A Magical Example Of A Libra Scorpio Stellium

The actor and photographer Viggo Mortensen is a good example of a Libra Scorpio stellium. Most of his astrological energy is between 15 Libra and Scorpio. It means that he is inspired by relationships and collaborations but also that if he does not connect with a person – or project/piece of work – at a soul level, he’s not there. And, depending on his rising sign, he would barely be able to conceal his lack of engagement. Fortunately, he’s super-talented and a witch.

By “witch”, I mean that in the olden days, being born with that much astrological energy in that sector of the galaxy meant you had powers. I think it still holds but it’s not so fashionable to talk about the Via Combusta. Latin for “fiery way”, it refers to the part of the Zodiac belt that is between 15 degrees of Libra and Scorpio. The late Libra/early Scorpio part of it – where Mortensen’s stellium is – is the most potent.

Viggo Mortensen Has Practically All His Astro In The Via Combusta

In ancient times, a Queen would have hired him to be her Chief Mage by dint of his chart alone. Okay and maybe his looks.

He’s got Venus, North Node, and the Sun in late Libra. That then runs into Neptune, Mercury & Jupiter in early Scorpio. Given that a Stellium is any more than three planets, the Sun or Moon close together, it’s one hell of a Libra Scorpio stellium. If you were to look at it in the sky, at the time it was happening, they would look like a vertical line of stars, with some so close they resembled one big star. The “star of wonder” sought by the three “wise men” who found Jesus was probably a triple conjunction.

Mortensen also has the Moon in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini. So that’s ultra Air – he is reportedly a maniac bibliophile. Pluto in Virgo is his only Earth. He is a creature of Air and Water; intellect and emotion.

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  1. Very interesting!! I have 6 planets in Libra, moon is Scorpio. Mars in Scorpio, can’t seem to hold any interest in relationships either. Would rather be friends. I just dont think I’m here for that mess.. I have found it very difficult to balance the needs of others and my own.. seems I sacrifice my own needs to be of service to others.. I’m working on making myself more of a priority.. thanks for the article, great work

  2. Very interesting the info on the fiery road… most of my chart is in that area as well (sun, moon, mercury and venus in Libra all in the 12th house conjunct my Scorpio rising also have mars in Gemini in the 8th house) and yes the struggle is heavy and real >.<

  3. Sag rising with saturn conjunct ascendant is my guess. He has a capricorn/saturn look about him – really sharp and chiselled bone structure, but in a cool way! Aquarius rising is handsome in a friendly and open sorta way where’s cap/saturn is quite cool and researved.

    He does have an aquarius moon so that contributes to the great bone structure and vernus/NN in libra helps with the good looks.

    As regards his love of books, sag rising would make jupiter his chart ruler. Jupiter is in scorpio conjunct mercury and neptune. This is a really intense and expansive mercury, he can’t get enough of those books!

    Viggo also has long hair most of the time – another sag rising trait!!

  4. I second AirOnFire! please Mystic, more about the fiery road! I have most of my planets there and I really would love to know more from your interpretation… Thanks!!

  5. The Via WHAT?? That’s awesome. I never knew about that. I have True Node, Sun, Mercury and Uranus all in that area. Necromancy scares the shit out of me though. The fundamental intent of carbon-based life is not something you should fuq with. I feel no attraction to Viggo like most other women I know, but do feel camerarderie. Now I know why!

    Why not a Leo rising? He surely has all the under currents but he obviously wants to be seen. Not a glamour though. Pas possible?

  6. When drooling over him as Aragorn, I couldn’t decide between Sagg (the intelligent face/the lock of hair falling over the eyes/the athletic build and height) and Cap (that bone structure, but my guts said fire, not earth, and certainly not air) or Scorpio/pluto rising (but now I know he has all that Scorp anyway, that explains that, as does something else I saw on shootingstarastrology).
    That website says they were given (not sure by whom) a time of just after 11am which gives him Sagg rising, and Saturn in 1st house, about 10 degs off ascendant. Would certainly fit with the bone structure. It would also mean that when he was making the Lord of the Rings Trilogy – which really made him famous and no doubt transformed his life – he had transiting Pluto pretty much bang on his Sagg RIsing.
    This chart also perfectly fits the character of Aragorn – Sagg rising, made haute Sagg by Saggo Saturn in first house, destined for long, hard journey on a quest for what is right, bearing heavy burden of responsibility, with unflagging faith against the odds, starting out as the dispossessed “Strider” and ending up being crowned King (Sun/Venus conjunct in late 10th house).
    OK, so I know the actor isn’t the character, but still, he seemed to embody Aragorn more comfortably than any other character I’ve seen him play, like it was made for him. Er, and Aragorn had Via Combusta type “powers” that made him cool with the elves, no?
    So wherever they got that soon after 11am birthtime, I reckon they are right, as are those peeps who instinctively saw Pluto, Saturn influence and Sagg?
    And as for the completely insane bit, well, the big Tsquare involving Moon in Aqua opposite Uranus both squared by Neptune, Mercury and Jupiter conjunction in the 11th would make sense of that, no?

    1. I like it, and I agree re: the Aragorn character suiting him so well, or the other way round. I was genius casting πŸ™‚

      1. Yep, check his wikipedia profile – you and I not alone in thinking that. All sorts of movie-related orgs nominated him as best cast of the year in each of the Lord of the Rings Movies.
        Actually, reading about him on wikipedia (Viggo, you gorgeous thang, you are distracting me!)makes likelihood of Sagg asc even greater: the incredibly travelled life, the versatility (painter, photographer and poet, as well as actor), the huge love of horses (he bought the horses he rode in LordotRings and Hidalgo), the generosity (he bought the horse ridden by Liv Tyler’s stunt double and gave it to her), the liberal-lefty politics, and the fact that he founded an indie publishing house for unknown artists who couldn’t get published by major houses.

  7. Via Combusta…

    As to the Libra / Scorpio combo in a man, that is a sizzlingly heartbreaking one that I myself have fallen for many a time (with no success as yet sadly). Anyone who says Via Combusta has nothing going for it, has not eyes in their head or blood in their body.

    1. UnbalancedLibra

      I am the embodiment of libra/scorpio. Triple libra with almost all of the other planets in scorpio. Except mars, I have that in leo in house of Saggitarius.

  8. OK – on the theory that the Ascendant shows how other people see you, and the face you project to the world…

    What does Elijah Wood say about Viggo? “Integrity” “brilliant” and “insane”. Elijah’s an Aquarius himself, they’re a pretty perceptive bunch.

    The man must be aqua rising. I wouldn’t mind if he is, as it puts me in the same club …

    That would put his sun & libra/scorpio combos probably in 8th or 9th house. So adds a bit of Sag and Scorp flavor as well. Uranus would be in Virgo also??? He’s surely not old enough for Uranus in Leo ??? (ok I have no idea, its a vague guess)

    thanks for your fine taste in posts Mystic, it never fails to hit the spot.

  9. He also has his Venus and Mean Node conjuncting Spica, a very fortunate fixed star, especially for the arts and sciences.

  10. Electric Eel Libran

    I’m going to guess Sagg.

    Why? Supposedly his fave restaurant in NZ is the Green Parrot. Here’s a menu:

    It’s all manly-man meat food. oysters and livers and stuff. A lot of Scorps and Saggs and Taurii like those sorts of food.

    He also likes cheering very loudly for his soccer team. Almost got kicked out of Dulles. So that seems very idk…Saggy too.

    I’m a Sagg ASC and i hate team spectator sports but I’ve seen other Saggo types adore those things. If i can’t be out there doing the sport, I don’t have any use for it.

    Very interesting that Via Combusta thing too.
    A large part of my chart is sitting in Via combusta. :/

  11. Mystic, yours is the ONLY positive interpretation of Via Combusta that I’ve managed to find so far.. I keep reading that it’s the unfortunate area of the zodiac AND my sun seems to be at the worst degree of the worst sign it could possibly be in – 19 Libra – apparently (from some horary website) that’s THE lowest degree of the sun’s fall?!

    Can we have a little more (hopefully positive) info on this fiery road?

  12. wow, you guys are amazing….I’m so pulling this out of my arse but for some reason i think Aqua or Pisces….somewhere towards the end of the cycle.

    I love him, but I particularly love him as Aragorn and believe he should get around decked out as Aragorn all the time. In his everyday life, in every film role. I can just see him breaching iron studded double doors with purpose in almost any narrative setting and that enhancing the situation πŸ™‚

    I have Jup/Merc/Sun in the via Combusta, nice to know about it…

    1. Oh, cool. I’m not shilling for Dave, but he does have an amazing inventory for serious astrofiends and professionals. I’ve often thought of this book when MM posts her rising sign queries.

      He also resets and publishes rare titles. He does his part for astro; MM does her part, too. Different parts.

  13. Not going to hazard a guess. Sagg rising would be my favourite asc so far. I don’t know if as a mouthy Pisces with venus and chiron opposite his late Libra sun I would really be his thing, but hey, but I write poetry, play the piano, speak a couple of languages… study some things… interested in more…SURELY we’re a match πŸ˜€ then again his aqua moon might drive my pisces soul insane.

  14. What’s the sign of elegant hands – look at his: they’re beautiful!
    Viggo the Virgo just doesn’t work for me…as for fire in the mix, I would think Leo, rather than Sagg or Aries.

    1. i don’t care…i can’t stop looking at his hands. those long fingers and strength they possess… i can’t stop thinking about what he could do with those hands!

  15. Just completed hours of Hell on Wheels (HBO) & the main bloke reminds me of Viggo, named Anson Mount.
    Check him out, a Pisces, a strong looking Pisces man & very very handsome in Ansom from Kentucky πŸ™‚

  16. I’m going with Aquarius for Viggo.

    Is anyone aware of any MM blog posts or other articles on the Via Combusta late Lib/early Scorp? I scored merc, sun and moon in that zone.
    One of those big cheap astro books called this the Cusp of Drama & Criticism. Choice. Tips for staying on the haute side?

  17. Neptune Rising. He’s dreamy!
    But if not Pisces I am gunning for Leo due to the Aqua girl interest & acting profession.

  18. hiddendragonqueen

    i am also in the sag camp. saturn rising, pluto on the mc. puts his scorpiness in the 12th house for the swoony depth and libra in the 11th for extra aqua oomph. his energy is so impersonal/transcendental.

    oh viggo. we have so much synastry! next project needs to be a gold rush period piece… filmed on location of course…

    1. hiddendragonqueen

      also i like the idea of him having a 9th house uranus. a 2nd house moon would make photography books. and a gem dc would for sure create an attraction to aquas…

  19. Rache(aqua/tauri)

    I had no idea he made all these photo/poetry coffee table books…living the dream!

    Judging by the action-oriented lifestyle, jaw, and youthful tan/glow I’m going Aries or Sagg. His ex wife is Aqua and lead singer of a punk band…also giving me faith in my bet.

  20. blue aragonite w north node, sun libra

    He’s Leo Rising or Libra Rising. Am I right?
    If Leo Rising that would explain cat-look-features; acting and he’d have a lot of fiery enthusiasm and interest in learning his craft. It would also put all his Libby-Scorpy-ness at the bottom/underside of his chart which would also explain his reserved, need for knowledge, secret, solitary kinda vibe…

    So glad you did this post, MM.
    I always thought he is a Virgo. Never knew about this much air in one’s chart. it literally makes peeps inquisitive about the world, mercurial but with a constant qi. I thought multi-Libra air makes peeps unrealistic, ungrounded, a dreamy quality, but this is great because his intensity (Scorpio) kinda grounds it or draws all those pie-in-the-sky Libby-ness into the depths of underground – underground knowledge or getting to the bottom of things perhaps.

    my scope of planets are at end of virgo and beginning of libra, all bunched up across the bottom left-hand side of chart.

    I also love reading about peeps with the same north node and sun as I, helps me learn how this north node works.


      1. 12th house virgo

        If he’s Virgo rising, his chart ruler is in Scorpio third house, critical communications. And his Pluto first is talking to his Mercury. To quote the man himself “I always ask myself what’s on the page, and what’s underneath the words and between the words.” Sounds like Pluto-Mercury to me.

      2. Yeah. The more you look the more sense it makes to me. It puts Mars near his Mid Heaven. Aquarius Moon in his 5th ( ex-wife & child). Jupiter in the 3rd too……….

  21. Sun in Scorpio: at 1 deg
    Moon in Scorpio : at 6deg
    Mercury in Scorpio: at 18 deg
    Neptune in Scorpio: at 19 deg
    And I am a ‘seer’ to some degree.
    Get thee to high ground; Death is coming from the sea…

    1. How you doin’ since Saturn went into Scorpio…

      seeing massive changes in my scorpio father, good changes.

  22. he looks leo or aqua rising…!?!!!

    i knew there was something up with these the late libras// early scorp. my almost 4 year-quasi long distance relationship is with a 28*sun-23*moon in libra with venus pluto and mercury in scorpio. with at least pluto being in the 15 degree span. neptune in cap/virgo rising are his only earth…. he’s definitely has some sort of underwordly charm/smarts. he’s brilliant, talented musically and poetically. he has such sharp, sarcastic, hilariously clever but subtle comments to make. we make each other laugh nonstop sometimes

    i have venus at 1 scorpio and pluto at 13…. i always put venus —plus my 29* aqua moon— as the reason my attraction for late libra/early scorp types NEVER fails. its that sort of underworldy all-knowing sexiness. Everybody i’ve met born around then can make me laugh my damn tits off without saying a word

    1. perhaps he’s virgo rising…. he does appear somewhat earthy without having much earth and my bf kinda has a similar vibe….

  23. Dave Roell at astroamerica carries an excellent book on rising sign appearances, broken down by decante. Published before WWII, but still amazingly accurate illustrations, drawn by the author himself. Man and the Zodiac — David Anrias

  24. I agree with those who say Sagg rising.

    I’m a big fan of Viggo – and I have Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Sun, Mercury and North Node in the Via Combusta. (I think Viggo and I should discuss this life condition sometime.)

    However, his latest movie is about twins, and in his interviews he talks about the movie Dead Ringers and what a fantastic performance Jeremy Irons gives. So I rented that movie last week, in my second week of a bad cold and in need of distraction. It is one of the creepiest movies I’ve ever seen and I regretted watching it. It might be professionally interesting to actors but it was absolutely awful for this viewer. Sorry Viggo.

  25. Scorpio rising. His libra planets are in the 12th house which would explain his love of privacy and that he loves to read. Exene was an aquarian, and probably had a lot of pisces in her chart. Mars would then be in his 7th or 8th house, is he still single? That would explain it.

    This man is a gorgeous masterpiece of testosterone, brains and a lot of heart and soul.

  26. Nope. It’s Aries rising. As a back up, I’ll agree with the Saggo guess above, but the hair/skin coloring is off. Looks like an Aries with deep Scorp undertones to me. The symmetrical jaw line comes from all the Libra elsewhere in his chart.

    1. I think he’s much too thoughtful and has too much depth to have any significant Aries — I agree there’s some carefully managed fire, but I think Sagg.

  27. Wow…… thanks for posting this, Mystic. This helps me understand a little more about my favorite super-scorp. Sun/Mercury in Libra, and Moon/Mars/Venus/Neptune/Lilith/Rising in Scorpio. I’d say he definitely matches your description.
    (Hi there, Plutoboy………….)

  28. Interesting article…the Via Combusta. I will definitely be pondering over this one.

    He looks like a Virgo rising

      1. He’s one of my favorites. Has been for almost 20 years. (Maybe the fact my moon is opposite his sun/north node?)

        I would think Gemini. He’s a true renaissance man. He is a publisher, poet, painter, musician, speaks fluent Danish, Spanish, Italian, French, and says he can get by in a couple of other languages.

        He said the one thing in the world that confounds him is when people say they’re bored. He cannot fathom anyone ever being bored.

        Rumors abound that he may go a while without bathing, and he’s been known to run over animals (accidently of course), and then eat them so they don’t go to waste.)

        He also seems to like women who are quite a bit younger than him. What’s interesting is that despite all that Libra, looks don’t seem to play a role in choosing girlfriends for him. He seems to really love interesting and accomplished women).

  29. In other pics he has a strong widow’s peak- and greenish eyes. Widow’s peak is a Scorpio attribute- he’s gorgeous and easily changes his mien.

  30. Those are Aquarian hands.

    That look on his face – deeply analysing whatever he’s reading and making sense of it.

    That jaw line.

    The alien eyes with the massive eyelids and … * damnit wish he was looking up!

    Detached appearance.

    Vains on hands = high strung nervous system.

    AQUA RISING i’ll put 5 bucks on it!

  31. Those broad high cheek bones.., siiiiiigggghhhh! And that Kirk Douglas dimpled chin- “dimple in the chin means a devil lies within…” Old rhyme..

    I was born a week earlier- same year and tout the chin- I’m guessing Scorp with 12 th house Mercury- hoarding er ah collector signature.

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