How To Get A Capricorn Man To Chase You

Thrillingly, someone was so impressed with the advice given in What To Do If A Cancer Man Is Ignoring You that they sent me a similar question. It was nearly as succinct: “I am interested in how to get a Capricorn man to chase you. I am a Leo woman.

I used to get annoyed by these sorts of questions as I thought they demanded more detail. Was the Capricorn man her colleague at a drone laboratory? Her ex-husband who owed her money and slept with his parole officer but was still hot? A Tinder date who’d ghosted her?

But my thinking has evolved on this, and now I see the lack of context as a blessing. It allows me to offer extremely broad suggestions to anyone who might be interested. So here, in no particular order, are my ideas on how to get a Capricorn to chase you. I think this is pretty much gender neutral.

* Live in a vast haunted mansion with only your one remaining loyal family servant for company. Let yourself be glimpsed in fleeting poetic moments. For example; the perfect oval of your face gazing wistfully through the tinted windows of the limo. Or gliding through the meadows like a tree dryad of the golden ages. Your patrician bearing and elite-level tennis skills conceal dark family mysteries.

* Ensure the Capricorn knows that you only read literature or non-fiction written over a hundred years ago. You scorn contemporary writing, acclaimed or not. “Let’s see if it still holds up in a century,” you scoff.

* Capricorns climb. You could try being higher than them. Because they’re not going to clamber back down the mountain just because you’re frolicking in the meadows below. But a hostile corporate takeover, leveraged buyout or a dramatic attempt to out-earn them could have an aphrodisiac effect.

* Become brilliant at elegant, concise summations of situations. This Zodiac sign freaks at waffling whimsy, no matter how funny or ‘cute.’ But zoom in with something pithy and wham; their heart opens.

* Steal something off the Capricorn man’s front balcony when you are in his line of sight and then sprint. Admittedly, this is only a technique to be deployed for when you want him to literally chase you.

* Ask for their advice on a good dentist, tax accountant or something else Saturnine and suggestive of a person-with-their-s**t-together. Many Capricorns become accustomed to being lent on by overly needy people from a shockingly early age. Evidence of competence is more nurturing to them than actual nurturing would be.

* Remember that they’re not Leos. Leos are basically big cats. You can wiggle the human equivalent of a toy with feathers on it and entice a Leo. And there are Sun Signs who’ll pursue at the slightest hint of a new lingerie scenario. Capricorn? They’ll ask if you kept the receipt or it might jog their memory to check some commodities index. Don’t even bother.

* In homage to the mysterious Mer-Goat aspect of this sign, you could display an interest in esoteric topics. But as with the literature point above, reject recent rehashes of ancient data. Instead, head straight for the Dead Sea Scrolls, Gospel of Mary Magdalene and the Voynich Manuscript.

* If you wear fragrance, wear only one and weave it into a coherent scent story. That is, wear it as perfume, wash your floors in it, use it as a room spray and leave a scent trail for him to follow. It need not be expensive – Capricorns loathe extravagance, remember. But make it exclusive, artisan and linked to a stylish ancestral narrative. Examples: Your aunt Lucretia’s violet farm or an alchemist ancestor who isolated the essence of Dracula Raven Orchid.

* Capricorns heal by making money. Get in the way of this process or fluster their focus and the only way to get a Capricorn man to chase you will be by owing him a heap of cash.


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  1. I wooed my Cap sun partner by sending him quotes from the extremely sexy parts of the Song of Songs… “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for your love is better than wine.”

  2. Brilliant Mystic, so pleased you share these old posts on Insta so I see them. I am cap, with Leo moon and Gem ass.

    So many spot on things here that capture my attention. And more in the comments.

    Knowing myself well, another sure fire way to capture my attention is offering value to my, life, art and business… This is something I hate about myself, measuring someone up for usefulness… as it feels so using…. aaahhhh When I notice myself doing it I try to stop…

    The catch a glimpse of someone is incredibly potent and I can remember these glimpses years and years later. In fact I could write or tell the story of each of these glimpses. They frustrate the hell out of me though.

    Being visual, and touchy I notice what people wear… authentic looks that are sexy, strong, defined, hippieish and a touch kinky work best.

    Its probably my Gemini rising, but I just love genuine conversations and people… the cap in me loves people who take a genuine interest in who I am as a person…

  3. My father is a capricorn, and I had three cap boyfriends in total. The last one had a Scorpio moon plus a host of planets in Cap, super-complicated-but-powerful-and-attractive dude with depth and guts. So I know they can be worth chasing even if they seem too down-to-earth for some.

    One niche way to lure a Cappy in is to shine your intelligence, as the pithy-comment advice suggests. If you can’t or don’t want to handle their professional sphere and show off in that field, just be interesting in whatever sphere you’re interested in. Draw them into an analytical and complex (but not very abstract and too nebulous to handle) discussion. Make them think, or just present your sophisticated thinking on that subject and watch their admiration increase.

    Being cultured and well-read is also a go-to technique.
    Even criticising or contradicting them might work in a funnily effective way because that’s how you show off your competence/superior knowledge and/or your standards, and a Leo, I feel, could manage this very well. With one of my cappy to-be boyfriends I commented on his faux pas in a very specific situation requiring a rather arcane knowledge of etiquette. In hindsinght, I realise I probably could have heard him swoon at that moment if I paid attention, LOL.
    You can be well-read and knowledgeable even in something that might seem too flimsy to catch the attention of a cap man but if you present with authority, the sheer volume/depth of knowledge can be sexy to them, even if it’s in something weird.

    Also, yes, Caps thrive on having resilient, intelligent, self-sufficient and reliable people around, but they do have competence and seriousness in spades so I’d say they need soemone to provide the opposite. Like, someone who can manage to not feel intimidated by that demeanour and come up to them saying “look at this funny and cute picture of my dog” LOL. Someone has to make that bunch of hardies relax a bit so don’t shun playfulness (also a chance for a Leo to show their best side).

    Having a person who tells them “I think it was not your fault, you did superbly well in [the situation]” or remind them that their boss/father/any authority is lucky to have them should also do the trick. As suck ups themselves they enjoy being suck-up to (or at least being encouraged and absolved from their inner critic), to some degree. Leos love giving compliments, and if the’re genuinge and thought-out compliments (directed mainly at the stregth of character and/or skills of the Cap person), it could work miracles.

  4. Leo woman married to a Capricorn man here – spot on and already screen shot to share with the husband when he gets home in twenty minutes. He won’t laugh. He’ll ask how much I spent on groceries. Bravo Mystic Medusa!

  5. I had a Capricorn once… he was great in the sack but crap in the emotional relating department. I did really like him though, he was quite virile and earthy, solidly built, a killer drummer with a Virgo moon. I got his interest by being a femme fatale and not taking no for an answer. It lasted about two years… until I grew tired of him always putting his business before me. My Cancer moon needed more than he could give.

  6. Saturn in Pisces

    Not male but am Cap queer woman – I woke up today and promptly went on a massive, tearfully loud Aries Moon rant about people in my life with “no aspirations” who were “sabotaging” my “rise.” I quickly arrived at my favorite defense mechanism, “fuck everyone,” before sitting with that feeling and working hard to come to a more mature conclusion.

    I was making an effort recently to “evolve my character” beyond my perception of my natal chart, but I unfortunately lapsed into calling others “useless” and spent a good half-hour analyzing how “useful” everyone around me was to “the goal,” and I could not ignore astrology! 😉

    Caps look to others when professional advancement is, in their view, “stalling” or when they feel they’re not doing enough/are having trouble with faith on the way to the top (which is often/every day). At a low vibe, “other people”/relationships to Caps are kind of a stand-in for the kind of ecstatic orgasmic feeling that arises from tangible professional milestones. But in the “in-between” period between those milestones, the tough parts of the mountain to scale, others become essential… only, “others” are rarely good enough, in low-Cap’s view, and seem only to create more complications.

    As I grow older and more mature, I am trying to overcome this way of relating to others, based on their “usefulness” to my ends. I realized today that I did not so much care about “current status” of my friends or partners, only that they be passionate about self-improvement and advancement in the present and future, because it is indeed impossible for me to communicate with complacent or “comfortable” people. Luckily I realized that there are a precious handful of people in my life who are expansive thinkers who are always looking to do more. I realized too that, as faith and spirituality and esoteric activities occupy virtually all of my non-work time, I find myself able to have very fulfilling connections with people from various walks of life with various goals, so long as we can talk in-depth about metaphysical and esoteric topics. (Mer-Goat!) I’m in relationships for depth alone – total isolation is preferable to shallowness. When I do commit to someone, it’s %110. There’s no halfway. For me to really trust is a big deal, but when I do, and I’ve trusted the right person, I remember how connection (the ocean-deep kind) is an end in itself. I’m graduating from judging relationships by “usefulness” – instead I’m looking for quality and meaning and spiritual consensus. (Even if that makes me just as “picky” in practice.)

  7. so i was actually thinking more about the OP , and cap and leo vibes. i am solely working here on my Leo housemate and my cap moon, and what i appreciate in that energy:

    – carries self with self-respect, pride, even when drunk as hell etc.
    – a determined preference for quality experiences, objects and environments.
    – good at knowing the right people and having all the right moves.
    – A Leo Will Help Capricorn Look Good Without Even Trying. it’s like the leo specialty, like you guys really want the people around you to be shiny and awesome, because that helps you look good, too, and you actually see the light in people.
    – hustle. cap catnip.

  8. YASsss!! As a Cap, I fully concur! LOL – “steal something… from his front balcony.” Yes, a chase would certainly ensue.

  9. Perusing the responses and reviewing the question once more, ex’s justification comment upon exiting sprang to mind …”men are hunters”. There’s a world of difference between the chase and the enduring. Careful what you wish for. Remember, hunters usually kill and consume their catch. Ouch. Not good for long haul prospects. Just saying…in this Sat/Pluto weather.

  10. Spot on. although my Cap does like my lacy bits.. he also likes being seen as incredibly useful with handtools. I asked if he wanted to help with my floor renovation and next thing he was round in a flash with a sander and helping me re-do my kitchen…

  11. Spot on… although my Cap does like that I got some nice laceys but that could be his Scorpio undertones.

  12. I know a couple, he, Cap sun stellium, she Cap rising stellium, she, sun in Virgo, he, moon in Virgo and yes, seem to be true soul mates for sure.

    1. Curious… do you think the same element for their sun sign is important or just having a large amount of energies in the same element?

  13. Year of the Phoenix

    My brother and eldest sister are born on the same day, four years apart. Not long after New Year,, worlds apart until they became parents and shared a strong disciplinary streak.

    My brother is the opposite of the money chasing, wealth and status seeking Capricorn man. Living on the dole in NNSW since the late 80s, he is the epitome of the anti establishment, conspiracy theory loving, drug taking drop out. Takes micro doses of acid to mitigate the black dog.

    Best way to catch one of these types is to shun cities, make up and your sense of disbelief.

  14. Pinch their favourite “how to get ahead in..” biog and peg it!

    Oh Mystic you are a smasher! Apologies for my debbiedowner on Aries. Will try to see the grace in all signs, with tongue firmly wedged in cheek x

  15. Hmmm, I am a Cap woman and I am turned on by integrity. I like people who care about things and pursue what they care about (yes, including money). I find showy displays of wealth a bit pathetic. I love intellect but don’t like talking about it. I’m not sure if Cap men are the same but I have had a few chase me and I think they’re turned on by women who are smart, cool, and primarily autonomous but who will let them “take care of things” at times.

      1. My fiancé is a quadruple Capricorn and his favourite qualities about himself are his “jawline and integrity” lol

  16. A Capricorn man fell hard for me after watching me take money from customers at the door of my dinky beachside nightclub. Dirty US dollar bills filled my fanny pack until they were spilling out …he was visibly moved. Flushed he suggested we move those bills to a more ‘private and secure’ location, so that he wouldn’t need to protect me and my bills. He now runs a whore house in Cartagena.

      1. Funnily enough he was very respectful and protective of his employees and it was almost like he felt a duty to take on the role to guard them in ways others in his position would certainly not. He was a good egg. Just not my kind of egg!

      1. Haha, I can’t get over mm’s, “the only way to get a Capricorn man to chase you will be by owing him a heap of cash” I want to read a story about that!

  17. Many Caps partner with people younger than their physical age. I know m & f Caps that have mates 9-11 years younger than they. Also, accept the secret self-loathing of Caps: you will never change that.

    1. Yes! I had a Libra ex with tons of Cap energy and he notified me early on that he was looking for “fresh blood” – I was 6 years younger. He had a messed up Neptune and a bunch of mommy issues so that didn’t work out.

    2. I’m 8 years older than my capricorn fiancé! But the self loathing lol I think I’ll have to learn to live with that

  18. I was with most of this, but “Capricorn’s loathe extravagance” is not quite what I’ve experienced. I’m engaged to a quadruple Goat and let me tell you they bust their ass for to live a life of luxury. They work and work and build and climb so that they can live well. Maybe it’s better to say “they loathe a scene” — my goat is positively embarrassed by sloppy dramatics.

    1. Yes but luxury does not necessarily entail extravagance. A worthwhile investment in something they feel will endure over time, perhaps gain value or be timelessly stylish is not extravagant.

  19. Also never forget that all caps are very emo. They are basically some kind of Pisces/ Scorpio combo with a dry stone wall exterior

  20. As a cap moon, I actually agree with ” But a hostile corporate takeover, leveraged buyout or a dramatic attempt to out-earn them ” as secret turn-ons. Like, that’s someone who is planning for their future, hahah
    Also, absolutely no PDAs. Ever*. Just no. Have some self respect lol.

    1. This is really interesting, Pi. As a Cap moon, I can relate to this somewhat – ambition is a huge turn on for me, but then ultra competitive behaviour isn’t. And I’m all for PDAs!! Must be My Leo rising and Jupiter in Leo rising outshining the Cap moon. Or I’m Cap moon in the 6th, so maybe my cappiness is just confined to work realms. I do LOVE working with Caps.

  21. A Cappy took my heart and touched my soul many years ago, it’s a love like no other. I do sincerely wish I could have experienced life with him. I’m sorry there wasn’t a way this could have happened.
    Where I’m staying his name appears on a sign and that helps me get through my days here in recovery. I feel blessed to know that I’m capable of loving without conditions, I have him to thank for that.

  22. I have zero earth in my chart, yet managed to snag myself a Cap with Taurus asc and Virgo moon. I’m Pisces with Sag asc and moon, opp my Saturn in Gemini. Was it all the recent Saturn action with Saturn in Sag running over my asc and moon, forcing me to get my act together, that drew him to me? He had worked through the same issues himself some years earlier. There I was, making the tough decisions, putting in the hard work and happy to accept advice from someone who’d been there. I was needy, but not too needy. OK, so I might have no earth signs myself, but I was acting in a very earth sign way.

  23. No interest in Cap men after a recent disaster! Not my type. Being a Cap moon myself I though it might work, but nope. Give me a Taurus any day, I say. I need sensuality, tenderness and someone that can handle random waffling – it’s true, Cap’s can’t, they hate it! I’d say the advice is pretty spot on.

  24. Oh jeez I had three spanning two decades, one after the other, great loves, all of them. Here are my tips:
    – have a Cap moon or stellium of some kind – this will draw them in like you are the batphone or something. Figure out what part of your chart is Cap and do that to the max. Remember with Caps, ‘max’ doesn’t mean ‘big’ it means ‘the best’.
    – be better than them at something that they value
    – figure out what kind of status object/thing they are into and vibe that. Some like money, some like professional accolades, some like external validation, some like awards, some like intellectual smarts
    – have lots of rules about when things can and can’t happen
    – wear a really good watch/jewellery – as you’re a Leo you probably do anyway but the time thing is really important to Caps
    – bang on about your impressive/famous ancestry
    – be a little bit glacial
    – eyeroll when other people talk about “work-life balance”
    What Prowln says below about loyalty – it’s super important to them.
    I miss my Caps actually. All of them in different ways. If any one of them were to turn up out of the blue I’d be there like a shot. (I mean, glacially, of course)

    1. Lol you’re spot on with a few things. Admittedly both my Cappies have water moon signs so …. if they have a water moon sign and are Cap. Do not even bother trying to bullshit them for a nanosecond. Actually that reminds me of the third Cap with the Scorp moon … he was majorly judgy and money obsessed. Also self obsessed and moody. Erk.

      My Cap is in the 8th house ……… so I’m like a sex bomb magnet to them even when I look like a bag of boiled shit.
      Yes they are not threatened by your skills, talents or acumen. It’s an aphrodisiac.
      Depends on the Cap in terms of status symbols – they might be into it, but don’t necessarily expect their “other” to give a crap.
      I often take the piss out of my Caps obsession with his status things and tell him he’s being vain and shallow (oh the horror!!). Caps do not consider themselves either.

      1. I know a long-term Cap couple (bloke was Cap number four, I forgot about him lol) whose marriage seemed cold and loveless from the outside. I couldn’t work out how he stuck it out. Over time I realised that the way they build their empire is, for them, their chemistry; and the way they show their love for each other. Decades together and absolutely rock solid despite seemingly living separate lives. Completely different to my own multi-Pisces ‘destiny’ concept *insert cry/laugh emoji*.
        Although, said destiny concept has now been crushed under the weight of successive Pluto and Saturn transits to my 5th house Cappy moon-Lilith. Don’t bring me roses – provide me with a reference from your accountant. AND your dentist.

        1. Oh god i know a Cap couple like that in London. GLACIAL (as you’ve mentioned) is their MO. He’s a top lawyer, she works as a curator at the V&A Museum. They’ve been together for decades. They don’t like children & instead have a vast collection of antique glass from all over the planet. They’ve even bought a large apartment next to their house to keep said collection. In public they seem to talk telepathically, & if they do talk to each other it’s a series of posh vowel sounds that i can barely understand. They are both tall and bony and aristocratic looking as if they belonged to some ancient Venetian dynasty. In fact they both hail from normal middle class backgrounds – and if i didn’t know his sister (my friend) – a Cancer slob by comparison – i’d swear they were vampires from an Ann Rice novel.

          1. Bony. Yes! The Cap wifey I know works with teeth. She is very scary. Her hub had a massive crush on me for years – nothing happened, see above point about boundaries, ethics etc – but she has loathed me ever since. I’m still scared of her!

          2. their telepathic thing would be the cap instinctual ability to know when something is worthless junk, or its socioeconomic equivalent. but naturally, it’s not about shallow judgement. a cap would pull a catwalk model out of a prison lineup / antique emerald ring out of a $2 trinket basket … because they Know. or something. consider their opposite, the cancerians. a uniquely visceral response to the material world.

          3. Reading this in 2022, Skarab, so you may never see my reaction. But what a brilliant description of the London Cap Couple!

    2. Also, Leos in my experience don’t wear really good jewelry, they wear really flashy, gaudy jewelry. As in, tons of rhinestones but won’t stand the test of time, which disgusts Capricorn

      1. Interesting, all the Leos I know are into high end bling. I’m Leo rising with a big Cap stellium and so it’s only ever top quality for me! I kind of admire those Leos who can be flashy like that, I tend to be on the conservative side (Cap influence no doubt)

        1. A cap stellium and a virgo rising mixed with Leo like @narelle described above makes sense – earth is timeless, dust to dust, so you want your Leo status bling with quality that will last.

          Granted, I may be jaded. I had a Leo classmate ruin a class trip to France because she constantly wanted to go shopping. She held us up at the Louvre foyer to buy these hideous bedazzled sunglasses with two snakes that would intertwine along the sides, and we ended up with less than an hour to see the actual art. My Libra stellium still aches.

    3. Lol! The bit about rules is very apt. I’m a Cap sun female with a stellium in the first house. Scorpio bf jokes that I have rules for everything…. and I really do.

    4. A proper Capricorn would cringe a little inside, but also quietly appreciate, the noisy yellow top-down Lamborghini on the main drag. But cap wouldn’t be too worried because she has a classic Porsche and a bentley parked in her garage (or, she saved the bentley’s quarter mill for her managed investments and just drives the Mazda 3 around most days, because it does the job perfectly well, without the interest payments, and her income is nobody’s business anyway) 🙂

    5. All of the above and I would also suggest to make like a Virgo when it comes to attention to grammar. Nothing kills the mood for a Cap like a person who can’t use apostrophes correctly.

  25. hahahahahahaha …. oh some of your comments Mystic gave me such a good cack.

    Well I’ve had two of them … long term. So here’s my thoughts:

    – if you’re a Cancerian woman you are IN … or at least ahead of the pack already
    – have a great rack but just hint at the awesomeness of the rack within don’t shove it out there
    – make it clear that they’re not gonna get laid any time soon
    – don’t wear too much makeup – they’ll wonder what happens when your fake face slides off
    – wear your talents on your sleeve (art, political knowledge, kicking their arse at pool)
    – show your naughty sense of humour
    – cook them an awesome meal
    – most Capricorn men I’ve dated love animals and have a secret desire to “go bush”
    – be faithful and loyal, don’t even bother with the jealousy flirting with another guy thing

    1. Oh and also Cappy men often have amazing eyes … on the first date with my Cap I noticed it straight up and said “you’ve got amazing eyes … although I’m sure you hear that all the time.” It was delivered straight up, not flirty … just a matter of fact statement. He was so taken aback he blushed …. nawwwwwwwwww

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