Dating The Zodiac: Aquarius

Aquarius and Dating?

Aquarius is the absolute poster person for the Treat Them Mean, Keep Them Keen brigade. Be “nice” to them and they’re off-planet. Erase them from your brain and they’ll be at your threshold, an ingratiating smile plastered across their alien features, like when outer-space conquerors turn themselves human for a bit by an immense power of will.

Are they original? Fuq yeah. Ludicrously technique conscious? Without a doubt. Able to be taken anywhere? No way. Shunning convention is not just an affection with Aquarius/Uranus type people – they literally loathe and distrust it.

They run on electricity, alien pheromones and strange sound-waves from the galaxy. Also, they are psychic but not in the muumuu gerbera call upon Archangel Michael dear style – it’s more like machinery talks to them. Plus, they don’t give a fuq if you think they’re a sociopath.

Don’t even THINK “long leash” because they’re more like space cats from Alpha Centauri than anything you could harness.

Mystic follower Josephine notes, ‘Female Aquarius sun here and my boyfriend is an Aquarius as well. We both can be extremely loving but also very unemotional. We both have what the other needs. But the problem is when we both want it at a certain time, the other isnโ€™t on the same wavelength. Weโ€™re best friends and we have a level of honesty and loyalty that I havenโ€™t experience with any other partner in my life.’

Thoughts on Aquarius and dating?

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  1. I am aqua sun. And for a long time I seriously thought Aquarians were great with their lofty goals and disengaged demeanor. But life has shown me something else: every single Aquarian I know has cheated. And often more than once with more than one affair partner. It is as if they have no morals, or they are very hazy with them. They also seem to feel absolutely no remorse and rarely, if ever, apologize for their actions. In their minds everything is justified and clear. This can in extreme cases also extend to other aspects of their lives – no wonder most American presidents were Aquarians. It takes a certain kind of moral fluidity mixed with unrealistic idealism to succeed in American politics. They are honest, but only with some things and if pressed hard enough. They are funny but seem to never manage the positive and humorous outlook all by themselves, they need a sparring partner, even a leader. With the right one, however, you will be in stitches! They can be creative, intelligent and curious. I personally am not fond of Aqua-men. I find that there is a good deal of opposite sex in the Aquarians. Women are quite masculine and independent in their thinking and lifestyles, men are too feminine in their fluidity and spineless morals. Might be just my experiences, but I have had a lot of Aquas around me my entire life and as said – I am one of them. Just keepin’ it real, folks.

    1. Do you know if it is mostly the Feb born Aquas who are cheaters or the Jan born ones? or all of them? My exp has been the later Feb born…Pisces cuspy ones to be the biggest cheats. (yes i know there is no cusp action acording to Mystic). I actually find Aquas to be amazingly loyal. maybe too loyal? like I can’t get rid of them loyal…. :p

      1. So far I have seen that the late-January ones are the worst. Oh, and once you were linked with an Aqua, you will never get rid of them. Loyalty? I don’t know… Loyal partners wouldn’t cheat. It is more like they consider you ‘their person’ now. They will forever check up on you when the fancy strikes and if the path to the bedroom is well-lit, also in there.

  2. I’ve had relationships with most of the zodiac (with the exception of Scorpio, Virgo and Pisces) over the last 30+ years and my Mr Now is an Aquarian Sun/Cancer moon Dragon. He’s the most befuddling of all – which is exactly what an Aries Sun/Pisces Moon Dragon needs.
    Couldn’t work out if he was so weird because he’s a) a sportsman (no experience whatsoever with one of those) b) an African (as above) or c) an Aquarian (first ever) or whether it was the insane combination.
    Aloof? the word was created for him. It took more than three years to get close – I just hung in there because it was so intriguing and he’s so hot. He’s never intentionally mean. Brutally honest, yes, don’t bother fishing for compliments or you’ll get a response that is definitely not what you expect. Never takes things personally makes him SO easy to deal with. Never holds a grudge. Never says ‘yes’ if he doesn’t want to do something so you know exactly where he/you stand. Does everything to his own plan and personalised set of lofty high-minded morals. He cooks, cleans, irons, washes clothes, generally takes care. I give him so much space (often am in another country) he adores it and keeps him wanting more and he’s been drawn closer and closer. He keeps me on edge (with his crazy mixture of predictability and curved ball thinking) and in line. Now he’s utterly committed and it’s an awesome, if odd, thing.

  3. โ€œIโ€™m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you canโ€™t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell donโ€™t deserve me at my best.โ€- Marilyn Monroe (Gemini)

  4. Female Aquarius sun here and my boyfriend is an Aquarius as well. We both can be extremely loving but also very unemotional. We both have what the other needs but the problem is when we both want it at a certain time, the other isn’t on the same wavelength. We’re best friends and we have a level of honesty and loyalty that I haven’t experience with any other partner in my life. The only other boyfriend I had that was Aquarius was my first and I was 15. We were not only lovers but best friends as well.
    I don’t really care for partnerships unless I’m head over heels. If that is the case I’m wildly passionate and committed. My current boyfriend and I work so well together because we let the other do their own thing without feeling needy or co-dependent. Plus I have a clear mind and clear heart because I trust him so. The same with him. I fell asleep one night at my girlfriend’s and didn’t wake until around 4 am (very out of character for me), he text to check on me but there was no extreme psycho dialing or incessant texts. He knows I would never be unfaithful. Had that happened in some past relationships, the guy would have gone through the roof and jump to conclusions.

    1. I usually find Aquarians feel deeply but yes, are not ’emotional’. That’s fine. I value honesty and playfulness more over ’emotion’. I got enough passion and emotion for a whole continent, you don’t have to I tell ’em ;P

      1. I think you’re totally delusional. What you think is “emotion” and “passion” in yourself is actually hate and jealousy.

  5. I just ended a’thing’ with an Aqua after finding out two days ago that he is married with two small children. I called him a sociopath in the text I sent him. Looks like that barb will be water of a ducks back to him lol.

  6. Really warming to Aquas after reading these comments.

    I have Psyche and Saturn in Aqua. Venus in Libra trine Saggo moon in 11th. I like my freedom and space.

    My one true love and longest relationship was with a Virgo with Aqua moon and rising.

    1. I just love them. Happy to be the ‘loving’ cup of earth to hold their water. As long as they like lap at the waters long time ;P

      God I’m smutty, lol *face in palm*

  7. Ive dated and otherwise “romantically sized up” a few Aquarians in my time.

    One common thread Ive found from my past is that there is something going on with the Anus with them. Either obsessed with bathroom humor, their bowel movements, anal sex, anal smells(long story), cleaning or lack thereof in that region, preoccupied with my anus, etc. It can get pretty weird with them. But you know, Uranus is their ruler and all…. so yeah.

  8. I’m an Aqua female (Saturn, Sun/Venus, Jupiter, Mercury) & have never dated an Aqua man – somehow I think it would be a bit incestuous, like taking the fraternity-brotherly love thing a bit far. That creeps me out,

    & perhaps it is also that we simply aren’t in one another’s wobbly Uranus orbit. Libra, Leo, Scorp, the occasional Taurus experiments more my style

    1. Haha – I notice you mentioned fixed sign and signs ruled by Venus. Experience has shown me that Aqua vibes well with Fixed Signs and with the Venusian vibes. I think the warmth of Venus comforts the Aquarians even if they don’t admit or (or are even aware). As long as they are respected, given space and loved objectively and sincerely they’re pretty damn happy to know you ;P

      1. I think it is the dignity of the fixed signs, that loyalty can be an unspoken thing & a given; Aquarians are a tranquil lot & don’t mind cosying up with reliable types. The Venusians provide them a peaceful environs that is calming & supportive & encourages them to express love & affection in non-demanding ways helping them to fully flower emotionally

        1. I’m a five-planet Taurus (Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Chiron) with both my Eros and Psyche in Aquarius. I want my space to pursue my creative and intellectual goals. I truly value the creative, witty, insightful soul who truly SEES me and accepts me and chooses to love me for who I am with no fences. But I also want to know that one is the one who will be steady and have integrity when we are not in each other’s orbit. I think that’s why the haute Aqua’s (and Leo’s and Scorpio’s) and I vibe. It’s the perfect balance of space and intimacy, intellectual and sensual. A little slice of the infinite heavens right here on earth ๐Ÿ™‚

            1. Ditto. I sense a beautiful drought is coming to an end and a gorgeous male specimen is about to ignite and electrify WITH moi ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Ok credentials. Me, aqua sun and jupiter; him, aqua rising. Being with him has the been the most challenging and rewarding thing I’ve done, mostly because his aqua qualities hold up a mirror to my own. So no, we’re not easy but I think a lot of the pain and confusion of aquarian attractions is caused by a basic misconception.

    Aqua’s don’t want to merge- the challenge of being with an aquarian is to be self-determined. All the time. So when you’re feeling a little sooky and just want connection to avoid doing the thing you should be doing- ie. following your passion- the aqua you demand attention of will be following their passion or wishing they were able to. It might seem like they’re being remote, but really they’re just doing the thing they need to be doing. If you follow your passion too you will find an interested aqua by your side, keenly interested in your life… because you have one. Even if you just take it on as ‘the best revenge is living well’ this approach will get you more aqua attention than demanding it will.

    Unfortunately this doesn’t lead to many comfortable nights zoning out in front of the tube, but it can lead to rich and engaged life. If you need someone to give you unconditional love and attention whenever you want it, I recommend getting a dog. They are awesome at that.

    1. “It might seem like theyโ€™re being remote, but really theyโ€™re just doing the thing they need to be doing”

      That sounds so appealing to me because I’m always doing the thing I need to be doing.

      I want an Aqua now. ๐Ÿ™‚

      And yes, some people would be better off with a dog. LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    I’m hopelessly gooey eyed for Aquas! I’m attracted to their independence, Uranus thinking & the fact you can’t fit them in a box; totally unique. I’ve been with Dr Aqua since 2006 & our relationship is never boring! I have to say the ZZ last year challenged our relationship but we both took a major step back (space works well for us Gemmy’s as well as Aquas) & we found our way back to each other. Because lets face it, there is no-one like an Aqua ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Oh us Aquarians…so unmanageable! I have a Sun, Rising, Mars and Saturn in Aquarius. Uranus conjunct Pluto in 7th house and a Leo Moon on the DC. In other words I am an expert on dating Uranians. Yes treat em mean keep em keen SOME of the time I suppose…but I think it is more nuanced than that. They need deep space, as in you truly trust they will be honourable so that they are FREE from icky psychic sticky webs of guilt, worry and resentment. I find Aquarians amazingly psychic- probably sensitivity to electrical currents/hormones or something like that, who knows? So no point pretending to be cool when deep down you just aren’t…we sniff needy/wanty from a thousand miles and its off-putting. Playing power games will just bore an Aqua lover to tears and suck the life and joy right out of them. Aquarians run hot and cold like blinking fairy lights passion wise but are steady and loyal in friendship, so if you have a true, honest friendship with your Aqua lover then you can be assured of their fidelity, honesty and loyalty even if you live on different planets. Of course, all this is null and void if they have a Mars Neptune square, in which case, RUN screaming for the hills!

  12. Yeap those Aquarius dudes are a trip. Sociopaths who don’t give a damn funny, not funny, how cold they can be with such warm depth! The men I knew were like walking magnets for everyone publicly and then privately oh my what messy psyches and ruthless. Hard to dispel them in my experience but still love those men. Lucky for me I found a magic wedge to prevent me from getting all gaga over any again. Phew!

  13. So spot on mystic….quite gratifying to read your analysis of the Aqua headfuck routine. I always new my mother was a selfish freak but was so surprised to be totally annihilated by an Aquarian recently. The rules of mutual respect just did not apply and something so sweet quickly became a study of how not to let myself be treated. Before I knew it, I was set up to fail. It took me months to work out that I was not meant to understand or be able to work through the laberinth of issues vocalised with off the cuff meanness. The only way forward has been to quarantine and cut ties, which yes, you guessed it has prompted a whole lot of appreciation and respectfull but now unwanted communication. I just don’t get it!

    1. Aquarian people can become very confused by intense emotions, the sign is ruled by the central nervous system & they are acutely sensitive to the thoughts & feelings of others. If you examine the relationship more closely & honestly you may be able to pinpoint what was triggering this person off, think of the things that Aquarians find intolerable, being compared to your own mother might be one of them

        1. I’m sorry you feel that way, it certainly wasn’t my intention (to be condescending)
          I noted that you spoke of your Aquarian mother’s undesirable characteristics & those of your (former) Aquarian partner in the same context & was interested to make comment, it is my experience that these people are not usually given to extremes & only spin out when under pressure or when stressed,
          I may be wrong in this instance & meant no offense, Aquarian & proud!

          1. That you imply that I somehow confused the relationship with my ex with the one I have with my mother is not correct. Nor is it correct that I compared these relationships at the time as an Aquarian thing. The assumption that I have not honestly examined these relationships…well..all 3 together is quite offensive. Thats ok online forum and all. I do respect that you are Aquarian and proud. My initial response to Mystics post was inspired by how spot on she was re my ex, but the language I used could have been gentler. The cappo posts last month were also quite challenging!

              1. Ok, you may or may not have noticed that I said sorry? The point I’m making is that we often project, be they positive or negative, behavioral patterns & expectations learned from our parents onto our mates, it’s a purely unconscious thing, perfectly normal & to be expected. I don’t want to get into a heavy or heated discussion with you about the anima & animus, oedipus complex & all that, it isn’t necessary, but since you’re a Cap it’s quite likely you have at least one personal planet in Aquarius, you’re moon would be very revealling too, by sign, house & aspects. I mean if we really want to grow in understanding it’s important that we search out every angle, transits, progressions, composites, the whole picture, that’s what I was suggesting; I have Mars in Capricorn so am not entirely unsympathetic & would be interested to know more

                1. Ok then – in the interest of cappo- Aqua relations. I have a shallow understanding of astrology and leave it up to the experts so I’ll give info as I can, which is pretty basic. Moon = gem, ascendant = libra, Venus = cap, 4 more in sag (including Mars)and 2 more libra but no Aquarius. Most of my chart is clustered around the base with my gem moon and cancer Saturn in the mid heaven above and Chiron in Aries and Jupiter in Pisces setting. Sorry if it’s a bit rough.

                2. Oh yes and I did get a composit chart done and explained. It was vey interesting, but revisiting it all is of little interest right now as it is all firmly behind me. Mystic did my transits and said I had some kind of dangerous sexy man dreaming ๐Ÿ˜ฎ / creative genius thing going on which I am happy to run with!

                3. Ok, first & foremost yourruling planet Saturn would’ve been veryantagonistic toward yourformer partner during his trip thruScorpio.secondly the Uranus-Pluto square would’ve knocked yourchart around being on the cardinal axis, & Uranus is the former partnersruler! Thisis a verynarrow box so unless you wish to starta newthread I don’t think I can continue, but you get the general idearight?

      1. I sometimes become quite zombie-fied in certain situations, where people are negative and listen to my loved ones problems literally 24/7 that it comes out my ears… but I feel, and expressing… there are simply no words besides… I need to stop and be alone.

        I have 5 placements in Aquarius and am intrigued by Pisces folk as I want everything to simply flow.

  14. Venusian Liaison

    I’m seriously involved with an Aqua 7th house / Leo Rising and honestly he loves adoration (hello Mr.Sunshine King) but just takes it and doesn’t return it UNTIL I ignore him. The more I’m off in my own happy self-possessed world, the more he fawns, almost from an insecurity-esque position (you still love me right??). My pluto control freak 1st house has to keep in check or I just get bitchy over this. Always a balancing act with us.

    1. My LZ crush was on an Aquarian with an Aries Rising. This 5-planet Taurus Gemini Rising admittedly has a silver seduction tongue and I had that water bearer literally tossing his air basking in all my sweet words, lol. I loved when he would just grab me and kiss me quick when I would put the honey words on him but than poof – he backs off. It was obvious I got under his skin but he did all he could to resist me hence why we never moved forward. Damn shame, it was friggin’ electric like it always is with those fine-ass-hell Aquafolk ;D

  15. As an Aquarius I can attest that this post is pretty much one hundred per cent legit!

    I’m not sure if I’d say treat em ‘mean’ keep em keen though. More like give them all of the space and then some and you’ll be fine. A mate of mine tried to set me up with his friend – sample response “I cannot go on a date with him. He’ll fall in love with me. Boys fall in love with me and then I can’t get rid of them. Not happening”

    I’m not sure where exactly my ego comes from but definitely as an Aqua clingers are an absolute deal breaker.

    1. I don’t get it either, from my experience if you treat’em mean you end up with one highly confused, temperamental & probably disinterested Aquarian. We’re not glib like the mutables, or gung ho as the cardinals, we’re nice friendly fixed folk with little time for scheming, strategies or game playing, so what gives? Thing is with both Aquarian men & women their perception is so uncanny they know exactly what’s going on anyway; What’s the point? they’ll shrug & say, but they won’t hold it against you, they’ll only put it down to some peculiar freakish human behavior of yours, curiouser & curiouser??

  16. I have dated two Aquarians in my time and never again will I go down that path. One was perfectly fine but I don’t think it would have ever gone beyond casual dating. He was an over-achiever and pretty hunky, looked like a total yuppie, but when you got to know him he was into counter-culture and had some pretty obscure interests (many matched mine). Most of the guys I date that are into the same music “scenes” as I am all look the same so I liked that he was totally not what you would expect. Overall he was fun but very hard for me to read plus it was a long distance relationship with very little promise. It ended amicably.

    The other guy was a complete psychopath. Like clinically, I’m sure. But he refused to ever go to a therapist. There were times when I actually feared for my life around this person.It got pretty serious when we split up. He was constantly threatening me with violence, stalking me, threatening to destroy my reputation by sending private pictures he had of me to my employer. I ended things with him four years ago and to this day he will send me e-mails about how he will never give up, how I am “the perfect woman” and the “only woman for him”. It would be flattering if it was not coming from a complete psychopath. He used to spend loads of money on lingerie for me and the more I think about it I feel as if I was simply an object he lost that he would like to see returned. He claims to be obsessively in love with me but in the same sentence threatens my life and the lives of those around me since I refuse his “love”. I was drawn to his eloquence and intelligence at first. He is blessed with a silver tongue and I often found myself actually indulging this person in conversation because he would find ways to convince me he was sane. That was before all of the threats. I have blocked him from everything yet he still finds ways to track me down (he is a computer technician and bragged about being a hacker in his younger days). The state I live in requires there to be a documented case of physical assault before a proper restraining order can be put into place.

    To this day I will sometimes start to panic, remembering that he is still out there. This guy is a plague on my life.

    1. Venusian Liaison

      So sorry to hear about the Aqua stalking. The sick part is the more you push him away, the more he wants. Sending you some anti-stalk angel energy. <3

    2. In this day and age ! They still require evidence of physical violence. Shameful and backwards. What an utterly shitful situation this is for you. I want to offer all manner of Venus-in-Aries-isms but I would sound like a total jerk. Hmm. I wish I had a global vigilante squad at my beck and call to squash these people like the cockroaches they are. No offence to cockroaches.
      Peace xo

      1. It’s such a double-edged sword. Some sociopaths have learned how to hit without showing bruises (or punch in areas traditionally covered with clothes). There is also the very, very SMALL amount of clandestine people who make false accusations and sadly, I have known of said individuals. Claiming something isn’t enough, but discounting something because someone was clever enough to know HOW to manipulate and abuse is vile. It’s such a double-edged sword.

    3. At the very least this would qualify as stalking. The guy is making threats to harm? If they’re in writing then there’s a case. If in Australia there are also options for misconduct orders – no need to prove violence just harassment. (Which sounds like you’re getting)

      1. Yes – stalking. It’s taken seriously here in Aus and the police have trained units that are sensitive to domestic abuse cases. If you are in another country then perhaps try contacting a women’s health or community centre, even a refuge for advice and information about what you can do in your state.

        Regarding the panic feelings you have been experiencing – this can be a symptom of post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD and is very common for people who have experienced abuse and/or stalking. It is absolutely a violation on your personal right to feel safe and you are perfectly entitled to take it seriously. Have you considered getting some counselling? PTSD often requires support in order to resolve and can become worse over time if left untreated.

        More info here:

        I really encourage you to get some support and try to not get through this alone.

        1. Great practical, supportive, straight-forward advice prowlncrab as always! What a creepy douchebag this jerk is. And yes, often in a DV situation police ask re physical assault because it is easier to get a restraining order pronto with clear proof, BUT they are well aware of psychological abuse and intimidation- and stalking is a crime in every State and Territory of Australia. Police do take it seriously, especially if you are trying to leave the situation – the stats prove this is the most dangerous time for women.

        2. Thank you, I appreciate your help. I have seen several therapists over the years regarding many things in my life, and have spoken about this particular incident to a professional. I have done a lot of healing over the years. And although it is wise to never let my guard down with this person, I am no longer in crisis mode. It’s true that there are times I still feel paranoid but mostly I have come to terms with things. It helps that I have and have always had a supportive group of friends and family. But yes, I definitely took those steps in the past to try to heal.

          I really hope I was not too much of a downer with sharing my experiences, I promise it is not a cry for help.

          1. God no .. I did not take it as a downer and found your post courageous. Sharing honestly about these things is one of the first steps in stopping cycles of abuse. So many victims internalise the abuse and think it’s their fault, are shamed and feel isolated. Talking about it helps others … someone could be reading this thread and identify their own situation. It may empower them to do something about it instead of feeling hopeless and stuck.

            Thanks for clarifying that you’re not in crisis anymore though and I’m glad that you found the support you needed. xxxx

            Oh and like a few others have said, I did not take this as an Aquarian thing. It’s a DV thing.

    4. Sociopaths come in all signs. Mine were Taurean, Capricorn and Gemini respectively. He sounds like an asshole, not an Aquarian. Don’t even indulge his idiocy for a second.

      1. True, he just happens to be an Aquarius, but mostly I attribute his sociopathy to a harsh upbringing (which I used to have sympathy for). This person made it a point to isolate himself, has no friends or family and was not used to receiving any kind of compassion in his life so he really clung to me when I showed him affection. But he obviously does not know how to handle things like a stable minded adult and I tried to get him to talk to a professional many times but he refused. He does not see anything wrong with his behavior.

        I live in the states, Ohio specifically. The worst part of his harassment happened years ago and I asked my parents to help me get a restraining order because I was a bit younger and not sure how these things worked. And yes, it is super shitty that the police could not do anything. It honestly may have changed now, I really should look into it. He has calmed down since though, and the most I get from him now-a-days is an e-mail telling me he misses me. I have not responded to anything he has sent in years. He used to send me chocolate covered strawberries and roses and I would just give them away to friends, strangers, whatever. I do not want anything to do with him.

        Anyway, I appreciate your concerns and willingness to help. It’s very kind.

        1. Mine was a Taurean who also had a harsh upbringing. I found out through exes how extreme it actually was. However, he’s what, 48 now and still exploiting and abusing people. I will always regret not taking out a restraining order against him. Thankfully when people leave him he doesn’t chase them but wow, it took me quite a few years to cleanse from the rage and violation one feels. I met mine in Australia but went back Stateside with him which is where it got psychotic.

    5. Oh my god, you’ve just described my soon to be ex-husband and our relationship to a T. My Aqua was emotionally and mentally abusive, very controlling, very suspicious, very angry and rigid. I’m his third wife and all three of us left him for the same reason. I think he could be a psychopath/sociopath as that would explain his incredibly distorted take on life but I’m not sure. All I know is that the man I dated and fell in love with is not the same man I married. The veil fell off within weeks of the wedding and I have spent the last few years living in hell–love bombing one day followed by weeks of drama, gaslighting and fear. He continues to beg me to return to him while sending me nasty emails accusing me of things I have never done or would ever do. It’s projection gone haywire. I was questioning my sanity while I lived with him but am now beginning to get a grip on my life even while I question how the hell he snookered me-and why didn’t I pay attention to the red flags that showed up while we were dating. I too felt like he saw me as an object and that he treats women/people as replaceable products. He continues to believe he was the best husband and that I need to work on my issues and return to him. I could go on but suffice it to say, I am anxious to get him out of my life. I will never be free from him. I woke up at 3:30 this morning after yet another terrible nightmare. Six months separated and I am still suffering from what was done to me–the invalidation, the cruelty, the gaslighting, the never-ending circular arguements about his crazy and invented suspicions. I’m trying to rebuild my life financially since he destroyed it when he insisted I quit my job because I’d be at risk of marital tempatation. As it turns out, he was cheating on me with one of his colleagues. I wouldn’t wish him on my worst enemy. This isn’t an Aqua thing, it’s a psychopathic thing. And yes, the more you push them away, the more they need to prove something. Be very careful, these psychos can snap at any moment. I’m considering a cross-country relocation once the divorce papers are filed this month because he scares me sick.

      1. UGGH, I’m so sorry, and yes, to everything you have described. Absolute insanity. He also urged me to quit my job! He had this whole idea of me being a sort of house wife/sex slave that he wanted to take care of. He acted like he was some kind of hero, giving me shelter and security but in reality it was all about control. He thought he would buy me. But even the gifts he gave me he would later hold over my head as if I “owed” him something. Completely sick.

        You are right that it isn’t necessarily an Aqua thing, I guess when I first started typing my original comment I was thinking of the Aqua traits he did have, such as the techno savvy and a completely unusual world view. But above all yes, he is clinically not stable. The fact that he had nothing to lose was even more frightening because I totally could have seen him following through with his threats.

        Best of luck to you. No one deserves this!

      2. Hey Plutonic Gem … I’m sorry to hear you’ve been through this and I hope that sharing and identifying with others helps you feel supported – you are not alone. Six months separation may not be enough time to fully process what has happened for you. Sometimes the natural reaction in traumatic situations can be to numb out – until it is safe to feel again. Then all those high powered emotions like fury and grief can come up and overwhelm the person. Be assured that it is a normal process and that you can get through it. You probably won’t be the same again – but instead stronger and more grounded in your power. If you identify as a Pluto influenced person then you will be familiar with the process of death, regeneration and rebirth that follows.

        Perhaps some of the links and info I provided above may benefit you also? In any case take care of yourself and don’t be afraid to reach out if you feel you need support. xxx

        1. Thank you so much for your compassion. I can tell you know exactly what I’ve gone through and what I continue to deal with as I process this grief and the incredible sham of my marriage. Yes, I have a pretty harsh Pluto signature in my chart. I’m not your typical Gemini (is there a typical Gem?) and my entire life has been filled with tragedy and unusual circumstances but this marriage–to the man I thought was the love of my life–nearly destroyed me. Just reading your comments and those of others who have experienced a relationship with a sociopath/narcissist, has me crying as I write this. It’s hard to talk about what happened to my friends and family because none of them have ever experienced this. They thought he was odd and they were worried that I was becoming increasinly isolated and quiet with them but they had no clue how bad it was until I finally left. I think I’m doing okay but I know I’m far from okay. I’m working, making polite conversation with family and colleagues, but I have been scarred so deeply by my relationship with a man who I believed was the love of my life that I don’t even know how I will ever learn to trust myself or others again. Sorry for hijacking this thread about Aquarius and thank you for the links. I know I will get better with time and that I have to work through my feelings, one day at a time.

      3. I “knew” before I got involved with mine that something was wrong. I literally had visions. When they came tumbling out during our first (yes, FIRST) phonecall he accused me of racism and projection. Two years later when I left and did a background check in turns out EVERY SINGLE THING I ‘saw’ in my mind and said was actually true. That was the big ‘trust yourself’ lesson for me.

        One thing about us lovers – sometimes we see what we want. We fall in love with the potential of the good moments and excuse away the bad. We all have bad days, but abuse isn’t bad – it’s abuse. May we all have compassion for ourselves enough to let go and move onto better spaces. And may we have compassion for those who suffer with their sickness – but not at the expense of our own health and insanity.

    6. Although none of my exes have ever EVER taken it as far as this whack job, I have noticed a pattern of the men I split with trying for years after to get back with me. I’m not sure if it’s because they did not expect the split to happen (I have very little patience for being treated poorly and will leave pretty quickly if I’m not happy) or if it’s a Venus in Scorpio thing? I seem to recall something about that on a different blog post.

      Even my very first boyfriend from high school contacted me last year speaking of unrequited love. Even the Aqua I had a short relationship with still tries to schedule rendezvous.

      Could all be coincidence, but I have observed this pattern.

      1. Mine too. Than two years later claimed I was ‘fired’ to try and make me feel ashamed of myself. Mine was another level of sickness. The stories I could tell…

    7. This is just a very lost soul, no part of astrology can hold this down. All 12 signs are ego and how our souls choose to express themselves…

  17. I’ve never dated an Aquarius, but my BFFs have both been Aqua women. The ability to have long, deep conversations about every and anything, while still maintaining a certain distance (oddly necessary for this Libra sun–I guess all those planets, esp. Venus, in Virgo keep me inclined to be self contained), just works so well for me. Since I’m not really looking for a close, forever, thing, an Aqua man might be just what the cosmos ordered. Alas, they tend to look right past me. Pity.

  18. Never dated an Aquarian. We’d both end up drifting off to some other Galaxy for personal ‘space’ at the same time and never have someone to come back to. Too weird.

  19. I haven’t read all the posts above. I’ll write first and read later. I just have to say this in response to Mytic’s post: I am totally enthralled by the effect that Acquarirans have on me. My most stable, enduring and warmest realities are with them. I’m talking a daughter, a best friend and a soulmate (now passed) belong to that sign. I am multiple Cap, with only one planet in Aqua (Mercury) all else is water. But, Acquas let me be me, and give me security and space at the same time. And when I want to rave about the world, they get it. For me, so duty-bound, it’s the greatest gift a friendship can bestow. Let me day, thank your to the Acquarians out there. We need you! x

    1. Sorry for typos. Usually more exacting. BUT full mooon in Cap, big family party to celebrate 80th birthday of Cap parents, I have sun and moon in Cap by the way and I’m the eldest of their eight children, so I had a a glass of red or two after the party…hence the typos, but ON it now xxx

      1. well it’s Cancer full moon actually…but here I am correcting myself again…was a good night last night anyway, and I’ll always need Aqua/Uranian type people around me in some way or other.

  20. Aquarian men are my kryptonite. Double that if they have Aquarius moon. Love the freedom and lack of judgement they offer, the mind-bending chats that last all night and their up-for-anything attitude in bed. They take FOREVER to make things physical, though. Had one Aqua boyfriend who made me wait six months before he’d sleep with me. After that he wanted to try everything. I’m a Libran but my Mars is in Aqua, so that might explain it. Love them to bits.

    1. My choosey Taurean self doesn’t actually don’t mind the wait because I know they’re one of the few who are worth it. If an Aquarian is serious, they’re like us – they lay back in the cut and just scope. Making sure. Sizing it all up. Ensuring they have an escape route until they realize they won’t need one with this particular soul. They go from hands up/stop sign to octopussy submissive Dom. All the switching drives me mad, but they’re into Dominant women (especially creative ones) so I am in heaven coming up with new scenarios, scenes and stuff.Goddess, send me a divine Aquaman to lurv for they too are my kryptonite ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

      1. Oh I hear you! So true about the escape route. I once loved an Aqua one who would be deliberately mean to me so I’d leave him because he didn’t want to love anyone, but when it would start to work he’d panic and do everything to draw me back. When I finally left for good, he moved cities to be near me again and couldn’t understand how I couldn’t want him anymore. Tried to convince me with logical arguments about how love is just an energy, it can’t die so me not wanting to be with him was just me ignoring the science or something.

        1. Lover vibration Aqua, huh? My sympathies. May we both attract Haute ones who recognize a diamond in their midst and honor it ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I haven’t read any of the comments because I so need to just say “how bloody amazingly accurate all that is for me” about my experience with what I call a very emotionally expensive relationship with the utterly unforgetable Aquarian Alexandru… three Chinese lifetimes ago, and for 11 months of “relationship”, 3 months of waiting to hear if he was ever going to contact me again without a goodbye, I stupidly allowed myself to limp along for 7 years before somehow he subsided from my mind. He even resembled in spirit and darkness and nattiness of dress the photo you chose. You are clever Mystic. Because I never summed him up as the Keep ’em Keen by Keeping ’em Mean type but, yep that’s exactly what he did. Push and Pull – on a leash. But you didn’t mention the weird interest mentally in sex and yet the strangely infrequent lack of physical action (or this time, but I think you have in the past), or the willingness to let generosity to come to them but not to put out much, unless prompted. And, bingo about the lack of caring a damn about the conventional and having a mind more like a machine than a person. My guy once said about my six year son, “He is too sweet for my liking”, and yet my son found him likeable. My slightly older daughter certainly didn’t. She could not bear him – but he didn’t seem to care at all.

    I once screamed at him, “Who the hell do you think you are? God? Well, you are F******* not.” He didn’t react much, but he did manage to tone down the JC act. He was probably momentarily impressed that he got a bit of fire.

    AND, he had a thing about Proxima Centauri! He was writing an operating system that he called that. But I ain’t heard of it in 20 years. Ha ha.

    Anyway, a profile that really resonates for me. Guess that must be the Lower Aquarius, which frankly, is spooky as hell.

  22. It’s almost too painful for me to think let alone write about the Aquarian I loved, but he was so many things that others have offered as characteristic – the cold computer who loved intensely and yes, even honoured his commitments, the kinky explorer with disdain for convention. He made me more alive, he made me a better person. Yes, and then he was gone. It was Uranus/Neptune, eventually unreliable but an amazing conductor of the ZAP ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Aquas, the fixedness is good for something. No flaking out, they’ll say straight up if they’re not going to the stupid baby shower/ graduation/ your own birthday lunch etc.
      You sound like you’re hurting a bit still. Xx sorry to hear that
      Damn, heartache is a bitch. Being single long term, that’s the silver lining I think. No fuqery.
      Hugs x

      1. you feel me Pi ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess it should read “the Aquarian I love”….

        I think someone up there said something like “honourable, but in a completely inappropriate way.” SO spot on.

        well you gotta laugh, and cherish the good. singledom has a silver lining hey? well, it better be good for something ๐Ÿ˜‰ just joking, I’m really OK with it.

        thanks for that hug Pi, when the Scorpio goes soft, that’s the time to get one ๐Ÿ™‚ appreciate it x

          1. Actually this has been really helpful!

            I just realised it’s the Cancer moon making me nostalgic and clingy and that I can use this full moon to let go of this person who belongs in the past.

            I have less than half an hour to prepare, so great how these things crop up for processing at the right time! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. he had unfinished business. I think it was a reset thing, and karmic – a Uranus opposition gift triggered by the North Node. I guess he just went where he was supposed to x

  23. Machinery talks to me. And appliances, electronic gadgets, medical apparatuses– I get no rest in hospital. 8th house Uranus-Mercury, horns of Scorpio; 12th house Aqua. They have big, important things to say, our mechanical creations.

    One of my brothers & his wife are Aquarians. He is an ironworker/welder; she has a degree in psychogy & works with people with developmental disabilities. Their courtship & marriage have been a source of head-scratching & amusement at times by us onlookers. While it’s sometimes strange to the rest of us, though, definitely theirs is a strong, reciprocal kind of union, & they’re happy in it. So hey.

    1. I hear you re the machinery talking to you and your thoughts on it. I have exact same thoughts and i’ve never heard anyone express them before now. I don’t think i’ve got strong Aquarius influences. I dunno if having Uranus conjunct Merc and Mars in 10th would make me so machine sensitive. Same thoughts extend to buildings…. glad to see i’m not the only weirdo :-).

  24. Had an “arrangement ” with a Sun mars Venus in aqua tradie for a while back. Have to admit it was fun for my aqua mars/ Venus Aries, didn’t have to give two fuqs about anything other than an sms proposition of an eve. no reply meant no sex, ‘yes’ meant exactly that. I was raised by a pack of antidisestablishmentarian aquarians so while my more subtle/sensitive Pisces M.O. and the 8th house vibe of my mars needs care and feeding regularly, if I can avoid the eggshells ego crap and emo whatever at other times, cool. So I do like a good dose of air sign and aqua is one of them. also they are mostly totally cool with you doing whatever. No call for 4 days cause you’re busy and have no news anyway? No worries. catching up with some mates, maybe back at breakfast time? Go nuts, say hi to whatshisname for me. Ahh the bliss. Downsides too no doubt but i havent dated anyone for so long I have forgotten what a downside looks like LOL.

  25. I think I lurve aquas best of all, moons especially. They always give me this soul-searing look, totally different than a scorp but just as intense, sideways, like they’re all of a sudden surprised to realize that I’m an alien too, or something. But it never works, we just get stuck in our heads. ๐Ÿ™

    1. Ah, ‘the look’. The last Aqua crush was at his most beautiful when he was quiet and ‘spoke’ with his eyes. Oh man, used to KILL me. And his hands. Ay yi yi…

  26. Haha! ….. This post… Yes Mystic.

    Let me explain ๐Ÿ˜€

    So since the age of 13 (am 24) all of my serious partners were Aquarian. All born within 5 days at the beginning of Feb. I never forget birthdays (heh heh ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    My mother is also serious sun/venus/mars Uranian human. And closests friends born jan 26 and feb 3.

    I have experienced the haute and low characteristics of the sign a million times over.

    There is a distinctness about an Aquarian… You just “know” you’re around one.

    I have Aquarian NN / Mars with pisces rising neptune in 11th house. It’s like to magnets meeting I am instantly attracted to them, the chemistry is BOOM and i was told by each Aquarian partner that they had never felt this way about someone, feelings obviously the same.

    Honestly, what a head fuq of relationships I have endured with these beautiful creatures.

    The aloofness, the intensity. I never knew where I stood with them but I always knew where I stood with them.

    Someone posted above that Aquas never intentionally want to hurt you,they never have those intentions. Which I actually believe is 100% true but some of the hurtful things that occurred anyway omg… *headslap* you can’t be so dumb? Like really, you thought that was ok?

    My patience was always limited, Aquas claim people don’t understand them, I agree. They don’t understand themselves how are you supposed to?

    At the end of the day.. After I think 10 years of Aquarian love affairs I brushed my hands clean, said I’m done, I need some alone time to figure out what I want out of relationships, I was single for 2 years.

    And then … Someone devine came along, my true soul mate. Love of my life, father of my unborn child…. Born feb 4 .. Lol

    He has all of the haute aqua characteristic I adore so much.

    1. I’m a sucker for them, too. BUT, they have to have the Mars/Venus/Eros/Psyche’s in earth or water signs so my 5-planet Taurus Eros/Psyche Aquarius self can flow/build/fly with them. We both want the same thing – freedom in the world, a lover we can trust wholeheartedly who “gets” us and never limits/judges. And they’re into ALL the sexual ish, from tantra to kink which delights me to a T perfectly. Best sex of my life, and from friends I’ve heard they’ve never forgotten me either. An old friend ended up dating my ex a decade later 4 years and he said he never met my demanding equal until he met his wife. They WANT to work and deliver that shit, trust – LMAO! Yes sir. Love those Aqua fuggs with their clay jar filled to the brim ;P

      1. Haha! Brilliant!

        I love that people are seriously taking an interests in their Eros and psyche, I think it’s so important, it determines that soul mating, omg-get-in-my-bed-NOW feeling. How interesting so you have 5 major planets in Taurus???? ?? Whoa!

        What was the chart like of the person you’ve felt has been the most compatible for you?? Was it mostly water and earth??

        1. I usually find them to be Aquarians with a TONNE of earth or water planets. As I get older I notice all the folks I have that ‘special’ connection are all the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). Used to not be able to stomach the Scorps and Leos but I have come to adore the July ones (still not a fan of the August ones for the most part) and Scorpions, well, they seem to ‘balance out’ as they get older, lol.

        2. The last one I shared ‘wow’ chemistry with was an Sun Aquarian with his Eros in Taurus and Psyche in Virgo. I’m a Sun Taurus with Eros/Psyche in Aquarius. Both of us had moon in Pisces. Alas, the whole push-pull vibes didn’t do it for me. I’m no longer the impatient little hottie I was in my filly days, this wild horse can patiently wait if it’s the ‘right’ stallion. But when the stallion pulls back by habit too much, this one trots off elsewhere. It’s all about mutuality in this universe, if you can’t reflect/share it, I have to make myself available for the one who will ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Ugh…thanks. You’ve now ruined all barnyard animals for me. Doubt you were ever a “hot filly” so much as a horseface. Or maybe jackass? Because you certainly are full of SHIT.

  27. Aqua and Gemini are (to me) Peter Pan. The boys who never grew up.

    Now there is a certain charm in that. Definitely.

    But long-term, I prefer more solid ground.

  28. Never dated an Aqua. We’re like chalk n cheese. Only slept with ONE Aqua and that was only to complete the zodiac wheel. ๐Ÿ˜€ It wasn’t particularly pleasant.

    Was chatting to ex work colleague last night – an Aries with Mars in Aqua, married. He always contacts me once a year when he’s interstate. Flirts, says we should catch up but it never happens. So predictable

    Last night as soon as I said that I’ve always been future oriented and that I can’t afford to be attached to anyone at the moment because I’m too focused on my arts degree, he said “God you intrigue me” LOL

    There’s always that distance thing that appeals to him. He keeps listing all the things he finds sexy about me and one of them is my independence and that in another life he’s going to come after me. Haha.
    10 mins later he’s asking me to jump on a plane to meet him.

    Haha… whatevs, I don’t think so.

    1. i guess if you’re just doing ‘it’ to fulfill a tally it’s never going to be anything more than a tawdry numbers game.

      1. Oh look Scorpy … you’ve got a stalker troll too. It must hard being excluded from the popular PIAB inner circle and having to compete with our fabulousness. ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. In the orbit of one right now…been years since I was last burnt by an Aqua first man to break my heart ..took a year to break up with him because everytime I broke up he begged me back and became such a good man for a little while…this one ..Aqua with virgo moon . He is insane and crazy and controlling and completely manipulative but takes no responsibiliy for it . Me Pisces ..master of aloof and playing hard to get has managed up with him . But seriously its like entering a storm ..not a relationship .. Luckily I know about astro this time round so I know what Im in for ..The Aqua thing . Funny thing is though Aqua men don’t drive me crazy as Scorpio men..they are the true tortures of the zodiac ..I always want more with Scorpio . Aquas too honest they might fuq with your head but they are not mean or cruel intentionally mystic said they have robot factory settings its almost easier not to get hurt because you know its actually not personal ..Why the hell to aqua virgo types always end up with me ? Pisces such a weird mix

  30. Love of my life- college era- Gem Aqua Moon. Alley cat- oh/so Zen. His wife is Multi Kataka. She toured The Continent to prompt his proposal. She took off. He was on the next plane. Happily ever after.
    She’s bi- and has to stray to keep him enthralled.

  31. When it comes to the sensual pleasures of the world, I share profound chemistry with the Aquarians. I have only had relations with the lower vibe Aquas, but I have observed that when they decide they wish to be committed to someone (with their ‘freedom’ ensured) they love pretty damn hard and devoutly. All I can say is when we come together it’s explosive, for both parties involved and for anyone who happens to catch a glimpse of the flirting and ‘mating dance’ leading up to the merging.

    My last LZ crush was an Aquarian. Man, I have NEVER burned for a man the way I burned for him. Again, insane chemistry both ways but no consummation. He’s starting to pop up in my dreams again, too, including last night. I remain committed to lovingly observing the excitement I feel while lovingly waving it OFF to make room for a TRUE LOVE in my life. I kinda hope it’s a Sun Aquarian with mucho earth/water planets, though to compliment this Taurus with her Eros/Psyche in Aquarius ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Ex and current are both Aqua, along with a host of other people in my life currently. They’re hard to figure out for sure but all possess a beautiful sensuality, passion, sincerity and clear vision about who they are and where they are going.
        I’m an Aries sun, gem moon and cancer rising. I have learned through aqua association to traverse my emotional issues that have plagued previous relationships and hindered me. I find aquas very inspiring to be around.

        1. The coolness can drive you nuts when you want clarity. But by the same token, in my past relationships I was not requesting clarity from them. I was playing pass/agg (I was a kid, I didn’t know any better) so getting mad at them wasn’t warranted. You can’t expect people to treat you better if they don’t know how to, and if you don’t know how to love yourself to boot. I learned through Aquarians I had to learn to hold a certain standard for myself so I wouldn’t fall into ‘regret’ relationships. But I learned that, they didn’t teach me outright, lol ;P

          Capricorns and Geminis and Aries though have taken me for a RIDE. Caps with their status loving steez. Geminis dominated my life for so long, now I genuinely dislike them. Aries can be a lot to handle, very ‘me me me’ but like Aquarians, they don’t “get” how much they’re into themselves sometimes at the expense of others so if they are not mean-spirited I can still roll with them because they’re so much fun. Geminis though, they’ll deflect for days. twist shit. Cry how they hate victims and drama knowing full well that is their whole MO to stay the centre of the attention whirlwind. They are fucking spiritually EXHAUSTING. Two faced as hell to boot. Gossips. Blegh, don’t like them AT ALL. And they believe their own lies. It always amazed me how popular they are but I realized folks will take a smiling snake over a somber sweetheart any day. Yes, really REALLY dislike the Geminis, lol and ALL my exes had their Mars/Venus/Eros/Psyche in either Gemini or Cancer which are brutal in the love signs for me personally. I have a Gemini Ascendant which can make me very gregarious but I have all that Taurus that truly values integrity and steadiness painted with lots and lots of color, diamonds and black and gold combinations, lol. I like sun Cancers, but no Romance placements in the signs for me. Low vibration Cancer’s are like Geminis – unbearable for me! But I’m sure you are very nice yourself ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

          1. Aaaaaaand, here’s another example of why I, personally, can’t stand Taureans. Your black and white judgments do you a huge disservice. Let’s go ahead and judge a whole zodiac sign because something in YOU attracted nothing but low versions of Geminis.

            1. I hate Taureans because I once had a bad Taurean boss. I hate Capricorns because of a bad Cap boyfriend. I hate Aquarians because of my ex-husband. I hate Saggs because my cousin is a Sagg and he’s an a-hole. Umm…I hate Scorpios because my ex-boyfriend left me for one so it’s obviously her fault and her starsign and nothing to do with me or him, just her Scorpyness that stole him from me. I hate Leos because a friend in highschool that I had a fight with 25 years ago was a Leo. I really hate Librans because i know two Libran men who both seem to act the same way towards women – ergo all Libran men are clearly like that. I don’t hate Cancerians but thats probably because I actually don’t know any, except one that I have been friends with for almost 20 years, but she’s probably an exception. I really hate Aries, there’s this woman in New York and she’s a cow and she’s an Aries, all competitive and shit and fighty – how Aries is that? Virgo, oh my God, don’t get me started, I hates me a Virgo, they all suck, I can’t explain why. And Pisces – this boyfriend I had 20-something years ago, he was an alcoholic womaniser, and so obviously a Pisces even though I am not sure if he actually was. I claim the Gemini moral high ground so because I am a Gemini and my BF is one too, we are excellent and very very cool. Did I forget anyone?

  32. I am an Aquarian woman and I feel a bit more human than you’ve given me credit for. Perhaps I assume to much, that others are on the same wave length. I am in a relationship with a Pisces. Maybe we are the best mix. I remember Linda Goodman’s description of this mix as Sherlock Holmes and Watson! Ha ha. There is a bit of that. It is what it is!!!

  33. Compelled by Uranian influences
    Dated a Sun/Uranus conjunct
    And a Venus/Uranus conjunct

    Love moon and mars in sextile or trine to Uranus have a double whammy at the moment with someone

    But Aqua? Never, I get sooooo bored – as friends 100% yes I love them in Sun or Moon or Venus but I get turned off to boredom by the distance, the alien indifference and the fuzzy is it a friendship or relationship thing in terms of romance.

    1. Big hug and best wishes for the future.

      It will be great!

      Also, to second the other two posters, yeah gory details always appreciated, lol.

  34. This reminds me of a gorgeous aqua I had a crush on 10 yrs ago. He was a tradie surfer dj type and very sweet. I made the mistake of asking him out and he ran for the hills! My gem sun loves the crazy eccentricity and the intellectual stuff

    1. Also had a gem sun aqua moon bestie until she cut me off last year when I accidently spilled the beans that she had been discussing BFs finances with me. He got the shits with her and it was all my fault. Huge ranting email about trust and loyalty etc etc. in the end I don’t really miss the drama and the psycho whingeing ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Sadly, the reason I cannot be friends with Geminis anymore is because they are loudmouths who don’t honor what you tell them in privacy. Not only that, they hear what they want, not what you tell them which makes it even worst when they gossip to everyone. Gems are too narcissistic and disrespectful for my tastes. Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) are big on loyalty. To be honest, sounds like you are the one in the wrong but in typical Gemini nature you deflect upon the other person to disfigure them to make out they are the problem when you are the one who disrespected the friendship.

        1. Haha, I have the same policy with Geminis. Definitely do not honor things said in privacy, and hear only what they want to hear, and spin another story out of what was said, I definitely think there is this pot stirring type of mentality with them. For all their mercurial quick-wittedness, I just have to pass on whatever they offer bc their lo-vibe behaior just isnt worth the good portions.

          1. Maybe I am. We see what we are, and if I am guilty of that, then yes, I am guilty of that. the same can then be said of you too, however ๐Ÿ™‚

            1. You guys are talking about douchey low-vibe Gems, not Geminis in general. Quit generalizing, it’s gross and you should know better.

              ~Gemini who keeps tons of secrets

              1. Yep, I am one of them – a Gem extremely good at keeping secrets. I just won’t be complicit in certain stuff if I think it’s dishonest. I think it’s funny that Gemyogi obviously called her ex-BF out on it but is getting paid out here for being unable to keep a secret…???!! WT…? I don’t think loyalty entails having to hide duplicitous behaviour, sorry guys.

        2. Don’t want to enter a Gem witch hunt but strong Gemini planets (Taurus sun) still is the only person in my life who I could say was truly two faced. Went 3 years working with them everyone thought we got on well etc and one day it just exploded in a heap of back stabbing, accusations (many false) and general craziness. Everyone was shocked that someone could keep a facade up for so long…I hadn’t a clue and I’m pretty astute is stuff isn’t right.

          1. I dated a guy with a packed 3rd house. All he did was jibber jabber about noting of consequence. But he was SUCH a bad listener!!! And he use to say I said things I never said

            I love Gems but their inability to listen is infuriating to say the least.

        3. This also struck a sour note with me. I don’t know about Geminis, but Sag can be guilty of this as well. In fact, I severed a friendship for this very thing. Scorpio moon here- when I say it’s in confidence, I mean it. Trust and loyalty ARE a big thing, and the cavalier way GY is painting it strike me as very shallow and self-serving.

          I would like to state, however, that I refuse to paint any sign in such broad brushstrokes- there is high and low in every sign. My other two Sag besties would NEVER betray a confidence. They are mature and evolved souls and I love them with all my heart.

          1. Yes all people are blends of different energies. Broad brushing a “sign” is naive, I guess we all just found that Gem-Sag energy affected us in the wrong way!

        4. Wasn’t going to respond to this, but it’s amazing how three of you have jumped in to criticise me because I’m a Gemini. Judgey much??? Without even knowing the whole story of my ex friend and our history. Btw she is also a gem. And repeatedly cuts off friends for some perceived slight or criticism. I consider myself to be a loyal friend and I’m not a gossip. Anyway you’ve obviously made up your minds that I’m shallow and disrespectful so I’m not going to dispute any further.

          1. Gemyogi,
            We responded to the story you gave us. I’m sorry, but the attitude of, in essence, “LOL trust and loyalty” can’t help but come across poorly. Perhaps take some personal responsibility and explain yourself.

        5. The venus fly – everything you just said
          YES YES YES!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh
          Geminis …. I have gem dc and I’ve had so many bad encounters friends-wise with geminis
          So TRUE, shut your mouths please.

          And turning it around on you so you’re the mental case with the problem, not cool. I can see right thru you.

          Rant over, lol.

        6. I worked with a Gemini man who was telling me how another coworker was pissed off with him because he told a secret. “It’s me! I mean hell you know I can’t keep my mouth shut for more than two minutes so why tell me of all people? You know what’s going to happen.”
          Geminis are natural communicators. So maybe apply the Internet rule: if you don’t want it public don’t publish it.

          I still think they’re good value tho ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. I think you make a good point, re choosing one’s audience wisely. People don’t know what you don’t tell them, for better or worse. I carefully consider these days whether I share with any scorpio my deepest most personal things as I have had one (just one! but it was enough) scorpio use that against me in the past and it’s not a mistake I care to make a second time. likewise if someone tends to judge us for things that to us are of less consequence (common example, partying or ‘promiscuous’ behaviour) then we save our breath and the inevitable argument. If someone has a low EQ, best that we don’t make ourselves emotionally available to them or at least expect something that they are not capable of giving, such as empathy and solace. there is a time and place for everything. not that I get it right all the time either, sigh. ah well

            1. ^ me

              ps. i get that scorps are cool and loyal and stuff, examples abound here and i admire many other scorpies in my life. but the thing that the friend did was unforgivable, i think she knows that now, but it did change how i manage my secrets, ah lessons how you suck.

              1. …expect something that they are not capable of giving…

                i never realised how much I judged people based on my own expectations. But it’s hard.
                Somethings need empathy and solace like you say. The hardest things usually.
                Using that against you tho is cruel.

                Lessons. Deep sigh. Sometimes it’s hard to judge what you’re dealing with if its using its smokescreen.

        7. I have known GemYogi for a long time and can say that I have never known her to be a loudmouth, narcissistic or disrespectful. She probably didn’t think that posting an entire backstory was required as some of us long time posters know her well enough to realise that she’s a conscious, considered and mindful person.

          1. Oh, you know her in person?

            Knowing a person’s posting history is not knowing a person. In any case, I’ve been here a while myself, and that does not exempt me from forming an opinion I choose to express about abominable behavior, as articulated in one post.

            Again, if she chooses to expand upon her cavalier attitude about trust and loyalty, we’re all ears.

              1. Well that was well thought-out and -expressed. I’m sorry to hear it from you, you seem like such a great person.

                I’m not sure what is so wrong about having an adverse reaction to an attitude I consider repugnant. I hate to think that the cliquishness that seems so prevalent amongst the commenters here, is actually true. This blog seems to be such a congregation of thoughtful people.

                But if I am told to grow up because of expressing an unpopular opinion opposing a regular commenter’s post, then I guess it’s as cliquish as it seems.

                1. if you really need more, I’m finding all these negative reactions, well, reactionary and poorly informed at that….unnecessary, judgemental, over-reactive and full of unwarranted presumptions and demands. I hope you understand I didn’t want to expend any more energy engaging with them but as Prowlin said i do believe these accusations to be unrepresentative of GY’s character and somewhat offensive in themselves. It is possible to get a pure sense of someone’s energy through this forum, although as I am reasonably empathic perhaps I find that easier than some people would. Otherwise, I thank you for your compliment, I often assume I come across as a less great here, so I do appreciate that feedback.

                2. lastly, and this is offered in good faith, if you have been triggered the best gift you can give yourself is to explore your own feelings and motivations rather than try to change others

                3. Please see my response below 6, and I”m sorry if I was sarcastic with you, Calypso. And yes, you come off very well here- I always enjoy reading your posts.

                4. Omg .. Guys.. Chill the eff out. Gem yogi I think you’re being super sensitive the response was more towards ALL a geminis and their flakey behaviour. Come on, they are flakey. The “laugh it off” part of your story regarding trust and loyalty in a friendship as being something minor is a bit funny.. And does add the the typical flakey ness of the Gemini but just chill!

                  No bad ideas or feelings towards you personally, just low gemini behaviour in general ๐Ÿ™‚ every sign has it’s low… We’ve all openly bitched about them. It’s enjoyable.

                5. Perhaps GY explained it too quickly but it absolutely came across as very cavalier to quite a sensitive topic, I would have been very upset if someone did that to me and caused trouble in my relationship

                  But There’s always a chance that there was more to it so I did find some of the criticism harsh but YES the following comments on the whole were about other Gems behaviour and examples of such.

            1. OK OK, TRUCE.

              It seems I’ve rankled some, and I apologize for it.

              6, thank you for at least acknowledging I have a right to an opinion. And no, I’m not the Anonymous you speak of- I almost never post anon here, and almost never engage in arguments.

              I didn’t think I was spiteful. But perhaps I was.

              It’s true this post hit a nerve. I’ve had this (and not apologizing for using this word!) cavalier attitude applied to me in my personal relationships- a friend who betrayed me so cavalierly and blithely that 8 years later it still takes my breath away. So perhaps I can’t let it go because of my own murk.

              I’m not sure why my posts got singled out, as there were posts before me objecting to GY’s description of events, and much more damning of entire signs than mine was. I guess it’s because I pursued the matter. Perhaps I should have let it lie.

              I will say, that I do find that some regular commenters are given a pass for not only engaging in debate but actually engaging in rebuking, dismissive behavior- a certain commenter in this thread, in fact. I truly don’t understand why others are not given this same leeway. But perhaps this is me being reactive and defensive.

              Anyways. While I do stand by my original thoughts on a single post- which by the way, should be able to stand on its own, this is a public forum- I regret my obstinate pursuance of my point of view, and I apologize for the disruption.

              1. hey, we all have our moments! You make some fair points – others were being ridiculous and it can be cliquey, but I think although strong bonds can be formed most people are also open and broadly accepting….yes, even of Geminis! I’ve known low Gems and I am all fixed and Scorpy, so I know about loyalty but I also value responsibility in all it’s guises. I respect your capacity to self-reflect and wish you well ๐Ÿ™‚

              2. You know, I myself have noticed a lot of the stuff you have spoken of here, so I dont know if it helps any, but know that I feel you, you have a friend in this regard here in me, and you are not alone in noticing these things. These dynamics stopped me from interacting in the past, but then I realized I was missing out on a lot of interactions I did want to be part of, so I decided to not care so much about others and just be, bc there are some really great people here.

                I only interact when a subject of a thread intrigues me, I dont come on here just to make friends or participate in any popularity contest. And in this case, Im so glad I stepped in bc I feel you are a gem hidden away under that Anonymous title. Im so glad you took the time to comment, clarify, self-defend, talk and be real with us, you deserve to have your say as much as anyone here. And your comment about how your comments were singled out – I have a theory – if some of the longer time commenters posted under Anon but said the same things, I am thinking they would not be so lucky to get away with it, but bc of perhaps seniority they can get away with some things Anons cannot – Ive experienced a lot more attacks since going Anon. TBH I am exploring this difference in treatment by taking this title.

                I will be looking out for you and more of your observations, Im sure I will notice a lot of things you do too, so it will be nice to have that extra perspective voiced rather than just one or two main voice/groups voiced here.

                So yeah, keep posting away, and I guess I will talk to you at another discussion. And you know what, winners circle my ass – dont care about it if its there just to stroke egos. I dont need my ego stroked, I prefer to stay serene and clear. And if that means taking shit if I said something inappropriate, then thats what it is. But no one can ever say I rested on my laurels about it, or caved to rank/hierarchy/popularity… that stuff can lead to mental/personality stagnancy sometimes… I want to achieve what I achieve because I truly earned it. ๐Ÿ˜‰


                1. Wow. I don’t know what to say. Your generous-hearted response is humbling, and received with a gratitude I find hard to express.

                  I think you are right on the money about posting anon.

                  I’m pretty much speechless right now, so I’ll just say:

                  Thank you.

              3. 12th house virgo

                Gemyogi is 100% haute.

                When people start crying about the right to have an opinion, they usually have run out of things to say. You had an opinion and responses to your opinion. Work out your authority issues without slapping your pass-ag judgements around here seeking attention. There are no oppressors here. And we all like positive attention, ffs.

            2. And just for the sake of clarity- and yes, I admit it, self defense!-

              I do a hell of a lot more self-evaluation than I do finger-pointing (except when it comes to family, I think); and I imagine the ratio of positivity to argument-driven communication I contribute here is about 56:1. I should probably work on that.

              And I’ve been here about five years, so not sure what the parameters of long-time poster are. But I suppose you could say I’m not in the winner’s circle.

            3. If someone doesn’t have enough basic honesty to declare themselves on a regular basis ands stays “anon” that speaks a lot…

            4. Grab a handle and lets know abut you then. I have exactly the same response to Gemyogi as Prowln – I don’t think I need to know them in person, what I do know is that on this site they have never spouted un-backed-up vitriol whilst moonlighting as a real person. So many anonymouses on here posting crap – grab a handle and front up.

    2. Wow! Gemini bashing or what. gemyogi totally took responsibility for the situation where she writes “and it was all my fault”

      I fuqing love geminis ftr. Including you gemyogi. Mwah

      1. Sorry, but I really took that to be sarcasm. Again, not trying to start any arguments-that’s really what it sounded like to me. Could be projection on my part.

        1. Most boring comments ever. If gems have one thing going for us, we’re not hypocrites. Swear us to secret and it’s silent to the grave, but in all other things we value honesty above ESPECIALLY above ridiculous pretentiousness like in this thread. Seriously, one anon can perhaps self-examine, but others anon and not, I worry about, except caring

            1. Sorry, was meant to go on comments above, sorry for the typos (why was I even awake let alone writing at 3am?), sorry if your feelings are undeservedly hurt. Not sorry for my annoyance at those pompous projectiles of anon comments. I imagine GY’s feelings are hurt too.

      2. Ok, every single sign in the zodiac has received some intense sign bashing can we please refer to dating a capricorn lol. Now that was bad, 90% hate!

        This isn’t any different

        1. That was meant to be for anon ^

          Look yes it’s cathartic to vent about our gripes with other Sun signs, god knows I have done it here too and will probably continue to do so lol. But I was really quite surprised at the strong response to gemyogis comment.Maybe I am sympathetic to the Gemini MO, it’s possible. But still. strikes me that it becomes personal when it is as a reply to someone’s comment imo.

          Yes dating a Capricorn.. that was HARSH *wince*

          1. I am sympathetic to Gemyogi – every sign gets bashed on here (except librans, everyone loves a libran….) I just don’t like it when someone I have known on this site for years gets done over by people who don’t even tell us their names.

            Full moon or what?

          1. I just want to ask why was the ex-bestie discussing BFs finances? That’s a deal breaker if you ask me…I certainly wouldn’t want my boyfriend to discuss my finances (not that I have any!) with his mates…so Gemini: whistle-blower or motor-mouth? I think sometimes Gemini’s feel the weight of confidences and secrets too much to bear…they need to off-load, keep light etc.

            As for arguments on this thread? for what it’s worth I think it’s fine to disagree and call each other out…anything is better than group-think… from what I read there are obviously some issues that people genuinely have, nobody has to agree with them but it’s more interesting if conjecture isn’t silenced via collective moral high-grounding … not saying that’s what happened i this case but it is something to watch out for in any cohesive group. I reckon anyway…

            1. yes, that’s what I meant about responsibility, although I didn’t really want to get into it so I tend not to explain very well, but ultimately, it is hers.

              I’ve had people throw trust issues at me when really it was their partners who should have worn them.

    3. I am a Gem and been with an Aqua for over 6 years. It works for me..the ” don’t tell me what to do and I won’t you ” Long leashes we both need but we have never discussed it, it just is…we just assumed. Loyal, sweet, respectful, dreamer that brings all of his thoughts to fruition, romantic, sexy, but does have a dry sense of humor that sometimes makes me loose my wits! Bad boy that majorly has been reformed for many years..Loves to come home to me and I him.

  35. its weird my two strongest planets are saturn and uranus so I have this weird conflict between very contrarian constantly and respecting the established tradition of things and what works, so I have tons of fringe looney feelers out there but also kind of worry about not revealing that bent too much and remaining saturn level qualified.

    I really like aqua moons (usually), I can find where they stand on an issue really easily and reason with them, more easily then most people its always very refreshing. Although it basically amounts to “I believe in science” so from this uber mutable pisces gem pynchonian character they aren’t THAT crazy

    1. 12th house virgo

      I have moon in 11th house in Leo. I feel like my moon is more Aqua than Leo, but its kind of tricky. Leo rules my 12th so I don’t see it. I find myself attracted to people who don’t fit and I usually project all kind of glamour onto their don’t-fitness that they don’t really deserve. Like, its one thing to live out the story of who you are, unhidden and unapologetically. But those people, I find, are really poems I write in my head. Most people are misfits because they can’t negotiate healthy connections to others, not because of some moral stance of higher evolution of consciousness or whatever the fuq I project on to it with my 12th Venus-square-Neptune. I’ve tended to date really broken misfit people and undervalued my own idealism and courage. Like most people are misfit as an act of courage. It tends to be fear, defense, or inability.

      1. That is so Neptunian and 12th housy. I was the same for so many years (4 planets in 12th house) but these days, I’m demanding mutuality and reciprocal adoration, fun and passionate friendship.

      2. “Most people are misfits because they canโ€™t negotiate healthy connections to others, not because of some moral stance of higher evolution of consciousness”

        So true!!!

      3. to be fair, most of any kind of people are probably not that great, I could see how that would be more of a thing though or how that value could cause a blind spot

  36. OMG Mystic you nailed them, just nailed the Aqua man.

    I also have a history with them- Aqua is my DC. The three men I’ve loved have all been Aquarians.

    I also don’t want to go into the long stories, but let me tell you, they were epic dramas.

    One has remained my friend, my best friend in fact. He has a Pisces Moon and Scorpio rising, so he is extra psychic. I wish I could meet a replica of him that wasn’t… so resistant to relationship with someone who adores him. And a bit more sexual in the earthy way, not in the twisted psychodrama way.

    By the way, he is expecting a baby any day now. And his Cap GF is the essence of treat ’em mean- she keeps him at a distance, which keeps him at her altar, worshiping.

  37. This is my favorite MM post of all time and that’s saying a lot bc there are a lot to love. The last bit about the space cat from Alpha Centauri – a page right out of my book.

    Agree with the poster above that I think men are more likely to stay keen when treated mean, bc I certainly don’t operate that way.

  38. Treat them mean, keep them keen? No, no, nuh-uh. Not me, and not my aqua friends. Treat me mean and you are blocked, disconnected, disposed, burned, grave danced upon and location lost to memory. Maybe men stay keen? Interesting.

    1. Agreed, Aqua Moon here, treat me mean and you will be quantum bitch slapped out of my vortex faster than a black hole with the shits.

    2. Forgot to add that my prismatic ally placed holographic self will only project cool, icy elegance while offending party even begins to notice they got kicked to another dimension.

    3. I know what MM ‘meant’, but I fully agree with you. From experience Aquarians don’t like ‘mean’. They’re friendly, quite gregarious (in which capacity is unique to chart, if they have plenty of ‘earth’ or Venus they know how to ‘blend’ into conventional settings to pass the time until their next adventure or exploration) but like the Saggs they don’t like unfairness and meanness seems unjustified and even damn uncouth to them. However, I will say, cool detachment has kept the ones I’ve known intrigued. I guess they feel you would happily accept their need for space. But by the same token, once they decide they want to be with you and in love with you they want to be loved passionately in any which way they individually want that passion to manifest. They are ‘fixed’. so though they may not admit it, they want that steady love they can rely on…while they’re running around doing their whole Aquarian ‘thang. I tell myself they have their emotions in an earthern jar even if they are afar ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Yes, true. They may be a lot of other things and their actions may feel quite cruel at times, but they are not, in my experience, mean or vindictive people.

        1. Agreed. Even the dawgs and cheaters are not out to HURT their partners, they’re just chasing the thrill, lol. No excuses for their behavior, and I never enabled them in the slightest, but I DID see the difference and got a chuckle out of it, lol.

      2. Steady, yes. If you can’t rely on people, what’s the point? Can’t exactly keep them around for study. Expect fairness from your people and justice from humanity. If your people can’t be just, they aren’t your people.

  39. Oh Mystic I fondly remember your Uranian stories ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I have Venus conjunct Ceres (not secret lol) in Aqua and I have to say a lot of the descriptions here apply to me. I do need a lot of space in relationships. I have come undone when men have thought ‘space’ means ‘sleep with lots of other people’. I can be quite detached in some aspects of love and this has confounded many.
    I’ve never dated an Aqua man, only because so far no Aqua man has come along. I’d be open to it as an experiment, however ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. I am an aquarius man (virgo moon, gemini rising – actually a bunch of planets in the air signs) and this is all true. In defense of my kind however, the treat them mean, keep them keen thing is no fun. No fun at all. See we’re open minded and friendly, so if you’re being prickly then that just makes no sense and requires further exploration. Everyone likes us just no one understands us. And really the best thing is you’ve just got to trust us because we would never (intentionally anyway) screw anyone over. No seriously though, honest to a fault. Could never screw someone over. And very much request the same thing in return.

    And yes, I embrace my crazy & you can call me a sociopath if you like, but everyone’s crazy & at least I’m open and honest about it. See because really it all makes perfect sense… It’s not easy being me, even I have a hard time doing it. Just a little patience.. because no one can surprise you like an aquarius man.

    1. YoH, you and I share a lot of astro placements… no wonder I feel like I “get” you when others… dont. Ive got Kataka rising, so Im Moon ruled, but its in the 8th ruled by Aqua – so its an electrical moon. Got Virgo Mars, Cap Venus.

      I can relate to “โ€œIf you think its hard to deal with me you should try being meโ€. โ€œEveryone likes us; noone understands usโ€. Story of my life.

        1. Whoa about the electrocution, hopefully it didnt affect you negatively. I have the effect on street lights – the one where they go off or on as I drive by. Also I attract a lot of “messages” through license plates – I will see repeating numbers, the same sequence, like 4 times on one drive out to town. It kind of gets out of hand, that particular thing.

          What can I say about the Aqua energy… intense and shocking. Not everybody’s cuppa ๐Ÿ˜‰

          I got a bucket chart too, but my handle is Chiron.

    2. mrsjayanathhewage'ch

      haha honest to a fault- how about inability to see things clearly because they are so retarded but believe they are genius?

    3. I like the sound of you, Jim

      I agree… when people seem hurt by my actions, I feel my heart literally becoming heavy.. like ‘noooo I have failed in being a decent human’

      Crazy is good, fuck. So much is boring these days, walking barefoot is even seen as an indecency!

      I have 5 placements in Aquarius and a Gemini moon.. I am always confused and overwhelmed.
      Chilling and calmness makes me happy. I enjoy being free.

  41. *opens bag of chocolate chip cookie chips*

    so excited to see this.

    at one point you said “Sure Gemini and Aquarius talk a good game about it but Geminis often like to have a key partner at home to โ€œmanageโ€ things and Aquarius often prefers intense but non-existent affairs, you know? ”

    i am gleefully ready to see insights into the weirdness that is aqua loves.

    my favorite part is that i can do a blocking ritual every time i get zombied into them and THAT is when they appear. now, if i want to see them, i just think “gosh i sure would LOVE to have a household day to day relationship with … and maybe we could balance the checkbook.”

    silence on all psychic phonelines. gleeeeee

    1. You’re not joking about them. Just had this exact thing happen with my current/soon to be former multi-Aqua manager. Radio silence until I wipe them out of my mind and then, with lazer-like precision timing, whoosh! A summoning missive out of the blue. I wonder if they’re just playing with us like a yo-yo sometimes.

  42. I have never dated an Aqua, they are the chalk to my cheese but I have a big ol’ Aqua 11th house so I have many dear friends and a bunch of relations, including my sister (who has far out dating rules). I’ve noticed that they require vast amounts of space in romantic associations but expect a very, very high level of devotion from the other side and they can be suuuuuper intense in a really detached, abstract way, have a hard time letting go and like to keep all plates spinning. Quite fascinating to watch from a Scorpio point of view, so different. Wonderful, loyal friends but the males are like reverse magnets for me, repel, repel.

    1. So agree with all of this! I have a 9th House ruled by Aqua, but despite my NN in Saggi & other 9th House/Saggi associations, my Leo Moon stands opposed to the dating of them. ????

      The Aquas I know often pair up with Cancerians & Virgos or Scorpios. Quite an unholy combo imo, but I think that’s how Aqua’s like it. Perverting the course of nature being their thing (while pretending to uphold tradition fiercely at times).

      1. Yes! My Cancerian brother married my college friend, a total Aqua and I have never gotten it. He loves kids but she has no interest and he has seemingly made his peace with it. (Might help that his first wife was a Cancer?)

        1. Ever the way it seems! There can be a lot of rigidity combined with a reactive, rebelliousness in less conscious Aquas. It can be creatively interesting or a disturbance in the Force. As applied to relationships.. Same.

      2. Interesting- I also know an Aqua-Cancer pair, long-time successful partnership, and have known several Aqua-Scorpio pairs, less successful.

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