Venus Retrograde Romancing

So…I got an enquiry about Venus Retrograde and from a Virgo no less.

What’s your take on romances that start during Venus Retro? Do they fail when Venus goes direct? Most traditional astrology astrology says DOOMED. Not that I’m in one but you never know…

Now, when a Virgo says something like “not that I’m ‘…..’  but you never know….”, don’t buy the nonchalance. You may never know but they sure as hell do. No doubt the geometry of this romantic scenario is already being plotted out.

Virgos are just as escapist as any of the other Mutable signs* – it’s just that their visualizations are more detailed. They are the only sign who can become mildly preoccupied with the micro-nuances of getting to an imaginary destination, although Virgos prefer to describe it as ‘hypothetical’ of course.

It makes for brilliant novelists and journalists etc.

Anyway, to answer the question – Venus Retrograde is fantastic for falling in love and particularly when it’s in luxe Leo. I mean, why not? At heart, Leo lives for love and the grander, the better. The Venus Retro cautions pertain to semi-permanent or permanent beauty treatments, impulsively reuniting with an ex-lover and weddings.

It doesn’t nix love, attraction, desire etc and could even accentuate the whole deal via the lit-up, pinging-off fate-matrix and propensity to bump into past-life companions and extra-venusian consciousness at this time. Additionally, whatever aspect Venus would usually have made from Leo, there is a good chance it will occur three-times in a row between now and October.

So your snazzy little – for example – Venus square to a natal Uranus in Scorpio is no longer a one-off performance – it’s a long haul, touring production with multiple venues and a spin-off doco.

So no they’re not automatically doomed and even better, Mars in Virgo and then Libra over this Venus Retro phase favors suave relationship decisions. So as long as there are no spontaneous splurges on Face Venom or ridiculously inconveniencing yourself on a long-shot lust scenario, yes to romance!

I’ve only had two met-during-Venus-Retrograde scenarios and they were both memorable, metaphysically and physically. Also, off-the-chart-synchronicity.


*Mutable Signs = Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Image: Giochi D’Estate

11 thoughts on “Venus Retrograde Romancing”

  1. I am now obsessing over the concept of a suave relationship decision and what that could entail. Natal moon in Virgo in Leo-flavoured 6th

  2. I often pause to obsess over a minor detail of a fantasy scenario. Did not realize it is a known Virgo factor!

  3. They are the only sign who can become mildly preoccupied with the micro-nuances of getting to an imaginary destination, although Virgos prefer to describe it as ‘hypothetical’ of course.”
    🤣🤣🤣 HOW DO YOU KNOWWW???
    Personal opinion – Retrogrades end up only mildly inconveniencing you if you have done your homework (like a Virgo), and keep your heart space open (like a Leo). Yes to synchronicities, and more potent connection to deities and positive energies.

    1. I think it really depends on what planet is retrograding and what house its lighting up and if it’s engaging any other planets! I very famously said “I don’t even know Mercury Rx is happening” and then it hit my natal Chiron in the 8th and bubbled some unresolved childhood trauma to the surface. I was humbled real quick lol.
      The Virgo over analysis needs that balance tho, meticulous is good but overcooking your brain on every minuscule detail is bad lol.

      1. Yes to avoid overcooking the brain, but I think its part of the process. Whenever I try nonchalance, or cut corners in research benders, it backfires. Virgoan intuition is partly their brains feeding on the micro-nutrients derived from information overload.😬

        I hear you on personal planets being affected. Saturn is going back and forth on my Descendent thrice and I feel it. Pluto on all my Cap was novella worthy. But in my (biased and maybe incorrect) opinion, general garden variety of Rx are nothing to overtly worry about. We must remember, retrogrades are an incredibly geocentric point of view. The planets themselves are not Rx, they just appear to be so to us humans of Terra. So, from the Universal Energy’s perspective, its business as usual. 🙂 That’s why, sometimes when I am short on inspiration and bogged down by my Virgoing, I cast Heliocentric charts. In fact, this is a good moment. Will do one now. 🙂

        1. I hear you – I have Mercury & Venus in Virgo and I express them in all my indirect and direct moves with military precisions lol. You’re not incorrect on your opinions because it’s your journey and however you process that is personal! 
          I’m with you on the business as usual part if we are to look at the mechanics of planetary movements, I LOVE the dance of Venus and her outline that she draws from her movements across space. The energetic signature changes and that’s what we feel here on Mother Earth! A heliocentric view some might say IS the correct method to view our astrology by….
          As a Leo I co-sign this 😂😂

          1. 🤣🤣 I remember also all your 12th house signature. You are literally a teacher/inspiration for me, on this forum in this Venus Retro in Leo phase. So, as a classic teacher’s pet, I am so glad you approve. 😆

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