Weekly Horoscopes from August 6 2022


You have creative solutions for everything and leadership nous to glide through awkward terrain: others don’t and they’re this week’s nemesis. It’s not personal: sharp aspects between fixed-sign planets add gravity to feuds, factions and bog-standard life pressures. Particular people won’t budge and it will be ages before they realize the cost of their rigidity. Don’t emulate them. Evade, flex and deflect.


This week sees a return to the combative fixed-square paradigm that made 2021 so memorable: it may awaken a dormant debate and it’s like growth stimulant for tyrannical types. If your fingers are wiggling over a keypad ready to jab ‘send’ on a provocative text or you feel compelled to ‘prove a point’ – stop. Weirdly, nebulous Neptune is the most reliable influence: magic and art work better than mundanity.


Venus arrives in luxe Leo ahead of Friday’s Full Moon, a cumbersome affair that features factors like debt or dentistry. Attack the latter with fine-tuned logic and perhaps a calculator. While the amplified Venusian vibe may inspire you to beam charm at the situation, don’t. It’s a Saturnine Full Moon that responds to numbers and wily grit. The Venus effect – heightened art + romance – peaks in mid-Aug.


If this week’s Full Moon were a person wanting to visit, you wouldn’t call the police but you’d lie as necessary to get out of having to hang out with it. Influencing Weds through to Saturday, it’s conjunct Saturn and aggravating Mars in your opposite sign. Suggestions: don’t haggle with harpies or assume threats to be rhetorical. Try to appreciate the lucidity and potential for liberation or pressure release.


You’re renowned for snazzy vitality and big-picture narrative, not analytics. With your love and abundance metrics skewed till August 12, proceed with caution. Situations are in hyper-flux and you can’t get a clear read on profitability or people’s intentions. Then Venus lands in Sagg-loving Leo, stimulating jovial Jupiter and expanding art, frivolity and/or romance. No need for silly subtext.


From Monday to Wednesday, Venus opposes Pluto in Capricorn for the last time this century. This definitive aesthetic, artistic or relationship moment suits your Sea-Goaty temperament; It sets you free from a faded-era dynamic and reveals where the real creative/romantic vim is to be found. Whether it’s subtle or overt, this Venusian vibe sums up or references your last decade of earning and yearning.


Vibe Vampires are prolific from August 6 to 9 or perhaps you’re in combat with just one but they’re an elite-grade high-performance version. Either way, it’s vital that you don’t melt your glacial aqua-cool by adopting their methods. If you have the choice, a clean (ish) getaway is preferable to prolonged bickering. An influx of fresh funds and inspo or even admiration replenishes your resources mid-week.


Venus and Mars in sync with Neptune, your ruling planet, infuse the magic or fantasy back into your romantic realm. You’re alluring, telepathically empathetic and may enjoy the return of something desirable last seen in March. Yet his influence can also intensify your well-documented love of the long- shot love object – a figment of desire whose allure is drastically enhanced by their impossibility.


Mars square Saturn materializes as a classic time-tech-money-serenity crunch and it’s one that could resist even your superior ‘boss’ powers. It’s because there is more to whatever-this-is than you might think. It’s linked to a broader astro-phenom and your quest to merge disparate parts of your life/psyche. The evolution is nearly complete: recommitting to a plan from late March/early April will help.


Although the Full Moon is not officially in effect until Thurs/Fri, you detect the disruptive frequency any time from Monday onward. Not only that, you figure out a way to align it with where you’re at. Don’t be deceived by the turbulent atmosphere or the astro-cliche of Taureans as change-averse. You dislike fads, not profound evolutionary developments. A role you want or are destined for may open up.


Unless you’re a licensed referee or similarly paid and endorsed to be there, stay out of showdowns between Leos and other fixed signs. You want your focus free for Full Moon existential realizations and paradigm-altering discoveries in your field of study or a gigantic project. Mars will be in Gemini for months within a few weeks, favoring assertion and interventions. This week is more inner-focussed.


The Mars-Saturn square is a grind but if you note the underlying issue beneath work irks or problematic people, you can pull off a rapid revamp. Repeating an old (sort of) successful solution will be tempting and likely to score instant validation. But a new, all-encompassing experimental concept sets you up for longer-term gains. Strange suitors or surreal money offers are for entertainment value only.

Image: Virgil Finlay