Taoist Thunder Divination

Thunder divination needs to come back. The Taoists and many other old cultures had dozens of different names for various thunder styles. What’s more, they’d include them and other natural phenomena in their astrological prognostications.

It would completely snazz up television weather reports. I don’t think they even include Space Weather at this point but that plus some metaphysical thunder and lightning analyis would be ratings winner, right? Perhaps after Pluto in Aquarius kicks in.

Here are some of the Taoist names for different types of thunder or rather, ‘thunder communiques.’ They saw them all as messages.

Transcendant Metropolis Thunder

Wind Fire Thunder

Jade Pivot Thunder

Sagely Radiant Quaking Thunder

Fire Crow of the Earth God Thunder

Light-Pervading Great Spectre Thunder

Chaotic Primordial Goshawk and Dog Thunder

Eight Trigrams Thunder

Weaving Maiden’s Four Songs Thunder

The Ancient Roman Jupiter is classically the Thunder God but technically, only of daytime thunder. A now less popular, Pluto-like deity named Summanus was the God of nocturnal thunder.

The Ancient Etruscans who believed that every natural phenomenon was part of a conversation with the universe, had a Brontoscopic – “bronto” is thunder –  Almanac that delinetes the meaning of thunder according to what day it occurs. And the direction in which lightning struck was interpreted depending on which astrological house (they had 16) it was associated with.

The Babylonians and Celtic druids practiced Brontology along with Astrology, weaving words like “if it thunders on this lunar eclipse…” in with the astrology. Thunder took precedence but wind, rain, lightning and birds told a story in conjunction with the stars and planets.

All of the old beliefs aside, have you ever experienced a thunder and lightning aligned intuitive flash?

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  1. Officially making Sagely Radiant Quaking Thunder my Pluto in Aquarius theme/aesthetic/goal stalking muse/desired feeling/core concept thingy.

    Can’t recall a specific intuition flash during thunder/lightning but several of my most vivid, fully alive and present in my physical body in touch with the physical earth, moments were during thunderstorms. I remember them all. I now live where thunder and lightning is pretty rare and the locals are all scaredy cats when it does happen. I do miss prairie summer thunderstorms a lot.

  2. Off topic: I don’t know if it is the 5 Tibetans practice I started today or Neptune Direct last week, but the lucidity and clarity I am feeling today is amazing.

    Pisces Rising I am.

  3. The Lion & The Centaur

    Chaotic Primordial Goshawk and Dog Thunder” sounds epic!

    A lighting struck behind me when I was a toddler and I fell over, I blame my S. L. I. ability on that.

    In Finnish mythology weather, lightnings included, in relation to the almanac & environment (home yard, forest, lake etc) is very important and birds are some of the most important omen bringers!

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Oh poor baby/toddler. My maternal instincts went into overdrive when I read that.

      Venus and Mercury in Cancer.


  4. We didn’t have a TV growing up so thunderstorms were a welcome diversion. Even as a tiny person on the verandah at night I was awed by the power of the barometric pressure in the air, the sight of spiking light and those sounds…it just fills you with cosmic consciousness. Perhaps it is just me but it felt like Melbourne’s thunder daemons, her Sagely Radiant Quaking Thunder storms dissipated, disappeared, were perhaps engineered away. One thing I love about Brisbane is being in the land of thunderstorms. Last night we had what I will call 8 Trigrams Thunder, it was a mega storm with lightning cracking through the rain and giants playing bowls overhead for hours till dawn. But by morning all the roads were dry and the sun was set to stir-fry temperatures.

  5. No thunder but a brilliant full moon & clear night. It looked rather special tonight.
    To match i was over the moon at my surprise birthday present from Arian daughter-sister, a Gen X-er aka known a god-daughter, goddess daughter being a mouthful ‘n all.
    A Fisher Paykel fridge, black with sexy stripe. A preloved excellent condition one.
    As a ex chef my 2 bar fridges freaked her so much she took charge of my food regime & storage.
    Delivered with a bottle of Piper Heidsieck & a calico draw string bag printed with ‘my little bag of sweary affirmations.
    Example: ‘Get your shit together & go for a walk’.


      1. She blew my mind with love. Her mother booted her from home at 15 w/o even a pillow for her head, couldn’t handle the totally full on Arian energy which i adored.
        She adopted me as guiding figure at the same time of my starting my breathwork studies & practise.
        She had terrifying emotional asthma from her upbringing.
        We make each other better people through honouring & respecting each other always.

      1. Ronnie many thanks, delighted to see your name on MM,, always know you are silently around.
        We are united in our love for our animal buddies & art. x

      1. Dear Star Wish, did you see the magical full Gemini Moon on the 8th?
        It had a Mars ‘overlay’ but not seen w/o binoculars here.
        Time to chose what to feed my head in research, reading & listening to for the coming new year.

      1. Calli many thanks for the happy. A whole 75 years. All those decades lived through plus the ones remembered from mother & grandmother’s tales & attitudes.
        ‘Time flies-the rest is lies’ Omar Khyam.

      1. Skarab thank you, must tell you i have a scarab ring i treasure. It is said the shape of the scarab is the same as the human skull.

    1. Happy Solar Return Winged One, only the best chilled oats and bubbly while you raise your pearlescent hooves of an evening, xx y un favour, pull the blog a sweary affirmation every now and then?! Xxoo

      1. Dear Sphinx, merci beaucoup it was such a fun/sad day with wondrous gifts & also funeral of my old mate. The sweaty affirmations a real laugh out loud as they were exact words i used to say to her, sailor mouth ‘n all.

  6. No but I have had several interesting interactions with birds. Late May of this year a single bird of every type that use the trees in my yard lined up on the fence near me. 11 in all, with a finch even daring to sit between a crow and a magpie, I wondered what the message was. I still don’t know what the message was but 3 weeks later I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Was their line up a support? Evidence of big news coming? I have not been able to find out. But let me tell you, an owl landing nearby to look at you should be considered like the tower card in a tarot deck.

    Has anyone else had a line up of birds sit near them?

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      So I am Venus and Mercury in Cancer. With my Gemini Sun in the 4th. Apparently owls are important for me.

      I had an owl beckon my attention once. I rarely see them. This was at a time when I was a very emotional being but my intuition wasn’t seasoned. Basically the owl said if you don’t listen to your intuition you are heading for a shit storm.

      Well…. I didn’t listen to my intuition and a shit storm later happened.

      The feeling with that owl was palpable.

      I am sorry about your diagnosis. Gentleness and love on your path I Wish !


    2. That’s some news KL .. I think I see them (a bird visiting) as heralds. By the sound of things, you were definitely receiving a delegation that day xx

    3. According to Barbara Walker, the latin word for birds “aves” also means ancestral spirits or ghosts or angels, which ties in to the ancient Indo-European beliefs that souls can take the form of birds. Could it be that you were being heralded by supportive ancestor guides? Much love to you on this phase, Kerry. XXX

      1. Just the last week have had a Piping Shrike visit the back garden & now walks into the kitchen step to be fed sunflower seeds.
        Calls to me, a piping,(also known a Murray Magpies) when it wants to eat.
        Coincidently my oldest closest friend from The Sixties just passed to the stars at same time this normally timid breed made itself known.
        Thank you Scarab from mentioning this at special day.

      2. Skarab the spirit of the dead are definitely heralded by our avian friends. When Mum died my 2 sisters and I and BIL went to a cabin on a lake where we all used to stay to distribute her ashes. We took special champers down to the pier and threw the ashes into the still water with rose petals and out of nowhere came 14 black swans. The neighbours were transfixed as the swans had never visited before. My 2 sisters went up to the house to get hats while BIL and me sat, feet dangling, watching the horizon when suddenly head swan squarked and they all formed a line, took off in perfect formation which looked like mum was being drawn to heaven in a swan drawn chariot. This was just after a stingray arrived to swoosh its tail over the spot where the ashes had fallen. It was awe inspiring. I told my mum’s best friend who had promised not to die before mum and she said it made her happy to die now (she was almost 100). 6 weeks later off she went. Birds definitely embody the spirits.

        1. What a magnificent avian ceremony – as in this is the stuff of myths & legends! & what a beautiful experience, A! Seems like your mother must have been pretty special & connected to that place too … And the stingray – like a winged water spirit letting you know …. Happenings like these really inspire & fill one with love & wonder that is the Mystery & the interconnectedness of all. So glad you shared this.

          1. Thank you Skarab. The wonder of it has not worn off one bit and it was 10 years ago. I feel lucky to have had the experience. My sisters were a bit miffed they missed it.

    4. Oh,dear,what a prognosis! I definitely think you got a visitation of support🙏🦜sending you strengthening thoughts. . . Kia Kaha( Stay Strong) Bless x

    5. Hi there Kerry, sending Love, Strength and Hope in equal abundant measure!! You definitely received a “delegation” of avian, ancestral and angelic support (thanks Sam and Skarab!). A bit like all of us astrology magpies sitting along MM’s mystical e-clothesline in a row, wishing you well..🤗💫💫
      Yes the indigenous folklore where I live in Australia pays much due respect to our bird friends, especially the owls, crows and white galahs!
      (Also, highly recommend Anna Breytenbach’s website for hints and tips on communicating with your bird friends, next time they come around..? She’s an “animal communicator” who vows everybody can do this, simply by dropping into an empathetic, quiet, unassuming mindset – her videos on Youtube are great, too. Animal spirit dot org.) Sending love and luck Xooxoo

        1. Hi Calcifer, hope you doing ok up in the wintry northern hemisphere!??❄🌌☃️
          Anna is lovely, isn’t she?? But I can’t claim credit – just passing on all the great speakers I hear on the podcast “Buddha at the Gas Pump”. It was like all my spiritual fantasies come true! (LOL) – a whole swag of other people/presenters who believe in dark matter, spiritual (as in, the non-material-3D-physical dimensions) worlds, and hope. My other favourite speakers are Penny Sartori (former intensive care nurse documenting NDE’s), Professor Bernard Carr (mathematician who did PhD with Stephen Hawking and who believes dark matter is potentially evidence of non-physical realm- I think?), Glasgow medium Lauren Robertson and psychologist Stephen Cope on life purpose/dharma. Anyway, rant finished – just love hearing my own teeny-tiny experiences reflected in others!😆💖 Take care…🌼
          (Ps. It is not a Buddhist podcast, per se, although they do have plenty of Buddhist practitioner interviews. But also non-spiritual, “ordinary” people having un-ordinary experiences)..

    6. After reading your post and these wonderful replies I had a vision of your ancestors lining up for you and being there for you. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis Kerry, I wish you strength and care on your journey xxx

    7. Hi Kerry – animals are powerful examples of spirit and can be viewed in many different ways depending on your beliefs.
      But at the basic level they are there to convey messages that you haven’t yet uncovered….. a whole bunch of different birds I feel is a msg that needed you to pay attention to with urgency, that’s why it was such a dramatic display. In the spiritual realm I’ve learned, a lot of the interpretations come from you so whatever feels right to you normally is…
      Much love & good healing energy to you ✨

  7. I am reading this as thunder and lightning perform spectacularly all around, and then the hail starts! Am I in a scene from the movie Flash Gordon, or is it the mega mars eclipse energy?🙌😁

  8. Is anyone else feeling the tension from this incoming full moon? It’s in my 9th, and I feel like the walls are closing in, people and their habits are amplified and I want to hide under the bed or up a tree to find some peace lol 😩😩 I’ve got Moon-Mercury/Neptune/NN aspects which is great for vision but dealing with the human relationships angle, not so hot…..

    1. I’m definitely feeling tension but it’s pretty undefined at this point. The moon and Mars are both conj. my sun, and I’ve been too scattered / exhausted to even get on my computer which is obligatory if i want to read up on wtf this means in my power moons report (but maybe there’s value in being totally open-minded to whatever the effects of it /my experience of it are revealing themselves to be?) Exhaustion was more last week and through the weekened, I’m more energized now but focusing it exclusively on catching up on very basic clean-up and cooking levels so far.

      1. Yes! I understand the vagueness completely, it’s actually more difficult to pinpoint what emotion we’re feeling with the Gemini influence. I’m beyond scattered!
        I’m guessing it’s some locked away pain that needs to be released, because I basically had to sit in complete silence for hours today to feel human again!
        Learning to understand your own flow seems like an easy task, but throw in a full moon with the retrograde Martian influence & all fwd action comes equipped with dormant baggage with dust all over it ready to explode 💣 lol. 
        You know I only referred to the report today myself, but my intuitions had been screaming at me last night to lock myself away and find peace. You’re completely right…. when you surrender to the flow the true meanings come to light 💡

    2. Seseme Seed possibly pre-xmas tension? Expectations abound around the muggles with so much fake bonhomie & what we are supposed to do vis a vis how we actually feel & WANT to do.
      As super aware people we can’t shield our psyche’s from the global angst & it’s domino effect try as we might even with the enormous amount of healing tools we can use to protect ourselves.

      1. You’re right Pegs, it’s almost impossible to not be touched or influenced by the end of year madness even if I don’t celebrate the religious angle at all anymore.
        Today after feeling like the only place I had left to go was to do an aura cleanse, I purchased some Peruvian Florida water to strengthen my protection.
        Thats all we can do, protect our light. Oh and not subscribe to the bs rhetoric that keeps us confused and at war with ourselves ❌

        1. We rule a world that ends at our finger tips & toes, THAT’S what we can look after, treat as precious as you are doing.x

        1. Do like to diffuse Sandlewood, Mhyrr & Frankincense on Xmas day or just before on Solstice. Not easy to get nowadays.
          Pine is good too, heat the pine needles if you can find any trees.

          1. You must be pshyic. There is a baby pine growing metres from my back porch. It is friends with the kangaroos, water dragons and dragonflies.


              1. Wish Upon a Star

                Illusion! You know I can relate to that. When I first saw them I kind of went into an altered state. Pisces Rising: no chemicals needed.

                Thanks Pegusus.

                p.s. Does the stripe on your fridge make it go faster? Lol.


                1. Racing stripe was my imagination as it must the lighting on the silver under the moon as it sat in the drive.
                  All silver and after using 2 bar fridges one on top of the other this is luxury.

          2. I have the most gorgeous Somali Mryhh, it’s readily available here in NY. Theres something so evoking about that scent….I’ve been looking at a specific type of Sandlewood oil for its medicinal purposes, so it’s amazing you’re mentioning it (albeit to Wish lol). I’m taking that as the push to work with it ✨

            1. Hope you are feeling better, Cecemesee xoo
              Yep like you & Pegs I burn frankincense and myrrh at Christmas time, rubbed on locally sourced beeswax candles (from our forests here in W.A.).
              Avoiding the messaging of the capitalist-machine-version of this time of year is hard, and the (plastic and food) waste dispiriting, but closing the “sense doors” (Buddhist term) when out in public helps me, as does remembering some of the old traditions (Gnostic Christian, or even older) in inviting the sacred in.
              I do feel sad that Christmas time is such a symptom of our harried, Muggle world reaching reflexively for some type of long lost magic, mystery, and transcendence. If only people could see magic is real, and all around us every day. Also, Love. At least – this is how I get through the queues to post handmade goodies to loved ones!😅💖 Take good care of you, Cece. Xxoo

              1. You’re such a beautiful spirit Earths brightest star 🌟I love your tradition! I never thought of creating my own.. (can you see a giant light bulb turn on?lol💡) Thank you for checking in on me! I really have felt the need to scale back this week, on so many levels so I appreciate you reinforcing the conclusions I reached myself (painfully slowly lol 🙄). The closing of the sense doors is exactly what we need to do to avoid the nastier sides of energetic entanglements! Especially at this mad part of the year. 
                But more so to be okay with stillness, that’s something I haven’t mastered yet & this full moon was relentless in showing me that my boundaries had been compromised in the past & in the present. That’s where the tension was coming from! A journeying week lol.  Much love to your corner of the world too, you special soul ✨

                1. Hope you okay, Cece 🤗🌼❤❤💖 And am glad the “closing the sense doors” rang true for you, too – just heard a great vid on the same topic on a channel called “Doug’s Dharma” on Youtube – apparently “sense restraint” was used to avoid breaking monastic precepts – an ancient practice – (i.e. maintaining some kind of equanimity, no matter what life threw you) but definitely keeping your interior space quiet, clear and sacrosanct in modern day 2022 is vital, too!😄 Especially at this time of year! I don’t know how you do it – did you say you were in New York..?
                  (Although I think in Mother Nature we can cultivate mindfulness through senses – like Thict Nhat Hahn said, when walking (barefoot, on grass) “kiss the earth with your feet”!😊🌿)
                  Stay safe and strong, CeceM. Solstice is coming! XOO XOO

              2. True that the essential oils make it feel ancient & sacred. Fuq all the glitter trimming & uprooted trees.
                Western Australia is producing the best sandlewood in the world i believe, outshining India where it is becoming scarce.
                Hand made gifts really mean something, a card, a pot of apple jelly, organza lavender bags…..

                1. Hi dear Pegs, my Birthday Sun Guru xooxoo Did all your Angels send dreams about the year ahead?? I read about your Aries Goddess-daughter sending gifts and sweary truths – so, so glad XOO XOO You DO have your Sun cj my Neptune – school is in! (For me!)😊
                  Re: Sandalwood – yep, WA have an indigenous sandalwood tree, but I think due to over-harvesting by both legal and illegal loggers, they are going to heavily regulate access now. Which makes perfect sense, given global demand and its sacred nature! Also our beeswax is in high demand, because we’ve never had the Mite-That-Must-Never-Be-Named, and thus, don’t have to use all sorts of nasty antibiotics/pesticides to get our wax/honey. Which makes me so desperately sad for the global bee situation – how did it come to this?? That same feeling when I sit on a remote beach in Southern WA, feeling the Antarctic wind on my face, dig my hands in the crystal sand and pull up…. micro-plastics mixed in. But – Hope. Joy. Peace. And Love to You, Pegasus!! Xoo

  9. I hear lipstick names for shades that aren’t invented yet//change with the wearer, I hear songs for the faces that wear them..💛 (But also, Rihanna? ” Baby, this is what you came for… lightning strikes everytime she moves…”)

  10. Weaving Maidens Four Song Thunder hints of a typical Hopi Native American name. It only makes sense as I’ve heard so many different sounds of thunder (kettle drum, drum circle, crack and roll). This would be so very interesting

  11. I love how every element has a storyline, the universe truly is a gift that continually delivers. You can’t not be in awe of such an unpredictable force…. this year I’ve had two lightning themes come up during my deep healing sessions, that related to my ancient lives ⚡️…. my own electrical output could power a small city, of late when I touch certain things it makes an audible cracking sound, which I’m sure is close to starting an actual fire 🔥 lol. Natal Uranus Rx in the 2nd with a moon connection keeps me in mad scientist mode!

  12. Oh the joy of counting, one thousand and one, one thousand and two…. Love when they’re close and rattle the windows (as long as all costly electronics are turned off at the wall) my daughter captured a beautiful storm in far north Qld. When you slowed and reversed the video the lightning was soooo horizontal it was amazing

  13. I suspect that people like those who visit here (aka fascinating, intellectual people with a deep astrological yearning) love to stand outside in storms. I certainly do and always have. I love lightening and thunder, wind and rain. Maybe my Uranus Sun conjunction or just plain magical. Storms conjure. They whip up magic left right and centre. It’s palpable. Just like getting a recharge. Bring it on I say. Maybe I shouldn’t say that in current times.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      I’m glad you said that. I am a Pisces Rising with Neptune in Scorpio 9th house.

      A few years ago on a solitary holiday I was at Hervey Bay Qld Australia.
      I was in the sea and a storm was brewing, thunder, the sea was rocking me like a baby. I was in 7th heaven. I felt protected and I was.

      p.s. I told my friend this and he called me crazy. Well. Lol.

      1. A  “solitary holiday” – i do those too, but never heard it called that before. I might start calling it a “soliday” – a holiday for the soul, or for Sol… that fits as i often do these for my birthday… 😊 I totally know that feeling of being protected by the elements. Had one of those moments curling up in the bough of a large old pōhutukawa in Northland, NZ once – on a soliday in fact – after a not-very-good day… It made everything come right, and then boy did they ever turn right..! 😆 Ahhh, thanks nature…

        1. Love the word ‘soliday’! And as a matter of fact, I have had some ‘solidays’ in Australia (I’m from Northern-Europe). I took a trip along the Great Ocean Road and watched the Twelve Apostles at dusk, while a strong wind was blowing. Do not particularly like storms anymore after half my roof was blown off last February by a storm (hello transiting Uranus on my Moon in Taurus)

          1. Ah, yes i know that feeling… It’s all fun & games til the roof blows off – or the house falls down or floods…! I get that same *inhale* when there’s a quake or heavy rains now, ever since the Chch earthquakes happened & flooding/slips in my town and being evacuated (to my then boyfriend’s place which was also flooded, duh). It’s no longer a bit of excitement like it once was in the gentler past…

            I do know that strong Australian wind that you speak of, from living in Melbourne for a short stint. It’s very evocative, warm, storm-bringing… That’s the one that blows over to the north-west of NZ too… I always feel you can smell it more than any of the other winds, and that it carries stories along with it if you listen… It’s my fave 😊

        2. Wish Upon a Star

          I think you are on to something: Soliday !

          Pohutukawa : what a beautiful word!

          What does it mean? Are you Maori?

          1. Yes, it is a beautiful word and a beautiful tree! Just coming into bloom all around me, in the town i’m in. Brilliant ruby red against soft sage & deep green leaves… They have gnarly “wandering roots” (much like my own!) when they’re on clifftops and coastlines… and interestingly Pōhutukawa is one of the nine stars of the Matariki cluster – otherwise known as the Pleaides, Seven Sisters, Subaru etc (there seven in other cultures but nine in Te Ao Māori – maybe the skies are just clearer here..?!). It’s colloquially known as the NZ Christmas Tree as it typically flowers Dec-Feb (ish). When the red stamens drop they leave a red carpet on the ground which is about as glamorous as suburban NZ gets… 😆

            Copied from a site: te-pa-tu[dot]com:
            2. Pōhutukawa – is connected to the dead, and in particular those who have passed on from the world since the last heliacal rising of Matariki in the month of Pipiri.Māori belief determines that when an individual dies, their spirit leaves their body and undertakes a journey along Te Ara Wairua, the pathway of the spirits. This journey ends at the northernmost point of the North Island at a place called Te Rerenga Wairua (the departing place of the spirits). The dead travel along the rocky ledge towards the ocean where an ancient pōhutakawa tree stands. They then descend the aka (root) of this tree and disappear into the underworld. ‘Below Te Aka, the long dry root of the pōhutakawa which does not quite reach the sea, is Maurianuku, the entrance to the underworld. Pōhutakawa is the whetu (star) that connects Matariki to the deceased and it is the reason why people would cry out the names of the dead and weep when Matariki was seen rising in the early morning.

            And, no i’m not Māori myself, just another pākehā/Kiwi (of Celtic/European descent) but i respect indigenous lore, wisdom, culture, & rights…🙂

    2. I lived on a boathouse in a pond once, it was surrounded by reeds with an outside shower on the deck & large eucalyptus trees nearby. One summer night there was a big lightning storm & i decided having a shower outside in a lightning storm would be amazing so i stripped off & got under the water… It was fun for about 3 minutes until i realised that water conducts electricity and i was surrounded by water and covered in water and close to nearby tall conductor trees… at which stage i freaked out, ran inside & sat on my bed too afraid to touch the floor! 🤣

      I’ve always been a good conductor of electricity (getting shocks & passing on shocks – hello Sun-Uranus!) and had a vision once in my teens of dying in a past life by being hit by lightning in a lake (doesn’t make much sense, but who knows what’s possible). So i’m simultaneously invigorated and cautious about lightning. I remember seeing a tree in my neighbourhood that had been split in half by lightning as a kid – that made an impression. Electrical storms feel very powerful & enlivening… I love them too. Definitely charge up… We get epic ones here in spring, carried over with the norwester…

      1. I too have Sun Uranus and get electric shocks ALL the time. Nice to know someone else with the same. Love the shower story 😂

        1. Also…am back to being Tiffany Aching again? Ghost in the machine? I never know which persona I will be until I write a comment. Oh well, it’s cool to be 2 people 😊😊

        2. Sun Uranus here and I’m exactly the same with shocks – things that don’t shock others will give me a big zap. Never made this connection to the Uranus placement in my chart!

          1. Oh yeah for sure Saggi. I have been getting zapped all my life. And my house got struck by lightening a couple of years ago when the big U crossed my Taurus Asc. That was a wakeup call. Loudest thing I have ever heard. Still I adore to stand out in a storm. It’s just like making magic. You can breathe it in – so invigorating. (wear rubber soles)

  14. While I have not experienced this, it reminded me of a letter Frieda Harris wrote concerning Aleister Crowley’s death “was met with thunder” (he was Leo rising).

  15. ‘It hit me like a bolt of lightening’?
    Love standing (under cover) outside in thunderstorms as feel the physical flash through my body when the lightening comes.
    Yes the heavens talking indeed.

  16. Perhaps that’s where the Brontosaurus got it’s name. Thundering around the prehistoric geography like a big storm…

  17. Thunderbolts are refered to in all Myths and were believed to contain messages from the Gods…see any/all Grahame Hancock’s books and any other tomes re Ancient Egypt and Atlantis.

  18. Clarissa Dolphin

    PLEASE bring thunder divination back AND literally have the glyph be a lightning bolt. I’m wondering how that would go with prognostication though, because can you predict thunder? Would it always be after the fact, or would the system develop to such heights of excellence that you’d be able to predict thunder? How badass would that be?


  19. Thunderstorms can be so awe inspiring ⚡️
    Off topic, Uranus in transit is conjunct my natal Moon (Taurus), exact this week. And right now the transiting Moon in Taurus is also there, exact. It is a weird and unsettling experience. I can’t get my new house heated properly (yet) and I am quite isolated socially, which is in large part because of a strong need to be alone. But it’s also because I am much further away from friends and family, where I live now.
    I wonder what other people’s experiences with this particular transit (Uranus over natal Moon) are, so do drop me a line if you remember 🌝⚡️

    1. Hi Calcifer, I am a Taurus Moon also. I just checked my year ahead report and the Uranus conjunction is on again Dec 26 till late Feb next year.

      My experience is that alot of drama is happening with my friends/neighbours.
      My moon is in my 3rd house. One friend/neighbour is having heart bypass on his Sag birthday. Another friend lost her 24 year old son on New year’s Day. I am spending Xmas with these friends. And a few nights ago I was woken by flashing lights at 3 am I thought it was prowler. But no another neighbour howling in pain.It was the ambulance. She is only in her 30s. And the crazy gardener fighting with said friend/neighbours. The place is called Bush Haven. You have got to laugh. But for me it is a haven.

      You have a strong need to be alone. What house is your moon in?

      1. Hello dear Wish, interesting to hear how Uranus transiting your Moon is manifesting itself! It sounds as if somehow, you with your Moon in Taurus, are a beacon of strength for your neighbors/friends in the midst of the Uranus induced mayhem. But who is this crazy gardener? Does he belong to anyone or is he just an independent agent (sounds very much like Uranus in Taurus).
        I have my Moon in Taurus in the 10th. It is true that there is a lot of chaos at work, with constantly changing schedules, changing protocols, no proper routine, people falling sick or leaving for other jobs, conflicts etcetera. So, no wonder, maybe, that I like to be on my own when i get a chance. And even though it tips over into isolation sometimes. Last summer’s crisis with my direct neighbor has also resulted in me staying inside a lot, which is not exceptional because it is winter here now…

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          The crazy gardener ? He is employed by the body corporate. I feel sorry for him. He is quite ratty. He has a real problem with boundaries ie putting leaf litter in people’s bins. Just cutting trees willy nilly. Not mowing their lawn even though he is employed to do so.

          But I have no problem with him. He keeps my lawn mown to stop the snakes and even removed old furniture, rubbish for free.

          I think I am lucky this time. Like you I wasn’t last time.

    2. Realised my life would never change if I didn’t leave my home city (and family home). So I left my home city and family home. Uprooted to completely new, different circles and living circumstances. Also travelled overseas for first time. Thinking back, I just felt radically free, independent and capable. I’ve had 4 outer planet transits over my moon now. They really do renovate one’s view. I think Uranus wins for the most fun and liberating time, although it was possibly also a consequence of my age then but I’d like to think that anyone can set themselves free if they give it a red hot go.

      1. Hi Sam, sounds like you were very brave to leave everything behind in search of new horizons! Do you have your Moon in Aries if I may ask? Because that would enhance the chances of Uranus awakening the adventurer in you. I like the way you describe the outer planets transits as ‘renovating the view’, very positive. Will also further reflect on your philosophy of setting yourself free

        1. I do have aqua and aries placements, plus a 9th house emphasis. I hadn’t thought of these as Uranus transit sympathisers, but you have a point. Also a v uranian family . Again, I was very young and the whole world at my feet, y’know. I didn’t have a lot to lose, nor a house to pack up etc..
          Uranus phases usually just bring so much flux, it’s the opposite of hanging on. It’s like a barn dance , one minute you’re swinging in circles with this person, then you whirl off to dosey-doh in another line. We connect, and then whirl onwards . Or they whirl onwards! (Or whichever parallel is meaningful to you.) starting to feel a bit worse for wear and at times wondering where the cool sustaining nourishment was, I realised, ohh of course. This is the point.. let change happen, grasping will cause pain and confusion.. we can love and appreciate, live and operate in other ways.. these experiences help to make a kaleidoscope for us to look through to see the possibilities, to see that we can live in so many ways. the constant is You <3

          the cracks are how the light gets in
          (Leonard Cohen or was it Rumi?)

          The house is important too. I found Uranus through the 10th sent me all over the shop. Some joy, some crap and eventually I just let it be meta and be about the dance of change, coexist – let go – repeat, not the specifics, finding my centre one way or another (where possible) and remembering (eventually) that you have agency in this change too xo

          Rambling a bit sorry lovely Calcifer.

          (Edit. 2001: a space odyssey, the ultimate uranian film imho)

          1. Wow, Sam finding your post on a wintery, frosty Northern-European morning (I am on a different time and seasonal schedule than the lovely Australians Chez Mystic) is like receiving an early Christmas present!
            I love your poetic description of strong Uranian transits and it is very comforting. It is indeed like a whirling dance, changing dance partners all the time, not clinging, not trying to preserve. Let change happen. A kaleidoscope indeed! This will help me further navigate the Uranian energy. Thank you again, so very much, Sam!

            1. Wishing you courage and joy for your transformative mini-era, and also the inner knowledge for when to seek respite or a grounded other for support. xox

              1. Too late to edit but I wanted to add an idea: the sense/experience of discovery that is (in my experience) inherent in this transit. Uranus is a science-y planet. Perhaps we can consider the transit as a living (benevolent? Tbc) experiment upon our life and self, or the chart bit being transited.

                I definitely understand though, that Uranian processes do not always care about the same things that we do. There’s a lot of heart-work involved when it comes to comprehending the agenda

          2. And re you mentioning ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’. This must be the ultimate in synchronicity. I have a DVD of 2001 in my house, which I have been meaning to watch and which I couldn’t get around to. Up until now! Your message is the prompt I needed

    3. Remember? That transit is hard to forget! And lingering! I’m still in the aftermath trying to rebuild, tho finding it hard to know what as, and with what… I think i ranted about my experience on another post with you, using words like “tumultuous”, “upheaval”, “uprooting”, and “endless crying”… tho to be fair, my moon is part of a T-square so the massive pulling-out-of-the-rug was also due to my natal Uranus opposition and multiple squares, including to Saturn & IC… And inconveniently, coincident with my Saturn opposition and also at the onset of peri-menopause – which i wasn’t aware of at the time. My Moon is Taurus 3′ in the 6th house (which explains the rest of my ramble about health & hormone craziness, tho the “unexpected occurrences” at the time were the uprooting of my Taurus Grandmother, and the sale/loss of her lovely home-sanctuary of 65 years, which i housesat on & off for the year-long duration of this transit. It was sold a week to the day of the third exact transit – and i’m still bitter about it! 😔).

      A thought for another post (yet, here i am writing it on this one…🤔):

      The Saturn opposition occurs at 43-44ish; the Uranus opposition around 43ish – both are crises, culminations, or challenges to how we have lived our lives in society thus far (as an over-simplification). I don’t think it’s a cosmic joke on women that this is also the average age of peri-menopause; i do think it’s a reflection of the big shifts in our sense of who we are in relations to society and womanhood, fertility, and our reasons for being. When i listen to women describe the symptoms & effects of peri-menopause on their mental & emotional wellbeing, their jobs, their relationships, self-esteem – everything – i am also listening through the lens of “Saturn opposition/Uranus opposition” – which in no way is to suggest that it’s not “real” (i’m living it and its very real), because Saturn is a very real planet. And yet, symptoms like hot flashes, sensations of ‘electrical shocks’ do seem very ‘Uranus opposition’, as well as the fact that it seems to come out-of-the-blue for many women (this is largely a failing of medical research & communication within patriarchal societies – also very Saturn/Uranus themes). Withdrawal from public view and professional life is very ‘Saturn opposition’, as are symptoms like hair loss, brittle nails & loss of bone density – and the onset of osteoporosis… For myself, i’ve dubbed this particular phase of my life “The Crumbling”… ahh sigh. I do feel like a block of old feta… (I am also now taking calcium, zinc, magnesium, Vit D3 & K2 supplements, among other things to delay the inevitable deterioration, and going against the grain – Uranus again – by increasing my dairy & seafood intake, after being vegetarian/mostly vegan since my first Saturn opposition).

      Anyway, my point: as both a woman and an eternal student of astrology, i’m finding it very difficult – impossible perhaps – to separate the peri-menopausal transition from the Saturn/Uranus oppositions… In some ways it is comforting, and informing, to frame it this way. Where & how this plays out for women will vary depending on what houses are affected – for me it’s the 6th/12, and the IC/MC axis (in the 3rd/9th using equal house system).

      The average age of menopause is 51 – roughly 7 years after the disruption & crumbing of the Uranus/Saturn oppositions, and the peri phase, which is both at the Saturn square, and… the Chiron return! Chiron is of course the ‘bridge’ between Saturn & Uranus (along with consort Chariklo), representing the integration of these two distinct planetary energies, and opening the gates to liberation. Many menopausal women speak of feeling ‘liberated’ post-menopause… another coincidence? I think not. Something to hold on to to look forward to at the end of this slog anyway…!


      Anyway, that’s my essay/journal/therapy session for the day! Probably shouldn’t have had that second coffee… 😏 😆⚡️⚡️🤐

      1. Lovely essay, Mariposa! Your theory about Saturn and Uranus coinciding with peri-menopause sounds plausible to me. Especially the way these planets are associated with deconstructing and reconstructing. Also Uranus ‘causing’ hot flashes and Saturn having its influence on our nails and bones. I personally think you did well to eat a bit more seafood and dairy, to support your body.
        Sorry to hear about your grandmother and her lovely home. It does seem like you did what you could to give support in that situation, though, by housesitting… The themes of houses changing hands, turbulence around property and land, and (grand-)mothers moving and passing away do resonate with my own Uranus transiting natal Taurus Moon experience. My ex mother in law, whom I was very fond of, passed on the Taurus eclipse of November 8 – which was her birthday. Her Scorpio Sun was exactly opposite my Taurus Moon…

        1. Sorry to hear about your ex MIL… 😔. I should say that my grandmother herself is still alive at 93, but now in a rest home in another city (where i may be moving if i get a job i’m applying for…). The Uranus transit of her Taurus sun uprooted her from the town she was born in & lived for 88 years. The house thing bites even more as i was priced out of my own place in said town earlier this year and am still not settled anywhere, and hers was the only family house i had ever known… It’s gutting that it was sold – i would have bought it if i could (but… empty 2nd house me always has empty pockets!!). So the whole transit just felt like insult to injury over & over again.

          Anyway, as often with these upheavals, once you come back down to earth in a different place to where you thought you were going to be, you realise that the Cosmos did indeed have a plan for you… I haven’t quite reached that new destination, which is a bit unsettling in itself, but i’m sure it will arrive in time.

          Gotta work on faith & patience during these Uranus transits – not always easy with the jangly nerves they tend to inspire…

          BTW, on Saturn: I have another theory about Saturn being the ‘Grandmother’ archetype – not the Grim Reaper or Father Time or your Boss or Dad – i think that’s patriarchal, religious BS. Much of old western astrology is still very paternalistic – look how many masculine archetypes there are compared to the feminine ones… Women literally get the Moon and Venus – men get all the rest!

          Grandmothers have all of those Saturnian qualities of wisdom and mastery, but with a compassionate rather than punitive approach to younger generations. I think we’d dread Saturn transits a lot less if we were to envision and reinstate Saturn as a Wise Woman, Crone, Grandmother archetype… My god, it’s so past time we smashed the patriarchy..!! 👵🏻

          1. Saturn as a grandmother is such an inspiring idea! I have always thought of Saturn as androgynous energy, but why couldn’t it be feminine indeed. I empathize with the loss of your Grandmother’s home. Even if nothing similar happened to me in this life. But the love for a home and a place are something I can really relate too, especially if that home belonged to grandparents. It is truly a shame that houses have become objects of speculation. I wish for you to find a lovely new place to feel at home, Mariposa 🌟🏡

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        I’m glad you had the 2nd coffee. I am a 55 year old woman.

        I wish I knew peri menopause was a real thing when I had it. Let alone the astrological connection. I would have embraced it. And not been so hard on myself.

        Yes menopause is liberating.


        1. Thank you for affirming that, Wish! I’m glad you made it through…💕 The sad reality is that many women don’t, and that is because they didn’t know what was happening to them nor that it was “normal” and the symptoms are able to be treated.

          Incidentally i am right now drinking my first cup of decaf coffee ever. I used to think “what is the point of decaf??”, but i recently listened to a podcast suggesting that coffee itself is good for women’s hormones & brains, even without the caffeine. Yay! I feel like it’s heralding a new phase of life where i can have my coffee and my sleep too…😊

  20. On the day Neptune conjunct Jupiter this past year (2022), here in the U.S. PNW there was a rare thunderstorm while it was snowing – it felt like two gods meeting to chat.

  21. Oooooohhh I love that.
    As a huge fan of storms, I’ll be sure to try it next time. We had a wonderful one a few days ago, I usually am the only one in my neighbourhood jumping for you on my balcony every time it happens 😊😊😊

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