Astrology Magazines In Wartime

Everyday Astrology magazine was a pulp publication that ran from 1932 to 1953. I’ve never looked inside it, but as you can see, the WW2 covers are surreal. The magazine was presumably trying to strike a balance between keeping the show going and acknowledging the unprecedented shitstorm raging around it.

It was published by Ned Pines, a Sagittarius who started Thrilling Publications (later Better Publications) in 1928 when he was 23. It quickly became the most prolific comic, magazine, and pulp fiction publisher in existence. As well as Everyday Astrology, Pines produced dozens of other titles.

They included the apparently enormously popular Rodeo Romance series, Captain Future and Red Mask, the first African-American superhero.

Pines was born with Mercury Retrograde, at zero degrees of Capricorn, conjunct Uranus. A classic mercurial character, he started writing and editing aged 11, putting out a zine for his Boy Scouts troop.

His company kept name writers afloat between gigs writing for ‘respectable’ media and churned out thousands of titles. A Mars in Aquarius guy, he said his success secret was to shut down anything that didn’t work abruptly.

And, how poignant are these magazine covers and the coverlines? Thoughts?

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  1. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    But an aquarius opinion of “what works” and what doesn’t “work” may differ from the norm. I do love it though. “This doesn’t work! NEXT IDEA!”

  2. I don’t know, but “Your Wartime Job” piqued my interest. What IS it with this astro, plus wind-up-to-frenzy-to-wind-down-or-collapse-in-a-heap time of year?? Coping with it but it’s like jumping out of the trenches and dodging whizzing bullets through no man’s land. That’s Work. (Fam stuff more like 80s Cold War scenario. Refreshing, is it?)

  3. Love these covers… so wonderfully surreal for “pulp”!

    I notice that all of them are tied to the month’s primary sign, except for the first one, which should be Leo but depicts Mars.

  4. Truth, however, had he been in charge of Seinfeld, the sitcom never would have evolved into such an all-time favorite of so many people. Some times I think changing the trend or providing what people don’t know they need takes a little time. Certainly what prowlncrab says is true… Her assessment of those without any support vs those more entrenched does make a difference in viewpoints.

    I’ve got 4 planets in Sagittarius (Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter) so I get Sagittarian stuff… my Saturn is on the mid-heaven. Lots of those SAG planets are in the Scorpio house (my mother is a Scorpio and is close to death). My Uranus is in Leo. Aries Rising. Gemini Moon. I tend to clutter artistically (and know myself better since I stopped comparing myself to what I should have been or what others are), be a leader, know what I need for my flow and what gets in the way of it.

    The money thing? Not so much. Monetizing my strengths? Not so much. I’ve learned to do without so I had more time to process, to write, to be. I grew up in a family that was all about money, status, upwardly mobile bs. I learned what are the basics I absolutely need and what can I do without pretty early on.

    I am getting that way (cutting off what doesn’t work immediately) now more with people than financial opportunities.

    Even a long term connection I just said my truth to instead of continuing to humor disappointment since I promised long ago I said I would FYTYD, and back then I meant it with all my heart (no not marriage) because back then this Virgo (I’ve got Virgo in Pluto in 6th house with North Node beside it) connection ignited my truth found NOWHERE ELSE. Now my truth is solid within me, downloading everything around me, and learning that I can heal myself (coming up on 10 year anniversary of cancer diagnosis).

    I just turned 60… and love that I’m in my wisdom years and I got through my 50s, something my mother who birthed me probably hours just before the last full moon of the 50s decade never did, even though she’s 85.

    PS I think Anaïs Nin’s love affair with Henry Miller lasted from 1932-1953.

    PPSS Looking forward to the revamp and the new personalized…

  5. Mars in Aquarius here. I have significant cautionary aspects – 2nd house Cancer sun and venus. As much as it’s populist to be this ever giving, “never mind the money” type today, I always noticed this crap coming from trust fund/old money people who’d never experienced any real threat to their financial security and had no IDEA what it was like to not have anything or anyone to fall back on if the proverbial shit hit the fan.

    I had to ditch all those people over time because their advice was based on an entrenched sense of security that I never had.

    It’s been my life’s work to establish a secure base. That doesn’t mean being wealthy, famous or anything like that. It’s the freedom to live in a safe, sane environment. To pick and choose carefully what and whom gets into my home base. And also … being creative …. to splash out lovingly on my home. Aesthetics are hugely important. If I walk into a clutterbug’s house I feel immediately suffocated and mentally scattered. Ugly is an affront. And nasty odour? OMG I have an acute sense of smell …. my nose tells me immediately what is “not for me”.

    So that’s a very long winded explanation of how Mars in Aqua plays out for me. Once I realise something is not profitable (not necessarily in $$), it is swiftly edited, deleted, removed and out of my life. I’m too sensitive to settle for less. I’ll leave that to the more sturdy people.

    1. You make such good points, prowlncrab. Have you possibly got an Earth sign north node or MC given that your life work seems to be establishing a secure base? Although I guess your second house sun placement could be seen as all about that.

      1. Nope! My MC and NN are both in Aqua, conjunct mars. I am more than a little eccentric at times … hahaha. The only earth element in my chart is Pluto in Virgo in the 5th – my idea of a good time is pretty OCD – like I’ll spend hours arranging books on the bookshelf according to height and colour balance of the spines!!!. 😉

  6. I can see how the Merc Uranus cap / mars aqua placements would find it very easy to cast a dispassionate eye over a flailing / limp idea and say, “yeahnah. Kill it.”

  7. “His success secret was to shut down anything that didn’t work abruptly.” Yeah, because if it takes its sweet time to start working… to hell with it.
    Sounds brilliant and sexy, to me.

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