The Pisces Man In Love

The Pisces man in love can be difficult to distinguish from the Pisces man who’s just, well, playing. They trade in mystery and contradiction. Absence is an aphrodisiac to them, and they think they’re doing you a favor by being similarly elusive. This dilemma and the reply illustrate just this.

Dear Mystic,

As always your horoscopes are spot on but today was so spot on that it’s scary. So just before reading your scope, I decided to be proactive with the seethe and up the self-care because I have to face the ex-husband in court this week. And yes I recently met a promising love interest who has indeed gone a.w.o.l (hardly surprising as he is a Pisces and they do disappear a lot)

My question is what to do? I accept this is the nature of the Pisces and have no desire to change him, but I don’t know how to deal with this situation. The ex-husband was a Pisces too lol. They are my Achilles heel.

Thank you,

Troubled Taurus

PS: The seethe has simmered for now and turned into a form of silent resolve to withdraw and carry on stoically.

Dear Troubled Taurus,

Thank you regarding the horoscopes! The Pisces man in love – or not – operates on a different time system. They’re furious when you’re clingy or crowding them and sad when you don’t return their calls within ten seconds.

As for how to deal with “the situation” – it depends on what you want. First of all, consider not accepting this as their nature. Differentiate between rude, non-respectful selfish conduct and the guy’s temperament. If it is a legitimate relationship, demand a baseline level of showing up for it. If you’re dabbling in digital dating post-divorce, accept that men of all zodiac signs are prone to ghosting.

Taurus and Pisces are often extremely attracted to one another – Pisces enchants Taurus and Taurus turns Pisces on with sensual-security vibes. But you’re different modalities or operating styles.

To Get Rid Of A Pisces Man, Talk About The Past A Lot

If you want to lure in this person for something resembling a pair bond, stay very still and let them dart around the place like an erratic moth. High-beam your aura and don’t let his unpredictability affect your composure. Let the further commitment seem like their idea.

Pisces people like questions about their dreams and whether or not they’ve seen a U.F.O. far more than they like a direct discussion. If you want to get rid of him fast: ask him a question about his past. Pisceans are allergic to any discussion about their history. They don’t have a linear view of it but see it as more of a cinematic montage, loosely grouped into themes.

What does everyone else think?

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  1. ..meanwhile here in Chrysalis World, the return of the Weatherbeaten Virgo. Fuq, how does this happen? I blocked his email AND his phone number, only to find a message had got through to my voicemail from his blocked number. How does that happen?? Perhaps I need cosmic tech support lol

      1. That’s quite sneaky behaviour for a virgo tho..
        Things ended quite badly with him didn’t they?
        Even if he’s pursuing you, you’re not obliged to reply.
        I’m sure he knows why you initiated no contact.
        if he is calling from another phone then he knows you don’t want to talk to him.
        Sounds a bit aggressive no?
        hope you’re well Chryss

        1. Oh you wrote, FROM HIS BLOCKED NO
          Hmmm, I’d call your service provider tomorrow and have a word about blocking numbers.
          That shouldn’t happen.

          1. Thanks hon’ I will call them. No idea how it happened. It ended horribly with him, very nasty pass-agg type in the end. Ugh. But, I have been thinking a lot about him lately. In odd ways I miss him. Perhaps it’s the familiarity with a fuqued dynamic. It’s a very new way of relating with the Triple Toro so I am learning as I go.
            Maybe Neptune on my Merc called him in lol

  2. Sun, Saturn, and Venus in Pisces. Ascendant, Jupiter, North Node and Pluto in Scorpio <3

    Slippery is an understatement but it is so, so NECESSARY for my mental stability. I often find I have no explanation, though. (Not to be confused with flakey)

    Sometimes I reappear, sometimes I don't.
    Sometimes gradually, other times abruptly.

    The only constant in my life is my super Aquarian bff <3

  3. Pisceans are highly sensitive to pressure, and sometimes resistant to stability because it threatens flow. I agree – just tend to yourself lovley taurean self during mars retro (in your opposing sign).

    My pisces AC/jupiter and mutable axis (IC/DC/MC) is getting brutalized by saturn, chiron, neptune and even jupiter and the SN so perhaps your pisces is getting hit hard right now. Mutables need a lot of leeway at the moment (and always, but it’s just worse right now, haha).

    1. As a sun-moon-merc aqua currently involved with a Pisces, I’d say that MM’s description is true of both signs but with different flavors —
      “Pisces is pissed off when you’re too close, clingy and crowding them (aka normal human behavior) but also infuriated when you don’t return their calls within 10 seconds because Pisces has something they need to tell you now. They also run on a different time system and operate in parallel dimensions, so don’t take this personally. There may not be a linear narrative for this thing but that does not mean it is not still “promising.””

      As an aqua, I find the trickiest to be the fishy fast flips between emotions/opinions or sort of moodiness as I tend to shift gears more gradually (fixed and all) — but the being in different time dimensions, yearning, disappearing and reappearing don’t phase me a bit. 😉

      1. I am an Aqua sun/Rising but honestly, Venus in Aqua totally perplexes me. If someone with this placement could shed light for me on why they sometimes freeze ppl out, that would be lovely.

        (The one I’m particularly confused by has Sun in Cap, Moon in Gem and Mars in Cap, all in nice trine aspects to other planets..but with this attitude!)

  4. After having several experiences of being happy with diabetic portions from partners (a diabetic portion could fill me for several months) followed by someone very special continuously disappearing and then coming back, to a point that it really impacted on my self worth because eventually they didn’t keep coming back… I’ve come to the conclusion I am worth more than that. If someone is going to disappear, and not communicate, that is a road I no longer wish to take. I am a communicator. I courageous in communication and can be vulnerable. I have come to the conclusion I need the same in a relationship from someone, and for that person to actually want to be with me. If they are back and forth, not fully in it, and only willing to give diabetic portions of themselves, move on. I have come to this after a couple of years of pain of putting up with the opposite due to, I think, putting my self-worth in someone else’s hands and hoping they would treat it well. They didn’t. it is a mistake I’ve been making for years… So I’ve spent the last couple of years (in reality I’ve spent since 2012 with several bumps along the way) reclaiming my own power and learning how to make myself happy. With that has come an understanding of behaviour I will and won’t accept. Disappearing is not a behaviour I will accept anymore, not because I judge them for it, but because I know that, for me, that leads to a world of pain because I deeply value connection, presence, communication, vulnerability and courage…and let’s face it, disappearing without explanation is none of those things… I now value myself enough to say “that’s not going to work for me”, but that has come with a decision that id rather spend time valuing myself and making myself happy, than being with someone else who Is not right for me. My experience with the disappearer is that they were selfish, they couldn’t think about anyone but themselves… They couldn’t consider the effect of their actions or take responsibility for them… They could only engage with their fears and run away.

    My personal opinion is you deserve more than a disappearer. Be careful not to make excuses for them (I did this for two years). If it hurts or doesn’t feel right, cut the strings now and focus on you… The feeding that comes from being the source of Source of your own happiness is huge, and you will not accept less than you deserve.

    Ps mine was a Leo (not sure of their rising sign)

    1. I think you’re absolutely right. I’m glad you called the difference between what you could live with and what you couldn’t. this is a really important thing once we suss our true needs and values in a relationship. Im a bit relieved that your tone is not one of blame… That person might be Numero Uno dreamboat dude/tte but if their M.O. is out of sync for whatever reason and they aren’t coming to the party then yep it’s only tears and recriminations or something, unfortunate I guess : / xxx

    2. thanks for writing this Mm. I’m dealing with the “disappearing” thing at the moment and have come to the same conclusions.

      You are spot on about all of it.

      Mine is a multi Saggo

  5. Yo OP I share your pain, except I am Aqua and my ‘Heels’ are Capricorns (I have 12th Capricrn stellium + 11th house Capricorn node, oyyyy). I am trying my hardest to learn from them but they make it so damn difficult!

    Having Ven and Mars in Cap means I always want them and they generally show an interest in me, but it always goes fuqing pear-shaped after just a handful of encounters. Ofc being Caps they don’t disappear; they DISDAIN – both you and all who know you. It’s hurtful, immature and gets them nowhere but that’s the Lo-Cap way I suppose. I have yet to manage to keep one happily in my life (without angst/drama/hurt/manipulations and mindfuqs) for more than 6 months. It may have put me off them for life..

    This most recent Capricorn lady went cold goat-Fish on me in a matter of Days, it’s a new record for me. I asked around and even asked her what the offence was, but no one wants to tell me. Like, what, she didn’t like me flirting with her because she’s in a relationship/a mother? She regrets telling me her secrets (they always do..) She finds my attitude to commitment and a stable productive family life unsettling? Well betta get in line, Sista.

    Proud to report I’ve finally developed my own Ennui toward Heels, though. I have pined for literal years over Caps that fuqed me around emotionally in the past…but no more. In the words of Courtney Kardash, “I’m just over it”, I’m going AWOL with Caps, until they can learn to treat this Aqua like a human being instead of a punching bag. But then tbh I said the exact same thing about Leos when I was a teenager and they still catch my eye..

    1. Eek meant to cite KOURTNEY Kardashian, with a ‘k’ natch.
      Handing back my Libra Moon card, soz.

      (I was interested to discover just now she has her moon in Cap 11th house, though..her sentiments = my Node lol)

    2. So does having Venus and Mars in a sign (for me both are in Gemini) mean you are likely to attract or be attracted to that same sign? Hm that makes sense.

      1. Not sure for sure, Kat..

        In my experience, half of all my very serious infatuations were Capricorn Suns with other Cap planets as well. So it’s a 50% chance my love interest is Ven/Mars summoned 😉 but that’s just me.

        I love Venus in Gem btw – the connoisseur flirts! X

  6. Sorry, this question is not slippery Piece based. Just curious, with Mercury and Mars retro does that mean don’t push changes in my career situation. Can’t get over the contacts I received today making me want to leave my job.

    1. Mercury retro is over as of a week or two ago — Mars retro means don’t push intiating / aggressive stuff — but responding to people who have initiated contact with you is game, and I think you should jump on it.

  7. Taurus sun here who also found this scope interesting. Does this also apply to Gemini with a Pisces moon? As in reel in, wait etc.

    1. Crumbs of interestingness. Leading up the pretty path lined with flowers. Sparky dialogue. Humanity. Lightness : )

  8. As a pisces who knows (and loves!) many a taurean, give him / her a bit of mystery. Don’t make it all known. Nothing lures them (me!) back to the surface as much as the fun of not-knowing what’s next….

    1. Totally! I am a Pisces girl currently trying to wriggle away and score some space from a Toro. He is great, but I need some mystery/magic/absence/space to keep it interesting and dynamic.

    2. +1 from another Pisces.
      Also depends on how you define ‘promising love interest’. Is this 3 dates along, or 6 weeks of hot and heavy onnnnn plus a weekend away or something. Relativity, you see.
      Likewise, a.w.o.l.

      Not sure if you’re a chilled anything-goes Toro with a mutable stellium etc, or someone who prefers to schedule dinner dates 3 weeks in advance right down to meeting time & place, or something in between… Either way locking it / him down to a thing or things could be problematic or require a two-way “let’s chat so I can understand you better” convo (Gemini rising here sorry lol).. his profession or lifestyle could be a factor.
      Lastly seriously don’t underestimate Neptune Chiron AND south node in Pisces. Fuqing with Pisces like an oil spill.

      Generally tho I agree w mystic: that’s very good non love zombie medication there, focus most on You as anything more is a drag.. xx

    3. I’ve never dated an exciting Taurus dude. I found them agonizingly slow moving and all they seem to want to achieve is a boring, stereotypical family life. I’ve stopped forever although I still find them incredibly super smart and sexxxy…

  9. oh, and i didnt realise its a gd idea to only do the tarot once a month.
    err… been doing them every day…lol…

  10. liking the advice for taurus ( i rising ).
    also awesome scorp scope for tomo.
    good news finally! (long view, long view, i can cope with that )

  11. Firstly, you describe new Pisces as promising .. So he’s not lovingly held between your hooves just yet, right ?
    I like the fishing analogy for Pisces.
    Small fish passing by your Venusian bait tend to first have a few nibbles, darting about for a while before they take the plunge and get hooked. Larger more robust fish will just take the bait and once hooked make a break for it. What does a good fisher person do ? Start reeling him in ? Nope, they let the larger ones make the break them reel them in a little, let them go again .. Etc.,this can go on for a long time but eventually the big fish runs out of puff and is gently pulled towards the side of the boat. You get my drift ? Let Pisces run with the bait,,he’ll be back.
    At that point you can pull him in or release him under your own terms.
    Don’t stress, if I know one thing the Venusian tractor beam is very reliable bait and most likely working its magic as we speak.

  12. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Chill for Mars Retro and turn all that productive energy on YOURSELF.

    Bugger the Pisces. Plenty more fish (lol) in the sea.

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