I’m looking for permanent placement. What a relief, I don’t have to play diplomat and hide my intentions, so it’s all out on the table. But it’ll be good to have structure again and rebuild the bank account. God. My head is in the present tense and I’m saturned up career wise like a mother fuqer, but there’s that lingering doubt that I will melt down. Most of my planets are stuffed in the 11th house. I like what Mikey Lutin wrote “If your intentions are honorable and you engage in right thinking, right intention and right understanding, how can you mess it up?” Wish me luck! Eeek!

  8. Can I just say I want to cut that woman’s nails so badly? I like the bling, but the nails are too fakey-long. Makes me antsy.

  9. And THE POPE RESIGNS. Given the astro, I’m not sure if this is good or bad. Better the devil you know…, you know?

    However, I’m gonna stick with Liberated Women at odds with Machiavellian Old Guard. Benedict was on the inside all those years of pedophilia CYA. The Enforcer of the Church. He’s an Aries, too. Said the decision had been in the works for months. Of course: Uranus up yeranus.

    Still, no Papess on the horizon. Sigh.

    1. I didn’t know Popes were allowed to resign. Clearly CCD didn’t teach me anything. Somehow, I feel like this is good news. Maybe we can get a female teenage pope soon? Seems like a pretty undesirable job.

      1. There’s precedent for it –in the 16th century or something. JPII stayed on until The End, so I don’t buy the story that his health won’t allow it.

        More evidence of Regulus in Virgo now, I think? Old Lions no longer need apply.

          1. Nazi Youth Pope. I think it’s because of the pedo sex scandals and they want to bring in someone new, hopefully that won’t hide pedo priests and cover-it up. (One can only hope).
            I’d love to see the astro deets on his resignation.

            1. The papacy will be vacated 28 February 2013, at 20:00 hours. That doesn’t give the time of the public announcement, so a chart on that event may reflect the state of the College at the time and their plans for a successor, rather than Benedict’s mind.

              Fwiw, that Feb 28 cart has Libra Rising with Moon conj ASC and a LOADED 5th house of Piscean action.

      1. I half-suspect the Pope of quitting to spur on end-of-the-world prophecies. Perhaps he wants to be in on Armageddon.

  10. Had a dream about Uranian Scorp meeting me at the edge of a circus. His life is a mess – he’s kind of like king of the Carnies, and he isn’t letting me in. I think that’s nice of him. So be it.

    Spent Saturday doing forensics on every major romance I’ve had looking for patterns. Can’t say there was one pattern that stood out. Discovered me and my ex-husband had some Mars challenges (his Saturn squared my Mars and his Mars in Aries opposed my Uranus in Libra). I do pretty poorly with expressing my own Mars. I think I outsourced my Mars to him and that clearly didn’t work out. My car is still in the shop where the mechanic hasn’t touched it all week. I need to apply my Mars to that situation and get it resolved. Its hard for me to be healthy-assertive.

    Borrowed my ex-s car this weekend. He had our old song library loaded in the car with almost no new additions. One new song I found was “When I was your man” about how the woman he was with deserved some romance. I don’t know who my next partner will be, but he’s going to have to romance the fuq out of me. Period.

    Time to do my own Mars. Time to quit crap investments, be they habits or expenditures, and only plant the seeds I want to grow. Bring it, Venus-Saturn, I’m ready.

    1. Next time you see the U-Scorp in the netherworld, ask him that you both ride the merry go round. What horses he/you chose should bring some insight.

      1. 12th house here. Funny. The sabian symbol for my Venus degree is the merry go round. I got the sense he didn’t want me to see the freak show.

        1. 12th House, are you talking about your natal venus? Looking at the Sabian Symbols and they are fascinating. Reminds of of some astro cartography that can be represented my a place or an icon on the map.

          After reading some dream stuff, I’m gathering that a merry go round means outdated logic (circular?) and needing to participate wherever that part of your life is out of balance. I had a dream a while back with a horse in a mime’s outfit, you know the ones with horizontal stripes standing on back legs with a blouse and bright red lipstick and marilyn monroe mascara. Still remember it clearly so obviously the horse I picked really liked me!

          1. Yes, my natal Venus is at 6 Virgo, Merry Go Round. I find the Sabian Symbols fascinating for each planet point. My DC is Pisces 26 –
            “a new Moon shows its time for people to take on their different projects.” That’s my story – the players change, but I stay in the game. My love life is astrologically doomed to go nowhere. lol

            I had another bit of dream last night. I was in a movie theater and a man told me they wanted me up front. I told him no. I mean, people were watching a movie – it would be rude. I recall walking behind the screen, wondering what he asked me for. Not sure what that means. He wasn’t a man I recognized and he just went back to his seat after I said no. No conflict over my participation or not. Just an odd request.

            All this current Pisces action in the sky is lighting up my 6th house. I am focusing energy/intention on that part of life now. Maybe that will get me off the go-round?

            I may request the opportunity to pick horses. I also just don’t think that’s my central question right now. I know where I am at with him. He isn’t going to come out of the shadows until/unless he feels “man” enough for himself. That isn’t my quest, its his. My quest is in my 6th house.

            When you love someone, everything you do for your own behalf, for your own authenticity, drives you closer to them. Even if it never gets off the ground.

            1. My natal venus is around 7 taurus which is The Woman Of Samaria At The Ancestral Well whatever that means. My DC is 29-30 scorpio is
              Children In Halloween Costumes Indulge In Various Pranks. um yeah right there, I should start looking for future Ms Gren at a masquerade ball. grrr.

              Maybe they’re ready for you in makeup and make you’re debut, take the stage rather than sit and watch act play out in some detached obscurely. But I know exactly what mean about authenticity. Don’t wish to try the different pommels on the carousel, just wait until the right one pops out and becomes irresistable, may have to wait several turns….

              1. hmm, I guess the game would be trying to out wit or con the other without them being the wiser. That’s what I take out of masked prankster metaphor. I guess analyzing my last few relationships, there have been a lot of ‘childish’ immaturity, misunderstanding, vagueness. games. yuck.

    2. man everyone has been having weird dreams lately, if this is from mars and merc in pisces imagine how amped up it will get later, with, like, everything in there

  11. Saturn square Venus feels very awkward for me. Natally I have the trine.

    Went to see a friend of mine this weekend and I realized we weren’t going to be friends anymore or at least not as close. He had changed. I suppose they were changes for the good but I found myself not really being able to relate to him. Like the guy that I admired so much had become someone else. Someone considerably less admirable and mediocre.

    Regarding work, I’m Leaving an odd fitting job. This week will be my final week and I look forward, already, to the holiday weekend/ getaway with my boyfriend.

  12. I’m dealing with a love zombie and had to set firm are -you -kidding -me boundaries. Been there done that. No thanks- keeping this Venus karma cleaned up! Venus is trine my Venus -Saturn semi sextiling but Pluto is squaring up. Avoiding dark alleys, shady deals and married men! LOL!

  13. I think i’m feeling this. All day I’ve been cringing and fighting this feeling in my chest every time I received a text message from this guy.

    Long story short he was too full, I ended it. Missed him, he missed me. Rekindled over weekend. Told him take it slow he said yes. And now messages me every fricking hour of the day. I reply. Because I feel I have too.

    Silly chit chat that just doesn’t need to be spoken about.

    I just bit the bullet and told him. Too full on. Can’t do this. Why can’t you just chill!

    Best career-related situations are happening to me. I’m focused and I want it. I’m ready and I’m excited. That’s where my attention is giong.

    It would be nice to have him in my life too, only if we spoke every 2-3 days. Not every fricking minute. Drives me insane.

    I feel more Aquarian by the minute. My Aries sun is really feeling the Uraniun ray or it may be this square we’re experiencing.

    My venus is conjunct his venus exact 11 degrees. There REALLY is this unbelievable amazing connection but geeez can you take it down a notch!

  14. Ha! I spent a day with the subject of my LZ-obsession, and guess what? Two hours into conversation and a thought bubble surfaces in my mind: “If we were together, I’d toss this one out in two weeks.”

    And Saturn clears the fog.

    Finally clarity, finally reality. Hallelujah!

  15. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    Tis would explain the aha moment when I realised the reason my neighbour (married with 2 kids) is so ridiculously friendly when his wife is in Singapore has nothing to do with friendiness and everything to do with the fact that he’s …clearly deluded. Run, run, run. Trying to work out how I could have been so dense not to realise.

  16. Hmmm.. interesting! The truth…. yes! The truth coming out is actually very good for me. I wish we had the opportunity to discuss things! I sent a txt last night so let’s see what happens. That is all we need is more clarity on what each of us wants. Then we can see if we can work with it. xo!

  17. The Leo Socialite

    this explains the hideous shirt purchase and that i spent an hour doing Pro and con lists of all my relationships to date. The shit is going straight to church shop tomorrow and the list is most helpful hmm.

    1. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

      I think I am gonna try this. Like actually write it out. Some brutal detachment would do me good and hopefully prevent future blunders-of-passion.

      1. it really will help. you can sort of start to see what ALWAYS engages you and if that trait/s also happens to be a job lot with less desirable things, or if there’s a chance you can find someone who has more of the good stuff with less of the drama / or whatever was the problem…so .. yeah. or why we are into the chaos/drama / bad stuff in the first place

    2. I am totally down with cold hard analytical r’ship pros and cons lists . Not like, “well this one owned a porche and that one had an AMG500 so, well i shoulda seen that coming” (probably because i had a habit of down-dating hahahahaha)

  18. Totes been a bit Venue-Saturny. Howevers I’m on a work junket on a tropical island and unlike the usual work do there’s no handholding/whinging/kumbayahing. It’s been minimal butcher’s paper and maximum running around islands through bush and volleyballing. So.much.fun.

    Gonna be un-WOOHOO-like and send a V/Hallmark Day text to ease the Venus-Saturn… If I still feel it then. Which I probably will as this goes back a few weeks this feeling.

  19. “Saturn enhanced Zap Zone year is not the time to tarry in a dead relationship because you prefer necrophilia to being single”

    Great line!

    Less relationships here more work actually, for all of my friends, a mini freakout to getting properly shafted, all to do with money. I thought of this square immediately

  20. Spent the weekend alone. ALONE. All of it. And it was GREAT. No men to be seen in miles, for a change! Even conceived of writing a list with all the things that piss me off in my polyamorous adventures… Each lover will have a private session! I’m really prepped for a rant here! Don’t know why, but I feel so depleted by everyone’s demands whether overt or covert. It’s as if suddenly I have zero tolerance for emotional/psychological/mind games and a brand new HD radar to go with it.

  21. Most of those around me say they have been feeling very vulnerable today, like their boundaries are down and it hurts. I kinda feel that way too!

    Beautiful summer weather in Melbourne though..bliss.

  22. I am like emotional Teflon right now. nothing sticks – whether I over-did my love zombie antidote or I have a phobia of letting Some Guy mess with my new life plan, or I my feelings are simply engaged in other very personal matters right now, it’s a bit hard for romance to get a look in. Saturn’s happy. Venus is… in Aqua. lolol

    1. Dude, totally teflon here. Nice description. Dare say it maybe even a bit of kevlar underneath for good measure. But I’ve seen this script before (me) usually, when saturn is working in my favor, some lark comes along and tries to perch on my feeder.

  23. Perfectly timed post for me, just dumped the ToroGem LDR, too many snakes and ladders….. phew, I think I just dodged a bullet there. This crab will no longer tolerate being “Hokey Pokyed”

    1. He will probably be calling you! That’s when the left foot steps in… then the right foot steps out… The Hokey Pokey”.. is suppose to be the fun of it..

      Toro/Gems love the chase! Did you read the Blog on this one. VERY informative. What was his response when you ended it?

  24. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

    Narcissist ex wheedled his way back into conversation with my on the pretense of birthday wishes a few days ago. It’s just not working. Totally one way and he only wants what he can’t have. There is just 100% no way that I (& we) can be happy with this. People tell me “no contact only with NPDs” but as a person that struggles with mental health things myself I have compassion and try to understand WHY they behave in this way and then let him know that I love him even if he isn’t “perfect” or living up to this image he’s made and that I understand how compulsive and out of one’s control perfectionism can be. But the love of image and ideal is greater than the love for me (or anyone, at this point at least).

    So basically yeah. I am feeling this.
    I wonder if trauma survivors (fantasy prone) and NPDs (also fantasy prone) are irresistibly drawn together. All I know is that Saturn girl does not approve and it’s time to move the eff on. Seeing old friends for the whole V-day weekend and got a Weds night date with an interactive hologram designer who designs massive scale sculptures. Aries. I’ve always had a thing for them (hello Mars) and maybe a do-er type is what I need at the moment to get some love for life at the ground level again.

    1. Aries have a lovely way of bringing life into the immediate present, and in doing so help us shake off all sorts of miasmic foggy brain fuzz stuff and feel almost normal. Have fun x

      1. i played the clip and goosebumps. Like, I don’t know why. songs always land in my head for a reason. it’s like the only way my subconscious can get a message across to me sometimes, when it comes to my feelings about something. it’s either that, or i need to go back to when that song was getting airplay back in the 1980s – i am just old enough to remember – and figure out what was going on then.

        1. 😯

          Exactly, music is so powerful in that way. It should totally be a therapy, play a song, process what what was going on around then and voila! I think it was released in 1987 so i would have been around 7yrs.

  25. would’t mind a bit of necrophiliac love, to be honest. Just for something different!! So over being single… It feels like another lifetime 🙁

    I have 6 planets transiting my 2nd house right now. Far out!!!! and Uranus squaring my Asc. So stressed out I couldn’t sleep last night. I’m generally a good sleeper. Thought I was coping well with the ZZ… left the old career behind, started something new, but now I’m confused about career/vocation/earned income – AGAIN!! So took a day off from my course today. Just couldn’t carry on. Still feels like the darkest of dark moons

    Anyway, new eps of Walking Dead 3 returns tonight. Can’t wait!! Zombies will take my mind off my woes. 🙂 *runs off to get dark choc*

    1. Don’t let the confusion muck your clever Scorp mind around… you’re living the change you wanted / needed. I understand as I do go thru the same thing myself, but wild horses could not drag me back to my old job as it stood. urgh shudder. The income thing is an entirely different story – gone from nearly six figures to student benefits (OMFG WHAT DID I DO WITH ALL THAT MONEY) BUT my mind is free. Which was sort of what I needed more than anything. When I am beset by doubt, I look at careers sites or trawl the internetz or the real world (I know, crazy) to remind myself WHY I am doing this new stuff – the kinds of roles that are available for me or better still, that I can *create* for myself from pure hustle, networks, imagination, and talking to…everyone. (Almost.) In conclusion, push on and give your mind time to clear, keep eyes wide open to see the shining gems that will remind you why you’ve done the right thing. And hey if you change your mind after giving it a red hot go and time to settle in, well, cross that bridge when you come to it xxx

      1. Thanks Pi. 🙂
        I’ll get back on track (what Cap Asc doesn’t?). Last week was a long bumpy road. I just like to wallow and sulk every now and then. It’s how I process (merc in Scorp). Let the ideas percolate.

        Yes! was thinking of having another look at career sites. I need to re-access my plan and look at options for getting from A to B with minimal time and expense. I don’t mind putting in the hard yards but it has to have some purpose and at the moment, what I’m studying seems pointless. Only because a life long ambition has resurfaced since Saturn entered my 10th (natal Sun & Neptune conjunction).
        It was a dream that I had put in the “when I win lotto” basket but suddenly I started entertaining the idea of making it a reality. And if any transit is going to make that happen, it’s Saturn rolling through the 10th yeah? 🙂 May as well have a crack.

        Moon in Saggo is impatient to get the show on the road. Like the annoying kid in the backseat – “We there yet?… We there yet? Hold your horses Saggo!… Papa Saturn gotta make a plan first… :Razz:

  26. Venus square Saturn, you say?

    Well I’ve been living that for all my 45 years……I have Venus square Saturn, natally, and my Venus is at 6 degrees of Capricorn and my Saturn is at 8 degrees Aries, so guess what? The current Zap Zone, Uranus square Pluto, is right exactly on the shittiest aspect in my chart!!! Yeah, baby! I bet you all are glad you are not me!

    So if any of you need help with this, you know who to call!

    1. Btw, the Moon, Merc, Mars AND Chiron are all transiting conjunct my natal Moon at 7 degrees Pisces right now…….really not sure what to make of all that because natally I have those exact planets more or less conjunct in Pisces …..weird. It’s like that stellium is transiting conjunct my natal stellium……how often does THAT happen?! *quizzical look*

      1. That means a mars, merc , Chiron return. I’d say that was quite positive in a new beginning kind of way. I had similar Saturn action while it was in libra, it just about opposed and squared and conjuncted everything . Glad I’m on the other side of that.

  27. I have Venus in Aqua, and Saturn will be squaring it in Dec this year. Any advice on how to handle or it may manifest? I also have sun, merc and jupiter in aqua and I’m starting to freak out!

    1. I also have venus conjunct merc at 19 Aqua. I am in the process of extricating thy self from disfunction and chasing the dream and really with every intention of resisting my fishy sun love zombie ways. Hadn’t looked far enough ahead to anticipate the saturn action. I always suspected Saturn represents the older men I seem drawn to Let us contemplate ….

      1. Yes……..I’m trying to contemplate how this may turn out. Not in a relationship, but maybe the next one will b very ‘saturn’?
        I’m trying to chase the dream too, and work with saturn going through my solar 10th with med school, work, work, work. Saturn is tripping through my natal 8th house as well as all the squares that are going to take place so it’s going to be a big whammy!

    2. Get the book Planets in Transit by Robert Hand, it’s a must have for all astro enthusiasts. I had Saturn opposition Venus all last year – not easy and I had a ‘fling with a peep who had Saturn square Venus at the same time, it went bust pretty quickly. Coincidence? I think not. Saturn to Venus is not only about relationships, it’s also about money and resources too, and I certainly was tested but then I also stopped doing things for money that made me miserable, so it can be a re-direction, if a less than affluent time. There’s a song by Tori Amos (what an amazing Leo btw) called Cooling, which in a way became my theme song. Sometimes Saturn comes along to put paid to what we shouldn’t be putting up with anyway. Good luck and read what Hand has to say about your transit in the book. Maybe hum the song too.

      1. Wow, thank you so much for that – much appreciated! Am in pre-med at the moment, and if I get into med school, I’m going to be serious tested when it comes to money and resources as I am about to reach my student loan limit because I did an Arts degree first. Not in a relationship right now, but it looks like I’m going to be tested one way or another.


    I celebrated my birthday yesterday… a BIG one…one that entitles me to all those seniors goodies, and that under more traditional social regimes e.g. pre Pluto in Cap and Uranus in Aries, (‘I’m lovin’ It … bring it on!) I’d be researching for a place in a retirement village.

    So I had a quick peek a the solar return chart and there’s SATURN = Old Old Old =no more late nights, let alone out on the prowl looking for passionate non committal lovers, = ‘what do I do with my remaining nights on the planet?, SQUARING VENUS = vain pretensions to eternal youth , beauty and the possibility of still getting laid with the lights on.

    This morning yes I did visit several online skincare stores after noticing on waking, exactly what an excess of champagne the day before does to one’s face.
    Now I’m cheered by this somewhat good news…… thanks. xx

    1. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

      haha I thought I was the only one who does the annual bday skincare re-strategizing. 🙂 Happy birthday!!!

  29. I’m loving Venus/Saturn … have (finally) put an end to stale/outdated/fuqing one-sided relationships/friendships and the ones that remain are going from strength to strength 🙂
    Great time to get real and say it like it is.

  30. electric eel libran

    it’s biz as usual for this lil eel! I was natally blessed with venus squared Saturn so this is all perfectly normal.

  31. Not for shopping? Did actually wonder about the fuschia suede wedge heels purchased yesterday. Me & hot pink? Just a little at the end of my legs.
    Following were the silk embroidered knickers but didn’t look at price til i was home, those plastic cards don’t compute money to me, only cash does. Nearly took them back but couldn’t. If worse comes to worst i shall eat them then.

    1. Honey, I’ve been wearing hot pink heels for ages. They’re so bright and lively, and they give off that awesome glow..as for the knickers, I couldn’t agree more with the stinging bull. 🙂

  32. Oh, I have this arrangement natally… saturn in scorp squaring venus in aqua. For some reason never paid it much mind until just now. I guess “functional freedom” would work as a motto of sorts for me, at least on my good days. I do best when I don’t have to lie about anything, or overexplain. Will think on this more… happy fixed-square, all!

  33. No dysfunctional relationship dramas or dead fuqs in my world so I’ve got my Venus/Saturn on by spending the last few hours going through my lingerie, discarding the less than perfect items, and getting the knots out of my knickers. Quite cathartic. Just thought I’d share…

  34. I was born with Saturn-Neptune square. I takw no shit in love/relationships in general, so this isn’t too bad for me. Hopefully everyone else I know will wake up though.

    Good thing I didn’t buy anything but some cozy socks while shopping today! Great for all the Pisces rn.

  35. This is one of my favorite books of all time. The film has a great voice over in the beginning that should be part of the school curriculum! OK got! NO necrophilia, no new do’s or dresses and keep up the singledom for now……

    1. I just read the synopsis of this novel from spark notes and have been trying to make guesses about the sun sign of each of the characters. p.s Henry James is an aries.

      The Portrait of a Lady explores the conflict between the individual and society by examining the life of Isabel Archer.

      My guess Isabel is an aqua. she is known for her intellect (probably had sun in the 3rd house). She embodies that conflict between aqua’s ruling planets: Saturn and Uranus. Her struggle between the commitment to the demands of social convention (Saturn) and her unconventional independent spirit (Uranus).

      Any thoughts about Gilbert Osmond?

  36. This is one of my all time favorite books! Noted, no shopping, new do’s …..and down with necrophilia and go singledom (for now) Got it!

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