Women With Venus-Uranus Aspects

Venus-Uranus aspects take some growing into, especially if you’re female. We have discussed Mars-Neptune Men – they tend toward the heart-breaking hot addict end of the spectrum, forever seeking the next high.

His female equivalent is not Venus-Neptune but rather, women with Venus-Uranus aspects. Their independence is not an airy concept. It’s a treasured asset and the number one priority.

Personally, I have Venus opposite Uranus, and I don’t care about the romantic convention. I never did. There was no inciting incident but the concept of weddings, nuclear family units and the consumer unit couple never once appealed.

Most women with this alignment can recall the thrill of realizing there were alternative styles of living out there. We don’t pick up on the disapproval relayed along with the ancedote, just the wow-factor – ‘that’s possible?!’

Venus-Uranus women can, at first examination, seem Lilith-like. But they’re not fueled by the raw rage that often drives Lilith women. They’re more indigo, detached and electric – free-wheeling forces of Uranian ingenuity.

Their everyday choices in mating, dating, parenting, beauty and food can rile people up, but they’re not normally doing them as a deliberate provocation.

Women with Venus-Uranus aspects leave a trail of Zeitgeist sparks behind them. They repel or attract but never evoke a moderate reaction.Β  Immune to many a society standard, she sets out to do/be her own thing early in life and it’s not usually white picket fence territory.

Angelina Jolie is Exhibit Numero Uno when it comes to contemporary Venus-Uranus women. She’s made a whole series of unconventional (before she made them more mainstream) choices, solo-adopting, solo-flying and solo-subverting the cliche that Hollywood actors do ‘charity’ purely for show to become a fully fledged activist for the rights of women and children in the Third World.

You may also have noticed that a lot of the chatter and narrative around her is that she’s “weird.”

Venus-Uranian women Liz Taylor and Princess Diana championed the rights of people living with AIDS well before it became de rigeur.

Historically, ‘hired woman’ turned artist’s patron Lady Emma Hamilton (Venus-Uranus conjunct in Aries) scandalized continents via her love affair with England’s savior Lord Nelson and the menage a trois that followed.

She railed against the hypocrisy that allowed men to take multiple mistresses but punished women who strayed outside the sanctuary of monogamy. Women of the time were listening.

Venus-Uranus women are more drawn to the sex industry than most; it’s partly their detachment, need for fast decent money to fund freedom initiatives and lack of traditional bourgeois values.

They resist any firm categorization or diminution of their reputation through whatever they’re doing. Think porn starlet/indie movie actress Sasha Grey, the notorious Mayflower Madame, Sydney Biddle Barrows, Heidi Fleiss and (admittedly less successfully) Linda Lovelace.

With a few sad exceptions, they do whatever the fuq they want and their choices inspire others to live their truth.

Anais Nin and her searingly honest writing on the psyche, sex, love, more sex, etc. was a game-changer. Not to mention the fact that she hit on the genius idea of writing erotic fiction to fund her more literary endeavors.

Angelina has inspired thousands to be more free souls. Susan Sarandon (Venus quincunx Uranus) is like the Poster Woman for do-as-thou-wilt modern aging. Other Venus-Uranus women include Lena Dunham, Viola Davis, Helen Chadwick, Ellen Degeneres and Josephine Baker.

Are Venus-Uranus women as dodgy as Mars-Neptune men? Maybe to the people who love them.

Their charisma flickers on and off depending on the company or some mysterious biorhythm. These aspects come with a potent desire for electrifying rapport and solitude. True feminine independence is threatening to many a person, and it’s at the heart of Venus Uranus aspects.


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  1. Apologies for the late comment. I have Venus sextile Uranus in wide orb – also Venus parallel Uranus. Mhm. I don’t know what to say about this. Okay, my experience is this. I love the thrill of the chase (I’m Scorpio stellium) but the minute I conquer my target or have them tamed and hooked, I start feeling suffocated. I withdraw in fear. It’s difficult really. My dating “arena” does not look too good due to my fear of being tied down.

  2. I’m unlucky enought to have Uranus exactly conjunct Neptune in my 7th house exactly square my Aries Venus.

  3. Wow this is insanely true especially about the sexy industry I come from very conservative parents but I work at s stripclub and have always been drawn to the sex industry and doing my own thing! I love the idea of having distance in a relationship but also some kind of β€œcoming back” the pulling apart and putting back together is the best part I think because real true genuine love will always come back.

  4. no issues with that aspect though. He’s been married to the same women for YEARS! hasn’t he?
    Maybe being Toro helps or the Venus square Uranus aspect is different in men. Still trying to grokk how though. Hmmm

  5. I’ve got both in Capricorn. Plus, I’m a solar Aqua. Talk about ice queen…lol, not really. I can be very sweet and open with those that respect my freedom and priorities. Maybe this is why I always get in long-distance relationships? They give me space. But I do get lonely and worry about it always being that way.

  6. yes yes yes!

    aqua sun and venus squared uranus to exact degree. madly in love with a neptune-mars man. how did you know???

  7. A little close to the bone. Says the unwed mother living in sin at the age of 45. I have been running multiple businesses for many years supporting my family. Finished University at 20 and have been living life my way since. Have had some weird relationships, but only weird to those thinking marriage and financial dependency are the expected path for females. I on the other hand have always backed away from commitment thinking that the three “m’s” in that word have stood for maid, maternity and mortgage.
    [ The astro profile is Venus opposition Uranus . Venus in aries conjunct north node in 7th house. Aquarian sun, scorpio moon and a Pluto conjunct asc. ]

  8. hiddendragonqueen

    venus-uranus opposition and yes! to authenticity above all, attraction to weirdos only, abhorrence of dating protocol or rules (i could probably count the number of official dates in my life on my digits). i decide on potential mates within seconds- if i’m not going to sleep with someone in 3 hours, or can’t picture us together forever right away, sorry, no, though i’m a big fan of one night stands. none of these practical calculations- pure, raw instinct only. which does make me an ice queen- i’ve been called that and it’s true, a magnetic ice queen, but the other side of me is a flaming, tender, wild, experimental furnace, just unseen by 99.3% of the undeserving population. i’m probably too private to work in the sex industry, but i have no moral hangups or anything about it. i’m mostly alone, good with that (solitude is my rice and beans and candy too), always “wear the pants” in relationships, apparently am intimidating, am thought of as dodgy by my exes for my unceremonious and geminian exits, and hope beyond hope that someday i can do something that really matters, that actually helps change the everyday lives of women…

  9. I got nothing going on between Venus & Uranus 😯

    It has to be said though, Venus-Uranus women are fabulous and I’m a huge fan!

  10. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    THANKYOU!!! This post totally made my day. This is the kind of astro-stuff that really makes me sit up and think. Angelina was a huge inspo to me. Ditto to Liz Taylor for my Mum. They really do inspire others!
    Yay for the rule-shunners!!!! πŸ™‚

  11. Libra Uranus (4th) conjunct Libra Venus (5th), aaaand yes. right on. get all those women and just hope I’m not a sad failed-rebel exception πŸ˜‰

  12. Ah yes, can definitely relate — Venus is conjunct Uranus within 1 degree, in freedom-loving Sag. Independence suits my Aqua sun/merc and Aries moon/mars. Now, to deal with all those harsh saturn squares bogging me down…

  13. Great article! I have Venus/Uranus conjunct in Libra with one tight trine between Uranus and my ascendant. I always wanted a spouse and a white picket fence, but my life decisions hadn’t led to that at all. After some soul-searching, I discovered I never met anyone or found a situation that flowed with my internal energy. Most people probably call that a need for freedom or independence, but I call it just going with my flow.

    The other piece to that… my Uranus/Venus opposes Chiron When I was younger, I was berated by others for looking and seeming different. As I’ve (painfully) grown into my Uranus/Venus conjunction, it turned into compliments on my exotic looks and peculiar charm. I’m better looking at age 40 than age 20!

    It’s also true about the unconventional love life. I’ve gone with what feels natural to me and I discovered I’m usually more open than most people. I’ve also loved people (who loved me) who were different than me, mainly because I felt that love can come in many expressions…

  14. We’re astro twins ! I am Venus opposite Uranus also. However as my Venus/Sun is in Aries Uranus is currently transiting and in my 8th house. Like its not normally bad enough.
    So much weird coming up constantly since it is Uranus however I am crossing fingers and toes that this indicates an awesome transformation at the end of the tunnel. Going to have to research this.

  15. My venus in aries is trine Uranus in leo with lillith in leo. My cap rising, moon and mars in cancer. Yeah — i’m crazy independent. My independence and freedom is priceless. I respect other people’s privacy because I expect the same. Don’t meddle in my stuff or I will kick you out completely. And I do feel I have my own style. Style yes — but values/spirituality/ATTITUDE, that’s everything. That’s what people see is Attitude. Recently, some guy/Pisces, I hadn’t met him, but we’ve been texting a few times — said I’m a live wire. I guess our energy is that strong. I have a double cancer male who likes my energy. That must be my cap rising.

  16. Rache(aqua/tauri)

    I woke up so excited to read this!!! I am Venus-Uranus in 8th and this is me. People around me respect my intelligence but scratch their heads at the logic I use to make decisions in my life, which are usually based on the pursuit of freedom or answering the questions that are important to me. I run 100% on curiosity and intuition.

    And yes, I have been a stripper before. :p I was finishing my useless philosophy degree and wanted lots of free time and lots of money. Which I then used some of to travel alone, of course.

    I did not know anais was Venus-Uranus. I adore her journals.

    1. Interesting. How do you feel about financial security and other types of security? And what do you do professionally now? Have you heard Chris Rock’s “stripper myth” bit? That no strippers are pursuing an education, proved by the fact that no-one ever engages in intelligent conversation during a lap dance. Bwah ha ha! Your living proof he’s wrong! And I would suggest the conversational intelligence barometer is set by the customers more than the providers.

      I am Pluto/Venus in Libra, and Sun/Mercury/Uranus in Scorpio so I don’t totally get the Venus/Uranus archetype, but I saw that picture of Angelina Jolie and that is me 100%. I reinvent myself intellectually/symbolically first I think, then act on it. Sounds like you reinvent yourself through action first. Maybe that’s the uranus?

    2. you are such an inspiration to me Rache.
      I love how openly you share your process.
      Regardless of what people may think, you are true to yourself and that is a really compelling quality.

  17. Holy eff!!!! I just discovered that I too am a Venus-Uranus gal, and wow! This rings true in so many ways. Also, I am glad to have another defense to my above-average needs for solitude/me-time, aside from having Chiron in Taurus. Good stuff!

    1. I guess it’s fitting that the most recent “theme song” for my life is I Feel Free, by Cream. Gives me goosebumps!

  18. Many stories of strong, excellent women who have been through some serious shit on this page (and site) and now survive, thrive. Good on you ladies. XOX

  19. Ha! Sooooo relate MM!- Aquarius Sun, Mars, Saturn and Ascendant with…ta da Pluto, Uranus conjunct in (H7!) Virgo OPPOSITE Venus in Pisces here…so many stories to kiss and tell but they shall never be divulged. Except in “fiction” maybe. I’m a freedom junkie but I love children (including my own), love animals (so seemingly domestic!) love humanity, fight for justice, live ethically but I have to live according to my current domestic schedule which may change according to biorythyms and whether Im feeling Ayurvedic or Macrobiotic or whatever- which may include a work visa and change of national environment …cannot imagine living in same house as a lover/partner thing. Ugh. I answer to no one. Ever again.

  20. Umm Coughs
    actually this post could act as a great introduction and by way of an explanation to the book of my life.
    Venus in flirty Gemini in my 3rd (mystic in my phoenix reading said I could power flirt for my country) then squares my uranus pluto conjunction on my DC owwwwwweeeee Yup out there super intense just wanna be me and get dirty type girl. Loved and adored but shunned too. Equally I now realise that sometimes I do the mad electrical storm violently and watch my boys dash off with their hair still smoldering. Never meaning to hurt or dislodge them as such but just wanting them to get the picture!

    And bizarre thing is as the post says, I don’t ever try, ever. It’s sheer magnetics and just a bit like living in a faraday cage or being one of those Van de graaf generators.

    Venus also squares my Saturn Chiron Conj on my Asc but that is a whole different post but it does add an extra dimension to the whole.

    Love this post. It just deeply resonates with me.

    1. Wow! Electric Venus. 😯

      Am seeing Venus Rising out of the sea on her clamshell in frenetic electrical storm!!!

      Venus Tesla!

  21. Yay Mystic! So glad about this post!
    Definitely takes some growing into this energy. It is not for the weak at heart.
    It took many mistakes before I realized it was ME who needed so much space. I have a thing for weirdos, but i think it might be projection.

    Venus square Uranus = electricity + freedom. Forever.

  22. Hahahaha! I have Virgo Sun/Taurus Rising with Mars/Aqua Moon and I have Venus conjunct Uranus in Leo, trining Sappho. Well yes, all the things you say really, Mystic. I follow my own nose in a staunchly independent manner and I don’t care for convention much at all. Only because I have to. In matters sexual I have a lot, I mean a lot of energy and can still leave a man 25 years younger gasping…and returning for more. Men fall in love with me or at least think they do and project all kindsa Venusian stuff onto me.I like to explore and am quickly bored by a repetitive partner. The best way to make me disappear is to try to grasp at me or try to cage me. Cannot abide a man trying to control what I do or think. If I don’t have time alone, I become quite neurotic! Man without brain either need not apply or would need some other fascinating elements or I get bored. Souns really quite arrogant but it isn’t, it is just the way I am. Currently in a long distance relationship…easier for me. Lol.

  23. In process of completely changing job description.
    Still self employed, did my first year of tax returns on Monday and now that they are sent in I’ve pretty much fired all my clients and taken down my ad. This process is trickier than you’d expect since company I used to advertise with still has my card details and are being really sneaky and as slimy as you’d expect, all things considered but I spent all day on the phone with my bank sorting things out, trying to stop further transactions from them. It’s a bit complicated but doable. Just have to keep raising disputes and fighting which is time consuming but oddly satisfying.
    Felt so good to be back at yoga class last night and although I the symptoms of my illness have returned this morning, I’m sticking with the raw food vegan, probiotics and digestive enzymes detox thing. Not even an effort. Just that I ca’t eat anything else except my own home baked protein muffins – thats the only cooked food I’m eating and all the ingredients are vegan.
    Am going to focus solely on my writing now.
    Scared shitless

      1. tell me about it dude. Saturn transiting my soul sector.
        Which coincidentally is also where my moon and true and mean Liliths are. Asteroid Lilith is conjunct my moon and I have a Uranus moon sextile thing going on if that gives me any added Uranian bragging points πŸ™‚

        1. Uranus sextile my Moon has to count for something! I’ve always put it down to the classic freedom vs intimacy dilemma – as in I’m The Total Opposite of Clingy but my emotions run hyper deep. I just need my space and give friends and lovers the same freedom. it’s like when I’m with you, I totally love you and when you go, I’ll see you around. I know that this is why I always and exclusively fancy unavailable men .. fantasy love is way safer and more exciting the the drabness of the real day to day thing. Meh I’m supposed to be writing .. xx

    1. The best advice I ever heard about writing was this:
      “Scared is good. And just start.” Keep us posted BM, love your comments here – you’re smart, you have a true voice and something to say – the rest is just accumulated hours at the page πŸ™‚

      1. hiddendragonqueen

        and on that note, a judee sill line: “make my fear fuel, and my fuel high octane.” rock it, sista!!

    2. Courageous…On all fronts, past and future…Go forth and persevere! Surreptitiously slow or lightening fast, whatever which way works!

      1. Lightening fast would be my first choice but I’ve met less tenacious pit bulls than me so whatever happens, I know perseverance won’t be in issue. My back account is already overdrawn but I may pick up a part time job at the library or something. I honestly have no idea about the how, just the direction. Gotta go xxx

  24. My Venus in Leo in the 8th is trine Neptune in Saggo in the 12th
    Jah a Venus, Neptune trine, whoever would have guessed?
    (no kidding??)
    I don’t see any aspects to Uranus from from my Venus and astro dorkdom but I do have a Saturn/Uranus trine which probably means I’m more like “ok” with being somewhat iconoclastic or anti establishment and the patriarchy even in my most sombre moments, especially in my more sombre moments. Which I’m having a lot of lately. ..

        1. i did an astrology class yesterday and the 25Β° links to other alignments that have or will be at 25Β°. Can’t remember without looking at my notes but the shit storm in april or may directly relates to this coming full moon.

          1. thanks for the info. may be deliberately entering an unavoidable situ with a chaos agent in April (armed with Cap mars/rising Aqua sun buddy). All of my personal planets and 2 chart angles are around 25 degrees. I just keep flying because in my current mental state I don’t know where to “start” to prepare so I just do my best to not go verbal at these times, butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth, channel uber-diplomat mother. seems to work… ?

            Anon it’s cool how much you have developed your astro knowledge (and others here) I limit my learning to major procrastination web reading so yes structured knowledge interesting

            1. will go through my notes and let you know what it is pi – it’s supposed to be the peak of the year! Maybe your timing is bang on for whatever it is but 25 is pivotal for a while apparently.

              1. Moons have been going void in late degrees of signs for ages – usually on ‘my’ planets , if that’s relevant (probably not!).

                would be *v* curious to know. seriously this person is fuqing Hard Work. much healing / resolution of psycho angst has been done but they are actually a little cuckoo at times so ….*erghhh* it’s like I don’t throw coal on the fire, I throw sugar on it, ..sorry i could go on, just have to psych myself up for such moments. xx

                also lol yes re degree… current dilemma here.. engaging max cap moon moneymaking strategising atm.

  25. Venus is not in aspect with Uranus for me.
    But thank fuq frankly – with Venus square Pluto, trine Jupiter & conjunct Saturn she’s got enough action going on already.

    1. how does that venus saturn thing work for you? I have them in opposition and it’s always been an ironic blessing. In combo with the other shizz that going on πŸ˜‰

      Which house?

      1. Venus/Saturn conjunct in the 1st House.
        I don’t mind it! Not much in my chart Cappy, but I got the good slavic cheekbones due to this placement I believe, lol πŸ˜‰ .
        Certainly I had enough masculine attention – even too much, at certain stages.
        They liked to call me an “Ice Queen”. Which really meant, ‘You’re available, so you should do me, if you don’t, it’s an insult and I don’t want to be friends with you’.
        Men can be incredible bullies sexually. If I complained I got a good dose of “You love it/you ask for it/what did you think would happen if you..”. Ech.

        Along with NN in the 7th I am quite conservative/monogamous in relationships.
        (Not that I have an opinion on such things for others, just I know what I prefer for me).

        How has Venus Saturn been an ‘ironic’ blessing, I am intrigued?! What other aspects to Venus do you have going on?

        1. I have my Venus square Saturn and Pluto. “Ice Queen” was definitely something I got accused of, amongst many other cold b*tch type labels.

          I think about Venus in my chart and I feel a bit sad for her. Not self – pity, but more of a wondering how she got herself in the corner of the 7th like that. Staunchly standing her ground and taking so much shizz just for being the way she is, not seen for herself as she’s locked up in a tower because of Father Saturn and Pluto Mother. C’est la vie. Sorry for the tangent – it just came up. Should meditate on this more.

          1. Interesting! Father Saturn & Pluto Mother, lol. Yes, it’s a funny one. A dear friend from Latin America visited recently & he kept asking, ‘whatever happened to that guy..?’ of many acquaintances we knew. It became a running joke – as I cut them all out as they had all wanted to something from me & were offended I didn’t want them. It really left me with a bad taste in my mouth as I just wanted friendship. Really had a kind of a PTSD regarding men. I would never work in an all male environment again. I love men, but I never want that focus on me again.

            Am absolutely not an Ice Queen either, I am very warm-blooded!
            I like that you feel ‘staunch’, as you say, to me that is very positive Saturn. Just as I wasn’t able to be bullied into situations that I didn’t like, neither were you. I always think of Venus as uber Yin, she flows & is amoral in a glamorous Lilithy way. Perhaps with the gritty aspects of a squares, conjunctions & oppositions with these powerful outer planets we see a more complex Venus?
            Colder or not, she is textured at least.
            Perhaps I need to meditate on this too. Very Plutonic indeed…

            1. So get this – Ive got Venus sextile Uranus plus an amped up Lilith. Freedom is non-negotiable. Though I have yet to grow into my aspects more fully I believe, I am beginning to see how the stressed Venus aspects have played out in the past and why previous situations did not work out.

              In the above comment by me, I was thinking of my Venus in a wistful way, like she was being ganged up on, and how what she wanted never happened. Its kind of true, but the light of in which it is happening is completely different now that i feel I understand it better thanks to this Venus-Uranus aspect. Its more like the love and grace of the Universe trying to “open up” and inspire wholeness in the narrow views my Venus is accustomed to(she also conjuncts my SN), through sending signs as my Aqua Moon, my Sun-Lilith conjunction, strong Sun stellium, NN in 1st house, and my now discovered Venus-Uranus sextile. My chart has all these signatures of a very liberal woman – no wonder my conservative Cap Venus is thinking WTF?! Why can my Venus never “have her way” with relationships? Im running these different programs simultaneously of what I feel comfortable with/desire vs. what I need and what drives me to grow.

              Thanks for your reply Andro. It really got my wheels turning, and I appreciate you appreciating my Venus πŸ™‚ I think from now on it will be easier to assimilate and incorporate my Venus energies, knowing what the framework of my chart is really telling me πŸ™‚ Thanks to MM here too for posting this entry – totally had a lightbulb moment for myself today!

              1. I like the idea that the planets are having ‘conversations’ with each other, the more connections they have to other planets, the more conversations they have going on. Party planets! Yr Venus sounds busy! Your Venus & SN in the 7th is an interesting one, I can’t remember if you are in a relationship but from yr comment it seems not? My partner & I have lots of SN action in our synastry, I think it can be a positive thing for personal relationships. For you it seems like you would attract old soul mates & it would be an attractive connection at that with that homey, lovely Cancer nurturing it all? (If yr 7th is Cancer ruled).
                The Sunny Stellium sounds very charming!
                The only person I know with a NN in Aries seems to be very independent & doesn’t care to be tied down by anything or anyone. NN in the 1st is about personal expression, but I think it can be a really adventuring signature.
                You have quite a lot going on there anyway!

                1. Yeah thats totally it! Conversations going on at a party. My Venus is in a corner getting leered at by all these masculine energies around her that wants to open up her prudish side πŸ™‚
                  My Venus in Cap thinks it really gross and indecent, but all the energy around her is just trying to love her to more openness and trust. She has trust issues for sure. You know I get that dynamic a lot in my real life. Im usually very reserved and keep to myself – I get really uncomfortable when I get hit on by random ppl. I write it off as them being pervy, but maybe my perspective was a bit too restrictive? Maybe my Venus just needs to learn to laugh along with them. She doesnt need to do anything she doesnt want to of course, but maybe be more open and aware of the love around her?

                  Oh yes I believe you at the warm-bloodedness. I think with Cap energy especially, like mine, it can come off like we are icicles, but underneath it all we are just as – if not more – hot blooded… it just takes some time to get through to, when we decide its the right time to. Yeah working in a male dominated environment I bet has its challenges like that. I remember in college I had to spend side by side with many male classmates, and well… you know, things get weird. Friends are friends, and then not friends, and it all gets funny. I cant stand weird boundaries like that, I think thats why I remove myself from situations where there is any inkling that that would occur. For my own sanity.

        2. it’s complicated. I have the mars square scorpio neptune, it’s louche and can be challenging if you want to keep things on an even keel. Which you know, happens once you get bored with the louche thing.

          Mars also sextiles Venus and Mercury in 5th in libra – it attracts men – refer mars neptune louche thing. The troubling Mars trines Saturn which thank god, dials it back – on top of attracting older men and intermittently, lesbians who dress like men. Saturn also opposes the Venus & Mercury – this is meant to be officially dreary but it’s a blessing. The other things are strong but they’ve met their match in Saturn. Saturn has hauled my ass out of the fire many times. Ironic blessings vs dreary task master.

          Yeah I’ve heard that about the cheekbones πŸ™‚ Did you find you attracted older men with the saturn/venus conjunction? Or people who worked in museums, or art / furniture restoration?

          I wonder if your saturn venus (in gemini?) thing has a link to your jupiter in the 9th via your channeling of ancient energies and knowledge which have their root in the sacred feminine?

          1. Wow Venus/Merc in the 5th in LIBRA!
            That to me is a really sex-pot spot in a chart. The Libran charm with Leo warmth is so pin-up. Yeah, I am sure you had lots of attention from that.
            I can see how Saturn counterbalancing THAT would be a blessing.

            And I have Mars sq Neptune also πŸ™‚ , it behaves like it doesn’t want anyone dreaming of it – prick that balloon!

            I don’t attract older men, I think the Gem Rising counteracts that, in fact I usually attract younger men. One did work in a museum tho!

            My Venus, Sat, Merc are in Cancer, trine my Jupiter in Pisces on my MC.
            So yes! I DO feel the resonance between jupiter in the 9th “channeling of ancient energies” to all these planets. Doesn’t feel ancient of course, feels so fresh when you’re in it! Light, sparkly & eternal. πŸ˜€

            1. πŸ˜€ I have Gem rising too! Yes the leo/5th effect = I could melt an ice age if I wanted to – just depends on whether I’m interested or not (refer saturn) – it’s got me in all kinds of accidental trouble in the past, before I realised ‘how’ it was happening. Lilith conjunct ascendant doesn’t help. In my first job the department I was in made me their union representative. I was 18! I got them a pay rise that had been promised but was then revoked. Had to go into a vile meeting with lots of really fat (it was the 80s) general managers against me and one union guy (who offered me a job afterwards). I sat there thinking WTF am I doing here. Oh yeah, that’s right, fighting for the rights of the workers – I kept thinking to myself Lech Welesa, Lech Welesa as it all went down – I was fascinated by Lech when I was at school and that was my Lech moment in the sun LOL

              i suspect your saturn being conjunct in the 1st helped you manage your mars neptune square a bit more ‘efficiently’ than my opposition from the 10th to the 5th!!! Although I did manage to pull out a few ice queen moments with groping bosses – harder to manage the CEO who just wanted me to ‘sit in his office with him’ apparently it was going to make him feel better about something. The economy? KPI’s?

              Right I was pondering your jove in the 9th in pisces because it ‘felt’ really apt the other day and I thought about the Saturn bringing form to something formless or ethereal through it and now that you say that Mercury is there on top of the other stuff it makes perfect sense = bringing form to it by communicating. Scorpio moon is a no brainer. And Pisces MC? I have that and astrologers always tell me to go the healing arts because of some of the things in my chart that are the same as yours. Different houses though, so different focus for the healing ability. Where’s your North Node?

              1. I adore that Lech Walesa story, honestly, what shiny brass balls you have!! Brilliant. Classic vampire act by CEO trying to obtain symmetry thru sitting in your more symmetrical energy field.

                That big water trine dominates my chart, big blue triangles with Jupe at the apex. Scorp Moon in 6th along with Neptune (but in Sagg). Mercury actually falls in the 2nd House, but Venus/Sat in the 1st. MM said I would make $ from writing with ease. (So far I have a t-shirt & a feng shui consult! lol).

                NN in 7th Saggitarius.
                Sorta amplifies the 9th House Jupe stuff in my mind?

                1. Not sure it was balls. More naivety of youth. I was appalled by the way they made a promise and then broke it. It was my first encounter with News Limited. What’s weirdest abut that schism in retrospect is it was compulsory unionism – all workers in the country were in a union unless they were management or self-employed. That’s a crazy concept in retrospect. It was that job that started me on the path to freelancing.

                  Your chart is interesting. With the NN in sagg it’s like you’re set up to do the grand trine and plumb the depths but gemini SN combined with ascendant is interesting because you could have just avoided all that and gone for the easy way out – trines are pretty easy to avoid if you can’t be bothered harnessing them. Possibly Saturn with ruler of the ascendant helps that out.

                2. Thank you for your thoughts AF!
                  Maybe also the Scorp Moon can’t have it any other way.. I always forget about my SN, which is weird as PLR is a feature of what I do for people!

                3. Saturn cooling down my Asc Chart Ruler thru my Merc is an interesting thought, I learned something there.. xx.

  26. Well with Venus Cancer @ 0 and Uranus Libra @ 9 it’s technically out of the 5 degree orb for a square aspect on Astrodienst – but I reckon it counts. Not a traditional mother type, never done anything via traditional pathways, cannot abide normal work structures, flat out don’t understand the point of traditional relationship structures, extremely independent and pretty much destined to be a cat lady. Yep that’s me.

    With Uranus square Sun trine Asc, and an Aquarian Mars in the 10th house & MC, I strongly resonate with all that is unconventional and have got used to the fact that I stand out even if I’m not trying to – and most of the time I’m not trying to!!!

    Men are fascinated by my mind, intellect and independent spirit whilst finding it quite threatening and challenging at the same time. I’m not the one they marry – I’m the one they put up on some weird arsed pedestal and secretly (or not so secretly) fantasise about. It’s friggin weird as … having all this female archetypal Athena-type woman stuff projected onto you.

    I’m really glad to have reached a place of acceptance regarding romantic relationships – that they are not for me. I’m too detached and in need of my own space. I’d rather tear my eyeballs out than be dependant on a man. My mind is too intellectual to do dumb myself down to the level of most guys I encounter. I prefer thinking about sex than doing it.

    Yep an organic vege growing, social worker cat lady sounds right up my alley! :mrgreen:

    1. So funny Prowln! I can relate.

      Recently a friend posted a pic on my FB of a package with a kitten coming out the top and the caption ‘your cat lady starter kit has arrived’ πŸ˜†

      1. LOL!!

        Uranian independence is legendary for making the personal life professional imo. I mean that in the sense that, esp with yr Cancer Sun, I can see you running your own estate with vines, brilliant dinners & an off-the-grid sensibility. Work it girl!

    2. I can relate to a lot of what you’ve described but i put it down to Uranus in Virgo in 8th squaring my Saggo moon in 11th. Have always wanted my freedom and independence above all else. And I too would rather stick pins in my eyes than be dependant on a man. Have never wanted to get married or have children either.

      I also get that pedestal / fantasy thing but not so secret. I’ve had a few guys tell me I’m their fantasy women. I’m one in a million etc… *yawn* πŸ™„
      I use to say to myself quietly “always the fantasy girl, never the girlfriend”

      Love my own company and would be quite content to be a cat lady but damn my bloody Venus in Libra wanting to be partnered up!!! Grrr. Still dream that one day an awesome freedom loving / loner guy will come along and sweep me off my feet. πŸ™‚

      My Venus squares my Lilith conjunct Cap Asc.

      1. In which case you probably WOULD like the Virgo housemate – except he’s not at all awesome. He’s a complete retard. Well ok not a complete retard. A semi retard … oh ok ok I just find him really annoying. Thank god he’s fuqed off to India for a month WOOT!

      2. SCorpbot, when peoples ask me why i never married or had children i just say ‘I forgot’.
        The Pete Seeger tune ‘Little Boxes’ coincidently the theme song for ‘Weeds’ listen to many times at Frank Traynor’s Club in Melba at a tender age decided me not do do anything ‘Square’ as washing machines, fridges, houses were all a square design then, which spelt restrictive to my nature.
        You too it seems.

        1. yes Pegs. “Restrictive” is the word for my Saggo moon.

          A while back when I was with the Crab/Toro rising man, he was in my kitchen cooking… SO happy and in his element. I had a meltdown because he was late and I was really hungry. Told him no more cooking together! I eat when I want, he eats at his and then he comes over πŸ™‚

      3. That sweeping off your feet would be in another country Scorp. New Caledonia? Broome?
        Spain ok Spain’s a cliche, how’s about Jamaica?

        1. You’d think with Saggo moon sextile Venus in 9th I’d meet someone on my travels but haven’t really had much luck in that dept., except once in New York. And boy was that a night to remember!!! πŸ˜›

          Most successful picking up on the dance floor and at work – of course with a Cap Asc / 10th house Sun

          Broome is stunning.

      4. I reckon you need a Cap type with strong Venus aspects and a bit of air thrown in for independence.
        Shame there isn’t an online dating site based on astro!

        1. yes! I so want a Cap!! I decided after the Crab with Toro rising I don’t want a Toro anymore. Too basic for me – sex, food shelter. Meh.

          Of all the earth signs I think Caps are the most complex and Virgos too.

          My first soulmate and longest relationship (18 months. LOL) was with a Virgo with Aqua rising and moon.

          God he was fascinating, and so smart!! and with all the haute Aqua qualities. He kept me guessing all the time but in a good way.

  27. Ahhh awesome! I have Venus trining Uranus (with the third tip of grand air trine being Moon-Jupiter conjunction) and this resonates BIG time for me. I’ve always had a super high sex drive (now more than ever at fabulous 40) and an authentic love of sex compared to any of my friends over the years, even though I’m a “serial monogamist”.
    For me it plays out as having been really open-minded and playful with sex and intimacy, have collected and read a library of books on all types of philosophies of sex through to tantric and psychology (thanks to gemini sun etc).
    The Uranian energy has nudged me to explore with non-judgmental curiosity various scenes from swingers clubs, fetish clubs down to checking out a nudist village in the south of france – just because it fascinates me. My past lovers have commented on my strong feminine (goddess) vibe and one friend recently said “you emit a sexual energy”, but this is not by ANY means because of the way i dress. And I like and relate to my fellow gem Angelina.
    Thanks Mystic. More self- understanding from your brill astro insights πŸ˜‰

  28. venus sextile uranus, but signs are off. 0* Virgo to
    Yes to the above. NOt as detached as some might be though, thank you Cancer sun, moon in the 12th trine neptune in 4th, venus in 12th. So much water.

      1. hiddendragonqueen

        yeah, i don’t do the detachment thing either. 12th house venus and moon universal connection? we get that detachment is all an illusion, perhaps. plus the kataka in your case and taurus-scorp in mine might have a wee bit to do with it. πŸ˜‰

  29. Venus in Kataka (which is conjunct my True Node) sextiles my Uranus in Virgo. But I relate to the independent Uranian women mentioned above, except for Angelina Jolie. Can’t stand her!

    When I had an astrology consult four years ago the astrologer remarked that I seemed very Uranian/Neptunian. Someone was recently talking about how ‘heavy’ certain planets are in your chart, what does that mean? and how do you tell which planets are heavy or light?

    1. hi GY,

      Someone in the comments recently taught us how to check this via the Pullen method. Go to the extended chart options in Astrodienst and select the Pullen/Astrolog then in the drop down menu go to the bottom option the Simple chart delineation by Walter Pullen one. Towards the bottom of a lot of text are some tables showing the heaviest weighted planets and signs in your chart.

      Good luck – it’s fun! xx

      1. Thanks Calypso. Just had a quick look and my top planets are Venus, Moon, Mercury and Saturn. Also I’m mostly Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces and Virgo! Weird.

        1. I’m Venus, Moon, Pluto, Mars which totally makes sense to me as Toro Rising, Moon Rising and Scorp Sun.

          My top signs are Libra (stellium) Scorp (Sun & Neptune), Toro (Asc, Moon & Saturn) and Leo (heavy 5th house).

          It’s a bit weird that you don’t have Gem in top 4 huh? Can you figure that out?

          1. Well I only have my sun in Gemini. And I have a Taurus stellium, Neptune and Juno in Scorpio, Saturn vesta and Chiron in Pisces. Pluto and Uranus in Virgo. Venus and true node in kataka.

            1. Aries is 12th but I have always identified with Aries traits — it’s my asc and my dad and sister and one of my best friends are Arian.

              1. hiddendragonqueen

                ooh that is fun! and interesting- pisces is my 3rd strongest sign and i have nothing, no planets or angles, there. and venus is my dominant! these things i felt but never knew. tanks!

      2. I have NO idea what criteria the Pullen Method uses. It lists my chart ruler, the Sun, as number one, and Mercury as number 2, which makes sense as it’s exact conjunct my chart ruler, the Sun, but then the rest of the rankings after that seem strange — I don’t understand the calculation he uses for “position.” It lists as Venus as stronger in my chart than Mars, when they have the same aspects (they’re conjunct) but they’re in Aries, which Mars rules!

        And the signs are even more strange! It lists Pisces, my sun as my strongest sign (fine), but then Scorp is #2?? All I have in Scorp is Saturn and Pluto (both as listed as stronger in my chart than I think really makes sense (I also have Vesta but he doesn’t talk about Vesta)) CAPRICORN as #3 (all I have in Cap is Neptune) and Aries (where my 9th house Lilith-Venus-Mars stellium resides) is only #7 (even if he doesn’t talk about Lilith, it’s still pretty strong in my chart.)

        ANYWAY /rant. I just don’t get his calculations. If anyone can explain how he arrives at his conclusions, I’d be interested, because I feel like his interpretations of my strongest chart influences are all kind of wonky and don’t jive with how I read my chart.

        1. if you do the sign house dispositor chart it shows you how it works it out with the arrows.

          But I don’t think it uses the same system as the one with all the lists.

            1. I got saturn, moon, mercury and mars as my top planets. Aquarius, capricorn, virgo and cancer as my top signs.

              I dont get how aqua is the top one? I have stellium in capricorn so makes sense….i dont even vibe well with uranian energy so hmmmm…

        2. There’s different systems of astro – i think Pullen may be using a system which gives different planets different rulerships and hence different weighting of planets than what you would expect. eg: in the system we use here, I’m a libran ruled by venus but if we were in esoteric astrology world my ruler would be uranus.

          The chart on astrodienst with the arrows which is called ‘sign house dispositors’ I’m pretty sure is in alignment with the system everyone here is used to working with.

      3. I knew Sagg was important in my chart as far as signs go. I would have guessed my Aqua was second strongest, but Im wrong, its Libra! Im totally cracking up right now. I dont know why but I find it so funny. And weird. Good God, Sagg + Libra? Foot in mouth syndrome and then lots of apologizing and preening afterwards to make up for it …. LOL Makes sense πŸ˜›

  30. What if you are a woman but have Mars square Neptune?

    Ive always felt there was a gay man inside of me that acts like a Venus-Uranus woman.

    1. πŸ˜€ as a mars square neptune woman with some recently discovered venus uranus (today) mojo I totally relate to that.

    2. Haha, I love your description! But yes, I’m a woman with Mars square Neptune (AND Venus trine Uranus! ULTRA BATS, haha!) and I relate to the Mars square Neptune men (not necessarily being attracted to them, though I have been known to be, but actually being like one) as well as the Venus-Uranus women. For me, it’s more like the Venus-Uranus aspect is the haute version of my creative, devil-may-care vibe, and the Mars-Neptune vibe is the one I have to be really, really careful with. I’m wondering if this has to do with the planets involved or the aspects themselves (i.e. my Mars-Neptune is a “hard aspects” and my Venus-Uranus is a “favorable” aspects)?

      1. As in, how much of it is that ANY Mars-Neptune aspect is more difficult to control, than any Venus-Uranus aspect, and how much is due to that v. the aspects themselves (not sure if that was even any clearer, ha.)

      2. After reading your post, I decided to check my chart – and get this, I have Venus sextile Uranus. No wonder. I was scratching my head thinking maybe its my hyped up Lilith that comes out the way it does, but its the Venus-Uranus. So Ive got both aspects like you too.

        I agree with being extra careful with the Mars Neptune. Its something I was not so aware of in my youth, but now that I am older I see the pattern more clearly.

        Its cool, I get you. Maybe you merely see the Mars-Neptune as low because its square(thus the energy not as well assimilated naturally), whereas your Venus trine Uranus is more free-flowing?

    3. I know I was hired or partnered because I was that…Married but I think our genders are inverse at some level…Mars trine neptune though…accomplishment through surreal circumstances maybe

    1. Its not stupid to ask questions!

      In answer to your question – Women that have a Venus – Uranus aspect, whether it be conjunct, square, trine, opposition, etc.

      Look at your chart and see if your Venus and Uranus are making an aspect. There should be a line connecting the two if they are.

      1. Thank you for asking that Ella, the penny just dropped for me too. Here I was wondering why I totally relate to this unconventional woman (ahem!) and wowee, there it is: scorp uranus trine venus in fish. Cool.

  31. Love the info and the wonderful women listed on here.
    Would uranus aspecting the moon do the same? Cuz moon= fem energy like venus. Maybe a bit too detached though.

  32. shinefromtheinside

    Uranus is opposite my Venus in Taurus. I have literally told former boyfriends “it’s my way or the highway” in the past! Now, I’ve found a quirky, eccentric partner who flows with me much better! Oh and I have to mention that I have now lived in three different countries and my eccentric man is in the one I live in now! <3

    Uranus is also opposite my Moon and Midheaven. As of late this has been emerging as a full blown, I must do my own thing, be my own boss and share how I love with the world. It's drastically different from the other people whom I've just graduated Uni with! I would always strive to have some independence even though I worked for a corp during most of my 20s in national parks.

    Transiting Uranus has been in my natal sun sign of Aries too… so it feels like I have no other choice but to blaze my own freaking path!

  33. YES! I was also waiting for your post on Venus-Uranus women, MM! Thank you!

    I have Venus square Uranus in my natal chart. I have had a very unconventional life in many ways, including sex/romantic relationships. I attribute to my Venus-Uranus square being one of the reasons I dodged marriage and having kids, and I am 46, never married and am without children, and with no desire for either, because I chose this.

    Funny that this post comes up today on the blog as just a few nights ago, an old friend of mine, who I think would have wanted to date me at some point, randomly said to me ‘do you like to smoke cigars’? I was like, no, I’m not into smoking, why? He said, well, you are very much your own woman, independent and unpredictable and it seemed like you would be the sort of woman who would smoke a cigar. Odd……anyway, I kind of thought he was trying to say I’m like a man, but I think he was sensing my Venus/Uranus energy, but doesn’t know anything about astrology, so he wouldn’t have been able to put it in astro terms. Anyway…….just thought that was kind of funny, and very apt!

    Also………….I LOVE ANGELINA JOLIE! Always have. And it’s not because she is a movie star, but because of her free-spirited energy and the things she is into, like flying planes and being involved at the UN. I aspire to some of the things she does, she really kicks some ass. At the same time, I do not aspire to having a hoard of children or being a part of Hollywood in any way, but I admire that she took on all those kids. She was born into Hollywood and doesn’t seem that ‘into it’. She once said she does movies to make the money to fund her charitable projects. That is cool. She uses it to her own ends, which are again admirable. I admire her level of confidence as well.

    1. i get where he’s coming from – not saying that you were mannish as such. i love cigars (the aroma perhaps more than their freakin’ intense smoke, but not averse to a puff or two). I sort of see them as a direct challenge to trad ideas of what femininity means by appropriating things that are typically (traditionally) as overtly masculine (shirt and tie, loose trousers, cigars n whisky etc)

        1. She has Jupiter in Capricorn.

          Venus in Libra 18ΒΊ and Uranus in Virgo 0ΒΊ. I think that’s a square but the orb is too wide.

      1. But it’s an interesting ‘mistake’ don’t you think, Pi? All of these famous women are to me iconoclastic, powerful!! Flowerchild’s friend is recognising her feminine power but he’s not sure what that looks like maybe not sure it legitimately exists. He is seeing her in a stereotypical masculine way which doesn’t resonate with her. Flowerchild’s independence might have some masculine qualities (that would depend on her nature) but it is still intrinsically, uniquely feminine.

        And yes, Angelina Jolie rocks!

        1. Yeah, it’s like he’s not sure where to place it, the femininity. But it also smacked a bit of how guys will imply that there is something amiss with you if you won’t date them. Or you know, how they say you must be a lesbian if you don’t want to date them.
          Anyway, I was a bit surprised at the immaturity level of my old friend. Known him nearly 20 years, and he’s in his 50’s. Ah well…

          Anyway……..I do like whiskey sometimes, and the scent of cigars, but I don’t like smoking in general, of anything.

          I have Venus in Capricorn, so that factors into my Venus square Uranus. As well, I have Saturn square Venus in my chart, so a lot of Saturn/Cap energy.
          ……….so would Venus square Saturn make you look younger than your years? Because I do look younger. I did read that Venus in Cap in general, regardless of aspects, can make you look younger, and also date younger people when you get older.

          1. That’s really interesting, as I was going to ask you how old the man was who said it. It is disappointing when a man of that age is still uncomfortable with a woman’s independence. And I agree, it does smack of discomfort/rejection = lesbian.

            I don’t really know about the Venus in Cap looking younger. I also have that placement and am routinely placed under my biological years. But I have largely put that down to Pisces Ma’s A+++ genetics. I just checked — she has Venus conjunct jupiter in Aqua. i’d say that being Uranian might make you look younger. I think a lot of looking younger is about genetics/a youthful spirit/elegance/an open heart and I imagine there are a few placements that would support those traits.

            At the moment, I am still inclined towards older men, but that might reverse with time. I think I have read the same thing about Venus in Cap.

          1. yes! Pi has Cap moon too. I have Cap rising. I love those leather chesterfield sofas too. One of my fave scented candles is Tabac and cinnamon.

            I have venus square Asc like you too. I’m sure we’ve discussed this before with a few other peeps. Can’t recall the conclusion though.

            1. Put all those items together and I am in some kinds heaven.
              Pi is my go to on all things Cap Moon. I don’t remember that conversation, maybe we should revisit.

              1. heaven for me too. πŸ™‚

                well, how do you see your venus square Asc? Your Asc is Aqua?

                Someone mentioned Saturn/Venus aspects as looking younger than your years. True for you? For me it is but maybe it’s my Cap Asc. Have a look at “Venus square the Ascendant” on cafe astrology. Very interesting and somewhat true considering my venus is Libra but my venus also sextiles Saggo moon so it takes the pressure off wanting that Cap Asc perfection. *phew*

                1. Electric Eel Libran

                  Venus technically does not square my ASC as it misses by like 1 degree if you assume generous orbs. But gosh that cafeastrology write up is right on for me. I really resonate with the whole hating the way you look thing. If I could get plastic surgery for everything, I would but I know it’s not the answer. And yes, like a cat, I only eat what I catch for myself. If i didn’t earn it, I don’t want it.

                2. Electric Eel Libran

                  The males of most animal species are pretty lazy thouh. II mean like drones. They live for sex but then get booted the fuck out.

                3. I’ve often felt I am under a love curse. Just missed out on having a healthy functioning love centred relationship.
                  Never have I felt attractive or appealing, awkward and uncoordinated is what I am. Being forever single is how the cards have fallen and it’s not what I want. Accepting your fate takes time.

                4. Healthy functioning people who are capable of relationships are not attracted to people who put out an aura of “I’m unattractive, I have low self esteem, whatever”.

                  Relationships and how people treat us just reflect how we feel about ourselves, change how you think and feel about yourself and you’ll change who you attract.

                  It’s really that simple, though admittedly not so easily done if you’ve had a lifetime of fuqed up shit to invalidate your worth as a beautiful human.

                  I say fate shmate, character is destiny… x

                5. I’ve had a lifetime of the wrong relationships, with men that would lower my self esteem. I concentrate on trying to be a good person, I don’t think about attractiveness or prettiness because that gauge varies from person to person. That’s why I said I’ve never felt like that, because I don’t feel that’s a healthy thought pattern. As the beauty of a person is not purely an aesthetic view.

                6. electric eel libran

                  i def feel cursed. But even with the cursed feeling, Like Pandora i still see Hope at the very bottom of the box. I guess that keeps me somewhat motivated sometimes. I look around and i see total fuck up losers who find their life mate. i just shake my head and go there has to be someone….

              2. Oh I quite like what I see in the mirror. Venus in LIbra. Of course I do. πŸ™‚ My venus sextiles Saggo moon. I also have Part of Fortune in Cap in first house and Mystic did a great interpretation of that placement “you are damn lucky with your looks, your image and your general presence in the world”

                It’s why i really struggled with Saturn on Venus transit. It forced me too look beyond the surface of beauty and love.

                Saturn’s in my second house, so for me it was more about working on feeling that I “deserve” love, success and money. Have definitely reached that place after many years of work. I’ve had to learn it all on my own. My parents weren’t any help – distant and withholding with their love.

                1. Saturn Leo in 6th House, Venus Taurus in 3rd House.
                  I knew someone else would get what I was trying to say. I just don’t think of myself in attractiveness terms. My self esteem is ok but it has taken a thumping over the years. At the hands of men who validate you by your appearance. I’ve always felt awkward and uncoordinated, which I just attribute to be height and previous poor eyesight.
                  I just miss feeling love with somebody and I am figuring that’s not possible anymore.
                  My parents God lets not go there, only to say my sister was told often how good she looked and how amazing she was. I got carted around to doctors to find out what was wrong with me, because I looked so physically different to her. I’d like to point out we had different fathers, might this account for the difference? Not so according to the law of thy Gem Mother. I was taught that my mother’s love would only be given if I looked like my sister. Her love was linked to appearance which = acceptance.

                2. The women of my family are the same, everything is about appearance, if they are describing any woman, they will start with whether she is fat or attractive or whatever… don’t get me started on mothers love and appearance, I had to get counselling about that shit (I ended up with anorexia and self injury because I believed I was too fuqing hideous to exist.

                  I stopped buying into all that shit and letting their fucked up projections determine my thoughts and actions. x

                3. Electric Eel Libran

                  Wow. I grew up with a similar situation. My sister’s looks were the only looks that mattered when it came to feminine beauty. Her looks were always cherished. Mine werre shit upon by my family and outsiders.

              3. S – skipped all the other follow-ons from your comment to write while the words are in my head, i loosely recall the cap moon convo, think it was something along the lines of not letting early experiences or perceptions of rejection shape us too strongly in an unhelpful direction – emotional self-reliance is one thing, but it’s also important to be gentle on ourselves and *allow ourselves* to be included, welcomed, and loved. Not deliberately turn our backs or be hard-hearted out of fear of rejection etc? Cld be mixing up a few pi-personal things there .. xx cappy resourcefulness is always a gift tho (as is a yen for whisky and cigars πŸ˜‰ xx )

                1. Of all the early childhood conditioning, this is the hardest to correct. Essentially it’s about being rejected and denied love due to your physicality. So f’d up but that’s it in a nutshell.
                  Pi your my Cap Moon Oracle.

              1. coffee and tobacco… Hmmmm. πŸ˜€

                Perfect timing Andy, I’ve become quite the green thumb and want to grow some tobacco in a pot on my balcony. Where did you get your seeds from?

      2. I totally get that.
        I gave up cigars when I turned 14 tho.
        Still find the smell quite sexy tho, when it lingers in a room, not when it’s being blown in my direction. Like Chesterfield sofas and cardigans, tweed and preppie glasses.
        Old school sexy, the type of preppie boys who end up being totally Uranian cross dressers beneath their button down Ivy League exterior / too uch at stake to live it out loud which I suppose is why I have known so many. But I digress πŸ˜€

  34. Spot on Mystic! Moi, Venus square Uranus having debaucherous long term fling with Mars/Neptune dude, fuq yeah! (my psychic said it’s more than a fling, it’s actually a relationship, albeit a highly unstable one – sounds about right but my Venus/Uranus square prefers to think of it as a fling, heh.)

    1. That’s funny. I realised last year or so that i call all of my flings “relationships”, regardless of whether they lasted an afternoon or a decade. Pisces, huh.

      1. I had a Pisces friend who was inclined to do that as well. She would also try and drag me off to wedding shows every year, despite the fact she didn’t have a boyfriend, let alone a wedding to plan, I didn’t get it, and she thought I was a complete weirdo because I had never once in my life spent time fantasising about my future wedding. I love you dreamer fish peeps!

        1. Mm i’m not a wedding fantasist by any stretch, but i do connect very deeply, and view that as a type of relationship. The notion of a wedding makes me frightened (have also whinnied and galloped from many ‘marriage threats)’, but i like that one can connect deeply and sincerely without having to …er… hang about, necessarily. It’s still meaningful if you find the right sort of person/wavelength. Though i know it’s not the same thing a s a long term connection and the work that goes into that.

  35. Mmmm. I have Uranus, Mars and Venus all within 5 degrees in Leo in my, wait for it, 7th house. Yes, I love solitude, and I dream of being financially free to live independently. Sometimes. Lots of water in my chart to counteract all this energy, probably just as well. LOL

  36. Venus Uranus conjunct in Sagittarius and this makes a whole lotta sense.

    I have a stellium in Sag, and my sun at 28 conj Neptune in Capricorn at 3 and I associated my strangeness with Neptune… But I am just starting to learn about Uranus since Uranus started conjuncting my moon in Aries and this is making sense to me.

    1. Blisswitch I’m also a sag stellium with with the venus-uranus conjunction! AND an aries moon πŸ™‚ You sound like my astro twin. I guess after 31 years of being called a heartbreaker and “manslayer” I get that it’s been my decision to not partner yet. Even though I have days where I feel sad at the last guy who didn’t work out…it’s def a pattern. Oh, the love, the thrill, the novelty we experience huh?

  37. Electric Eel Libran

    I have no aspects between Venus and Uranus. I guess it explains why I just don’t grok the women mentioned above at all. :/

    1. Yeah, I am not very Uranian! I don’t ‘relate’ to Angelina but I like her well enough, same with Di & Elizabeth.

      Actually I find Aqua women to be borderline nutso or harking to their Saturnian old rulership of ..strictly difficult.
      Of course I have loads of them in my life! πŸ™‚

      1. Electric Eel Libran

        Oh I’m def. highly Uranian, just has no Venus involvment. So I guess I’m Uranian in things that have nothing to do with love or money? The free love hippie thing I just don’t get. πŸ™ Nothing is ever free. It’s all got a price even if you can’t see the price. That’s Senor Saturn speaking. As you can see he’s in charge of my love sector.

        Hahaha! I do love most Aqua women. Pains in the asses they are. I met a female platonic soul mate last year in fact and turns out she is a an Aqua. It was so weird. I’d never experienced someone who knew me and I knew her as if we’d known each other all our lives. Sort of frightening in a good way.

  38. Can I swap my Venus conjunct Mars or Venus square Ascendent or maybe my Venus opposite Midheaven for a Venus opposite Uranus?

  39. Right. Something I had never noticed in my chart before. Having 3 planets conjunct uranus tends to make you ignore anything less than a trine. I have some mars venus mercury uranus sextile shizz to investigate. So far it’s like reading a description of my instinctive responses to boredom and idiots.

  40. Spot- on sextile here, Venus in Scorp, Uranus in Virgo. But I’m a man…………..I can still relate, though, totally. Thanks for this, Mystic. The last paragraph nails it. Always thought Lady Di was the most beautiful, elegant creature alive when I was a lad.
    ……….hi Plutogirl…………

    1. I had a crush on lady di too, for some reason ( possibly uranian ) I always touched her face when I saw a picture of her – she was magic like the archetype of the nicest teacher you could ever have. Guru vibe?

    2. Saw her in person once when she was young.
      She was tan, impossibly lithe, tall and chic.
      But she was in a foul mood that day in the heat, sulked & blushed in true Katakan misery-guts fashion.
      She wouldn’t interact with the students and stared at her feet.
      Tho I read later that that Aussie trip was a nightmare for her, can’t remember why.

  41. Can’t wait for this transit in my chart.

    Could be interesting if it vibes anything like its cousin – a transiting Uranus conjunct mars in 8th house square Venus Aries.

      1. ramm-madam dingdong

        .. Pi, I’ve got it right now!
        Uranus parked on my Venus in Aries (@10′) in the fourth.
        The transit has absolutely charged up my love for my home, & my business (which is finally setup in a properly designated space at home).

        The square from Pluto, & the recent cardinal square have added extra zing/pressure but nowhere near as severe as what I had feared when I looked at what was coming on the celestial horizon 6 months ago!

        Like Mystic says, you quickly learn how to roll with this energy .. I feel stronger .. clearer .. healthier than I’ve ever felt!! I feel fierce!

  42. hmmmm me thinks mine is dormant, wonder what could awaken this??? A cause? I don’t even bother now with love/lust, it all seems so ho-hum now?
    I do like to ponder this aspect of my chart and am curious how the other parts may work in.
    I have Uranus conjunct Venus in early Libra but they are also conjunct mercury and pluto with a loose conjunct toward Jupiter and finally my Sun. I wonder how my Aqua moon works with this, maybe too detached and can’t be bothered? Maybe Uranus opposition on this sector is neutralising the effects?
    Well whatever, that sounds like some fun and I’m not feeling it at the mo!
    But I do get a lot of satisfaction from the mudra used in the bottom pic at present πŸ™‚

  43. I love Uranian energy in men and in women. But why is the Venus-Uranus woman the counterpart of the Mars-Neptune man?? They seem like very different ~ albeit, fragrant ~ flowers.

    1. Good question – they tend to impact culture and rebel against convention more. Mars-Uranus men are another counterpart but as society has a lot more outlet for those guys (eg; wars) they tend not to come our attention as much. i am not putting this very well, immersed in the Tarot app today but you know what i mean?

      1. ah, i see. i was wondering about the mars uranus man thing. I think i have a thing for mars uranian types (preferably not warmongers though), with my mars aqua 8th house aspect

        1. Yes and i know that is what men have found freeing in our relationships. It’s very exciting to see that dawn of freedom in someone’s eyes, but terrible if they cannot sustain it apart from you.

  44. lots of women I admire listed above. I have sun conjunct venus, venus square uranus so I’ll try to channel my Venus-Uranus side. How do you work squares to your advantage? I could use some detachment and living my truth-ness.

    1. squares strike me as the energy in our chart which is always sticking out and catching on something else, and shredding it or making a horrible grinding noise. Eventually we get so sick of the strife that we analyse, analyse , analyse (e.g. read up on that angle in our chart and relate it to situations that have played out or feelings that manifest in our life so far) until we can at least smooth the edges or know when we’ll hear the next “crunch” and recognise it for what it is. Basing this on my VEnus-Moon square, yet to look into my Mars- Jupiter/Lilith exact square.

      1. Great description of squares, Pi! Sounds that describe how they feel πŸ™‚ My Saturn to Libra stellium concurs!

      2. wow I love that analogy. that helps a lot. I’ll have to pay more attention, I have a number of squares in my chart I don’t know how to handle. Yet…as a virgo I have no problem analyzing lol, so I will start doing that more. Thanks Pi!

        1. Yes beautifully expressed Pi – and that’s why so many if us ( me included) thought you’d be one of the 5 top commenters : it’s a reflection of the quality of your posts xx

      1. Yikes….won a t-shirt, Veronica. Just saw that.
        My pattern is to check in the morning after reading the Daily Mystic then usually sometime in the evening, so i miss the conversation threads & timing.
        Being a restless Sagg, also can’t sit still for too long, but still watch over you all from my position as The Elder:-)

  45. Well this explains SO MUCH! Thanks Mystic.. always wondered why I didn’t quite ‘get’ this kind of thing the way my girlfriends did… Venus in Aqua trine Uranus in Libra.
    Lucky me.

    1. Two lightbulb moments at once: working out the steps on the astro chart like you did Pegasus (waaaaaaay too reminiscent of high school maths which is probably why I skimmed over it) and realising that I too have this placement as you do Cat: Venus in Aqua trine Uranus in Libra.

      1. Me too, this aspect. It’s called Mutual Reception. Never had to master the Venus-Uranus connection, it just flows. Mine’s 3rd house-11th House connected.

        Which houses does this aspect influence in your charts?

        1. I have the exact same placement as you milleunanotte…glad to hear it’s called “Mutal Reception” πŸ™‚

          1. I think MM once joked that it isn’t, despite how it sounds, a menu item in a high class brothel: Mutual Reception.

        2. 12th house virgo

          Pisces man has this too (of course)! His is Venus on his 1-2 house cusp and Uranus in 9th house Libra. (his first and seventh houses are pretty big, so his chart is kind of oddly spaced).

          I don’t know how this aspect plays out for men. I’m envious of it after reading about the all-star Venus-Uranus women here.

        3. I also have Venus in Aqua (7th house) trine Uranus in Libra (4th house/on IC). Its actually a grand trine with Mars/South Node/Saturn in Gemini (11th house). Home life was definitely unpredictable with a bipolar mother who moved frequently. I’m attracted to things that are different and unique. Although Mars usually represents men in a woman’s chart, I happen to be engaged to a Libra Sun conjunct Uranus. That works with my Venus in 7th house. Ex fiance had Mars square Neptune but he didn’t use it productively and his delusions effected his reality. My Mars stellium in Gemini is opposite Neptune/North Node in Sagittarius (5th house). I’m still trying to figure that one out. I also have a grand fire trine with Neptune Sag (5th)/Aries Sun (9th house)/Leo Ascendant. I would say I’m more attached than most Venus in Aqua considering I have a Cancer moon. I want my freedom, independence, and solitude moments. But then I’ll want to come back to my honey for some cuddle time and dinner. πŸ˜€

      2. AquaFey, failed maths miserably at school but excelled in mental arithmetic. Sadly the failure prevented me from entering UNi at that time (60’s)
        as Math & Latin were requirements for the sciences, as had a passion for microscopes & telescopes.

        Now i know what ALL the symbols on the right hand graph mean, so chuffed and creamy now.

    1. Yes 180Β°. Symbol looks like a line that joins two open circles. Like the thing that weightlifters pick up. Hope that makes sense?

  46. Before i read further than the 1st two lines about Venus – Uranus opposite, have to tell about at last figuring the graph on chart where the squares and trines and opposites are.
    That only took 8 years! Light bulb moment. Truly.

    1. Do you mean that step down squares thinggy? If so, I was only looking at it last night, frustrated. Still, I am only in year two so there might be hope. If you mean something else, hope is fading fast.

      Maybe Venus-Uranus is an indication of lack of spatial awareness. I have them in a trine.

      1. PS Love you Mystic for talking about genuine adoration of solitude and feminine independence — speaks to my heart … when it’s not on a Mars sextile Neptune sojourn.

        Could Venus-Uranus also be a lover of humanity or medium for the collective (hence her better handle on the ephemeral than graphical interpretation)?

        1. Oh, thank you, Anon Flux. Yes, it does. I didn’t understand all the symbols for the aspects.

          I am still trying to read my progressed chart from the wheel. I think the answer might be just some more patience and time invested in more easily spotting the angles. Unless you know of any nifty tricks?

          1. Which chart are you reading? Astrodienst has a few progressed charts. If you’re just eye-balling it the progressed planets are colour coded around the outside of the wheel but I’m pretty sure there’s a link on that page where you can download the pdf with the tables and it will make it easier to see what the progressed planets are aspecting in your natal chart. If you’re looking for some info re progressed planets and prediction – Celeste Teal.

            1. Yes, it was Astrodienst, and I have now found the additional tables link and am no so freaked out by the pyramid. Thank you! Together with Pegasus, you have helped me overcome a block that has been hanging around for months.

              1. haha natal pluto conjunct jupiter + uranus – I’m all about blasting through the blockages – astrodienst is strange in that everything is there it’s just that sometimes you don’t notice it to start with. Like you have to know to know. Frustrating. Glad you can see the light.

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