Help With A Venus-Pluto Lust Haze

Hi Mystic!

I always find things on your site (your posts, the Oracle, or daily horoscopes) that are completely relevant to whatever is happening in my life at the time. This is why I’ve been a loyal subscriber for so many years now! But I’m also old and wise enough to recognize when I’m hurtling down an astrologically-influenced rabbit hole and on the verge of possibly doing something stupid.

So I’ve been reading about this Venus-Pluto opposition in your Daily Mystic missives and my daily horoscopes. All keep talking about “a stealth sensuality/steady growth of an attraction or affinity with Venus-Pluto.” Oh, and I’m a Gemini, Moon in Virgo, Aqua ascendant.

This is all coinciding with a sudden intensification of a work flirtation I’m having with a Scorpio – it’s a little scary how on-point the timing of it all is with the Venus-Pluto stuff. I’m newish at the job where I met him….as always when I meet Scorpios of the male persuasion, there was an instant “something” between us.

He’s got some weird ascetic diet thing and is ex-military, so he swans around the office is tight clothes (though it’s basically the same uniform everyday), all bulging muscles and a bag of protein powder that he seems to utilize in place of meals. Hardcore self-discipline…so naturally that was the first thing I started teasing him about.That, and the fact that he completely didn’t remember meeting me, and reintroduced himself to me the very next day. When I said “yeah, we met yesterday” he acted embarrassed and proceeded to avoid me/act awkward for weeks afterwards.

Then I ended up seated across from him at a company social event and laughingly called him out on all of this. It broke the ice in a big way…and after that I was added to his rotation of desks he would stop by to have a chat. With each conversation, we seemed to discover random things we had in common or interests. An affinity for speaking Spanish, for instance. Then, just this week, he asked me to go for coffee with him. Solo. I was surprised and also quite pleased as I had firmly moved into “harmless work crush territory with him.

You see, I have a history of indulging in the (mostly) harmless work crush. It keeps my restless mind occupied and I feel happier about going into the office everyday, especially when my day-to-day tasks bore me (as they do now). So, win-win, right? As a Gemini, I am absolutely fine with keeping crushes in the realm of fantasy because I know that what plays out in my head is much better than any messy reality would be. Especially because neither of us are available! I, at least, am very much unavailable. Although not married, I have a baby with my Libra soulmate and although our relationship has been troubled lately, we are also very much committed to working on it and it’s getting better and better.

Still…probably also explains why I’m vulnerable at this moment to crushes. Grass is greener, and all that.
But, something feels very heightened about all this. When the Scorpio asked me to coffee, I dropped a tidbit of info about myself that seemed to rivet his attention right quick. To the point where we walked past our office building so we could keep talking about it. Now I find myself wondering when and how our next conversation will happen. I am keenly aware of his physical presence in the office (it’s a small one).

I always know when he’s nearby and I get all the same vibes from him. I know he’s dating around, but don’t know how involved he is. My babydaddy and I have talked rather seriously before about the logic of being in a somewhat “open” relationship so I am telling myself it might even be ok were this to get a little physical. And now that’s all I can think about. 8th house of sex and all that.

So….my question is…am I being a total Love Zombie? I recognize the perfect storm that could result from fixating on a work crush (even one with a legitimate and rather smouldering two-way attraction) as a way to distract myself from being unhappy with my job (I work for a control freak Capp from hell who is currently under investigation with HR), and the issues I’m having at home.

Do I fight like hell to get ahold of my maybe-not-so-harmless-or-whimsical Gemini fantasy life? Or do I let myself enjoy the “stealth sensuality” of it all and get to know this Scorp better? Or run like hell in the other direction?

When is it actually OK to just go with where a transit is leading you?

Not Sure I can Think My Way Out of This One,
Gemini (Lightning Butterfly)

Hi Gemini Lightning Butterfly,

Ah yes – The (mostly harmless) Work Crush. Many an otherwise tedious office or job environment has been thus enlivened. But this sounds a bit beyond the usual W.C.  So no doubt the situation with you and Military Scorpio IS heightened or charged with some sort of extra-to-work chemistry.

BUT has it occurred to you that Saturn in your opposite sign of Sagittarius is a bit of a player here, if not the protagonist?   That the responsibilities of working ‘under’ a Control Freak Capricorn, caring for a new baby AND a relationship that – soulmate or not – you are having to also ‘work on’ could be onerous? So it would be absolutely understandable for your mind to be straying in the zone of something that feels enticing, flattering and – yes – actual fun.

And yes, a massive proportion of people DO meet via their work while others do fall in love while still in an existing relationship.  However – and this is the cold shower sector of the Lecture Rant – think this through.

As one Aquarius Rising to another, do you really want to clutter up your life with a second relationship?  Regardless of whether or not you are in an open relationship, you can’t really have a casual fling with someone you work with. Or, arguably, with Military Scorpio.

Transits don’t lead you anywhere, although anything with Pluto involved can certainly feel compelling.  You lead yourself. Transits arouse energies and dimensions within yourself – if they are an aspect of yourself that you have neglected or which needs to come alive at this point, a person does often walk in to your life who reminds you of that.

But really, has it occurred to you that quite apart from his muscles and intriguing persona, Military Scorpio is really just a chimera for you to fall back into love with your self?

This may be too much Mercury in Aries frankness but I think an affair with Military Scorpio whom you also work with and a baby at home IS too much to handle. It would be setting yourself up for s**t on multiple fronts if even one factor of this were to go awry. And my god, your Control Freak Capricorn boss would probably relish the opportunity to divert H.R. attention to you, right?

Yes to ‘stealth sensuality’ or recreational fantasizing – no to getting to know Scorpio better or going down any rabbit holes. Also, are open relationships that work really well with raising a young child really a thing? Thoughts from everyone totally welcome.  Am I being too harsh? And wow, what was the “tidbit of info” you dropped to the Military Scorpio that riveted his attention?


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  1. LightningButterfly

    I guess I’m writing to myself now. But, this is still heavily on my mind, so leaving this here in case anyone finds it and wants to comment. Flash forward 3 months after I last wrote about this: I got a way better gig with a lot more freedom of schedule and working for nice people. The DAY after I quit, evil toxic boss got FIRED! Though we were asked to keep quiet about it, I rushed to tell my Scorpio. Riding down in the elevator with him (where let’s face it, I had often fantasized about being stuck in there with him), I grabbed him by both wrists (cue momentary look of alarm on his face :)) and said “they fucking FIRED her!” He was amazed and walked with me to get food, and sat outside with me for over an hour to talk about it.
    When I’d told him I was quitting, he looked sad, then immediately said, in a rather unconvincing tone “congrats.” I do believe he was genuinely happy for me…he’d been my confidant about this sitch for many months and I am truly grateful to him for that. On a more selfish note, he was bummed not to have me to have juicy conversations with. As was I.
    There was a drinks thing for me on my last day…he wasn’t going to come because he wasn’t drinking. I cajoled him….”come on, you’re never going to see me again.” He asked why not? I said…”that’s always how it goes with coworker relationships.” He nodded agreement.
    When he stood up to leave, I stood up too, moved in to hug him and told him that I would miss him. He barely touched me in response (worst hug ever!) and sort of acknowledged what I said. We exchanged numbers and even texted a bit, but our dynamic most definitely did not translate well to text. Haha….
    Last contact we had was me sending him a message on his birthday…a month ago.
    I miss him and wish we could still talk. But he is so withholding. And because he is an intuitive Scorpio, I think he knows I’m attracted and that hanging out in person out of a work situation isn’t really appropriate. Sigh. And so now i just am trying to forget!

  2. Hey Lightning Butterfly, thanks for sharing your story – can totally relate.

    In terms of a harmless work crush, i say live it up. Whatever gets you through the night (or the boring job/bad boss madness). I hate jobs when i can find no-one to have a crush on, they just add a bit of zing to the everyday! Doesn’t mean anything has to come from it.

    1. LightningButterfly

      Thanks, this is how I feel about it too! And the intensity has passed….just enough zing there to lighten the bad work vibes a bit. 4 days off work and today I had a hard time remembering what he looked like!

        1. LightningButterfly

          Yes. I am feeling more resolved about my exit plan and meanwhile me and Scorp are just becoming more chummy….but without the sexy vibe because I’m not putting anymore energy into it. So glad this one passed quickly. I meant, I’ll still flirt, it just doesn’t feel so charged anymore. Phew!

  3. This is just a general comment but i often see in many workplaces, those with air signs prominent in their chart often take up a “work spouse”, which is different than an affair as frq no sex is involved necessarily. Just someone of the appropriate sex that gives them that sort of husband/wife energy and cheerful banter at work. They go home to diff spouses and are often times even friends with the other one’s spouse. I seea lot of Libras and Gems who like this arrangement. I have to say it works fairly well when everything clicks, but under no circumstance should it be forced.

    1. Yah, I was thinking a similar thing. I had a situation like this a few workplaces ago and it was quite awesome actually. I think there were sparks there potentially to begin with, but both of us were coupled up. Then it turned into a really great, close platonic relationship that was very open and easy. I miss that relationship, actually! It’s not the same once you move on from the workplace, as it’s the everyday mundanity that creates that ease and intimacy. In my own experience in the past, I have found a crush often develops when meeting someone new, and then wanes down with time. So OP, it’s worth giving this time to see if it falls into its own platonic thing.

  4. Ooohhh what a situation!

    I think MM mentioning that Saturn is opposite your sun, DUDE this is all Saturn lessons. Working through relationship with said soulmate, dealing with ‘common’ work place crush scenario – although this does sound intense and WITH A BABY! And crazy cap boss. I feel for you!!!

    I honestly think that communication is whats needed here. Maybe its best to chat with libra soul mate about the actual status of the relationship and if he/she would be be ok with an open relationship officially. It’s one thing to say it in passing its another to actually commit to an open relationship

    But with a baby..ah.. tricky.

    What would be the BEST ideal situation in your head 1 year from now?

    Perhaps you need to QUIT YOUR JOB because it is sooo boring and follow your creative bliss. Don’t settle for less. perhaps this is why your attention is with scorpio cos your so god damn bored! Why not address this first?

    And Libra soul mate, the fact that you call him/her your soul mate perhaps you should focus ALL your attention here and nip relations with scorpio in the bud. And then build a great strong foundation for raising bubba ?

    Just my thoughts all the best 🙂 x

    1. LightningButterfly

      Yes, yes, yes. All solid advice, thx! After ruminating on it all weekend (not to mention dreading the next mtg with my boss)….I’ve realized I need to quit as soon as it’s safe to do so…meaning, I have something else lined up. I always knew it wasn’t a long-term situation and planned to give it a year but it’s so unbearable that even the things that were keeping me going (loving my team, work crush, annual bonus) are no longer enough because I have keep coming back to this situation over and over again…trying to make a turgid work scenario work that just doesn’t work for me at all. Can’t do work politics, can’t do the whole dog and pony show…nor can I do Housse of Cards type Machiavellian strategy. All of it makes me both tired and nauseated. Need to be I deemsent (and I was for 3 hrs before baby) but in a way that I’m not always financially struggling. Fuq it, I want to get rich!

  5. As everyone else has said, DO NOT GO THERE. The obsessive analysis tells me that you’re bored as fuq, & as a smart & underemployed Gemini, I relate. I ‘opened’ my relationship to have a shortlived and destructive karmic fling with a depressed narcissist last year. on the meantime, my stable Taurus fell in love with someone else. They both dumped me & I’m stuck with acne at the end of my first second Saturn return. Sure, I shouldn’t be with either of these men, but it’s been a harsh way to learn self-reliance.
    It actually takes a very strong relationship to handle polyness, and all parties involved have to want to do it & not have problems with jealousy. Never again, for me.

    1. You might be interested to know I have a natal Venus-Pluto opposition & a Venus Neptune trine… and they’re the two tightest aspects in my chart. So all of my crushes & love affairs feel the way you’re feeling… ethereal longing haze + power issues.

      1. LightningButterfly

        Wow, thats crazy and doesn’t sound like something that would be fun all the time. I have natal Moon-Pluto conjunction in Virgo….don’t know if that means anything for my relationships, but it does have a strong spiritual connotation, right?

        1. Moon-Pluto… No wonder you were pondering sexy times with Military Scorpio! I’d have to see your whole chart for sure, but I guess karmic or spiritual attachments & themes of service and duty vs personal power might crop up for you. Hang in there, Gem friend 🙂

        2. wow Moon-Pluto! Ditto what Ariel said, but also describes your mom (moon) and you as well. It is possible your mom was prob intense (plutonic) person or married to such a person. It’s like having a Scorpio Moon.

          1. LightningButterfly

            Nice! Like Moon in scorpio…well, that explains a lot. 🙂 interesting about my mom…she’s Aquarius so it’s a different type of intensity. A very difficult person to get along with…

  6. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I’d say what matters most is the strenth of your relationship with the Libra.

    What does “work on” mean? Are we talking screaming matches or deep trust issues?

    I’d say seriously appraise the strength of your partnership with the libran.

    If they are a true soulmate then why look to the Scorp? Give yourself time.

    The scorp could be a total wanker, don’t worry about him, he’ll always be there and if he’s THE ONE should be willing to wait an eternity for you to figure out where your head is at.

    1. LightningButterfly

      Because the relationship has turned into so much work. We have similar dysfunctional family backgrounds and trigger each other in certain ways. So, plenty of painful soulmate type growth….shaking up the very core foundation of ourselves. We’re in therapy right now and have been before.

  7. Anyone who cannot remember that he met you the day before and who as you say swans around the office is I’d wager to put in a ‘Australian’, a complete wanker. Military Scorpio ++ The two-way thing is a trick. His.

  8. Ha. I’ll bet protein powder man is on display wherever he goes.
    Protect what’s yours.
    Ovid has some advice for falling out of love, if you have the time to read :).

  9. This sounds like Neptune stationing retro haze instead of (or at least in addition to) Pluto-Venus fog to me. The Pluto vampire has seen in you a target, a victim – prey – and you are looking for validation and entertainment. Trust that his brand of entertainment won’t be so much fun. My sense is he is circling you like a shark. You feel flattered by his attentiveness and wanting to dig deeper into your psyche – the big topic you talked extra about – but that is a typical move of a malignant narcissist, and of a predatory (not haute) Scorpio. Trust that he is also a control freak – who the fuq wants to eat protein powder all day and think only about their muscles and wear the same clothes (uniform) all the time?? Not a zippy Gem/Aqua-freak like you, that’s for sure. He’d bore you to tears, honey. You’re bored and frustrated is all. This is not the droid you’re looking for. Move along.

    1. LightningButterfly

      Haha! “not the droid you’re looking for”….I like that. Yes, an overly controlled person doesn’t jibe well with me, but could be pretty hot in the sack, no?
      And DON”T WORRY, not planning to go there with him, especially now. 🙂

  10. Hang on you’re a Gemini Aqua if anyone can step in step out It’s you !!! Sounds to me like the scorp is not a keeper as such but my advise is to really enjoy it and his company. Lighten up and take it for what it is. You can decide at the end of the day where it goes and if it goes ‘physical’ then accept that’s what you want need desire right at this moment. Then go from there. Every day is a step into tomorrow and greater personal knowledge. Enjoy it !!!!

    1. I’d agree with you if she didn’t have a “open relationship + kid going on”.
      Hell I’d agree even if she had an “open relationship” going on.
      But with a not so stable family already in play, a military scorpio that has “narcissistic fuq” written all over him – or at the very least self centered control freak – I’d advice to drop it off immediately.

      1. Ah yes but this is Pluto digging into her depths about what’s turning her on and right now a me me me Scorpio is doing it. So if she gets to grips with the driving force here she may not enter the arena for real but she must be given the chance to experience what it is for her without kid or partner to consider. Pluto isn’t about their stuff, this is hers to explore. Once an a ha moment is realised it lets things move on.

        1. My super personal opinion is that once a kid is in a picture, you do not get to “experience what it is for you without kid or partner to consider.”
          I mean without the partner possibly yes, but the kid cannot be ruled out ever.
          You don’t get to experiment anymore, because the consequences might reach the kid and he/she has to be preserved, at all costs.

          1. LightningButterfly

            This is beautiful, thanks. And thx for sharing your story too! Sorry it was such a hard road but I hope you st least got to live out a good love story.

          2. Even as a mother I still consider that you as an individual must exist first. Put your own air supply on first before helping anyone else. The best mothers are those who truly know and appreciate themselves and can then allow the little individual in their life to blossom.

            1. I have to agree with this from the perspective of someone whose mother denied herself every happiness or at least submitted to some shitty version of ‘necessity’ to ‘just get through’ whatever her perception of the family needs were. Result 20-30 years later, someone who is still bowed under the weight of whatever she things her duties are. South node in Capricorn. Honestly fuq that. Decided it’s not my karma

              1. I get that family life brings its own exigencies btw, I’m not a complete fool, and kids to a certain age are fragile, I think this triggered my frustration at not seeing her just bust out and stop freaking suffering under some delusion – we suffered hardship anyway – why not suffer hardship while also experiencing some fulfilment in other ways

                1. LightningButterfly

                  All Musticposts usually spark some sort of self-realization, so go for it. 🙂

      2. LightningButterfly

        MissDee, I knew there’d be at least one of you in here…your comments are pretty OTT judgmental especially since I made it clear I am indulding in a fantasy here. Chances of me acting on any of this are very slim…esp. now that the initial intensity has passed. As a fellow Gem, I’d expect you to understand a bit better. And yes, I’ve also had work flirtations that turned into actual long-term relationships and it could be messy at times.
        Also, not sure where you get “narcissistic fuq” from my description. Sure, he’s into physical fitness but he’s actually quite sweet. Full of compliments (for everyone, not just me) and seems to have a real desire to help others by giving advice. Now, could be overly much a control freak, for sure. There are signs of that…not my bag!

        1. Hi Lightning. I am not judging. I am in no position for judging anyone for a work place flirt.
          I was expressing my concern because I had very negative experiences and I inappropriately used the word “narcissistic fuq” because I was biased by my personal experience.
          I have returned to this post because I wanted to say that we are all seeing this post through our own personal “glasses” so here I will say it to you.
          By reading .your post I re-lived my experience and the fear of meeting that kind of a person again.
          It had nothing to do with you, sorry. And yes as a fellow Gemini I do understand what “indulging in a fantasy is”.
          Sorry for mixing my experience with what I wanted to express about yours.

          1. LightningButterfly

            No worries, thanks for saying that. I jus tipster something about how these Ask Mystic posts always seem to spark personal reactions. It’s all good!

            1. It is good, you’re right butterfly.
              Any chance to examine our feelings, triggers and even rage is useful. If a touch icky sometimes. Best of luck with your flirtatious filaments of fantasy.

              1. We all bring personal experiences & history to bear when responding to advice inquiries … it is part of the human condition.
                Perhaps is would be fruitful to read thru comments with a completely open mind & heart, understanding that we here, want was is best for all involved, but are also protective of what believe are good souls.
                I’ve learned that when unsure about a treading a particular path, that sleep, time, meditation, nature walks, aromatherapy baths — and some serious alone time, listening to the mind/heart/gut continuum — the right answer surfaces.
                Bonne chance, my dear. xx

  11. Going to echo sentiments of most of the above. My exp is also dont sleep with co-workers, if it goes bad, the woman is almost always the “punished” party that will be forced to go regardless of who is at fault. Plus, the scorpio will make sure it is you. Fantasy is better than reality in this case. When i get too obsessed with work crush, i try to deflate it by looking up enough info that will kill the vibe.

    1. LightningButterfly

      Haha….I like this. Only problem he is so secretive and doesn’t exist on social media, plus has a far murky common name. Haven’t come up with anything new….lol.

  12. Wowza. Talk about “throw back post”.
    Gemini here as well and yes I had my fair share of work flirts that turned into relationship and then didn’t end up well.
    But in your case – and this is my Moon in Taurus – please don’t.
    @Mystic said it better but here’s my experience: when the 2 worlds start mixing thing become very hard to handle.
    When you are crazy in love you can’t focus on work and this would make you face the “wrath of the Cappy boss”. When you argue you cannot take a break because, well, he’d be in the same office.
    Add a baby and a “open” (seriously?) relationship going on and you are up for hell.

  13. Oh God. Just don’t. Please. If your job is so unbearable because of anyone else, leave. Military Scorpio doesn’t care about you or anyone else. Military Scorpio is a trained killer and is antsy in an office and looking for excitement. This has less to do with planets or transits than it has to do with ego. I spent two hours (and $$$) today with a lawyer trying to sort out major stuff from a 28-year relationship that ended five years ago. There are two teenagers and me, damaged, distraught, defensive, sometimes defeated, but determined. We’ll be fine, but when families disintegrate it’s like a stone is dropped in a pond and the ripples keep going out forever. Nurture yourself so you can be the best possible parent to your baby, not a casual f**k for anyone, even someone with bulging muscles. Apologies if I seem strident … but it’s been a big day

      1. Thank you MissDee. It has been a huge step forward for me. I have two of the most awesome children/young adults in the world and have learned from the esteemed MM to trust the Universe and my instinct. Mystic rocks

    1. Not endorsing but do relate currently – how to circumvent one’s wandering mind from the possibility of what if it is the most spiritually heavenly and earth moving meeting of soul-bodies of all time??? In irony it also feels ruthless and conservative as I’m inspired to change from this too…regardless of the outcome this is probably the deal breaker…

      Could you imagine being independent anyway it evolved?
      Would you be secure in yourself, embrace creativity without partnership. I suspect I might be better alone now, and this might be one way to actually experience freedom in a manner I have never known…and it is NOT purely sexual…Here I think we know more of ourselves in our intersection with another so different, contrasting…can it be kept safe, clean, discreet, where you have a mutual respect, understanding?…

      In my case its also not a work crush, its a spiritual-health undertaking…and yes the protagonists is well built, stealthy, emotionally protective, and does know his own magnetism, he even is intrigued as I am of him, he is definitely has a scorpio vibe…the tests of authenticity I have been put through by him already…however it is an accident we really met at all…

      The recent Venus retro phase – Pisces conjunct chiron…it is surreal…I cannot subscribe to his life, yet I don’t care. I want my own, and somehow he feels a positive force…i know he has ego, is complex and careful, he will be taking care of his needs…and also forthright about me being responsible for me too…I know at this time I should be clear, address my past pains, hurt…seperate to anyone else…

      My neptune in scorpio is probably interfering with how he sees and experiences me…it is trine chiron now, and sextile my Pluto and uranus…I decided to step away when I realised it was too fast, I’m still “tied” and a parent too. I could not seem to resist or put up any veil….no hiding apparently!

      I haven’t slept so well lately as I try to weigh up if I should allow him into me, there have plenty of tears on the pillow…my body and heart feel moved to the core…however I’m blaming neptune…more than my Pluto venus transit…I’m usually so tough, after so long in one partnership…decades…and always straight up.

      Neptune is now squaring my IC and MC…saturn is squaring my own Pluto, mars conjunct/ and natal Chiron return, Pluto is on my venus in square to my north node….it is hard core…I have a grand trine with Leo north node 12th (yes secrets) to uranus in Aries (8th) and saturn (4th)….his presence feels good, I don’t think I will as my child is a priority yet – just his attention and honest words has awoken me up!

      Divorce hasn’t looked so good ever…Solo parenting even seems plausible…and I do not require a guarantee…all I want is a chance to be ME…whatever it effort it takes to meet the tasks required…

    2. LightningButterfly

      A couple things: my job 80% supports my family, so no, I can’t just “leave if it’s so unbearable.” What I can do is focus on my exit plan, which I am. Original plan was to only be in the job a year, collect my annual bonus, and bounce. And that’s so I can move my family out of the city we’re in…we don’t like it. Sucks azz that the only thing that puts this plan on shaky ground is my terrible boss. Otherwise, I’d still be a little bored but at least i’d be content.
      Secondly, I gave loose details about Mr. Scorp…I don’t think he’s a “trained killer”….he was in a college-based training military program for awhile and discovered it wasn’t for him. but i gave that detail along with mention of his punishing physical regime to give a picture of his personality – def. driven by self-discipline!
      Sorry to hear about your tough relationship ending and the mess of having kids involved!

    1. To my knowledge it already has. But I am no @Mystic.
      Venus is at 24° Taurus and soon to be moving to Gemini and Pluto is at 18°Cap where he’ll be sitting for quite some time.
      So my guess is that the trine is now “resolved”.

      1. It’s not the trines we have to worry about. It’s the squares and oppositions.
        In August when Venus moved into Cancer it will oppose Pluto!

          1. Well the square is long time gone and opposition – in my personal experience – can be quite enticing.

            1. Yes, of course that makes sense. I’m just wary of being enticed where Pluto is concerned but it’s hard to avoid sometimes. Pluto can sneak up on you and before you know it you’re up shit creek without a paddle.
              Guess I’m really feeling this Mars / Pluto opposition. Feels heavy.

              1. Well Pluto is about to oppose (again) my Natal Mars.
                This often turns out in me going back to being very active in sports.

                1. saturnplutoflux

                  ok, maybe this scenario isn’t a venus-pluto thing then… I quite like pluto though, i think its like one of those monster waves – you have to grab your surf board, jump on and really commit to the ride. Otherwise you just get smashed…

              2. Meh. Give me Saturn any day. I can’t ride those waves. I always get smashed…. in matters of the heart anyway. Even short term. Honestly don’t know why I bother sometimes. Oh yeah, I do. Fuqing Venus in Libra. *sigh*

                Natal Pluto/Uranus conjunction in 8th house square my moon. I have FIVE squares to my moon alone.

  14. LightningButterfly

    Wow. This was exactly what I needed to hear, Mystic. God, you’re good! 🙂
    I will come back and comment more tomorrow (nighttime here and I am typing on my phone), but yes, this is totally about me needing a break from all the work and responsibilities in my life as well as falling back in love with certain parts of myself.
    Particularly wit and writing. While my job is about writing, there is no creative in it whatsoever. So I am both bored and frustrated with all my low-level tasks….shared that with Cappy boss which didn’t go over too well. So, now I’m talking to HR about her again. :p
    As far as me and Military Scorp…things cooled off for a bit, which I thought might be due to me overdoing it a bit with flirtatious statements…like, for instance, when a coworker that he works with a lot moved to the cube opposite mine and he was coming over even more often…I said something to the effect of “you should be happy, now you have even more reason to come over here.” LOL. It was true but I don’t think he liked that too much. ?

    Today he actually said that he liked banter…so do I. I love it, in fact. The ability to trade wits with someone equally on board is irresistible to me. We went to coffee again today…but his time with my cube mate. Both of them came just for the company…I was the only one who actually wanted the caffeine. I thought that was really sweet of them, actually! And I think the thing with me and Scorp is mellowing into a more comfortable friendly, but yes still flirtatious, dynamic. And I am totally fine with that. You’re right that attempting any sort of secnday relationship with a baby is totally nuts. And I would never hurt my kid like that.
    Thanks for the interesting insights and not being judgmental…I was prepped for that because I certainly knew it was a bats potential situation I was describing!!!

    1. This sounds very sensible. 🙂
      And still I am dead curious on “the “tidbit of info” you dropped to the Military Scorpio that riveted his attention”. 🙂

      1. LightningButterfly

        Haha….I know. I don’t want to be too specific because who knows if any of my coworker’s could find this blog?
        It was something around an underground scene I was privy to through someone I dated in the past. One of the “gurus” of this scene has been written about here by Mystic. Scorpio has also delved into this a bit. And no, it’s not weird sex stuff. ?

    2. You’ve got this. “Military Scorpio is really just a chimera for you to fall back into love with your self? (please forgive the advice from an un-requested corner here but I am in the long and agonizing process of extricating my “now in love with my excavated self” Self from just such a scenario.)

      I relate completely to the drama play you are in right now, having stepped into that rabbit hole almost 3 years ago. (I was married for 18 with a child of 16 with a married man in same situation) Mine was a natal to natal zap of his Uranus to my “been a mother for 18 years ignored” Venus, so my “choice” was but a nano second and I missed it it. You however may still have a choice, so, MM’s advice is perfection.

      Get yourself to a Jungian analyst if you can, start deep diving with your under-swamp lantern and bucket, and fall in love with your deep hidden parts of yourself. (It all sounds trite until you lay your heart upon your buried soul-parts for the first time.) THIS is the best part of a love affair, especially a Plutonic love affair. (My discovery was that the deep hidden parts are what make those delicious in love with another vibes flow ALL THE TIME and on my own. This is what Uncle Saturn (I’m gemini asc and moon) want us to do. Uncle Saturn is has our souls and hearts in mind, although his methods are unpleasant lots of the time.

      (Because here’s the catch, that other Mr. Military Scorpio, has a heart, and this is where extraction becomes challenging, because after you fall in love with yourself through your affair’s ignition, you’ll have his heart to consider when it is time to move on, or clean up streamline your life again….)

      I admire you so much for your courage in all matters in this situation. And especially your courage to speak openly here.

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