Cosmic Compatibility

Would you like Mystic’s cool take on the astrological energy between you and your partner? A potential lover? Friends, family, and business associates? Run a Cosmic Compatibility report and instantly acquire super-useful intel.

Formerly Soulmating, this report still includes the more esoteric ‘soulmating links,’ but it’s enriched with 300 new potential alignments. It’s mood-elevating, accurate, useful, and fun. Yes, fun. Because it is super-cool to get celestial insights into our relationships and the people we love. Cosmic Compatibility is also brilliant for assessing professional relationships – just skip anything that seems luvvie-duvvie and go straight for the gold.

Turnaround: Immediate – your Cosmic Compatibility report will appear on screen after payment – click download to read right away or save as a PDF. that you can email to friends as a gift. The download link is also in your emailed receipt and stored for you under your Mystic account profile.

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56 reviews for Cosmic Compatibility

  1. LIsa G

    I waited a long time for this upgrade. I used the Soul Mating previously for insights on my connections with others. This latest and first Cosmic Compatibility is for myself with a spiritual sister of mine since 2016. She’s against giving anyone her birthday, location, and birth moment. She taught in China and quotes Chinese leadership and CEOs as never sharing that information as it gives away too many clues to enemies or competitors. I got her bday info for a Mayan Aztec report I gave her years ago. She forgot she gave me her birth year. She finally gave me the essentials I needed to put Mystic’s gifts into her hands. I printed it out and we read together our many connections in the cosmic compatibility. I told her how awesome Mystic was previously. She is definitely impressed and oh so pleased I got her to give me the information and give her Mystic’s fine gift.

  2. EdgeofJupiter

    Ordered two Cosmic’s because the first one was dynamite. I’m going to enjoy them over and over. Thanks Mystic

  3. EdgeofJupiter

    I guess my immediate reaction after ordering two of Mystic’s Cosmic Compatibility Reports was a sense of awe. Asking for a Report that compares my chart with an associate, who I admire but hardly know, and a second Report with someone I had known well for a very long time was amazing. It makes me realize how brilliant Mystic’s ability and knowledge is and how stunning astrology can be. Still working through it. Thanks Mystic, for yet another unique series of insights.

  4. Jellyz31

    Very accurate and insightful. I appreciate this new and improved relationship report. Thanks, Mystic!

  5. Original Scorpsta

    Absolutely brilliant! I ordered one for my horse – he’s very quirky and deeply sensitive but there’s something about our pairing that’s always seemed meant to be – and of course the report picked up on ALL of that. How he likes to test me, how he picks up on my emotional state, how we have different ideas about the kind of work, how we feel at home with each other, how our partnership needs to evolve slowly, how I sometimes block his more flamboyant moves (he loves a bit of breakdancing, I’d rather not be riding him when he busts out his moves). I could go on but basically, this report blew my mind. So much so, I got one for me and the dog too…

  6. Ammo

    The updated version was even more spot on than the first one! So crazy! AND we’ve gotten married since the first report 🥰

  7. xoCel

    So interesting! Very neutral and thought-provoking (classical Mystic), and yet informative so you can make your own choices and observe the situation from an outside perspective

  8. Narelle1976

    Great as always, Mystic 🙂 I like the new features

  9. Lizzybee

    I’ve gotten a few of these and they’re always on point every time I date a new fella. Why is this out of stock now tho. :/

  10. VivaEva

    Great to get a perspective you haven’t considered before, grounding sort of . . . well that is my daughter’s thoughts after reading her report for a new 3 month long relationship. Thanks Mystic

  11. Cupcake

    The report gave me great insight, however, I’m still left with a lot of confusion. I have been having strong connections with this guy for years and I can’t figure out why. So I thought maybe it was some kind of spiritual connection and I’ve been trying to understand how to read astrology charts every since. And like always, I either end up disappointed or I’m left with even more questions than before. This report only made me feel even more confused. If we don’t have all the signs of soulmates in our charts, then why is this connection happening to me? Why do I have such a strong connection with him? Why do we have so many parallels and synchrocities? Why haven’t I met him yet? And why does he not know that I exist? I just want closure, thats all I’m asking for. I feel like that once Ive got the answers maybe all of this will go away. I need to get myself together for my real soulmate (if I even have one) in the future, not be connected with a man that I apparently have no soul links too. He’s just getting in my way at this point. I don’t even know him! I don’t even know how I even got connected to him like this. I didnt even know he existed until he came to me in my literal dream. I don’t even know how i managed to dream about someone I never knew existed in the first place. This stuff gets pretty bizarre at times. Its not that I’m mad or anything, I’m just annoyed as to why would something like this happen if there is nothing significant behind it. Maybe its just me not wanting to believe that a man like him would ever be my soulmate let alone find me attractive in any way. Sorry to nag and rant but these results really made me annoyed. Its like being connected to someone who isn’t even your soulmate. What a waste of time. Anyways, thanks for the insight 🙂

    P.s. if we don’t have a lot of soulmate links but we have a few aspects that indicates a soulmate link, does that still count?

  12. Lizzybee

    Mystic is like the mother I never had. I mean, I have a mother, and she is wonderful as very Christian mothers go. But this witchery gene skipped a few generations and it’s slightly lonely with also only very Christian sisters. I have left the fold. But all is well in love and in divination thanks to Mystic.
    The Soul Mating Links is so accurate that it has confirmed all my suspicions with my last four lovers. (Well, one lover I met only virtually during the Covid-19 nonsense and we haven’t yet consummated the relationship :). The recent fella and I only have two soul links but since the first two had seven and eight links respectively, and they ended in heartbreak, I am hoping the new guy with only two links means we don’t have as must past-llfe baggage.
    I have become rather adept at using a pendulum and the tarot and am a Reiki ART Master so I’ve been able to discover myself why these relationships held the energies they did. It has been very uncanny how the energies of these past relationships felt heavy, but also why they felt like they were unearthing old wounds. Both of these former flames had Saturn square Venus energy and even though they had many other links, it was this linkage I think that indicated there was just too much heavy energy there for the relationships to take off. And I loved Mystic’s take on these links. I share her page and content as often as possible to anyone who will listen.
    Thanks to Mystic. xx..

  13. Agstar

    So I decided to do another report with my son and very glad I did. So many more links than with my husband and great to keep it all in mind as he grows.

  14. Nothing

    So I took another bite at the cherry and ordered a second report, based off a (different) significant past relationship. This one included a lot more information, which from the get-go was a different situation than the first report (where I just didn’t have many links with the other person).
    The volume of information in this report does reflect the fact that it was a complex, significant relationship, and one which I felt at the time and since was a “major” one in my life arc. Others have told me that they have not necessarily experienced their major relationships in the intense, compelling, and deeply connected way that I experienced this one, and MM’s reading does reflect this intricate level of entanglement.
    As to the accuracy of the information, there were certainly new insights there for me, which are very helpful in processing some of the more challenging aspects of the partnership that have bothered me since. Some of these were surprising and gave me a perspective I had not previously imagined. While it does not synch with all of the aspects I have seen previously in a synastry report on this relationship from other providers, nonetheless obtaining this report has been a therapeutic and validating experience, and given me more of a sense of peace regarding the meaning and value of this exchange within my greater soul journey.
    I would certainly recommend obtaining this report to gain a greater level of insight where there are strong and compelling undercurrents in your relationship.

  15. Nothing

    TBH I was a little disappointed with this report, but in saying that it was due to the minimal interactions between my chart and the other person’s, not the quality of the analysis per se.

  16. weathersystem

    I enjoy all of Mystic’s insights. But this one was very helpful because it explained a connection with what is really a stranger that is so intense and deep. By reading the report I got insight into the power dynamics and have been set free from his charms. Thank you Mystic!

  17. CapricornSue

    I was pretty happy with the review although no mention of his Saturn, my Sun conjunct which seemed a little weird, seeing as that is kind of significant.
    Thank you

  18. AKAPluto

    The reading is accurate but if you only have two aspects you just get a two paragraph reading. I understand that but don’t think it was worth the money. Perhaps if you could pay for three reports at once it would balance out? Otherwise really great idea and very well written

  19. PippaFort

    I can’t express enough how happy and impressed I am by this report! It was strange since it confirmed things I already felt about my romantic situation and gave me a lot of peace. Very cool stuff!

  20. Lucia

    I wanted another trusted perspective to help distill the essence of lessons of those bonds and encounters. Mystic’s reports confirmed and added to my understanding of how these connections have been catalysts for growth and consciousness with her now legendary distinctive zap nailing of it all.

  21. RitaAmor

    You won’t find a similar report anywhere else, so much clarity it offers. I was so amazed that I bought two of these reports for past significant relationships and it offered me closure and insight that’s unvaluable. Thanks Mystic!

  22. Agstar

    Great report! Although there were only two links with my husband, they were potent and spot on. We have been together for 21 years so it doesn’t matter how many links there are really but what’s there is completely relatable. Highly recommend.

  23. Lupa

    Best thing I’ve done for ages. Helped me get perspective on some very intense and weird relationships. So spot on ! I could recognise myself and the other(s) and the dynamics. Reading them I could recognise it all ! I also had a soulmate Thingy done for me and my son, and that was very interesting, and exactly as it should be. You are good at it Mystic.

  24. Annabella

    Harsh but pretty accurate. In the midst of a separation so was just double checking 😉

  25. Skarab

    I’ve been resisting getting this report on my partner and I, because I’ve had an astrologer before tell me that this relationship I’ve now been in for over 30 yrs, was most likely to not last beyond the lust phase. Well it could not have been further from the truth. Mystic’s take on this is so accurate, even in what seem small details, that it’s frankly spooky – and confirmed things I had deeply felt myself. I also discovered that my 2 favourite asteroids are linked, and it was the info on these that put the cherry on the cake. I highly recommend it, not least for it’s accuracy on quirky & peculiar details too.

  26. Enigma1976

    Unbelievably accurate in many respects. I only wish that I had read this report prior to naively walking into a vortex of merde of such epic proportions that my equilibrium has been spun out of control at regular intervals ever since. This was indeed a karmic relationship but not one I would choose again. My soul mating other initially presented as the male version of myself. I was so struck by his charm and felt so comfortable with him from the outset that I ignored all of the red flags, walked into the trap & was rendered blind for a hellish ride through four year mind fuq . Still extricating myself. A big karmic lesson for me.

  27. Pook

    Spookily accurate!

  28. Katjesmal

    I can’t believe how accurate this report is. It was laugh out loud at how it was doomed from the start and the exact circumstances of how it began. Mystic…knocking it out of the park as usual! xx

  29. Emis4magic

    I guess my husband and I have zero links out of 88? Because there’s literally nothing in the description. I’m not terribly upset about it but it’d be nice to have a paragraph letting me know instead of a weirdly empty report.

  30. Scorpleocap

    I purchased two reports at the discounted price on Valentine’s Day and I am currently totally freaked out by how much they resonate and highlight the two different themes of those two relationships. I’m pretty blown away. I might even grab a couple more – if not several – to shed light on other relationships.

  31. salcopy

    Kind of disappointing, but not Mystic’s fault! No doubt this was accurate but also a bit disheartening because the aspects between me and my husband are not all that great. It seems we’re together to learn lessons and grow from our relationship, but we’re not soulmates, per se. We’ve been together for 15 years and married for 13. We are quite different people in some ways, and I’ve known that since we’ve been married, but I may idealize our relationship more than I should. I’ve also been unhappy in it periodically for years, but I think every marriage has its ups and downs. There have been plenty of stressors since our marriage…financial, housing, aging parents, etc. etc. He’s still the person I’d lay down my life for, and someone I respect so much, which I think is a crucial aspect of a good relationship.

  32. emg

    Bought two. One for my daughter and myself as I know our hook up is a doozy, not anything like the norm. And one for my chap and me. Two reports both hugely different in their findings and of course, spot on accurate. Mystic has a turn of phrase that just helps nail it. And goes to prove that relating is not all cushions roses and cosy. My kid and myself very old, very deep, very much ships that have to pass in the night. And my man, the more we are together the more we individuate. I just wished there was more analysis to read through.

  33. Missi

    Loved her take on this! So relevant and applicable to both soul relationship reports I ordered!

  34. LIbrarius

    A frighteningly accurate look at a very complicated-yet-meaningful dynamic in my life, and a heartening interpretation of where it’s going and how to deal with it. I would even say this report validated some of my crazier hunches and gave words to what I had as an abstract vortex of insights in my mind. Truly valuable.

  35. Miranda

    Gained some valuable insights which, upon seeing them there in black and white on the screen, made so much sense to me. It’s especially helpful in crossroads-type situations where you’re interacting with someone who’s very closed off emotionally and maybe you want a glimpse into what makes them tick. I’d like to have one for everyone in my ‘soul cluster,’ tbh.

  36. Centaurus

    This is a well put together report and it’s clear that the thought behind constructing it has been intentional and with the desire to provide information that can be applied practically with Mystic’s signature style which resonates for me. I love the colour and mythology that applies to astrology but I also like to integrate the information in a useful way and this report ticks these boxes. Congrats Mystic and thank you.

  37. Catebla

    This (my report) simply confirms my very Piscean intuition. Thank you. It shines a light on bits of our relationship that needed a bit more scrutiny and thought. That’s why I love you and this site. It’s intelligent as well as deep and thoughtful.

  38. Georgialee

    This is absolutely BRILLIANT. I just did a report for my most recent ex and I and feel like I can cancel my therapist this week! It explained so much with so little and has given me a sense of peace and understanding. Our fate was written in the stars and it is perfect, so affirming. So worth the investment!

  39. Megs

    Okay, so in full disclosure, my initial report did not have the correct birthdate for me, and I didn’t realize this until I downloaded the report. Since I used a member discount, Mystic kindly gave me a GC so I could buy another report. She certainly did not need to do that, and it speaks volumes that she did. She was very kind about the whole thing.
    This report confirmed and validated my intuition. It explained things in a way that completely made sense, and provided valuable insights into my (very) strong feelings about the relationship, and the relationship’s overall purpose in my life.

  40. Temperance

    My partner and I have been together a while, and not for the first time in this life. I got this report to see the intricacies of our relationship and it explained so much. There is clear insight as to why we are back around, with clear perspective on why it’s bound to work – which added clarity for why it didn’t in the past. I’m really glad I got this.

  41. ddamascenaa

    I’ve gotten two of these so far, and they’ve really helped me see WHY a certain someone instigates particular feelings. The second one I purchased also helped me see that my current partner feels karmically familiar, but without the wound-based familiarity of my previous partners — really great testament to the progress I’ve been making in healing some current-life junk.

  42. gbs

    I ordered two reports and each was filled with the uncannily accurate and poetic insights that are characteristic of Mystic Medusa. All of the reports I’ve ordered from MM so far have been fantastic, but this one exceeds even those in the quality of the analysis, I think. Needless to say I absolutely recommend it.

  43. Incense

    Not only was this helpful, and spelled things out clearly, but it did just what I was hoping; cleared things up for me about what was going on between me and I colleague I had a crush on. I’d been feeling that even though we had a great rapport like a house on fire, when we weren’t actually *in* a conversation, I wasn’t on his mind at all and he wasn’t into me. The report showed that we had a TON of soul mate links, but that indeed, he was likely getting something quite different from the “relationship” than I was. My expectations and parameters are set lower and more realistically now.

  44. LIsa G

    I’ve been a mega-Mystic member for a long time. I do an astrology meditation of sorts each morning. I’ve had my chart done a number of times and put off doing one here because I’d done them elsewhere. I met a man… he seemed very spiritual and thought it incredible that I pulled together my astrology each morning as a meditation. I did it for him. He left me a message on my machine and said later he doesn’t ever leave messages. I told him how this astrologer in Australia has a voice that no one else has and how perceptive she is. He told me he would pay to have our charts done and the soulmate chart done as well. I ordered. To be brief I will say this… Mystic’s words pointed out things it could have taken me a long time to see for myself. At first, I was bummed and yet, when we spent our first time together it became very apparent this was not healthy for me. It was over before it really started and I’m grateful for that. Her words cut through the con, told me exactly what would ruin the relationship. I saw it immediately. He never paid me for the reports but I am grateful, I knew what to look at and saw through him as fast as I did.

  45. KAK

    I did this report on myself and a man I have known for 40 years – it was spot on! It is a great guide on the circumstances of the nature of our relationship – Neutrally setting the parameters for how we interact with each other – what levels we take it to ? well that is up to us !!!

  46. Lizzybee

    I was so entirely gobsmacked when I read this Soulmating report, just because I’d done so much “work” to get over a three and a half year long relationship with my non-boyfriend, and there was this residual “energy” left behind that was unsolvable. These questions that were left unanswered. I was NOT into “woo” before I met this man. I had just left a Christian religion a year prior to meeting this non-boyfriend (I’ll call him MB), and he had left a decade earlier.
    MB basically “saved” me from the cognitive distortions surrounding a myriad of subjects that our childhood-early adulthood religion had encased us in. He “saved” me a number of times, this anti-hero (an impoverished professional musician) who could never commit to me. When I met him, I was a single mom and co-dependent (a very religious stay-at-home mom in my marriage). On the drive home after our first date, I was awash in tears for this man (this has never happened to me before or since). I could not understand why he struck my soul. I literally said to myself after our first kiss, “I’m in trouble.” I was a virgin when I got married, was married twelve years, and never had decent sex. I didn’t even know if “that” existed. And sex with MB was otherworldly. I still have so much gratitude for him for “awakening” me in this way.
    During this time we were dating I worked fuqing hard to finish my bachelor’s, begin a Master’s, rise to the position of Editor-in-Chief and kick ass at life. MB, this anti-hero, eventually left me for a woman who “looked better on paper” and was “more stable,” (zero children) but who, as he explained, was “not as attractive to him, or as drawn to emotionally or intellectually.” This “more stable” woman showed up in my dreams before I discovered his “indiscretions” with her (I’d known they were friends and had run into her at least five times at random places without every having formally met her), and I felt deeply that the three of us had played out this narrative before somewhere. This strange love triangle.
    The Soulmating report described seven soulmating alignments MB and I have that were so very revealing, not because they were “news to me,” but because they perfectly described both our attractions and repulsions, and this otherworldly, “I knew you before,” pull. Will recommend to everyone interested in any kind of woo. Will be getting all birth data from next person who will be a real “boyfriend.” I love Mystic Medusa. She is so skilled.

  47. Gasha

    I was mind blown by the accuracy and language used. It really helped me with a perspective on my last relationship, that was so intense, transformational, beautiful and volatile at the same time. I really need some guidance with understanding how and why this manifested in my life and this was extremely useful. I think it is one of the best products on the website.

  48. P.Arthur

    I ordered one for me and my three year old son, and it was really fascinating. We had eight links, and some were particularly interesting: especially my sun being conjunct his north node, which seemed particularly apt for a father son relationship. Certainly worthwhile for relationships that aren’t either romantic or sexual.

  49. ThisIntuitiveLife

    I purchased two of these, one for a past love who I wanted perspective on, and one for a current interest and I have to say that I am totally besotted by everything Mystic offers. The reports looked at aspects I hadn’t considered before and I love going deep. I love the way she describes aspects and dynamics, it’s both unique and utterly accurate. I’ve been a long time Mega-Mystic member as well, and could never live without my membership. It’s become a guiding fixture in my life for at least the past 10 years. I’ll be a member as long as Mystic is a practitioner. I can’t recommend this report enough – gift yourself some clarity and insight, you’ll be delighted.

  50. TripleCardinal

    I did this report on a whim of sorts, but the results really got me thinking about the meaning behind the “soulmate” relationships. I did one for my ex-boyfriend, who I got over long time ago (4 years), but who stills holds a special place in my heart as in I still would have a loving positive conversation with him quite happily. No grudges or bad feelings, nor wanting to get back at all. The thing was…we were very compatible, but I liked him more as a friend. Even now I prefer we could have been good friends instead.

    Turns out, we have 11 soulmate links. What? Explains the complexity, the going back and forth, never being at the same place emotionally. In my opinion, soulmate relationships do not always translate to romance, but it is really profound experience that changes you a lot. So I am happy that with the help of this report I can now put that past phase of my life to rest as I now know what exactly went on.

  51. April Morning Star

    I loved this report. I have nine links with my husband which probably explains the complexity of our relationship!! Not always easy but the lessons are there to be learned! I only have one suggestion – a key to interpreting the symbols on the combined charts. I have studied astrology all my life but the asteroids are not so familiar. Perhaps also a brief explanation of the various houses and their influence on different types of relationships. Thanks Mystic love your work!

  52. aquaqua accurate. i feel

  53. S1993

    Totally blown away by the accuracy of this report. Spot on, very helpful in confirming what I felt with regard to the other person as well provided new insights and most importantly WHY! Highly recommend!!! Like all the reports offered – top quality!

  54. Louie

    I came home after a few wines and we organised this report for my not entirely available lover and I.. And was totally blown away. We thought we were just playing when we hooked up but the connection and passion we have isn’t quite earthly and the report showed me how true that was.
    It doesn’t give answers but helps me understand why its so difficult to let go.

  55. stinala

    I purchased three – one for me and my husband, plus for two past relationships that went awry to help me understand their purpose. Each report was SPOT ON. Totally blown away by the accuracy, and they’ve helped me to release baggage from the old relationships. I recommend 1000%!

  56. Neptunian Amazon

    I purchased this for my wife and I. We believe that we’re soulmates and I was curious to know where that fits in with the astrology side. I am amazed at how accurate the findings were. The reasons why we are together and how we feel when we are together were very accurate!

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